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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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bell. certainly names to watch here. >> as we head into the closing bell what about solarcity? [closing bell ringing] >> solarcity. we're watching that down. winner year-to-date. liz: here comes the bells on wall street. netgear ringing those bells. over at nasdaq. we stick by the nasdaq not justs new york stock exchange. let's see how stocks are finishing up. dow jones industrials ending up pretty much low of the session. the numbers were down 147 points. adam, you were talking about those revolving credit numbers that came out shortly best bell rang. they failed to inspire anybody. in fact pouring cold water on rest of indices. nasdaq is down 74 points. s&p 500 lower by 23. russell down nearly 2%. adam: time for the front page headlines beyond twitter of course. america's economy grew at faster past than forecast. gdp rose by 2.%, boosted by
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strong inventory growth at u.s. companies. liz: labor department said claims fell by 9,000 to 336,000. the numbers suggest there was not a pickup in layoff following the partial government shut down last month. adam: european central bank president mario draghi surprised global markets with an unexpected cut in the bank's lending rate. ecb cut the main finance rate by 25% to just a quarter of a percent. liz: jcpenney, the embattled retailer announced its first monthly same-store sales increase in nearly two years. dip discounts. there is sort after backstory here. reduction of items popular with customers helped push sales up, same with the stock. adam: chairs of hamburger chain wendy's took a beating after it reported lower than expected quarterly revenue. the losses narrowed. liz: tesla sending a team of -@investigators into tennessee looking at a fire involveing a model s sedan. the third fire in six weeks.
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tesla sass it was a result of a accident. at love car companies have those experiences. it was not, tesla says a respond instantaneous event. -- spontaneous event. we're jumping here "after the bell." guesting you all the information you need. liz: we begin with break #r breaking news. group upon out with numbers. let's get to jo ling. >> revenue hitting 595.1 million, a miss of expected 615 point 69 million. eps at two cents which beat of penny the speed was expecting. groupon is trading 4%. they're flashing here, groupon announced in the earnings report an acquisition of korea's ticket monster. we'll dig more into these numbers and get that for you, liz. liz: okay. so they made an acquisition.
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they're still taking cash and putting to it work. the stock is slightly lower on the bid and ask at the moment from closing value but nothing that appears to be too alarming. adam: this is a social commerce site. obviously a strong economy wouldn't be bad to be exposed there. liz: right. let's bring in the market panel with today's aation. joe hider, raymond financial managing principle. dan in the pits of the cme. dan, take it away. you missed the crowd surfing at new york stock exchange and that hysteria over there they tried to make it look like it wasn't -@hysteria. but it was. stock of twitter jumping some 86%, closing lower, go with it on their refusal to talk to fox business. tell us about the action you saw in the price action. >> you know today everything was about twitter in the way that the market was completely focused on it. it did real well on its ipo i
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would be a little bit hesitant of it. we don't know how they will monetize the product. if they figure out a way would i buy it. meantime i'm going to wait it out. there is a lot to look at here. we have employment tomorrow. that is what i want to focus on going forward. adam: i want to shift gears from twitter because they will be yesterday's news. talk about where we are going forward. we have the unemployment report coming out tomorrow. joe, i want to ask you real quick, the last hour, acceleration of the selloff on the dow was there anything tied do you think to the federal reserve credit numbers? we saw revolving credit, use of that going down. not good for holiday sales, is it? >> no, it's not but i think it's a small glitch. i think once we really dive into those numbers and see what if anything they may have been tied to the partial government shutdown and the psychological impact that may have had on consumers but overall i think it was just today a good day to take profits for many people after a long run-up in the equity markets.
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>> so, joe, you don't see any connection between a strong gdp print that came out, better than expected today for the quarter that is currently getting the gdp expectations, and the belief, which sometimes the market perceives as negative, that tapering might begin sooner because the data are continually getting better? >> well, it is kind of a mixed bag. ultimately we want tapering to end because we want our economy to get stronger. it is just, it is like a dru addict who knows they should quit using drugs but tomorrow's better day. i think the backstory too on the gdp is the biggest source of unexpected rise was the rise in u.s. inventories. so, if you delve into that a little bit you will also see that equipment sales were down. adam: joe, have to interrupt you. we have priceline earnings. you're standing by. the stock is plummeting on the news. what have you got.
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>> numbers are pretty good a beat on eps. we're getting $11.30. revenue coming in also a beat -- 17.30. that is a beat. stock is down 7% in after-hours. looking at numbers, gross travel bookings $10 billion. that is up 37.5% which would be good news for the company. looking at their international situation here as well, that is very crucial for them, 1.8 billion in gross profits, which is actually a 42.1% increase year on year and i'm not sure if that includes, europe. that is crucial market for them. i will take a look here. >> international travel bookings up 29%. >> yes. liz: they see fourth quarter international travel bookings up 29%. nice move, dan. bring you in. the last trade of the stock was 1022. the high of the year was 1098.
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this has been a very strong survivor of the dot-com era. are you concerned at all by what appears to be a minor stumble? >> no. i don't. when you have these high-flyer stocks near their tops and not far from it, and don't beat as good people think they should beat you have the whole thing okay, i will take profits. let the thing settle down a couple days. i still think it's a good buy. what i think is encouraging european expectations are better and that say cross the board about europe. adam: joe, do you have a take what we're talking about priceline? they are as liz said of the dot-com era and they have done better than survive, they have thrived. >> i would agree like dan. like many stocks it is an opportunity to take some profits an overall i think this is still a good, strong stock. liz: okay. but let's get right now to what people should be picking, joe.% how do you go about deciding which stocks are worrhy of your
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client's portfolio? >> well, a couple of stocks that we're recommending right now are honeywell and an industrial cyclical. we think there's opportunities there, based on strong management, low debt and so forth. the other one is danaher which is a company in that industrial growth cyclical sector as well. for many of the same reasons we like honeywell. so those are a couple of stocks that we would recommend for our investors at this time. >> but do you think your investors should stay away from things growing up, we were always told have utilities in your portfolio. what's that about? >> i think utilities in our opinion are overvalued right now as a result of investors seeking high dividend yield. and, what's happening or is going to happen eventually in the interest rate market, we think they, in many ways will track what the bond market.
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so that's the reason for our recommendation to stay away from utilities at this point. liz: dan, we've asked this over the past year is the market too stretched? even as we ask the markets continue to rise. we know that when we get good data like gdp as we did today eventually we have to come to face reality the fed will taper. some market participants and big ceos who are very intelligent who feel this should have been done already. can a portfolio survive tapering? of course it can, right. >> absolutely can. joe mentioned it earlier and i'm in total agreement with him. if the fed is going to taper, they mean or they know the economy is going to be able to handle it. ultimately what drives our stock market is a strong economy. so even though the initial move on taper will be down, use that opportunity to buy and buy big because i think it will be solid for. >> buy and buy big when the market moves down. joe and dan. dan we'll see you in a few minutes when s&p futures close. adam: groupon earnings are out.
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so is the stock a deal of the day for investors or not? we'll break down more on the company's report. liz: twitter closed below its high of the session. does it mean social media stocks are reaching a top? many other social media stocks sold off today. we have an all-star panel to tell us what you the investor needs to know. adam: that takes us to our facebook question. would you buy twitter's stock if it moved lower over the next week? log on to and let us know. ♪ [ male announcer ] once, there was a man
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liz: who among us at least one point hasn't used priceline? it has been an incredible stock performance. after beating third quarter estimates shares of online travel company are falling in the after-market session. let's ahead to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. >> we're talking about the current quarter was a good one. they beat the street. it is outlook. that is what you're seeing stock fall off. latest quarter, earnings per share, 17.30, better than estimated 16.15 a share. revenue, better that on
4:14 pm
estimates of 2.22 billion. but the outlook in the fourth quarter is really what is weighing on this stock at the moment. fourth quarter adjusts earnings, 780 to 8.30 a share. below estimates of $8.34 a share. both domestic and i international numbers are good. good to splitting roles of ceo and chairman at the moment. domestic gross travel bookings up 11%. that is what they're saying. international growth bookings u% about 29%. i also wanted to make sure i get to the point here they are splitting the ceo and chairman roles. so that is something that is worth watching as well. this is a stock here that closed above the 1,000-dollar mark. it was looking below 990. looking at it now, coming back and above 1,000-dollar mark. right now at 1004 is the bid/ask. liz: nicole, thank you very much. >> let's head back to dan at cme. dan? >> from the last time we spoke
4:15 pm
about same where it was. market was down a lot today, that is no ture prize. tomorrow morning unemployment figures. up tick in the employment rate. that will dictate tomorrow's story. liz: you know those first time jobless claims looked pretty decent. they fell 9,000. that is the number you want to see move lower. so we'll be seeing that labor department number the second it comes out right here on fox business. dan, have a good day. >> thank you, you too. liz: we're also not ignoring groupon. grpn. the social media company and daily deal site came out with earnings just now. we have tom forte, telsey advisory group managing director and senior research analyst. they are making a deal here. they are buying ticket monster of korea at the moment. what do you think is at the heart of the move i guess you could say slightly lower here in the after-market session on these numbers? >> sure. so at first blushhit looks likes the performance in the u.s. was a little weaker than anticipated. overseas their revenue was better than expected. i think groupon is in a much
4:16 pm
different place than it was a year ago. they're on much firmer ground and they also have a 300 million share repurchase program which should help the stock if there is any kind of meaningful pullback. looks like on the whole you had better revenue overseas, slightly lower revenue in the u.s. but i think the company is more than okay. adam: tom, let me ask you, they will pay 260 million in cash and stock, to living social to buy ticket monster, from their own literature, leading provider of products and local travel officers offers in korea. this how does this fit their business model? >> look in their international business and in their international business they're number one or number two in market share in most markets. the exceptions are korea and china. so looks like this acquisition will help firm their position in korea. i think that's why they're looking to buy this company. liz: we want to get to jo ling kent. -@disney numbers are out right now. we can immediately pop up what the bid and ask are, just
4:17 pm
slightly below for the bid. where the stock closed, jo ling? >> looks likes earnings here are 77 cents. earnings per share which is a beat on 76 cents a per share we were expecting. 11.57, sorry 11 billion, $11.75 billion in revenue. that is also a beat of what we were expecting to be $11.4 billion. this is a good eps beat at 77 cents, compared to year ago, same quarter with 68 cents. definitely a solid beat there we're going through these numbers and get more info for you liz and adam. liz: i'm just looking through right now. one thing they are saying is the strength of q4 is reflecting growth at domestic parks and resorts. increase in vacation club ownership sales and higher royalty revenue from tokyo disney's report. resort, rather. so some good news on that front. thank you, jo ling. >> you have to wonder though, operating income at the cable networks decreased $95 million. maybe dennis kneale will dive
4:18 pm
into this and what is going on there espn has been so strong and football is back on. i'm curiouss danny thoughts on this regarding what we're getting from disney. tom, i'm sorry. >> sure. sorry, are we talking groupon or disany? adam: disney, real quick, these disney numbers. something that popped out at me operating income from cable network actually decreased $95 million to 1.3 billion in the quarter s that anything to be concerned about? >> no. i think disney is still very well-positioned. liz: well-positioned indeed. let's flip back to groupon and more your bailiwick. living social is a competitor. we have them on all the time. they're not publicly-traded. as more companies decide, wait a minute we can provide a challenge to a groupon out there, what happens? are you having faith in the management at groupon. >> actually i have a lot of faith in the management at groupon. i think living social had its own challenges and i think that
4:19 pm
is one thing that enabled groupon to report such strong numbers in north america, really a lot of competitioo went away. i think they're extremely well-positioned. to the extent they are able to improve the overseas i think the stock can continue to run. adam: when you say they can continue to run, this acquisition of monster ticket or ticket monster, rather, everyone keeps talking in regards to twitter, asia, asia, and asia and twitter may have missed there. sound like groupon is ahead of the game then. >> if you look at groupon they were one of the fastest growing companies of all time and their international operations were very strong initially but ultimately they had to gain some operating control there. so i mean, as it pertains to twitter, i think the key to success for that stock will be the company's ability to monetize its international audience, give or take 78% of the users ggt 25% of their revenue. liz: do you believe they can, tom? >> i believe they can. look at mcdonald's how they use twitter not only
4:20 pm
mcdonald's u.s. but other international operations. i think a huge opportunity there. for groupon i still think international is the opportunity for them to improve. to the extent they're making a strong acquisition in korea that is very positive for the company. liz: tom, good to hear from you. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. liz: tom forte from telsey, thanks. adam: now that the twitter bird is out of the cage how high will the stock go? a lot will depend on the micro blogging company can expand its international business is. we have the latest reaction to the twitter es a ipo. liz: they closed off the hyped up highs of the session. we'll find out whether the social media frenzy is running out of gas. is twitter's ipo a top or sell signal? we have tom taulli and igor gonta will tell us whether the good times will continue to role.
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liz: as we all know twitter started trading today on the new york stock exchange as a publicly-traded company. ticker symbol twtr, skyrocketed and then dropped but still well above its opening price. and then look what happened in the last hour when we here at fox business explained to our viewers that the company is really made a misstep in its early life. forget the fact within hours an analyst already downgraded the stock to a sell. twitter said to fox business, we're turning tale and running away from you even though we were the first business ever to profile them on television.
4:25 pm
scared of other business networks getting upset or perhaps scared of our own charlie gasparino, only because he was right on many of his stories. let's get to the stock. see how high it will go or perhaps how low. adam: a lot of people are saying how low it could go. because they think this stock is overvalued. jo ling kent with more on this we kept hearing from analysts at fbn, be careful retail investors this is too rich for most people's blood. >> that's right. we have a great illustration of that for you, adam. first reaction from the around the world have been mixed. jack dorsey was excited. he played off his first tweet seven years ago, saying just setting up our twtr and just tweet ad vine from the new york stock exchange floor. rainn wilson, the famous actor who loves twitter, said you should have offered the stock at 140 bucks a share. get it? the guy up ringing the opening bell, sir patrick stewart for twitter was honored to join the whole team.
4:26 pm
played off their hashtag, ring. reef rattner, former obama administration official, twitter opening at $45 a share, almost 50 times revenue. another tech bubble.tering and so, we also had another tweet. i don't think we have it now. a great picture after trader blowing a bubble, pink bubble gum bubble. >> will come back to haunt them. >> twitter ipo is some juicy fruit. so very mixed reactions there i think the steve rattner tweet is one of the most interesting, someone who worked inside the administration and -- liz: he had been a journalist for "the new york times." he is no dummy. he has been a guest on this show. show that picture again of the bubble. i will make this point. twitter actually had, at jim plosser had our producer removed as she went, like all the other reporters, trying to get close to the situation, had her removed from the area because
4:27 pm
they're upset that charlie gasparino had -- adam: broke the news. liz: broke the news when the ipo was actually happening. an educated guess from what he had observed. i'm surprised they didn't have the ave blowing a bubble removed. we're tweaking them. here's why. we went live in 2007. they went live about that same time. we're profitable now. they're not. maybe they're upset about that, adam. adam: might be upset about that. the questions, we had vivek yesterday was on yesterday saying -- liz: stanford. adam: saying stay away from the stock all together. they have a business model but he really thinks they are going to fall and fall big. liz: we'll watch it. the twitter coverage doesn't stop here. where do you buy shares if you're set on owning twitter? if history repeats itself patience may be a virtue. adam: maybe a bigger question whether you should buy twitter's stock at all? we'll look at the pros and cons and what twitter's stock tell us about all social media stocks.
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liz: yeah, look. the fact is you could say it was a successful first day for twitter as the stock took off, rising some 72% to close at 44.90 per share. it had been up as much as 86%. is this a great sign of things to come or should investors remain cautious?
4:31 pm
you should have heard steve rattner's tweet jo ling showed you that we're officially in a bubble. we have market prophet founder to discuss twitter's trends to watch and how this might be a% peak for social media ipos. tom, take first crack at this one. a lot of hype here. they were trying to look serious and professional and they are not smiling in all the pictures and certainly terrified with fox business and wouldn't give us an interview but your thought on this? is there a reason to be concerned? >> absolutely. ironically it was captain kirk who rang in the bell with the valuation, valuation seems like another universe as far as i could tell. even in a crazy universe of social stocks, this company is trading at a multiple far beyond those, such as linkedin and facebook. so, you know, those institutional investors who got the shares at ipo price, they're sitting fine. those venture capitalists are
4:32 pm
sitting fine. retail investors, good luck. this will be a hard way to make money. liz: okay, okay. this is a company by the way that always wanted to be part of the every man strategy, you know and then turn their back on the business network, the one business network that just doesn't talk to narrow trading audience but to everybody. our viewers know who you are. igor, you have a interesting company, you at market prophet track stocks to learn what is% trending in the social media chatter. what does it look like? what did you see today? >> liz, thanks so much for having me. liz: sure. >> we saw so much chatter today. a lot of it bullish. we actually have a chart where we track sentiment on conversations in real time and it was just really, really explosive. what was very interesting, there were two camps. there were sort of the professional day traders that were trading the stock today and interestingly enough there was a lot of chatter from retail investors who were actually
4:33 pm
tweeting a lot of smart things. they want to get in on this stock but they are patient. and, a lot of them actually last night were setting prices in terms of their targets to be a lot lower as to where they were buy so -- liz: put your chart in perspective. >> sure. liz: at the height it looks like it was at .4. what does the average stock hit during any normal day? is this particularly high to hit a .4? >> this is particularly high. liz: .5 is the high i see. >> right, a moving average over the day in terms of sentiment and it tracked about 15,000 messages. 83% of them were bullish. so just shows you how much excitement there was about the stock. now buried in the messages obviously the stock fluctuates and there was negative sentiment as the stock was moving around from traders who were viewing this as a momentum opportunity. so they really, there are two
4:34 pm
camps. >> tom, we saw other social media names actually fall today. is that some type after wild sentiment indicator we should be noticing, or is that a broader view what happened with the markets today with the dow jones industrials fell about 152 points? >> i think it's a sign to pay attention to. in fact, if you look at facebook, it had a great earnings report for q3. and, the stock fell because the cfo made a couple comments about losing, you know, the teens are losing interest in the service. the stocks this year for social have gone through the roof and profit-taking is in store for us. and a lot of money that has come into it these from fast money hedge funds of the they made a lot of money this year. why risk the returns? might as well get out. liz: igor, what stock looks healthy that you follow at your company? >> sure. we actually follow a lot of stocks but one stock that's very interesting is tesla. and even though it's not social media stock it's a momentum
4:35 pm
stock that moves around a lot with a lot of fast money and there was interestingly a lot of chatter not only about tesla but other social media stocks that people were selling in advance of today's ipo so they can buy twitter. there was a lot of relative value kind of trading going on. liz: fascinating. >> yeah. liz: we saw it fall about 7% today. it has sputtered over the past two days i believe. maybe that is an interesting point. people might think better of owning twitter, tom. in the end they're not profitable yet. >> they may not be profitable for several years. you know this is a growth story and that's fine. and momentum traders can make a lot of money off that so long as the growth continues. the problem is the user growth is starting to flag and, you know, mobile advertising is growing fast but there is no guaranty it will grow up forever. liz: tom and igor, two smart guys who have very interesting opinions about this i see the
4:36 pm
caution signal going with both of you. good to see you both. you're always welcome. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> parish sensor is a virtue especially when it comes to investing in tech ipos. a study by the "new york post" shows investors who wait a week, just a week, to buy a hot tech ipo, can make 60% more than those who invest. seven out of nine ipos, waiting a week would have boosted profit by $129,000. liz: if you wait adweek after investing in the facebook ipo that would have resulted in a 28% higher return than had you purchased the stock on debut day. waiting one week on amazon would have resulted in a 75% higher profit. let's look at zynga, that was an interesting one. this is a losing stock. investors would haveegained 11% advantage if they waited to buy. the only two stocks that saw a rise in prices five days after the ipo were google and yahoo! >> google was profitable five years before their ipo.
4:37 pm
liz: indeed. google a company, eric submit has been on this -- eric shit eric schmidt. if they are so scared of a business network, won't speak to us it is bad form. adam: bad form, but something not such bad form. the world's second biggest man. he may get into the social photo sharing business. we look why carlos slim is betting on instagram rifle after the break. liz: okay what is trending now for twitter after the first day of trading. we're outside the company headquarters standing on public sidewalk so think can't have us removed like they had our producer mallory removed. they're at the new york stock exchange, folks. take you there in a minute. adam: she is so sweet. ♪
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>> bracing news for you. the white house is tap timothy as mossad he would succeed gary gensler who will step down at the end of the year. liz: qualcomm's chairman and ceo, first on fox business here today, paul jacobs telling us about growth opportunities for the next year including, and showed it to you first, a new hot item, wearable technology. here it is. >> wearables are very interesting to us. in fact we have a watch that we brought out as, sort of a reference design or to try to set the bar for where wearables should be and incorporates some really new technology. new screen technology we've been developing. new wireless charging technology so you don't have plug the watch in. you set it down on a carrying case and it charges. liz: cool. >> we believe very strongly in wearables because it will next way you interact with your
4:42 pm
phone. liz: they're already very good at the smartphone business and beating just about every company at least for now on that. we're watching qualcomm and their new developments on wearables. i know these guys. they're super smart. they're probably developing all kinds of things now. adam: the wearables is what everyone is talking about where it is going. keep an eye on them. another technology company making waves, mobley. photo and video sharing community. it received $60 million in funding from billionaire carlos slim's telecom company. liz: can mobley take on the much bigger instagram owned by facebook? joining us for fox business exclusive thh ceo and founder. welcome to fox business. good to have you here. talk about mobley and exactly how is it, i would imagine you would say it is better than what instagram can do? let's talk about it. >> so thank you, liz and adam. thank you for having me. let's talk about it.
4:43 pm
so, without declaring better not better because it is an amazing company we try to bring a lot of value for users by giving them better tools or more advanced tools. like, for example, we allow people to follow not only people, we allow them follow their interests we're not stopping them or 15 second videos or cropping photos. adam: or limiting to 140 characters like twitter. let me ask you, you have 12 million users. this gives us exposure. carlos slim, his telecom company, you will have exposure to all of central and south america now? >> you know, i think this is the major part of the, of this deal. it is not the money.
4:44 pm
the money is important obviously but the strategic alliance with movil la and 160 million users this, is the big distribution we're looking for. liz: your deal with america movila, is run by carlos slim the world's wealthiest man and arguably one of the world's most brilliant businessmen, what was it like dealing with him directly? tell us about that experience? >> amissing. very hard to describe a man like him, mr. slim. it is unbelievable. smart and bright. it is unbelievable that at his age he knows so much about technology. very modest. the most modest man i ever met in my life. liz: really? >> yeah. no doubt about it. so it was, it was very professional, eye level, great people they have over there.
4:45 pm
they see the where the trend goes and it was exciting to work with them. took a long time but we made it. liz: great. adam: it's exciting for investors and for a lot of people to watch entrepreneurs grow their business but the next question, especially coming off a day like today with twitter, when will you go public? any plans to take the company public? >> actually i think i like twitter a lot. think they're an amazing company. congratulations on the successful ipo that they have made. obviously there's a lot of talking in the company with investors in the company about an ipo but i think it's still early. you know, we're focusing growing our database and bringing value for our customers. i'm sure once you work it out and you have the distribution channel we have, thank god, it will get there. liz: do us a favor. we find your company fascinating. we're profiling you hire on fox
4:46 pm
business. please, continue to speak to us because you know, it was interesting how twitter based. we put them on in their early years. then they have completely turned tail. turned to the bad side. i'm sure pretty much driven by their pr department. but either way we hope to continue to watch and follow your company. thank you. >> thank you very much, liz. thank you, adam. adam: as they say in the new potential markets, aliente. liz: exactly. adam: 260 inwith the one investment they have access to 260 million potential clients. that is almost the population. united states. liz: it's a smart business deal. i like what he said about carlos slim. twitter still talk of investors coast to coast. in a moment we'll take you to california at their headquarters. probably very expensive lease there they're in the cool part now in san francisco but we're there too, outside of twitter's
4:47 pm
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liz: let's go off the desk. two very trendy paris restaurants are accused of seating guests according to their looks. to raise, to raise the tone of the establishment. former hostesses of cafe marly claim they were asked to sit good-looking people where they can be easily seen. if you think this doesn't happen in new york restaurants, you're wrong. as for non-good-looking people or average types, imperative they be dispatched immediately right to the corners of the room. a member about restaurant group did not deny the existence of such rules and said, a little complicated to answer. adam: all right. as "off the desk", lady gaga the latest pop star to announce plans to venture to infinity and beyond. the singer is aiming to blast off in early 2015 and will be the first artist to perform in outer space. liz: what? adam: didn't chichi "gravity"?
4:52 pm
be careful. before performing in outer space , gaga will be at the colony music festival and last day will leave for space. gaga will travel in a virgin galactic ship alongside with sir richard branson. and will perform one song and go a month's vocal training to prepare her voice -- liz: don't. just go to philadelphia. it is easier. >> pretty cool, actually. liz: so we asked you on twitter and facebook if you would buy twitter's stock if it moves lower over the next week? mp on twitter told us no way, am i buying twitter. in fact i bought more ibm! adam: a huge day for investors tomorrow. not because of twitter but because we're getting latest jobs report. we'll tell you what to expect next. liz: ail already more important. my customers can shop around--
4:53 pm
see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health ce. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated ctors, treatment tions and estimate for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my busine, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health numbe.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive ard with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. adam: twitter fever hitting the east coast on wall street and the west coast and silicon valley. with the stock closing up over 70% on its first day of trading. liz: we sent robert gray to twitter headquarters in san francisco where they spent a pretty penny of venture capitalist money. >> people protesting wouldn't
4:57 pm
include folks who got the hands on the initial public offering stocks after today's gains for twitters. there were protests out here. dozens of folks, just disbanded a few moments ago, were here protesting a couple times actually throughout the morning with sipes saying, don't tweet on me. some stickers they had. an invisible public offering. the lack of affordable housing, sweetheart city gave, tax breaks they gave twitter to move into this head quart and bring economic activity. there are several restaurants here. a brand new beer bar over there. imagine that is opening up and certainly, it is nice apartments right behind us here as well, that are all catering to tte twitter crowd as well as some other technology companies that moved into san francisco over past couple years. sort of reversing trend where we saw so many developing in silicon valley over past couple decades. as far as the company goes, there was certainly a lost celebration inside. we've seen very few twitter employees perhaps because of the proteet out here.
4:58 pm
there were several police ere there with the presence. a lot of employers east not coming out but they did have a big party inside. they have tweeted out pictures of it, watching on on the big screen. we know "who made money today", cofounders evan williams and jack dorsey and chief executive, dick cost stole low making -- costollo. liz: their own pr people acting like police on the floor of the new york stock exchange removeing a fox business producer because they're scared of charlie gasparino. adam: mark zuckerberg could buy all three of them. liz: mobli has more participants. adam: 260 million from the investment from carlos slim. america movile. 260 million potential customers. the way we communicate, if you do 34 -- 140 characters is it go to the instagram model?
4:59 pm
youngsters do it by pictures. instagram will face competition from mobli. liz: young whippersnappers. number two thing to watch tomorrow, twitter. off the highs of the session as you can see. we'll see how the social networking site does oo its second day of trade. adam: the number one thing to watch tomorrow will be the october jobs report. economists are expecting non-farm payrolls to rise by 125,000, down from september's readings 148,000. the unemployment rate is expected to climb by .1 of a percent to 7.3%. liz: the markets close at 5:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. eastern. we're done at 5:00. fox business and i are always an call for you. claman on call. daily updates after the market closes. i will give you the biggest headlines of the day and what you need to watch tomorrow. most important 90 seconds of financial news delivered to the smartphone and important interviews you may have missed
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will be right on there. so sign up. >> money with france france is next. -- money with melissa francis is next. melissa: when your business or your brand is in crisis mode you need all hands on deck to get the situation under control, get back in the driver's seat. we'll show you how, even when you say it's not it is always about money. >> did you have that obamacare? >> obamacare, what's that? what's that? >> oh, it's great. >> it's great. >> it's great. >> what is it? >> i started signing up last thursday and i'm almost done. go to the website to get you signed up. ♪ obamacare by morning,


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