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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 13, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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tougher. >> car buyers like these days lincoln, edging into the compact luxury crossover market, of the fastest-growing new car segments this hour. we will get behind the 2015. cheryl: don't look now but there are only 41 days left until christmas. tens of millions of americans expected to travel this holiday season, surely shares her tip to help you avoid stress and save money to big city troops. >> going to the floor of the stock exchange, a stop drinking out conditions that if they close in the red will be the first day losing streak this mon numbers are not strong, in the green. and it is up 1.3%. the astronomer, the nasdaq index
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and the with the arrows, dow jones industrials down 15,749, the and the attendant to the green up 1/4% and the nasdaq 1/2%, there were concerns abroad particularly from china and we are focusing on janet yellen, that will be later tomorrow and let's look at macy's up 9.5%, as they own bloomingdale's coming in with a good profit after last quarter. lori: the deputy chief information officer testifying before congress the administration underestimated the volume of users. rich: the hearing is now, the administration saying anywhere between 20-25,000 users can log onto at the same time. by the end of the month they are doubling down on their promise
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the vast majority of users will be able to log on to that site. the one official, chief technology officer said we are working as hard as we can to hit the november 30 deadline. they are hitting the witnesses as to when this will be fixed and in the end how much this is going to cost. >> does anybody know? if it is not working, does anybody have any idea how much all of this is going to cost us in the end? nobody knows? >> even microsoft windows vista launched better than this. rich: promise make and keep the health insurance plans if they like them. folks are having trouble getting on the website to log on for new plans. plenty of action on capitol hill friday for the house will vote
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to allow insurance companies to reinstate those plans. the problem with that, it took quite some time for insurance companies to prepare to remove those plans and it would take months to go back and reinstate them. back to you. lori: this is brutal. getting worse. thank you, serbia adam: oil prices posting strong gains. at the cme. geopolitical worries, trouble in other parts of the world in the headlines. >> mass protest breaking out all over the place. yesterday they stepped in front of a refiner to stop workers from going in. word today they are blocking oil tankers from loading at another point driving up the rent accrued. they have shut down one refinery, they have lost another refinery and now blocking oil shipment causing a run in the brent crude.
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they may be getting some support because the expected announcement around the ethanol mandate if we're going to be using less corn, less oil, that is giving us a little bit of support as well. generally speaking that is driving us up. whenever you have trouble in libya tightening supplies in europe, it is bullish for the products in the united states. there is a big run-up. both up about $0.04. we have refining problems in the u.s. so when it rains, it pours. right now it is pouring on oil to the upside. adam: is it possible these problems in libya, we praise in risk and the market overdoes it when these kind of things flare. >> they always do a little bit more because they don't know how this is going to play out. the reasons has heated up in the
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last couple of days because it has split apart. half of the players say we don't like that deal. the concern is we thought we were dealing with one group of testers. it is splitting up adding to the absurdity. the other thing is it is actually taking barrels off the market right now. an oil tanker we thought would be filled and in the ocean is not going to be there. adam: phil flynn, thank you very much. lori: iran walking away with leaders as yo u.n. secretary of state john kerry urges patience. now is not the time to sit idle with iran. the public encounters when chairman of the house committee of foreign affairs was just wrapped up a hearing moments ago. appreciate you being with us.
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we do know the nuclear agency says he saw no radical change in iran's nuclear program probably covering the time since he became president. what more can out of the hearings this morning? >> iran continues to march forward not only with the enrichment program for this nuclear capability, but they are also running a heavy water reactor program. they are in the process of trying to develop a plutonium weapon as well as the atom bomb we are familiar with. and we also know work goes on at a site in which they are trying to merge their capability for a warhead. on top of it. we want to see a freeze to this program. we don't want to see their program continue to accelerate.
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lori: you believe the president is setting it up. that is problematic. >> yes, the french called it a fool's game. the problem is if we have an agreement where we lift sanctions and they continue to enrich, the end result is they will have more capability. what we should be doing is saying our demand is they stop their enrichment. they shut down their program. that is the logic of six separate u.n. security resolutions demanding that they do that. that should be the u.s. edition. we should increase sanctions until they make that choice to compromise on their nuclear weapons program or until they have the collapse that would alter its the economy of the sanctions. lori:'s reaction that the position on iran has been
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weekend due to the way the u.s. handles syria, the debacle. >> if we had handled things differently, we would be in a stronger position. also if we take the legislation i authored that passed out of the house with 400 votes putting in total sanctions on the economy, that bill right now is in the senate. if we pass that on to the president's desk, we would truly be back in a very, very strong position. i think it is the seal for the deal. he is anxious to cut a deal with iran. to get there you have to be a harder negotiator, he had to give them a tougher choice. that choice has to be looked, you think 600 billion capital flight out of your economy is bad? lori: what is the next step? where do we go from here?
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>> blocker in his back and the country, block their ability to export their automobiles, block their ability on gold to double down. double down and cut off their ability to sell oil in markets around the world. we do all of that in the legislation over in the senate. bipartisan 400 votes in the house for it. lori: thank you for your time. adam: detroit has dominated the headlines for budget trouble but it is not alone in chicago. now scranton pennsylvania risking default as soon as possibly friday. on the verge of bank of c, but can anything be done to solve the problem? senior fellow here to talk about all this and we will focus on scranton, pennsylvania. they do come up with a budget solving the gap and an additional 28 million because the court issued them to make payments to the police and fire pension funds.
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how do they avoid filing for chapter 9? there have been in trouble since 1992. >> that is very simple. the questions of the state will step in and help them the way except in with harrisburg or if the creditors will say we realize this is an absolute impossible situation and they renegotiate or extend at some point, right? adam: this could be any city. essentially the receiver in scranton. the economy league overseeing their finances has told the city you have to raise taxes. they said to the politicians you better raise taxes. it is a dying economy. and the creditors have not filed an audit report as of yet. why would a creditors say to scranton here is more money? >> not necessarily more money, but here is more time.
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you are looking at particularly in these cities, the bondholders are now starting to understand they are not necessarily going to be senior. they are being more valuable than they could have been. adam: as we look backwards, i'm thinking rhode island, the bondholders got elevated to a privilege class. 55% cut in order to bring finances in line, so why would a bondholder not think that could play out in pennsylvania? >> different states have different approaches to this. pennsylvania has been letting it city going to bankruptcies. harrisburg is a perfect example. perfectly insolvent. they got kicked out of bankruptcy because the state intervened and the state put together a plan to essentially help them.
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it included a tax increase that the city council originally rejected and eventually went along with that. you will see some combination of recessions on the part of gun holders. adam: ramifications, is there a lesson for chicago? chicago has in order to $600 million payment to the state and general assembly taking his own finances, and the mayor is trying to change the pensions going forward, a 20% increase in property taxes. how does the 76,000, how did in his ability whether it is scranton or chicago get out of this? >> there is no easy solution. it is very hard to pay down pension debt. they're coming to work every day and earning new credit. the deals they made on the pension were big mistake.
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you cannot wipe that away. nobody in this kind of a pension problem gets out of this like this. it doesn't disappear. adam: w we're waiting on the judge's ruling. we appreciate you being here. thank you very much. >> all right. lori: more drugs, new guidelines help and 70 million americans on cholesterol-lowering statins. adam: have you grown tired of holding your phone to your ear to talk? we will show you google has the answer. the microphone tattoo. details ahead. lori: and elon musk is not one to rat on his laurels. what he has up his sleeves and if now is the time to invest in the idea.b ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
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the u.s. cannot be recommended for statins. traditionally prescribed to raise risk of heart attack but under the new guidelines, those in high risk will be recommended for these drugs as well. pharmaceutical companies all produce cholesterol-lowering statins. next hour on fox business, the chairman of the cleveland clinic department of away and as he joins tracy byrnes and ashley webster. don't miss it. adam: nicole petallides is standing by for a first look at the tech ipo since twitter, right? nicole: we're watching, and we will check on twitter as well. driving his name from chicken and egg, anyway, the conundrum, we're looking at the stock down 18.5%. originally had an original rate of 950-1150.
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take a look at twitter since he mentioned that, the how that is faring. and up arrow at 42.26. off of the low, and the highs. adam: thank you very much, nicole. lori: time to make more money with charles payne. what type of vehicle to expect next. charles: they want to create their own version. as in the pickup truck, number one selling vehicle in the history of mankind or in the last 10 years. it is only natural. eventually getting into bed traveling from here to paris in minutes. an electric
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vehicle you get more torque. but are you really going to get somebody in say oklahoma or ohio? loricharles: that is a fantastic question. you may get somebody have a hard time even buying electric truck. he is saying this is about five years out for something realistic. natural gas trucks will come in between now and then. i think you will get more government guarantees. large corporations. adam: gm already has a natural gas stuff. charles: that is t boone pickens. spinning his own money to set this up. as far as the stock is concerned making a series of lower highs. september 30, hitting 183. you can see that chart.
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there is no sense of urgency. if it does not hold, you can be vulnerable to the two day moving average. i don't think this is over. momentum stock taking a break from profit taking a don't think it is over. george clooney just tesla. but people have a way of coming back and eating their words because "the new york times" had a big conference invited tesla. don't forget earlier this year when the stock went under 30. maybe they made a mistake. to be quite frank with you, george clooney told his hollywood friends i will be with you on just about anything other than climate change because he said i cannot give up private jets. he came out and said man-made climate change and said something about that. lori: are you suggesting mr. clooney is a hypocrite?
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charles: come on, my man. we are already admitting cannot give up your private jet. lori: he can do no wrong in my eyes. thank you. adam: so much to a slow start to the fall auction season. the eye-popping numbers. the most expensive artwork ever sold. lori: the holiday season is here. we're going to want to hear from our next guest. some tips for you on how to save some serious headaches and more importantly, some cash. ♪
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>> 25 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minute. desperation is growing in the philippines following a deadly typhoon. more than 2300 people have been killed. a number that is expected to rise perhaps significantly. the mayor of one city is urging residents to flee. today's sentencing hearing for whitey bulger has ended without him speaking. the court heard from at least a
1:26 pm
dozen relatives of people whose deaths were linked to bulger. they're seeking to life sentences for him. 1969 painting has set a record for the most expensive artwork sold at auction. three studies sold for more than $142 million at christie's last night. the auction house worth sold to the gallery manhattan after six minutes of fierce bidding in the realroom and on the phone. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. lori: thank you. the holiday season almost upon us. millions of americans planning to travel this year we have some good news and some bad news. driving may be a way to go with gas prices down $0.25 on a gallon from last year. if you plan to fly, despite to pay more. prices up 8% from last year. here to help you get the most
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bang for your traveling buck is the president of travel north america. we are glad to have you with us this afternoon. first give us a sense of the travel volume. wilwill it be a busier season tn last year or not? >> it will be a little bit busier. the holidays can always be a stressful time, let alone trying to add a stressful trip on top of it with the expense that goes with it. airline prices have been rising so there are a few tips we put together to help users that only reduce the stress of traveling. lori: i picked out a few i could use in my personal life. download popular travel apps that can save you time and some hassle. what do you prefer? >> travel zoo has an apt that will help you save money in and gives you the best deals within the definition that you are
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visiting. if you are the best deals from top rated restaurants, hotels and spas and activities, travel zoo is a great source for it. or is google maps and waze. helping you figure out where the traffic volumes are to avoid those. reduce the stress while traveling. lori: i'm going to blast through a couple of these. one that sent out, choose a smaller airport. if you live in a bigger city, there are choices, correct? >> if you're in chicago, midway is an alternative to o'hare. in san francisco it is oakland. you may find fares much lower than the main airport. adam: connect south. >> driving maybe 30 minutes across a bridge in san francisco you will reduce your airfare
1:29 pm
quite a bit. lori: choose a destination not celebrating holiday. >> that is the big one. the caribbean or areas outside may not celebrate things like thanksgiving because the crowds are not there. lower occupancy drives lower prices. trying to get guests attracted to their hotels, so those are always bargains. lori: i'm considering applying for the tsa program. is that really worth it? does that make it significant time savings getting through security? >> it is. i signed up for my first one and it does especially when you have these long security lines at the airport. lori: here to sit through an interview, right? what is that like? >> you can fill out an online application now. for the price of $100 you get the membership for a year, he
1:30 pm
can assist through that line. lori: i will have to check that out at jfk, i will let you know how that is for me. >> thank you. lori: you probably have a little bit more clout in the travel industry than i do, that is for sure. >> .mac and up close look at lincolns new foray into the pre. the latest attempt to regain the market selector. we will go behind the wheel next. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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with think or swim from td ameritrade. lori: stocks now, the floor of the new york stock exchange to check in with nicole. you are watching cisco. nicole: i am, indeed. watching cisco ahead of the bell. they will be reporting after the bell. the stock is up about a half a percent, up 40% this year, but we will watch if it is in fact the case. also we will be seeing how they deal with the environment. see if that played a part. partial government shutdown time. it really is the first of the bunch to really let it out. names we will watch after the closing bell. make sure you keep an eye on fox business because we will have all of those for you.
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lori: thanks, nicole. adam looking at the newest car from lincoln. adam: you wonder why ford stock may be up. one of the executive vice presidents here to talk about a vehicle that will probably do very well when they hit showrooms. jim farley here to discuss what was unveiled for the public. is this a 14 or a 15? >> 2015. adam: this is a crossover suv essentially competing with bmw or mercedes. tell me what you're going to get with this but how this turns lincolns direction. >> may think of it as a bigger car. this will change their mind about a lincoln. this segment 200% since 2009. a lot of baby boomers trading down. so we designed a product exclusive, very different from the escape. adam: open the door and show me.
1:36 pm
this will be about 6% of sales by 2016 and to get in at $32,000, what is lincoln offering me? >> the panorama group. information technology, and onboard modem, the best bridge of leather. wood and metal trim. adam: kai sink the car to my modem by a nap? >> yes, it will let you go on vacation for a week and you forgot where you parked it you can program it to be started in the morning. say what it started at 645 every morning. you can do that through the app. adam: this is the second of the cars lincoln is inventing. how have sales been going? will you beat 2012 sales figures overall? >> we had a slow start because it was not available until april
1:37 pm
but october is a good month for us. of 80, hybrid is really the story, 30% of our sales. we expect to continue to grow for the fourth quarter. adam: single lot of mom and dads who have to commute, this would be kind that is very popular. what excites you about this? >> 's exclusive engine for lincoln. it gets great gas mileage. this car is really, really light and fun to drive to don't have to give up on a gas mileage, you get all of the featured content the end the vehicle will move out of a parking space without your hands on the wheel. adam, 11-year-olds could you get in here between soccer games? >> maybe 20 or 30. good question. this will be on sale next december. and late '14.
1:38 pm
adam: latest offering from lincoln. wanted to get rid of lincoln, a lot of people will tell you they made the right choice keeping this brand around. back to you. lori: no joy writing. you have to get back upstairs. shares up year to date, but bill ackman is not back down against the nutrition company. fox business correspondent charlie gasparino has details next. look at the winners and losers on the dial, up of 14 points now. ♪ ♪
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problems breathing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> i am cheryl casone with your fox business brief. intercontinental exchange completed $10.9 billion takeover of nyse euronext. earlier nicole petallides asked the ice chairman was changed the company. >> where much more powerful business together. we will work on that now. i hope to be able to announce it in the next week or two. lori: in seattle they are voting on an eight-year contract offer for work on the 777 jet program. the contractor projected trying to move to another state is "not
1:41 pm
a bluff." social media accounts have been hacked by cyber criminals. according to a new survey. most that has happened within the past year. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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charlie gasparino joins us with details on what exactly that information is. >> you threw me a curve ball. >> there's breaking news according to wall street journal that the messaging service said no thanks to $3 billion offer to purchase snapshot. sorry for that. don't use snap chat? you do messages and pictures.
1:43 pm
>> the only thing facebook is good for is to find out what your old high school girl friend looks like a. lori: you don't need to know that. >> now we got that out of the way, speaking before the robin hood foundation, and you will gathering of -- what they do with people give investment ideas. often they release their investment ideas during this conference. david einhorn, the robin hood foundation, steve cohen released in the past before sac imploded, his investment ideas and ackerman coming out two fridays where he is going to update everybody on his famous purple shorts. he is apparently tweaking the presentation and the thing that has people concerned is he is going to try out some testimony
1:44 pm
from former disgruntled former employees or distributors to underscore his contention. lori: why faithfully at this point? >> it is of pyramid scheme. we should point out ackerman has lost five hundred million. tracy: update us on the loss. >> on the short. tracy: did i make you lose your train of thought? >> everything okay today? tracy: i am just interested in this topic. the stock price is active. >> i am moving the market and your interrupting me. tracy: i am being annoying. >> let me finish and you can ask any questions. $500 million, speeches next week. what did you say? tracy: now you want me to speak? >> why hasn't given up on this? that is what herbal life are saying. sort of waiting to fight this
1:45 pm
back. when this comes out or before it comes out they may come out and say that. why doesn't he go away and why is the media paying attention to him? is the stock down or up? is it is down. tracy: is up 189. >> i don't know why the stock is falling. more distributors, this is out there, there is an ftc, people lodge complaints with the ftc and not launched formal investigation. this is a controversial short in my opinion. i don't know if it will end very well. here is one other thing that will come out. there was the insider trader, and related to this house, who did the auditing firm who did the auditing of the herbal life numbers because he was an inside trader they had to nullify three years of his work, that is set to come out.
1:46 pm
that could come out before this presentation and give a boost to the stock. when you play this remember three years of audited stuff will get put out. this is the real number and the number will be fairly good. adam: and his emotions getting in a way of his financial judgment? >> who knows? i know all these guys, the best trader i ever met was a screen began at bear stearns. he would cut his losses. great traders cut their losses. steve cohen, say what you want about him, insider-trading. he cuts his losses and if he wanted to be considered a great trader he should throw his hat in now but he would go back and say it was of long-term debt, the bond insurer at some point i don't know if he turned out to be right about his prediction
1:47 pm
would implode. >> is trying to reestablish credibility by getting involved with robin hood foundation. acute charity. >> announced a year ago, the same sort of thing, charity. hang you get to hear investment. interesting to see how this goes but it is fascinating we are moving the stock. tracy: let's check the markets. mark neumann of gray wolf execution partner is joins us from the stock exchange. stocks falling a little bit today. how do you characterize this? >> all the way from negative territory the dow up 100 points. basically the market is in consolidation since october. we have not seen strength, it is opposite day. we have seen the dollar falling, rallying small caps and energy commodities the different than we have seen the last couple
1:48 pm
weeks. consumer discretionary leading over it last few days, strength in retailers and the few earnings over the next few days and all eyes on janet yellen to see if the testimony can match ben bernanke. tracy: outside the federal reserve what drivers should we look for? in this market, how would you characterize whether we're seeing a top, 35 new highs here? >> a lot of warning signs but they're not negative declineds. it will likely happen and we have has seen a huge divergence in settlement, more bulls than bears lately, bears under 16%, fewer stocks hitting new highs, advanced decline started to speak out and we have seen the emerging market weakness, a lot more pronounced and weakness in europe. wheat see eventually everything catch up and we will see a bigger pullback but right now we have seen the strength in the
1:49 pm
defensive sectors. we haven't seen any weakness. that needs to get under 1736 with regard to future, 1745 and cash minimum. tracy: thanks. adam: feeding hungry investors, red hot food ideal market, and we sent jeff flock to a company that is delivering the goods. tracy: what about letting your throat do the talking? look at google's electronic microphone next. ♪
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adam: the s and p at an all-time record high. we are at 1776. not a bad day for your 401(k). tracy: hot food and hotter ideas at reporting revenue growth in the first quarterly report as a public company. food companies such as new companies and sprout family market, hungry investors, institutional lunch provider is next. in chicago the total founders. what do you think? >> hot market for ipos. we are at general growth properties and a head man, was not looking at? >> what you are looking at is one of our pop pop restaurants. at general growth we have one of the local restaurants, but as entertain you and every day we have a different restaurant that
1:54 pm
sues food to employees at general growth. >> they don't have to do their own cafeteria. you just coming with something new and exciting. >> of lehman and program. we carol all the arrangements with the restaurant and toward and she with the staff. >> you have a long history of taking companies public and you are pretty serious about saying we want this to be a big company. >> absolutely. the goal is to build an awesome company and if that means an ipo everyone will be happy. >> take a look at the charts that have been successful this year. you think this is a good market for ipos. it is not a rip-off. >> i don't think so. with the ipo market there are windows that open and close and we saw that in 2007, getting ready to go public and it turned out what happened with the market we have a slowdown and went out later. >> former president of eco global looking at their performance and i have to show you the prices here.
1:55 pm
the company partially subsidize is this but take a look, barbecue for $1.80, asian vegetable salad $2.70, they do this in expansively and cost effectively. companies love that, so do employees. tracy: lunch time. adam: e.u. tired of holding your phone to your ear to ta google's noble mobility for electronic skin tattoo that would serve as the noise canceling microphone for your phone. the pant application described the tattoo that would reduce acoustic noise and connect wirelessly to a device. theoretically the tattoo could pick a sound bite reading fluctuations of muscles in the throat. tracy: new definition of laziness. adam: the skin starts to sag. tracy: new guidelines the americans' use of the heart drug, how to make money on it
1:56 pm
next and concierge's medicine for the middle-class. learn more about it and tweet us. would you pay a fee to have a doctor on call 24/7? that takes you into the next hour on fox business. capital to make it happen? without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing toake it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. it can change the future. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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ashley: ion ashley webster. tracy: tracy byrnes. new guidelines could double americans use of drugs so you can make money on all that. ashley: concierge medicine for the middle class and give us a tweet. would you fet have a doctor on call? your responses coming up. tracy: digging on potbelly shares. shares are soaring, jumping ahead on how you can make money in a restaurant sectors.
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ashley: your cellphone's microphone tattooed on your neck. google has a patent for it. that and more on this cannot miss our of markets now. tracy: we should have our id tattoo to our foreheads. we have breaking news right now, peter barnes on the federal budget. >> the budget deficit fell to $92 billion, to $120 billion deficit. the government posted in october. this is the first month for fiscal 2014 and this report continues to pattern of shrinking deficits because of tax increases at the beginning of the year and sequester spending cuts that cut government spending this year. the treasury department does not comment on how the 16 day government shutdown may have affected deficit numbers but we
2:01 pm
should note government outlays were down $14 billion in october. this report came today after the house senate budget conference committee met for the second time this morning to hammer out a budget deal for the rest of fiscal 2014. the congressional budget office projects the deficit will drop below $600 billion for fiscal 2014 after coming in at $680 billion for fiscal 2014 that ended september 30th and if congress and the white house want the deficit to shrink faster cbo released its list of options to cut the deficit. is an exercise that provide fuel for partisan battles over spending and taxes but sometimes offered proposals that do make it into law. the list offers 100 proposals that killed trillions in savings in coming years. ending the end -- the human space program would save $70 billion over ten years. eliminating deduction for state
2:02 pm
and local taxes would save $1 trillion over ten years and raising excise taxes on alcoholic beverages for the first time since 1991 would raise $64 billion over ten years. we will see if congress toast's any of those proposals. tracy: could they pick three more controversial things? thank you very much. get back to the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. the s&p hit a record high. nicole: exciting for the bulls out there who didn't know whether there was more room to the upside. there was. we have a record all time high day on wall street for the s&p 500 trading 1776 and change at its highest point, point off of that level. we will see if it closes above 1771 to have a closing high. the dow and nasdaq with up
2:03 pm
arrows, they did not record intraday highs and you are seeing up arrows, the dow is up 18 points. home depot, united healthcare and travelers, you are seeing retail index, banking index with up arrows, that shows you the tide has turned earlier today, weaker sentiment particularly out of china and now you are starting to see a lot of green arrows. ashley: here is a story lot of people are talking about. 1-third of adults, thirty-three% of americans are at risk and should consider using less than drug to manage cholesterol. new regulations out from the american college of cardiology and the american heart association could mean big business for companies like pfizer and after zeneca which make those hard drugs. interesting. we are joined by the chief of cardiovascular medicine at the cleveland clinic. thank you so much for joining us. if i am reading this right for many years the goal was to lower
2:04 pm
the bad cholesterol below that 100 level. how does that change with these new guidelines? >> these new guidelines are not so much about the numbers as identifying people who are at risk and giving them a standing drug. these drugs lower the bad cholesterol but they work the most effectively in people with elevated risk of developing heart disease so guidelines target risk rather than numbers. tracy: you are talking about knee. it is hereditary in my family. i have high cholesterol. i think i eat good but i try. to put me on medication now, i am not a child by any stretch but too young to be on medication for the rest of my life. why wouldn't you encourage people to go the oatmeal route, omega 3, natural ways to get this down? >> first of all, this is not a substitute for a healthy
2:05 pm
lifestyle. of course you should eat well, you should exercise regularly, you should keep your body weight down, she issued not sunoco. there are many people, with genetic cause of high cholesterol, they will need to be treated with the drug and these guidelines tell us who is most likely to benefit and guidelines for physicians about how to prescribe these drugs in a safe and effective fashion. ashley: the pharmaceutical companies, if this means bigger business or could it work the other way and more people are told to adapt their life style rather than take the magic pill? >> no question these guidelines will involved treating more patients withstands. all but one of those are generic. some of the drugs that have been generic for a few years you can't get a three month supply for $20 and a large pharmacy. the drugs are not necessarily
2:06 pm
going to make profits. they are going to reduce people's risk of death, heart attack and stroke. tracy: lots of people that experienced side effects, adverse effects to them. how do you play that side? maybe i am a candidate for this but what about the other side. i risk a lot of other bad stuff too? >> guidelines take that into account. the reason we don't treat everybody and believe me there are physicians who have advocated treating everybody over 45 with the cholesterol lowering drug. i don't agree with that. it is about maximizing benefits and minimizing risk and the guidelines identify people in whom the benefits outweigh the risks. there are some side effects for these drugs, they are relatively modest and affect a minority of patients but they have to be taken into account. ashley: it is called a tectonics shift the way doctors look and treat cholesterol. would you agree with that?
2:07 pm
is that a shift in the way we look at this cholesterol and how to lower it? >> it is a tectonics shift, a huge change. for 20 years we said no your numbers and treat the numbers as the goal. that is gone. now it is about treating people at risk, not necessarily because their numbers are high. that will be a big change for the public and for primary care physicians. ashley: chief of cardiovascular, thank you for joining us. interesting stuff. i am on stands by the way. mom and dad inherited it. tracy: maybe online at the pharmacy. concierge medicine for the middle-class. we have the assistant ahead to treat as. would you pay a fee to have the doctor on call? our interview your response coming up. ashley: as washington founded scapegoat for the obamacare
2:08 pm
website mess? you got to feel for them. rich edson ahead on the capitol hill hearing. tracy: y stock-picking things you need to buy disney among other stocks before the end of the year. that happiest place on earth. the dow 16 points. we will be right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
2:09 pm
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we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. tracy: the dow moving into positive territory reversing earlier losses. senior investment strategist recommends overly equities, joins me for specific stocks that are worth getting into. i combined your last name and your firm. >> might have to do a little change. tracy: what is the market doing? is it waiting? >> the market would like more resolution on tapering this
2:12 pm
year, capering next year but the bottom line is ben bernanke is the outgoing share, rage not going up until 2013 but usually in a bull market stocks going up until the year after. that has been a historic moment. whether we taper now or later, we got some land. tracy: we were talking with someone who said if you uttered the word, the markets in a panic. you are not going to feel taper. >> in some ways catering is baked in and gives us volatility. the market has accepted we will taper. and rates will go up in 2015. tracy: talking about how there was money from these mom-and-pops coming to the market but only one sixth of the money pulled out. >> i don't think the retail
2:13 pm
investors got back. at the end of last year at the trillion dollars pool that would mutual-fund and in january of this year we saw the biggest monthly inflow in 13 years but there wasn't a lot of follow-through. the retail investor is getting back in. now we are starting to see those signs. is not dramatic. tracy: a lot of equity funds but if i am now on the sidelines looking to get myself back in and the stocks you like and you say disney. it almost seems they can't do anything wrong. >> i like the media space in general, time warner, good you guys in your business but disney with its diverse suffocation got the theme-park, the secret weapon a lot of companies, they are able to churn out consistent revenue growth, earnings growth and dividend too. not a big one,.1% yields.
2:14 pm
tracy: it amazes me in the midst of a recession those parks were jammed, passing $7 of popcorn no matter what and building homes now too. >> that when i didn't hear. >> you can buy a home, like living in the netherlands. 50 times my salary. allstate insurance. >> i am not a fan of big banks. quite a bit of balance sheet problems that we don't know about, the whale trade was the last thing we heard about. and casualty insurer number 2, only ten times earnings but it turns out the earnings growth and his a nice dividend. tracy: and dover, global infrastructure. >> a lot of people know it as the elevator company but they have nice internal growth, they are an acquisition company and acquisition growth as well and
2:15 pm
dividends on the other two, it is the company with the third longest streak of s&p 500 companies. there is trivial thing left over. ashley: it is a quarter past the hour, time to check on these markets, the dow in positive territory, nicole petallides on the nyse watching the sea's. nicole: pcs doing well today, hitting a new two week high. not only for macy's but with good quarters, the latest quarter showed a profit gain and pull up the entire retail sector, every name in retail had an up arrow, a 9.5%, 54-68 that came out with better than expected sales and looking at the holiday season benefited from some great marketing strategy so you can see macy's
2:16 pm
and retailer and many of these names will be open on thanksgiving to get your money and to battle it out. forget black friday, go shopping. ashley: maybe go through the store. they would have to reduce the size of the balloons. it gets very ugly so would have to be miniature balloons going through in the front at the back. tracy: it is brilliant. ashley: breaking news, delta airlines calling on the justice department to allow it to bet on slots at washington national airport that are being given up as part of the american airlines' usairways merger. we will get the stock of delta air lines moving slightly lower at this hour but when the announcement came yesterday about the merger being approved by the justice department was told smaller regional airlines would coming to reagan national and la guardia and wyatt the slots that are freed by u.s.
2:17 pm
airways and american airlines' but delta apparently saying wait a minute, we should be able to bid on those as well. delta could afford them. that is another issue. tracy: long-term investment, charles payne ahead on hot belly sandwich jobs. i don't even know what that is but did you buy the stock? ashley: maybe not. caroline kennedy sworn in as ambassador to japan just days ahead of the 52 anniversary of her father's assassination. we will be right back. ask me what it's like
2:18 pm
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>> your fox news minute, today's sentencing hearing for bunt whitey bulger has ended with out and speaking. the court heard from a dozen relatives of people whose deaths were linked to him. prosecutors seeking 32 consecutive life sentences for the 84-year-old who was felled guilty of 11 murders. caroline kennedy has been sworn in as the new u.s. ambassador to japan. the daughter of late president john f. kennedy leaves for the country tomorrow, japan is the fourth largest trading partner
2:22 pm
and home to the navy at seventh fleet, fifty thousand american troops and another twist in the strange saga of robert ford responding to a question by city council ford admitted he bought illegal drugs in the past two years. he said he smoked crack cocaine while drunk last year. board has refused to step down from his job and those are your news headline on the fox business network. tracy: thank you very much. breaking news, we have been expecting this and been talking about it, jay carney briefing live right now, saying we will get those obamacare enrollment numbers later today says stay tuned for more. we will get in to you as soon as we get from. ashley: time to make money with charles payne, sandwich shops
2:23 pm
and -- -- i am trying to give bread right now. here is what i like about these guys. one of these american success stories that doesn't get cold often enough. some guy starts an antique shop and is doing so/cell and they start selling sandwiches to people who coming and paula subtle long lines for the sandwich, so much for the antiques. forget about that. ten years later an entrepreneur says this could be big and buys them. and they just went public, doing extraordinary well with respect to the growth of the and when you go public it puts you on a different microscope so finally reported, the numbers were so/so. revenue was up 12%. net revenue of 26.7%.
2:24 pm
what i didn't like and what i would like to see, nine new stores in the period but only one was a franchise store. don't know if they are doing that deliberately but let's get this out to the rest of the country but this is decidedly hot and it will stay there. in 2010, 44% of the sandwiches eight were outside the home. last year was 49% and we will go over 50% this year. it is all about these hectic schedules. not everyone is a supermom who connecticut 3:00 in the morning, makes sandwiches, work out, look beautiful and make it to work. tracy: at 3:00 i have got nothing. charles: that is why did the last show out of the studio. tracy: i could be a diner. tracy: ashley: the u.s. restaurant space of 186% in the last five
2:25 pm
years outperforming a lot of sectors. it is competitive so you might have winners and losers. that would be a terrible mistake. tracy: if i were a diner my kids could lead after 4. washington founded citgo for obamacare's website problems, rich edson is ahead on a congressional committee probing to that. ashley: the doctor offering medicine for the middle class. would you pay a fee to have a doctor on call? our interview and your sponsors coming up. tracy: tax incentives to attract businesses. we will debate the pros and cons. there are plenty of them. when you decide. the dow is up 24 points. we will be right back. (vo) our new planes don't fly any faster.
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on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! tracy: let's take a look at dow 30 and for those listening on cereus 113 on the way in home depot united health group walt disney talking about walt disney, up top today and losers on the dow, at&t, merck. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: looking at a couple live peers, down 19-1/4%, online textbook rental firm, priced above the original ipo range for, did not do so well today, it is to the downside and we are looking at another ipo today
2:30 pm
which debuteded here and that is extended stay america. with different picture which right now is up 15.5% and raise $500 million in its initial public offering, n.c.-based company, offering 700 hotels, 76,000 rooms, two very different companies obviously and two different performances. and doing so well. tracy: agusta town. this defect technology officer testifying before congress making projects on a fixing the exchanges, this is all ahead of the november '32 deadline promise, rich edson live in capitol hill with breaking news. >> we should get those enrollment numbers in the next
2:31 pm
hour. the administration has refused to say how many people enrolled in obamacare but at 3:30 health and human services secretary kathleen smith sibelius wrote is 6 -- kathleen sebelius will talk about how many signed up for obamacare through the web site. the administration expects the and the love and even lower than expectations because of the problems with the web site. the administration is looking at another deadline, november '32, the vast majority of users will use the web site and that was the question aimed at the panel going on today if the administration can meet its latest deadline. >> tell us when it will be in good shape. can you give us a date? is the end of the month realistic? >> the team is working hard to hit the goal. that is what i will say right are two main problems with obamacare. the first is dealing with a
2:32 pm
website and those issues and that was the focus of the hearing today and the second is whether or not the president was telling the truth that you could keep your health insurance plan if you liked it, cancellation notices and acknowledgements from the administration show that is not the whole truth sell there are bills sponsored by republicans allowing insurance companies to offer those plans, we issue those bare bones plans that have been phased out and number of democrats in the senate feeling the political pressure. senator mary landrieu of louisiana, jeff berkeley and dianne feinstein supporting an effort to allow insurance companies to reissue those plans. the problem is the insurance industry and analysts say it took quite some time to give those plans phased out. it will take months to phase them back in. quite a gap and plenty of confusion when it comes to issuing insurance. tracy: thank you very much. ashley: the state of washington awarded belling the biggest
2:33 pm
corporate tax rate in history, the $9 billion deal is meant to get boeing to build the 777 object in the evergreen state's but the question is are these tax breaks to his blue big business a good idea for the states themselves? both sides of this debate. an economist at the tax foundation, and florida secretary of commerce and enterprise florida ceo. thank you for being here. you say these tax incentives, they may seem impressive, ultimately don't produce the long-term benefits states hope they will provide? >> they don't. the problem with tax incentives, all in different companies. the new company arrives and gets a lower effective rate while longstanding job creator faces a higher rate and the revenue shortfall, so states raise rates on everyone to fill the gap which is not good for the
2:34 pm
business climate. connell: it is 5%, better than many others. i was interested to read the office depot general counsel told lawmakers in illinois because office depot moving to a lawyer at the florida governor rick scott has what is called the quick action fund which he says is that checkbook. and tempt them to stay in florida in office depot. and they are effective and they work. >> we know they do work. we have a great history of using tax incentives to help diversify the economy. florida is an economy built on retirees and tourism. and to create jobs and more capital investment, in a lot of
2:35 pm
cases like office depot at the end of the day we will do what is right from a fiduciary responsibility returns to the taxpayer. and tax incentives, there a good deal better. ashley: is there a shortfall that is created by doing this? does it mean to taxes will go up elsewhere? >> first of all they are not taxes created in your budget so it is not a shortfall in your budget so if you look at the case of the state of florida corporate income tax is 8.5% of the total budget. have trying to phase of corporate income-tax and 75% of the business and not pay corporate income tax. and what you are trying to phase out there is no revenue lost to the state.
2:36 pm
ashley: 47 states in this country created for creating jobs, if you don't do it obviously you will lose out of these other state so while you say benefits may be short-lived never the less you know the state next door could well take a company that is looking your state and move it into their state. how do you combat that? >> florida is a great example of this. florida has no income tax, has low system all-around and notably florida's tax incentive program, paula quite small compared to other states of its size. washington state gave five times as many tax incentives but over the last five years as florida did and florida's job record is pretty strong. gets lots of tax incentives, one of the few states that is possibly going to slip back into recession. i don't think there is evidence these tax incentives lead to
2:37 pm
economic strength. and calls for higher taxes. ashley: very quickly, has the florida approach to attracting business peer out with regard to these tax breaks? >> absolutely. rick scott has taken office all those 370,000 new private-sector jobs in the state, the and employment rate is september of 2008. look at a budget surplus, talking about doing another $500 million in tax cuts next year and maintaining at aaa bond rating, great place to do business and enjoy the climate here. ashley: no one gets taxed on the sunshine. appreciate it. throw in some sunshine and a nice beach. tracy: can't beat that in florida but everywhere else the incentives -- ashley: don't want to give away the farm. ashley: who will go for this?
2:38 pm
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so everyone goes home happy. melissa: i am melissa frances. johnson and johnson has agreed to pay $4 billion, 7500 lawsuits over defective all metal hip implants. the new york times says the tentative plan could be announced in coming days after the deal wins court approval. johnson and johnson declined to comment on the report. one third of all adults say social media accounts have been hacked. that is according to a new harris interactive survey. most of those asked by cybercriminals that happened in the last year and at 5:00 on monday i have an exclusive interview with real-estate mogul john peebles. you cannot afford to miss that. that is latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
tracy: concierge medicine, many of these physicians are teetering in the middle class. would you pay a fee to have a doctor on call? returning to the forefront, the founder, can you explain to everyone what concierge medicine is? >> thank you for having me. concierge in medicine is a field that started in the 1990s-2,000s whereby consumers would pay a physician a monthly membership fee in return for medical services and other amenities like house calls and cellphone
2:43 pm
access. however, that has spilled into a new field called direct primary care where fees are much lower and doctor basic primary-care medical services reducing health-care costs all-around. ashley: you said the traditional method of health delivery is not how you want to practice medicine anymore. what do you mean by that? >> the current model is unsustainable not just for us as physicians but society in america in general. when you reimburse physicians per visit and rewards physicians for procedures many of those procedures become a necessary and the cost goes up. as a society now we are conditioned to thinking about health insurance as necessary while primary care as well as catastrophic event. some insurance was never designed for. insurance was designed for risk-management, rare and expensive events.
2:44 pm
we practice primary care medicine directly with consumers and companies and save the insurance for the catastrophes. tracy: i get that completely but how does this work with current obamacare the we have to implement? you are not part of the exchange by any stretch. >> we are thinking of becoming part of the exchange. we are in the affordable care act. there is an amendment inserted by the industry that allows direct primary care medical homes when combined with catastrophic wraparound insurance to not only be on the exchanges to be in compliance for the folks signing up for the entire package. that entire bundle ends up cutting down health-care costs by quite a bit because if you think of medical care as of ruler, a 12 inch ruler, we are in primary care about 9 inches of the first part of the ruler and we fracture away the three at the end we reserve for catastrophic needs that can be
2:45 pm
used with insurance. if we take care of that ball ourselves at lower affordable cost for patients and companies that sign up with the cost of health care goes down across the board so that is in compliance with the affordable care act. that being said we were created before the affordable care act. ashley: how much will this cost? how much cheaper than a health-insurance plan? >> great question. if you pay for insurance you're paying for 12 inches of that ruler for health care which includes the first nine inches in may not need insurance for, socinus inventions and preventive and prescription refills, you don't need insurance if you can find quality physicians who can give you that. tracy: is there a flat annual fee and how much is it? >> we charge $69 a month and
2:46 pm
that covers -- tracy: that is good. ashley: very affordable. >> companies are signing up around the country, major hospital systems are coming, insurance companies can adopt this model because if we provide high impact preventive care and primary care of rented reduces cost and hospitals. tracy: that is good news. everyone go online and check it out. thank you so much. possible to do it cheap. ashley: absolutely, interesting. it is a quarter till the hour. time for a look at stocks. let's head to the stock exchange where mark newman joins us, staying above the water mark. not a lot moving the market. what is your take? >> it is one group investors are focusing on because that has had a big move, we are approaching
2:47 pm
-- 4% over the last few days and continues to go well. good for retailing stocks. the market has been resilient. the u.s. is better than emerging-market which are down almost seven years, we hear stories out of china and the emerging markets so investors are trying to see what the next catalyst is that canal the market push the new highs, looking at the testimony tomorrow. the dual mandate is something we are discussing. is that similar to ben bernanke? that could be problematic. takes time to learn and get in. ashley: it could have an impact. tracy: time for your check minute. android domination, smart phones running the android system, 81%
2:48 pm
of low world market, the phones would snag 13%. not as love in the world market. grip on the global smart phone, it fell 1% from last year. some more bad news, smart phones selling dropped 12.5% last year making the average $17, good news for the consumer. new technology in the form of new products for consumers, the tech giant is developing a robot to do behind the scenes jobs. mass producing i phones and other devices, pretty brilliant to get ahead of rivals apple will use them in a variety of positions, to make manufacturing process more efficient. getting ink, electronic style. motorola mobility filed a patent
2:49 pm
for an electric skin had to. it is the noise canceling microphone for your cellphone. it gets better. it can carry a lie-detector. the user is speaking falls of the device can pick up responses caused by nervousness. where were you last night? 54% in the last year today. ashley: i was working late at the office, honest. what will they think of next? if you can't be done, join them. cable co. offering cheap television fees to your smart phone. dennis kneale ahead with the story. tracy: another problem for blackberry. the military may hang up the smart phonemaker. my customers can shop around--
2:50 pm
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2:53 pm
tracy: nbc universal getting into the tv biz and the aerial threat looking much bigger. dennis kneale:the snout. kirk dennis: nbc universal announcing full control over sprout, the 2005 start up channel on demand online, buying out its partners for an undisclosed price of $60 million, you could put $3,000 per household to deduct comcast's ownership stake in that. a bonet it with the fund that is the buyout firm and no workshop that turned that into profit. a big move by nbc universal to
2:54 pm
challenge viacom's nick at nite and disney and meanwhile, it is up and running, a few markets and broadcasters suited every time it expands to a new study because it snags supposedly three broadcast signals out, resells the content for a month -- dollars a month, bloomberg reports time warner cable, a charter, direct tv may start services of their own, the broadcasters have taken directly to the supreme court. they won a couple early rounds protected by a loophole, thousands of don imus size antennas for one subscriber to snag the free signals for handsets. key question, individuals can get that signal, and reselling? cable operators pay broadcast stations $3 billion a year for their programming even though
2:55 pm
technically it is free. cbs and time warner for a month, the threat gives cable guys more clout in those negotiations on track to double $6 billion in four years and could reduce that growth. ashley: you can get it for free but not repackage and sell it. dennis: airways are free but not the network and content. adam: blackberry could get its discharge papers from the defense department. the agency with jones 750 blackberries goes for the construction of a don't apps store developing a system for securing mobile devices including iphones are, ipads and smart phones and tablets. the pentagon allowed employees to use blackberry phone that playbook tablets but the agency will have a backup plan in place if the struggling cellphonesmaker sinks against the competition.
2:56 pm
tracy: good thinking. coming up on "countdown to the closing bell" the view of the heads up, and who doesn't, look no further than the website track of stocks being mentioned the most of what investors think of the company, we will talk to the chairman and give you some important insights. stick around. tracy: best they ever, and i love it. five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tideod pop in. stand out. ♪ liz: good afternoon, everyone. i am liz claman. it is the last hour of trading and quite a day of trading. nearly two dozen stocks hitting all-time highs. what is interesting is this is quite a swing for the dow jones industrials. we were down earlier today, so it is a nice swing. when did we turn positive?
3:00 pm
12:50 p.m. eastern. and we are holding gains at the moment. it is not something that sets off fireworks were anything but it is the swing would like to point out to you. general motors near three-year high after he learned the government sold $1.2 billion in gm's stock putting gm much closer to winning complete independence from the government after the bailout. at least one analyst saying gm could finally be free of the government entirely by the end of the year. let's flip it around and show shares of general motors which went public a long time ago. 33. here we are at 37, nearly 38 at the moment up $1.33. gm up nearly 48%. the retailer whose holiday


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