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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 27, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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mcshane and all of our viewers. connell: i used to be an altar boy. travel and shopping for the business world. can people get their fifth thanksgiving, if they do go out and brave the elements, would they feel like going back and doing shopping, numbers coming up on those topics. is it time for these guys to come out of hiding? talking about the bears at the market. one of our mission managers will tell us what he thinks. princeton is turning to an overseas the scene not approved by each the to treat this and meningitis outbreak, we will show you which companies are behind that so there is money to be made and the city concerns that may or may not surround that. tomorrow's business today, new technology that you wear on your
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head. we have that and more with dagen mcdowell on markets now. ♪ dagen: black friday, starbucks, stainless steel coffee mugs. espresso drinks. dagen: i will get you that for christmas. it used to be. connell: a crazy winter storm wreaking havoc among travelers today, leading into one of the busiest retail weekends of the year. dagen: is this good news that the consumer federation at national credit union expected to rise 3%, 4%? peter barnes will explain all of it from b.c.. >> more people will spend more money on holiday shopping this
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year but the numbers might have been higher had it not been for the fiscal battles in washington making people cautious. america and the national association polk 1,000 consumers for their annual holiday shopping survey, 13% of respondents plan to increase holiday spending this season compared to a 12% rise last year, 32% of those polled planned to spend less this year and that is an improvement of 38% who said that last year. and note that the increase in the percentage of people who plan to increase spending grew at a slower pace than a year before in the survey suggests a washington flights over spending and the debt ceiling with 51% of those polled saying the fight had affected their holiday spending plans. >> the responses to the question
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about the budget battles suggest this created or increased economic insecurity by some americans, economic insecurity tends to depress consumer spending. >> the group's forecast holiday spending overall will rise 3.5% to 4% this season. same forecast as last year. connell: black friday and cybermonday deals are not only for its tvs and tablets and whacked off but the travel industry wants a piece of the action too. dagen: with more on the travel deals we are joined by the host of the travel channel hotel. good to see you. same thing with retail. travel deals that you will find out there, are they really deals? are you getting a bargain? >> their deals and what happens is it allows the hotel industry
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to take a breath and realize after the holidays things slow down. typically january, february, march. you are getting great deal. four or five years ago the brands started to look at this to see if we could take part in it and it has been unbelievable. it went to one or two motels doing it, now everyone is doing it. connell: europeans love to come here and get a good exchange rate and do some shopping. they get a good deal in new york. any reason for us to leave here and travel somewhere else and go shopping, seems ridiculous. >> not so much to go shopping on black friday. really to shop online for traveling january, february or march, good way to fill of rooms. dagen: where do you get the best deals? are we talking about destination vacations like in the island cruises, miami, hawaii.
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where do you find the best travel deals, at hotels and all in packages? >> there are great deals and travel agents doing great deals in mexico, the caribbean, new york, the benjamin hotel offering 1993 january, february or march. dagen: and lexington. >> whether people are willing to spend and what have you to economic trends, getting a little better and still very careful how they're spending money. >> people are careful land they are not looking for the amenities, not looking for bigger swedes. looking for valu. really looking to be taken care of. i am sure you travel a lot. you want a clean room, friendly service, nice comfortable bed.
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dagen: are they -- hotels more attuned to that? in terms of -- the overall business is a little soft in terms of hotel and travel industry. >> depends on where you are in the market. it is soft and that is why black friday and cybermonday are a great way to get better deals out there. not all lee shop presents for someone else but for yourself saying your family is on vacation. dagen: do you really buying a vacation? my relatives are finicky and picky. you by the medication they won't go on it. you got to hold their hand and go with them. i don't want to be bothered with that. just wouldn't go, did you ever take that trip to miami that i bought you and it is three years later. >> take it yourself. there are a lot of values.
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they may have seen 30% or 40% increase on travel and 30% off, hotels around the country doing it. it is a great time to buy travel. connell: people travel here, can do a lot of shopping in doors. dagen: the trump hotels, they are really beautiful hotels. thank you. please come back. stocks looking to extend record-breaking runs but energy stocks are taking a hit, nicole petallides on the floor of thh stock exchange. nicole: good morning, we have had a great run seven weeks 0, records again this week, even the nasdaq breaking its own record from yesterday, the dow jones industrials up 25 points, 0.1%. the nasdaq up 1/2%, the s&p 500 gaining 1/4 of 1%, the vix to
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the downside, light volume could bring volatility on this holiday, hewlett-packard has been on the turnaround plan, came out with great numbers and we're watching 7-1/4%, $26.91. connell: the store you need to watch is interest rates. we have been talking about it this week. charlie is the vice chairman of research, always good to have you. thank you for coming gone. all these conversations about bubbles, what if rates go up, the ten year above 3%, big trouble in the stock market. what is your take on this in terms of what interest rate, what direction we will go and what it will do to the stock market? >> we will take a long-term perspective and say interest rates are one of the big threats out there. i don't know if you have the
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long-term graft but if you look at 35 or 40 years we had interest rates go up pretty much straight up from 64 until 1981. during that time the stock market, bonds went from 4% to 14% and the stock market went absolutely nowhere. it was that 800 at the beginning of that time period, still at 800, 17 years later. connell: sorry to interrupt. let's bring that up for a second. there were lines going up and down with these long-term look at rates and those lines going up and down vertically indicate a period when the economy was in recession so that is the relationship between where those rates are and where the economy is going. what about now? >> what happens since 1981, the dow has gone from a hundred to sixteen thousand and we would
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argue a lot of that increase is because of the decline in interest rates. interest rates went from 14% on the ten year to 70 where we are today. that has a huge impact on the value of a stock. interest rate is the rate you will bring back future earnings to the present and if interest rates drop as they have over this time period stocks are worth more. it is a significant risk because interest rates will go up maybe not next month, up to 4%, that is a major head wind for the stock market. connell: as i said, dr. fabre was talking 3%, if you go to 3% on the interest rate, what is the big head wind? are you worried about a huge pool back from the crash, bubble bursting or something different? >> we want to be careful and say nobody including the store warren buffett will predict what will happen in the short term in the stock market but what we can
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say is on the theoretically valuation basis if you get 100 basis point increase in interest rates, 1% reduces the value of stocks by 10% to 15%. the stock market could survive that and go through it if there are positive earnings but that is the head wind we are talking about. connell: one more question. last time you were wrong, here is charlie thinking about -- to change the subject, thinking about energy stocks, we did the whole segment. now that you are back what about the energy stocks? >> we do think it is one of a few areas in the stock market that really is cheap. names like exxon trading at 10 to 11 times earnings and a stock market that is 15 times earnings. we think the u.s. and exxon and u.s. energy companies are well-positioned, spectacularly cheap natural gas reserves. we will export natural gas which will become for the next 30 years what oil and petroleum have been for the past 30 years
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and the u.s. is the saudi arabia of natural gas. connell: there are the plays on the screen to think about. thank you very much, happy thanksgiving. dagen: high-tech where for your head, this is a good idea. do you know connell mcshane wears a wig? connell: different one every day. i will change it during the break. big test for online retailers. full force looking to scam some would-be shoppers. we will tell you what to look out for. dagen: latest on this nasty weather that is basically stopping the east coast. and mario molina is standing by with the forecast. ♪
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how old is the oldest pson you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and th's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ connell: let's bringgnicole petallides back from the stock exchange, durable-goods down again. nicole: down again, not good news and it shows business spending is somewhat weak. look at the names related to durable-goods and appliance plants and washing machines and
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stuff, to the downside. it hit a 52 week high. caterpillar, deere, united technologies to the upside keeping an eye on the automakers which is mostly of arrows as well. in line, showed weakness or business spending. the big-ticket items is where the strength was and that is what we're looking at. mixed bag for the automaker, gm 3% today. -mack thanks, sonny is seeking a u.s. patent for its smart wig hair pieces in an effort to integrate wearable devices in people's everyday lives, one more discreet than google glass. there are three prototypes, the presentation will be equipped with laser pointers to aid and test changing the slide and the power point presentation. there is the navigation whig = with gps and vibration device to help users navigate roadways and thus sensing with which can read
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the information like body temperature and blood pressure, communicate wirelessly through another device which could be made from human hair, or sayre, buffalo hair or any synthetic material, sony is weighing whether it will commercialize the technology. this according to the company's filing with u.s. patent and trademark office. connell: if you say like -- the mexican onion story. connell: it is not all candy canes and christmas trees this holiday season. malicious hackers are using the festivities to carry out of all things cyberattacks. >> the holiday season gives them a perfect opportunity to make those christmas fiend or shocking seemed e-mails to ramp up their credibility and get people more reason to click that militias linked and get fish store infected. connell: that is a new clip from a web show called fire wall hosted by net
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been. urging folks to be on the lookout for suspicious e-mails offering holiday deals. be careful opening your e-mmil especially this time of year. you see the interview at this show fire wall provides insight and analysis to the big cyberthreats. dagen: as long as you are in the market you get that for christmas. connell: i am always up for an improvement in technology. the weather is not stopping people from traveling this thanksgiving. aaa expecting thirty million people to be taking to the roaas or the skies and nobody better to cover this event jeff flock coming up with more. dagen: the obama administration is scrambling to get the website fixed they are talking about promoting success stories out there because of the health-care law. conversation. more of that coming up.
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dagen: despite the stormy weather americans plan to flood the airport this thanksgiving. connell: jeff flock is in chicago in the middle of the
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whole thing. jeff: i am going to give you a headline you might be surprised at. it is not as bad as we thought. talk about the cancellations and delays. you guys are sitting, that is the worst of it, la guardia, jfk, newark, philadelphia, that is where the source of the problem is. chris hill, air traffic analyst is with us, the latest headline. give it to me. >> not as bad as we thought. of the new york metro airport and philadelphia, our long into la guardia, 75 in newark, 75. >> what is the problem? >> rainstorm said of the winds. >> airlines trying not to cancel flights. >> on a day like today normally the and would have people, so many people have to get wired the are going they're trying to delay flights and not cancel them. >> number of cancellations. >> 330 nationwide.
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>> look at the boards in the air. they are running on time. most of them running on time. very few problems. you are concerned that chicago, the ripple effect. >> you could be at a major hub airport like chicago or atlanta with beautiful weather but flights originating on the east coast getting delayed significantly coming through chicago. >> as chris is saying, not as bad as we thought. later in the day, how late illegal before we cancel flights? what happened? >> the storm is moving quickly. we have delays through the metro area into the evening. we may see delays in the boston arianna as well but later tonight things should start to clear up. >> i appreciate it. former army air traffic controller that confirms service then and now. not a bad day at the airport.
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d-backs thank you so much. flight attendants and pilots, everyone is working. connell: let's make some money. talk about the bed. this should be interesting. charles: think about the hewlett-packard reported and meg whitman and al amazing ebay was, started in 1998, what they hhad. ebay is the forgotten, amazon exploding, a 55%, google exploding. they estimated growth, revenue growth. amazon is 22%, google 16%, ebay 15%. november maybe we see something of a mad -- it is of 36%.
11:26 am
for four weeks they were up 13%, 8% and 13%. stock is relatively unchanged. i love the risk/award. made a nice move, pulled back. this is the one that is not on automatic pilot when the others are in on automatic pilot. connell: you mentioned the other ones but everyone throws in an apple or face book. charles: amazon and google. connell: back in the day. charles: i see where investors acting out names they are comfortable with. looking at apple for instance, names that are not expensive from judicial evaluation and that was built. that built momentumm connell: see how much you can get. charles: i might watch. dagen: i am all about the day. charles: not bad.
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connell: everybody else in the family. dagen: democratic lawmakers will be doing more than eating turkey and shopping over the thanksgiving holiday. trying to drum up success stories about the health-care law. we discussed that. connell: should be some fireworks, university offering students a specific meningitis vaccine after another outbreak of the disease. the catch is it hasn't been approved previously in the u.s.. we will talk about all the angles on and on markets now. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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11:31 am
obamacare trying to get the word out on the positive side. the princeton university story not approved in the u.s. to as -- battle the meningitis outbreak. the irs cracking down on nonprofits that it too involved in politics all coming up. dagen: taking a look at retail. nicole petallides is the very latest. >> reporter: an exciting time for these retailers. once it -- watching now. finally is upon us. thanksgiving day and like friday where all of the deals are to be had. let's take a look as of the names that will be open on thanksgiving. some are saying, no way. we are not opening, but all lots are. very fickle. macy's, sears, walmart all opening on thanksgiving day. walmart was touting some great tv. practically giving away. there is a look. up one-tenth of 1%.
11:32 am
the best performer, sears over 51%. who is closed? dagan& max, dillard's, nordstrom. you can see her, right now, maxed bags. dillard's pulling back to mentees amax and nostrums gaining slightly. a comparative chart, sears and j. max, the best to of the groups. t.j. max of nearly 50% this year . not only t.j. macs, but marshall. back to you. dagen: thank you. connell: part of our health care discussion. taking a look at what members of congress will be doing over the thanksgiving break.@ you have senators publicly addressing success stories with obamacare trying to find a paw -- positive. republicans. all ahead of a key deadline. dagen: it is saturday.
11:33 am
joining is not to explain it all, fox news contributor. welcome. what are the democrats -- well, do you think just political strategy, is this a good thing for them to be doing? >> absolutely. think about the conversation that has happened since they completely bungled the rollout of the website. people have been completely afraid of even attempting to go on the site. now this is starting to work, people are actually able to go through it and not have the problems that we saw when it first launched. we do need democrats to go out there and talk about how this law benefits you and to find those stories because, you know what, on the other side, republicans have this, i playbook that is chock full of scare tactics. and they go out and find these really scary stories about hello obamacare is going to kill you.
11:34 am
dagen: those stories, some of them are easy to find, not just with the bungled website and people who have had their insurance canceled in the design for new insurance. younger people's premiums are going up. those stories are not that hard to find, at least not that -- not right now. >> it may not be hard to find the stories, republicans have a very specific playbook, but it is actually easier to find the stories of people who, as they go through the website, as they find out how they're going to save money through obamacare, the ones to for the first time are not afraid of being kicked off of their insurance. you remember back in 2010 when so many people were being kicked off to because they get sick. that fear is gone, and so it is easier to find those stories, democrats and the administration has just been focused on fixing the website which they should have been. now it is time to do some of reached. connell: the poll numbers a been tough. the timing is interesting. you have been on with us before
11:35 am
and a back and forth. he said the role of was a disaster. pretty obvious. the president with the say one thing to another get it very hard not saying you can keep your insurance if you like it. that did not turn out to be the case. now if you are the democrats and start defending the website and say it works in the news stories say it does not work you did your credibility again. it is almost better to wait to read just let it play out. let it bottom of the muscle to speak. then make your case. otherwise they're is a risk associated with this. >> it is working in ways much better than it was in october. i think the numbers we're seeing is that people are getting -- twice as many people are able to access. dagen: the white house is still urging caution to democrats about telling people to go on it. that was the top story on the new york times of such today. the white house is worried that there will be a flooo of people trying to get on the website. >> they are about to start a very massive outreach campaign.
11:36 am
the president is going to have an event at the white house focused on teaching young people about why this law is important helpful. so they're out reaches starting. connell: your credibility is shot again. >> we don't want to see what happens again when the website first launched, but given the fact that they have put this subregion place shows that the website is working significantly better. there would not do it if it was not. or at least notice in that there would not. that look. connell: you feel like you have been burned. >> they make it easier and less. dagen: you will agree that there is tone deafness to some of this, at least initially. now they aren't the same with
11:37 am
the problems are, stepping back and saying, okay. we don't want to act like people are cuckoos because they lost their health insurance because it turns out it is several million people. >> there was a tone deafness. sure, some incompetence. and i think that after all, this will clear, the website will fix and many to see some accountability from the administration, how we got to this place. the most important thing is to share these stories and how this is working families across the country, saving the money, giving them a chance for the first time. connell: speaking of families, have a great thanksgiving. dagen: be well. connell: princeton is turning to a back seat that has not been approved. bringing in to help in all the meningitis care. it will talk a lot that coming up. developments. dagen: holiday travel is always rough, but especially rough this year. tens of thousands of people, really millions are trying to get to their destination. many stranded. connell: troubles people
11:38 am
stranded. the ira starting to crack down on nonprofits being too involved in hope -- politics. ♪
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♪ >> reporter: em jo ling kent with your fox business brief. consumer sentiment rose to 75 up from early november preliminary reading of 72 and up from october, 73. a thompson riders university of michigan index fund of the
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arrogance outlook on the economy has improved. lower-income households to five households, however, were still concerned about jobs. weekly jobless claims fell to 316,000. the estimate was for three under and 30,000. the prior week was revised higher to three under and 26,000. applications for unemployment benefits have fallen in six of the past seven weeks. and cbs aired tap buyup free health care root. over $2 billion. they provide nutrition services for more than 20,000 patients monthly. that is the latest from that fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪ (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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11:42 am
the chairman of medicine at newark beth israel medical center is kind of to join us here. >> thank you. we appreciate it.alked about this before, not being approved in the u.s. before it came here, and it is a different strain of meningitis, but what we make of that? >> it is a bacterial meningitis. this is kind of the elusive to the immune system. the immune system is that which protect us from infection the other kind of meningitis, an anc are affected by the current vaccines that we have. these kinds are unusual. the european company has developed a vaccine against the which goes around the sugar coating of the bacterium and allows protection. it is used. it is very common in europe and some parts of asia, but not here. dagen: do you think it will become more common? is this a sign of things to come? >> it is really unpredictable.
11:43 am
these outbreaks occur periodically. i understand that there is an outbreak in california, which is unrelated. actually, this is a very deadly bacterium. as you know, it can affect students, hospitals, nursing homes, and where there are clusters of people at any one time this bacterium can cause death in rapid fashion. connell: the european company referenced is novartis. but in terms of the medicine and what we're talking about, if you have a son or daughter or knew someone at princeton university and had concerns about the vaccine, and there have been eight cases, concerned about the vaccine, what kind of advice would you give them? >> i would have absolutely no concern. it is far better to get the vaccine into not. this organism, by the time symptoms are obvious, by the time that hemorrhages are on the skin come by the time and the capacity begins to abate is too
11:44 am
late. you can lose the patient in 24 hours. dagen: what about other diseases and outbreaks that the united states is not -- that are not easily treatable, we are not necessarily ready to treat? are you seeing more of that occur in the u.s.? >> not really. we are seeing, we are very prepared. this just happens to be unusual since this is an unusual form of this bacteria called neisseria meningitis. we have at outbreaks in the past of other types, but we have not had type b that commonly. this is perfect. the fact that the fda has not worked with it does not mean much to us because it is very, very safe. it has been used in europe and asia. the problem is that the fda needs official clinical trials and hearings before it uses it, but again, the risk benefit ratio, the benefits far outweigh the risk of any adverse effects. connell: it will allow it been the -- the fda will allow it to be imported. is there a prooess or is this
11:45 am
just unique? >> it is unique in will be expedited. the cdc, centers for disease control is behind this. it will be immediately shipped to over 6,000 students and associated people at princeton university to protect them. connell: all right. dagen: thank you. please come back soon. happy thanksgiving. >> epic thanksgiving to you. connell: of current. s&p capitol iq. whenever the s&p 500 gained 15% to more, we will talk about this. the index gains an average of 2% in december. more than 70 percent of the time. have you have all that. it's a lot of numbers. we will have a quiz a the end of the day. the question for you is what kind of december will have this year? >> if i would not be standing here talking. listen, november and december
11:46 am
are typically good season months for the stock market, the stock trader's almanac, we are generally up. all of people did not realize it. for lots of reasons. generally a lot of bad economic data as comes in. generally a lack of acrimonious out of washington. we will see that again this year. i think that we will be up. in fact, if you take the s&p 500 right now and add 2% it puts us at about 1840. we don't get over but until we get to the 1848, 1845 range. connell: not the only one. a couple of kids walking around in the background. you guys are still working down there. have a good one. good thanksgiving. >> same to you. dagen: one thing travellers will not be thankful for this thanksgiving, all of weather that is plaguing the entire eastern seaboard of the u.s. caasing major headaches. connell: let's go to our fox business meteorologist and the
11:47 am
weather center. >> good morning. the have been tracking the storm across the country of the last several days. now the storm is impacting the northeast. the southeast earlier, looking at areas of heavy rain across parts of florida, georgia, even yesterday we had a confirmed tornado in the florida panhandle much quieter across portions of the southeast, and much quieter across portions of the northeast today we have fled advisers across places like new york city up into parts of new england and also several flood watches because luckily we can see up to 4 inches of rain. there are breaks here and there. new york city coming into one right now, but then the rain returns, and we are expecting a billing error across the area at least through this afternoon before things began to improve. on tte backside of the system where we have colder temperatures we have snow coming down across portions of the appellations, across the state of west virginia and kentucky and the state of virginia and
11:48 am
also heavier batches of snow. it is really right off of the lakes are we looking at more significance no fall accumulations of about 1 foot. otherwise when uests picking up. the last one guest reported that 49 miles-per-hour. that is enough to produce travel delays and is exactly what we're seeing. laguardia averaging delays of 51 minutes and over a billion, the delays of two hours. pretty incredible stuff. pack your patience. but today in and kamel, it will be getting better, especially for tomorrow it will be getting much colder. the forecast temperatures. by early tomorrow morning, temperatures into the upper 20's, low 30's. buffalo, new york temperature 24 degrees 11:00 a.m. on thursday. factor in the wind, and the wind chill temperature, much colder than what the thermometer reads. if you're headed up to the macy's thanksgiving day parade on the left, and we will see
11:49 am
those floats or the balance collinear. connell: a game time decision tomorrow morning. we are not headed out just by the late. have a good one. thanks a lot. dagen: right behind us actually. you should theoretically be able to see them. connell: sixth avenue in new york city. dagen: the studio, if the balloons fly. connell: lock the door and keep people like you had a fear. dagen: pretty much. the irs is threatening to crack down on not for profits that have a big hand in politics. connell: first, take a look at some of the winners we're seeing is market day on the nasdaq. there is, green mountain coffee, tesla. ♪
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♪ connell: the obama administration is moving to change the rules on how these tax-exempt nonprofits influence elections. eating a lot of traffic today coming as the campaign spending by the 501c4 groups surged to more than $250 million. dagen: mike emanu-el is in washington with more. >> reporter: the treasury and irs have issued initial guidance trying to get a handle on political spending. the tax collection agency is clearly trying to influence tax-exempt groups in campaigns and elections. the rules would go after political spending by nonprofit but would try to make sure the irs does not unfairly target a group for political beliefs. the irs is still trying to clean up after being accused of targeting conservative
11:54 am
organizations seeking tax exempt status. the chairman of the house ways and means committee which is investigating the irs says the agency should not be rushing forward with new rules. >> i think the problem was with in the irs agency cannot the rules talk frankly. i think it in more than interesting that these rules to not include unions. these exclude unions. before we get into this i think that we should look at the totality of investigations. and again, i think any rules that we look at should not restrict free speech or the political process. he should treat everyone fairly. connell: democrats, no more than 300 million was funneled through tax-exempt organizations in the last election. maryland democratic congressman chris and holland says he is pleased treasury has looked into this important issue and the public has a right to know who is spending millions to influence the outcome our elections. we must put an end the flow of secret money. the rules will not take effect for next year's midterm election
11:55 am
ready for the 2016 presidential campaign unless, of course, the supreme court steps in before then. dagen: happy thanksgiving, by the way. as that winter weather, and makes of rain, sleet, and snow. continuing to hit travelers all along the east coast. the storm could put a freeze on retail sales as well. %-thanksgiving is all about. coming in over the next hour of markets now. tips to make a great thanksgiving. ♪ we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. bu even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is t official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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(vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. [inaudible conversations] ♪ dennis: days away from the super bowl of shopping, black friday. winter weather freeze.
11:59 am
i'm dennis here with tracy to take you to the next hour of "markets now." a frozen turkey tundra. that winter weather is causing a massive headache for holiday travelers. get ready for turkey with all the fixings. millions of americans preparing to cook details of tomorrow. we have a chef rock -- turning as with his tips. and from smart phone to smart week. house sony is trying to get ahead of the competition in the next big thing, where biotechnology. all of this and more in the next hour of "markets now" happy thanksgiving. tracy: happy thanksgiving. thank you for having me. now when a man wears a rugged might be okay? dennis: no one ever knows. tracy: it is the top of the hour, time for stocks. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. people giving thanks to the for
12:00 pm
our economic data. that is something. >> reporter: new weekly jobless claims, some good news. now the dow jones industrial hitting 16,100 with a gain of nearly two tenths of 1%. new records again. up to half a percent at 4,037. s&p 500. >> translator: 1806, a g 1/4 of 1%. the vicks, some light volume. friday is a half-day. tomorrow is holiday. the indexes are looking good. we are also watching names like hewlett-packard. right now commodities continue to pull back. gold at 1237, but oil is a big story. so a lot going on on wall street. the retailers and investors as well obviously. tracy: says, they will. all right. it is d-day for today. a nationwide blanket of nasty weather promising to make your holiday travee a complete and
12:01 pm
utter nightmare. i assure you put granola bars in your bag. the big question, how will this holiday plant -- sludge affect black friday. let's bring in president of business whether intelligence company plan alex. i love this. this is like geeks'-r-us come together. we create something that we seem to help make us do better business out there. friday, how will it be? will people shop? >> that's right. we are proud to be whether geeks' bringing our information into businesses. and that is what we're talking about, right. what does it all means? we know that the storm is out there hitting parts of the east coast of slowing down traffic, slowing down travel. what does this all mean? that is really what we're talking about, particularly around black friday. mostly good news. we have a situation where the storm is coming through. it will be difficult to get to grandma's house for a lot of
12:02 pm
travelers tonight. that said, starting on thursday when the stores start to open thursday night certainly and into friday it is all good news. storms clearing out, it will be dry and cold. probably for two-thirds of the country. it will feel cold which is good for business. tracy: cold is good because i am cold lamb feeling holiday, feeling like i should buy some stars and sweaters. >> that is exactly right. stars, sweaters, hats, it drives you into the apparel section of the stores. if you stop and think about that, if there is a must have toyed people go and get it. but if they're crossing the parking lot in this warm outside a nice and pleasant, they're not necessarily heading toward apparel. cold weather, it brings it home that they need that hat, scarf, jacket, they need to buy them and they will give people that as a gift under the tree or whenever they're celebrating. they buy the gift which keeps people warm and happens year after year after year. tracy: why am i going to the
12:03 pm
mall? and really could stay home. we have seen traffic. i hate to say it, but there have been shootings, even in my area. why not just a home and click away christmas? >> well, we will certainly see a lot of that. in june and sales will be up. it will be a lot of activity. the weather will drive what you purchase. it does not necessarily drive that you purchase, but it drives you want to what you purchase. that said, this will be an opportunity for people to get out. i still think you will see an awful lot of traffic. there are still an awful lot of people who just love to shop. tracy: you're absolutely right about that. i am not one of them. it is a blessing. oh, did we lose some? think we did. well, we know it is, they keep to creating a non get turkey. did you see that? on the kentucky. candles and the turkey. and somebody is making money. effective thanksgiving and hanukkah are on the same.
12:04 pm
dennis: it's kosher. the consumer federation national credit union for testing holiday spending expected to rise three and a half to 4% this year. that same report finding that fewer americans see their economic status as working despite the ongoing federal budget issues in washington. that is good news. peter barnes with more from d.c. >> reporter: kinnucan sylmar survey says more people will spend more money and holiday shopping this year, the numbers might have been higher had it not been for the fiscal battles here in washington making incautious. the consumer federation of america and the credit union national association pulled more than 1,000 consumers with an annual holiday shopping center. 13 percent responded senate plan to increase on a spending. a slight increase of the 12% rise last year, which was up from 8% increase in 2011, 32 percent said that they plan to spend less this year, an improvement from 38% last year. the survey suggested that the
12:05 pm
increase in the number of consumer spending more this season was slower because of the washington bites are spending and the debt ceiling with 51 percent of those polled saying that these flights and affected their holiday spending plans. >> the improvement from last year to this year was less than it was the year before. the economy improving. the response to the survey is slightly better than last year. whereas last year it was significantly better than 2011. that affects has been contrary to by the budget debate of the last couple of months. dennis: as you mentioned, the group's forecast overall spending for this holiday season will rise three and a half to 4%, the same forecast that the group gave last year. and slightly better than the annual increases over the last decade. dennis: thank you very much, peter barnes. a nasty storm hitting the northeast this thanksgiving weekend mixing travelers.
12:06 pm
won't have much of an impact on retail bottom line. joining us now, scott present, retail analyst at bbn see capitol market. thank you for being with us. get the feeling, a lot of quaking fear of a weather, and we are just not going to by the presence and not given to people on christmas state. >> said think you're right. two things. number one, people need to buy the holidays are coming. number two, have been covering retail stocks for almost 15 years. i can count on one hand the number of storms that actually impacted ultimately the amount of goods bought. dennis: when your kid wants to a car you will find a way to get it. so i believe the forecasts will be up 15 to 20%. might it benefit even more because of the inclement weather? >> it is funny. retailers are actually trying to downplay what the brick and mortar retail same-store sales increases are by combining them
12:07 pm
with the commerce. right now most companies reported a blended rate. dennis: the overall level. dennis: absolutely. it must be not taking 5050 if you're on line is only 10 percent of your sales. >> department stores have really started the concept of on the channel. they're trying to allow you to buy something from the online inventory, storing inventory online.@ really trying to make it difficult. dennis: to the extent that online will gain. of course amazon, what brick and mortar retailers get online? what is the second-largest on my site. >> no question. your big box retailer surrounding better, the best buy heating prices all walmart, if you will. all of the branded companies we follow, investing at the same time. case bay, on a bi system pacific, one of the hottest trends globally, you know, they have 20 percent of their sales coming from online. dennis: i was going to ask you.
12:08 pm
only 13 percent of shoppers will visit brick and mortar stores this by friday. that is down from 17% of shoppers only one year ago. is online at different? >> i just think that being stretched, if you will, so, you know, we're calling it by friday, but stores will be open on thursday. people will spend money on line. and then, you know, the promotions are not as limited to black friday. some people don't feel the rush to shop that take. dennis: favors stocks. and we will year. although the big caveat is that your firm does business with these companies. you're wanting to sell all sorts of consulting services. go ahead. s&p. >> s&p, sales are growing at about 50% per year. you know, you think about coach losing market share. michael coor's gaining market share. kate spade is right there
12:09 pm
55 degrees right now, but it has been called -- there is replacement cycle going on. the company has diversified away from sheepskin by creating their own proprietary product. reduces the volatility. dennis: proprietary product made of animal products that is some of the in. >> natural. will. is will come with they treated to mimic the feel of pier sheepskin. dennis: another company that your firm does business with or is courting for business as we speak. and then you have fossil. >> well, watches have been strong for years. the attractive aspect of fossil is that they don't make it just for that brand, but they make watches and a michael coor's label, marc jacobs. and there is a low-cost manufacturing. so they really have a unique business model. dennis: you can make money. think you a pretty good business. but even your firm is in business with them. it cannot quite touch that. thank you for being with us. have a great thanksgiving.
12:10 pm
>> thank you. dennis: not all candy canes and christmas trees. malicious hackers using this season's festivities to carry out cyber attacks. will will said to say? >> dollar they season gives them a perfect epic journey to make this christmas theme or shopping team e-mails to really ramp up that credibility and give people more reason to a clique that obnoxious link and get themselves fish store infected. dennis: the clip of that guy who badly needs a haircut is from the brand new web show firewall. trend micro is urging folks to be on the lookout for suspicious e-mails clamming to offer holiday deals. you can catch more of this interview at with server security reporter mandaean every week. providing insight, analysis and some of the gravest cyber threats plaguing your nation. be sure to check it out. we will scare the jesus out of the. tracy: you have already. millions of americans a whipping of the thanksgiving feast. but what to do about the inevitable crises.
12:11 pm
you know that they happen. joining us with tips. dennis: i cannot wait to hear this. be thankful. tweet me. tell the world. what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? as we do every day at this time, take a look energy. ♪ ♪
12:12 pm
hmm. ♪ mm-hmm.
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♪ tracy: taking a look at your dow 30, up 20 points, lot more green on the screen and red. very interesting. a magical day yesterday. topping the now 30 and now at the bottom. ibm, j.p. morgan, microsoft, big winners. time for stocks. the floor of the new york stock exchange in nicole petallides, involving some big toymakers,
12:15 pm
warning. toys. we love toys for the holidays. let's see how stocks i doing. hasbro, build a bear workshop. mattel, of gaining today. bill the bear down. but there is an article about two ways to avoid. you have, obviously, people who are loyal to toy safety looking at this. some names from these big makers are on there. fisher-price, named as a noise as it foremast -- magnetic. teen-age mutant ninja turtles pencil case. well, that is one to watch. it may have toxic hazards. the list pet shop made by hasbro may have some very small pieces. obviously when buying toys for a and children you need to be aware of these things. you don't put small choking hazards around children under the age of two. the the stocks are mixed, and obviously we're watching for the holidays. hasbro, 1549.
12:16 pm
tracy: that is a little scary. dennis: what is bugging me? nothing. is the day before thanksgiving. time to stop griping and start thinking about things to be thankful for. the one holiday as somehow retains elements of its picturesque norman rockwell past. the one holiday where there is no pressure to give the right gift, no obligation to feign delight at receiving the wrong one. there is no war on thanksgiving, no politically correct minefield where you have to be careful not to wish a happy thanksgiving to someone who does not celebrate it. thanksgiving his family and friends commuting for a great feast to give thanks. i am thankful i live in the u.s., the freest country in the world, new york. i am thankful that i am still a journalist after picking that profession and i was in years old. most of all, like most parents i'm thankful for my daughter, a 13 year-old pistol, resilient, funny, with smart, and most
12:17 pm
important of all, she is kind. so now it is your turn. tweet me. tell the world. what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? your turn to weigh in. tweet us. your comments coming up. tracy: added nine a year and that side. i am thankful that i get to work here. all right. i am sure many of your not thankful for this weather. i know i am not. we are tracking the latest on the storm as putting a big dent in holiday travel plans. there is nothing to be thankful for coming out of d.c. tough to beat them. the new act that lets you read congressman on the job that they are doing or maybe not doing. first, let's see how the world's currencies are fairing against the u.s. dollar. great stuff. up 20 points. don't go anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if a small company
12:18 pm
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♪ tracy: it is unfortunate thing, but there will be one thing travellers will not be thankful for, and it will be bad weather totally plaguing the eastern seaboard causing major headaches
12:22 pm
meteorologist rick replan is standing by. thank goodness. because he knows all things weather. >> positive stuff, the only problem in the country is across the eastern seaboard. nothing going on. everything is clear. you're travelling by road come anywhere on the eastern 7/8 of the country, you are fine. it is the coastal areas of the northeast that have problems. the rain has moved through the fat -- se. cold air is in place across parts of florida and across the eastern coast. we still have rain, and the rain, not know because the cold air is a little bit of short or say inland, not short. back there, and it is when the dividend is causing delays. the party is seen delays just under an hour to be the worst of it is in philadelphia. of course, a lot of flights. your plane may be cannot get to you on the west coast which could cause a ripple effects.
12:23 pm
for the most part most of the flights will get out today. it will just be a little bit slow going. most of the rest of the country, no big delays. the northeastern area is dealing with it. temperatures wise we are not bad across the coast, but cold air is on its way throughout the day today and in toward tomorrow morning. we are talking about bitterly cold air, and the wind will be there. it will be uncomfortable but clear. tomorrow if you're driving, you will be just fine. for the most part, the flights will get off today. you just have to be patient because they will be delayed for. tracy: patient absolutely, but more importantly or may be as important, the parade tomorrow. garfield as attrition. >> a big concern, these thresholds of how high wind will be testing, and that the bullets fly. all those people down there hanging. sometimes you have to bring them down low. tomorrow morning 29 degrees. a wind chill around 17. winds will be gusty i'm sure the
12:24 pm
balloons i going to be flying really, really low. not flying really high. but, you know, i would imagine that they will go. i do not think they are completely ground and it will probably be a game time decision. hopefully we will be there. i will be there at the beginning of the parade also. turnon fox and friends. we will be there covering it. tracy: may be have a little evidence that you could do. i am all about garfield. >> let me work on that. tracy: all right. thank you so much. >> you bet. ♪ dennis: try it -- time to make some scratch. >> you know, it is one thing that has been missing from this big-time rally. the big, giant takeovers and acquisitions. you think it would start to come because that is some pretty valuable currency. we have seen the uybacks in the takeovers. three stocks looking pretty
12:25 pm
intriguing. talking blackstone. and you know, people are not happy. you can see what rick up. now is only 1/4. maybe they will not be taking over. maybe it will do a pe deal and small a small stake in -- sell a small stake in do a buyback. this is one that even though it is bubbling a little bit, it is not the most exciting. foster is exciting because you know a fair amount. that apparently they seem to be interested in. i have to tell you, i can understand why. they have beaten the street after a string of earnings mrs. terry the last five years. a gigantic engineering company. the last five years the business has been down manually 18%. should be up every year from here on out. at least 15%. everywhere in the world they have a presence. also oil refinery in chemicals. this one even without a takeover , investors should take a look. the big deal this morning, it was not a pharmacy deal, but cbs
12:26 pm
-- csn walgreens, a gigantic battle. rite aid had a huge accounting scandal. they seem to have come back. we sold in september of 16%. got an upgrade last week from deutsche bank. even without an acquisition this is one that i think that investors are looking at some of these names that are percolating. this has more upside potential. tracy: three big names, walgreens cannot and right aid would get even. >> a potential buyer. these are the two behemoths. and right aid is sort of coming out of it. the accounting scandal. it happened almost a decade ago, sort of a dark cloud. the case for nearly attractive. tracy: rick folbaum. it is time to tell the see exactly how you feel if you have not already. this new applets' you rate your representative in the palm of your hand. dennis: a head scratcher, a
12:27 pm
smart way. we will tell you about sony's new fashion statement. meanwhile will take a look and some of the s&p's winners and losers. ♪
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
that dismal. and from big wigs, the new where a ball cap that is the head
12:31 pm
scratcher, getting past the crisis around the kitchen, going to join us with tips to avoid a big fan including headache. let's let to the stock exchange. >> that the price of oil dipped below $92 a barrel a short time ago, moments ago, lowest level since june 3rd. this in itself was a big deal coupled with the fact we are watching energy shares so closely, look at the index. you are seeing noble energy, a pioneer, all the under pressure today as the group is under pressure with the commodity itself. commodities have been out of
12:32 pm
favor of late. polk could do a big turnaround and do a big pop, you see it way down. conoco phillips doing better than the rest. valero a big gain but that is bucking the trend of these energy plays. dennis: speaking of that yelp for politicians a new apps gives voters a chance to not only check up on their congressmen and senators but communicate directly with the local reps about any issue. joining us from the parent company citizen engine is rodney massey. thanks for being with us. how does it work? >> thanks for having me today. i citizen is that engagement platform we launch from the iphone that gives citizens a critical voice in the legislative process. what we are doing is doing that three ways by giving the ability
12:33 pm
to know the issues and to cast their vote. on another issues area we give people the ability to track for follow issues like you would follow someone at facebook and give them the ability to track or follow legislation and actually support or oppose that legislation in the apps and aggregate news from a variety of sources across the country so you can imagine an article that might appear in related to education and the l.a. times on health in the chicago tribune and give them the ability to track and follow the news. dennis: that is a lot of power in the palm of your hands. a huge obstacle i see here. many people don't care about politics at all. they want nothing to do with the. we have never been so disillusioned with washington and both parties and i never phought the limiting factor was that didn't have the right air when in my hand.
12:34 pm
how do you overcome the idea you are speaking to an audience that may not care? >> it is really about their ability to have an impacted. i would disagree that people don't care but it is about opportunity costs. we are trying to lower the opportunity cost of being engaged in politics. whether you are in the doctor's office waiting for an appointment or in the drive through, hopefully not where you are driving but the ability to have a voice in politics in the legislative process, we all have busy lives, trying to make that easy and consumable for citizens, very efficient. dennis: the more we can do to get more people more informed the better off we are. you got no revenue stream as yet and you are not planning on doing the advertising but it occurred to me the congressman in washington might find real value to your data and your
12:35 pm
input and polk questions you will post and is there a business models to start selling this to political consultants and politicians? >> there is certainly a business model and we are pre revenue right now. this is the ideal what we are focused on is doing what is right for the citizens first. if we do what is right for the citizen there will be a variety of ways to monetize. we have identified those ways. a huge opportunity, public opinion polling, we will do that in a way that is open and transparent for constituents so they understand that. of dennis: worry about the business model where like mark zuckerberg. you are a small outfit. how many actual downloads of apps so far where you wanted to be in the next year and how long is it up? >> we just want on the
12:36 pm
nineteenth, we had bipartisan support for that. we are already growing quickly so we had greater growth than you see from prominent social media companies. we are not publicly disclosing % but you will see we are shooting off like a rocket right now. dennis: but not giving us any numbers read soever. throw was the bun. are you more than a million? >> we would like to have a million by year end. we will see how things go. dennis: that didn't hurt. there is a number and good luck with your endeavour. thanks so much. dagen: okay. i think this falls in the bazaar is seeking the united states a patent for its smart whig. these are hair pieces, integrate wearable devices into everyday life like your hair.
12:37 pm
this one more discreet, a award discreet than google glasses. they are prototypes of the presentation with the equipped with a laser pointers to aid in tasks like changing the slide and our point presentation and the ministee navigation whig equipped with gps and vibrations to help users navigate roadways and sensing whig which can read key information like body temperature and blood pressure, communicate wirelessly with another device. they can be made from human hair or any kind of hair. sony will still be waiting whether it will commercialize this technology. this according to the company filing with the u.s. patent and trademark office, you can read it at your leisure. dennis: short-sellers everywhere began to share, when you talk about school glasses, if you are talking about to pays, block. all right. consumer is getting a little bit
12:38 pm
of a break on their holiday dinner costs and we are not just talking turkey. tracy: we have the top thanksgiving chips including non poetry lovers in the family. as we head to break let's look at your ten year treasury. we will be right back.
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
ashley: i am ashley webster, the bankruptcy judge approving the department of justice antitrust settlement ddal with american airlines' parent amr and usair with allowing them to exit bankruptcy and close on the merger which americans a plans to repeat on december 9th. weekly jobless claims fell by 10,000 to 316,000. the estimate was the 330,000 the prior week also revised slightly higher by 3,000 to 326,000 the jobless claims of falling six of seven weeks and consumer sentiment rose in november to 719.1 away from the 73.2 reading. thompson reuters university of michigan index fell 12 americans, the economy improving, low income households are still concerned about job gains. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
dennis: consumer is getting a break and turkey prices. let's head to the spring of its of the cme. still frozen turkey down $0.03, fresh turkey prices down 2. >> everything is cause to celebrate but national turkey federation is not happy with it. prices should be lower than they are today because the cost of corn has gone down. one reason we are not seeing prices fall is those turkeys we are buying our last year's corn. the price of corn last year, they send these turkeys, 6, to $8 a bushel, a far cry from the $4.26 a bushel we are getting today so the national turkey federation really thinks we should see those prices go lower because of the corn crop we saw in the united states.
12:43 pm
another thing, i don't know if you knew this but this is the best time of year to buy turkey because the grocers will sell their turkey at a break-even at a loss to get into the store to buy those other goodies so this is a good time, enjoy your turkey. dennis: thank you very much, phil flynn. thanksgiving is here and it is time to talk turkey. my next guest is here with some fast solutions to unexpected thing getting dinner crises. joining me is the chef and star of restaurant divided every thursday on the food network, a and a big faa. lovable shafting. at the thanksgiving. you are outsourcing the cookie turkey, you are not cutting anything. >> as a matter of fact i host of a holidays and this year again an unusual reprieve. my husband will be hosting on thanksgiving. dennis: if you are sick of turkey what do you do for thanksgiving? >> we eat it once a year.
12:44 pm
you cannot be sick of turkey but you could try turkey breast or make it a sea food extravaganza. i think turkey and the thanksgiving menu is one of the most perfectly written menus ever. dennis: stuffing inside the bird. i love that. >> not inside the bird. the danger zone, 40 degrees to 4 degrees is the perfect temperature bacteria to grow. the inside of the taking a pass is 145 degrees. if it does your turkey will be as dry as the bun. dennis: so it has been contaminated? >> it will make you sick. you think you are sleeping, it is toxic neurological -- dennis: another way to prepare a turkey deep-fried could set a fire. >> if you put a frozen turkey in hot oil you have created an explosive device. don't do that. does a good video how to deep-fried turkey. it takes 40 minutes, great way to cook a turkey.
12:45 pm
dennis: my problem, the breast is down and starts to get dry, legs and thighs are not done. bobby flay on the food network saturday, cut those legs and put them up and let the breast sit for an hour. is that a good idea? >> the muscle tissue of breast is completely different, each transfers and a different rate, the breast will cook faster so what you need to do if you want to be like a chef like bobby flay his does good work is separate command cook and separately. you could also put the breast. most people like white meat. you could pose a 4 pound turkey breast in 40 minutes. and all so -- that is -- think about this. 4500 calories is what most people consume on thanksgiving day. you can cut three days on the treadmill. you could cut that to 320 calories. dennis: what about leaving it out for an hour.
12:46 pm
do i have to heated up again? >> when you cook your bird crooked to 165 degrees and allowed to rest for 40 minutes to an hour and allow all the juices to redistribute. another pop up timer is designed to pop at 165 degrees when the turkeys and agrees over cooked so do not pay attention to that. dennis: i am liking this. tell us about your show. very passionate places but lot going on. >> is difficult o run a restaurant. as you watch me run a restaurant it was difficult to run. this is about running restauuants with your family and often family can't decide which way to move forward. we build two restaurants simultaneously in the same space. we opened them to the public and decide which is more profitable and which one has higher long-term feasibility and my point of view and i decide which
12:47 pm
one continues. dennis: the definition of cooking on television changed from here's how you do it to watching a bunch of heros of culinary arts do all kinds of stuff. >> think of the 90s, how to dump and stir and then it became entertainment and now is all entertainment and very little straight forward cooking shows like julia child. dennis: a lot of survivor going on. people like competition and reality. they like to be thrilled by television. dennis: you are the most fit chef i have ever seen. a good diet. >> i have written three new york times bestsellers, and healthy eating, and the next one in january. these are actual rest of thes. dennis: probably didn't even read those cookbooks. you hired somebody. >> i'd spend five days reading the audio book version. dennis: great advice, a
12:48 pm
fantastic job. have a great thanksgiving. >> lots of turkey 911 twitter. dennis: a lot of people will need that but not me. thanks a lot. time for stocks on the floor of the stock exchange. keith, i want to close today at 16,100, we are at 93. can you help me? >> the bulls are in charge of the marketplace and it doesn't seem to be any turning back. thanksgiving week traditionally is enough in the equity market for a little ways to go on the s&p to get there but i don't see anything to keep you getting 16-1 on the dow. dennis: i start to look at the nasdaq, the highest it has been in 13 years. the s&p is up 33% this year. the dow hit 11 records just this month, 43 all time high records for this year and you can't help but think oh my gosh, aren't we
12:49 pm
getting too haiti and frosty and yet you guys day-by-day keep sending it up. why? >> that is the big dilemma for a lot of people out there, 10% to 20% correction and you are wrong every time. when you have these influences on the stock market like easy money policies that the fed with some help with friends around the globe at certain times there is no way you can say the stock market will go down. we know based on economic activity will filter in but all this money around world has been going into equity prices and home prices. that is where it has gone this year. dennis: dow 17,000. happy thanksgiving to you. and your thanksgiving media minute cable collision, cox communications of atlanta, the fourth largest cable guy mulling a bid for a number 2 time-warner cable so now at least three big
12:50 pm
operators of local cable systems are after time warner's eleven million cable homes. the dark horse's charter reaches 4.2 million homes it has john malone pushing it. you don't mess with john alone and comcast i think time warner and cox. here's a plausible ugly outcome for time warner. comcast, cox and chartered team up together, to buy out time warner for $35 billion, a job but those systems as if the company never existed at all. a frigid princess ready for a big premium. disney's frozen opens on thanksgiving day about when princesses, when is the evil twin make the ec and the others cute and warmer. the real star is the discombobulated snowman. hitting all-time highs passed the $70 mark and many critics say this is the best disney animation film since the lion king 20 years ago.
12:51 pm
disney animation is separate animation. many turkeys will be getting quoteetomorrow, a few are headed to the spa. the relaxing day coming up and they are thankful for that but what about you? your response to what is bugging me next. look at today's winners on the nasdaq.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
dennis: it is what bugging me today. nothing at all. i asked what are you thankful for this thanksgiving and years what somebody had to say, being in the u.s.a. happy thanksgiving
12:55 pm
to all staff at fox business. ni jennifer says diane thankful for you. for fox business in turkey, is that nice? harper jones says i am thankful my health care will not change next year. you might be ironic. i am thankful my health care plan may cover iodine capsules when iran complete its arsenal of nuclear bombs. that will be a quite a matchup of different themes. tracy: well thought out. if you let the turkeys as a certain desks this thanksgiving. california animal advocate karen don rescued the birds, jessica and and from a slaughterhouse and treated them, san francisco weekly reports on will have the birds at her thanksgiving dinner but instead of being the main dish they will be the guests of honor. she rescues turkeys on thanksgiving as a fun way to send a serious message. post turkey datum birds will
12:56 pm
work as animal ambassadors, turkeys are more fun on thanksgiving when alive and gobbling. dennis: and eating turkey. that is all there is to it. hundreds of flights delayed. winter storms pounding the east coast. tracy: one retailers offered a million dollars incentive to get customers in stores at a black friday sales. that and more as an shapiro takes you through the next hour of markets now. the dow was up 14 points. don't go anywhere. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capal one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i brk my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me wi unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry!
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adam: the busiest travel day of the year now of the slowest travel day of the year. i am matter shapiro. delays and traffic nightmares as the storm brings snow and ice east. the forecast and what you need to know before you hit the road. travel zoo on the options for stranded passengers and what is going to cost you to make it to
1:00 pm
grandma's house. paying you to shop on thanksgiving, leaving the dinner table to shot tomorrow's deals may be a controversial move but old navy has 1 million incentives to get you in the door. the dollar sign and after that million. quick and painless kissing while you wait. silicon valley shot up that is revolutionizing medical diagnosis is coming to eyewall green's new you. you will need the breakthrough idea originator and 29-year-old woman behind it. she was 19 when she launched the company. first to the market stocks are holding the gains. at least thhy were. we fell into negative territory. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: we are watching the vix moving to the upside and it had been lower earlier today. we are seeing a reversal. the vix moving higher and stocks pulling back, the dow into negative territory down three points, the nasdaq composite up 1/3% and new


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