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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 22, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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greenlawn write off some sola. coming you just don't ofogram the government involved and that is for sure. and that his efforts makes "willis report" "willis port." have a great weeke. ♪ ♪ single logo. ♪ >> good friday evening. i'm in for "lou dobbs tonight", lori rothman with yu. delaying obamacare enrollment. the moment period for the portable correct next year will be pushed back by a month november 15. sparking criticism that the move was made for purely political reasons. about one month away, coincidentally or not, the opening of t moment period pushed back until the midterm election, which critics claim will provide coverage for vulnerable democrats in states
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that tritionally lean to the right. theproblematic rollout is the president's signature achievement causing a sharp drop in the president's job approval, a new poll by the kaiser family foundation shoing obamacare approval dropping to 33%. nearly half of democrats now disapproving. in the all time low for the president's approval rating, 39% according to the gallup poll. more fuel for the ritics chief white house correspondent ed henry at the white house tonight with our report. >> ensuring that president obama and his fellow democrats will not have to defend a potentially messy 2016 ealth care enrollment on the eve of the midterm elections, the administration today unilaterally declared sign-ups will start on november 16 of next year, 11 days after the
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midterm election. instead of the originally planned october 15 date. they immediately cried foul, meaning that no one will know about it premiums go through the roofntil after the election. this is to use any necessary tools to keep the program afloat jay carney scoffed at that charge. >> we are doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have as clear and information as they need before next year. and so the administration also reveed annther smaller delay andfor those who are covered on january 1, it has been pushed from december 152 december 23. meanwhile, new questions abo whether the president can keep anothee promise that he made to sell the lot. >> if you like your plan, and
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you like your doctor, you won't have to do a thing. you can keep your plan and you can keep your doctor. >> doctors cease being cut before the affordable care act and acceleration of that now is sparking fears in the white house as a promise that is not so ironclad. >> that was true bere the aca and after the aca because they build upon thisprivate insurance system. under the health care law that continues. >> that raises questions as to why he made this promise. >> as the owner of private practice, i am a small business man.
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and my patients are extremely ancient, they are worried and will i be paid enough by the entrance to stay in practice. >> most of itis due to the end of the month deadline to get that fixed. >> so what about that website? the obama administration's update on improvements today to health care og. the site will be able to handle 50,000 users at one time by the end of the month, not is up from 25,000. system will not work perfectly, but it will operate smoothly for the vast majority ofusers. the white house to find the vast majority of about 80% of users. fallout over yesterday's use of the nuclear option in the senate. focus tonight on president obama's floundering agenda. including executive nominatis with a simple majority likely to
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give the president's administrative priorities some measure of protection if the cour and providing additional support over the next three years. ke emanuel has this report. >> by changing the rules with a simple majority the dc cicuit court was loaded with people on the ench over aspects of obamacare. >> other republicans say that this is a sign the whi house beeves that the democrats are going to lose the senate majority in 2014 and they want to have as many of president obama's confirmed nominees now. >> it shows the sign of desperation on the parof the
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white house and this administration. the president's polling is at an all-time low. people think that he is incompetent. reporter: democrats contained about the filibusters a of chuck hagel during his confirmation of being secretary of defense. this includes the national labor retions board and the consumer financial protection bureau. following the rollout of obamacare, this could be used to have the nominees confirmed if the president decides health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius should go. jay carney pushed back at the white house. >> obviously there are a lot of positions that any preside can sell. fill. the fact of the matter is thht the president's team when it comes to the affordable care act fixing the problems that exist with the website. >> three democratsvoted wit the republicans to oppose changing the rules. >> if it could be changed on
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judges or other nominees. this president is going to be usg this to change terul and a consideration of legislation. reporter: 33 of the 55 senators had never served it with their party in the minority. jeff merkley was elected in 2008 in push for the nuclear option. >> i think this is a terrific book for the u.s. senate. we have had a former paralysis that has inflicted this institution and has done great disservice to the american people. reporter: one former senator predicts that this will make the atmospre worse. >> the senate was designed to force people to work together and come up with consensus. democrats and republicans and a lot of that has fallen away and it's very polarizing. this decisioo that was made ere yesterday for to make it even more so. reporter: more critical swings to the right and depending on who is in power will make sennte election even more critical for next year's midterm.
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lori: thank you, mike emanuel. aecord day on wall street again. the s&p 500 closed at 1800. the dow jones gained 65 points. the s&p is up nine points. nasdaq closing 22 points higher. the dow jones d s&p 500 posting gains for the seventh straight week. indexes are plus 1% of the week. we are we're coming right back, so stawith us. >> president obama still playing politics with health care. congressman sott garrett in hiding the obamacare sticer hiding the obamacare sticer what's better than zero heartburn?
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and then from the dc exchae, confirming that they had successfully enrolled. obamacare's website failure and accornto "the wall street journal",nsurance pointing the
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advertising options until january wn they hope technical problems will be solved. oufirst guest says that his office has beeninundated with obamacare horror stories and he continues to push for the full repeal of e health cre law. congressmen, welcome to you. what is the sttus of new jersey and the affordable care act? >> you have to remember that more and more letters have gone out already and a thousand people are going to be notified, but they juswon't have a policy that they want tokeep.
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and then he said if you like it, you want to keep it. and the vice president said that and nancy pelosi said tha and that was actuall one of the core principles of obamacare. do you can keep your policy. >> going on the insurance exchange, that is the law now, my staff us go on there as well, members of staff that went on, it took over four hours and multiple attems to get honor. lori: thee's a time factor and i imagine they're putting it off. let me ask you a about the woman until after the midterm. that is so transparent as political. it's clearly because they don't want the backfire the
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democrats positions are in jeopardy. >> yes, so much they have done is political. there are so many actions that they take. the aministration had to know with regard to that as well at insurance compananies could not comply with that and the issue you are talking about as well is done purely for political purposes. it sells more the american public on fixing the problem again d it also sells well for the democrats in november 2014. lori: i don't know how well it is sellng. we have this tracking poll. 33%. only 33% of americans right now have a favorable listening and that is a record low of obamacare. so what do you think about the senate? you think the republicans will have a majority there?
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>> yes. the whole process, the vast majority of americans -- obamacare was not affecting him, but now it is affecting them and their families and their kids and college kids will soon learn when they go back to college and in the spring, saying that they have to have ealth care on campus and they can have their same policies anymore so all of this means that it's a good thing to try to repeal it. >> do you think that you will have success repealing it this time around? that total backfired with the senate. honestly the strategy can be part of the budget and this thing was about to implode.
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>> system deinnitely is a disaster, we just didn't know how much it would be a dsaster and having no not, we probably would have put offhe effort this week or two down the road. lori: what is new jersey doing? ten states have denied this fix and what the thing do you think is the best solution fofor your state? >> they really don't have any real latitude. in reality, the state insurance commissioners are pretty s smart and i understand that insance companies do not have flexibility and that is to turn on a dime after cancellation notices have gone out and they need a large pool in order to have an insurance policy that is shrinking automatically. lo: this is the death spiral
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that they talk about. we need more younger pple or the higher costs for all americans. >> okay, talkingup his nuclear option, is this a deflection technique on the part of the democrats? >> in a way, b it's alsothe white house is not following a law, they're not following the rules and he's not going to follow the rules anymore either. >> so it allows him toversee the sucoittee on these entities and we know that he's very in faor of reducing mortgage principles and helpg people in these underwater mortgages and this includes this
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bill going forward. so it is going to be a problem. right now we have good guy that is warnin the program and he has done an exemplary job of trying to make sure thatthe taxpayer is not put on the hook again. some of the ideas will do just the opposite with the taxpayer on the hook and by rewriting assorted peoples mortgages go down, it puts more cuts on their so there's pros and cons. t's also unfair t the american public at the sametime. lori: thank you so much for addressing some of these pressing issues and it's so nice to see you. have a wonderful holiday. all right, up next, hamid karzai telling president obama that he has to wait in the white house is not so happy about bny mellon combines investment management & investment servicing,
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lori: the navy suspended eight growing bribery scandal. winner glenn francis alegly
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bribed about navy contact info and ship movement. in reporting yesterday that the 85-year-old korean war veteran was detained last month. he was on a nine-day tourist trip to the reclusive nation. and joh kerr headed to geneva to join negotiations on iran's nuclear programs. negotiators have been working since once they to find language acceptable and there has been a sticking point over e rit to enrich uranium. hamid karzai today dismissing a long-term securit agreement before the end of the year. joining us is a retired united
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states air force general. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> please begin with the issue infghanistan. the question of the security agreement. clearly thousands of american lives have been lost and billions of dollars of aid and we are negotiating ov this agreement. it seems aurd anyway. do you agree? >> absolutely. the game is over. they are signing the agreement for the 30th of december only say sorry, we are out of there. we had a failed strategy for 12 years with the hearts and minds of counter insurgency. we don't win hearts and minds it is so offensive to womeand minorities and christians and jews. and we are not going to create a jeffersonian democracy.
10:25 pm
and pakistan created the taliban and they are funding th taliban terminate this. wehave been fighting the war over there. and the president's letter, he said that they ll ntaccept raids on homes except under extraordinary circumstances. >> we have kept himin office. he is on his own airplane and shipping out with probably $5 billion that he has raged off there.
10:26 pm
and they say if you don't do it, then more out of here. and we should be. -hey just had a loya jirga in the american people have been given 12 yrs and allyou have to dois go to walter reed, and you say why are we here? why are we in afghanistan. >> so many heart-wrenching touching stories. i would al like to ask you about the situation that we learned about today that john kerry is going to discuss negotiations on a deal with iran. and do you think it's the right
10:27 pm
one? >> first of all, it would be satisfied with anything, even if it is abad deal they have been having secret negotiations in those negotiations have been producing an agreement with the french and israelis and others were not aware of. and john kerry is kind of a show dog out there and there is a lot of kabuki goi on. and if they come out with an agreement overhe next three or four days, i can assure you that it's not a good agreement. the saudi's ane jordanians and the egyptians and israel are going to be very dissatisfied with us. d i think it's going to force them, theisraelis to take action and strike the nuclear sites in iran.
10:28 pm
and it will deter them as we did during the cold war. that's a nnstarter. >> how do you think the secret negotiations are going. >> well, i finally got a corroborating source today. i knew that they were going on and she has bee working on the side and because of her iranian background, she has been trying to do this because this administration has said, okay, we can't stop them from going nuclear withhat they are doing and let's cu a deal. because the iranians deeply want these sanctions as well. >> general, thank you f your time and your insight.
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>> lashing out over an internal e-mail in attracting women of combat. the comments written by a female colonel reflect the stereotype that attractive women are not competent enough to serve in military roles. stay with us, we are coming right back. >> coming up next committee "a-team." a filibuster plan and will be successful or nnot? e this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling ound with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. 's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-hing,
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♪ >> philippine officials raising the death toll from super typhoon to more than 5200 people
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killed. more than 23,000 were also injured in the powerful storm that ravaged the country two weeks ago. just over 1600 people are still missing. new surveillance video showing the devastating power of one of the 14 deadly tornadoes that hit illinois over the weekend. the one you see here cut a four-mile path of destruction in diamond, illinois destroying a home. fortunately, no one was reportedly living at that home at the time. all right. a will the of news to go over today. let's bring in the a-team, author of 2012 20 #-something. franklin center for government and public integrity, and former chuck schumer aide, christopher hahn. welcome to all of you. i want to begin with the announcement that the administration will delay the start of the 2015 obamacare enrollment period until after the 2014 mid-term election. .
10:34 pm
to you first, is this not blatant politics? defends this movand don't tell me it is just to give them more time. i heard that now flatly. >> i think it is a little bit from column a and a little bit from column b. so i think there is some politics in this, but i also think that they need more time given how badly this rollout is gone. we don't want to have this problem now we are facing a midterm election. hard enough time deang with it to be less delay a little bit and also get it right next year. >> it will increase the problem, the glare of t total implosion of obamacare. >> you are assuming that there will be a total employees is still. lori: assuming, it happened in. >> glory, if theres a total employers in this time next year there will he loste on and which will be very bad.
10:35 pm
all rht. so way and. what dyou think of the move? smart are stupid? >> definitely politics. i'll the -- also think it is a pretty paltry. lori: paltry. >> i think if i were a democrat would not be happy about i because that means is next rollout won't gover well either. >> out and republicans use this. it seems like they are stepping back. although they said we will tattoo obamacare on their foreheads. >> they did say that. really don't think there's any way of running around it. you can deled if you want. whenever you do it will be bad for theemocrats' demand there is no way around it. >> you are assuming it will be and that -- amass a year from now. lori: chris, showing 32 percent of americans from a 33% have a favorable view of obamacare. he said that about the website.
10:36 pm
the speakerf the house trying to sign u taking almost four hours. the fundamentals of thisrogram are not coming together. it i just -- later i the show we will talk to a couple of guys who basically in their basement figured out a way to put together a website to run in seconds. >> the best website to develop. i don't want to hear anything about those guys. lori: widen the government ctract those peopl >> i left government six years ago and if i were still working there would have said, a cousin. he has a website that is doing pretty well. everyone knows someone who put a website that works. clearly a lot of complicated stf, dealing with multiple layers of government and state jurisdictions and other things. but i hope to god it sticks by december 1st, and if it is not we're going to have to delay the enrollment penalties even
10:37 pm
further. i am hopeful that by cember 1st that will be fixed and will move on. lori: all of this. >> boy, i did want to know that it was actually billions of dollars. >> for 500 million. >> all the different contractors really adds up. if the government cannot even be trusted to carry at the implementation of a website maybe it has no business messing in the most complicated. meddling in the economy. and if it cannot even put through a website competently i don't think has any business doing that. >> in the example of a state or obamacare seems to be working. people are getting log on and acally not expiencing a gap in the coverage, said e policy's canceled and a half to switch over. effective? >> no. kentucky, they have shown to okay, it has done well with young enrollees. fedelly i don't think it is
10:38 pm
working and no one will argue that it is. like you said earlier. every unemployed actor in l.a. has a working website. obama has three years to make a working website. the idea that it will be working a year from now is ridiculous theory like he's dead. on the website, it will cost twice as much steven fix it. lori: a quick last word. >> i think that one year from nowe will be talking about the website but how americans now can get health insurance that is affordable and covers them for real, unlike these garbage plans that they're losing rit now. i am excited. lori: to loses of grandeur, but love you anyway. >> thank you. youtube can join the discussion. all you have to do, . up next, new york citity's michl bloomberg tries to ban one more
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♪ lo: a california town enacting the strictest smoking ban in the country. residents, the community about 57 -- 57,000 cannot smoke in their homes. ev if they share walls with others. now, new york city mayor michael bloombergas already backed ban on smoking, tried t ban soda. now he is going after styrofoam. that's right. launching a proposed ban on styrofoam products before leaving office in january. new york city council sanitation committee is granting his wish holding a meeting of the bill on monday. in new york police department pushing its own crackdown on
10:43 pm
santa gone, the annual new york tradition or hundreds of chris criminals engaged in at pre-christmas of crawl. now urging borrowers to ban rowdy santos who tend to add more naughty and nice. and the u.s. postal service under fireor what critics are callin its war on christmas. at issue, this advertisement for holiday fans. gingerbread house, and a qantas stamp, but no christmas stamp. the postatal service said they o so christmas stas, they just are not on tt particular ad. well, markets on a tear. if you have been living under rocky must know this. another ecord-setting day on wall street. closing above 1800 for the first time in history. the dow on as long as we to be winning streak since january january 2011. my next guest this as well a correction is due markets will most likely power higher with the snb going as high as 1900 and more.
10:44 pm
chief equity strategist. i love that you are putting an exact target on the s&p we have some rules here. >> first off, that is our chief technician target for about 12 months from now. still is about a high single-dit price depreciation from where we are right now. and, yes, history says that correction is due and in my opinion it might be delayed but never repealed, we are probably going to maintain some of this positive momentum at least into the early part of next year. >> it is of great and wonderful if he had been in the market immobile and if you have not? where you find value right now? >> i think you can certainly find value if you go from what we call high-quality stocks, companies that have been s&p quality ranking of a-to may plus because they have shown an above average. lori: and measurement metric. it is, a stock measurement,
10:45 pm
not a bond measurement. basically what it says is have consistently have they raised their earnings in dividends in ea of the last ten years. anything above a minus is above average. so focus on quality, but then also take a look at valuations. lori: back to the broader market you're looking for a correction. consolidation isealthy. everyone agrees. what do you do -- first of all, how much of a correction now you looking for and how risky do you give when it does happen? >> declines of 10 percent are more about every 18 months. it has been 25 months since we had the last one. lori: a deeper correction? >> the longer we go, yes. history implies but does not guarantee the long rego without it build greater the likelihood that we then fall into a new bear market. what i like to remind investors is that on average it has taken the s&p 500 only four months to get back to break-even after a
10:46 pm
decline of ten to 20%. so don't start freaking out because by the time you start to readjust your entire portfolio the market willrobably already be beginning its way back to break-even. >> a fair statement to say everyone is so quick tsay it is not the bubble, there will not be a violent crash. i mean, you never know, no one has a crystal ball. what is the best protection, cash, bonds? interest rates and bn going up. >> first of five would dagree that it is a bubble. 2008. it has been so quick. not even a gnd up. only a thousand points. >> the question is what determines a bubble. if you're looking f p-e ratios of valuations, we are actually trading at discounts to trailing in projected earning
10:47 pm
from that perspective i would say if someone is sorry that we are trading too far above a moving avege, you might see a bit of digestion to get back to the moving average. but whenyou realize also that there are very few alternatives outhere, there is still an awl lot of cash, an awful lot of investors not believe in this bull market, and that is what could endp driving it hired. lori: we have not mentioned the fed which is the puppet master. comi in to defeat bernanke as chief. had you think she will manage? that will determine a lot of people's forecast forarkets. >> the market is breathing a sigh of relief and she is likely to be confirmed as the next chairman, mainly because they're is a continuity of monetary policy and of communication. what -- let's also remember that she is not the be all and all. she was one of those have instituted the 2% threshold that said about which we have to be concerned and probably need to start raising rates to maintain
10:48 pm
wh inflationary threshold's are. obviously the investors are pretty pleased that e might be the one. . lori: will the dow stay above 16,000? >> good that -- could end up to below, but it will close above 16,000, and so will the s&p. lori: always great to charity. thank you so much. up next, the government has three years to get the website built and operational. as younow, it failed. pro rumors, we were talking about t earlier, they succeeded in building their own fully operational version in just a matter of days. they will join us ext. ♪ ♪ hmm. ♪ mm-hmm. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list
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♪ lori: the holiday war officially
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kicking off. the midnight launch of the microsoft system. hitting srt -- store shelves. momore than 1 million units in e first 24 hours. please don't. above 10,000 feet. it would be up to the airlines to decide whether not tollow cell phone use. they're likely to run into a lot of objections from their stomers. object. in the meantime, targeting miscarriages life after a deer he shot came back to life. viral video of the incident shows the hunter walking toward the animal. he realizes it is still breathing. the animal's eyes open and it jumped to his feet and takes off there y go. goodbye. since being posted on you to the
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video that more than 700,000 use . all right. the obamacare website showing sis of life crippled by technical glitche. it has cost taxpayers more than 600 million. according to the government accountability office. our next guest spent three days, that's it, three days and about $300 to create website where people cannot successfully get quotes and compare different health care plans to the federal exchange let's hear about this. when i joined by the co-founders of the healthh sherpa dot com. let me begin with you. you met with the department of health and human servis. you able to give them any helpful tips? >>t was not really about as giving tips. a lot of it was about just talking about some of the things -- common ground. mainly we talked about how we can give more accurate data.
10:54 pm
thate can present accurate estimates. also, we talked about how we can potentially become sellers of insurance ourselves. lori: you sound very modest. it seems as if it was too easy. you may seem too easy. you were able to give the government advice. how are you able to do this for $300 in no time at all. >> you know, we started with a very small subt of the total problem and started from there. we come as a result, are able to build a lot of the smaller versions very quickly and then build up to something that is larger overtime by incorporating more data sources, incorporating new states and just covering more in the u.s. restarted small and built up. lori: all right. so before the obamacare rollout or i should say basically health care unable to consistently handle 500 users at once.
10:55 pm
2,000 users over thhee days. that was before the rollout. how many users can your site and? >> well, we have seen it go up to a 2,000 to 3,000 pple at on. that said, we are now doing a complex of jobs. what we are doing is showing the browsing in the plan, and we have are detected our website in a way that makes it so that they can handle a large concurrent users for the specific function. lori: did you to weigh in. what does -- where do we go from here? getting government contracts. what is the best way? >> this is pretty exciting. we want to basically be the one place to you go to find your health-insurance. so that means adding every state in the union, making it possible toort of see all of the plans and actually just a couple of hours ago we launched in android nap.
10:56 pm
tens of millions of americans can buy their health insurance to eir smart fund. lori: we should stress that basically right now for research purposes, correct? >>lmost 600,000. >> how did you create this? or you inspired? was it because of all of the negative press and a the troubles in the glitch is? >> actually, it primarily came from our own desire. we run our own businesses and purchasing o insurance. we wereooking for exchange finds it took us a long time to deal. so that was the genesis of it. we furthermo realized that probably a time of americans, going through the exec same situation. lori: conatulations thank you for sharing your story. well, that does it for us.
10:57 pm
pleasure to sit in. be sure to check out each and every day. have a wonderful evening and a fantastic weekend. ♪ friday night, buddy.
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going.
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but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. neil: where wer you 50 years ago this very hour? at 8:00 p.m. eastern time in the body of john f. kennedy was in washington for an autopsy that would drag on for hours. but still ultimately lead more questions than answers think about where we were as a nation at this very moment coming half century ago. it might even lead to war. concerns that no one was safe and the reality that all innocence was off. fifty years ago this minute, a grieving jacqueline kennedy was being peppered with plans for a state


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