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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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civic election night 2013 virginia voters have elected mcauliffe set the 22nd and governor a close race and republican governor crist christie whitman said easy reelection in new jersey. i am lou dobbs. lou: good evening. fox news projecting mcauliffe has beaten republican cuccinelli to become virginia's next
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governor but neither candidate reportedly getting a plurality of votes as it has become a botched a lot of obamacare and new jersey governor crist christie has elevated to night his national profile beating his ready-made by a sizable matt margin and final tallies are coming in but christie is expected to be the first republican to receive more than 50 percent of the vote from new jersey. estate it carried more than 17 points for obama and de blasio cruises to a landslide victory for his race of mayor defeating his opponent to become the first democratic mayor in two decades. started with the tightest race of the evening.
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said to be the governor of virginia fox news richard edson is live at mcauliffe headquarters in virginia. i can get a sense of the mood. what is the reaction? >> about 15 minutes ago and not just for the last few minutes they finally called on other networks the ace 46 it was closer than others thought that now it is a party the crowd explodes a few moments ago caused to why this expected can campaign 34 billion compared to 90 million of while at the head was so close much
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said it had to do with obamacare. fox duse's they do not like obamacare the way of the rollout of the system and by a plurality eight / one they chose cuccinelli over mcauliffe. so now what happens to the republican party? a negative race if you look at it. the time is a dispatch refuses to endorse either candidate the negatives people saw a negative point of view quite interesting race finally wrapping up much later in the evening. >> and as we were reporting
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7% as to have their race in virginia 10 this latest one the advantage over cuccinelli with advertising. what do these results mean at this early stage for the republican party? >> each party feels they prove their point and what it will be for the presidential race and will overflow at every selfhood esthetic conservatives will defend themselves saying that chris christie can win and cuccinelli can now with the virginia so the establishment candidate should be the standard bearer but you multi-party
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republicans pushing back then some more moderate candidates went up against like chris christieeis a look what happened and. virginia is becoming more purple more influenced by democrats in the northern part of the state but it is still a swing state lookout close it is very much up for grabs looking for word 201437 joining us now what williams fox news political alastair -- analysts. but you are closest to the
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action with the 1.difference with that libertarian candidate taking the support from cuccinelli the attorney general. it looks like a spoiler on the part of the third-party candidates. >> cattle think it is quite that straight forward also remember over the weekend cuccinelli had rand paul campaigning, a marco rubio and both said to the voters don't vote libertarian foe for the republican and cuccinelli so clearly what you saw coming out of the cuccinelli strategy was they were worried about sarvis how much he would take out of cuccinelli we looked at seven points tonight but remember mcauliffe was up by 24 points. 24.
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that shows how much ground cuccinelli could close of the final days. lou: again, 1.a handful of votes as we wait for the final count. cuccinelli was so close the yet could not make a deal with sarvis? and yet to a software billionaire from texas had contributed to a libertarian pack that supported sarvis and his entire candidacy is in question but the question is only a rose today. >> too little too late but the libertarian candidate should not matter. macdonald was a great governor but for the scandal he found himself. he should have been barnstorming the state's and cuccinelli was caught in the
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same scandal taking a gift so he had to scoundrel's running and we end up with eddie haskell as the governor of virginia. [laughter] really. to flawed candidates they don't necessarily stay with a candidate that cannot win and it may have been close but it should not have been based on the record of bob mcdonnell. lou: not to seem cynical but to suggest this skepticism naturally on this side of the desk it seems all candidates it is always flawed. though war on women to move away from cuccinelli the save as the total vote. what do you define from all of that? >> that was the key issue. you mentioned the tremendous
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amount of spending it is now legendary in the final weeks he outspent on the tv and almost all of those rads rates aimed at women cuccinelli put himself and it catch up position but he was damaged and defined by mcauliffe early on opposed to abortion even with rape and incest made out to be an extremist and a damaged him with a fast changing electorate back in 2009 the incumbent governor when he was elected, this was a state still five percentage points republican tonight it is about 10 percent democrat and women played a much larger role more than four years and grow. lou: at the same time shouldn't the democrats be concerned they have a
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victory that looks to be less land 1%. with all the money with his spending, but tense least one advertising in vintage and this is what they did? it doesn't seem that war on women will be that overpowering if properly met by a republican strategist and it certainly appears that bringing in president obama in the closing days may have been a burden. >> this was a referendum of obamacare. is a disaster not only for virginia but every state and i bet mary lou andrew in the louisiana is having an illicit she will have a
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tough race and i think you will see more and more self preservation as we come closer 2014 when obama is a liability in the race in virginia was as much a referendum as much as mcauliffe. lou: what about how brilliant republicans were to shut down the government? that did a lot of good with those tens of thousands of federal workers in virginia. they were loading cuccinelli back with bricks. [laughter] >> at this point why aren't the republicans thinking? indicates of virginia they did not have opposition research on the libertarian
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candidate for a response to the attack ads of mcauliffe and did not bring in money to match. >> a lot of that money came from outside virginia. >> also people did not be the bin cuccinelli especially the republican establishment. with a 24.deficit, said cuccinelli that of mcdonald scandal a lot of people in terms of the republican national structure gave up early. cuccinelli has come back but in the exit poll obama is approval rating is 53 percent disapproval. they should have been able to win the race. governor crist christie is at the podium. >>.
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[cheers and applause] >> born in new work raised and the banks and. the end my wife from pennsylvania is a real jersey girl and raise our families right here in this amazing states. that i loved just as much as my mother and father raised me to love it. people have never understood about us is i don't need the introduction to all of you. i note you because i am one of you. [cheers and applause] to knight, first and foremost,, i want to say things to new jersey for making be the luckiest guy in the world. [cheers and applause]
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lou: governor christie as he should be exulting in this moment that he has secured the first 50% wind -- win as an incumbent of the state that when solidly for obama twice. contrast? governor christie and attorney general cuccinelli? >> as far as christie is concerned republicans should learn we have a republican governor who has been reelected in a blue state because he delivered for the people. he kept his word on taxes, education reform, real property taxes. unions everybody has to
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pitch in and he worked with the democratic legislature and he compromised 30 percent of democrats supported him african-americans the use, republicans learn from governor christie. be moderate andy will win either extreme is not healthy for governance it is not healthy not to compromise it is part of business this is a lesson that should be learned by every republican an every state. >> i will vote for brad but what we just heard was a grant from the g.o.p. establishment. enough with these extreme candidates who lose. one of those characteristics that we saw tonight that he is not disparaging as obama
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but he thought that is obama and was able to capture the middle of the vote in new jersey, victorious. that is where we ended with the last word. new york city elects the first democratic mayor in trustees when could influence his decision on the 2016 run for the white house. i don't think we should guess too much for that it has been obvious what he has been thinking but we will take it up. stay with us on this report on fox business network. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things.
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lou: connelly conceding to fellow democrat to secede longtime boston mayor relying on support from unions to help them get out the vote drive and his bill has defeated wonder for mayor where republicans are outnumbered two / one. and other big news with national implications fox news reported chris christie easily won reelection with a commanding victory. fox news senior correspondent has the latest from the tri-state area of the jersey governor race in the contest. >> now on to the white house as some say about the overwhelming win by governor christie over his democratic
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opponent they were hoping for more than 60% to send a national message and it does appear they have achieved that. it was expected because he had been leading by as much as 33 points but christie says the only focuses on the second term in "varney & co" but he does become a top contender in a heavily democratic state. 61 percent is a strong message. fox news conducted the exit poll today of voters would christie be a good president? 50 percent said yes and 45 percent said bell. ended a potential match up against clinton and she would only run six points ahead of him. now across the river the first time electing a -emocratic mayor de blasio the advocate who defeated guiliani but applause ceo
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promises to take the apple and a progressive direction to pay for school programs have put an end to the policy known as stop and frisk as it has cut crime but critics like de blasio says it unfairly targets minorities making it an easy one dash major part of the campaign. lou: and to talk of higher taxes and ending a stop and frisk it is of history? >> yes. back in the 1980's and volunteer there briefly with humanitarian supplies and also supported by the defunct group acorn. he told me he was proud of his work helping a chord and
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supporting the housing program. and you know, where he went on his honeymoon -- and even? to castro's havana cuba of just like bloomberg who prefers the big manchin in bermuda. when vacation and switches from bermuda to cuba there is a new tone in city hall. lou: what a fascinating contrast. up next the failed rollout of major issue the impact on the economy in the midterm elections may have been revealed with some of the results. next. help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do.
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out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. lou: breaking news on this election evening in alabama establish republican candidate took a slim lead over the two party candidate in the first district runoff with reporting of seven lovers say he is holding
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onto a lead in we will update throat the hour as that will be a very close race. former hillary clinton advisor we have michael murphy and former n.y.p.d. detective bow deal. -- bow deal. chris christie has put on a show in new jersey. >> he wanted which would be the headline tomorrow. [laughter] lou: what about de blasio for the first time in two decades a democrat is that the reins of the city? >> of some of the many people thought for the past 20 years york is said taylor to cities they're looking for to have de blasio in there helping communities that may have ben left
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behind. lou: endings stop and frisk mayor kelly and even bloomberg that is not a supporter of law and order a without purpose. a lot of people a nervous. >> the appellate judges make their appeal against the other federal judges very obvious the way it was sold cited. i am a former detective mini york city. stop and frisk the only people -- and hurt the minority communities with the illegal guns killing children. it is very effective to take illegal guns off the streets i really hope that de blasio will consider different variables. lou: we just heard the beginning of probably
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passionate discussion in the york city we now go to cuccinelli in virginia. let's go to the attorney general. >> is a special honor. virginia needs that to happen. i am honored by the support we had to run many people across the commonwealth although we did not come out on top you have made a difference there tonight you have sent a message. you have sent a message tonight. [applause] i have spent my life fighting for virginians. lou: cuccinelli concession speech talk about a message message, what would you say that is coming out of virginia? it was quite a race.
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>> too big winners chris christie and interestingly a republican in the blue state one and a democrat in the old confederate state the two biggest winners from the meltdown were from both of those individuals a lot of federal employees turned against republicans but3 chris christie pivoted to show the demonstrates -- and as traders how partisan he can be but now that is over get ready 2016 he gave the first page of the presidential campaign. >> if you dismiss women you will lose that is exactly the president of a planned parenthood said. lou: almost exactly by 1. that is what he did. maybe that is one of the messages anybody would be idiotic to go against women
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anymore they would go against men. the other message is don't let the other candidate to find you. thank you. up next with taxation of marijuana to the houston astrodome state ballot initiatives are fun. we will have the report straight ahead. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-thbacon cash back card. this is th quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet?
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lou: americans voting on city and state ballot measures oliver the city new york state to legalize marijuana in maine. fox business correspondent cheryl cassone with the of full report. >> certainly there are many initiitives across the country to decide where money and investments go.
10:35 pm
first with new york a big initiative backed by governor cuomo to legalize gambling at casinos on the opening seven new casinos in the state. we don't have enough folks counted with 13 percent we will leave this blank until we get more information it could be the middle of the night. said new casinos the business wants to see those open. massachusetts. there was a proposal for two casinos one failed but the other passed a $1 billion casino and a 78 year-old thoroughbred race track will fail but the other will go forward. that was interesting.
10:36 pm
now up to maine to legalize marijuana just in the city of portland but it is the largest. so it looks like it will pass. 2.5 ounces 21 and over can carry. we will see what the state has to say about that of course of bricks federal law another marijuana initiative in colorado it passed legalization now it puts a tax on the sale. this overwhelmingly will pass that revenue will be coming into the states on the sale of legal marijuana. also in the state of colorado you cannot call this pass or fail a group of 11 counties that want to secede from united states of america. to be called the 54 states
10:37 pm
of north colorado. that could pass easily but the legislature and then the u.s. congress have to pass that and it will not have been bent on wrecking a business and corporations genetically modified foods. this is one of the most heavily spent initiative referendums across the country happening in washington state. we will give information until the middle of the night but by the time we break up we may have an answer but those who do not want this to go through coca-cola, of messily, they spend $20 million on this 8.4 million on the yes vote that will change the label if any ingredient was genetically modified it has to be shown. so some strange referendums
10:38 pm
are being voted on throughout the country just like a little diversion for just a moment. lou: that is representative of the diversity of america and its imagination in 2013. joining us now the former lieutenant governor of new york and author of surviving obamacare. it was clear in virginia the exit polls are having a fit over obamacare so now we find out obamacare rates are hitting their red states the hardest why a better than 20 percent margin over blues states. >> i was not surprised when i saw this actually because red states have more rural areas. the premiums are going
10:39 pm
highest in those areas because they are priced by a county in the rural counties have he fewer insurers competing for business. one reason i can provide right away he will see higher premiums high on the exchanges but especially with their rural areas senator grasso says it is unfair it is unacceptable. >> i agree. >> what will be the effects? it is such a mess it is hard to project anything real but what we look better higher premiums and higher deductibles what is your judgment? >> and worst of all lower quality the three and a half million that authority been dumped in the many millions more will have to go on these exchanges but what they will find out is for the most part these are like
10:40 pm
medicaid plans in addition. lou: you may not doctors. >> those the limit access to your treatments and diagnostic test limited access to what you find in academic medical centers and much more government control over your doctors' decisions and no one has discussed that yet. >> section 1311 talking about reducing quality of care raising the cost of premiums raising deductibles and this administration and many insurance carriers say what a grand deal is america and even then 60 percent are uninsured after 1.8 trillion still won't have insurance? >> we have a way house cranking up the lobbying machine again and again with
10:41 pm
ever caught with the first live they just move to the second we move from sub standard to better when they are worse. lou: betsy mccoy even keeping the white house accountable. the of virginia governor's race comes down to a handful some who were the young people voting for? that and more straight ahead we will be right back. ñ@ç@çpçp
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lou: new york city mayor de blasio supporting -- looking has supporters in brooklyn the first democrat to win the mayoral office in two decades. >> fellow yorkers they are very stylish. [laughter]
10:45 pm
tonight's i feel the deepest appreciation for generations of my family including those no longer with us. especial thank you to family and friends in my grandfather's home town to them i say speaking speaking italian. [cheers and applause] i thought we needed a little italian flair earlier this evening i received a call from joe and even though we have our differences i know he loves this city as much as i do i want to say to everyone who's coached i did
10:46 pm
not earn today i promise i will not stop working to bring your trust now i have spoken throughout this campaign about a tale of two cities. that any quality. lou: de blasio makes something of humor of the votes and he did not get as of right now he is winning 72 percent so there is not a lot of people to win over and perhaps he will succeed in his first term or second for as creative as the current mayor may be a third. right now we have author of 2012 for 20 some things. great to have you with us. the vote in virginia is revealing all sorts of
10:47 pm
things. what are your reactions? are there any surprises? >> is incredibly close so i think this has the big impact. i don't think the young voters showed up tonight. lou: that they did for the governor of new jersey chris christie and women women, minorities, also republicans. what do you make of that? >> it is incredible he is the a similar poll obama did a great job in 2008 and 2012. young voters they were in office and he made promises which he did not keep which i think will hurt but chris christie on the ticket
10:48 pm
although i am still not sure i do think he is the ace in the hole for the young voters. lou: what about women? can they manage the youth vote door is that too far? >> one step at a time but changing the tune fear is a powerful motivator and democrats use that well in 2012 that made them show up so few can change the tune they have a shot that one step at a time these vote is a little more important than the women vote. lou: the governor elect of virginia mcauliffe approaching the podium. he has made it. let's see what he has to say >> i have started speeches thinking a lot of political figures but tonight the
10:49 pm
person introducing the is my best friend and my wife wife, dorothy. [cheers and applause] and just a few weeks ago we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. [cheers and applause] when we decided to do this campaign we decided together because we henderson said it is a journey we will have to take together and i could not be happier than to have you standing by my side tonight. thank you all. [cheers and applause] into our five children who have been involved since day number one, thank you for all they have done. [cheers and applause]
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lou: up next we look forward to the midterm elections and what tonight's results imply we will be right back. help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we caall produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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♪ lou: joining is now, former adviser to new york senator charles schumer, jim kearney, washington examiner, senior political analyst. this is a narrow victory. but the democratic party has got to be a little concerned about the applications and the opposition to obamacare. >> voters who voted on health care favored kitchen nellie. voters who voted on the economy favored kitchen alley. pigeon l.a. tried to turn this into a referendum on obamacare,
10:54 pm
and that brought this race from a double-digit rates down to the one percentage point. this was almost the third straight gigantic defeat in an election that was a referendum on obamacare. scott brown in 2010. the 2010 midterm election and now almost did. political poison. lou: the strategy, 2014 to respond because obamacare does not appear to be getting better, that is, it is not fixed dollar looks like it will be the best controversial for some time to come. >> well, it will be controversy all unless it is fixed or unless it is working. there are many people that think that huff said this will start to benefit some people. that might not be the case, and if it is the democrats will have a tough time in a midterm election. of course of the republicans nominate people it does not matter what obamacare is doing.
10:55 pm
i think he did a good job at making this a referendum on obamacare, but it did not get him over the top, even in virginia, which in 40 years has never elected a governor that was the same party as the president because of his extreme views he would agree with me. at the give the republicans run guys like chris christie of the country democrats will have our time in 2012. lou: one of the presumptive front runners right now? >> cause with outside the republican establishment that republican guy in the case street wing, the business lobbyists wing. being that guy easily that packed for the republican nomination. lou: that guy if he were to combine an appeal to the middle class working men and women that
10:56 pm
wwuld give democrats a fit. and i believe there will because they tend to go with the moderate and it. he will give us a hard time and could win. credit, -- suggests a way forward for the republicans this year. but bob did for the more ridge
10:57 pm
parts of that rich county, so you have to vote by the changing demographics. lou: thank you very much. good to see. this special report on electionn night. general jack keene on the broadcast tomorrow. didn't fi broadcast tomorrow. didn't fi please be with us. ♪ sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm t hay. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returnsi'm happy. reat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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gerri: i am gerri willis. tonight to of the willis report. election day across the country and one big see me verges. another big part of obamacare not coming together as planned. not the exchanges or the web site but the young people. 5% do payment mortgage making a comeback what does that do for the rest of us? tonight. "thwillis report." gerri: our top story tonight


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