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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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liz: and it is a record close for the dow jones industrial. listen, the numbers are still settling around 15,748. that is a clear need on the previous record s&p 500 up 7 points. the nasdaq struggling a bit down six-point spread. adam: twitters pricing could be coming at any moment. 23-$25 per share expected. charlie gasparino is reporting we are likely to see a price of $27. we will bring you details the very second they come in. liz: some are saying $29. we will watch it. tesla's stock got hammered. it is not that they did not match or beat, they filled to impress the lofty expectations
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of some investors and analysts read struggling to meet demand because of battery shortages. adam: failing to impress investors. revenue fell short of analyst forecasts. liz: chesapeake energy stock tumbling after carter lee profit that matched while she estimates but they plan to drill fewer wells in the market did not like it. adam: number of planned layoffs rose to nearly 46,000. most layoffs the pharmaceutical industry. liz: bank of america ceo saying u.s. housing market is barely stable. "wall street journal" conference a decrease in refinance activity is not indicative of the overall market. "after the bell" starts right now.
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breaking news on qualcomm earnings. >> we are going through the report right now but a miss, but a beat and revenue. that is a beat of street estimate which were $46.35 billion. liz: looking at some of the flashes, the stock is trading a little bit lower than where it closed, adam. qualcomm has been huge, they own it when it comes to the chips that go in there and are effective. adam: talking about a beat on revenue. how many have we seen this on revenue? they're going to face competition from intel. a new security style chip, so revenue is a good sign when you think about it. they are beating on revenue. liz: valued
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195 million-210 million, that is some outlook he had they see full-year 2014 revenue at 26 billion-27.5. let's bring in the market panel. chairman and ceo, he is looking at this wall of worry in the market and whether we should still be climbing it. might be a good thing. also down in the pits of the cme, let's start with you. qualcomm for a moment although it is stabilizing a bit look so disappointed slightly. >> i tell you, the stock has had such a nice move anyway. they already anticipated a lot of this, i am not surprised we're getting a lot of selling off. it would have been the drum i was beating down is revenue. i'm happy to see that. adam: so many are getting a pass on his earnings reports because they surprise earnings per share. now missing on earnings but got the revenue picture, so what
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gives? >> part of the issue is what sector these are in. some of them have been red-hot. you look at the solar companies being such strong performers this year, adam. liz: do think it continues to remain on balance? most have looked pretty solid. speak up if they continue to innovate and the market leaders. increased demand for these devices and uses for these devices, so that bodes well and should we have a recovery economic recovery albeit slow, it seems these are really benefiting from the new dollars being spent to upgrade equipment and businesses. liz: what have we got? >> it depends on how you look at it. coming in at $0.64 per share. and miss of the estimate. and taking a look at revenue,
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$3.63 billion, is a beat. the street was expecting so far we see revenue is up 11% according to this revenue, this earnings report year over year. we will dig more into this, but it looks like you have not specifically referenced the blackout dispute. we will keep looking through it. liz: there are no real shockers at the first glance, adam. adam: the the hit a new 52-week high. i'm curious again we have the beat on revenue, but amazon earnings. a whole different sector than what you got with qualcomm. how do you take this? >> the bottom line number. the topline numbers always more important to me. there are things that come up across the bottom line. but it is always important as you continue to grow.
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these of the first to have been on that have been beating consistently. that is a good sign going forward. now as far as the stock, i would expect they've already built in, the market expected and that a bit of selling pressure would not surprise me. liz: we have buying pressures are quite today. back in the market just minutes later we saw another record high, here we have a record close. the dow and the s&p together. my question becomes climbing this wall of worry. the wall of worry and climbing it has been a smart move for investors for a long time. is it stretched? saying this run has been a little stretch at this pointt >> the wall is getting a little high, for sure. there are still some outliers that can move the market. that is a potential government found budget issue. also, the fact that the federal
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reserve is continuing to keep a watchful eye on the economy and should more companies do well in the earnings season, it could be building a set that forces the fed. adam: where should be putting my money right now because i don't want to be tied to some sort of fixed income investment, where should i go? >> there opportunities in technology. the nasdaq 100, those company's are continuing to be leaders, they are becoming the industrials of this century. i also like the energy area. they do oil exploration and production. i think that is an interesting play for the growth that we are seeing. i think the emerging markets have been oversold and there is an interesting low volatility play. he low is interesting as well. so those are just a few of the areas, still opportunity for
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investors. liz: what does it do for you? they are baskets of opportunity. >> that is right. looking at the emerging markets basket, they are going in from index methodology to purchase stocks with lower risk, lower volatility over a short term. that tries to reduce the volatility of emerging markets. adam: how about a look ahead. will we see a continuation of what we've already got, not so great earnings per share? >> i certainly hope so. i don't and that is going to be the picture. more the exception than the rule. we will see more on the topline and growth, but that is the way it looks like. pre-much the pattern of last year although we have had greater earnings because we can borrow money cheaper and cut our costs. other than that it looks like we're going to beat.
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liz: this got the company, it is not dropping precipitously at the moment, maybe we can show the aftermarket trade, this is a company that has done very well since the ipo, the bid is $61 ask 6163, the chairman of this company, the ceo, again, we have covered these guys for years, so we have watched them grow, i just saw a truck on the gw bridge for the first time, adam. adam: i am curious, with solar city, you like revenue and they have got to get up there. >> they have had a great move, they were down this morning down
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three and have dollars for the day. listen, that one of the greatest ceos ever in elon musk. he is really good at moving his companies around and trading interest. eventually they're going to have to make money. one tting is we always have to remember this is not an old economy like the dotcom bubble. this is old economy. you cannot make money eventually you have to selloff. liz: let's get the real numbers from jo ling kent. adam: solar city, 48.6 million versus what the street was expecting 42.5. i saw you nodding your head in agreement, when todd was talking about revenue. it looks like they're starting to ramp up on the revenue picture but is this sufficient? is this going to knock it out of the ballpark?
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>> keep in mind the solar sector has been on fire this year. if you look at the etf area, that was the number one performing etf this year up over 100% outperforming two and three leverage etf. this is a winning sector and people want exposure to these companies. it is going to be interesting to see, but i think the numbers matter less as long as their revenue can show some growth. liz: they don't like to be called installers. in essence, they do link up people who may not have the money up front to soul arise their home. they make it happen. adam: we have a photographer put these on the house and sells electricity back into the system. this can be a win-win in a lot of ways. liz: thank you to both of you. adam: health secretary kathleen
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sebelius gives new testimony and raises fresh concern of the rollout of the affordable care act. we will go live to washington for the very latest. liz: oil prices have been plunging. drivers have been getting welcomed relief at the pump. how long will the gasoline prices go if oil is starting to toe down a bit. one of the most respected analyst. how you can play the market. adam: we want to know what you think of twitter's upcoming ipo. will you buy the shares at the expected price was increased to 23, $25? and could it be even higher? log onto [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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adam: we've got solar city third-quarter earnings and we want to go back to nicole petallides on the floor the new york stock exchange and see how investors are reacting. spiegel are watching solar city very carefully. elon musk is the chairman of this company doing very well. right now the closing bell 59 and change. in a $60 range. they came out here earnings per
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share and revenue that beats the street for solar city. the second-largest by market cap u.s. solar company behind first solar. the stock is doing well here. we will get to the stock slump in going into the closing bell, but now it is looking like it is going to be better. we will see what happens tomorrow, but it is looking a little higher. liz: gasoline prices already at the lowest levels of the year and some states are seeing prices below $3 per gallon. but how long will these lower prices last? can investors play the energy sector and make money right now? senior energy analyst long with our own sandra smith joining us from the floor of the cme. our oil prices, we will start with that and get to dissolution. are they fairly priced right
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now? >> the prices are high. i would think almost 20% lower. but still have lower oil prices here than the benchmark, it is about $12 cheaper therefore we have gasoline cheaper in the u.s. than any part in the world. more important gasoline right now isn't oversupply and that is obviously pushing gasoline prices down in addition, usually as we going to the fourth. of the year, the demand would be weaker. oversupply, we command, lower crude oil prices, lower gas prices at the pump. liz: we saw the right part of that chart has dropped relatively precipitously over the past couple of weeks and yet says due to excessive supply we should be about 10% lower. today we saw moving slightly
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lower but still that spread between the two. what are the traders saying, sandra? sandra: momentum is definitely to the downside in the oil and the gasoline market. gasoline prices around 22 month lows. what is happening is gasoline prices coming down so far, so fast overnight aaa said they dropped the national average down $0.23 from where we were a year ago that demand is picking up. that inventory report this morning showed in the last week we saw gasoline demand at the highest level since july. that is in the middle of the summer driving season. maybe oil prices have come down low enough for the time being. liz: the fundamentals have been in place for some time and only recently did it begin to drop on what is very much a reality of
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excess inventory, but the investor who is listening right now on sirius xm or right here in front of us on the tv set, the question becomes how do you make money? do you buy integrated oil, refiners? speak of the easy money has already been made, people have to work a lot harder and a lot luckier in order for them to make money. most of that oil and gas is almost 40%. don't ask me why. there will be a correction. the question is not if, but when and how much. liz: so that is easy money gone? where do you see the opportunity? the opportunity in oil stocks in the yield that has not run up as
4:20 pm
much as the rest of the stock. conoco, phillips, oil stocks, good talent sheets are up for the year, but not 50%, 100% like some of their peers. i would be more than inclined to buy these stocks. >> it is still up, productions are way up. when do we see the demand level pickup and surpass the supply levels not only domestically, but globally? i think that is the question for everybody right now. u.s. has ramped up its reduction. opec ramped up its production. if they keep doing this, they might not be enjoying these nearly triple digit oil prices for very much longer. there's still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to investing in the individual energy stocks.
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liz: good to see you both. talking about oil. adam: were going to talk about health care now. new heat on capitol hill over the botched rollout of website. we will tell you what she said to senators who arr furious about the flaws in the few formal care act could be delayed. liz: we could be just minutes away from what the twitter ceo and his management team think social media company is actually worth. this kind of out of their hand at this point. we'll bring you very differing opinions of what will happen to @he stock after it makessthe trading debut tomorrow.
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liz: time for a quick speed read of the other headlines pit five stories, one minute. first up, intel creating a division that will take advantage of new technology that can link electronic devices through the internet. the divisional be called the internet of things, solutions group. ford october auto sales. apple is said to be adding two new contracting manufacturing partners in asia. aiming to boost smartphone and tablet production in order to meet consumer demand. starbucks says it is hiring.
4:26 pm
some 10,000 veterans and their spouses over the next five years. the company said it will open five stores near military bases that will share profits with local communities. and an israeli video and photo sharing platform receiving a $60 million investment from america mobile make amsterdam rival more popular in america knows where it is 25 million subscribers strong. that is today's "speed read." adam: kathleen sebelius on capitol hill for the second time to defend testify in front of the senate finance committee on the exchanges glitches. liz: despite the site's problems, and they are very obvious, kathleen sebelius says delaying the new law is not an option. no delays as of yet out of capitol hill. >> she says by november 30 for the bulk of people signing on it should be working with the
4:27 pm
questions of 15 democrats have open seats next to meeting with president obama according to a source telling fox they press the white house on the functionality or lack thereof they and pressuring the administration to get this done. in charge of fixing this website problem and the white house chief of staff including number of senators running into some pretty vulnerable red leaning states and republican states. in alaska, out at the white house earlier today. for problems with the website and questions of what the president has been saying for years if you like your health care coverage and your insurance plan you can keep it. in many places as turned out not to be true. i have pressed kathleen sebelius on the president's promise. >> the plan was in place the time the law was passed. >> looks, i think most americans
4:28 pm
believe in grace. most are pretty forgiving people, and so they will tolerate and accept honest mistakes. but this is a dishonest mistake. this is dishonesty. you have been misleading the american people. the president has over and over again. >> congressional republicans battered in the polls over the government shuts down and seizing on this. next line we hear from eric cantor that they're going to vote in the house controlled by republicans on a bill that would allow you to keep your insurance to firm up the grandfather clause for many of the problems thei have had with bare-bones insurance would not have them if this bill passed. also, saying extendinn the filing deadline, obamacare deadline in which you can sign up under the website would create problems and lead to perhaps fewer people signing up for insurance because of the problems this would create. by november 30 they should have
4:29 pm
most of those problems worked out. back to you. adam: 21 days until the 30th and a lot of people. they may raise the specter of if this fails we will have medicare for all and call it a day? is anybody on the hill talking about that? >speaker that was floated years ago. or not at that point yet. democrats would be the first to make small changes to the law. they don't want to do that because they would admit there are bigger problems. liz: listen, we're all waiting for twitters pricing. it could hit the tape any moment. they fold their debate on the little bird, both sides of the trade, it has gotten a lot of attention with some of the very stunning comments about a collapse of the stock. that is coming up next.
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor today stick th innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. adam: time for a look at today's market drivers. the dow and s&p 500 were in the green today with the dow closing at its 30 third record close
4:33 pm
this year. -- 33rd. out of 10 sectors closed in the green led by utilities and consumer staples. oil and gold rebounded today with oil posting a 1.5% gain to settle at $94.80 after hitting a three-week low. gold settled at $1317 an ounce. tesla logged its worst trading day since january 2012. the company beat street estimates but weaker than expected car sales and fourth quarter guidance, that's worrying investors. liz: investors and wall street are a little bit on tenterhooks ahead of twitter's ipo price. could come any moment, any second or any minute but the company increased its price range to3 to 25 a share. could go even higher than that -- 23 to 25. adam: suntrust analyst robert peck joined us a few weeks ago with a price target of $50 a
4:34 pm
share of twitter one year out. has he changed that target. you're holding to it. >> yeah, thank you for having me. we put another note out for investors updating the latest in the financials and all the changes we had last couple weeks. some great hires by them, more information about their businesses and our $50 target holds. 17 times 2 approximately billion dollars revenue gets to the 50-dollar target. liz: you're only analyst who covered this and been able to put forth into ideas exactly why you feel it is worth about $50 but let's get to the near term. >> yeah. liz: what do you think 2 will price at? >> that is a great question. we'll find out in a couple moments. we heard as high as $30. could even be $40. interesting for what investors to think about, what could it be worth a couple of years. $3 billion in revenue in 16. say range of 15 to 20 times on top of that. use 20 numbers give you
4:35 pm
$60 billion number. divide by 700 million shares, that could be a $90 stock a couple years out. to get a good return to get there where do i need to buy it? 20% return would be $60 today. depending where you think revenues could go that will inform where you buy it today. adam: your formulas are dependent on revenues growing consistently over the subsequent quarters and there are headwinds for twitter. can they sustain what a lot of people would say subpar growth? 2/3 of users they haven't figured out to monetize yet because they are overseas. >> just reported couple weeks revenue is accelerated. now you're growingg125%. q2 quarter for facebook where revenues all of sudden exploited. the opportunity for them can they increase monetizaton particularly on international. liz: monthly active users. adam: yeah, 238 million. liz: siriusxm listeners, channel
4:36 pm
113, people on it, listening to us, it has been a steady climb up to nearly 200 million. i look at twitter, i think, they're smart enough, they are going to find a way. >> exactly right, and based on our checks we did research for months, wasn't something done over a weekend. speaking to advertisers, marketers, technologists. they have a strong team in place. advertisers are shifting budget. you see that in the numbers alone already. the other thing to think about is margins. margins are five to maybe 10%. no reason why those can't go to 50%, structurally where facebook is. long-term target is north of 55%. liz: worried about froth tomorrow? charlie gasparino, reporting that they may hold the ipo first trade until possibly as late as 2:00 p.m. they don't want to see a facebook repeat. >> i agree. i'm worried about froth. don't want to see investors get hurt. look at volatility of linkedin or yelp or other social ipos. you had big swings in volatility there. near term price will be dictated by supply demand curves.
4:37 pm
not fundamentals. investors are willing to buy and years. >> how far out a couple weeks, couple months. we'll start to see the froth an volatility settle out. we get true reflection of value. then we start buying in. >> once it starts to settle in, large investors have filled out their positions. liz: what is your advice to the retail investor tomorrow, as soon as it hits tape. >> soon as it hits the tape, we told investors it is worth $50 a year out. you get it sub$40. that is sub $40. we think the target will be much higher, take assumptions on revenues i walked you through before. liz: take a breather. watch the trading action tomorrow and then step in. >> yeah. not bad advice at all. adam: have the maalox, whatever on the side. liz: robert, you were out front on this, thank you. thank you for being out front with us here on fox business. >> thank you for having me. adam: all the best to you. we're not done with twitter just yet. what does a big bad twitter bear
4:38 pm
think about this ipo? we have one bear who thinks the stock price could plunge. he will tell us why next. liz: results are in. we're looking at what the next mayor of the world's financial capital means for wall street, when we come back. mayor deblasio. ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, brinng-home-thbacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every ngle day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? see who does good work and compare costs.
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adam: we spoke to robert peck of suntrust who has a 50-dollar price target on twitter. but not everybody is so bullish on the company and its ipo. liz: there has been very outspoken person on the scene who thinks twitter is another, quote, overhyped tech company on the road to failure. stanford university fellow that joins us live from stanford. he joins us live. what caught us about the comments of the just get ready to watch this thing, i use your words, collapse within a year.
4:42 pm
that is a strong, strong, comment there. where do you get the courage hyped that conviction. >> first of all when you hear the analysts hyping $50, $90, this is completely ridiculous. we're back to the dot-com today with analyst, with vested interests now hyping the heck out of dot-com stocks. that is what this sounded like. look at it. simple stream of short, you know, data bursts and maybe they i will insert some ads into it. maybe they will sell the twitter feed to some companies but how do you get to $20 billion revenue, these ridiculous projections analysts throwing out based on what they have there. if twitter starts putting too much advertising or charging too much for data feeds, people will go elsewhere. twitter lost the war in asia. the entire asian commodity meant has more alternatives. of japan's lion is killing it. exceeding numbers. adding tens of millions of new users every month.
4:43 pm
so, we're basically out of touch over here. we have too much hype being created. twitter is a good company. some basic value to it but nothing like ridiculous projections we're hearing about. liz: you're talking to somebody, i started my business journalism career in 1998. i watched that dot-com hype. everything you say resonates but you look at those users, 200 million of them, but you look at peep who are running it. you don't believe you can harness that an make money. >> first of all 200 million, how many are boughts, these automatic, feeding devices. liz: not real people. >> and then what do we do when we go on twiter? we go and tweet something and go off it. some people watch the streams. how do you monetize that. google has solid business model. many avenues revenue. it has rich interface. twitter is simply a stream. hardly any technology behind it. simply non-stop characters going
4:44 pm
on the screen of the nothing behind it. how will they monetize the stuff. adam: i raised the question you raise but our previous guest who is one of these people saying it will do well talks about revenue growth that is picked up its momentum, but is he just absolutely wrong. i have to ask you, you just said something i don't think people are paying attention to, but you lost asia. but japan and china, sina, they're eating their lunch. >> exactly. these analysts are smoking something. i just her that interview. i was sitting there, what the hell is this guy smoking? so he is out of touch. i have no doubt that twitter's stock will rise it might even get to $50 a share, $60 a share and then it will collapse over the next year or two because it is not a sustainable business model. i can't see how they monetize and get billions of dollar revenue and. >> analysts are suggest. i don't see it happen. liz: listen, we respect of robert peck of suntrust.
4:45 pm
came up with very solid numbers that helped put together the equation he believes is making viable stock. >> bologna. bologna. liz: fair enough. do you get the sense at some point twitter is going to stumble somehow? and how, what form would that take? >> it is not just twitter. even facebook would stumble. they are just such lofty projections to justify ridiculous stock prices it is hard to grow at those rates. hard to monetize data streeps. hard to monetize on mobile. there are many obstacles over here. the projections is exponential going it can't be sustained. we're looking too far out expecting gazillion dollars of revenue and earnings coming in. it will not happen. there will be alternatives coming out. liz: what did you think of google went back public? did you have these same concerns. >> no, google never had ridiculous valuations. >> it --
4:46 pm
liz: well, that's awe true. >> the trouble is google, twitter only recently figured out how to make money. it went years without even knowing how to monetize it. now it figured it out. suddenly there is a big thing in social media prices deciding to go public. they haven't come up with a sustainable business model yet. adam: earlier you said they had a business model. what is the more appropriate price target for this stock? give me an indicator when i might wait to be bottom feeder and buy in. >> frankly, give the way the system is rigged where you have investment banks and have analysts, when you have management, venture capitalists hyping heck out of stocks there is no rhyme and reason to it. no model you can come up with can tell you how much it will be inflated and how much it will be rigged. this is disneyland we're talking about. this is la-la land. so there is no rhyme and reason to it. what i'm looking at is a technology, as a long-term ability to get real revenue. that's what i'm skeptical about. liz: i'm laughing because i want to ask you an absurd question
4:47 pm
but do you have a twitter handle? >> yes, i do at wdwha. liz: how many followers? >> i have 41,000 followers. so. liz: 41,000! adam: you tweeted this thing is going to collapse? >> yeah. watch my twitter feed. when i challenged dick costello, ceo of twitter on fax it is all male board. he tweeted i am the carrot top of academic sources. he started attacking me, couldn't bear to face the truth something wrong with a company out of touch with its customers. all white males who don't understand the growing market, african-americans are increasing you have more women than menussing twitter. they don't even understand their customers. liz: we've got to go, one of you is going to be right and we'll see how it plays out. vivek, good to see you. >> ne to two years. liz: one to two years collapse. we'll watch it as we do. take the tape. we'll bring you back. >> absolutely.
4:48 pm
liz: fair around balanced discussion there. adam: both were terrific. liz: democrats set to take over new york city's city hall in the first time in a quarter century. we will find out what new mayor bill blass blast could mean for -- bill deblasio. >> we have the story of one poker player made more money than many managing directors make in the financial industry and he is under 26 years old. ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer ergy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven.
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and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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adam: after historic election victory of democrat bill deblasio in the race to become the city's new mayor. among his proposals a plan to increase income taxes on anybody making more than 500 grand a year. liz: cheryl casone was up much of the night covering elections for us and fox business. she is wide awake with this story. >> you betcha. anything for you, liz and adam. bill deblasio ran on a ticket of progress sieve reform and picked up the occupy wall street momentum for the summer. before last night's big win for
4:53 pm
deblasio he was on fox closing he will.y down to the he his response one business doing overseas. >> they have to ask themselves a question and make money in america and have a real customer base here or do business in iran? they have to have a choice. they are not going to be able to do both. liz: >> he was talking to you. business in iran is different than china and india. looks like deblasio is not beginning his term as mayor as a best friend of business, but there is still a bit of a question mark about what his leadership is going to meet for wall street in particular. current mayor and billionaire michael bloomberg always seemed to have a hospitable relationship with the major banks. as you mentioned he wants to raise the income tax on new yorkers making more than $500,000 a year. that is certainly fair. that would include many in the c-suite and many in new york city. on oat hashed he did call wall street the hometown
4:54 pm
industry according to report from new york time over the summer with an industry event. he faces 300,000 city workers operating with expired contracts. he will need revenue to deal with those negotiations. given his embrace of occupy wall street, would major banks head quarted here in new york city asked to pony up more revenue? will this be friendly relationship, liz and adam? will it be contentious relationship. he appointed his transition team. we'll know soon enough. liz: cheryl, thank you. this is not done yet. we don't know. adam: four more years. liz: then we'll know. it's a collection of nazi stolen art. yes, they stole it from their victims, lost for decade and now found and could be worth a fortune. one billion plus. biggest names in art, we've got the details next. ♪ my mantra? family first.
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4:59 pm
dates back to the 1920s. adam: also off the desk, ryan reis, a poker pro from michigan won the world series of poker. he claimed $8.4 million prize after pushing back his opponent. after the opponent went all-in his ace and king of hearts sealed the victory. liz: would you buy twitter when the expected price range would be 27, 28, we heard 29 today? jim on facebook wrote if to say, count me out. i will wait for alibaba. adam: number one thing to watch will be twitter's ipo it begins trading on the new york stock exchange thursday. liz: markets may close at 4:00 p.m. eastern. we are always on call for you. head to on call to sign up for daily updates that come well after the close. financial news after the market's close.
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headlines for the day including twitter pricing because what you need to know spinning it forward. it is most important 90 seconds of financial news. adam: we don't stop there. "money" with melissa francis is next. >> we will keep this promise. to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. , period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> period! [laughter] i do in the think you're supposed to read the punctuation in the speeches. melissa: is seems president obama can't get out from that infamous comment? why not two to hollywood. it could bring obamacare plot lines to your favorite shows. well-tell you how. even when they say it is not it is always about money.


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