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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 8, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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neil: here you go. >> am sorry in this situation based on assurances they got for me. the one he is sorry but that doesn't mean he is taking anything back now. and he is fixing it on-the-fly. a look at how that is creating a bigger fly-by-night situation. welcome, i am neil cavuto. the president has a techie.
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they found out that it's worse than they thought. and this is a hacker's victory. now, it is all lies some of these guys starting from scratch, scratch that because the president is doubling down and trying to redo it. and while i have the feeling that it's all about that, you know, i don't know this, but i did find a pretty darn good tech person who has a good idea. and he is is responsible for the wanting out of pennsylvania avenue that should have passed some ideas on how
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the president might still be able to salvage this. knowing what you did in knowing what they have to do, this is the major leap year. but go ahead, what do they do? >> my heart goes out to the tech team because they are working 24 by seven affixes. in the first place, i get that playing out, and i would meet with american companies like disney and amazon and fedex never get that outside advice. neil: this is about catch up. but where those guys to say and
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we are hearing from a lot of techies that that is what they are encountering. >> stabilize the system and then make bad or do we need to actually build something new. but the key right now is that we have to get this right. and then make those decisions later. neil: president bush met with every demand and traffic that would rise exponentially. and i don't know the rollout and how it is on the time of day, ebay could tell you that but how important is that gauging traffic demand when people want tt get onto a website? >> it's critically important.
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i would expect that they should have hour by hour record to tell them when the peak times are and also when customers are getting bumped up the system. that should be apparent in warning people about the peak times to stay away from the site. >> a1 people keep tremolite again. and the systems simply can't handle the traffic or servers or whether you need something bigger or -- i don't know, at what point is it -- what we got isn't suitable and we have to start from scratch. >> i think that you need to look at the team and you need to say
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that is this fixabll and ask their opinion because they are the ones that are going to know whether or not they can for more band-aids on and make it work or if really band-aid isn't going to stop th hemorrhaging. and once thee get through that they would work together with the security team and i would say what you think. does this have a shelf life of a year or two years or do we need to do something different. neil: president bush had a medicare prescription drug plan that was really not paid for. but eventually they did get it done and people were able tt take advantage of it and what critics are saying qassam one with the president said at the time. at least getting it ruled out ruled out. it got there. what do you think on the larger scale? >> we have a lot of unanswered
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questions since i'm not sure. but one thing i'm not a big fan of is sort of big bang approach is an in three years were going to get a system and any features and functionality once we get the system well, we deliver them in 30 to 90 day increments. and now we learn a lot about the customer experience beyond that very intuitive. >> i think we need to take it on a smaller chunk instead of long deliverables. neil: when i was a kid i used to prepare my parents were straight grates on my report card so if they saw a couple of low-grade, they thought that i was being goofy. honestly they didn't harken my advice. thann you so much. the one switching gears here, in washington, the economic recovery being cut at the pass. it did not happen despite all of the doom and gloom.
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more indications of really good and and it used to drive the lateral government to a standstill. the way that they had a disastrous amount of sequestration steps. >> no matter what. >> clearly the early read on both and is is that they do not do the harm that was feared. >> i hope that is right. is that i like it was a joke, but there's now a group of people saying that maybe the shutdown was good for the economy. >> they got more data between august and september, the numbers were very solid. and if that continues, i think
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that what that would be a very good sign that the economy will recover. >> so so much for shutdown, what you say? >> well, you know, the impact, these numbers hold, these impacts will not be as negative as what people anticipate. we have a major bed of this going here. then they say that that happen despite obama's. neil: i do want to get into that, get inside your head to understand what is inside what is going on. where is there a sense with republiccns until the emperor
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that he has no close. >> it's a big question. a little inflammatory. >> they were able to set their exchanges in a timely way. neil: let's talk about the website. does anyone tell the president that it's not going to be that way? >> i doo't know. i wasn't there in the run-up to this, but i think that in this case of the group of people in the individual market were getting notifications that they can keep their plans come and
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they have a switch to different plans, this is a thing that is applying his something like 2% of the country. neil: we don't know about that percentage. >> 5% in the market total. as for more than half of the people are either either to receive the current policy or are getting some animosities be one what do you think will happen next year exchanges, private and otherwise? >> i think that some might. but you have to remember the context of apple debate was people saying this is a government takeover and it was like they were going to lose one private insurance option but five other insurance options to choose from. the bugaboo that they were
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comparing to was that it wasn't a government that was taken over the entrance. and a narrow slice of the market is going to private sector. neil: i love you dearly. but i have to tell you there's a strategy there. it was a brilliant woman the goal all along might've been either you are letting out where i can appreciate that we might go to a single single-payer >> they are saying let's forget it or whatever. that let's just make it clear that i understand the. neil: i understand. i'm making it pretty clear. to the republicans are not allowed. it's always good having you. okay, let's move on. coming up, the president kicked off health insurance.
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and the young people getting ripped off by the plan. plus what could inflict major damage to jobs coming up next. we will have that this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating tegories" card. will.
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>> so this is a win-win for american worker is old and small
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businesses. see won the employees have the minimum wage now, what if your businesses are contracted 3% per year. and you're required to pay that at 3% more. it doesn't reflect what the reality might be. >> well, there was a study in 1994 in the american economic review by kruger that ought to be looked at in this regard. there was no impact by an increase in the minimum wage. what we are increasing at an aggregateedemand and will spur the economy. you have to remember that the purchasing price that people have had from the $7.25 is lower percentage power purchasing that they had in 1978.
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keanu could talk about the average family of four. neil: including what we have to think about is legislating what we can and cannot do. in other words, even when we sold the health care requirements. i'm going to hire more part-time workers, we already have that as a reason example of when the government ran something down your throat. finding a way around it to adjust to the cost. even we've had a transition from manufacturing to the service. with that, the service has been like a high proportion of the expenditure. and we are seeing a downward cycle and we are seeing america that has a work and this isn't a
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counter diction. and there are $8, $9. >> all that would have to go. it's easy to sound callous. but everyone have to go up even if they have an underlying business. >> for that employer in that small job and that manager has to make a choice that. >> most of these individuals, they have to make situations work with a lower wage employees and this is beautifully crafted as a package. small businesses and they will
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have a major tax break up to a half-million dollars a year. that is good. with the situation, you take mcdonald's where people are pushing this wage, and they are working just as hard as anyone else. >> it's not about that. neil: do you think that average americans than would happily pay more for burgers and fries and sodas or for anything. >> there is a moral imperative. do you think that america would be okay with this. neil: do think america would be okay with this? >> i would like to see america
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identified woulddlike to see aa identified with the standard of living. >> 80% of americans favor an increase in minimum wage and 90 pursue this in percentage terms. >> anything but that will result in the value? >> the broader issue is what americans eat. >> mcdonald's ought to pay their workers. a decent wage. it's about the minimum wage and a living wage as well. the. neil: do you think americans would user social sense with whatever you want to call as a
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cost-conscious worker? looking for value, those people would not. >> those who work, full-time workers on food stamps. what is going on here? >> that an answer. >> the people would pay more for goods,. neil: okay, you believe that. >> they will because we are in a race to the bottom in america. we will become china were whatever's. neil: talk about the person who's aying more for that burger. okay, dennis, it's a pleasure. in the mainstream media, they are going nuts over these food stamp cuts. they are actually spam scheme of
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>> breakout the violence because the media goes full throttle on government benefits for the 2.1 billion people the unemployment benefits if will run our the next year and food stamps will be cut back. i did not say cut back tax saving the taxpayers' cash? trying to save money.
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with me now adams says this is a heartless debate. a lot of people who have the jobless benefits over one year they were extended and extended a had extended again the argument for stopping it it is getting long in the tooth? >> when is the right time? it is impossible to agree when is the right time. i don't want to say this is completely harmless but there is a school of thought that says cut this off in those people always say you have to always cut off a school of thought says there is never a good time. i think while the economy is shaking you know, what to tell people. neil: you said it was koweit well. >> it is improving but that doesn't mean these people
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all want to be on the dole. neil: looking at food stamps sold many americans have food assistance that depression-era levels it is 50%. surely there is a way to fine-tune this to look at this better without looking like a the heartless sob. >> you are so right. to create a lifestyle generation we have to cut at some point where will the money keeps coming from? we cannot keep barley and spending with the personal responsibility. when i grew up if you took a handoff from the government it was embarrassing now people think it is there right. >> where's your evidence we have created a lifestyle
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generation? >> if you include all types of food assistance it is a one out of three. out what point do you think it is too much? >> let advancer. >> user. >> is somebody we are assisting can eat meat segment or eight-- per week. but they cannot afford to have meet any day per week said we step bid to help them get their protein. neil: maybeethen carve out a niche for the genuinely needy. and so if you want to scale back the programs you look heartless but spending this
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much money you think we are mozambique's. it is not so awful that many genuinely do. >> there is a lot of abuse and fraud. but it is significant over $2 billion we have to cut that out and stop somewhere. when it comes to unemployment fifth thing that makes me mad as a small-business owner this administration wants me to hire employees but of my business goes under the boys get unemployed ---the employees get unemployment but i don't for putting myself out there as a
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small-business owner. neil: is it too big? >> battlefield confident do judge. every government program has waste and fraud. but you don't just want to say be will help people out. neil: wondered why the young people don't sign up for the health care law? maybe because they looked at the cost and said out of sight. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn om what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you -afety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cuttingdge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing at we' learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment hasnever bee.
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neil: here is why a young people are not turned on. it is a rip-off says current syracuse university professor who has been busy crunching numbers for you found interesting things? id like to it as. >> once upon a time was
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president of an insurance company and when i began to hear and read reports of kids just out of college 18 through 26 cohorts those provided voluntarily i begin to think about the numbers of the true cost. the remarkable thing is this is the healthiest populations, the lowest users of health care and we begin to see stories that people's premiums are up to a hundred percent. i thought policeman looks. is a rip-off and the data shows tremendous into generational transfer from older kids to the beneficiaries so i did use the word ripoff because it is unjust and unfair to charge youngster's mother under their parents' plan for have to buy it themselves or be fined at
8:35 pm
these rates. the private system or young people in general that says we don't care what it was but we know what it is we will pay the penalty and suffer the consequences? >> irrational thing is to pay the $95 per year and not take coverage. the answers our rational i would bet the numbers will tell us they are not buying but taking a tough line instead because they are not irrational veils they see first mother is a mandate they will never use a and they know they never use a doctor they are extremely healthy and they know that these rates dents into their in, and this is a group of kids you don't have jobs because of general economic conditions than they are already dealing with the university that you and i
8:36 pm
@%ve never dealt with they are not sure they're getting a job they're not sure when they can buy the first house are with the to start a family. neil: you get a sense it is like a one-size-fits-all program that they're just rolling the dice and these penalties will force them into these types of plans are not making a difference? >> they shouldn't. kids is smarter than the government gives them credit for. i choose to rationally not by care now live in a car accident or assisted lead the of probable happens with it a horrible case of some disease but then i go by insurance there is no risk. neil: you can get it right then. there is no penalty you could be through a
8:37 pm
pre-existing condition and get it? >> like fire insurance my house gunfire i will buy it right now. neil: a good analogy. thank you very much professor. what if i told you there is a guaranteed failsafe indicator that will predict how this economy will fare in six months? nothing to do with housing just right now this number does not look good. what that number is. after this.
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neil: they say the economy is all psychology of they've feel-good they buy stuff. what does it say with small businesses start cutting back? what if it is of the banks
8:41 pm
but the customers and small businesses? then you have problems that he has seen the numbers for himself then recovery has problems. >> weeare down approximately 20%. neil: because of you cutting back? >> we have plenty of money to lend out but the problem is our customers are so skittish a and afraid what he is looking at is interest rates fluctuating up and down. lot of uncertainty. he is looking at the government, obamacare, where the government did not come across like they said they would. now they look in january to have the same problems with potential the government shutdowns that we just had.
8:42 pm
neil: how does that affect somebody there runs a bakery in st. louis ? >> very simply they are very concerned about their customer. the people coming in which is how they make money. if they grow and borrow money and use that and expand then there is no demand. neil: i just want to be clear so they see things through the prism of the potential fear if it is a shutdown of the obamacare rollout then they would rather be guarded? >> absolutely. the same way. >> pure business erotically is improving. >> they are so skittish ian afraid because they look closely into you j. gary and what happens if a government
8:43 pm
shutdown comes and last three or four weeks? >> powell good of a barometer is it? what does it tell you? >> it tells me there is no leadership in terms of where we're going giving small business a chance to expand and grow and feel good. neil: if you see us cut back does that correlate? >> absolutely. i cannot lend money to these businesses they cannot grow how we create jobs? it all boils down to having these businesses borrow money, grow, pay you back and create jobs. neil: they don't express enough optimism so growth is limited.
8:44 pm
>> community banks we are in the trenches and keep our fingers on the pulse and over the past few months i've predicted this would happen because of the uncertainty we get our information from talking to our customers. they give us the information just like they get information from their customers. neil: and you have been right. i hope you are wrong but i would not bet against it. that is where it is that. the governor and the new york city mayor getting his way.
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neil: time for you to let loose. [laughter] said that is the best you can do? david has said is here to react. the food police efta moves to they had transacts frozen pizza, the pie crust, aicher popcorn my entire food pyramid sums to a follower say has been added to mandate? government has no business to monitor. >> on dash sticking their heads in something that does not belong. >> no cannolis ever? >>. >> it would be ffnny if it wasn't so horrifying. i am horrified because it shows how far we have gone
8:49 pm
from the founders' intent to limit government. neil: ben franklin had issues of trams that. >> but just the to about how they will enforce this? that they will have real food police to close this town we talked out with the trans fatty put out the information of the damage it may cause but then the usage does go down some folks will eat poison they don't care but 80 percent of the people have stopped eating it as a result of studies. neil: the hazard today is not the hazard later on. >> but hermit cave when he ran the national restaurant association and everything in moderation?
8:50 pm
but that point does not come home to the government? >> but that government is established to prevent governments from telling you what to do. as long as you are not bothering somebody else's pursuit of happiness. >> ben franklin said early to bet early to rise of the betty should have some french fries. >> allotted you grrrr about the elephant in the room how could this make it to print? another calls it renewed a and cliche regard this have a new one feels about christie it is and dehumanizing. >> as long as they spell the name right it is ok. good or bad they got the sense when attacking mitt romney to say i'm sorry.
8:51 pm
but you throw stuff at him they throw it back and they will throw straighter and harder. neil: i seek you are right but to use fake always going back to this, a commentator on another news network said this. >> i dye my hair blond as well but it is not even a magazine. the last time it is about this thick. i am not saying anything that is so i got into journalism that it does bother me. neil: used fake? >> any publicity he is the one that will unite the various parties of the republican party to bring them together. we have problems after
8:52 pm
hurricane sandy but even though he has tea party sympathies he does not have the stigma that people try to put on people like him. writing for the presidency has a lot to do with something important. neil: day you really think he is all that? >> good or bad? neil: great civic id he is the most formidable candidate that the republicans have right now obsolete. neil: we will see mr. smart pants. >> how about consulting customers? is the women who should not be wearing them you are the problem. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪
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neil: we have of blitz right now lulu lemon is outraged as the ceo says the sea through yoga pants problem is another product defect get some women's bodies just don't work in the pants. you sound like an ass if hit a the moneymakers is bad business? vicki shows the new yoga position floods in mouse. when the retail executives insult their clients? that is so bad for sales resaw abercrombie and fitch whon from j.c. penney. forget it. neil: it takes a long time to overcome it? >> if i am the board of director i call with the ceo to say obviously you are too stupid to run your own company.
8:57 pm
let's get somebody a little smarter and get him out. neil: he is one of the -icest guys on the planet. >> marvel is skipping networks going straight to netflix to develop four new super heroes series. >> it is brilliant. netflix has come out with the house of cards, oranges the new black the series' only on netflix i don't know if marble works out but it is not our fault that will be something else i think it is a fourth network out there or the fifth network. >> one-third of the bandwidth because of netflix bigger than facebook and is still cannot get the content deals so comes with its own
8:58 pm
cartoon san superheros that is the way to go they do very well at the box office by and just waiting for superhero neil cavuto. >> they get their shows on a device they are not slaves to the schedule or time. this is the way we're going. >> buckle up for all of those watching look at the year to date to under 60% we are looking at the future right now. neil: what about the established ones? ♪ >> even the established viewers are looking at netflix or and the whole picture is cheating with television. ♪ neil: that is a lullaby. what you look at next week? >> i am still looking at technical. the thursday was -- on
8:59 pm
thursday the nasdaq was creamed came back on friday we need ebay and google to make new highs in order for the market to revisit through the fourth quarter. neil: are you worried about a bubble? >> yes. but the p/e ratio is half of 1999. i look at the individual mandate if it does get the groundswell of movement on the part of democrats in washington d.c.. what it does to ensure that. neil: the president says space nike still sticks to his guns and then did terms are coming up people are getting cancellations right in time for reelection you could see the mandate delayed. neil: will this be a big issue one year from now? >> i hope so. [laughter] the the that is when we will
9:00 pm
see hundreds of millions go off the of health insurance dole. it will be huge. neil: i appreciate it. that will do it. have a nice weekend. gerri: two nights of "the willis report." the solution to obamacare we take an "in-depth" look at what you can do for your health care in the age of obamacar and babyingnd shaving web sites. growing in popularity but are they the goal? we help you have the best thanksgiving dinner ever. coming up tonight. "the willis report." gerr


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