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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 9, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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another winner in this deal. nasdaq coming up, senior vice president on what getting americans listing means for the exchange. lori: big tax fighting back, some of the sector's biggest names callin: on washington to b government surveillance. their plan straightahead but first time for stocks now, let's head to the floor the new york stock exchange with nicole petallides. stocking sendin extending fridag jobs inspired jump. nicole: that is) jobs inspired jump, without enough to push us over the unchanged line for the week but we did have a nice gain on friday, 200 planes worth. today adding 19 points, that pales in comparison but still end up arrow nonetheless. at least has been kept to the upside up about one-tenth of 1% to a quarter of a percent. it is worth watching the s&p, it
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is up nearly 27% this year, which is the best year we have seen since late 1998. we have a big deal today. talking about the food company, u.s. foods reached a deal to merge. the total enterprise of the transaction everything included is actually over $8 billion. up 11.5%. back to you. adam: so, deal or no deal. negotiators in the house and senate work to hammer out a budget deal before the house leaves for recess at the end of the week. rich edson with the latest. they just got back to work, i thought. >> lawmakers are not getting into town until tomorrow, much of it because of the weather. we have been hearing for the last week they have been close. one of the breakthrough is when democrats publicly started telling them they would not blow
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up the project just to increase or extend long-term unemployment benefits. still, senior aides said they had not reached a top lines been a number. trying to increase fees in certain areas, government workers but more workers into their pension accounts or pay more. it wil would allow them to spend more money next year and the year after. we are not in agreement yet with the top line number. unit they reach a deal, one analyst says his only incremental progress. >> it will not make one iota difference to the debt that continues to accrue on a day-to-day basis. it shows congress can actually cut a deal. that is not to be snipped out at this day and age.
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>> there is potential there for many of them to be site and vote against it, but we have to see a final product and we are not there yet. back to you. adam: thank you, rich edson, washington, d.c. lori: said this sparked the beginning of a new era with more agreeable congress? former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. he sure tells it like it is. so, given the weariness of this congress and poor approval ratings, do you think they are more motivated to compromise this time around? >> you would think so, but i don't think it will happen by the end of this year. there's too much on the plate. the administration through a monkey wrench into a negotiation that seems to be progressing nicely by the unemployment benefits being extended and finally democrats said let's try and get a deal. incremental progress is monumental.
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the question is will you be able to fix a deal with two weeks on vacation, in for a weekend out for a remainder of the year. to the january session because you are again looming up against a deadline of the budget and the debt. the only way you get action in this town is when there is a fixed date and we go up to that date. adam: isn't it much ado about nothing. playback of the cuts through sequester. it had to be some negative, would they be negative ramifications from increased spending? >> absolutely. it is a shell game, it is not restrainerestraint in spending,t increasing revenue. we need tough love, that requires a big deal, it requires me talk about entitlements you know they are really serious because that is really the problem in the spending is entitlements we are obligated to.
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by making generational change in our legacy cost. lori: obviously that is too much to hope for in this juncture. another were some published reports suggesting the congressman throws the hedge fund out with the tax status in favor of a more straight cost-of-living adjustment with the entitlements. i know it is detailed, but what should we be watching for in terms of whether or not we will see something by the end of the year? >> the democrats in the house and the senate, but we have to look at players like other senators like from ohio, rob portman who was a budget expert having controlled the budget for president bush. one of those things you have to look for is in the tax rules and regulations, will there be an
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offset in taxes versus revenue? that is where the democrats have their sticking point is they love to spend money that we don't have and republicans are insistent if we have any spending constraint it has to be found in tax savings or tax increases but you cannot have one without the other, that is the real sticking point here. you have immigration. adam: the business community wants some sort of immigration bill to get through congress. any chance we would see this happening or would this be continued delay, delay, delay? >> this would be after the congress in january because it is too big. in order for immigration to succeed it will not be an ominous bill like we had with obamacare. we need incremental bills on immigration talk about security pathway to citizenship, taxation and those type of things in
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order for immigration bill to go forward. which comes first, the chicken or the egg? a pathway to citizenship. these are the things that have to be ironed out in the open. it also has to be incremental. it cannot be the obamacare 3000 page bill nobody reads. lori: the one risk factor every stock strategist and economist point to are the physical fights, the budget fights we continue to do month after month as the main risk for the market. a promising jobs report for november following the month in october. the market is on a tear, the biggest risk factor for the market's washington, so how do you see this content to unfold? >> the uncertainty is the plague on the economy. the fact businesses cannot plan
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health care or tax policy, i don't know their obligations, standing in the way of the progress of recovery by thwarting business at every turn. the economy may be turning around. it is not going to be where it should be, they refused to take the lead and help businesses. they are together, it is a shared responsibility and went businesses do their job and congress is not doing theirs, they had to start reading up on capitol hill with the hous housd senate and the protected. adam: oil is holding steady in today's trade, so the prices come too far, too fast? let's turn to phil flynn in the trading pits of the cme. explain, what happened.
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>> i don't know if it is so much wti came up too much, too fast, or the fact everybody was unwinding. the main feature was to buy brand, that with the trade going to the end of the year. now with supplies the u.s. at the highest level since the 1930s, production coming on and reversal of the keystone pipeline from pushing down is going to bring the spread back in. a lot of this what you are seeing is an offset. how much upside do you have? can we really push above $100 in that environment? probably not. this is the one if you watch while you are walking outside, because of the cold, another six-month high today. pushing for 22.90. the highest level since last
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winter. back to you. adam: thank you be at lori: also newsworthy as admin, eight tech giants teaming up to talk to the white house and congress. it has to please with revelations the u.s. spying or was spying on their customer data. microsoft and google joined by apple, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and linked into present a plan to the president and congress on regulating online spying and how the u.s. can put in place a worldwide effort to enforce it. also sponsoring full-page ads, starting a website with a list of their concerns. adam: apple another step closer, set to take preorders from iphones this week. reports say the website is inviting customers to order the iphone 5s on thursday, coming as the mobile giant gets closer to launching 4g service and advertised sales for other smart phones that support the new network.
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kandi crush, everybody is playing it. the game's huge success is the designers big fear. why it is delaying the public offering, straight ahead. lori: you eat chocolate, i know that much. gearing up for their biggest time of the year. must-see "your wish list" series. adam: americans are losing their taste for beer. a closer look behind the drop in brew sales. capital to make it happen?
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lori: breaking news out of washington, straight to peter barnes with details and with a key member of the federal reserve is saying and how does influence in the market. peter: the president of st. louis federal reserve bank and a voting member of the fed policy is out saying he thinks the fed may want to consider a
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small taper of the $85 billion per month and quantitative bond purchases. to get started on winding down quantitative easing after five years here of that, $3 trillion later, let me give you his quote from a speech he just made, says a small taper might recognize labor market improvements while still providing the fed the opportunity to carefully monitor inflation during the first half of 2014 should inflation not return towards target, the 2% said target the committee could pause tapering a subsequent meetings but also as inflation continues to surprise to the downside. he wants the fed to hit that 2% inflation target it set, these remarks coming as the fed gets ready to have a policy meeting next week, so who knows if now tapering, it is going to be on the agenda next week no question, but now we have a voting member saying maybe they
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should start small. we should see if they make the move next week. lori: a big test, see what the market reaction is. peter: they will start at some point, most think 2014. maybe these remarks put it more on the agenda for next week. lori: no real reaction yet, see what happens throughout the session. adam: we will go back to the floor of the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides is there, trying to choreograph obviously leak these kind of things, kind of a turn, turn, kick, turn car thing. will heads get whacked? nicole: i can tell you the headlines pertaining to the fed, lot of fed speak today, watching
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inflation to be downside, the 10-year 10.84%, i've not seen the market moving at least not at the moment so it seems to be status quo at the moment. does not mean we won't have change up 22 points for the dow. look at abercrombie and fitch, a big store you may remember last week he had a shareholder very vocal, they wanted mike jeffries on place, saying he was a roadblock to the company or something to the company one way or another. in the meantime today we found out ever come in fitch renewed its contract extended for one year, to be more performance-based in that it will be tied to the company's performance. don't forget to have been a real loser under pressure. adam: the ceo would not allow me to wear their clothing, i am sure.
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lori: i am chuckling because i cannot picture u.s. one of the shirtless, i could see you wearing some of their sweaters. adam: thank you. lori: charles originally recommended this stock earlier this year, so why are you one back to it? charles: a grand visionary company that has a backlog of $24.5 billion. today they announced it will be part of a giant hydrocracking complex in russia. the world is their oyster. it is slow and steady. i think they are in a sweet spot. it is all about energy. the reality is you have to get the fossil fuels and get them, people particularly take advantage of natural gas, china is looking at us, russia's looking at us, the rest of the
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world is like we would love to duplicate that. adam: is there any chance they have the kind of reserves we have in the united states? charles: i have read all kinds of stuff about the reserves. they all think they have an abundance of fossil fuel and they want to get at it they don't have to pay the price is the rest of the world are paying. this is a company that has been around, they know how to do this stuff that her than just about anybody else. it is one of these names particularly the market gets pretty volatile, investors like to have in their portfolio. lori: charles payne, stay tuned. adam: the mobile game maker behind the popular "candy crush" saga is delaying its initial public offering until next year. expected to debut on nasdaq with $5 billion offering before the end of this year, but the company believes it is better to
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wait and show it has other hit games in the works. it had a familiar feel echoing the success of farmville, but after the ipo, they lost 75% of value as it struggled to replicate the success of the flagship game. lori: all stages in all places playing. this really phenomenal. adam: until they play something else. lori: everybody is playing this game competing with high scores. it is unbelievable. chocolate is a go to gift for the holidays. it is time of the year. the companies ceo joins us in the latest installment of "your wish list." adam: new names headed into cooperstown. find out who is going to be inducted in the fox news minute
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>> 24 minutes past the hour, i'm laura green with your fox news minute. a historic gathering south africa as we remember nelson mandela. 94 dignitaries expected to honor the deceased peacemaker
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including president barack obama and former president george w. bush. bill clinton and jimmy carter. nasty winter weather continuing to pound the east coast, snow, ice and freezing rain responsible for some 3200 flight cancellations yesterday. another 1300 today according to flight aware. dumping snow from west virginia as far east to new jersey. three new inductees into the baseball hall of fame today. major league managers joe torre, tony larissa and bobby cox elected to enter the hall in cooperstown, new york. the three managers winning eight world series championships. induction ceremonies will be held july 27. those are your headlines, now back to lori and adam. lori: we are continuing with our wish list theories with a sweet treat for you today. the co-owner of edwards
1:26 pm
chocolatier. bring them look at during this holiday season. welcome to you. do you do your highest volume of sales this time of year? >> yes, that is right. many do their biggest volume this time of year, december everybody is out there willing to go the extra mile and picked up the product. i really want to give it at the holiday party. lori: will they be more chocolate consuming this year versus last or prior years? >> we definitely in our business we have noticed there has been an uptick in sales this year. more people are willing to spend a little bit more on the luxury items, we have build ourselves as an affordable luxury so it is something we have done very well this year and we have seen our biggest year, this is my great grandparents started this
1:27 pm
company, this has been our best year to date. lori: some challenges with the broader economy struggling. for you in particular, cocoa prices from what i understand from a research euromonitor international, 24% as much as 2007. how come that income price affected your margins? >> i would say this is our biggest challenge is a small business especially because we are trying to be able to offer our chocolate at affordable price. the highest they have been in years and we expect them to increase even more. something we are try to keep our prices low. definitely something that has affected the industry as a whole. lori: does that mean you are not passing prices along to your customers or your retail store buyers?
1:28 pm
>> we try not to, but based on the raw materials and ingredients, we are seeing as a whole cocoa prices in general are going up but we are looking to keep them even across the board. lori: are you cutting and other areas maintain those profits? you're telling me you are growing year-to-year. >> what we're doing is cutting back, trying to achieve and increase efficiencies in manufacturing. lori: i thought a few this morning reading articles in the "wall street journal" pointing to sales of diet soda down because people are nervous about the chemical sweeteners now. do you think that might be why more people are going toward the real stuff if you will, the true sugar stuff? >> we have seen a huge trend of people want really good natural 100% organic products but in the chocolate industry if you get a natural product, that is really where you want to be.
1:29 pm
lori: what are some of your hot products this year? >> we have a new product line that is our version of a turtle, it is milk chocolate, caramel and pretzel. the first product on the market, that is doing very well. and a new product, dark chocolate almond finished with the crust, it is a delicious product we have online right now. lori: we're definitely looking at that. that is fantastic. happy holidays. >> happy holidays, thank you for having me. lori: retail billionaire chris burch joins us in an exclusive interview at 1:20 eastern on the fox business network. adam: they do the chocolate covered strawberries. i want to try it with the caramel.
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adam: they are coming up i think in a month. the merger of american airlines and u.s. airways creating the world's largest airline but what does this mean for passengers? the latest straightahead. lori: the nasdaq coming out a winner in part of the deal snagging the airlines listing. up next on the company's competition with the good old nyse. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earngs plays...
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adam: time for stocks. we want to head back to the floor of the new york stock exchange where we find nicole petallides. it is a busy day for mergers on wall street. >> it is. i was talking to my good friend
1:34 pm
doreen mogavero always on tv with us, talking about the adjustable pill for coindividualian. here is a look at covidian. given imaging makes this pill takes inside of your body. the size of a vitamin. it is able to see whether or not you have gastrointenstinal bleeding. do you have issues with your colon? this is the big deal oo the day. this is big acquisition. cioidien paying $30 a share. up at the moment. adam: pictures for friend and family. nicole petallides. thank you very much. i think of katy couric, anyway. lori: yes, we know. merger that brought together american airlines and us airways was finalized this morning officially creating the world's largest airline but still may take months to truly transfor the two carriers into a single airline. jeff flock covering the story from o'hare.
1:35 pm
hello, jeff. >> you know, lori, they said it would be a cold day in hell when us air and american managed to merge. well they got the weather right on that one at least. look at these lines. this is the actually weather delays and people getting their flights canceled in american. not great in chicago. it is a great big airline. we'll walk through the whole terminal as we talk and give you numbers on this. look how big of an airline this is going to be, in terms of flight, 6700 flights every day for this airline. 336 locations, 56 countries, 1500 aircraft, 100,000 employees. i'll tell you, that is the world's biggest airline. doug parker talked earlier in the day to fox business, talking about, you know the doj lawsuit that tried to block this merger. supreme court deciding yesterday it was not going to block the lawsuit pending or block the merger pending that lawsuit. doug parker on fox business earlier today. >> we were surprised because we
1:36 pm
thought they were wrong. as we got further into it and discovery of facts and so much public outcry part of the merger, doj came to the conclusion we were closer to right than they were. >> we will be back next hour to talk about what doug parker thinks is the biggest growth area potential for the new american. you might be surprised what that is. may not be anywhere near where we are right now. back in an hour. lori: good thing you're not getting on a flight, jeff. tough weather. thank you, sir. >> i love it when that is the case. love it. adam: so the merger is finished and nasdaq sun with today's biggest winners. newly formed, american airlines group is one of 18 major companies that jumped from the new york stock exchange to the nasdaq so far this year. we have the senior vice president of corporate client group at the nasdaq and we welcome you. so much of the story this year is about tech and tech ipos going, for instance, twitter to
1:37 pm
the new york stock exchange. lost in the shuffle you've been able to get companies to come your way. how did you do that? >> we have. it is a great opportunity every time companies come together like this to allow us chance to go in and talk about the nasdaq value proposition, strong value proposition that we have and we were so honored to have been the exchange of choice for american airlines today and it's a great day for nasdaq but an even better day for american airlines and we're so honored to have them part of our family. adam: not just american but you have companies with pretty big names. marriott international, first trust capital strength, vanguard natural resources. how do you keep this going into the next year? nyse is completing its merger with ice. according to our charlie gasparino big staff reductions over there. is this kind of thing that get as company that they may decide to relist somewhere else? >> we've had a good run over the past six years and about
1:38 pm
$575 billion in market capitalization moved from our competitor to us including last year, kraft foods, only dow stock in history to ever change exchanges and texas instruments. we've had a good run in texas with moneygram and vanguard natural resources and texas instruments and today with american airlines. i think for us it is about explaining that it's a new day. it is new day for our competitor as part of a larger entity as you said, part of ice. it is a new day for nasdaq. we made a significant acquisition earlier this year with the ir, pr, multimead y'all assets ever thomson reuters. we have 10,000 global customers. 96% of the s&p 500 use our tools to support the different parts of their businesses. so we have a very, very strong value to demonstrate to these companies. we just want an opportunity to go in and explain that to them. american airlines and us airways
1:39 pm
are both listed on our competitor for a long time. american certainly long before we had the opportunity to talk to them about nasdaq. and so we, we took this opportunity to bo in and talk to tom horton and doug parker and when they heard about the great things that we're doing at nasdaq, i think they were duly impressed and that's why they chose us. adam: do you think, so many of us still associate nasdaq with tech companies. is that day now passed? not that it would be a bad thing or good thing but there is so much more than tech companies out there? >> we're about growth, innovation and entrepeneurship. i think technology the past 40 years nasdaq has been around and certainly innovation have gone hand in hand but only makes up 25% of our companies. so many of our companies have just revolutionized their individual businesses, whether it is costco or a starbucks. we've seen them really go in and been disrupttores in their
1:40 pm
individual business. they like the family of companies that they're associated with, that surround them at nasdaq and so it's just not about technology anymore. it is really about those industry leaders, those global leaders who want to innovate and continue to continue to grow the businesses and feel very much at home in our family of companies. adam: bob mccooey, senior vice president, corporate client group. all the best to you. >> thank you. lori: going out on a him. one analyst says there is chance president obama could resign next year. charlie gasparino with the man who made that call next year. adam: box office where stars that don't deliver despite getting pretty big paychecks. [ male announcer ] here's a question r you:
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or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right herat home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. time warner cable incoming ceo rob marcus says he is no your to sell the company. he will run it for the long haul. he would be open to selling out if the price were right. new survey by the national association for business economics finds 62% of economists surveyed expect the fed's bond purchase program won't start winding down until sometime first quarter of next year. new jersey transit offering a special pass for super bowl week. the pass costs $50, good for unlimited travel from january 27th to
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adam: last week we brought you the story of one wall street analyst who says president obama may resign before next year's midterm election. that analyst joins us now for an interview with senior correspondent charlie gasparino to explain why he is making such an extreme claim. charlie? >> ken, thanks for joining us. did i get your name right? >> sure, thank you, charlie, for having me on. >> thanks, anytime. can you explain, before we get into the propriety of making a call like this, can you explain
1:45 pm
your methodology a little bit? listen, you have some interesting commentary out there after fox business exclusively reported what you were, your claim, i believe that you give president obama, because of the sort of problems with obamacare, a 10% chance of resigning before the midterm elections. explain your call and explain your methodology a little bit. >> absolutely. readily admit this 10% claim, that is kind of radical and but if you really sit back and think about it, we know 7% of presidents resign or get impeached. president clinton, president nixon and president johnson. so i add ad 3% bogey going from seven% to 10% because of incredible polarization taking place in the country itself. we know leadership is all about credibility. as a matter of fact the most recent poll that just came out only 54% of all americans,,3 excuse me, 54% of americans do not think the president is
1:46 pm
credible. the president was reelected on his likability and credibilitiness and that is quickly being dissipated. i also readily acknowledge most analysts will not remotely comment about politics just because of that we don't want to alienate potential clients and the like, but in my view not commenting about politics is equivalent to ignoring interest interest earnings and interest rates. >> your analysis is interesting. i want to say with all due respect, one in 10 chance sounds insane. if i knew there was one in 10 chance getting hit by a car i wouldn't walk across the street. that is more theoretical possibility. you're saying a guy who won a landslide election that face it as bad as obamacare is for a lot of people it is not watergate. the president is actually trying to do something good. he is not ripping anybody off. he is not doing an illegal break-in. this is not a crime.
1:47 pm
this is legislation that is not, is not working well. to give it a one in 10 chance seems insane? >> i will readily acknowledge it seems insane but if you go back to august 2007, when the, when the fed surprisingly lowered discount rate, that is when greenspan or bernanke was saying that, the subprime crisis is contained. did we really think that come september 2008 that the face of american capitalism would change on a daily basis? the country is incredibly polarized. everybody place you go you're talking about obamacare. we don't know what the impact obamacare really will have based upon people's premiums, their doctors, insurance policies, et cetera. it is all about credibility. >> but don't you, for him to resign you would need him to have essentially commit ad ccime and for the, and for the congress to move to impeach him? that seems to be zero percent possibility. >> oh i'm not saying, i'm not
1:48 pm
saying that the president will be impeached. i say there is 10% chance of resigning just based upon historical odds 7% of american presidents get impeached for resigned. i'm not saying that impeachment is action that takes place. >> if you took out impeachment --, listen, if you took out impeachment, the percentage -- >> impeached is 1 in 44. >> i would say it is close to zero after president nixon? >> we never been, society has never been this polarized and president was not reelected upon his, his economics. he was reelected based upon his likability and credibilitiness. >> right. >> i'm looking what may happen macroeconomicly in regards to what is that outlyer that will change the underlying dynamics. i think there is something else taking place underneath the surface in the market. we know that qe will end somewhere along the line. friday's unemployment data you can slice and dice that any way
1:49 pm
you want. but simple fact of the matter that the market is suggesting something is happening beneath the proverbial currents there. >> okay, we'll have to agree to disagree on odds making ability. i would say stay away from las vegas. i'm sure you're a smart guy. let me just ask you this. there is a bigger story here and that is the notion that national politics, i think this is kind of what you're getting at plays a bigger role in the pricing of stocks now than ever before. in the past it ran on fundamentals or fed policy. a lot of people think the reason the dow is at 16,000 because the fed continuing to print money, keeping qe going, not tapering or tapering later than expected, meaning cutting back the qe, explain that. you believe national politics is the story underlying markets right now. >> oh absolutely. we're having once in your every other generation change in macroeconomic policy. i will argue because of the polarization we're either, if
1:50 pm
obamacare is the fiasco that many think that it may be, i will argue the odds of reverting back to a more capitalistic nature increases. inversely, if obamacare is this a success the odds reverting to or continuing down the path of european socialism rises exponentially. we have to remember we have a record amount of cash that is on the sidelines. >> we know about that yes. >> low interest rates. every business sentiment surveysy sag that the reason that we're not deploying this cash we're afraid of the tomorrow. we don't know what the long arm of government is going to be. and so if the -- >> i just say, i, you know i'm getting hook here. what you're saying is national politics play as huge role in our markets and it will keep playing it. if obamacare screws up, that is good for the markets you're saying right? >> absolutely. i also want to say i want to thank president obama because of his ineffective policies why the
1:51 pm
market is at 16,000. i should be a die-hard left-of-center democrat because of his failed economic policies. if there is no interest like self-interest i should be riding the president massive checks. we have to remember that the administration does not create jobs. they create policies that is conducive to job creation. >> kent, we'll have to end it there. thanks so much. thanks for putting up with my questions. >> no problem. thank you. adam: thank you, charlie. we'll be right back. can reach , but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vaum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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1:54 pm
lori: barney frank apparently backing down. the former congressman speaking out against his namesake legislation. here is elizabeth macdonald in "emac's bottom line." >> this is a big deal. 401(k) managers, asset managers could be listed as too @ig to fail by the government.
1:55 pm
meaning they have to face higher capital standards and liquidity ratios and stress tests. barney frank is saying hey, wait a second that was not intend of my bill of dodd-frank. he doesn't think putnams and fidelity -- lori: based in massachusetts. >> based in massachusetts should be listed as too big to fail. he is out there saying, look what he said. government has enough to do regulating institution meant to be covered including big banks. i have not seen the argument to cover plain vanilla asset managers. here is the problem. 401(k) fees could go up. investor fees could go up if the guys are listed as too big to fail. prue dingsal and ge capital is listed too big to fail -- prudential. backstop of taxpayers fund behind the financial crisis that is the where to get these asset managers too big to fail. adam: barney frank says this is never what my law was intended to do but they never do.
1:56 pm
>> pelosi-like statement we'll see how it works when it is in place. adam: thanks. lori: thanks, emac. adam: gotta have it. coming up next hour electronic sig gasser -- cigars and for man or woman who has everything. are you worried consolidation of the us airways and american merger will result in higher fares? your tweets as tracy byrnes and myself take you through the next hour of fox business. me. just by talking a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stopligs. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything.
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new from philips sonicare.. adam: markets now, continues, i'm adam shapiro. tracy: i'm tracy byrnes. the world's largest airline taking off. american and us airways officially now one carrier but are you worried about this further consolidation of the industry? is it going to result in higher fares? tweet us your responses and our expert is on next. adam: in tech minute, stopping big brother.
2:00 pm
google, microsoft, facebook and other tech giants are teaming up to fight back against government spying. jo ling kent investigates. tracy: talk about mc problems? mcdonald's sales decline further in the u.s. and wall street is not mchappy. adam: gotta have it. electronic cigars for men and women who already have everything of we have a the company ahead on a a can't miss smoking hour. there is cigar bar up the street. tracy: i'm not a cigar smoker. for those that are, it is nice option. won't get banished to the backyard every time you light up. nicole on the floor of the exchange. what is going on? >> i will attest to the popularity of e-gig garcia and e-cigarettes. everyone is using those that
2:01 pm
used smoke. i don't for the record. talk about the markets here. up 15 points on the dow jones. we were up eight weeks in a row. we gave some back last week. dow was up 200 points. today we continue with up arrows. not in the same momentum. this is all on heels after jobs report that came in better than expected. up .1 of a percent for the dow and s&p 500 at 1809, not too far off from the all-time highs at 1813. we're a couple points away from that. we continue to watch fed speak very closely and budget talks overall. what we'll hearing ultimately from the fed and tapering. let's look at mcdonald's. november restaurant sales came in, they missed estimates. global restaurant sales came up half a percent in november. they did abroad in europe and but not so much in japan and here in the united states. one of the things analysts noted. we mentioned this before, the fact they have so much on the menu it may be slowing service
2:02 pm
down. they put so much of lattes and smoothies and salads and wraps and may have affected customer service. they're working on that. down 1% for mcdonald's. back to you. adam: nicole petallides, we'll see you in 15 minutes. the merger that brought together us airways and american airlines is finalized this morning. bad weather is hurting for those hoping to travel on the world's largest airline. 1600 flights have been canceled so far. american canceling 550 flights. o'hare, the second busiest airport in the country continuing to experience departure delays of average of 29 minutes. jeff flock, 29 minutes doesn't sound so bad actually, is it? >> if you walk outside it's bad. it is about 6 degrees for the bears game tonight. we walked outside. go ahead inside, tim, lori. this is cold. go there somewhere. i want to show you delays where they're bad though. difficult in chicago but not as bad as the northeast where
2:03 pm
laguardia, newarkadelphia have e worst delays. inside here back in the terminal. this is the line for folks had their flights canceled. want to see people unhappy right now? that's where you look for them. people are happy, doug parker, ceo of the new american. look at pictures of him this morning remotely ringing nasdaq bell. the new airline's stock is aal. show you what that is doing in a moment. but first, i want to tell you a little bit what dog parker said to us on fox business network. he thinks the gross for the airline will not be domestically but internationally. it is already a large airline. if you putnam members up how big this airline is, 6700 daily flights. they go to over 300 and a 1/2 locations, 50 plus countries. they have 100,000 plus employees. it is a massive airline, the biggest one in the world and i will leave you with the stock. the stock has done very well.
2:04 pm
ual, aal, ual, of course is one of the competitors, up about 4% last i checked. everybody happy to be on television here. unless of course you're in line because you are delayed. adam: jeff flock, thank you very much. we wish them speedy travels. tracy: and now, the man everyone wants to hear from, ceo of the new american airlines group, doug parker. he spoke to our very own cheryl casone earlier today. take a listen. >> we welcome the competition. and, we're not concerned about it. our desire here is to go restore american to be the greatest airline in the world. we know we can do that and we're ready to take on all-comers. tracy: is he worried that further airline consolidation with the american-us airways merger will result in higher fares? well tweet us, joining us the man i want to hear from, airline analyst ray niedl.
2:05 pm
soere, sir. prices going up? >> they will solidify. airlines will now be able to charge a price that gives them a fair return for investors and it is good for everybody. good for investors in airlines, stockholders, employees and even consumers because they will be able to invest in new equipment now. tracy: what, we've come full circle, right? deregulation in 1979? >> yeah. tracy: you were saying earlier you witnessed whole thing. >> out of graduate school and went to american airlines when deregulation happened. i have thought it would happen but not task 10 years and not 30. i can retire now. tracy: no, we need you. >> the inindustry is where it should be right now. tracy: so what are your biggest concerns about this merger? >> there are challenges. we saw what happened with united and they had hadn't prepared very well for it. i think there is a little more
2:06 pm
disorganization at us airways. it will be very challenging merging corporate cultures. unions, even though unions are on board, they will still get antsy, reservation systems. so i do expect problems but doug parker learned from his merger between america west and us airways and i think he is prepared to take this challenge on. tracy: our jeff flock noted there were 100,000 employees. there has to be some layoffs in the future, huh? >> yeah. i think there is probably agreement there for three years not to close any hubs but eventually the system will be rationalized. tracy: what about upside? there has to be some upvied. is it for the shareholders? i feel like it will not be for people flying. >> i think it will be for everybody. if you're an american airlines frequent flyer you will have a bigger system to choose from now. i think it will be beneficial as far as that goes. and you know, all due regards to doug parker, american airlines probably in my opinion anyway has a little better service reputation than us airways. if they can match the american
2:07 pm
historical business service reputation that will benefit everybody. tracy: only thing i care about are the frequent flyer miles. i already checked and no word out what will happen with that. >> i think we're protected. i have over a million miles on american. i want to protect them. tracy: do you foresee any other mergers in the future. >> in the u.s. we're pretty well through with the big ones. a couple of small, what i call niche carriers may merge on regional level and frontier is going to be a prime, in my opinion, a prime merger candidate with spirit air down the road. but, as far as the big mergers go, we have three big hub and spoke carriers. we have southwest. that's a lot of competition plus the niches. next round of mergers will be international. that will be a long way off in my opinion. tracy: really? >> uh-huh. tracy: you mentioned hubs earlier. first of all, laguardia and reagan are going to see some vacancies because of all this. we're hearing potentially that southwest and virgin america will come in and pick them up. what do you think about that?
2:08 pm
>> i think that's good. that is the one good thing the doj did. make sure slot restricted popular airports like national laguardia were opened up more for the smaller niche carriers. tracy: do you like any of these stocks going forward? >> as far as the industry goes, it is a real industry now. it is not a trading industry. it is going to be like any consumer variable industry. it will go with the economy but the thing is i think profits will be predictable and the industry will be attractive. when it is i think like some other people have been saying on tv, the airline industry will get a higher multiple and therefore stronger stock prices. tracy: that is good for shareholders, especially people that hold it more than a day. you're right, these are lotto ticket flip them stocks. thanks for being here. >> thank you. adam: he won four world series titles and six pennants after the yankees. joe torre is elected to the baseball's hall of fame. we'll tell you who else made the prestigious list. tracy: sticking to the sports
2:09 pm
theme, what do football and yogurt have in common? adam: nothing. tracy: we'll tell you why one greek yogurt-maker is advertising in of all places, the super bowl. adam: and diet sodas may need more advertising. why sales are flat just ahead. tracy: of course as we do every day at this time of day look how oil is trading especially talking about owl these airlines. pretty much flat today, $97.70 a barrel. the dow is up 18 points. don't go anywhere.
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
tracy: that time of day again to make some money. charles payne is here. this hour he is looking at a relative newbie company, that means it's a lotto ticket, that offers network security platforms with his pick taking us across the country to california. what is going on. >> people would be offended that worked there that you call them a lottery ticket. this was company i had given up on. it was high flying stock and crashed and drove by the headquarters. every spot in the lot was taken. i said golly, real people work in the company even though it was 50-cent stock. tracy: there is that. >> anyway it was high-risk. tracy: because you're employed there doesn't mean you have to
2:13 pm
invest in it. >> high-risk company, higher than normal. it is in working company. has amazing products. it is growing tremendously. the street think it is will grow 30% for the next five years. the stock is trading hands at 69 pe. you have to have that sort of growth to justify that sort of pe. adam: people who like to buy what they know, what is it they do? is it security? >> network security. adam: with browser company be dealing with them or do i as consumer? >> large enterprises for the most part. data centers and now doing a lot of business with governments. adam: cloud? >> sort of virtualization stuff is important for them as well but it is the security aspect that really has, is their distinction. it is really, what i like the last report, 74%, 73% of their business was recurring revenue. this is kind of, this is good. the their clients are sticking and had 74% increase in deferred
2:14 pm
revenue. they're doing very well. the stock is one of these high flying names. every now and then it hit as bump in the road. i think next leg up takes it back to 62 where it forms a 52-week high. tracy: not at love shares out there, right? low market cap. people have to be careful. >> it's a newer name. these are newer names, i think, i don't do it because of a takeover but these are the kind of number names that have sizzle to some things. tracy: to the sizzle. >> higher than average risk. adam: don't forget about the missed call. my brother had a concept after large purple dinosaur. it was barney. he thought it would never fly. tracy: we have to go. adam: nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. gm hit a new high. >> general motors up about 2%. a couple of things to be happening here, three to be precise. first there are reports that maybe treasury sales, the remaining stake that the
2:15 pm
treasury has in general motors that could ultimately help the stock along. they're moving call center operations back into the u.s. in some cases. and third one we'll talk about, their inventories later. back to you. >> thanks, nicole. we'll see you in a bit. to d.c. more breaking news. more fed talk that taper might be coming. peter barnes joins us with another piece of the puzzle. >> it is coming at some point. we have another fed member, bank president, richard fisher of the dallas federal reserve who opposed quantitative easing for quite some time and will become a voting member of the fed policy body, fomc, in january saying it is time to end the taper. in my view we at the fed should begin tapering back our bond purchases at the earliest opportunity. why? because though in recent, the recent labor numbers, jobs numbers are encouraging. easy money failed to encourage robust payroll expansion for the basis for sustained, consumer, demand on which our economy
2:16 pm
depend..3 i believe the current program of purchasing $85 billion per month in treasurys and mortgage-backed securities comes at a cost that far exceeds its purported benefits. of course we're following all this. we have an fomc meeting last week. we heard from james bullard, currently head of the st. louis federal reserve. he is currently a voting member of fomc. he called for a small taper today. we heard from a third bank president, jeffrey lacker of richmond. and he said, he also wants to, he is another inflation hawk. as opposed qe. he wants to start tapering as soon as possible as well. but he isn't a voting member for two years so, that is the latest. wait, we'll see if next week they start. tracy: certainly will. peter barnes, thank you so much for that. we'll have full coverage of the fed meeting next wednesday, right here, two p.m. this is big one this time. people are waiting to hear.
2:17 pm
adam: get ready for janet yellen. tracy: talk about taxing times? time is running out. you don't have much time left to make changes to your tax bill for 2013. gerri willis is here next with money-saving advice. adam: bloody riots between rival soccer fans in brazil resulted in people being airlifted from the stadium. that story is ahead in your fox news minute. every day we're working to be an even better company -
2:18 pm
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2:21 pm
>> at 21 minutes past the hour i'm lauren green with your fox news minute. historic gathering in south africa today as leaders from around the grown remember nelson mandela. a national memorial honoring the deceased peace-maker and former south african president will take place at the stadium where he made his last public appearance in 2010. among the 90 plus foreign dignitaries expected to attend, president obama along with former presidents george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. agreeing to talks to try to calm rising political tensions. comes after violent riots like this one where protesters
2:22 pm
toppled a statue of soviet state founder vladmir lenin. three 3:00 new inductees to the baseball hall of fame. joe torre, tony la ruse sachs bobby cox were unanimously elected to enter the hall in cooperstown, new york. between the three managers, eight world series championships. induction ceremonies will be held july 27th. those are the headlines. back to adam and tracy. adam: lauren green, thank you very much. tracy: channeling her sportscaster voice. adam: taxes only three weeks left to make last minute changes that can save you money on this year's return. gerri willis has your tax guide. gerri's, this year's taxes hit wealthy filers. >> i feel like i'm talking to the god of taxation. adam: she wrote the book on it. tracy: i'm a little rusty. it is killer. they're killing everybody. >> they're killing everybody. i want to tell you sound the alarm for people with decent
2:23 pm
income, big portfolio, this year, watch out, they're coming for you. first thing to know there, is brand spanking new income tax bracket, 39.6% for people, singles earning 400,000. married filing jointly, 450,000. if that is not enough, there is a medicare surtax on income of 0.9%. if you earn 200,000 singularly or 250,000 married filing jointly. on top of that, here it goes, a medicare surtax on investment income. this is one a real gotcha, 3.8%. so here is what we're seeing, i got to tell you, this year people will find for the first time, in new york we're used to this but in other parts of the country, your tax obligation all-in, all told, all of it could well be above 50%. tracy: new york is second. factor in your state and you're done. >> exactly. tracy: can be higher depending on your investment portfolio. adam: what are you saying could hit people with incomes far lower than $400,000.
2:24 pm
talking about investment income. >> absolutely right. if you have big portfolio or decent income, watch out this year. the threshold for paying a ton of attention before the close of the year, $200,000. if that is your income, or, if you have a lot of income spinning out of a portfolio you want to pay attention now. this week and all week we'll be talking about, what do you do about this? what should you be thinking about? what other gotchas are there? all things to obamacare. there was also tax reform a couple years ago. so now we're paying the price and maybe even take a few steps. we'll talk about this week, to reduce that tax burden come april 15th. one more thing i want to say. you've got to do your taxes early this year. got to run a simulation. that is what everybody is telling me. that is what i'm having done to make sure it is not really -- tracy: that is best point. start this now, not on the 30th because it is too late, right? gerri willis. tune in to "the willis report,"
2:25 pm
6:00 p.m. eastern. users guide for taxes. pour a stiff drink. you will need it. if gerry is not enough, join us tuesday and wednesday, two p.m. eastern we'll do tax paying here. barbara rash will tell us what to do as well as bob nigan. turbotax stuff. all this between us and gerri. you have to do this now. do not wait until the ball is following new year's eve. you will be mad at yourself next year. adam: goo-goo, the guys you flying when you log in, they wwll join us. their shares stalled. with more electronic devices used on planes will investors change course for gogo? tracy: we have form will hank greenberg seriously consider parting ways with lawyer david boies? up-to-minute coverage on that.
2:26 pm
>> gotta have it. the go founder of jeppo is here with the latest high-tech smoking product. tracy: cool. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade. wherever you are with the mobile trader app and our networks are getting crowded. t if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more...
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2:29 pm
tracy: 90 minutes until the close. take a look at the dow 30 up 13, 14 points right now. more green than red. your big loser, mcdonald's. if they kept in the grid on the menu, all would be well. what are you looking at? nicole: i'm looking at abercrombie and fitch. clambered and said it was time for mike jeffries to step down, maybe even a potential sale for the company.
2:30 pm
basically saying, listen, he has been there since the early '90s, he ha is actually in the way. his contract is up in february and they just renewed it for a year. the stock down 2.5%, so looks like shareholders are selling off at the moment. it has not had a good year this year. this new contrrct is contingent upon the company's performance, so that is something a little bit more simplistic and a little bit more based on the performance of the company. so that should be one thing to make the shareholders a little more happy. in the meantime he gets to stay on with abercrombie at least one more year. back to you. tracy: if he cleaned up the ads, mothers like me would bring their kids in. until then, we keep on walking by it. breaking news for you, it powerful lawmaker opposing cell phones on airplanes. rich edson has the details from inside the beltway. >> this is the fcc considering whether to reverse the ban that doesn't allow you to talk in
2:31 pm
your cell phone on a flight. the chairman is proposing never allowing anyone to talk on their cell phone on a flight. this is a nuisance issue. you could still use your device if you wanted to tax or send an e-mail, but talking on your cell phone in a flight he has just introduced a bill that would make that illegal. back to you. adam: let let's pick up on that issue. shares are taking flight after the faa decision to allow pastors use electric devices during taxiing and landing. the in-flight internet service provider gets ready to expand international so joining us to talk about that and everything else is go-go ceo. thank you for joining us. you guys are expanding. just got clearance for the 747 and trans atlantic and pacific satellite connections, correct? >> that is correct.
2:32 pm
we are looking forward to taking our service globally. adam: the company originally started with the concept of cell phones on airplanes. you get the fcc perhaps open the door to use the cell phones connecting in three service like what go-go offers and you get somebody in congress think it is a nuisance issue, we have to eliminate it. how do you respond to that? >> our expertise is not in etiquette, but it is bringing technology to the air. our service has long offered the internet. we have introduced the ability to both text and talk while you are flying. the same capability will be available to commercial aviation in the spring. we fully expect texting to be a popular service and we will wait
2:33 pm
until we hear from the airline partners or the passengers if they want voice or not. adam: i have not seen those devices in years, but people used to be able to do a phone call from the airplane, it is not as if we had not been there before. >> in our case it will be different. the old technology had to use the phone that is already installed on the plane. in our case you could use your own phone and your own phone number and that is what is happening i many business jets today and available on commercial. we will only introduce the texting component on commercial until the airline partners ask us to. and in general it seems the marketplace will resolve the issue whether talking should exist or not on the aircraft. adam: the fact you can now use your devices and you're going to want to have the connection to the internet.
2:34 pm
right now shares are down a bit but it seems to me they should go the other direction because it appears to be growth, growth, growth. you cut your losses and grew your revenue. >> it is a very exciting business. we are changing forever by connecting aircraft and growth opportunities for many years both inside the united states and around the globe. really i think whatever government decisions are made does not change that. aviation will get better because of conductivity. adam: do you think the satellite interface as opposed to how it works in the states, is it more reliable with satellite, the lower the cost of doing all of this? >> today it is our assessment satellites are little more expensive than what we use in north america. over time we are in a declining
2:35 pm
cost curve industry that will have significant improvements in the ability to bring cheaper bandwidth. please see satellite getting cheaper over the course of the decade, meaningfully less expensive. adam: thank you very much. i expect there will be this debate if you can use your own cell phone for a phone conversation from the airplane. what would surprise people is is a good figure out pizza delivery to the airplane, you would be worth trillions. >> there you go. tracy: it is time for your tech minutes. normally fierce competitors, but apple, google and facebook uniting. eight large tech companies calling for limits on government surveillance. jo ling kent joins us now. heck yeah. >> yeah, they're calling for limited government surveillance in an open letter to the government, president obama, members of congress saying in order for us to function you have to limit the amount of surveillance, and we have to have products consumers can
2:36 pm
trust. look at the companies signing onto this letter be it at aol, facebook, google, linkedin, twitter, yahoo. all of the ceos going on board with it are big names that a lot of people look to for guidance on this type of stuff. mark zuckerberg has been very vocal about it, marissa myers, larry page, and this is what they said in the b at the balance in many countries has tipped too far in favor of the state and away from the rights of the individual. also saying we know government has a duty to protect their citizens, but this revelation highlighted the urgent need to reform government surveillance practices worldwide. they are really coming down hard on this in a very public way. there is a name missing. amazon is not on there. tracy: on one hand i understand, i want the government looking for terrorists to protect us.
2:37 pm
on the other hand stay out of my baby pictures. >> for people to function and buying a product may need a certain level of trust, and at microsoft of the legal counsel, people won't use technology they don't trust, government has put their trust at risk. government needs to help. tracy: where is this right now? >> right now it is an open letter and hoping to get feedback. also, other news, we now know that companies, a federal government and the british government are going into video games like "world of warcraft" and second life to conduct surveillance and recruit informers as well. interesting developments on all fronts of this technology. tracy: thank you very much. adam: diet soda sales are flat. why they may have to sweeten the advertisement straightahead.
2:38 pm
tracy: and electronic stogies. next with electronic cigars. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see thatlmost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ anan industry that supports almost 10 million americanobs. life takes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmobil. because using energy responsibly has never been more important.
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energy lives here. ♪ >> i am lori rothman with your fox business brief. companies working with goldman sachs to explore strategic alternatives including a possible sale. posting 11.6% revenue decline in
2:40 pm
the first fiscal quarter year-over-year. despite starting at the strongest start, the pace has left to below last year's levels. retail employment in november ended down 4.7% from a year ago. moving the ipo date up 1 day. what operator will price shares potentially twice $7 billion offering after the close wednesday. trading on the nyse under the symbol hlt on thursday. that is latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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adam: got to have it, a gift for the man or women who has everything. how about an electronic cigar. joining us cofounder, thank you for joining us.
2:42 pm
my dad smokes cigars, and i have seen electronic cigarettes, don't think they look like cigarettes, this feels like a cigar. >> i spent a few years developing this, customizing it to make it look, feel and taste like a real cigar. adam: you can chew on the end of it. >> it has a nice, soft tip. tracy: were you getting thrown out every time you wanted a cigar? banished to the garage or something? >> yeah. banished to the garage, would not kiss me, bad breath. this allows me to enjoy it, relaxing, every word, a break but also the freedom from other things. no smoke smell, no stains, no carbon monoxide, no carcinogens in it. adam: no kids telling you to open the window. $30 for the individual cigar,
2:43 pm
140 if you buy the five pack. do you come preloaded with the nicotine? >> they are preloaded with the nicotine. remove the tab and start using it. you can use it as little or as long as you would like. if you just have five minutes to sit back and relax, that is what you can do. tracy: it has the same vapor concept as the e-cigarette but typically, there are dense when this building i see often downstairs every day smoking tire cigar, must be out of the office forever. this at least you can take 10 minutes and go back upstairs. adam: it is on purpose. tracy: thank goodness he is not a news corp. employee because i just read him out. >> she sits at her desk and uses these as she does not had go outside in the cold or spend time away from work but there is a backlash against these devices, e cigars, you places like new york are
2:44 pm
considering banning these. the science is not in the effect of ingesting the nicotine. >> there should be some regulation, but the e-cigar and electronic cigarettes, they just emit a vapor, there is no secondhand smoke, does not bother people around. ittshould not fall under the regular tobacco cigarette ban. tracy: does it taste like a cuban? >> it taste like a cuban. we work on different flavors to mimic a real cigar flavor. we have had many customers who truly enjoy it and we also have different flavors like menthol, cherry, vanilla, chocolate. adam: i know people talk about the smell of the cigar and cigarettes, but i think there is the cigar bar, i don't smoke but i don't mind being in there
2:45 pm
because i remember sometimes a pleasant experience, do you get that same experience? it is the smell when you're burning a real cigar. >> you can see the vapor. a lot of vapor on it. you get that experience. the next day you don't want to smell like a cigar. tracy: where can you get them? speak out we sell online on our website. and we have a line of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. tracy: i think people should give them a shot. if nothing else, there are health and if it's. -- benefits. tracy: thank you very much. he can try these.
2:46 pm
adam: what is the point? tracy: you just said he shouldn't be smoking. asswe do every 15 minutes, the floor of the new york stock exchange, i have an electronic cigar here waiting for you. this market is going to look like this until the end of the year, no? >> don't expect much on wednesday when the fed comes out with their announcement, we don't expect much movement. you look at the 10-year yield coming in a little bit, now it has come in. take your cues and where it will go, the 10-year yield imagine the same policy announcements that we have had for the last two years, and we will slide down into the end of the year. up slightly in december generally a positive month. tracy: slow and steady is a good thing. thank you very much. these are yours.
2:47 pm
adam: tomorrow's business today may not be in diet soda sales. in the year ending november 21, as a category diet soda contracted more than regular soda for three straight years. pepsi ceo says there is a fundamental shift in consumer habits and behaviors on the way. soda isn't the staple it once was with many in the 18-36-year-old group considering soda a treat. taking a look at soda makers. does not seem to be hurting coca-cola. tracy: kids still drink it. adam: at the movie over the weekend huge, this is new york city, you're not supposed to get those. tracy: i love a big old to gulp. that is how i got through college. adam: don't look now, your smart smartphone and tablet are about to be day lose with more
2:48 pm
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tracy: mobile ad boom bodes well for the advertising business tax year. dennis kneale with the latest forecast. dennis: set to grow a robust 5.3% next year to $532 billion. in a new forecast out today up from a growth of 3.6% this year. soaring growth and ads on smartphones and tablets fueling the rise, mobile ads
2:52 pm
$13.5 billion worldwide could more than tripled to 45 billion by 2016. that would make mobile and bigger ad category than radio or outdoor or magazines. the dollar growth would be higher than the $30 billion increase expected for global tv ad spending by 2016, the firm said. in the u.s. mobile will grow 254% by 2016 to $22 billion they forecast from around 6 billion now. better yet, this is the first time in 20 years a new medium isn't cannibalizing ad sales and older platforms although the share of all spending held by television ads will drop to 39% or so the firm says. the forecast is one of three big report out today. shaving is predatio production % growth. raising the forecast for an aggressive 6.5%.
2:53 pm
the zenith report report the fis at spending growing even faster after next year. 5.3% next year rising to almost 6% growth worldwide in 2015 and 2016. because at spending often is the first thing the companies cut in a downturn, get outlook could mean the global economy will be coming along just fine, guys. tracy: that is the first thing to go and we're seeing it all come back. very impressive, all on your phone. dennis: i cannot believe mobile will grow that they got fast. and why would you think an ad on a tiny screen every bit as effective as a gorgeous car ad on an hdtv. so you have to wonder. adam: as opposed to the big screen. dennis: nobody is watching to each other it anymore. tracy: i wonder who is buying the billboards because nobody looks up. adam: speaking of which, move over budweiser, clydesdales and
2:54 pm
darth vader kid trying to sell a volkswagen. the super bowl has a new advertiser. greek yogurt maker hopes to capitalize on people's new year healthy living resolution. they have not said what they will pay for the add but madison avenue throwing out $4 million for 30 seconds, up $200,000 from last year. fox, broadcast the games, said last week they have sold out all tv broadcast spots so sorry, you missed out. nicole: but my 401(k) is happy. adam: you can of course watch super bowl xlviii on our sister station fox on february 2. if you are going to the game, did you hear about this? tracy: yes. adam: forget about setting up a category buffet. the ceo telling espn there'll be
2:55 pm
no tailgating this year. you can have it in your car. tracy: first of all it is ridiculous the giants are as ridiculous as they are, it will not be there. the second is that you cannot make a burger outside in the freezing cold with your hat? adam: too many rules. rules for everything. i am sick of it. tracy: yes. adam: tailgate is the new revolution. tracy: everyone tailgates. they are being a big buzz kill. you say they will target anyway? adam: yeah, don't you think? tracy: there will be tailgate cops walking around issuing fines. jersey is broke, you know. adam: coming up on "countdown to the closing bell," now that the
2:56 pm
merger between american airlines and u.s. airways is complete, how will the world's biggest airline performance for customers and investors? we will break it down for you and we will hear from doug parker, the ceo of american airlines. ♪ every day we're working to be an even better company -
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and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,00jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. r commitment has never been stronger. when you do what io, iyou think about risk.. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. ishares minimum votility etfs.
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3:00 pm
american airlines group, the stock is at 24.93, a gain of 98 cents, 4% jump on the debut of this new symbol for american. we'll have much more in a moment for you. second, look at the went weather that is blasting most of the united states, having a huge impact on air travel. about 4500 flights have been canceled nationwide over the last 48 hours, some due to heavy snow in parts of this country. but in dallas freezing fog is to blame, especially out of dfw, that airport having a lot of problems today. despite the cancellations and delays, take a look at the major carriers, stocks holding up rather well. alaska, delta, southwest, jetblue and spirit, all of these names for you are rising. big day for the airline industry. okay, so back on the ground there are some other big stock stories as well. and be nicole petallides is standing by on the floor of the new york stock exchange. earlier you said it's merger monday. it is a busy merger monday


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