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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. ♪ neil: well, they are young, restless, and the democrats keep screwing up, they could soon be republicans. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and i want to step back from all of this health care mess to focus on what i believe to be a scorecard , not the website. not all the broken promises, though there are too many to count. it is the onions, the 20-something to say that this health care law is something else and something not for them. here is why that is a big problem. there are a very big part of making sure this never gets to be a problem. this law needs young people
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signing on to make the math work. just think of the law as a big old vampire, and it feeds on blood, young folks blood, healthy, seemingly indestructible young folks who sign up who increasingly proven medical nightmare and an expensive one at that. keep them paying in and it will all work out. but here is the problem, and here's the core problem and here is the biggest problem. the central problem. and increasingly there so not into big government. this is a watershed development, the generation known for its idealism has had it with washington grows to -- cronyism. sick and tired even tougher the most part they actually are not sick and they are far from tired. that is the problem. they're actually jazzed about not joining this thing. and the democrats that have long
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taken them for granted, now basically telling those democrats, we are granting these republican-some time, time enough to sell the limited government cases as long as they don't get on our case. it is that big, that simple, that central command i think it is a story. the young republicans to say it is republicans moment to shine or just disappear because young folks are fed up. i want you to forget mr. smith goes to washington. more like ms. smith, and she has a message for washington. chair of the college republican national committee. a very good to have you. >> thank you so much. that's beyond. neil: did i get that about right? is that a growing mood among young americans? >> i believe so. i think that they are looking at the cost of the plans, looking at the other personal costs that they have in their lives,
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student loans, personal debt. they're looking at these plans, the 200 percent increase in premiums in some cases and saying it is not worth it. neil: even for a lot to have no insurance now, they obviously blindness seems to be affordable policies. it is not worth the effort. >> that is going to enter into all of the cost calculations. and what we are seeing a particular is that smaller schools are getting hit with the planning cancellation for young people. so these plans are getting canceled as a result of them being basic plans under the obamacare system. they cancel out these plans, and so now these scenes that are facing rising tuition costs and book costs and other costs related to school are seeing that they cannot afford them. more idealism?where is their
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typically this is the right and good thing to do, the good societal thing to do. there may be a little bit more prudent than we thought? they don't want to be reckless, what is it? what do you think? >> i think you cannot leave this town. these young people are facing cost some like any other generation, and they simply cannot afford another cost as a result of health care that they don't need in most cases. neil: so as a young republican yourself, is not as if there are russian republicans but that uses this as an opportunity for republicans, but as you know, republicans have a habit of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. so what now? >> absolutely. you know, two of the things that young people value the most is and authenticity. the president has shown neither. he has not helped anyone -- held
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anyone in his administration accountable for the mistakes that were made, and in terms of authenticity, when he said that you -- if you like your plan you can keep it, that was not true. this is a time for republicans to shine, and we need to do is to look for positive ideas for about how we will fix the current situation. neil: well put. thank you. you give me hope for the next generation. all right. you don't have to be young and restless and know that this health care law already cost -- costly and getting reckless be taken from a doctor who has had it. guess what. he started suing. he spent a lot of money and time just getting ready for the laws debut. the government up and lays it. the doctors did a good deal of money, as i said, just getting ready. what does he do? pcs the united states government. this is an orthodontist on a rampage. good to have you. >> thank you for having me back on. neil: tell me why and what response are getting. >> the reason why it is because
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i felt the president crossed a red line when he decided that he would unilaterally change an existing law as the congress of one. it says in no uncertain terms in the affordable care act section 1513 the employer mandate show began january 1st 2014. this president's decided that large employers need transition relief because times are tough. he decided that he was going to not just wave but actually cancel or abolish the law for the year 2014. neil: you were against the law to begin with. >> i was against it to begin with. ulysses s. grant said it best. the best way to repeal a bad law is to enforce it vigorously. that is my goal. if your opponent wants to hang himself, don't take away the rope and. neil: when he changes the rules after it becomes law and says there is precedent because fdr did the same.
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lbj did the same. what is different here? >> with respect to the president, not enforcement. nothing nearly a year long and nothing to the extent that the cbo has courted as the $10 billion cost. neil: make a difference. >> what difference does it make? >> well, the difference is the reason that the way it was for political convenience because he knows that unfortunately -- >> i know what you think he did it for, but how would it make a difference for you? >> not so much just as a doctor and the local business owner but as an american citizen to see that the president did his toes and the waters of tyranny by being sold to have such a brazen power grab and to decide that he is going to change the law by and self. it makes me ask myself what other laws to see intend to change? someone needs to stop them. many wonder why is it that if you have done something so wrong then no one has stopped him. here is the answer. you need to sue in federal court under what is called the
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administrative procedure act of 1946. order for a judge to be willing to your case you have to show standing or injury. what is unique about our cases that my injury is the fact that i pay lawyers to make sure that my business was in compliance with this despicable law because i am a law-abiding citizen. on july 2nd on the first day of is daylong trip to africa as he is retreating from his own country each we said he is going to cancel a portion of a federal law all by himself without the permission of congress thinking that that is just okay. neil: you are ticked off. now, you have been sidetracked on political and governmental matters. you still have time for these warning kids? >> well, i compassion orthodontist. i do care about my patience and care enough about my country that i make time and do not have to make sure. neil: good for you. thank you very much, doctor. you take matters into your own
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neil: all of the time, you probably been worried about the government spy. a recent survey by the big writers group shows more than seven out of 10 are worried about a chill over freedom of speech. katie pavlich is here. >> i think the government has taken a couple miles here to say the least. your job as a journalist or as a writer is to get people information in one of your other top priorities is to protect her sources and with the government overlooking your shoulder, you put that at risk when they are
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actually doing huge disservice to people and putting their careers at risk. especially inside the government about wrongdoing. in return, we don't get that information and in then government bureaucrats get away that behavior as well. neil: i always think that stories like this that just are mesmerizing, they are front and center. in the health then the health ce thing comes along and that's a big distraction and a privacy distraction as well. all these concerns about freedom of speech and whether people are compromising that. i worry about that. >> i worry about it as well. you talk about all of the concerns and it's almost like people become numb to the outrage. on the free-speech issue, it was only a couple of months ago that we learned that it's not just reporters were being looked at,
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it is the parents of reporters. james rosen, is phone information from his house was taken. you have the executives from those phone lines getting taken. >> i had every single one of my pizza orders deleted. [laughter] and you're right. i guess what i worry about is we are making a big deal of this. but i always tell them, what if it was reversed been upwards it was looked around? >> it's not just fox reporters. that's when they got nervous. and they are all clamoring about this. but the writer left, be careful, because the next that could be you. >> i think it is the bigger issue of not only government surveillance looking at
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reporters and their sources are, but now we have the legislation in the senate or you have senators and politicians trying to find out who qualifies as a journalist and soul of journalism, we don't need people in washington dc on capitol hill looking at her information or deciding what we should or should not be doing. neil: i think it's too late. garrity habit, i don't know what they're going to do with it. they have done it. even if they were to stop right now. all of this nonsense. i have no idea what they are doing with the phone records and 75% of e-mails. but they have it. >> they do have it. my suggestion is start doing things the old way. write things down with a pen and a piece of paper. neil: or make up and confuse them. [laughter] all right, stripped of their
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>> i know one thing. i know that i returned every phone call personally and i watched every single time that was spent. these counselors do not like to be held accountable and let's call it for what it is. the majority of them at city hall are left wing socialists.
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neil: stripped of his power and stripped of this, canceled after just one nation. but dee dee benkie says the mayor should keep his job. >> don't even go there. [laughter] >> i mean, can you imagine. it's a terrible thing that happens in the city. terrorist attack, a weather problem, who are you going to call? a local crack house? [laughter] >> you are actually a part of this. >> if you think about it, no one cobham. and it doesn't matter.
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>> here's the thing. it's not good for an elected official to be stripped of power so quickly and so easily. it definitely can resonate concern. >> to be fair, i didn't think that that was fair. >> we have a double standard about how to meet that punishment. >> just yes, and i think we need to be respectful. >> but what if the elected official is not respectful? >> i am talking about the process. i mean, what are they doing? >> i can agree with you you have not admitted to the crime.
8:22 pm
>> it was just once. he said he was drunk. >> give him a chance. >> up for bid you live in that city and there was a terrorist attack, i mean, come on. [talking over each other] >> that is not what we're talking about here. >> i mean, he's been a decent mayor. >> no, he hasn't. >> yes, he had. >> i want to put you in the polls, as long as you don't put me in there with them. [laughter] >> i see how it is.
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[laughter] >> the mainstream media loves to jump on this sort of thing and i think they have a double standard. and i am not condoning his behavior. i just know it's a double standard. >> what is the double standard? >> are kicking and screaming says. >> and that is a huge settlement. >> are you struggling as well? >> no, no.
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neil: so all of these who may have dabbled might think twice. what do you think? >> it depends on what the questionable substances. president obama admitted that at one time in his life he tried cocaine. >> and look what happened. >> that's just the thing. everyone makes mistakes in their personal lives. >> i came we were having this conversation. >> there are so many politicians that have made mistakes. i think it was unfair for them to strip the powers immediately. go ahead and put the red cape in front of him because now it's going to be worse.
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>> they won't do it. >> the president's approval ratings just hit a record low. the health care rollout is too late now. and what about real i.t. experts watching this turkey. better yet, a former top technology executive. we will have that next my mantra? family first.
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>> the way that the federal government does determine, it is generally not very efficient. so what we probably need to do is blow up how we procure this. especially on a system is complicated. neil: the president admitting that the government isn't good with complicated i.t. issues. the former hewlett-packard ceo is not arguing that. what she is arguing is what happened cents. how are you feeling? >> i feel great, i'm almost five years out of a cancer survivor and that's the magic mark. neil: i think you are amazing and your attitude is wonderful.
8:30 pm
and not for the kind words. there is a not so kind rollout of the health care law and i'm wondering. it's one thing for the president to acknowledge this after the fact. but it begs the question why wasn't responsible for this rollout? >> there are many things that are disturbing about what president obama has said. his press conference last week on thursday, he said that he was just now discovering that buying health insurance is complex. yes, it's not like he has just discovered that the government isn't very good at i.t. procurement. also president obama had great fanfare when he was elected, creating the first ever position and we are going to do all of these things and it didn't work. this is an example of an executive who is completely out of control and didn't know the website wasn't working and he didn't know about the irs and he didn't know about the justice
8:31 pm
department or vin crosbie and he didn't know about angela merkel and her telephone or anything. but we have created a disaster here with this regulation. neil: when you talk about leaders from all sides, that is not any more reassuring than someone who knew about it. some worry much more than this and that implies a sort of a shadow government and if your ignorance about the details for which you should get kudos for going through. and he just dropped the ball on it. it tells me more about your hands-off style than anything else. >> you are right. i think one of the reasons that president obama's approval ratings are now sinking rapidly is because people are beginning to figure out that it's all words and it's just words and
8:32 pm
this is not a competent executive or a person who understands how to govern. this is a person who says what he needs to say at the time he needs to say it and if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. that is what he thought he had to say at the time and it just so happened that he did not. neil: the republicans risk -- are they assuming that this will last a long time? you and i can remember this, only two weeks ago republicans are part of this shutdown thing. but what are republicans -- what they have to do? you are big on being proactive with technology and it's about that and not getting lost with the stuff that doesn't matter. this is a matter of house
8:33 pm
republicans offer something, right? >> right. i've been public in saying for some time that i think republicans have made a huge mistake by not offering a proactive solution and what was going on before obamacare was unacceptable. it wasn't helpful to that many americans. the goal must be to provide access to quality affordable health care for everyone. and republicans have to put forward a plan that i believe adheres to a couple of basic principles. this includes real competition across the boundaries and it doesn't serve everyone well. let's have real competition and make sure that patients and their doctors make the decisions and not the government. neil: so you would rip the south because the cynical part of that is the attempt to insure the uninsured and help those that can't be helped and this will go and republicans will never follow up on a replacement?
8:34 pm
>> i think that republicans need to do what they can right now to try to fix this inequity. i support trying to fix something that had gone awry to allow people to keep the plan that they like not the other hand i think the republicans have not had as much sway in the debate over health care because they didn't put forward a clear and proactive solution. what was going on before wouldn't work. but the reason that this will fail, not because of the website, but because it is too complicated and the legislation itself is longer than the a harry potter novel. and it is a company -- is accompanied by 11,000 pages of regulations that modify and codify and amend that harry potter novel and i cannot possibly work. republicans now need to step up and say we need to fix a we can
8:35 pm
fix and in the meantime we are going to offer a solution so that americans can have access to quality and affordable health care. neil: we we now know from pools today that if the election were held today, mitt romney when. and i'm wondering, in your editorial in california, knowing what californians know, dooyou think that i would be talking to a senator right now? >> well, who knows. you can't go back in time. but it is true that timing is everything and i think that what people are finding out more and more into that the federal government is not competent at everything but some things. but the health care system is not all of them. this includes programs and solutions and the second thing they are learning is that words are cheap. what matters is reality and actions and results. >> that's well said.
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neil: the obama administration requesting aid. but many want to wait until they know where each dollar is going. think of all the money that we have wasted, the money that went to haiti to help them out but never really help them out all right, don't say i didn't warn you with good intentions.
8:40 pm
60 billion allocated for hurricane sandy. the government is having trouble tracking where the money is going as well. we have the heritage budget expert now. none of this surprises me. but it is a reminder, particularly chris christie of new jersey who said we need the money now and this includes attacks of speaker boehner and the others. >> there were billions of dollars and it was awful. when we looked at it, there was so much money and now the fact that we are not even tracking is this to find out where that money is going. that is just the tip of the iceberg and there were billions of dollars from the get-go to get around with the sequester so lawmakers could spend more.
8:41 pm
neil: maybe it was a go slow approach, but apparently of the money that did go out, there was a lot of hanky-panky going on and what is the deal? >> we saw this with hurricane katrina were billions of dollars were wasted and there was lots of fraud and abuse and taxpayers can find out about until much later. we will see a similar thing happening with hurricane sandy. this includes money allocated to the smithsonian and hurricane sandy happened in new jersey. >> just wanting to be clear, i think they allocated the money for the smithsonian, which is out of the way and path here. that was just the tip of the money wasting iceberg. so how does that go through, in other words, how does that get were in another person gets
8:42 pm
allocated and if someone were to tell me that this is the dough, someone would raise their hand and say this but no one dead. >> we did talk about it at the time, but the problem was that lawmakers were pushed into passing this package because we need this money right now. >> you are quite right. i remember the tone. and no one thought if we get it out, what are you going to do with it. i was part of the delay the john boehner wanted to see, that it was going to be intended and clearly in retrospect it was not. >> the victims were taking advantage of lawmakers who pushed through spending that was completely unrelated to the disaster and we won't even know until much later where that money went because they are not
8:43 pm
even tracking improperly and it's just another example of the indifference of spending, which hurts the taxpayers in a very real way. neil: tipping my hat to you, we are keeping track of it and i commend you for it. and we won't have us again. something tells me they won't do that. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, just as big health care is any government democrat. to the former guy who doesn't quite see things this way. we will have that next. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
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neil: what is it with rand paul and chris christie? the kentucky senator's latest broadside against the new jersey governor is that he is like a democrat because he has next to the president's health care law and is taking federal medicare money to help his state. letting states decide this sort of thing was not a bad idea. and again, we should stress that we are not taking sides with what chris christie and folks like this are trying to do. >> they are basically saying that there is an opportunity to get federal funding for the states to expand medicaid coverage if they go along with this lot. they are saying that they think that's a good thing for the population. i'm not a political guy, but i think that i can understand the calculation and i think it's
8:48 pm
crazy that it's become such a hot button political issue. >> here's where i see the inconsistency. but you can't have your cake and eat it too. if you're going to bash the president's law, you must bash all components of that lot and money from the government, that means raising it from taxpayers in the state. that makes some of these others look hypocritical. so what do you say to that? >> they may think that my car insurance premiums are too high, but a five accident, they're going to take my money. neil: that is a very good point. that's putting me down brilliantly. i like it. okay, so these governors come back again, but that will be the
8:49 pm
battle. how much he takes in the federal government. it's all money, local level, federal level, no matter who it comes from and how big of an issue is this health care and ramping ribbing of the medicaid funding from the government. how does that help your cause if it puts you under the federal governments system? >> i think that that will, in terms of the non-medicaid card, i think we will have to see how people are with this law a few years from now. so it's definitely going to cut against you. people decide further down the road that they have okay coverage and it's not such a bad thing, it may not be the big issue two years from now than it is today. we will have to wait and see what does your gut tell you?
8:50 pm
everyone says that things will stabilize and get more in groove. you think that will be the case? >> i think that there will always be complaints about health insurance in this country. because it costs a lot to get sick, even if you have enough health insurance. my gut tells me that people will be used get used to it and that's not going to be quite the explosive issue that it is today, particularly because obamacare was originally omnicare and a conservative plan. i don't think it will tear the republican party apart. >> we shall see. richard, thank you so much. >> thank you. all right, if you're in big trouble, find out which big-box retailer is looking for a big comeback doing just that. we will have that next.
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neil: ebay is taking on brick and mortar stores. scott martin, and your immediate. what do you think? >> it is interesting. i think it's really good for the mall owners, it's good for them because these are going to go to areas that are normally shut down. and you know, it gets their brand out there. but the thing is that you have to remember, they come and pack up your stuff for you, it's not really working that well at times. they have an image issue and they are a market space. >> i like it. i mean, in this society we are
8:55 pm
addicted to this and this is exactly what this is. i think sometimes you go to walk to a store, but deterrents point he is right. the stock has been performed really well and so watch the bottoms in the top of it, it's pretty predictable. neil: giver by that stuff that you see on tv, lo and behold, i went to wal-mart and the whole file is filled with this stuff and i'm thinking, why was i worried about those in pain for the shipping and all of that. wal-mart has all of this scene on tv stuff. but i'm thinking why have the other. so does ebay risk losing this? >> i think that might be it. and i mean, they had an identity once upon a time and now they
8:56 pm
don't and they're kind of struggling to figure out what they're going to do next. and so maybe this is the new thing that they do with it. that is going to be the new identity. neil: speaking of retail guys, not only is best buy talking about iphone or ipod training. and so what do you think? >> you know, yesterday the ceo said we will do what it takes this includes and buy the products that you want to fit your lifestyle.
8:57 pm
and they're making the best use of their space getting consumers to give what they need. >> it's pretty amazing. the aggressiveness, i totally dig it and i think that's a good thing. and we are still deserted and no one has come back yet. neil: and here we have the
8:58 pm
nightcap. >> what you looking for and what are you looking for their? >> you know, we have a house full of stuff. >> we talked about this a couple weeks ago. amazon, a couple of years ago. admittedly spending a lot of time ordering baby products and therefore i think it's a good thing. >> what is happening you? what's wrong with you? [laughter] >> congratulations. what do you make of that? >> i don't know. >> go-ahead.
8:59 pm
>> okay, there's a lot of earnings tomorrow and i want to hear what these guys have to say. i want to know what the ceos are saying about the consumer and if these retail sales numbers are really a part of it. and that will dominate the shopping. >> as you look around, everyone is doing it.
9:00 pm
neil: sounds great. good night. the obamacare crisis grows. people's shopping on the website hated, and yet people want nothing to do with it. also, fighting with an x about money. there is way to do it right. we will show you how. we are live at the l.a. opera show withxpert reviews of the best new cars out there. we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." welcome to "the willis report." your show, your money, your vo


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