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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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od. helping th world keep promises. neil: it is neil: it is looking like chris christie has easily romped to an elect win, the question is how big that win will be, the other battle, virginia, this looks oser than what a lot of polls and experts saying. a race bedeviled by a government shut down, then health care debate that was helping that nominee. this is based on about 13% of the expected vote in way too early to tell. we cannot glean from this where
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ken cuccinelli is getting the votes or terry mcauliffe. way too early there. but virginia, state, turned blue over last few years. welcome i am neil cavuto, you are watching special fox business coverage of an election that could be a teaser for midterm elections next year. all eyes on chris cristez christ could be a president at contest in three years, rich in virginia. >> reporter: supporters are filing in. it has become more democratic over last years, and president obama, with his national
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elections we're at an election night event, they don't call them victory parties yet. but they say there is reason to celebrate, they are feeling confident, they have led in polls for months. but in a way this has been a very negative election. they refuse togo so because they didn't file either candidate of the worthy of support, this came with a high price tag, terry mcauliffe raised millions of dollars. they have campaigned for him, he has help from president and vice president, he hopes that is enough to push him through, right now, not as much of a run
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away in new jersey it is close. they are watching votes, they have led for some time, but that is why they count the votes. neil: there are polls, and then the final-day results on election day. who knows that better than my next guest, former governor of fine state of verg virginia, dos wilder, i have to ask you, we were talking about polls, i believe going into your election, you were up 20 points by some polls, you won but it was a squeaker. what do you make of what could be a contest. >> i'm note surprised, always good to be with you. yobut i can say, you are right,i told myself supporters that don't believe these polls.
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internal polls never showed us out of plus or minus 2. we knew we would either win or lose in that area, we came in that area. i think this, i think with northern virginia vote as your people have been saying here,. neil: do you think that healthcare starts dominating, and maybe that robbed cuccinelli of chances early we the shut down but after the shut down was concluded high has been making up for lost time. >> it is you, you right. i think two things, cuccinelli
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was never able to capitalize on delivering a reason for women to turn out, and speak for him rather than against him. and on the other hand, the shut down, though originally blaming republicans, hurt him. but the obamacare's fallout in particular in other areas in vergvirginia, it didn't help mcauliffe, to the extent you had to explain it, it does not help the ticket. the other thing i point out to you, i would not be surprised if -- even though the lieutenant governor's race may be going the other way. cuccinelli is running a stronger race than some would have thought. i still believe if the northern virginia vote portends as it
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seeming has been, mcauliffe may pull through. neil: virginia vote separately for governor and lieutenant governor. >> they do. neil: that is a prescription for trouble two different parties but i guess it works. >> people say that but, you need to have the same attorney general that you have as governor, my attorney general sued my twice. twice. neil: you were always getting in little -- >> i won, but nevertheless, there is no prescription for people getting a long just because they are the same party. neil: you are right about, that we're seeing that now. governor, if -- it terry mcauliffe survives this neat
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away too early to tell, do you think that democrats will interpret this as a sigh of relief on health care, get ahead of themselves. made too big a deal out of the healthy care thing? virginia already voted on it? i am working under the mcoffiv allative victory -- mcauliffe victory scenario, whht do you make of it? >> they would make a tremendous escape to think that battle has been 1 won. the health care fallout has not been good for anybody. what are you going to put on the ttble? i think that g.o.p., needs to
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resurrect itself. to be certain they are not just saying we're against, wire against, we're negative, they got to show they have the savoie. people to put on table. ideas and debate, mcauliffe has to come to turn town understanding first thing, money is still number one issue in politics, and he has to reach across the aisle and work with people. no one wins when you point fingers at the other, and say they are no good. neil: you are a class act, doug wilder, both sides love the guys, both sides hate the guy. that is impressive to me, when you can get it from both sides, that is a fair shooter. the big battle of the night, how much of a victory vic chris chre
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wracks up tonight. we don't know the final margin. fox news now saying he will win reelection, and more than 4 percentage points he gained over jon corzine 4 years ago, that is when he was unknown, this is now, seizing on this potentially as a precursor to a presidential run, one more look at this virginia race? that sort of seen as the real verdict on the healthcare law. and whether that is moved virginiaians who were earlier on angry at ken cuccinelli as a runrepublican who seemed to be e face of shut down, and dealt debt fights, he is making up for that now, we -- look at this say, wait, i thought mcauliffe was favored by a large margin.
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this is a sampling that we get, cuccinelli picking up areas down south in virginia. might be republican strong points. and northern virginia favors democrats, the polls are way too close to call as a result. fox is not gift matting -- is not even guesstimating how it will turn out. all right we have a lot more coming up. continuing our special coverage, herman cain on whether the tea partiers are using this as an opportunity to regain their heft. scott brown, on what he makes of that heft. governor mike huckabee was campaigning aggressively for ken cuccinelli. could it make a difference? we'll see. and john sculley former apple
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neil: chris christie has been reelected governor of new jersey, setting up what could be a cre sendo even for him, and if he could win a big blue state like new jersey by a lot, only drama would be how much is a lot, he was the favored in polls by 18 or 20 points, right now he is lapping barbara buono by a wider margin with just a fraction of pricincts and expected vote in. the bigger the roll up in new jersey, the more convincing argument he will make to republicans he would be a very, very appealing nominee. tea partiers do not flip over governor christie, a lot
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remember how well, how post hurricane sandy he dealt with that and this bromance with barack obama at the time, he said it was all about helping his state, not hurting mitt romney, a lot of people said it was about helping chris christie, and advanced his cause and popularity in the state. but tea partiers, have long memories. a lot are saying they will hold it out not against christie's but 38 so-called rhinos, those republican in name only candidates what might have voted to reopen the government. tea party herman cain is with me right now, is it is a wise strategy thing? >> i don't think it is, i want to correct something, tea party movement, has not lost its
8:16 pm
oomph. you do not see as many rallies as you may have seen in 2009 ad 10, there are more people who share the tea party attitude of left government -- less government, less trackses more individual repor responsibilityn may be active in the form of tea party, that said, i don't think that governor christie's only negative with tea party folk is just how he did with respect to president obama doing -- during that presidential election. i think the bigger issue they will have with governor christie is fact they like his take-no-prisoners leadership attitude, and kind of persona. but, when you look at his position on a lot of issues, i think he will be further away from main street usa, than a lot of people in the media are
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recognizing at this point. neil: interesting. you think that -- christie's argument has been, i will win big in a very big blue state. this is all about winning. republicans can keep preaching about making a point or making their case. but you have to win it to influence it. that does not register for herman cain? >> no it does not, because, what i have observed over the last several months, you know being on the radio every day with herman cain shows and taking calls from callers this country is divided, not between the have and have-nots, not between black and white, but between the political class and the working class, that division is wider and wider in my opinion. and being able to represent and connection, i don't think his record in new jersey or the way he comes across, is going to
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automatically do that, despite a very big win on his part. neil: okay, this is nothing to do with herman cain saying he does not like overweight, let's say white males. >> no. is he white? i didn't notice that. neil: overweight? >> as you can see -- you know. like you neil, i believe that thaal appetite of the american people, for doing business, differently, in washington, d.c., i really think that it crosses party lines. i think we'll see more of that coming up, you wore talking earlier -- you were talking earlier question about impact of obamacare, i don't think that virginia is reflective of how angry people on main street usa are about the decenttion on the part -- deception on the part of
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democrats. neil: if might be looking at the numbers coming in we'll see, always great having you, herman cain, to that virginia race. ken cuccinelli is now leading terry mcauliffe. not the case right now, but, this race is far too close to call with about a third of the votes in. now you heard herman talk about what appears to be a divide among republicans between the established republican crowd. and the other crowd. the tea party crowd. well herman addressed it, a former new jersey governor kristine todd whitman who sees it too. but has a slightly different view. on who wins on that. she is next.
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neil: all right. let's look at latest numbers we're getting out of the guard en state -- garden state, new jersey. chris christie is wracking up a big victory. you will talk about how big that victory should be. 20 years ago this young lady did it kristine todd whitman, taking down an incumbent. different margin than now, what do you make of this? a lot of people are reading into this, this will launch a presidential campaign by christie. do you agree? >> certainly reflective of his leadership, depending when you look at numbers, if he wracks up good numbers which it what it appears that he is doing with
8:24 pm
hispanics and minorities and women. this is somebody you should look at. if you look at history of our country, all of the great models we have, jefferson and adams did not agree on much. they did not agree how country should be run, but they knew they had to reach consensus. and that is what gave us the great documents we have today that keep us going. there is nothing wrong with consensus, christie has shown he can work across party lines. neil: he will still probably be dealing with a democratic assembly and senate. that might change, given the breath of his victory. but it is unlikely. so, does that really change things? the media types, knuckle heads like myself, say, but your coattails are short? >> it will change it i guess a little bit for people who care about that. but no, when you vote for president, you vote for the person. you will vote for him and his
8:25 pm
record, that is what people look at, that is what people will pick apartment people in new jersey think he has done a good job. neil: i mentioned this during the break, i meant no offense to crist or republicans ochristie , but he is an quar an acquired tn other states. it might be a tough road. >> it will be a challenge, the jersey, in your face attitude is appreciated now, people are looking for a leader, we don't have one in washington. they like that. they like that about him, how that wears overtime, i don't know about you he can change. neil: you seem to say this divide among republicans has to be addressed. it is more than just philosophical it tends to be real, i have ted cruz, and john mccain, two different reads
8:26 pm
from the same party, no fast friends have been made, i wonder if that comes out in next few years, all out sprint? >> chris christie is not only republican who'll be buying for the president. -- will be vying for president. that is something to look at. neil: the polls today with rand paul. >> high beats hillary clinton on -- he beats hillary clinton on the polls today, she only republican that does, if you top win the big one you have to look to a broad party, we have to have that appeal that gets us more than our narrowest base. neil: they have to be tv savvy too. >> he has good people around h him. neil: governor 20 years later, very good seeing you. >> great to see. >> you i think i'm getting old now, governor kristine todd whitman. on the phone with us, foster fries. i wan want to race with you a pt
8:27 pm
i did, this idea that republicans, risk fracturing themselves if they don't deal with the differences, not by gones be by gones but understand it is a big tent everyone that can fit in. what do you think. >> i think there is amazing opportunities for not only tea party and established republicans to come together but so many people on the left it realize, that let's take the trial lawyers for example, if you are a medical malpractice attorney, you know darn well, that united kingdom and canada they did not do well in terms of bringing lawsuit. even veterans administration if you are a trial attorney and want to a medical malpractice suit, i think in is things about capping, here is a huge group of people who have been pro democrat, when they see movement of obamacare going to a single
8:28 pm
pair system when is a code word of takeover the government. neil: have you said before, you think that this health care issue, you pointed out that you thought it would be a big issue and a big problem. sure enough it has been. right now is. it could have an impact in virginia. how big and long-term of a fallout do you think this is for democrats? >> i think it is enormous, it is not just so. the web site, the web site is a nonissue. short of it goes against migraine to see these congressmen and senators almost bully sebelius. i mean when things go through something like that, they do get fixed, i remember the tate break up there were -- at&t break up there were flitches. but that is not the issue, the intention many people believe it should fail. if you give up paying for your
8:29 pm
employees he'l health care you a very small fine, why? it is to encourage people to leave the employer health care coverage. neil: both parties play a hand in this. to shut down the government to bridge us to -- make your case defund healthy care, was that a mistake? a bad strategy? >> i think it will play hugely positive for the republican, because -- >> you do? >> most -- you ask your friends, neil, how many know that boehner put the bills into senate, open up national institute of healthy, what is harry reid say, why would we want to do that? when danna bash of cnn said even if one child gets health care, and goes in? lets me ask you, which republican, boehner or
8:30 pm
mcconnell put cones in front of mount rushmore area and the highway, who did that? not boehner, you find one republican that put up the public cones. neil: all good point, real quick, rick santorum was your guy in the last presidential contest, last time i had him on he sounds like he is running again. neil: does he have your backing again. >> he does, and talking about christie too, i judge a guy by a spouse, his wife is the best. neil: who do you like more? >> i like both, i like rick santorum, he knows more about mahmoud ahmadinejad and chavez's cooperation in le latin america, his national security credentialing outweigh every candidate that ran, and also people don't realize he was at
8:31 pm
age 38, the guy that managed the reform of welfare. at 38, he got that passed and clinton signed it. neil: that is right, very good, foster, watch closely, you are very influential. foster friess. >> up next, another hope it weighs heavy voters, it has hasn't hahard to watch, sheryl casony p next weighing early polls, and the exit numbers, and whether health care ises renailing beyond some obvious states, like virginia, to a bunch of states, she is next.
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neil: terry mcauliffe had a double digit lead in the polls going to this race, he is facing an uphill battle in this face, this is based on theeexpected vote, as well as precincts reporting right now. southern virginia, a conservative stronghold, we may not get all numbers yet from northern virginia, but safe to say, this is more of a contest than earlier thought, we're not projecting anything. even though we're projecting chris christie in the state of new jersey, that was a is that
8:36 pm
statistical slamdunk. but here. sheryl casoni has been monitoring this, it is a big issue. >> health care is the issue in virginia governor race. the number are tightening. a couple things, as we monitor exit polls out of virginia. how do voters feel about healthcare law, strongly support 26%, somewhat 19%, and somewhat opposed 12%, strongly opposed, 42%. this is the key issue for ken cuccinelli. he tried to block obamacare, that effort failed. that is one thing that could appreciably be hurting him. this is say 54 million-dollar race for governor, we're all about the money at fox buuiness,
8:37 pm
they have been spending it in the state of virginia. another big issue for virginia voters, the shut down, this again, could be a big issue from mcauliffe and cuccinelli, more than 170,000 workers in state of virginia, without work they blamed the president or republicans. here is what is interesting. here is what our exit poll results tell us. we're seeing in virginia. blame is pretty much split down the middle. this goes with the numbers, neil that you are reporting. in new jersey we know, project is that chris christie will once again be the governor. but when it came to healthy care in new jersey, interesting
8:38 pm
numbers. strongly supporting 24%, somewhat supporting 26%. opposing 16, and strongly opposing heat care law, 33%. in new jersey, normally a blue state, but now governor christie having his reelect there. healthcare strongly opposed what they see. have you teachers and many craft man union members. heavily donates to barbara buono not helping her this time. and this one is chris christie going to be a good president? that is on the mind of inch among new jersey voters, 49% said yes, and 46% said no. that again is going to be a big issue. this is a national story, new jersey governo governor christie reelected but democrats still controlling the legislature. this means, next two years for
8:39 pm
criste will be crucial with how he works with the opposition as we believe he will make a run for 2016. neil: and deal be with a democratic assembly and senate, that looks to continue to be the case. even coattails are slim. they are not really, pending to the other branches of government in the pardo garden state. pat buchanan is joining me now. pat, a lot of people say the same thing, health care is the dominating issue. keeping ken ci quite competitive at this hour. in these results out of virginia. what do you make of it? >> i think that is right. mr. mcauliffe made a mistake bringing the president of united states in on sunday, healthy care is unpopular. it has been getting horrible notices for three weeks now, it
8:40 pm
is declining in support, he brought the president in, i'm sure to get his base out. but i think that president helped get the republican base out as well. and this looks like a closer race now, neil, than it did two weeks ago. neil: do you think, pat, that if mcauliffe still squeaks out a victory, no doubt democrats will say you republicans are bashing healthcare law, we admit there are problems with it, in a crucial race it was a key barometer that ended up not being. that is assuming mcauliffe pulls it out, but way too soon to tell, what do you think? >> no, i don't think that democrats will say that obamacare worked well for us in virginia. neil: i should explain myself, it was not as damning as they feared? >> i say look, mcauliffe had a
8:41 pm
double digit lead, all of a sudden it is close, last two weeks, cuccinelli moved close to mcauliffe. i think that mcauliffe is still favors because of northern virginia. but one factor that moves close unite after night, this looks like a gathering disaster nationally, and folks are watching this on tv, they are looking at their own health mr. programs, and saying, the president comes out, he has record low poll numbers. neil: thank you, patrick. my pleasure. neil: we told but what is going on in new jersey, looking at numbers, chris christie is wracking up a huge victory, larger than 4 percentage point victory he clocked jon corzine
8:42 pm
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neil: all right the virginia gubernatorial elect still not decided. but lieutenant governor has been. this is a state one of few where they separately decide to lieutenant governor, and
8:46 pm
governor of new jersey. so, if ken cuccinelli were to win this race he would be working with a democrat as his number 2 if you will. i mentioned new jersey, a second ago. besides what is going on, there is a ballot initiative requiring minimum wage in new jersey to bump up to 8.25 an hour, and further, in constitution with guaranteed increases pegged to the rate of inflation, ralph nader likes that idea. what do you make of that? >> i think it is a big election issue next year. 70% of the american people want
8:47 pm
a rate of inflation adjusted minimum wage. a great economic stimulus. there are 30 million voters out there, making less today than workers made in 1968 adjusted for inflation. neil: what about the other workers, say, if you give them increases, pegged to inflation, my employer should demanded to do the same from me. a lot of those employers say, if i'm doing as well as rate of inflation sure, if i am not, my business declined 3%, i am screwed. >> well, america needs a raise, corporate profits are going through the roof, executive compensation, head of walmart and target make $11,000 hour. neil: what if their business is not that great. why should they give a raise
8:48 pm
guaranteed at the rate of inflation? >> well, aa you know minimum wage is a floor, does not affect anybody above it. it is a floor to make it worth while to work without going on welfare. walmart workers for example are thrown on welfare, they can't afford the food in walmart stores, they have to have food stamps and housing assistance. if you raise minimum wage, you increase sales, you create jobs, and you reduce burden -- >> 4 other states have it, i think new york, california and rhode island, i'm missing one, they are not going gangbusters. >> there are 17 states, that have a higher minimum wage than federal mi minimum wage. neil: i am talking about those that have it in the constitution, pegged to inflation. >> yeah. i'm not necessarily in favor of that, that is a freeze.
8:49 pm
i want to see is 30 million workers, step one get workers made in 1968 inflation adjusted. walmart in europe and canada, pay a higher wage, they make good profit. neil: ralph nader always a placure, thank you. >> time for a raise neil. neil: you got a site for everything, ralph thank you. looking at virginia. this gubernatorial contest, it is closer than anyone thought, polls had terry mcauliffe up by double digits going into this morning. he has a race on his hand, ken cuccinelli, republican attorney general is leading the wait, healthy care seems to be the dominant issue, that roll out has been compared to some bumps that apple experiences, debuting and launching its products. when john sculley, former apple ceo heard, that he rushed to clarify on my show the difference, he is here in the
8:50 pm
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neil: we've got a horse race going on in virginia. right now, terry mcauliffe was at a 20 point lead at some polls, then a 10 point lead, healthcare or something is evaporating, that right now ken cuccinelli with 70% of the expected vote in, it now leading, roll out could be we're getting rural areas, in southern
8:54 pm
virginia, then more urban areas, iin -- roanoke. and toward the washington d.c. area, the surrounding countings arlington and the rest that will play a big part in decides whether that big democratic area is heavy enough. right now it is very close. healthy care is seems to be a big reason why john sculley, former apple ceo is about me. last time i had john on my show, fox news, we talked about wincing words comparison the health carrol out with apple roll out. you guys are pretty good, we're good when you ran the shop, and steve jobs ran the shop,al ut
8:55 pm
pal all the way through -- all the way through present leadership to make sure you debacles were a minimum. >> when i called it a belly flop, the metaphor was wrong, i would call it more of a risking stone. if this thing fails it looks like it is failing in different ways. what do we do? just as came in to personal computer industry in early days, when consumerrization was a big thyme, steve jobs cams came up h it, a chance to bring consumerring a of healthcare to the forefront,. neil: you would junk this? mr. president, cut your losses, quit massaging it, and recognize the obvious this is a disaster. >> i would do is really, turn to
8:56 pm
the private sector. a few of us, picked out a few talented entrepreneurs, we're financiallfinancial backing thed building role models with a solution. to get people involved in their own behavior change. neil: are you surprised now that there was -- very little expert i-t input into launching this? >> well, it is absurd. i can tell you when you build software it is done by small teams many little projects, you test the integration of the code, almost of day. and then you test it under different conditions, as you scale up to larger numbers. neil: they didn't do that. >> obviously did not do that. neil: you really, you know,
8:57 pm
built this company to a brand that it became, and zealously made sure that the brand was protected. health care is a brand. it has been maligned almost disfigured. how does the president scrap that and move on? >> i think the president has to start to get better advice, the solutions to healthcare, are not just about special interests, and by deal making. solutions will be on focussing on the consumer on the patient. how do we make that experience cheaper, and more convenient, and deal with -- >> is there time now? or is he didn't? >> why not turn to the private sector. give us tax incentives to did some innovative things as we've done before in other industries. neil: i wish it was consi first. >> i would not give up. neil: john sculley thank you very much. we mentioned virginia, what is
8:58 pm
going on and clearly, voter frustration with healthcare law there. to join john's pain is weighinn this contest, george, what do you think is going on? with your fellow virginia anes. >> i think they are spending a message, it was politically risk to bring president obama in on the parts of the mcauliffe campaign on the week before, that galvanized a lot of folks on the republican side. the exit polls show over 91% supporting cuccinelli. it reminded folks in southwest virginia, of obama's epa regulations that would out low coal and devastate families and communities there. neil: but if terry mcauliffe loses tonight. the health care be the reason? or his own inept campaign?
8:59 pm
>> there are all sorts of responsibilities, but there is no question that ken cuccinelli said that obamacare is the issue, the president came in this fumbling bumbling roll out of obama carry just reminding everyone of how bad it is, and the president's approval ratings are very low. that will be a repudiation. even -- i think it will be a close one, folks have to stay tuned to you, neil to see how it comes out. neil: if cuccinelli wins, and he is working with a democratic lieutenant governor, virginia can handle that. >> sure, when i was governor we had a democratic controlled legislator, we ran on an agenda got elected 20 years ago, on welfare reform, and let everyone know that virginia was open for business, hyack demmic standard -- this campaign has been so negative, hard so say what agenda would prevail to help the
9:00 pm
next governor. but if you win, you have to work with everyone anyway. lieutenant governor in virginia only casts tie breaking votes. neil: george allen, former governor from virginia thank you very were. -- very much.


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