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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 21, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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give ramsey and his daughter rachel cruz, a following in his personal finance footsteps will join us to enter your money questions. lori: a rally underway. let's head to the stock exchange for a check in with nicole petallides. the s&p looking to snap three days of decline. nicole: the dow is doing great, the s&p 500 holding up. we will see if we can stop the recent declines we've seen, we had uncertainty, back and forth action. the dow went over the line 37 times yesterday. right now 15,974, crossing the 16,000 mark and not sure we have a closing a again, closing record and that will lead the 40th record of the year. let's talk about retailers here, dollar tree and target. these names and down arrows and dollar tree miss their quarterly numbers for the estimates and shares of been dropping, intense competition from wal-mart and
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the light and target talks about consumers, higher taxes, unemployment, really looking to the gradual economy as one of the reasons they're not meeting their profits. adam: following breaking news in the senate voting to adopt the so-called nuclear option, changing the rules when it comes to filibuster. rich edson in washington with how this could have implications on the confirmation of janet yellen to become the next head of the fed. >> of the senate had voted this morning on janet yellen's nomination the chair of the federal reserve she would have likely needed 60 votes. now she only needs 51 and that is the case for any of the president's executive nominees for federal judges. harry reid has just exercise the nuclear option, changing the rules of the u.s. senate. democrats say republicans of blocked president obama's judicial nominees longer and more frequently than any senate minority in history.
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>> the american people, democrats, republicans, independentss are fed up with this gridlock, this obstruction. the american people want washington to work for american families once again. >> the rules apply to them, to them. and another said to everybody else. he may just as well have said it feel like the rules of the senate you can keep them. if you like rules of the senate you can keep them. >> that is a nod to president obama's if you like your health care plan you can keep away. this leads the way for a a federal housing finance agency has, favors principle right downs on government controlled mortgages from borrowers and anymore and their homes than their worth.
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the acting director has blocked the administration's efforts saying such a move is fiscally irresponsible. the confirmation likelier, would reverse that policy. adam: does this interfere with the concept of checks and balances between the branches of government? even within the senate? >> this concept of minority rights in the senate, that the senate has had since its inception, that you needed a large sense of consensus in the senate again seeking an and the minority party could block almost anything and that has been the case and remains the keys on major pieces or other pieces of legislation. democrats point that republicans were abusing that. republicans say it is their right and here we are. lori: the dow on track for another record close, the eighth record this month and a 40th this year. it is not scared off investors,
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a record $230 billion investment in stock mutual funds. a managing partner at market and visors says the gray rotation is under way but there's still room to get into equity markets. welcome to you, great to see you. we have to set the stage with the fed, the fed continues to be the putt that master. your take on where the fit is and what do you think it is going especially with the janet yellen confirmation likely to happen? >> i was in my rural illinois home last doubleday's. we have a great country saying which is never accept a wooden nickel, never accept the fix. the fed has been trying to pass a wouldn't nickel the last couple bill is. jenna and yeller and ben bernanke talked about keeping the front end of the curve so the fed funds rate lower for longer. that is not actually a great thing if you conceptualize the fact they're doing that in combination probably with the closer picture than we imagine. whether it is in december or
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january or march i think it is completely data dependent but the fact is they are talking about this wooden nickel because they want the paper. lori: the treasury market is taking matters into its own hands because we have seen a rise in short-term interest rates. what do you think the fed is looking at that and saying especially considering comments from lacquer, jeff lacher, not voting in this cycle but obviously very hawkish and saying enough with the q e purchases. enough is enough. >> there's a ton of confusion. look what charlie said yesterday out of chicago, talking about making 1.5 trillion purchases so there is a lot of confusion, a lot of cross speak. at the end of the day when you have to focus on is whether q e is still seen as being effective and whether the fed believes there are at the bubble. lori: the question is janet yellen, how she will orchestrate
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the exit strategy and you point out it is on purpose that she's not giving us any indication. >> she can't. lori: she is testifying before congress. >> in the testimony can't say i believe we will tabor at x because of this. that would kick her hand, make market participants trade in ways i don't think the fed really want them to. i think right now the fed is kind of in this range bound area just like reits are range bound right now and bond market participants have done a really good job taking duration out of their portfolios and substituting more credit risk so i think is individual investors you have to really think about whether you want to hold bonds to maturity, individual bonds or you want to be in funds will you have more duration risk. lori: you have called the great rotation yet some other
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pnalysts, 3% cap on the tenure benchmark, that is the yield for the near-term. >> that is a precip -- lori: enough room to rumble? >> as we talk about capering, we are too late for that. may twenty-second we started the first caper turkey. so i think right now all saying we are range bound maybe is 3-2, who knows but rates just pushed out to and area where you will look back a year from now saying i miss the trade. lori: you bullish on u.s. equities and put 2013 in the books, it is a monster rally whatever you think of valuation but let's talk about 2014 because you have some concerns. the best buy for top sectors, stock allocations in the new year. >> 2014 transitions from a year of complete the know where you say we will go up 27%, and we will put your money in and put
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it in an index and 2014 is a different scenario. actively managed portfolios will perform better. there is some discrete areas in the market taking the advantage of commodity weakness. we like the airlines because the price of oil is coming down. that is an interesting trade and if you believing grows in the u.s. you want to look at technology as well. lori: great to see you. adam: the european central bank is thinking about cutting its deposit rating to negative territory. this means banks would have to pay to hold money at the ecb. the idea behind this move would be to make it less attractive for banks to hold onto their cash and instead went into borrower is stimulating the european economy but ecb president mario draghi said, quote, there is no news since the ecb's last meeting. lori: the united states auto
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industry will see half the growth it sought this year by 2014 so this statement came from toyota motor corp. head of north american operations yesterday who believes new vehicles and low interest rates this year satisfied all the pent-up demand in the auto industry. sales are expected to reach fifteen million units by the end of the year, the number will be closer to sixteen million by the end of 2014. adam: tvs that snoop on their owners even if you try to stop and after new privacy allegations. lori: forget stopping to ask for directions, the boeing cargo question in a surprise landing overnight at the wrong airport. >> the economic scene stepping into a debt-laden puerto rico where the government were here to help, watch out. pr t is on the brink of a credit downgrade. @?? she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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approved to treat ed and symptoms obph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or iyou have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. adam: retirement fund the tied to a but an economic crisis is starting and continuing to
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rattle investors, the biggest money managers in the nation's 80 entire municipal market, the entire $3.7 trillion municipal-bond market is at risk if pr's debt is downgraded and it comes as the obama administration sends a task force to help puerto rico manage its struggling economy. to discuss this and why this concern abb overblown is the director of credit analysis at each project and i want to start with a quote from something you wrote recently where you talk about the depressed market region that and you said the economy there whose flames have been fuelled by bombastic and unbalanced reporting of the island's economic and government financial factors. what are we getting wrong? a lot of people think puerto rico is still and on its deathbed. while we wrong? >> i have said many times in every one of my records quarter rico at story is not a pretty picture. financially it has had problems. the economy is not as bad as people making out and the
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stories that have been written about pr's economy are being written as if these were exposes seeing these are problems for puerto rico and they are about to sink in the caribbean sea. these are old stories. puerto rico has had economic problems since 2006 but more importantly fiscally they are solving their problems and if anything i feel stronger than i did a year ago about porter rico being able to pay its debt. adam: why does the yield and come due in 2001,.1% above the benchmark? it is yielding 8%. >> it is irrational pricing, because fans of the inflamed by reading general media reports about pr's economic problems comparing their debts to other states. puerto rico is not a stick but if it were, direct debt burden would be higher than it would be for illinois and mississippi or massachusetts bucks it is not burdened by the federal deficit
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and the debt burden that goes along with an. when you compare that pr is not in bad shape. adam: the shark circling whether it is and the cheaper not ended the island cannot borrow at affordable rates won't we cms sells off? three quarters of muni bond funds in the country have exposure to puerto ricans debt and sell something and they may wind up selling whatever as opposed to what they should sell. >> a lot of veteran analysts believe puerto rico's debt is money good meaning when it comes time to the interest and principal is going to be paid back. there's a lot of concern about reading the negative media reports and i have to be honest of hamel concerned two or thre weeks ago there were hedge fund managers would not know municipal bond it they did them in the face claiming puerto rico with a $0.10 on the dollar. that is ludicrous. if you look at the facts and you know what is going on you know puerto rico's debt is many good.
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adam: hugh point of the strong steps puerto rico has taken, any new hires in the government sector, a 401(k) pension, it is not the defined benefit contribution plan. they have raised taxes, something we would never have done in the united states on the skills they have done it. you see all of this as money good. this is a good long-term bet. >> these are extraordinary measures for rico has taken similar to what new york had to take when they were in the financial crisis and they did default in 1975. a lot of people don't realize that because they called the illegal moratorium but n.y. city failed to pay its debt. and a law review held on to new york city debt in 1975 crisis and didn't panic you came out ahead, got your money back and you even actually probably made better income. i believe the same will happen for puerto rico. adobe puerto rico has a default on its debt. it has taken extraordinary measures to handle its financial affairs. i think it is monday good.
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adam: i appreciate your being here because we had other people who said just the opposite. good to have both sides of this. all the best to you. >> my neck is out there, thanks. adam: hope you do better than the thanksgiving turkey. lori: let's get an update on the markets, the dallas up before points. lessee nicole petallides on the stock exchange, taking a look at a company david einhorn is moving hire. nicole: is great if you are of land hoping 17, 16,000 levels and making money in your 401(k) and iras. micron raising the target to $18 today and in this hour we are watching closely because feeling capital's and data 9 koren was reportedly saying he had a long position at micron technology, this is reported from the new york city robin hood investment conference and was reported on twitter he said exactly is that and they continue to challenge
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the conventional computer with a. in the meantime the stock moves to a new high and jumping 5.5%. you today is up 213%. adam: charles dean has gone up against several masters of the levers including david einhorn who is now pumping a couple names charles has featured on making money so charles is here to explain why you should be leery of being pushed around by the smart guys in the room. charles: they can be wrong for very long time and the average investor cannot in doing that kind of agony, pain or loss so david einhorn a couple things, let's talk, he is talking about this book today which is fine. green mountain is a huge. this is a stock he does not likely has been shooting. in a my have been talking about over two years on the network really talking about big time for my own clients who got them
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in early, to oregon in three times and got position in now, they will continue to talk it down. when these master of the interest i don't like the stock they get a lot of help. stories, but in the media, scuttlebutt get out, articles get out, green mountains losing market share, this happening, that happening, a lot of help because they want to jump on the bandwagon. >> another one, going back and forth, to your point the average guys of left out and what should u.s. an average investor lookout for? how do you do that? charles: you do have to do your homework. take to put a mexican grill. ryan moore and comes out and slams the stock, white on $100 on this stock, his rationale blew me away. he compared jacoby mexican grill to taco bell, the doritos mobil was going to eat to poking the mexican grill's lunch, they are really not, they have two different constituents, the
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stock plummeted. i am happy because they jump all over it and came on this show two days later and said this is a buy, not a sell. sometimes you have to do your homework, sometimes it is not even mathematical homework but logic. go to those stores, see what people are buying, look at the price points, not even a comparison, not even the same types. adam: guacamole and jacobi in the bowl. adam: the type of people that he there for various reasons, the conscientious corp. and that kind of stuff. for us it is across the street. i am happy he did jump on -- helping me out today. the bottom line is the your homework. these guys can be wrong for a long time, not always right and one other thing, the street helps the lot to get to where they say they are going to go.
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lori: new consumer satisfaction survey as tesla earning a near-perfect score. >> kanye west's and beef, at the online issue retailer ending the trash talking next. ♪
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>> 24 minutes past the hour, as this is your fox news minute. afghanistan's president supports a security deal with the united states that would keep thousands of american troops there for another decade. hamid karzai says he doesn't trust the u.s. and once his successor to sign the agreement after next spring at election. hamid karzai says the delay will allow more time to test u.s. intentions. kennedy cousin michael skakeska it gets a new trial. this is involving the 1975 murder of martha mocks we. he was granted bail after a bond hearing in stanford. he served 11 years of the 20 years to life sentence. here is some food fifth shot. cards study found people who eat nuts and less likely to die than
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those who don't. researchers say the risk of dying from heart disease. drops 29% and risk from dying from cancer fell 11%. so each of the. those are your news headlines on the fox business network, back to glory and adam. >> what if you are not? let me check on that. >> despite the national highway traffic safety investigation into the models, the electric car is receding here perfect scores on the prestigious consumer reports survey is. the model s receive the 99 out of 100 on an owner satisfaction the survey released today by consumer reports magazine. this report draws from subscribers who have bought the car in the last few years and it is the highest score the car has ever received. this news comes after the models receive the same 99 of 100 score on overall consumer reports
1:27 pm
scoring in man making it the best car ever tested the shares of tesla are trading up with that news. never driven a tesla myself. my brother says it is the best ever. i have not gone to a atlanta, just drove in september. i will go for a ride. lori: i.t. profile names taking their beat with major corporations on line. dennis kneale is following all the tweets and joins us now. dennis: in this case two pop culture icons, kanye west and ashton kutcher clashes with big brands, dichotomy for other marketers facing a public before. in the case of actor and twitter phenomenon ashton kutcher he took on walmart and started it, walmart, is your problem margin so important you can't pay your employees enough to be above the poverty line? the story of the canton, ohio about people looking for donations and walmart took the
1:28 pm
big, responding quote makes it is unfortunate and act of human kindness has been taken out of context. we are proud of our associates which brought only more rebuke from ashton kutcher this is what makes you should be proud of your associates but i'm not sure if they should be proud of you. ashton kutcher could contribute his millions of dollars if he is so worried about their welfare and there is this. it is and his business. kanye west said in an interview that the shoemaker makes a junky product in use the s word so instead of engaging in taking him on the ticket in another direction and tweet a link to a website that shows bathroom humor, plumbing humor, shows this shot right here. up lunger, referred to this product. lori: it kanye west responded that? dennis: that i don't have. lori: i approve most of this response.
1:29 pm
dennis: instead of being so earnest, it makes fun of the guy making fun of you. free advertising. a little uncomfortable with reference to the toilet. that should be left of. lori: humor. killed with humor. and fire with water. lori: syndicated radio talk-show hosts, rachel crews, here next to enter personal finance questions. ♪ tdd# 1-800-345-2550 searching for trade ideas that spark youruriosity tdd# 1-800-345-2550 can take you in many directions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you read this. watch that. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 yolook for what's next. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 atchwab, we can help turn inspiration into tion tdd# 1-800-345-2550 boost your trading iq with t help of d# 1-800-345-2550 our live online workshops
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3 amazing benefits when you do what io, iyou think about risk.. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum votility etfs. investments designed for a smoother ride. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a ospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. adam: go back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is there, taking a look at some retail earnings for us. hi, nicole. >> hi. we're looking at both the gap
1:33 pm
and abercrombie & fitch. you can take a look at both of them. we'll start here with abercrombie & fitch which is a winner up 1.2% but actually seen sales for the last seven quarters come under pressure as teenagers are somewhat fickle. then there is the gap up 1.1%. they're the parent of banana republic, old navy and gap stores. we'll see what they are doing sector by sector because they will be reporting numbers after the bell. we're keeping a close eye on target and jcpenney. really fast. there is jcpenney, down 3 1/2. and down here is target, down 3 1/2 as well. target talks about consumers facing higher taxes and unemployment which has been troublesome. back to you. adam: thank you, nicole. lori: credit card balances declined for the fourth consecutive month in the september. federal reserve said revolving credit fell by $2 billion. is this a sign that americans may be prepared to spend a little more, a little more wise holiday season?
1:34 pm
let's bring in money guru and nationally syndicated talk show host, dave ramsey and dave's daughter, rachel cruze. >> great to be here. lori: good to have you. biggest mistake people use planning to spend using credit cards for holiday shopping. >> we all know we're not supposed to do that. like going to a bar and drinking too much. you know you will have a hangover. the stupid credit cards will be there in may. we heard the statistic. break the cycle. be intentional, we'll do this with cash. we'll change our process? because the other one is not working. lori: go ahead. adam: rachel, what about people who quite aren't established yet in their careers? they're under 30 and want to give gifts for the friend and don't have fund to do it. should they say, no gifts? >> picks up extra job or cash. or things like pinterest. ladies love pinterest. you can get creative with gift
1:35 pm
giving. if you don't have money to spend be honest. -@friends and family will understand. lori: you use the bar and drinking, i hate to use the word addiction that is number one excuse if you overspend, right? what is your advice, dave, really reining in in and using cash and being savvy instead of building up credit cards. >> santa claus is good friend of mine and says you ought to make a list and check it twice. that is christmas budget. get the credit cards out and have a plasectomy. chop them up. write down the list on purpose. we created a tool called my christmas budget at my christmas to do it free. it is working. people are learning to live on what they make. what a concept. adam: we have questions viewers sent in that you two can answer for us this is from dave. this is from muriel. i'm majoring in finance and aspire to be financial advisor like yourself.
1:36 pm
any career advice for a college junior? >> finance is a great degree because it opens up a lost possible things you can do, entrepreneurial, certainly in the corporate environment as well. being a one-on-one financial advisor there are two types. the type that sell product. meaning they sell investments or insurance, those kinds ever things and generally work with higher echelon income people only because that's' where the money is. you can do what we are, we're more financial coaches. we're more walmart, not neiman marcus. it is tough to make a living doing that, a lot of folks don'ts have as much money t would be fee-only basis. lori: twitter question for from devon. any advice on student loans and graduating in august and i'm already stressed out. >> like many college grads. get any job, may not be a dream job. find a job and list out all your debts smallest to largest, regardless of interest rates. pay minimum payments on everything and attack the smallest debt first.
1:37 pm
work your way out, you will slowly become debt-free. lori: don't change cards, don't ride interest rates. >> no. no. pay off. pay it off. being debt-free in general is the best key to winning financially. when the income comes in, you keep it and decide what to do. lay the foundation of becoming debt-free. lori: we have jacob who wants to know, how can i get my wife on the same page as me when it comes to our budget, which she ignores, dave. i take exception to that, because i think we have a little elbow room. >> it is not a marriage question. sound like he is trying to dictate to his wife how to live. i got to tell you i've been married 31 years that doesn't work. a budget committee meeting should be a team meeting. both of us want to win. as husband and wife, we want to win of the we want christmas. we want our kid to go to college. live our dreams on an island some day. we want to win. how do we sit down together and we develop a plan we agree to. not dick tate to my wife?
1:38 pm
that just doesn't fly. adam: this one for rachel. this is many coulding from dustin on the radio asks, i'm 24 years old working as business manager. my wife is currently in grad school. our only debt is student loans. should i add to my ira or work toward pating toward the student loans. >> i recommend stopping everything and attacking debt. that be the priority. become completely debt-free and is a% of income into retirement. income will build wealth and get leeway. take as much money as possible and pay off the student loan as soon as possible. lori: dave ramsey, your daughter, rachel, you guys are terrific. hope you come soon. >> thanks for having me. adam: good to see you both of you. thank you very much. fannie and freddie uniting ralph nader and wall street? lori: charlie gasparino joins us with exclusive details on these unlikely bedfellows. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm david asman with your fox business brief. the treasury plans to sell the remaining 31.1 million shares of gm owned by the u.s. government by the end of the year. since the government's near $50 billion gm bailout since 2009, taxpayers recovered about 38.4 billion. the treasury currently holds 2.2% of gm shares. intel announcing plans to quadruple its chip sales for tablets next year. intel's chairman acknowledged
1:41 pm
that the company has been beaten by rivals in the shift to mobile devices. andy bryant tells "all things d," he is personally embarrassed that we seem to lost theirour way. google launching a no-free prepaid debit card. they can use it to access fund in the google wallet account at atms's and where mastercard is accepted. >> that that is the very latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. charlie gasparino is coming right up.
1:42 pm
lori: breaking news. just about 10 minutes they will make a statement on the senate's vote changing rules confirming presidential nominees. heard earlier in the senate, harry reid went nuclear, referring to it, changing the rule. filibusters only require 51 votes to cancel as opposed to earlier 60 votes necessary. we'll bring you latest live as it happens. adam: ralph nader can be
1:43 pm
described as a lot of things but he, is he also a shareholder activist? apparently, yeah, when it comes to fannie mae and freddie mac. charlie gasparino has exclusive details. ralph nader? >> we'll see tomorrow exactly what ralph nader has to say on this subject. as you know lots of congressional proposals to dismantle fannie and freddie. do something different with it. put it into receivership to put it out of its misery. here's what happened since bailouts of 2008. some people bought stock in this. ralph nader bought stock, depressed shares. what he did, he bought the stock from what i understand to have a say in the future of fannie and freddie. remember he is known as a consumer advocate. my guess he bought that stock to keep them around for a while and have a voice in the future of it. tomorrow we'll hear more about that voice. what he wants and what he is doing, he will oppose the various congressional efforts. there is bipartisan effort, corker-warner bill. adam: right. >> essentially puts it out of
1:44 pm
business from what i understand. changes it dramatically from where it is. it will destroy the shareholders anybody bought it cents on dollar. ralph nader will have a press conference tomorrow. he will be doing some tv we'll talk about getting him on fox business. he will lay out why he thinks these plans are wrong. he will, what is interesting about this, he is not arguing from the consumer standpoint. he is arguing from the shareholder standpoint. he is in bed with a lot of shareholders. blackrock, big money management firm. they also bought depressed shares. perry capital. big hedge fund. and so he is involved with that. i think we'll see if he joining it. there are various shareholder lawsuits against plans by the government to dismantle. we'll hear tomorrow if he will join those lawsuits. adam: is this going to be for his reputation as champion of little guy, essentially unsafe at any speed? you. >> know, i don't know. it is interesting angle that he is taking. listen this, guy understands how to play to the cameras.
1:45 pm
if he took purely consumer angle i don't think we would be talking about it right now. the fact he bought shares and arguing as shareholder, various attempts to change fannie and freddie does a comedown on shareholders -- cramdown. still trading at very marginal levels as penny -- whatever. it recovered somewhat with the bailouts. to destroy shareholder value right now by taking it over is something that he will argue is illegal. it's wrong. adam: does he have a proposal how to securitize, essentially the housing market? you have to keep money flowing. that is what fannie and freddie do, whether they do it well or not is another discussion. >> at the would say if you want to dismantle fannie and freddie do it in the bankruptcy courts where shareholders have a place in line. don't wipe him out. these apparent proposals wipe them out. i'm not expert on each one of them. he will elaborate on this tomorrow. it will be interesting. from what i understand 1:00 p.m.
1:46 pm
press conference. you know, ralph nader, shareholder activist -- adam: if government does this, give everybody a free corvair. >> maybe do another deal with jamie dimon and -- next bank they sue, do that as shareholder relief, homeowner relief. adam: charlie gasparino. thank you very much. lori: while you gentlemen were talking the dow hit that milestone, that psychological mark of 16,000. let's go ahead to see what's behind the move with jonathan corpina joining us from the floor of the new york stock exchange. what do you think? will we close at 16,000 today? >> market is showing strong enough strength for to us continue this rally. i don't know if we will get, be able to close there today, just because the fact when you have a big move like this, when you get closer to the end of the day, you get short-term profit-taking. we'll see if it rolls through tomorrow. but, we have economic data that helped this market. the yellen confirmation clearly is something that solidifies investor's confidence where we'll be for the rest of the year. the normal year-end rally.
1:47 pm
we're talking about year-end rally already. we'll start to see momentum with six weeks left to go in the year. lori: everybody is very comfortable with the balance of the year but 2014 presents a whole new host of challenges. so do you think these levels will sustain through the first quarter? asking you for a little bit of a midterm outlook here. where do we go from the new year? >> it will be interesting to see what happens during the first quarter. that is when we will see the taper conversation continue and in fact the actual execution of taper will affect our markets. so i think we'll continue this momentum forward. we might take one or two steps back but those two steps back have to be taken very, very lightly because of the fact that we have moved so far already. so, i think this rally continues this year. we will, continue in the first quarter of next year. lori: jonathan, thanks for your analysis. >> thank you. adam: just reminder, in just a few minutes president obama will make comments from the white house as the senate goes nuclear. historic vote on capitol hill. that it could have major
1:48 pm
implications on the confirmation of janet yellen to become the next fed chair. we'll mare what the president has to say about it next when we come back.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
adam: is your tv spying on you? not as crazy as it sounds of the jo ling kent has details how one tv-maker is logging information about you. >> 45-year-old customer huntley was shocked that the lg smart tv was transmitting what he was watching back to lg. unencrypted metadata was sent to a server every time he changed the data. he discover ad data collection setting on by default.
1:51 pm
when you turn it off it still send data out. files he wanted watched from the external b-drive, plugged into the tv also transmitted. lg tra on admitted to fox business smart tvs collect data for ads and recommendation purposes. a spokes person said we verified even when the function is turned off by viewers it continues to transmit viewing information although the data is not retained by the server. firmware update is being prepared for immediate rollout will correct the problem on all affected lg smart tvs, so when the feature is disabled no data is transmitted lg admitted that the tvs collect data from usb device,. they said they will stop that too. they said they regret any concerns the issues cause. the concern didn't seem to affect the lg stock dramatically. it was down one 1/3% when markets closed on cry yaw. we checked into the samsung the world's largest tv maker.
1:52 pm
they told ap they do not collect information on files and usb hard drives connected to its tvs. adam: can you say class action against key net or otherwise known as lg? jo, thank you very much. lori: don't want to know what we're watching in our home. raises all kinds of questions. thanks, jo. battle between microsoft and google heats up in latest effort against the anti-google campaign. microsoft releases mugs and t-shirts focus on google privacy concerns. keep calm while we steal your data. a shirt will set you back 12 bucks. no word whether google plans to retaliate. they have been duking over youtube and. they have competing smartphone operating systems so. adam: i'm still hung up on the lg thing. that is class-action lawsuit waiting to happen. it is breaking news. we're minutes away from president obama's comments from the white house as the senate goes nuclear and historic vote on capitol hill could have major implications on the confirmation
1:53 pm
of janet yellen to become the next fed chair. we'll hear what president obama has to say about it all next. lori: plus the government unloading its remaining stake in gm. good for the car company but guess who winds upholding the bag? yeah, you, me, all of us taxpayers, we the taxpayers. liz macdonald ahead on bills it will cost you. reports suggest that obama care contains a marriage penalty. would you consider living in sin to save money on insurance. rich edson investigates all this coming up as cheryl casone and ashley webster take you through the next hour here on the fox business network. don't miss it. [kevin] paul and i have been friends...
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cheryl: hello, everyone, i'm cheryl casone. ashley: i'm ashley webster. we're moments away from president obama's live comments as the democratic-controlled senate votes for the so-called "nuclear option", changing filibuster rules. we'll have the president's statement live in just a few minutes. cheryl: yes. a major step forward in janet
1:57 pm
yellen's nomination process as fed chief, she has been approved in committee but rand paul says he will filibuster when it comes before the full senate. how will senate vote play into that decision? peter barnes with that side of the story. ashley: is getting married good for your financial health? reports suggest that obamacare contains a marriage penalty. would you consider living in sin to save on insurance? that is not very romantic. tweet us on that story. rich edson coming up. cheryl: government unloading the stake in general motors. good for the car company but who is left holding the bag? the taxpayer. liz macdonald on the billions it will cost all of you. ashley: they went around the world paying only in bitcoins. austin and becky craig are here to tell us about the 101-day fascinating journey. it is not a two-bit story. all that ahead on this
1:58 pm
can't-miss hour of "markets now." top of the hour, markets steaming along nicely, thank you very much. let's get down to nicole petallides at the nyse. nicole. >> triple-digit gains for the dow jones industrials, up 103 points right now, sitting above 16,000, 16,003 at the moment. if we were to close that would be the 40th record close for the dow jones industrials in the year 2013 and our 8th this month of november. as we await the president, we're watching drug stocks, retail stocks, and dollar is virtually flat as gold pulls back some. we're keeping an eye on target, the retailer, after they came out with their numbers and showed weakness as well. earning fell 46%. target is coming under pressure. the number of transactions they actually had in their stores declined 1.3% but turns out the people who were shopping, actually bought more. the average went up. the president. cheryl: here's the president. >> probably never been more
1:59 pm
frustrated with washington and one of the reasons why that is over the past five years we've seen an unprecedented pattern of obstruction in congress that's prevented too much of the american people's business from getting done. all too often we've seen a single senator or a handful of senators choose to abuse arcane procedural tactics, to unilaterally block bipartisan compromises. or, to prevent well-qualified, patriotic americans from filling critical positions in public service in our system of government. now, at a time when millions of americans have desperately searched for work, repeated abuse of these tactics have blocked legislation that might create jobs. they have defeated actions that would help women fighting for equal pay. they prevented more progress than we would like for striving young immigrants trying to earn
2:00 pm
their citizenship. or, it has blocked efforts to end tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas. they have even been used to block common sense and widely-supported steps to protect more americans from gun violence, even as families of victims sat in the senate chamber and watched. they prevented far too many talented americans from serving their country at a time when the country needs their talents at most. it has been harmful to our economy and harlful to our democracy, and brought us to a simple majority vote no longer seems to be sufficient for anything, even routine business, through what is supposed to be the world's greatest deliberative body. i realize neither party has been blameless for these tactics. they developed over years and, it seems as if they have continually escalated but
2:01 pm
today's pattern of obstruction, it just isn't normal. it is not what our founders envisioned. a deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits, just to refight the results of an election is not normal, and for the sake of future generations we can't let it become normal. so i support the step a majority of senators today took to change the way that washington is doing business. more specifically the way the senate does business. what a majority of senators determined by senate rule is that they would restore the long-standing tradition of considering judicial, and public service nominations on a more routine basis. and here's why this is important. one of a president's constitutional responsibilities is to nominate americans to positions within the executive and judicial branches. over the six decades before i took office only 20 presidential
2:02 pm
nominees to executive positions had to overcome filibusters. in just under five years since i took office nearly 30 nominees have been treated this way. these are all public servants who protect our national security, look out for working families, keep our air and water clean. this year alone, for the first time in history, senate republicans filibuster ad president's nominee for the secretary of defense who used to be a former republican senator. they tried everything they could to hold up our epa administrator. they blocked our nominee for our top housing regulator at a time when we need more help for more families to afford a home and what has caused mortgage meltdowns from happening again. and in each much these cases it has not been because they opposed the person. that there was some assessment they were unqualified. that there was some scandal that
2:03 pm
had been unearthed. simply because they oppose the policies that the american people voted for in the last election. this obstruction gets even worse when it comes to the judiciary. the constitution charges the president with filling vacancies to the federal bench. every president has exercised this power since george washington, first named justice to the supreme court in 1789 but my judicial nominees have waited nearly 2 1/2 times longer to receive yes or no votes on the senate floor than those of president bush. and the ones who eventually do get a vote generally are confirmed with little, if any dissent. so this isn't obstruction on substance. on qualifications. it is just to gum up the works. this gridlock in congress causes gridlock in much of our criminal and civil justice systems. you have seen judges across the country, including a
2:04 pm
bush-appointed chief justice to the supreme court say these are vital vacancy that is need to be filled. and this gridlock has not served the cause of justice. in fact it has undermined it. over the past three weeks senate republicans again denied a yes or no vote on three highly qualified americans to fill vacancies on the second highest court, even though they have the support of majority of senators. four of president bush's six nominees to this court were confirmed. four out of five of my nominees to this court have been obstructed. so, the vote today is an indication of a ma the jeff senators i believe that enough is enough. the american people's business is far too important to keep falling prey, day after day, to washington politics. i'm a former senator. so is my vice president. we both value any senate's duty
2:05 pm
to advise and consent. it's important and we take that very seriously but a few now refuse to treat that duty of advise and consent with the respect that it deserves. it is no longer used in a responsible way to govern. it is rather used as a reckless and relentless tool to grind all business to a halt. that is not when our founders intended. certainly not what our country needs right now. and, i just want to remind everybody what is at stake here not my ability to fulfill my constitutional duty. what is at stake is the ability of any president to fulfill his or her constitutional duty. public service is not a game. it's a privilege and the consequences of action or inaction are very real. the american people deserve better than politicians who run for election telling them how terrible government is and then devoting their time in elected office trying to make government not work as often as possible.
2:06 pm
now, i want to be clear. the senate has actually done some good bipartisan work this year. bipar sawn majorities -- bipartisan majorities passed common sense legislation to fix the broken immigration system and upgrade our courts, our ports. it passed a farm bill that helps rural communities and vulnerable americans. passed legislation preventing americans being fired based on their sexual orientation. there are republicans and democrats that want to get things done. frankly privately they expressed to me that the system in the senate had broken down and what used to be a sporadic exercise of the filibuster had gotten completely out of hand. i believe, i'm confident, that that spirit will have a little more space now. i want us to make sure that we can do more work together to grow the economy and create jobs. if there are differences in the
2:07 pm
senate, then debate should be had, people should vote their conscience. they should vote on behalf of their constituents. but they should vote. that's what they're there to do. and ultimately, if you got a majority of folks, who believe in something, then it should be able to pass. you know americans work hard. they do their jobs and expect the same from everybody who got sent here. as llng as i have the privilege of being in this office i will keep working as hard as i know how to make sure the economy is growing and we're creating good jobs and we're widening prosperity and opportunity for everybody. i know that that is what the majority of folks in the senate believe as well. but the gears of government have to work. the step that the majority ever senators took today i think will help make those gears work just a little bit better. thanks very much much, everybody. josh will answer all of your questions.
2:08 pm
[all talking at once] the president not taking questions issuing a statement saying enough is enough, saying he supports democrat rules changing rules of prodentialal nominees, accusing republicans of obstruction. he did say both parties are not blameless. peter barnes joining us from capitol hill with more on the story today, peter. >> i'm sure one of the questions president would have got how he changed his position on issue of filibusters, because he opposed changes in filibuster rules when he was member of the united states senate. nonetheless the senate agreed to vote today to end the 60-vote requirement, the filibuster on executive appointments as well as federal judicial nominations, except for the supreme court. the democrats saying that the republicans have been using this to block, just, too many times to create gridlock in the senate
2:09 pm
over these kind of appointments. the figure that they cited was that of 168 filibusters of these types of appointments over the last 230 years, half of them have occurred during the obama administration just in the last four 1/2 years. about 80 of them. but republicans say this just weakens checks and balance that is were created by the founders in the constitution with senate's role to advise and consent on nominations and that the, that democrats were really just trying to change the discussion in washington from obamacare to something else. guys, back to you. ashley: peter barnes, thank you so much. in fact the president is saying the logjam affecting everything from gun control to immigration and economy and so on and so on. cheryl: we'll see if mcconnell decides to try to visit this issue once again and i have a feeling will -- this vote. ashley: yeah. cheryl: happening in washington there are reports right now that
2:10 pm
are suggesting that obamacare contains a marriage penalty. would you consider living in sin to save money on insurance, not get married? you can tweet us. your answer will be at the bottom of the screen as we go through the hour of "markets now." on the story let's bring in rich edson. he is in washington. you've been looking at obamacare site and seems every day we get a new revelation about the law. now it seems it is better to stay single, is that correct? >> another marriage penalty. less in government subsidies for buying health care. single americans earning more than $45,960 a year are ineligible for health insurance subsidies. those earning less, are. married couple earning more than $62,040 a year makes too much for subsidies. if they are living together earned more than $90,000 a year combined, receive subsidy. some conservatives say this is unfair.
2:11 pm
others say this structure doesn't make sense. >> i don't think there is any reason to believe somebody was trying to discourage marriage. the common sense axiom, two people married can live together more cheaply than two people living together separately. >> problem with the website, low enrollments and millions losing insurance easily overshadow the obamacare marriage penalty. back to you. cheryl: losing those plans. rich, thank you. from planes to cars, the government selling its remaining stake in general motors but you don't believe how much it will cost you, the taxpayer. liz macdonald with that story for us. ashley: emac is all over it. in our tech minute, you have got to see this. smart glasses that ensure nurses and doctors find your vein every time. my mantra? family first.
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2:14 pm
ask your doctor about axiron. cheryl: quarter past the hour. nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. and you're watching a big story today, that is tesla. nicole. >> tesla, a little feather in the cap for elon musk today at least. he has had a tough run with public relations issues of late. the stock is up half a percent
2:15 pm
at 121.82. it was at nearly $200 not long ago and down 20% this month. that due to nearly two fires in a week on model s. "consumer reports", they got 99 out of 100 and nearly perfect score but doesn't take into account of fires. i was reading something from mit technology says that elon musk's defense of the tesla and comparisons to regular vehicles are actually like comparing apples to oranges and don't really hold much merit. back to you. >> nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're getting more breaking news into fox business. we want to show you live pictures. this is the boeing jet that mistakenly. mistakenly actually landed at the wrong airport. this happened earlier this morning. the jet is taking off successfully. boeing engineers had to come in, and tow the plane, had to tow the plane to turn it around, with short run story.
2:16 pm
they stand to lose $12 billion on the investment of gm shares. initially bailout is 49.5 billion. the u.s. government gotten back 38 1/2 billion. if gm shares hold what they're trading at because the treasury is moving to unload the remaining 2 1/2% stake, possible losses of $12 billion. to break even, gm shares have to be trading triple what they're trading at right now. we're looking potential losses on the part of the treasury department stake in gm. ashley: now, there is an interesting angle to this of course. one of the reasons for the bailout was it would be disasterous for the economy and all jobs would be lost, right? >> yeah. ashley: seen as something that could not be allowed to sink. >> that's right, ashley and cheryl. so the issue is, you're right, the treasury is saying hey, we saved jobs in the u.s. we saved productivity and economic growth bailing out gm the question is, well if gm is building a lot of plants in china to turn its, for
2:17 pm
example cadillac plant. but those plants in china, not just to get close toward markets there but to turn those hubs, those gm hubs into exporting hubs for gm into that region. he is cars not coming out of the u.s. coming out. gm cars coming out of china. that is a debate too. you will see a lost spin about this out of the government about this by year-end, as treasury slowly unloads its shares. the thing is, yeah, we made money on aig, 23 billion. you know what will else the government's stake in aig making money there, federal reserves money printing. ashley: qe. >> helped float the shares higher. those are the angles to watch as this debate unfolds. we'll stay on top of the story. ashley: all over it as usual. elizabeth macdonald. thanks so much very much. appreciate it. >> sure. cheryl: statistics out on growing numbers of flight delays. ashley: back to planes. cheryl: you're a frequent business traveler you can not afford to miss this story. that is coming up. ashley: that is if you're not
2:18 pm
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>> at 23 minutes past the hour, hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby.
2:22 pm
this is your fox news minute. kennedy cousin michael skakel has been granted bail while prosecutors in connecticut appeal a ruling that gives him a new trial in the 1975 murder of martha moxley. skakel was granted bail after a bond hearing in stamford. he was serving a sentence of 20 years to life. the judge in the colorado theater shootings case indefinitely postponed the trial of the suspect. the move will give attorneys time to argue whether james holmes should undergo another psychiatric valuation. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he accused of killing 12 and injuring 70 at a shooting at the theater. alex rodriguez says he doesn't have a chance of winning appeal of his 211-game suspension. he washinged out of a grief rans hearing after the arbitrator refused to make commissioner bull selig testify.
2:23 pm
a-rod called it abusive process to insure the player fails. those are the news headlines on the fox business network. send it back to cheryl. cheryl: a-rod has a temper. shocker. >> apparently yesterday. cheryl: thanks, jamie. vonage is entering the mid to small bismarckket in a 130 million-dollar deal. the broadband phone provider acquires a broad band over ininternet company. what does it mean for the company as a whole. the cfo is here. 130 million-dollar deal, most which is in cash today. that is credit to the balance sheet of the company. the stock is up over 60% for the past year. will we see more acquisition from the company do you think. >> we're pleased by this acquisition. first three days in business together we more than doubled sales through the first couple days of business. this is transformational deal for us. it moves us into a completely new segment. the small and medium bismarckket
2:24 pm
is growing rapidly. it is a 15 billion-dollar market. most folks don't realize that 50% of americans work in small businesses which are companies of 500 employees or less. this is the cloud-based technology, that allows us to provide lower cost phone services with more features, for the small and medium business that is can't afford i.t. staff. cheryl: consumers are moving away from landlines, et cetera. everything is going cloud and data. that process is bit slower for small and medium-sized businesses. how are they incorporating the technology with the loss of technology? >> small and medium-sized businesses communications is the real heartbeat for their business. that is critical infrastructure. they tend to be a little guard in willingness to move. cheryl: takes some time? >> it does. broadband networks matured. we see greater feature sets that allow small businesses to run their businesses more effectively to help sales and customer service teams be more productive. as a result of that, we're
2:25 pm
seeing that move. for vonnage, we're still in early days. only 15% of small and medium-sized businesses moved to cloud-based solutions. that will grow 20 to 30% over next five years. >> is there a particular sector of businesses seeing do this? if i go to the at&t store, by the way a company i used to work with, everything will go to mobile. apple started this. steve jobs, somebody else you worked with in your past. you're finding that there is a certain type of business that is actually benefiting from this technology? that could be expansion for you? >> we're seeing pretty broad scale. there is no specific vertical. a lot of professional services. we are focused very much on the 20 employees and below, two third of all of small businesses. and that market is, the one that is moving most quickly. cheryl: i do want to say you met with the new fcc chairman yesterday. >> i did. cheryl: someone you've known for many years. >> through the wireless industry, chairman wheeler, did address a group of other executives as part of an
2:26 pm
advisory council on national security communications issues. and talked a little bit about his agenda and the move to ip as a technology from the traditional pstn. they expounded a little bit on trials where he made public comments last week about what his strategy was. vonnage is supportive of that move. we've been leading charge for many years. cheryl: do you think overall the spectrum fights we had under the fcc between all different carriers last few years? are we moving past that in the sector? >> i think there will be continued to be spectrum, very valuable asset. with the use of mobile services, i think that we'll continuee trr freeing up of spectrum and putting it to best possible use. cheryl: mark, thank you very much. congratulations on the deal. next acquisition, feel free to come back to fox business exclusively. >> i appreciate it. cheryl: mark, thank you very much. ashley, over to you. ashley: we can hold him to that. thanks very much, guys. 10 bucks a month for all the
2:27 pm
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tdd#-800-345-2550 sharpen your instincts with market insight from schwab tdd# 1-800-345-2550 experts like liz ann sonders and randy frederick. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 get support and ta through your ideas with r tdd#-800-345-2550 trading spialists. tdd# 1-8-345-2550 all with no trade minimum. and only $8.95 a trade. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 open an account anrn 300 commission-free online trades. call 1-888-628-7118 to learn more. so you can take charge of your tradg. big movers on the dow is intel. again the stock. big news out of this up 2 hours ago, intel and the ceo coming up with company plans to the quadrupling chip sales in 2014. this is intel's move to the
2:31 pm
mobile device market, the tablet market. they have been behind the competition but now intel saying they are going forward and look at the impact on the dow. nicole petallides standing by on the floor of the stock exchange. what are you watching? nicole: keeping a close eye on intel but let's start with the bottom markets a little more to the stock a little more closely. dow jones industrials right now at the level of 15,991 sun not quite at the 16,000 mark and 90 points up stellar day, this goes, the record again of we close these levels and across the board we are keeping a close eye on the nasdaq composite of 41 points and tech stocks doing well up 1% and focusing on intel as they are delving into this, and a good move today. back to you. cheryl: breaking news. want to show you the big save for oil today up $1.59, this is
2:32 pm
a lot of it, this 1% move on strong economic data and gasoline prices, big change coming on the oil contract. ashley: $9.99 for unlimited digital access to magazines. that is the concept between n emagazine apps. with sales falling in 2013 could readers be convinced to get their magazine's online or do they still like the feel of the glossy pages under their fingertips. joining me now the co-founder of global sales and business, thank you for being here. let's pick up on that point. why build a company on magazines that are falling in popularity, 10% this year alone? why that particular segment? >> that is exactly why we are going into that segment.
2:33 pm
we need to support the transition from paper to digital. we have clearly seen an opening for a platform with access to that end what we focus on is a swift transition to actually attract everybody from my 12-year-old daughter to mother-in-law and it should be fast because there is no patience that all-out there. ashley: how does it work? how do i get for 999 a month? >> all you can read model. everything we have in there right now we launch in the u.s. last tuesday. we launched with at that time 130 titles and increase in those few days to 141 as it is today but close to 165 so the interest is very high out there from the publishers and we are in coming
2:34 pm
out of scandinavia, companies like spotsify and skype and easy access and the most important thing is we are quite certain we will increase the pie for everybody, we will increase reading overall. and the numbers in scandinavia proves that today. ashley: how big is the company? do you continue to look at expanding into other areas? >> we are launching in the u.k. very soon, we are launching in germany, we are moving into several markets, we are estimating in 20 or 30 markets within 12 months. ashley: thank you for being here, commiseration on sweden not making it to the world cup. >> i'm getting over it. thank you very much. cheryl: time for your technical, investors stopping in their tracks as the stock reported better than expected revenue in
2:35 pm
this quarter but forecast weaker than anticipated fourth quarter earnings, the stop profit of 68 or $6,000,624,600,000 loss this time last year. third quarter was up by sales of grand theft auto 5 remains to be seen what impact the new x box and playstation consul's won't have on game stop's fourth quarter results. say goodbye to the car salesman, no more haggling over formats and 20 packages, the average car shoppers as 11 hours on line doing their research, 3 hours i spend offline for research including visiting the dealership, just about half the time they spent two years ago. part of the reason for the change economics. the average new profit dropped $250 in the last ten years. response to this dealers got word sales commissions and a sales people sales people at a flat rate. and wesley poking and prodding might get easier, unveilings my
2:36 pm
glasses and professionals to literally see through a patient's skin to the veins underneath. this new technology will make it easier to locate hard to find the and the glass is used multispectral leading to see the veins beneath the skin. a camera that is the image projected onto the screen, studies showing 40% of starts require multiple attempts and a herd. this will make many patients happy. ashley: i am not one of those. i have big gains everywhere. this is no two bit story or is it? the couple that went around the world paying only in bit:here next to tell us about their wild adventure. cheryl: internet gambling coming to the garden state in tomorrow's news today. ce, theren who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor in real time.
2:37 pm
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♪ stay in the groove with align. adam: adam shapiro with your fox business brief, jpmorgan tweeting employee compensation flat, bonuses that the nation's largest bank were largely early this week. early tuesday the bank agreed to $13 billion settlement with federal and state authorities of the sale of mortgage securities. weekly jobless claims fell by 21,000 to 323,000 according to the labor department, the lowest
2:39 pm
number since late september. medical devicemaker adopted a poison bill strategy to protect itself from a hostile takeover after activist investor carl icahn disclosed a 12.63% stake in the company. they make screen tests for cancer and other diseases. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:40 pm
cheryl: money you can't see or touch and the government is still figuring out how to regulate it but none of that stopped when newlywed couple from living solely off of bit:for 101 days. welcome. you travel around the world and just used bit collins. that would seem to me almost an
2:41 pm
impossible feat. how did you do it? >> up until recently it probably would have been impossible. we are doing this as early as conceivable. we relied heavily on the bit coin community during direct us to the right place ago, used a german translation, some online hotel booking places like nine flat to do instant booking and except coins for some of theirs. there were few places we can't rely on pretty heavily but it was doable. cheryl: did you apply to your a, you guys got over there and the hotel took bit coins but you couldn't get any food. >> yes. we booked a hotel before we flew out just fine and when we got to stockholm there wasn't any where to eat. we kind of crash, we were jet lag so we slept for a while and will cut 9:00 at night and 79 hours and were not going to be able to eat until the next morning at our hotel so we were looking for a place to eat, no one would take it from us and we
2:42 pm
didn't have a camera crews and when we tell people we were filming a documentary they didn't believe us. cheryl: when you were in the sticks you went from utah to new york and europe and asia all on bit collins, but you and interesting experience at a pizza joints where the girl looked at you like you were from mars or something. >> yes. we heard of several places in new york and paula away, this business accepts bit:it was more than one that we showed up at the establishment and say we will order this and a with a bit:the person behind register had no idea what we read talking about and we did this at a pizza joint in new york and the girl had no clue what it was and we were there with a reporter so we had both placed our order and asked the reported u.n. to anything? >> we offered to buy him a slice because we could. it worked out. we were the first people to come in and say w would like to pay
2:43 pm
with bette coin. >> the new york times talks to you, a few people who have done this. how far are we from seeing it being widely accepted like at gas stations? you couldn't get gas in any places. >> that will be the last adopter of bit:the we are not that far away. we are where theernet was in the mid 90s where if you heard about it and have tactical nephew involved in it in one way or another but a lot of people didn't understand it or its far reaching complications. the protocol is strong. a lot of businesses will be built on this protocol but they're not there yet. will take a few years before the ecosystem can develop and we can rely on things the way we rely on the shell or ecommerce.: it using the services to no, it doesn't work as a whole and finding out to fill those.
2:44 pm
we will see what the regulators are looking at and foreign governments have to say about thisco thiscoin. >> they got a long way on it. cheryl: they got a long way but like not eating for two days. ashley: quarter till, time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. let's go to the stock exchange. mark, okay, the dow up 103 points. what is this based on? a decent latest labor report or something else at work? >> the markets show ongoing resilience. momentum trends dipped over the last few weeks but every move to a two day low becomes an immediate buying opportunity so you have to wonder whether this message from the fed is starting to sink in that capering doesn't mean tightening and in the market is starting to absorb
2:45 pm
this principle for guidance and actually understands it. in the last six months after the fed minutes held in april and may and after the fed meeting and wet july the market experienced quite a bit of downward volatility but every time we hit a couple that lows and new highs, we are starting to see a pickup in energy. in the last week, something interesting, a sector that has not participated to the extent we have seen in the discretionary and industrials and also seeing strength in technology so they are probably better bets going into your end than reaching for the sector's near new highs. ashley: thanks, we appreciate it. cheryl: bringing you tomorrow's business today. a five day online gambling trial starting in new jersey beginning at 6:00 tonight, people in the gardens they will be able to place their real many bets, real money. this is designed to see if the
2:46 pm
sophisticated technology works. if all goes well internet gambling will be available in the garden state starting tuesday. the only of this state that permit online gambling right now, nevada and delaware. ashley: and nice bit of money generated. loss of faith in a hunger games sequel opening tonight. dennis kneale straight ahead, says there's already a third one in the works. cheryl: new specifics on the growing numbers of flight delays. if you are frequent business traveler or traveling next week you might stick around for this one. life's an adventure when you're with her. and i. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a qution of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approvedo treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical
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cheryl: if you are planning to
2:49 pm
fly this thanksgiving, neither of us awed by the way, heirs of the affairs of a watch, passenger volume is up 250% higher on the wednesday before thanksgiving. this is becoming the norm, when in five major airports in the u.s. experience thanksgiving ingestion levels would least one day each other and the next five years every other date will feel like the wednesday before thanksgiving so cutting capacity, cutting routes. ashley: the pleasure of all that. catching fire at the box office, the hunger games sequel opening tonight, 4100 theaters in the u.s. and it could forge the old record for best november opening ever. dennis kneale, long live cabinets. under games catching fire could reap the $300 million opening weekend worldwide. half of that in the u.s. and a
2:50 pm
hotly anticipated sequel can pass the $160 million mark at home as some forecasts said it would topple the twilights saga, new moon as the best november opener of all time. hunger games and twilight cover the same studio, lion's gay entertainment, hollywood's little engine that could, lie and aca stock has been on fire. more than doubled in the past year and relying on two more hunger game sequels, one 12 months from now and the other a year after that to stay hot. first tender games could get $700 million worldwide, hundred million dollars in the u.s. and catching fire could exceed that some. it has a few advantages over the first film. newly famous oscar winner jennifer lawrence apps lion's dade stoked a lot more interest in the sequel both online and overseas. the film opened a week ago only in brazil and took in three times as much as the first one did. that augurs well for overseas revenue which could provide half
2:51 pm
the total take this time around. and lions gate of to build ttis into a disney like franchise with toy tie-ins and theme parks and happy meal code is hard for one did the happy about having to kill the kids to survive which is the hundred-story line but what are you going to do? ashley: at ernie els and under games, there's a tie in but maybe not the best chian. ashley: best tie-in, ashley: did you see the first one? >> who would read the book when you see the film and see jennifer lawrence but it was surprisingly good despite the dark seem. it really was. no interest? ashley: i read the book will be better not. >> would rather see this, taker to see disney's frozen about princesses. cheryl: coming up on "countdown to the closing bell" in new study finds companies using
2:52 pm
social media to weed out in some cases discriminate against job-seekers. we will ask randy zucker about that and a new book that has a serious message about using technology and social media. fox business exclusive.
2:53 pm
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♪ ♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody, i'm liz claman. it is the last hour of trading. is it yellen? i mean, look at these numbers. is it yellen or the better than expected jobless claims report? one or both seem to be lifting the major indices higher and higher, even a couple of lackluster earnings reports from some major retailers might have raised a few questions about the holiday shopping season but cannot derail the rally today. we are above 16,000 for the dow jones industrials once again. what happened? we're talking about target's
2:56 pm
third quarter profits, they did drop 47% largely due to a pullback in consumer spending and the cost of expanding into canada. right now we see shares of target, and they are, indeed, moving lower, but the percent decline is not enough to shake this market. the retail giant also lowering its full-year earnings forecast. so did walmart, kohl's and dollar tree. what's at heart here? we are told stagnant wages, the increase in the payroll tax and the partial government shutdown to blame. but the rally today, it could be going nuclear due to janet yellen. the fed chair nominee will almost certainly be confirmed by the full senate as the next head of the federal reserve after the senate banking committee voted 14-8 to approve her nomination. she has been very clear, obviously, you guys, on making sure that the stimulus of the bond-buying purchases, so-called qe, would stay
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