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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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he wanted to thank me. do you know where your family is? upwards of one third of the country, a third potentially preventing million from joining their relatives for the big day. forget about those whose these may be added airport. get ready fo it a bigger kick in economies buns. all of tha is whatwe are all over tonight. how is the weather could make an even give your holiday shopping season and before we get to
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retaers, time to take a look at a lot of americans getting stuck. >> while we have a very nasty pre-thanksgiving storm coming d the good news if you would like to call it that is that it's mostly rain except maybe at the very end, from washington to philadelphia, the bad news is the further west you go, the more snow an ice and this is a big-ticket big ticket item that we will see a foot of snow near buffalo, some of these areas sleet and freezing rain throwing their 2 cents in and in new york city we had the coldest november day in 133 years and it only hit 30 degrees worry higher. the arctic air is coming in behind us, not only with this upcoming weekend, but right on into much of december come you're going to find that it's very cold not like last
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december. there's a lot of implication as to what is actually going on with the overall weather patte. and thanksgiving, we are going to be uck with a lot of nasty weather before hi. neil: you mentioned that this could be part of a prety it pretty frigid holiday season. is that normally the case? >> that's interesting because if you change the weather pattern around thanksgiving or around the time of the winter ssolstic, it loves to lock-in and i have been advising my clients that there are some similarities to what we saw happen christmas week of december of 1983. a lot of peoe don't remember that. i take a look at things like that and severe cold got into the center of the country and then just oveewhelm the entire weather pattern and that is still, let's say, 11 to 20 days away. before that we may et a for a
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five day break in their next week where temperatures come back down to normal and then the arctic air comes back again. very different weather to start this from last winter weather and the winter before. the one thank you, my friend. scott martin says this may not be a market one either. it is already looking dicey and now all the more so. >> all the more so with wal-mart making a management change it shows that they have a real problem for the holidays and the selling season. >> was that based on the concern of the selling season or something else? >> wal-mart doesn't have staff in the store, they are missing their numbers. >> where the shoppers going? >> they're all going online. good teaork on the weather,
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you will have maybe more shoppers on cybermonday, well over 100 million then you may have in the shopping centers and malls this weekend in part because of the weather and in part because wal-mart and other retailers didn't have the advertised items that shoppers waited in line for last year when they got to the stories. >> nothing more frustrating than not. scott martin for allof those folks who might've been lucky to have been in the market. even if they are not feeling that, when they feel compelled to spell some about our and spends the mney? >> definitely imagining it now until you take it home with you, but i hope it doesn't come at the wrong time in the sense that retail stocks have been choppy. and in your 401k, you probably own a lot of it. they have a really weak back-to-school season, the government shutdown definitely hurts the consumer and that's noted in the numbers that have
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come out the last couple of months, and now we are going into this. matt, this holiday season were that close to 30% of total retail sales for some companies that are out there. obviously slow job growth and slow wage growth and it looks like a rough time here for real tell processing. neil: whatever is taken back from folks that normally go to a mall to shop is made up for in online purchases so it gets to be like this. >> seals are austed for inflation and that is fat. the same number offpeople that shop at the end of the weekend. >> so those folks are actually justyou know, not adding to
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this? >> that's completely correct. >> okay, for the markets, and they they get to weigh this is the shopping season in series. they fall in our because it had a heck of a run? >> probably. i think what ends up happening is that you have a separation of men from boys and i think that's to the point. people will go online, we we love to take out our phones and messed around on thanksgiving in the day after and do nothing and shop. and what happens if there is a lot of stories that typically would have visitors. >> tha smething to be concerned about. it may not be bad for all retail
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>> when others ae going to be the high end, the people with great merchants and great leaders and the losers are going to be the other dertment stores. on these discount stores, wal-mart, target is the disaster this year. as if kmart and also shopko. >> these are the places you want to go, my friend. >> on this going to tiffany's. [laughter] max spoken like a true hypnotized dad and husband. gentlemen, thank you so much. if only there were a way to throttle this. so it's not me and it's not mother nature, but he is grading one heckuva storm on the way.
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>> how did they give you a phone? >> you give them your social security, you get disability. neil: that woman is about the phone that the governmengave her. 41% of the folks who got these ones might not have been eligible for them in the first place. she got three of them, she said. >> i heard this program was plagued by fraud and abuse. so i am not eligible by any standards. i can support a mily of eight on my income and still not be
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eligible, they were handing out free phones, basically, and even though i told him that i wasn't on welfare, they never verify my income, and i was able to talk about it. it's important to hold up to high ethical standards. neil: okay, you look at this and you want to take advantage of it and all the caveats on paper, how did you end up getting a? >> any uestion that they asked me, answered honestly. because that was one of the criteria that they use and i said no, i'm not. i would like to becom i think a lot of people who pay for it would like to be. that was enough. it took a photo of my id and took my address down. >> i actually had to call and ask activated. i didn't want to defraud the taxpayer me than i should. >> was picking up the bill for
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that? >> taxpayers are indirectly. the niversal service fd and that goes to paying some companies may pass on people that are needy who qualify for these phones. >> how did you get three? >> that's against the program rules. and i think it really just goes to show how perverse incentiv are. street-level vendors get this and really no checks and balances and i thinkkit's very easy for fraud to happen. neil: if the phone companies are making this money, who makes the money on t calling plan? and whatever that is? >> i think it's really the phone companies here. so they are handing out phones and this is one of them.
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and in 2011 he made about half a billion dollars from taxpayers by handing out these phones and you see something and you see this starting off as welfare for the poor. neil: how do we undo a? >> i think we ed to ask whether this program needs to occur in the first place. it started in the 80s and the idea was to give people a choice to call their moms who needed to end it expaed to include cell phones and i think that really opened it up for fraud and abuse it can have multiple cell phones, and it's harder to have multiple landmines. it's also easier to turn a profit on some of this. because i can take it to the pawn shop and make a quick but your if there is no oversight, it's very easy for me to get refunds. and i was being honest. if i set out to do it and was willing to lie, you really see
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how easy it is to get them. >> thank you so much. ok, one of these guys has a high political rating, and it is not the one that you think. >> of you purchase illegal drugs in last two years? >> yes, i
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neil: getting smoked by the guy admitting that he smoked crack. president obama is approval rating dropping to 37%. toronto's mayor is about 42%. your to figure out what is going
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on, christian, whato you make of this? rob ford, of all people, has a high approval rating. >> it is certainly odd. but for all of his transgressions, he still appeals to a great number of individuals and they are willing to give him a pass at this point. but hat i'm more interested in is what i'm looking at as far as president obama. it's driving his unpopularity. we will see that popularity naturally bounce back. the president is looking upward even though right now looks pretty bad for him. neil: what do you make of that? >> this is not a compason that the white house would welcome.
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barack obama and the crack smoking mayor of toronto and i think that hristian is right that people in toronto and generally it leaves have some degree of solidarity were human empathy with someone who is personally flawed. here's a guy with a substance abuse problem was coming clean about it. even though his shenanigans can be a bit much. even though being caught is not a good thing. the issue that i think the prident obama has is that he is always enjoying strong favorable rating than personal characteristic ratings on honesty and leadership in those sorts of questions. because of obamacare and its failures that go beyond health in that kind of meltdown, those numbers have been erodeinto the upside down category, and that is very difficult to recover from. neil: getting back to the credibility, and i don't know what it says about canadians are
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us, but there is a bit of a confidence factor they try to get back and i'm wondering whether it easier for ford to do that rather than president obama. companies are very likely getting rid of their workers either on the private or public exchanges. whether those ratings will tumble even more. >> there is no secret. as the affordable carect goes, so will the contemporary point of view of the obama presidency and i don't think anyone is under an illusion about that. i personally think that as the affordable care actactually gets passed, a lot of these rough edges will work their way into understanding what the offerings are and actually enjoying the premiums that they get in the care that they get and it will come to light a lot more. neil: you might be right.
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you do get this pylon and he joined the most uninfluenced list or whatever it is. and we have been theirs. lasting longer than most, that is what i am noting here. >> i think people can forgive some. they can forgive someone who has a personal failing and an illness or an addiction i think it's harder for oters to look at a president same way after he has unequivocally and categorically made promises to them that than have been broken. and you can fix health and they will get this thing done, but who knows how much they will spend, but they will get there. neil: and barack obama's worst moments, he's never been the finish. i am just saying that it's not good. also he has made a mockery of
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the offerings and i just don't know whether the analogy is fair. >> of i would not vote for the guy to run my city or my village. >> doesn't speak to the larger issue that we have is regretble this in terms of how americans view their leaders, regardless of what party you are a part of. and what i'm talking about is not the president has been viewed by a majority of americans with mistrust and content in whatever adjective you wish to start. it doesn't make me feel good about where we are politically at all. >> all right, gentlemen, i want to thank you both and ask you to have a great thanksgiving. and you have been waiting for it and now you got it.
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neil: consider this, wrestlemania xxix. bringing in a lot of money to post hurricane sandy east coast.
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>> everyone knows that that nascar has made a huge deal, even like content like your show. >> you think that you are in impromptu genius? >> we uly gave the best that we could. beyond sile event economic impact. >> are you 36 years old now? >> yes two when he started out, it's nothing like this, you must not have ever seen it. >> as they continue to add the live content, and adding revenue
11:29 pm
off of this, so we keep growing not onlydomestically but this is truly, like i said, it is just reaching out. >> it is an industry known for bigger than life personality. >> are racing on smaller than life? [laughter] >> but how did you -- how did you stand out in a field with your personality? >> you find a way to connect and it is where he actually had a lot to do with this as well. >> absolutely, you have a role
11:30 pm
and 's amazing the number of young people and i thought that they would cook up with these deals. >> i think that is why we are able to leverage this. it's not a hard line. >> i didn't outright leverage myself. >> you are very attentive to
11:31 pm
this. >> knowing the retail. >> i mean, and with this i was thinking of you and how inspirational you are and i thought of all this stuff that was going on and as a sports entertainer and an athlete and an entertainer, you have to realize that you are watched whether it's on camera or a camera. so many superstars have gone on an anti-bullying campaign.
11:32 pm
neil: i guess i might as well just stop and quit it with the guys can get bullied. >> you need to lead by example and show that's not the way you behave. >> were you bullied as a kid? >> i think everyone has a story and i listened to the early stages of rap music. so i just different than everyone else at different than everyone office. but then i started working out. things changed. >> okay, once you started back, i mean come i just ar from a lot of kids, do i fight back. >> nowadays, it's much more
11:33 pm
difficult because it's beyond physical. the immediate connection, it's just so intense. people say whatever they want and they spend whatever they want and it's a big issue with all ofour superstars, even our executives, we go forth, we do these rallies in school, but like i said, actions speak louder than words sometimes. >> the one thing i thoug of is apart from what yu do you lever. >> but the very few, yoursf included, whohave been able to do that, how is that that they lose this? did you look at that as a young
11:34 pm
guy and say not many? >> well, no, it's not that. i think that people in athletics become obsessed with the athletics themselves. i'm obsessed with my action in the ring, but i'm also obsessed with the business of wwe wrestling. how we create success both with a brand perspective and an individual perspective and i take this and truly does stretch of al decides what kind of coffee that an individual link. >> the think that's the idea yu could import this on to any superstars after they left the field, mike tyson and obese individuals? >> is a friend of mine used to say, poor management decisions, you have to take all this the best you can and it's different in every situation. mike tyson surrounded himself in bad situations. he said that.
11:35 pm
showcasing the fact that a lot of these athletes, later married think that this will be a part of this. >> how long can he push this? >> i will gracefully walk away, when i become too old. >> well, okay, i will take that cup of coffee and try to use that as best as i can. [laughter] >> i think you can do better than that. all ght, this is my gravy train. john,n, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so creative. brains and brawn. all right, you think that you have dust all of this health care mass and you better talk to your boss. ♪
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neil: that's right. told him a thing or two. millions of employees could be without insurance from their bosses. that could get you to stick since meeting with the president last week. he can update us on where this whole thing stands right now. you know, it's interesting. because now a lot of folks say that you can keep the plan for another year and it's easier said than done. >> yes, very much easier said than done. as he acknowledged in his press conference when he asked and suggested an order, if you well,
11:40 pm
but those policies be extended, he acknowledged that the real authority rests at the state level regulating insurance including health insurance and he said that at the very outset of the design that it was suggested by some of hs advisers that it precludes state regulations and he rejected that, back, supporting then as he does now, the regulation of all forms of insurance at the state level and that makes it a decision for us insurance regulators to make as to whether we are going to follow his lead or oppose what he has suggested. >> were you going to do? i imagine that it's a fairly slight. >> about one third have followed his lead, some have said that we have been doing this all along, allowing companies to voluntarily extend early policies that would renew during the year that the affordable care act would have required
11:41 pm
compliance with the new standards. so by allowing these extensions, forestalling that provokes want to keep the coverage that they have in place, it may be cheaper and it may be what they feel is best for their individual needs and what have you. another third have said that this is a great idea and we share the president's concerns and we are going to follow his lead and extend this coverage. like myself, i would say about a third have not made a final decision. neil: the bottom line is that the president is leaving it to you and he had to have known whether you can go back and get this one-year extension and h had to have known that that was easier said than done and that it is up to guys like you to make that happen. >> no question about it. all of the parts of this are so
11:42 pm
interconnected. it really creates a major problem for the regulators and ensures and consumers to change the rules right on the eve of the new set of rules going into effect and that is a complexity and interconnectivity that affect solvency issues and cost issues and will ther be one batch for reconserations of all of these policies together, both the compliant ones, as well as the ones that are expended voluntarily or will there be two buckets of policies and one for those who go into the compliant marketplace. all of those issues have real implications with costs and the smaller companies are solvency is as well. neil: the bottom line is that it's a bigger mess now that was than it was before. >> yes, it is more complicated for sure. i am being challenged to my level to make a decision in my
11:43 pm
companies are asking me to do it one way or the oher. but as soon as possible. neil: all right, thank you so much. complying with the new rules with this nuclear regulation. you think that they would be going crazy, but they are as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your walle i need your timesheets, larry!
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neil: if you still have doubts, we will certainly have senate democrats that will try to convince you otherwise.
11:47 pm
if the markets are very jittery about this, oil prices will skyrocket. whis that? >> i think the bottom line is that at the end of the day, that will mean this is part of the iranian oil to the market place. that is about how much that will take away this from the lowest in the market. trers are showing skepticism and they are saying that it is not all that it's cracked up to be, even in the possibility of something falling apart very quickly. >> i don't want to put words in your mouth, that at least the
11:48 pm
markets literally go week to weee and month to month. and i think really this is all the better. >> absolutely. you know, any time, you know, we are a decade. and if look at the price of oil, we have been talking about an iranian premium for the last 10 years and some say the u.s. will have an action against that. and for the first time that we swore a short period of time coming you can take that off the table if they are talking in the short-term and they will tackle it down dramatically and that lowers the price, maybe five to $10 per barrel and the problem is how sustainable the deal is. now we are going to be living not by economic reports that living by compliance to the agreent and how well is iran going to behave. i think that they will make good
11:49 pm
progress and they have let the u.n. inspectors and in the price of oil will go down. and then we hear that oil will go back. so a new damic for all loyal traders and uncertainty in the market. the one you might have future in this whale watching thing. maybe in another 20 or so years. [laughter] >> thank you, sir. in the meantime, shakings some news. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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neil: forget the channel changer. the next game changer, just
11:53 pm
announcing that katie couric is joining as a global anchor starting next year. liz macdonald here on who is getting the better deal and that's. >> she is a great journalist, she really s. and marissa mayer is making a destination site for breaking news and content. including the journalists in "the new york times." although i will say that writing for the internet, you have to be about the headlines. you have to be quick and u have to be sharp and you have to be on it. "the new york times" keeps on writing. >> they have a focus for the
11:54 pm
internet. >> okay, jonathan hoenig, also talking about this. [laughter] same analogy, i think. but what do you make of this? two the game is changing, but i don't think it's katie couric gets changing it. i don't think of her when i think of breaking news. she represents old media, just like all of the old radio stars of the 1930s that didn't move onto the television era. and i really doubt that she will continue. and so did larry king. neil: one that is moving toward something like that, it's an interesting development. >> content is king anyone can open up a cab station. but i just wonder if it will be her.
11:55 pm
house of cards, game of thrones come i just don't think she is part of the attraction. >> i'm not in support of it either way, but the strategy that she's bringing, making t a destination. >> would you like extra mustard on that. [laughter] neil: and jcpenney, losing more than half the market value this year. and is that like asylum that happens? >> it is just the reverse. you'd think it would be a terrible sign, but actually according to a study, stalks removed from the s&p outperformed by those in the s&p
11:56 pm
500. over the course of the year. >> i hear that it is severe cash and only have less than 3.5 bilon on the balance sheet. and we all know that jc penney's is a standard american time. the place where they shot. the. neil: >> it has been mismanaged for years and demonstrates why good management is essential. many of them get away the way
11:57 pm
that this goes. >> they got out of touch with the mainstream customers. i think that people know that you are not wearing a designer label and they just want to look classy and on the right price and jcpenney got away from that. the one you are about to hear their favorite songs of liz maonald. >> twitter is trading below its ipo price. >> who should be the person of the year for time magazine. >> getting the people's
11:58 pm
feedback. we will ask people to weigh in on us. >> i am watching gold prices. because even as the dow jones is having an all-new high, a lot of those stocks yesterday hit new lows and tomorrow i will try to look for any stability in the price of gold that i can. you're likely to see these stocks go further. >> holy mackerel. jonathan makes a good point and also the deal with iran. whether it is needed. neil: so for the moment come, the market seems to be buying this and that will be a good thing. >> holders only as good as a
11:59 pm
person who will buy it. basically a critique of the monetary policy. >> do they have a separate category for costume? [applause] >> no, they don't. >> you just sit back and say that this is the way it is? >> there is no path and 80 bull market. the real real fear is interest rates. that trend continues, to your point, katie is in the door. >> that is what the fed does. they have pulled out twice before in the market corrected down and that is what you can configure on in the market.
12:00 am
>> thank you guys very much. ars weak? money next. melissa: historic breakthrough or mistake? are we actually paying a lot to make next? we will break down the deal in a place you have not seen yet. even when they say it's not, it's always about "money." ♪ the white house, t nuclear accord as a major diplomatic achievement. but can they be trusted to hold up its end of the bargain? if you think that is a million-dollar question you have to think a little bigger.


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