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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> for millions of americans delay is not an optio people's lives dend on this. >> made a promise no one went brokjust because ty got sick. >> i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay for not being responsible a producing a product that all of us could beroud of. >> i am accountable t this committee and the american public for getting the fix in place. neil: sebelius, you just can't
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be serious. >> her is what made today interesting, indication that administration and others pushing it knew it would be in trouble. an went full throttle with it sthe same, welcome i'm neil cavuto. she may take the blame. bust that kathleen sebelius saw coming, butacke saw coming as well. wh were they thinking? to louisiana republican senator, david vitter still trying to figure that out and more. i was not encouraged. were you? >> no, a lot of promises but nothinghanged in terms of reality. you have leading democratic senators like max baucus going after her, this iserious.
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it should be. this rollut this product is a bust. neil: have any of your colleagues gone to say, particularly the democtic ones, all right, you are the reason, you have to go? several republicans incding me have said that, i don't think any democrats have said. but you are seeing some khinks in thagin the armor. neil: do you think this thing, as we know it, the is dead? this law between the sloppy roll t, prohibited prices for folks, a lot of folks who are switching, it is not wit ready r
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primetime, they will start over or democrats fighting tooth and nail? >> well, i would certainly not y it is clear that it's either dead or up for major revisions, there is a lot of rhetori talk and promises, but no major changes to the law, the left is still dug in over it i don't think we can declare that victory now, at all. but this law certainly bed on roll out is trouble. neil: reality is, many folks are pang more, about 4 milli fewer americans he coverage since before the law became the law, now reports out yesterday, continuing today, tens of millions of americans on corpore plans might be jettisoned or placed intoublic exchanges a year from now. that does not sound like a law
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that is sor of picking up steam or helping people more. >> no, it is gone from bad to worse so far, in louisiana, over 9,000 people losinghe- 90,000 people losing the plans they had, they want to keep, they are getting their cancellation notices now. this a disaster. and to rub sal in the wound, washington gets an exemption, that is outrageous, that is just rubbing salt in the wound. neil: do you tnk looking in retrospect, the shut down, debt crisis, was a waste of time. how bad the law was, and that at least in virginia uit cost the republican candidate what could have been a doable pick up there? >> neil, who knows, the concern for me and a lot of folks, if w,
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if we did not do something by october 1 it would grow works, there are not many entitlement programs that are implemented that are then uprooted and thrown out. i think that the number is zero. that was the concern. but ts could be the exception of the rule, i hepit is, the probm with -- a hope it is, the problem are enormous. >> thank you senator vitter. >> thank you, neil. neil: since administration is fond of comparing itself to apple and its product roll out maybe it might wanto take a real queue from apple. when apple has bumps on new product launches it fixes them and fast. and by the way, folks do have a choice whether to buy apple or not, but with the hel health cae thing,ell no. it proves that costson't
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always have to go up, if you have a go t operation, and a good product, costs tend to go down. who warned about these dierences, we're trueing t day. >> if youompare obamacare to an apple product, you have the cost problem. it is going to cost too much for the nation. it has not bent the cost curve. premms going up, budget cost is going the wrong direct, a web site $618 million does not work. they have a big cost problem. neil: do you think not onl poorly marketed. but they d not appreciate their audience, who they were reaching out. to it is not -- apple figures out who will buy this and w they need it, and et cetera. but this not really, despite the ree years in coming are not
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rationalized. >> they did not do the market research. you look at young, everyoneays they are the key, they are not buying insurance now, those who were buying insurance, if you ask them as a consumer, what is your price point, suppose they raise your premium by 30%, 40% said, i would drop my insurance. th are not going to get subsidies that administration thought, and they have a problem. >> they say, we're through the worse of the pblem. and kathleen seb can b sebeliusg we're getting better every day, hang in there, you say? >> i say, they have a web site problem, but that is not the real problem. the product is the problem, it costs o much, and w continue to cost a lot. neil: they s say that cost goes down as more comes in you say that is not holding up? >> it is not, it will cost more compare last year to next year for young invincibles in
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particular, we haveegulions and passes, these raise the cost of health care, that is their core problem that not going away. they like everyone else is counting on technological innovation to se us in health care. you have the insurance industrr looked into regulatio they could not come up with new policy if their life depended on it. neil: do you think in retrospect, the shutown -- adjust your argument that health care law itself. this took the eye all that ball cost the virginia governorship and much more. >> the virginia governorship was closer because of the pblem. >> always good seeing you thank
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it is a completely new era of innovation. and theighestxpression omercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or noing. neil: i knonow that virginia is for lovers but n they love the healthcare law? because terry mcauliffe squeak the out a win in yesterday's gubernatorial race. does thatrove that this health care mont month vossty is not a negative? >> this is amazing this race was so close, occur, you had cuinelli a far right candidate, then a mainstream, terry mcaiffe outspent h
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by $20 million. third, shut town hurt, a third of voters said tir families were affected they voted for ter for by over 20 points, you look at what happened because cuccinelli was so far behind terry mcauliffe had a 12 pnt lead in post poll after consensus, 8 or 9, no, this thin was so close, and reason is, is that, health care. i meanou look at correlation, healthcare. if this --f the republican had a narrative on healthcare if the roll out problem, i think that obama numbers are wire seeing he is down under 40n gallup yesterday. i have n seen today's numbers. you look that, what hapns, i thinkhis thing about kping your health care -- this --
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this spin, this absolute amazing this shows healthcare is popur? my god, ii this campaign had be on the last for 2 more weeks or another week with some her sces put in -- resources put in terry mcauliffe would have lost, and lieutenant governor, if any other aren't except a person who was so vulnerable because of his social position, had beeunning, terry mcauliffe would have been toast. neil: ad there not been a libertarian candidate in the race. >> let plea get to that point, 7% of vote, about 70-30 split for republican, and stories this morning that democrats, helped finance this the republican are politically inept, a lib tear yen took it away, that alone would have done it. the long and short,f democrats, thi, if i -- if
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this happened in be oed in one o weeks of obare what do you think 14 looks like. neil: they are hoping that maybe americans will get over this, next year theeal pickle develops this is the employer mandate and all of that. and the adjustment that a lot of fortune 1000 companies, big companies have to make with their plans, it could be worse? >> it could keep unraveling, every day is something new, we find out something different but the administration's position, which is we're allowed, i lied to you but it is okay becse i'm barack obama, democrats position, is well, you were on lousy plans, and by the way we'll give you, you know -- this stuff, when you made a commitment t people, the web site will get fixed. but there is no security. >> i don't mean to jump, but what does this mean for turnove in house, and turnover in
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democrats says nancy pelosi say we can retake the house. >> i think this is up in the air. everything is up in the air politically, christie's victory, chris christie yesterday got 57%, 15 point win with women, carried a majority of hispanics in the be state of new jersey, and carried moderates, cuccinelli carried moderates but christie carried them heavily, this is -- this is a -- i don't think that anything is happening but, peopl are voting for candidates or races, on the local level, but i want toell you, nationally eeverything is up in the air, and the discontent with botharties is great. but i want to tell you, democrats trying to claim that virginia is a victory, what they re expecting? this is incredible. this is whistling past the gravard. neil: thank you patrick. so colorado shoot down a tax hike. american are telling politicians
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>> the onl people who feel there shouldn't be more coming in t to the federal government e the rich people. >> harry reid saying that then, with colorado voters, shooting down a tax hike, are democrats still thinking that now? to democratic congresswoman carrollaloney who has doubts. >> all politics is local, i am not commenting on colorado
11:21 pm
politics. in new york, new yorkers overwhelmingly elected bl deblsio who ran on a clear record of increasing taxes to help invest in educational system. and future of our students and new yorkers in america he wonverwhelmingly with one of the largest wins sin ed koch. neil: a 50 point win or close to it. is tha a mandate for higher taxes, it is higher taxes on wealthy, are you for that? >> i think everything needs to be looked at in context. it has to go throuough state legislature. neil: would they approve it. >> i don't know,you can't say, you can't say nothing will happen, or otherwise why wld goveenment act? we're worki toward a vision or a goaoal, always looks impossib. on my 9/11 health and
11:22 pm
compensation bill, i networked years to pass -- i worked 9 years to pass the bill. so you he to have a vision a - goal, investing in education is something that is important for new york state. neil: if that is the route you go? do u do ity taxing the rich? >> i believeur governor mar gro!!mariocuom. is doing it. neil: how do you think he gets along with the new mayor. >> i think they get alonghey have to. neil: why didn't you unemploy so many prominent names. >> i'm a recent widow that is a big change in my life it is very diffult for myself and my daughters. neil: i feel as i said before, sympathies are with you, look at the final race, the republican candidates and democratic candidates, and who
11:23 pm
emerged on both sides, this is one of the most important cities in the planet. >> it is the most important city. neil: i understand. >> and the best. neil: i agree. >> and the greatest. neil: this is theest we produce? it's weird? well, we keepptrying, and voters spoke for bill deblasio. neil: but so many prominent names opted out, this new york city version of 1992, bill clinton only g rail running for president. and he won. no one thought he would. but do you think that was it, why did so many big names opt out? >> you have to ask them, everyone has their own persol reasons, i shared mine with you. neil: yeah, because here is a concern they have, deblasio, i hear this from you know the big money powers that be. in manhattan. and elsewhere banks and hedge fund types and rainmakers, that he wil compounding on them,
11:24 pm
making this an inhospital able place to live and work it the chase them away, what do you say? >> i don't believe that, i believe he is a intelligent, hard working person, i have worked with him on a lot of issues when he was chairman of government welfare commitor citycouncil. and on other campaigns, he chaired hillary clinton a race for the senate. so i worked with him, he is committed and hard working. loves his city, i think he will sit downnd work on the best -- >> is he more pragmatic than he sounds he sounds like a friendly version of carl marx . >> he justot elected, give him a chance, don't even believe he knows what kind of mayor he'll be. he has a visn here, has a plan. he has a ability and a numbe of
11:25 pm
really wonderful people helping him. and -- >> all of these business guys, on my show, who are frantic and nervous, like oh, my gosh. >> they should talk to him, and express the concerns, and figure out how to working in for the city, they have a legitimate stake in the city, they are part of whatakes city great, we're the financial capital of the world, let's keep it that way, we'r're not going to remain in this situation unless we have a strong and vibrant private sector. neil: that seems to be your gentle way of go slow mayor-elect. >> i say give h a chance. i thhnk all new ykers have to help him, i think he is open, he is energetic, he carries about not only the live billy of the city -- liveability of the city, but equally too and find educatn. neil: all right, very well put,
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neil: mainstream media said that tea party is down, but to hear tea partiers tell it both partying better watch out, they areining up rinos toick up on in 2014. thats republican in name only. gina, with defeat of crucial congressional elect in alabama, wh happened toenuccinelli irni t is w they me thaie yo say,oto ft,hy?
11:30 pm
>>el fstll, lkt e mey,lwsol the moy these tng ccinel was outspent by $15 million, candidate inn@ alabama ou outspent 5 to 1. that is all about money, if this sayynything to the american vo youment, a tea partyr not that is just a nam i say hop onboard with people who want to fight thelite in washington, d.c. neil: we have chatted abo this before. you think that the shut down actually got people off message? your concerns about ealthcare law, which is coming home to roost now, they never got it because thehut down got in the way. it hurt cuccinelli that was valuable time waste >> it might have been a distraction, but if republicans had stuck to gguns it would not
11:31 pm
have been, what real people business is leadership, they just wan leadership. neil: you sound like chris christie. >> that is something about christie, he does have ta leadership hower low hard. neil: tea parties don't like him. >> he does not stand for tea party values. >> he said he does, what gets youroat. >> he has never been pressed by the establishme on take a stand on for example amnesty,e is not the tea party brand. neil: you are not in crowd that said if tea partiers stop talking about social issues ty would get further. >> i time, tai talk to them, i was talking to someo in my hotet last night, he said,
11:32 pm
know your perspective, you don't want to pay for anyone, y your party is party of greed? we'll we're taking that to the national level, and say it is all about the money? that is how the democrats top paint us, we're -- democrats want to paint us,,we're about having come pathor people, saying you need help let me help u, looks into whites of eyes rather than saying let me toss that over to government, how income pat passionate. >> if you have the -- you might be more amen able to them but didn't you don't hear that you are not? >> there are a lot of values we need to think about. it has a lot to do with our
11:33 pm
platform, stick to whate the people as grassroots have established. neil: you are not afraid you willer to meado republicans who could --er t torpedo republican? >> no they can win by sticking to theonstitutions. i don't thinkhat -- i don't think that establishment should bank on that, they bank on that elect after election. th say we' get the conservatives they will come along with our candidate, because it will be better than the democrat, they better be caful this time. neil: they stayome. >> they do. and cuccinelli is a perfect proof. he it not mot motivate his base. he lost by not taking on the social issues. neil: and the shut down? it cost him in a government-heavy state. >> i don't know about that, i think it was more him not speaking about what he really
11:34 pm
believed in. he was not willing to stand for the social issues, made them wonder, is he going to stand hard on the issues? a lot of people in virginia said, i was not excited. i was going to work for him, but he seemed to back off and not be conservative w we have known him to be, i did not. neil: thank you gina. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: what when we come back, twitter is going public tomorrow, our ttter followers are going crazy right now, one person tweeting, should be interesting since theompany has yet to find way to make moneyy and another sayinghey are old enough to remember t last tech bubble burst. is the exchange that is handling this cvinced? the ahead of new york stock exchange on why he said this is different very different.
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it's simple. search, compare, and apply at first round's on me. neil: here comes twitter, and here comes trouble? the president of nyse says no way, duncan, how do you think it is going to go? a lot of people look at facook and that bumpy launch? >> we have done all we can on our end to make sure we're as over prepared as we can, we understand all eyesous on us tomorrow, we understand that a lot o people who don't keep an eye the markets willlbe keeping an eye on us and the market tomorrow, we aim to get it rig. neil: a lot of pressure on you. >> that's okay, what is what we
11:39 pm
live for,f you are not up for pressure and ethe size am that comes tomorrow you aren the wrong seat. i've watchedeam rally here, it is aut executing like we do everything day. i sound like a footbl gener manager but we know what we'll do, take it one d at a time, we will get it right tomorrow, we have reached out to inch involved. -- to everyone involved, a all market participants. i think you will see us d tomoow are two things that did not happen in last year, we're going to be transparent. the cameras will bewelcome to watch every step. we'll be -- all be here, and accessible. neil: we canect but twitter keeps ratchetting up the price, and demand for this byoing so,
11:40 pm
it seems to create froth that it did not wt to duplicate with facebook. what do you think? >> i don't havepinions o that, i he learned to stay out of that part of the game, as you do too, market will set the price, demand supply dynamics will be up to people what don't include the two of us, we're here to make sure that that price is sit, and demand-supply pairs off with we execute our job. >> in the meantime, the guys taking over your job as you move on, to president, and continue to head the nyse. made news by saying, he thinks that markets are in some ways not fair and fundamentally wrong, duncan, he said there is a sense that thing are not fair. and that this merger will pave the way for changes in that perception. do you agree with that?
11:41 pm
>> we have talked a lot about, that we're hoping is that jeff can lend his voice to a discussion we've done prying tt have -- been t tryg to have are regulators that some changes made in last 10 years have been helpful, others had some %-the fraented andnsequences, ls too dark. >> i don't think he was taking a slap at you or old guard. >> no, we're in sink onhis, we think this is a debat we want to have together, as partners on capitol hill. and with folks like sc, and see if we can make se modifications so market structure would make it a more level playing fields, i think remember ife execute -- torrow, if we execute well, i have said this is a chance to invite everyone back under the
11:42 pm
tent, remind individual investors tha it not a club you need a mayb maybe ship in,. >> without base, soar overly scare investors abo mart not fair, that was wilam o'brien, he kind of amplifies whatthers have said, out of the blue, you know you have seekingly whacking the industry. >> i don tnk that was his intention, i think tha bill is talking his own book, they are about to engage in a merger, everyone has their perspective. >> and their bias. >> i think jeff said, is what we
11:43 pm
know that market fragmente it has an increasingly opaque, he is looking forward to lend a hand to see i something can be done to make markets function a little bit better. ne: all rht, steppg back, you looked at them and exaned them for a while, a l o people comg they would not race to new highs they are if fed were not busy pumping money into the them month in and month out. where do you think that markets would be without that? month in and month out? >> hard to predict, i always hear from everyone, look at how much the market has run-u i said yesterday, sure since march of 09 it has been quite a run, and year before not a run, going a decade back, market not up a heck of a lot, the last decade. but i think, that certainly, i do espouse the view that there are not a lot of alternatives to
11:44 pm
equity reese nowhe ge ebb the rate structure, but i think, with market telling you is compans are doing well, companies are run well. they are exploring opportunities and eploiting them globally, there are a lot of great multinational corp rac corporatd mark sit a function fundamentals i'm not a market you know strategist, i don't think that multiples look out of whack. neil: without the fed doing all this, you are quite righto say compared to 2008. we're anywhere we were. but, the fed is really goosed this, many argue and worry abouted time when the fed slow its down, or stops it do you fear, that leads to a major correction, that your colleagues on wl street have gotten so used to fed providing nicotine that stops, you will have nicotine fits ? i sure hope nnt, that wille
11:45 pm
disappointing. i say to everyone i, anyone who does not think that tapers is inevable is not pay attention, we'll haveo dial this back, in an intelligent way, i will confident that fed will figure out a way to to, tha think to say people are not ready for that or not expecting it and i think is misplaced. i hope it is, wild findut soon enough. neil: soon enough, all right duncan thank you very much. good luck tomorrow, the man who heads up the new york stk exange. >> surprise tea party not feels the lov for this gov, meet the guy who say they better get over it and fast, they will never win the presidency if they don't, after t as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small busiss credit card
11:46 pm
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neil: all right, say it is so,
11:49 pm
jo sd that chris christie's -- in new jersey is best news, they could hope for nationwide. tea partiers better get with the program, chris christie right now. good to ha you joe. i know you have a fundraiser for the governor, a very big event. >> not ver big. neil: so you are a integral player, i callou part of hid i his kitchen cabet. >> i'm not. neil: okay i'll play along. when you are his secretary of state or defense,hatever you want you saw something early on in him? >> pragmattism. cand or, collaboration. neil: do you see tea party is not impressed with that. >> it is a message to them, look at wha tra transpired in virgin,
11:50 pm
it says that obamacare is in trouble. you look at newersey, say, you know, we need pragmatism and collaboration, christie has done that, if the republican party es not getet message, whether is the tea party or not, the areajor component in partisan partisan program that are good -- tea party program that are good. but you can't have this cal i lzellcellous approach to govern. neil: now new jersey, is -- >> well, i'm not suggestions that all his positions are
11:51 pm
correct. i believe, believe it or not we should raise the minimum wage. neil: but that was not the vehicle. >> no but in doing see we insist you take the job if we get you the job, we should raise it, and close this incontinental gap as -- this income gap a best we can. neil: how do you think that chris christie would fair down south? >> that remains to be seen. my opinion is that america public, are getting to point of disgust. they look at both parties, from th point of view tt they are inept, this gridlock is hurting the nation, hurting the avege american, we're not getting things done, you saw in new jersey, a ste you have 700,000 more democrats than republicans, he wins by a landsli, he gs majority of women vote, despite his positions on some socia issues, he gets slightly majority of hispanic vote, he has a reasonable amount of the
11:52 pm
african-american vote, some is resonating properl can it be transitioned? if the two parties continue on the pace and the approach they are takin i think, he may be voted in bigger than you think. neil: joe grano thank you very much. form ubs chairman. all right, show your flight attendant -- i'll explain. bny mellon combines investment management & investment servicing, giving us unique insights which help us attract the industry's brightest minds who create powerful strategies for a country's investments which are used to build new schools to buildore bright minds.
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11:56 pm
to blitz on kidsoing bust. >> government messes everything up they get involved with. the person it hurts is the student, the stunts, borng 400,000 a yr, they can p borr so mh,nly 5of kid at graduate can get a job, they get 300,000 worth less piece of paper, and government is funding it 92 cost. neil: the cost of 4 years. >> yeah. neil: this alls colleges to say,y can raise the tuition, it feeds on itsel >> you might think thi helping the american economy. i look at another statistic6% of young kids, between 18-24 are
11:57 pm
living ra at home, 36% of that generation, spending money, when the loans equipment dues come ds have t pay, and move out, i think consumer spending ll suffer, and i think housing market will sfer. neil: but for now, if -- what wod be impacted if young ople stop buying. not good news for apple? >> or a lot of consumer des christiannariesr the who -- discretionaries or the whole of our economy,. neil: another item, airline known for charging for almos everything, showcasing girls wearing next to nothing, ryanair with racey calenar with near-nude photos of flight a attendants, it to raise hon mony
11:58 pm
for charity. mark, sky-high fees, seem to be the model. >> well, marketing ploy. it is indicative of the whole industry, overall fght costs areoing down, services are ing dow it like is ridin in a cattle car, in our business fees go up and fees down. they are headed in right direction, investing, investors pay upwards 1% a year, losing to market by% a year. -- 3% a year, if we were airlines investor would pay are first class and sitting on the wing. they are fastest growing airline in europe because their fees are di cheap. neil: they he fun i wonder, is this the way to get ople's mines off of the outrageous fees. >> ihink there will be a ren
11:59 pm
renaissance of great days of flying, looking at american, they are going t other way, no, seeing a bunch of girls in bikiniys is not going to make me forget about the 1,500-dollars i am paying in fees. >> all right, time for our night cap. our blitzers are tell you what they areooking a >> for next 20 years, diversify, own 45 couries, 12,000 stocks, stay disciplined over 20 years. >> long-term, a long-term holding. >> and y have to buy on the dips, create a balan portfolio with short-term fixed income. neil: jared, the market has a melt up feel. you could have argued that a thousand dow points ago. >> you know, oneig thing, that everyone is talking about is twitter, key is don't jum in go crazy tomorrow, stick to your
12:00 am
investor. plan, and i want to seehat happens with gdp tomorrow expecting a 2% increase. .eil: and twitter, all eyes on adam: we don't stop there. "money" with melissa francis is next. >> we will keep this promise. to the american people. if you leour doctor, you will be able to keep your ctor. , period. if you like your health care plan, you will be abl to keep your health care plan, period. >> period! [laughter] first of all, i do in the think you're supposed to read the punctuation in t speeches. melissa: is seems president obama can't get out from that infamous comment? wh not two to holwood. it could bring obamacare plot lines to your favorite shows. well-tell you how. even when they say i is not it is always about money.


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