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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  November 27, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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grandma's house. paying you to shop on thanksgiving, leaving the dinner table to shot tomorrow's deals may be a controversial move but old navy has 1 million incentives to get you in the door. the dollar sign and after that million. quick and painless kissing while you wait. silicon valley shot up that is revolutionizing medical diagnosis is coming to eyewall green's new you. you will need the breakthrough idea originator and 29-year-old woman behind it. she was 19 when she launched the company. first to the market stocks are holding the gains. at least thhy were. we fell into negative territory. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: we are watching the vix moving to the upside and it had been lower earlier today. we are seeing a reversal. the vix moving higher and stocks pulling back, the dow into negative territory down three points, the nasdaq composite up 1/3% and new highs for the
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nasdaq, and google was 2,000 and the s&p 500 holding on to fractional gains at 1803. watching hewlett-packard can pop with its quarterly numbers beating the street, mixed bag, citigroup says they have 30% more upside, goldman sachs keeps the celebrating so we're watching that as well. commodities are to the downside. oil below $92 for the first time since june so we are watching that story closely as well. dennis: let's talk about the wintery weather, weather making its way to the east coast causing several headaches for a lot of people on the busiest travel day of the year. accu-weather meteorologist pilotpoint is tracking the storm and jeff flock as the latest travel delays. where is the storm heading? is it getting worse? >> luckily traveling in the eastern u.s. there have not been a lot of fun but thankfully the
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worst has already occurred. many of us will be looking at improvement over the next 24 hours but lots to talk about on the busiest travel day of the year, retain close it to the coast, winter remix west of there, snow farther inland, we will wind down through the afternoon. a lot of rainfall from north carolina all the way into maine. you see yellows in the mix indicative of pockets of heavier rain, certainly looking at a localized flooding along parts of the i-95 corridor and improvement in the afternoon in new york city but rain will continue into the evening from boston into parts of new england. you cease and pink starting to develop west of the main band of rain. in a place like new york city the rain could end as a little bit of snow. if that comes down hard enough it could code those roadways albeit briefly so still looking at the potential for slippery travel as we head into the course of the afternoon. the passage of the system will usher in a cold air mass for the
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eastern two thirds of the country. we are looking at potential for record-breaking lows down to atlanta, jacksonville, could be looking at even south of i can, chilly weatherrsettling in, colder and 90 through thursday, by the time thursday rolls around, much colder for your thanksgiving, the wind will make it feel colder, black friday shoppers not looking much better. the wind will subside but it will remain chilly friday. adam: the weather could ground the balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. officials say it will be gained a decision that have warned that if winds exceed 23 miles per hour and gusts exceed 34 m.p.h. the balloons will not take off. . have been grounded once in a parade's 87 year history. that took place in 1971. it is not just balloon that may not fly. we want to go to jeff flock costanza diet o'hare airport in chicago for the latest on flight
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delays and cancellationss. united with a severe light show over your head, that will not bring a smile to too many cases. >> obviously it is not as bad as it could be but you don't need disaster for it to be a problem because you get problems with delays even if it is not terrible conditions. look the departure up here, if you look at the misery matt, as they look at o'hare, 30 flight delays at o'hare today. that is close to a regular day. nowhere near as bad as it could be. the latest from orbits, give me the latest on numbers of cancellations systemwide, nationwide. >> 380 cancellations with a storm been on the east coast, it is not as bad as it could be. >> we heard from our weather
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friends this precipitation could end in the northeast in washington and new york in freezing precipitation. what is the problem? >> the problem is we will get this winter remix in the d.c. metro area so that could cause delays and cancellationss and we know there could be a ripple effect. for new york it sounds like the good news is it may not insulated tonight, most folks tried to get a destination. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. the line is not bad. here's a good piece of news, you know we had the merger news, approval of the merger and look at the airline stocks today. delays on the board, cancellations but stocks are flying high. everybody likes the merger in terms of airline stocks, some people would argue the reason is a little bit of decreased competition out there. however you want to slice it is a good day for the airlines at
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least on wall street if not in the air. dennis: might have to do with target capacity. you are inside and warm, good to see you having a wonderful thanksgiving. this holiday travel season will see the most air travelers since 2007 but with nasty weather sweeping across the united states, traveling to see your loved ones could become complicated. travel zoo and senior editor knows what to do to help you get around this holiday travel season. what do you do right now if you are on one of those flights they talked about being delayed or canceled? what do you do if stuck at o'hare or one of those airports? >> you want to get really show me with your airline, stay connected, download their apps, they will let you know where the airport delays are and check their iphone apps, an hour at la guardia and jfk. maybe you are connecting to
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these estimations or airline apps, where your flight is coming from the subject a flight or two back to see how backed up your flight might be in the system. having a hundred for the airline all is a smart idea because usually you get help ttere before getting to the front of the line at the counter should your flight be canceled. adam: delta, if you two@delta to their support staffs they respond quite quickly. would that be one avenue of assistance? >> this is a new generation of communications. tweeting the airlines love to respond to positive tweets and responsive with negative ones as well. often times it is travelers on the ground that elders airlines to what is going on in real time answering counters, certain airports, certain terminals that busier airports so certainly that is a new wave of letting airlines know what is going on and how you are reacting as consumers and you often get a lot of things done more quickly. adam: is it good on days like
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the day -- today? >> if you are proactive and got insurance before the flight took off there's always known carol where if there's a storm already brewing, tried to buy insurance for your ticket a day or two ago when we knew based on what was rolling toward the northeast odds were slim that an insurance character -- carrier would cover the flight for cheaper but generally speaking you can buy insurance for your ticket up to 24 hours before you actually fly so you have to fly on sunday or monday if you are looking at potential for ripple effect and want to be extra safe, 5% or 10% more on not $200 tickets would ensure things like whether delays. adam: what does the insurance coverage? doesn't put you in a hotel or reimburse you for the missed flight? >> it varies from carrier to carrier but it will cover the essentials. let's say you are stuck for 24 hours you have extra food costs,
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pind a hotel room, some have concierge services that will help you tweet rental car reservations and certainly with limits on extra costs when it comes to things like whether delays it is some of the extra costs that you will incur before the airline puts you on the next flight. adam: what is the reality of collecting on that? have you crunch data? sounds like a great idea but to get reimbursed isn't it hansel -- a hassle? >> when people fly who were proactive and actually have their flights or trips in short for a weekend like this the insurance companies will be very proactive, people who are spending more money on food having to spend an extra night in new york these are expenses with certain limits that will be reimbursed. there is a really good sort of editorial job comparing these different plans out there but you are paying 5% to 10%
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depending on how many of your travel or how much you spend on your vacation it might be a smart way to go. adam: thank you for joining us for a few tips for how to deal with and delays, happy thanksgiving. a merger deal between u.s. airways and american airlines' parent company has been approved by the bankruptcy court judge, the ruling clears the way for the companies to close their deal which will create the world's largest airline. it comes just weeks after the justice department settled antitrust problems. the airline agreed to divest runway rights at major airports. the bidding has begun. a am are expected deal to close dec. ninth and the new american airlines will trade under the symbol a a l. j. p. morgan not the only big bank facing investigations on foreign hiring practices. the wall street journal reports citigroup and morgan stanley received information requests from u.s. authorities on their hiring practices. the security and exchange commission looking at whether
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those firms hired relatives of 4 officials to win business and the focus is on the country we call china. microsoft taking action to combat the nsa working to encrypt internet traffic because it suspects they may have broken into its private network. the report says microsoft executives are meeting this week to decide how to employ encryption tactics. microsoft's top lawyer says the post reported the eavesdropping on the company, quote, disturbing. we will introduce you to the poster child of medical technology. bringing portable diagnostic labs to walgreen's near you and it will save you money too. i know that about plaid. the country is yanking breweries and its rights to the iconic canned black and red patterned. thanksgiving turkey part will be
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adam: in a twist china's national trademark office ruling that the british luxury retailer no longer holds any rights to its iconic haymarket check within china's borders. this decision comes after a long legal battle between barbara and chinese retailer polo, the chinese begging the perilsmaker has been selling products that copy the can black and red pattern but the chinese trademark office says barbara has not use the pattern in production for three years and claims they cannot maintain exclusive rights to it. it is appealing the chinese trademark office's decision and as promised this is a quote, the
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strongest possible action against companies who use its trademarks unlawfully. no planned for you. stocks now, back to the floor of the stock exchange, nicole petallides is there. how did the chinese get away with it? that is another discussion. >> i guess i love the other name, whatever it was. let's look at the names that are hitting new highs, kicking off with google, 1068 is where they had today at 1,060 one, being 1/4%, lifetime high for google and looking at fedex, putting a buy rating, $157 price target and fedex moving 140-28, a gain of 1.5% and both are a 50% this year, two great winners. adam: one silicon valley startup is betting big on a tiny drop of your blood. teaming up with walgreen's pharmacies to offer in-store lab
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services capable of running tests on mike rose samples, small samples of blood with results available in a few hours. elizabeth holmes is the founder of pharaoh oaks. 19 when you founded his company. you had been referred to as steve jobs or bill gates. we should refer it to you as elizabeth holmes because you are revolutionizing blood tests and several things more. tell me why this is so important for walgreen's to come to new york. >> wonderful to be here. i started this company because i wanted to be able to change the reality in the health-care system which is today when someone you love gets really sick most of the time when you find that out it is too late to be able to do something about it and that is a heartbreaking
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thing because you are helpless and in those moments there is nothing that you wouldn't do. adam: you will depend on devices that are more accurate. i was reading, and blood drawn to test my cholesterol, had to wait a coupll days, a big files that they took that was sent to a whack. that started in the 60s. what you've done is create new devices that measure a perk of blood from the edge of my finger. >> exactly. if you look at the number of people who do not get their lab tests done because they are scared of needles, by being able to make it possible to do any of our laboratory tests from lot tiny droplets of blood we have now changed the experience for people everywhere, especially
1:19 pm
focusing on little kids and elderly people or oncology patients who goes through so much, having to get blood drawn constantly. adam: my cholesterol is 159. what you have done is dropped the cost of a simple cholesterol test will now be, you are going to publicize the cost, he and buy insurance companies, it is simple to understand how much you are going to pay and what you're going to do and world in which i could walk into a walgreen's one day, give me the test. >> exactly. we have published our prices. we believe very strongly that being able to have access to a laboratory information in real time is a basic human right so whether you are in short, not insured, medicare, medicaid, it
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is this a emprise and the price is less than half of what medicare and medicaid reimburses today which is projected to be medicare and medicaid over $160 billion, in direct out-of-pocket savings over the course of the next ten years and means the average person can now be able to begin affording to get tested so -- adam: you are not publicly traded. is someone approaching you to acquire your company? are you thinking of going public? something like 2% of medical spending in this country is on blood tests. that is a huge amount of money at risk, cemented into this world. putting up opposition for what you are about to do because it will be cheaper and more efficient and more accurate. >> our goal and our focus is on being able to make this accessible to people everywhere.
1:21 pm
we have an operational plan that will allow us to become within five miles of every person's home through walgreen's that we opened and are continuing to open nationally and that is where all of our focus is. our success will be in being able to make it possible for no one to have to go through the process of being stabbed by a big need to get blood anymore end be able to get access to this lab information earlier. adam: any chance you go public? >> our focus is on execution and bringing this to people. adam: i started this discussion with you pointing out other journalist referred to as a steve jobs or bill gates but what you are doing is revolutionary and people will be referring to other people as the next elizabeth holds. a pleasure to have you on the fox business network and i hope you will come back. continued success. >> thank you so much.
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adam: another setback for obamacare, peter barnes has lead breaking details, small business owners will want to hear this. old navy's holiday and featuring melissa mccarthy and her turkey tacos, one of the most buzz about commercials, you should see that on a studio. next we hear from retailers ahead of stores. be fickle on how is going to live up to the height. [ bagpipes and drums playing over ]
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[ music transitions to rock ] make it happen with the all-new fidelity active trader pro. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity.
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>> your fox news minute. and iranian news agency, two saudi fishing vessels were seized after they entered iranian waters. it is the latest dispute over maritime boundaries between iran and gulf arab states. nine fishermen were on it, saudi arabia and iran are major rivals in the region and any conflict have the potential to escalate. the italian senate has expelled
1:27 pm
prime minister sylvio berlusconni following his conviction for tax fraud. the call. day of mourning for italian democracy. the media mogul dominated italian politics for two decades. hundreds of northern ohio residents could be out of their home for awhile longer, possibly into thanksgiving. officials in willard say work continues to clean up a flammable liquid filled from the damaged rail car in a railyard and those are your news headlines on the fox business network. >> braking is another setback for obamacare as administration weighs on enrollment for small business, peter barnes with more on the delays and looks like it keeps going and going. peter: third be made. the administration once again delaying the launch of its federal obamacare online exchange for small businesses that wants to get health insurance for their employees
1:28 pm
saying will be available by november of 2014, next year. as a result, also approving an alternative site of method like a rolling through health insurance agents or brokers directly through an insurer, opening of the online shop exchange for small businesses twice before in late september, h h s announce on line enrollment would not be available until november 1st. a month later a top officials said the launch would be ago this saturday which is when the administration hopes its online exchange for individuals will also be running more smoothly but now it looks like it is not going to happen for small businesses. the current december 15th deadline for small businesses to enroll if they want coverage for the first of the year extended through december 23rd. one of the small business trade
1:29 pm
groups for the national independent business federation says continued delays delay uncertainty and the decision of many owners to take early renewals of their small group plans. under obamacare employees, companies with fewer than 50 employees do not have to get insurance for their employees but if they want to and want to get tax credit they need to go through these exchanges. now they will go through the broker and do more paperwork, waiting for more details on a conference call that is set to get under way. adam: hitting the road for the holidays? we are on the ground for a look at how traffic is shaping up before you head out and when black friday can't come soo novel navy's plan to stay competitive this holiday shopping season opening, closing and reopening again on thanksgiving day which is tomorrow. ♪
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♪ ashley: president obama is part -- pardoning the national thanksgiving turkey periods popcorn will not give his cues cut, so to speak. let's listen to the president. >> a great organization that works to about our neighbors here in d.c. needed most. wanted thank the turkey farm in pennsylvania for donating those birds for the fifth year in rome this is a reminder that this season to not only be thankful for the incredible blessings that we have, but also to remember the neediest and generously serve those who are not as fortunate. you know, this is a quintessentially american holiday, and during this time we give thanks to our friends and
1:34 pm
family, for citizens, showing compassion to those in need and neighbors to help strangers they have never met. we give thanks for the blessings of freedom and opportunity that previous generations worked so hard to secure, and we give thanks for the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform who serve our nation around the world. for those of you are watching, you keep us safe, you make us proud, and you remind us of our obligation to build on the work of our predecessors and leave something better for our own kids. so on behalf of the obama family of want to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving. tomorrow, as we gather with their own friends and family we count ourselves lucky that there is more to be thankful for then we can never say and more to be helpful for then we can ever imagine. now before these turkeys get away, with the power vested in me i want to grant popcorn a full reprieve. come on.
1:35 pm
a full reprieve. [laughter] congratulations to marilyn. [applause] happy thanksgiving, everybody. we saved popcorn. [applause] ashley: the president has pardoned those turkeys. popcorn, getting the kind of presidential blessing. those turkeys will travel to george washington mount vernon estate in gardens where there will be on display for visitors during christmas. the two turkeys issued a statement saying eat more beef. the time for stocks. that said to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is there. twitter getting a boost. >> i am happy that the party was
1:36 pm
darden. what does he have an animal named popcorn? take a look at twitter. 4108. at two 1/4%. worth noting that they initiated coverage with a buy rating. a $50 target. this is relatively expensive stock fell when the mobile labs. and this going to say advertising. it should be great. that's why their loved it. ashley: parts of the northeast are reporting when yes the 60 miles-per-hour thanks to the storm moving into this part of the country. fox news rick leventhal ii fort lee new jersey with a look at the roadways on this day before thanksgiving. >> reporter: temperatures plummeting. 61 degrees in central park. now on the low '40's, feels like the 30's. it will get into the 20's. snow in new york this afternoon or this evening. already snowing in northern virginia, central maryland and
1:37 pm
central pennsylvania, and you mentioned those ridiculously high wind gusts. right now traffic is not too bad here in the new york area on the george washington bridge. falling from new jersey into new york. also torula island and connecticut where it is golden going to get colder. things are a lot worst north and west of us including rochester where residents have been digging out from a heavy snowfall. buffalo expecting up to about a foot before it is all over. winter storm warning in effect all across the northeast. douses the power outages have already earned it -- already been reported which will make it tough to cook thanksgiving turkeys. if you're flying, expect delays. the arrivals at jfk are backed up 49 minutes, 51 minutes at laguardia. plans are 30 minutes late getting into newark and almost two hour delays getting into philadelphia this afternoon. volume, of course, very heavy on area highways and expected to get worse. falling in a pretty decent rate on the new jersey turnpike. but the people we spoke with said they hope to beat the rush
1:38 pm
to and were not necessarily successful. >> of stop. it has been to our so far. >> o long day. >> reporter: some of the 39 million people expected to drive somewhere today tonight or tomorrow morning in less than ideal conditions. ashley: thank you very much. on the topic of holiday shopping , one store is offering more than just been -- big discounts. old navy is offering a chance for you to become a millionaire starting thursday at 7:00 p.m. over 700 stores will open for 29 hours. the first 500 customers at each store will have a chance to win $1 million in old navy overnight millionaires with sticks. joining us to discuss this is old navy had of stores. thank you for joining us. you're eligible.
1:39 pm
i thought some of these stores will be open 9:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. correct me where i'm getting wrong. >> we will actually have 900 stores open up on thanksgiving open from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. we close the 4:00 p.m. and then we will reopen at 7:00 p.m. and then we have an unprecedented promotional offer. you're right. we're going to give away million dollars. the first 500 people in line will be getting a game apiece and have an opportunity somewhere around the country. someone will have their night -- life changed. on top of that i have to mention we will have 50 percent of the entire storage we have never done before. between the two it is a pretty incredible offer. >> 7:00 p.m. and after. 9:00 a.m. until four, credit card customers to of people have a card. among the clothes a fourth.
1:40 pm
have dinner with your family and then go shop at seven and get an extra 10 percent off. >> you know, we have been up to now, this is our fifth year on thanksgiving. customers have told us that they appreciated. they like the opportunity to go wind. it's 7:00 that night it will be crazy. it person. ashley: let me ask you about this. nine a.m. to 4:00 p.m. another people who want to shop on thanksgiving. another people who want to work on thanksgiving, but they're is a lot of backlash against companies like yours being open on thanksgiving. audi react? our fifth thanksgiving. we have been able to get
1:41 pm
customer sentiment right. what she told us clearly is she loves the opporunity, enjoy shopping, so we're happy to give her that opportunity. our employees, we go back five years ago, we started by posting up a sign up sheet and literally took volunteers. what we learn really quickly is still we had to turn employees away because everyone wanted to work on thanksgiving. we give them overtime, which is wonderful. the budget every one of our stores have a thanksgiving celebration and meal, so you get a chance to have thanksgiving with their old navy family and separately a chance to experience it with their own family. ashley: i am speaking on behalf of my people, man. you keep saying she. i take it your demographic is one in. >> forgive me. thirty-five years in the business. it is something that you end up talking about. she, we refer to her as jenny, but it is all about the family. that is all about bringing the family and. clearly he comes into. i am wearing a navy right now. i love the product.
1:42 pm
the ugliest shorts i own the world, but also very comfortable. all the best to you. this will be a shortened holiday shopping season. part of the gap family, and it is amazing what cap has done. all of us have something either from gabba world navy. all the best. >> i appreciate that. >> thank you. take care. ashley: investing in pr has a stack that -- tax benefits. as that country teeters on the brink of a downgrade to job we will tell you how to protect yourself. equity investors a plenty to be thankful for. big gain for the dow, s&p, and nasdaq commanded a over yet. hitting the trading floors with today's news. ♪ [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told himhat was happening on the tradg floor in real time.
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♪ >> reporter: i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. voters to a seattle suburb approved a $15 an hour minimum wage. the measure mandates that 60300 workers, that is seattle-tacoma international airport be paid more than double the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. washington already has the highest minimum wage to $9.19 per hour fast. cyber approach of targeting you. rex ferguson and trend micro says watch out for suspicious
1:45 pm
e-mails claiming to offer holiday deals that really are cyber scams. >> the holiday season gives them a perfect the opportunity to make those christmas the indoor shopping theme e-mails the really ramp up that credibility and get people more reason to click that lincoln get themselves fish store infected. >> reporter: for more tips on how to avoid cyber frogman's can check out the new weekly web show.
1:46 pm
♪ adam: something to be thankful for this thanksgiving. stocks continued to rally. on the floorrof the new york stock exchange. keith, activity at the holiday. people tend to take profits and go home? >> right now it is a pretty light day. it is to be expected. before the holiday. most of the people, if they have not left already, they're thinking about leaving in the
1:47 pm
next half-hour or so. i should say. one thing that is interesting about this year, though, adam. the friday after thanksgiving, which is an abbreviated session in equity market is the last of the month. last time that happened was six or seven years ago. we expect to be pretty busy for that three in half-hour time friend that we will have on friday. so look for some volume, look for opportunity out there if you want to trade in this market. today we will probably just ease into the close and go eat lots of food tomorrow. adam: sleep it off tomorrow night and back to work on friday. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. adam: party rican bonds hovering just above junk status. your portfolio could be at risk. nearly 75 percent of all municipal bond funds hold poor region that. what do you need to watch. >> reporter: we talked out this the need to update you on it. joining us, mutual fund analyst at s&p cute. thank you so much. one of the things that we have talked about is the exposure of some of the oppenheimer funds,
1:48 pm
30 percent of their holdings, but you add to that the problem of those funds, not necessarily oppenheimer, but a lot of funds holding unrated debt. for instance, jefferson county alabama some of the agencies would not rated, but the people bought it. >> that is the case. when you are buying mutual funds are hoping to get diversification, but it is important to understand where. some funds have loaded up on puerto rican bonds, although a few of them, but some of those are doing so. other funds are really stretching for yields combine things that are not rated. non rated bonds tend to offer a higher yield. you have to go inside, look at the portfolio and be able to understand what you're buying because you're not buying an individual bond but a collection across the country in all likelihood. adam: if my bond fund is chasing yield what is wrong with that? chances are i notice this year, don't like? >> hopefully you do. but if you bought it in that time when the high-yield
1:49 pm
municipal bond market was doing well which was what was happening in 2012, you are rewarded for taking on risk. the funds that are offering above average yields and those taking an above-average rest are getting hurt quite badly in 2013, among the worst performing funds, the ones that either have a lot of non rated bonds or bonds that are rated, but are tied to burger rico, where, as i am sure you've talked about, bonds are not performing very well. adam: the last one we had was the state's downgrade with the potential target of jim going to jog, but at the end of the day those funds are performing well. having to sell perhaps rated bonds that actually do perform better in order to meet the cash calls that might be takingace. he wants to buy an unrated bonds or even some of these high-yield per rican bonds that are just too risky. >> that is the case for some of them. a bit of a circular problem and that we are seeing money moves out of municipal bond funds because of the bad performance. and as we have seen, the money
1:50 pm
moving out, the fund managers have to sell whatever is out there. it is hard to find someone who wants to buy an unrated bonds are once again to the brega situation from my perspective to knowing the risk. there is a smaller pool people buying and and, of course, that adds to the risk for some of these funds. the lesson to take is to make sure that you understand what is out there. and most of the bonds that are inside these portfolios are of a stronger credit quality. the funds that are doing well are investing in higher great parts of the municipal bond market, and there's a lot of good securities out there. adam: we have oppenheimer funds on this program. pr is a buying opportunity. on the exact opposite of that we have had guess you said that the municipal bond market will be armageddon, cats and dogs living together when brega is rated down to junk. what do you think? >> of course their is a potential buying opportunity which is why you're paying for active management from an oppenheimer fund instead of
1:51 pm
buying from my shares. you're paying for the active management hoping that it will be right in the credit situation will improve. when is wrong, and if you're buying a mutual fund for capital preservation and income streams you want to make sure that the safety is principal and making sure the risk is something you're comfortable with and not chasing performance which is something we are afraid is happening. adam: we appreciate you being here and go begin have the discussion again in the near future. all the best. lamborghini taste on a toyota corolla budget. how you can get the accounting sports car look without buying the actual car next. a gift for a person who has an all. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number?
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adam: oil prices tumbled to the lowest level since june regular $92 for barrell. >> if you want something to be thankful for, how about u.s. oil producers. they produced last week over 8 million barrels of oil per day, the most since 1989. in fact, now we have produced most of our own oil needs since 2000 -- 1986. that is what i'm thankful for. when you pull up at the gas pump we will see lower energy prices, increased refinery runs, and that will be a good thing. if you want to see how lucky we are, compared to europe where we're paying $110. adam: if you have been dreaming of owning a lamborghini but cannot quite afford the price, you are in luck.
1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
tracy burns and ashley webster will be here for fox business markets now and next. ♪ you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? tracy: good afternoon. i'm tracy byrnes. ashley: and i'm ashley webster. the dow searching for direction and headed thanksgiving. traders leaving town early, taking profits of the table ahead of the holiday, but we are open for business. watching these final two hours of trading. keep it right here. tracy: i love it. and speaking of prying eyes, we will help you get to granma. we are live at o'hare and in the fox weather center tracking the storm and, of course, the corresponding delays. ashley: plus m are you buying more this black friday that last year? your responses and our expert guest with the sales predictions commng up and just moments. tracy: the white house asking people not to use the obamacare website, even if it is fixed by
2:01 pm
this weekend. you don't want to miss this. this is comedy. you cannot miss this hour of markets now. the top of the hour, time for stocks, as they do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange. let's go back a little bit. up, down. >> reporter: that has really been the action of light. we have had days with the dow the changed ten times. recently it was almost 40 times in one day. the markets continue to try and find footing and be comfortable at these extremely high levels. of forget, 16,075 right now. we are pushing near record highs for those parts. the nasdaq composite, the s&p, we got jobless claims that were better than expected. we got in some durable goods data. and it obviously show business and -- business investment not so great. overall the stronger economy. so that is what we're looking at. we have seven straight weeks of gains and we will see whether or
2:02 pm
not is a winning week this week. ashley: we shall see. of course, the busiest travel day of the year, and already more than 500 flights had been cancelled around the country. take a look at the aptly named misery map. atlanta and new york other trouble spots at this hour. chicago's o'hare airport. it has not shown up on the misery map. at least not yet. >> reporter: a little misery. l.a. some in chicago. a lot that goes through here. a lot of fear about cascading effects of the problems in the northeast. this storm system has really moved through pretty rapidly. i tell you, the snow in atlanta this morning, but not so much now. take a look at the map and you will see where the storm is, headed into the northeast. problems in washington, problems in new york, jfk, laguardia, newark, but i don't think it is as bad as it could have been. still, you know, this is one of
2:03 pm
the busiest travel days of the year. and to have any kind of whether and a day like today you get cascading effects. orbitz telling us that the airlines are very eager not to cancel flights today if at all possible. this is not a big snow event. essentially it is more of a wind and rain event. most locations don't want to cancel because they know people ha to get where they need to go. want to give you a last look at the departure and arrival boards, specifically the arrival board. anytime you see yellow their is a departure from the time is supposed to be divvied in fairness, here in chicago many of those those are actually flights coming in earlier. san francisco, 20 minutes early. even the boston flight path, the 205, now 145. the other flights are on time. new york flights pretty much on time. not as bad as it could have been , but we're not out of the was by any means. a lot of days to come here. so continue to watch. i am not flying until 6:00 tonight. what was i thinking?
2:04 pm
ashley: what were you thinking? >> i don't know. ashley: i am going to switch gears. there is banner on the bottom of the screen saying that the legislative leaders in illinois have now reached a deal on a state pension overall. how surprising is that? >> use news. huge news. a surprise only because they have been trying to do this for two years and have not been able to. illinois as the worst on funded pensions anywhere in the world. this is 100 to $150 billion deal i am to old that the way this is getting settled is not by making people retire later but reducing the cost-of-living increases which are very generous. that's what got them into the hole, a lot of what got them into the hole. this is big news and would be the worst problem. keep in mind, an illinois democrats control both the senate and house, and the governorship and have for years. they still have not been able to reach this agreement. so now doing so is a big deal.
2:05 pm
ashley: and the multitalented jeff flock covering the airline's, covering the pensions. thank you so much. fingers crossed. tracy: we have been talking about black friday all day. are you buying more than last year? as the big question. tweet us your responses and we will put them up at the bottom of the screen. joining us with his survey of what is going on this friday, bryan sarkozy, ceo and chief equity strategist. what do you say? black friday did? >> it is dead. black friday, i giant blob that is chafing assault. captain said that recognition. and poll all of the promotions of. i am not a big fan of opening, but there are at least four reasons why they're doing this. one big one, small traffic has been down significantly since january. actually coming in to black
2:06 pm
friday. ron -- ashley: it likes to correlate back-to-school shopping was seasonal shopping. they noted that it was down this year and they are little more bearish on the outlook for the second season. do you draw that same comparison ? >> i do. one of the greatest toll school comparisons. back to school, but expectations that is when all of these retails at bleeped reported earnings are put out guidance. largely in line to below expectations. one step under promise and over deliver. i cannot say i blame them because the markdowns route of control. massive earnings. tracy: black friday, is it because i can shop online or is it because as a last-minute shopper i feel like sometimes i get better deals about wait until the bitter end. ashley: christmas eve. tracy: pretty much. retails -- retailers are using
2:07 pm
the data in phenomenal waste. they are promoting treats like never afford, but i encourage everyone, if you pull up your cursor, no way you want. invest in a website. they're sending you promotions to your cellphone, constantly in your head, bombing your e-mail box. if they can do that and now you have -- know how you have been shopping, why not give you promotions. ashley: incredibly competitive. hal slim will these margins be? third. >> right now what i see is dirtier 40%. retail will still be profitable. what i am looking for, i see discounts over 60 percent which sells me j.c. penney or macy's, below cost. earnings might mess. ec buy one get one. these companies are still making money. tracy: to early in the season to know if black fridayk friday. was disappointing.
2:08 pm
cyber monday, cyber week. by the second week in december, uc 50, 60 percent off, something is wrong. ashley: consumer confidence is slipping. how much does the psyche of the consumer play into this? >> i think the great names, target. target recently told us that there transactions, people going to the story started to decline3 because people are afraid of spending too much, so they're going to the stores. they don't trust themselves. they don't want the bill in january or february. tracy: i could do it at home, but there was a shooting in the mall by me. by one to take my kids and risky when it seems to be their shooters like crowds. >> i am totally with you. you can totally cowed shop. you can go to amazon. apse got tablas, mobile phones, making it easy. like we just mentioned, if they send you promotions, why bother? me.
2:09 pm
tracy: thank you so much. they don't realize what the shooters have done to the psyche of the mall shopper. ashley: a point. very true. tracy: i'm not going. ashley: stay at home on the couch. tracy: i will be safe in my slippers. apple shares soaring. should you buy, sell, or old? for 57 time magazine man of the year. how microsoft is taking a warning very seriously. tracy: and the perfect wines appear with your thanksgiving bird coming up and our special edition. ashley: there is no warning at thanksgiving. first term as we do at this time every day, take a look at how oil is trading, on the way down. just over $92 a barrel. we will be right back. ♪
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
tracy: time to make some money. charleses' you're looking at a stock in the industrial sector. you like this. >> i really do. i always feel like if i talk about anything construction. tracy: i got it wrong again. dirty fingernail rally. as the wrong.
2:13 pm
i said it wrong multiple times. it is the dirty fingernail rally. [laughter] >> the midnight shift. tracy: with a holiday. come on now. ashley: manitowoc is the stock. food-service equipment. you know, what i like about this company, it is completely free transforming itself from 2000 to 2008 and went on an incredible acquisition spree. what you saw is in 2000 only 9 percent of the business came from outside of the country. now is over 53%. they are where you want to be. they opened a facility in brazil. 350,000 square feet. this is where you have a crane knowing, restaurants, then make all the equipment for the restaurants like mcdonald's or kfc. it is just absolutely amazing. i love the way that the stock is acting. it's pretty good. i think they will do well.
2:14 pm
in addition, mostly in the energy sector or the infrastructure sector. those are also booming areas. ashley: you like it at this price? >> i love it. once it closes above 22i think it is off to the races. to give yyu an example, it peaked in december, november november 2007 right with the construction boom. they were smart to reinvent themselves as a global company rather than just u.s. centric. tracy: you feel like industrial stocks in general. >> liking them a lot more. caterpillar got an upgrade. foster wheeler is up huge. another 52-week high on takeover rumors. i am feeling good about them. >> even europe. believe it or not. one of the things they will do is start the infrastructure. spark the economy. you know, you can debate whether or not it works, but it is a big-time don't. dirty fingers.
2:15 pm
tracy: nails. dirty fingernails. ashley: nails. thank you, charles. a tough transition. a quarter past, to look at the markets. nicole petallides down on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: how will stick with the drugstore chain. let's go. cbs care market agreeing to make an acquisition. a $2 billion deal. the stock is up nearly 1%. right now it is sitting in 68. they're buying infusions. this is a unit of acquiesce health care group. the big picture here is the deal is expected to close by the end of the first quarter in the year 2014. so next year. obviously it is going to bring in further earnings. the insiders and experts are loving the deal. as a matter of fact, it boasts of the stock up to 6696 today. its highest point which only lasted about $0.25 away from its annual high. so looking good.
2:16 pm
ashley: thank you so much. tracy: even if the obamacare website is fixed by the weekend, which is supposed to be, stay away from it. tracy byrnes is here. ashley: never have good sign. first, the presidential turkey pardon, and we're not talking about obamacare. the annual tradition at the white house is next in your fox news minute. ♪ [ male announcer ] remember the happy days...
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♪ tracy: i have been asking this all day, and i am quite concerned. will the parade will apply? ashley: and that is the problem. they will fly i. tracy: it will be in canada. the guys holding the strings, the guys and girls. all right. the only one that knows the true answer to all of this. he knows i am concerned about the lens. >> honestly, i think that the balloons will fly. there has been a lot of talk about this. thirty-five miles-per-hour wind gust threshold. the wins will be gusty max tomorrow at that time around 35 miles-per-hour, and sometimes you see the parade and the balloons are really high weaponeer him all the string in the robo. there's a lot of when they just
2:21 pm
lower it. i think you will see the ball was there, you will see them there may be 5 feet above the carrier since. so i think we're going to be get command i am sure it is a gain time decision ultimately, but we will probably be fine. getting there, there are certainly a lot of delays all across these airports on the eastern seaboard. and if you're out was thinking why care what is happening and the eastern seaboard, a lot of those planes, the ones going to where you are going. they use them to take you where you are going. you end up being delayed on the west coast as well. big delays until the all day long. one really bad spot for delays. the system is certainly down across the southeast, but the cold air is solidly year, talking a lot temperatures down into around 40 degrees around orlando, tampa, 53 in miami in the '20s. talking about a hard freeze across areas of the deep south. this is the storm has gone from the southeast, now still dealing
2:22 pm
with this in the process areas of the northeast. rain and snow getting closer into the coast. cold air is starting to get in here. there will be places that will see mostly rain, the transition over to smell very quickly, very briefly before the system is completely gone. by midnight we are done with this across the northeast. take a look at what happens tomorrow. the entire country is looking pretty spectacular. a little bit of snow. a little feature out here across areas of southern california. a little better showers tomorrow. southern california, but that is it. the rest of the country looking good. tracy: great news. thank you so much. and at the turkey day. we were talking about this fits. he's a phenomenal chef in the kitchen. ashley: a man of many talents. thank you. attention small business owners, the white house announcing a yearlong delay in using federal run exchanges to purchase health care for your employees. peter barnes joining us from
2:23 pm
inside the beltway with the very latest setback. >> this is the third delay for the small business online exchange. it will be available by november of next year. approved alternative sinemet this. in rolling through a health insurance agent or a broker or directly with an insurance company on paper. the announcement covers the so-called shock exchange for companies with less than 50 employees. in a statement, as cms officials -- i'm sorry, an hhs official said that the change allows small employers to sign up for coverage through offline enrollment while cms works on creating a smoothly functioning online experience in the shop marketplace. now, also announcing that the current december 15th deadline
2:24 pm
to enroll for coverage when starts on the first of the year and has been extended december december 23rd. companies can now ply for tax credits for getting this coverage any time before they file their tax returns rather than before they enroll. the national federation of independent business said a statement, the continued delays after uncertainty and contributed to the decision of many honors to take early renewals of they're existing small group plans. ashley: know, boy. tracy: thank you so much. don't even know what to say. all right. and a critical deadline is fast approaching. december 1st. did your party ads out. the white house promised that the website will be working on november 30th. administration officials are holding back efforts to promote in roman on the site. tracy byrnes is here with his head scratcher.
2:25 pm
what is ahead? >> how many times will they the latest? here is what they're worried about. they think they can only take 50,000 users at the time and they're worried it would get something like 250,000. they're saying to democrats, don't encourage people to go on the website. our signature legislation, what we are most proud of, what we want to preserve. don't be talking about it. i have great numbers. they're worried about 50,000. listen to this. amazon. black cyber monday 26 and a half million dollars. mees said processed $0.306 per second which means amazon tin and more customers in three minutes that obamacare can. it shows you what the private sector can do. tracy: that is the head scratcher part of it. i would do not build the site to handle all listen one time.
2:26 pm
that is what the private sector does. they plan ahead. there is this thing called planning ahead. ashley: they took on more than they could shoot. they should be able to do that. but gordon -- ordering insurance is a little more complicated than ordering something on amazon. your address and your age. given little blood. every piece of information about you goes on to this website and you don't even know if it's safe. i'm sorry. i'm going to railage you let me go year. tracy: a you going to orioles tonight? >> we always do. we will be giving you updates on what is going on with this holiday travel minor. so we will talk about the latest and greatest with obamacare, as we do every night. ashley: thank you so much. for more on why the administration cannot get health care website to work, catch the
2:27 pm
president and principal analyst tonight. you will sit down with them. 7:00 p.m. eastern right here. we will get into it. tracy: you expected it to be easy. no. well, it is worse. will update you and your travel by marist. hopefully we will give you some ways to get out of them. ashley: i think twitter account robot factories. that is the story. before you buy shares of the social network you need to hear from our next guest. tracy: you don't want to miss this one. wait for it, the smart way. tracy: we will be right back. (vo) you are a business pro.
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2:31 pm
nick looked at the dow 30, green and red on this screen, on the top, verizon and disney, disney was the leader yesterday. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: tracy, apple is a $11. so many shareholders have been disappointed, $700 and below 500, 300 or something, a wide range of moved. a couple things to note. talking about the fact that apple raised its orders for the new ipad mini with this to almost four million units and the production folks saying now they will have more production, that is great. back to you.
2:32 pm
tracy: see you in a bit. we got to update you on the planes, trains and automobiles and the weather disaster, bands of office, sleet and rain closing gridlock, forty-three million people set to travel this holiday weekend and over 530 flights have been cancelled around the country. looking at your misery matter, atlanta and new york i your troublespots, atlanta is a big dose of. the biggest concern is the wind gusts that may keep 16 balloons i love to see every year and the thanksgiving day parade ground. they're seeing 60 mile an hour winds and anything over 34 miles an hour will keep the balloons on the ground. new york city officials make a game time decision. but we should be okay. there are some winners. the airline stocks, alaska air
2:33 pm
at an all-time high. sky west also up today as well. ashley: thank you, twitter is battling computerized army of bots, fake twitter accounts which can be a very lucrative business for as for sellers and cheap for those looking to buy twitter followers to raise their profile on the social media site. joining us to talk about this, research scientist at barracuda labs. fascinating story. you have been monitoring this problem for two years. fake accounts are absolutely thriving on twitter. >> absolutely. we have studied this problem for three years and analyzed the account. a market is trading social abilities, ala of people saw people involved like hackers, sellers and buyers, sellers can
2:34 pm
make $7 a day and it cannot be stopped, it could damage the business and its motto. ashley: you are literally selling followers to businesses or even celebrities might want this to raise their profile, that is why these accounts exist. >> that is correct. nowadays social lives up, the popularity is big. you are a celebrity, so the market for paper to participate to look like that. ashley: this attack the integrity of twitter. can they stop at? >> two days doing their job to start this, however, the hackers
2:35 pm
have also tried hard to design a strategy to create accounts to look like real accounts. ashley: thank you for coming in to talk about it. tracy: time for your check minute. some lot pushing ed snowden for time magazine's man of the year. microsoft is taking his warning seriously, he is moving toward a new effort to encrypt all internet traffic. it comes amid fears that the nsa may have broken into the global communication link. ed snowden suggests but do not prove microsoft has cause to be concerned over nsa snooping. google, facebook and yahoo! announce they will encourage
2:36 pm
their internet traffic. a u.s. hand, smartweed now all. this is the sketch, wait for it, vibrating sideburns. come on. they can be worn in natural hair and will be able to process data, communicate wirelessly with other external devices. sony hopes the device will help the blind navigate roads. looking at sony shares there a 86% in the last year. they are today as well. the busiest travel day of the year, inside tokyo international airport google view has revamped its st. you to include airports and train stations. that is crazy. check out the line of baggage claims, you can use it. it is your new pool. this is the inside of a plane on dubai. the inside of a plane.
2:37 pm
you can check to see if it is the pillow or a blanket. you should know google street is not available in domestic airports. it flips me out that you can see into the backyard. ashley: i don't know. would you doing in your backyard? it will cost you less to fill up on your turkey dinner. we are live at the cme where oil is heading even lower. tracy: the destination, good wine for you to drink with it.
2:38 pm
i touched the ball before it went out, coh. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! i touched, it's their ball. team! alex. alex, good call.
2:39 pm
lou: adam: bankruptcy judge approved the deal with american airlines' parent amr and usair with allowing amr to exit bankruptcy and close on the merger. it plans to complete november 9th. cybercrook start targeting you. rick ferguson warns suspicious e-mail plan to offer holiday deals could be cyberscamming the. >> the holiday season gives them a perfect opportunity to make those christmas fiend or shopping females to ramps up the
2:40 pm
credibility and get themselves infected. adam: for more clips on avoiding cyberproject out's new show fire wall. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:41 pm
ashley: take a look at the markets. the dow was slightly lower in earlier trading coming back 20 points at 16,092, the s&p and nasdaq moving slightly higher. tracy: everyone is looking for the perfect wine for a thanksgiving meal, seller tracker, this is the world's most comprehensive database of wine and you would get a kick out of where these wines come from, 280,000 registered users
2:42 pm
have generated 3.8 nil in reviews themselves. joining us is eric levine. i love your last name. you got to tell everyone, first of all this is a database for people who have sellers who have become a little crazy about what bottles are in the cellar and want to keep track. >> it started as a tool to help me catalog my own collection ten years ago can that let a couple friends use it and one thing led to another, 3 people can be 300 or 3,000 or whatever. the core of the site is 280,000 people tracking forty-seven million bottles of wine. tracy: i am love that in your notes to say a former microsoft employee, you took a eight week sabbatical which is a standard perk. that is how works here too.
2:43 pm
and you are a tech geek to begin with and become a whine died on the trip to italy and melted this together and created a tracker site and it is a serious tracker. we are talking labels and bar codes on the bottle. >> people will trackless of what they have or complete the take out bar code every single bottle with a specific location for each one. collections range from 20 bottles up to 100,000. tracy: the beauty because i have seen people use it is ou can callie your present-day value and for some that could be a good number to look at. >> people are focused on what it is worth and are there bottles they shouldn't be drinking or giving away and what is the right time to drink it? am i holding it too long? tracy: that is something they will tell you. what is more interesting and i
2:44 pm
am sure it surprises you, the review system so to speak that consumers reviewing wine taking away the notion that i need a fancy pants spectator. >> i sort of figured at some point, make it easy to take notes, other people might carry the one big surprise, 90% of the people who visit the site every day are looking for information, it is free and easy and the site generates more reviews in a week than what the wine spectator published in a year. tracy: when you drink something you cannot write your own review you are serious, you wonder sometimes if some of these reviews have an edge on them. these are pure honest got i hated it, man i loved it reviews. >> they are just consumers. it runs the gamut in terms of
2:45 pm
level of experience. tracy: you are doing this full time. how are you making money? >> in two ways. collectors can use the site for free or if they make not voluntary annual payment they will get extra information. some percentage choose to pay. my extra twist is i suggest how much they could pay based on the size of their collection but it is voluntary. some paid $10 a year and some pay $500 a year. the flip side is the site also does -- there are ads and if people want to see where they can buy wine i'd rather it to other sites so there's some traffic based modernization which would be more traditional. tracy: i have been saying all day. what one would you suggest with the turkey? >> number one the main rule is the best wine to drink is the wine you want to drink so lot of
2:46 pm
people will say the non -- i am going to open up piano, rose champagne and getting more into beaujolais. tracy: we may be coming for dinner. so great to finally talk to you. and thursday in between the turkey and football or whatever you choose to drink turned on fox business because i have read access to the greatest sellers, the world's top restaurants and secret prohibition era seller of the 21 club, one of the craziest things i ever did, two glass kaleidoscope wind power in the city and talk to everyone so check it out. wine with me, special airing thanksgiving day at 1:00 eastern on the fox business network also airing friday at 4:00. sunday at 7:00. lots of opportunities. was really cool. oil prices tumbling to the
2:47 pm
lowest level since june closing at $92 a barrel. fox business contributor phil flynn in the trading pits as he always is at the cme so crude supplies rising for the tenth straight week putting pressure on oil. you have to congratulate the u.s. oil producers. we are producing eight million barrels of oil per ddy. in the u.s. meeting 86% of its energy needs, 86% energy independent. oil down 1.4%, $92.30 a barrel and that is huge and it is historic and a number that will continue to grow in the u.s. but if you look at what is happening in the oil market, the haves and have nots, we have a lot of oil. that is spread between brand, blew out of the largest level since last march. over $110 a barrel versus in the
2:48 pm
u.s. at $92 a barrel, that is an incredible advantage for u.s. manufacturers, for the u.s. economy. the other concern is the risk premium going into the weekend for oil, going into the brent contract right now. concerns about china and the east china sea. the concerns about iran and syria in the barrel and that is where it is going. ashley: thank you so much. 80%. being oil independent which is fabulous. tracy: not so fabulous, way on cable. three cable companies showing interest in buying time warner cable. dennis kneale will sort it out. ashley: price freeze. if you haven't got your bird yet we will tell you why the frozen variety will cut you even less. we will be right back. ya know, with new fedex one rate
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tracy: cablevision, cox communications and the nation's fourth largest cable guy mulling a bid for a number 2 time warner, dennis kneale has this fancy story. dennis: time warner cable is the most likely and most vulnerable target. you can't tell players without a program. look at this list of the top four pure cable guy that excludes direct satellite. if you look at the number 2 guy, time warner cable, you now have the other three on that list looking at buying out number 2. comcast, twenty-two million
2:53 pm
cable homes may be on a white knight or a great white shark gobbling is it up and you see the number three player, cox holding a bid but the first mover of maybe the number 4 interest charge communication, charters bill little engine that could. 20% owned by the most feared killed executive in the world, john malone and liberty media. the best regarded executives in the industry. he is an alumnus of time warner and cablevision systems in on island. wire guy said they need to bulk up for it to gain clout against the ruthless money grubbing contentmakers like espn and cbs. why is the target rather than the transition? glenn britt retiring at year end how, his successor rob marcus and tested in the top post. isn't interested in selling. in the southeast, a smooth
2:54 pm
partner in time warner, a connecticut-based charter might be in that regard, water's best partner might be james dolan of cablevision. long island right next door to tumwater systems in new york city, synergy. ashley: what of movement in the cable companies. tracy: it amazes me the regular station still exist why would you watch anything on regular tv when you can get that much more on cable? ashley: the vast majority of viewing is on the top-10, 80% of the viewing. at the thanksgiving. ashley: the iconic symbol of thanksgiving the turkey. dennis needs to pick his. 85% of the forty-six million turkeys eaten every thanksgiving are frozen. the average price in the u.s. for frozen turkey is $1.36 per pound down from one dollar and
2:55 pm
$0.49 last year. what the drop? selective breeding causing greater turkeys -- greater cost per pound. packing and freezing facilitate long-term warehousing. retailers selling turkeys to get customers in the door. u.s. consumers with cheap turkey prices and the holidays, giving people what they expect and what they want. tracy: you get a free turkey. you spend and get a free turkey. eventually of the course of a month -- ashley: seinfeld fans, you will remember when george costanza's father came up with a new holiday. >> a new holiday is born.
2:56 pm
ashley: now there is thanksgivingus, across the swing thanksgiving and on point. thanks for the lucrative combo holiday. details next on "countdown to the closing bell" and happy holidays to you all. you make a great team. it's been that way since e day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more condent in your abit to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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people think i'm trash. but they're wrong. today i'm just an aluminum can. but one day, i could be a stadium.
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liz: good afternoon, so glad your joining me for the last tour of trading before thanksgiving. once again we are blowing through stock market records so you picked a good day. this is a good one. some of you are more concerned about travel so hang with us for the hour. we are keeping you up to date on everything. if you are stranded or worried about getting stranded courtesy of what is being called the gobblegeton storm, airline stocks, emphasis on stock flying
3:00 pm
higher today. take a look, alaska air hitting an all-time high of $78.53, slightly below that now all but a good move. delta, jetblue, southwest airlines, all higher. that is in part because bankruptcy judge today approved the antitrust settlement between the justice department, u.s. airways and american airlines. that in turn paved the way for their merger and clears the regulatory side. it is clear where these airlines can compete and go in the future. let's look at u.s. air with a shares, ticker symbol lc c. we call it that because it is a low-cost carrier up $0.19 or just under 1%. check out of the year to date chart. usairways up from 70%. another reason we have airline stocks higher is oil is going down. the price of light sweet crude dipping below $92 a


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