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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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russia, the best moves he has made in months. camille foster and those who fight for what is right to party throughout the world. kennedy. a very good night lou: the obama administrations collection of scandals and lives have led to inevitable comparisons to former president richard nixon. today the "washington post" released this statistical analysis confirming the@ comparisons. nixon, the only fifth year president since world war ii to post lower ratings in the polls th where president obama finds himself tonight. i'm lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the "washington post" survey released a damning pl for the obama administration. the president's approval rating
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at the end of his fifth year in office has fallen to 43 percent with a disapproval ratg of 55% .. the post riding of the findis, president bush had a 4percent approval rating at the end of the fifth year of his presidency , and all other post-world w two presidents had approval ratings above 50% with the exception of nixon. and the numbers get worse. when asked today trust to do a better job with the nation's oblems, respondents have the president now tied with congressional republicans have 41%. only one year ago the president had a 15-point lead, and now it is gone, all gone. the preident also tras republicans on the economy by fo points. last year at this time president obama held an 18-point lead on economic issues. the r revelations of scandal afr scandal, the declarations that
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have turned out to be lies, and theailed rollout of the president's health care law coributed mightily to his nose dive in the polls. mr. obama spokesman tay admitted tt the president's thinking numbers are hurting his credibility and effectiveness with congress. >> does he really still have the clout to move the public, move the congress on these big issues when his approval ratings continue to sing? >> well, again, you won't hear an argumt fm me that everyone in washington has taken a hit. lou: and more poor timing for the administration coming after the post next and comparisons. president obama and sell tay praised the fictional congressmanrank underwood from hbo house of cards. the ruthless character played by ososcar winner kevin spacey it manipulates his way to the vice presidency through lies, shady ckroom deals, and ultimaty
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murder. >> i wish things were that ruthlessly simple. [laughter] lou: the president makkng this remark ahead of a meeting with a group of ecutives from leading technology companies, including bill will, twitter, apple, facebook, yahoo, netflix. the company responsible, of course of her hououse of cards. of course, today's meeting was set up to discuss much more serious issues, including the national security agency's surveillance programs in the obama adminisation's efforts to repair their health care website. on the nsa technogy executives said there's a president to move aggressively, as theyut it, to overhaul the way thenited states conducts its surveillance according to the white house president obama made it clear to the group that he will consider thereiews.
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concerning obamacare,he white house says that they discuss the progress that is being made to improve performance and capacity issues with the site. that is the way they talk and talk about health care. although it i curious as to why the meeting took place to have months after the launch rather than, say, before it. the administration also announced its next attack lazar to oversee the troubled website. and it is finally turning to someone with actl experience and technology. former microsoft executive will succeed jeff who was drafted back in september makeure it's a smooth transition process. a new report showing obamacare enrollment is falling far short of its goals. according to national revw, 45 states have yet to reach even 10 percent of the enrlees that
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they won by the end of march march 1st. some of the worst performing states, arkansas. it is signed up 1400 but are aiming for 51,000. delaware has under 800 as a goal of 35,000. new hpshi, under 1600 of wants 19,000. the only states that have reached 10 percent of their enrollment goals are california, colorado, connecticut, new york law ryland, and kentucky is tting very, very close. the bipartisan budge deal that already cleared the house today passed a key hurdle in the senate community procedural hurdle. senato agreed tond debe on the measure and then proceed to a final vote. today's vote was 67-33 and reblicans joined all the democrats and two independents voting for the plan. final approval requires a simple
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majority of 51 votes. we have all covered. voting for the ryan-marie plant in the the fiscal conservative from virginia explains his thinking on his boat and what he expects. governor mike huckabeeoining us tonight to sort out all of the discussion and rumors about a possible run for the oval office in 2016. tomorrow we find out whether the federal reserve will slow down it's easy money policies. wall street legend joins us tonight to share his thoughts and to talk about his new book. there is noelf from the winter weather i the northeast tonight. a major snowstorm pounding the region just three days after another storm brought as much as half a foot of snow to parts of the new york region. the national weather service says thetorm will bring two 1/4 inches of new snow for new york and boston. three to five for western massacsetts, 6 ounces for parts of connecticut, and as much as 9 inches for eastern maine. more than 300 flights had been
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canceled, hundreds more delayed. airports in new york, new jersey, philadelphia, boston kamal reporting delays of more than an hour. and the forecasters say that this notion continue overnight in early tomorrow, as it heads for the canadian maritime. on wall street today stocks posted modest losses as the fed began its today meeting. the dow basically investors holding ill and standing pat. the dow down nine, s&p and nasdaq off five. facebook shares of 2%. reports that facebook willegin selling video ads later this week. those ads set to appear in users time lines on the site and mobile devices. and bankruptcy proving a costly endeavor for the city of detroit this city has already spent nearly $20illion on attorneys, accountants, heart -- art appraisers among financial advisers and experts on everything from police work to pensions all in order to try to fix the city's finances a
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prepare for bankruptcy. the bankruptcy case filed back in july. we have much more and for you. we're coming right back. stay with us. ♪ lou: the ryan-murphy budget plan congressman scott rid so is it is conservative and a blue state boating yes. he joins us next. ♪
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♪ lou: tragedy in afghanistan, six soldiers killed when their helicopter crashed in these double province in southern . nato says that crashs under investigation. there were no insurgence, nor insurgent activity in the area at the time of the crash. german chancellor tod elected to a third term. her new coalition government is expected to move germany to the
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political left with the country's first-ever minimum wage to be introduced in 2015, $11.70 per hour. and protests in the ukraine today after russia agreeto lend the country $15 billion cut pres for natural gas by one-third. the ukrainian economy is close to collapse, but the demonstrators want a trade deal not with russia, but with the european union and much closer ties to your, not russia. our first guest tonight voted in favor of the ryan-marie budget compromise in the house and he says without agreement we would face another government shut down. he also stresses that the deal eases the burden caused by the sequestered. joining us now, congressman scott virgil, mber of the budget committee as well as armed services committee. congressman, good to have you with us. i knowow that you and many of yr colleagues in the house got particularly cellular cells as
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conservatives, you wrestle mightily with how to vote on this. what was the deciding point for you in casting your vote to support it? >> well, thank you for the opportunity to talk about a critical topic for our country, the alternatives before us for this, and five voted no we would have had continued -- continuing resolutions where we find things that did not need to be funded and they were not finding things that should be funded. i have been among, i think, the strongest advocates for returng to regular order where we have a top line budget and have agreed to that in this agreement. and then we work through all the appropriations bills. go ahead. lou: and if the senate approves and it is almost a certainty that there will tomorrow approve it and move it on to my regular order will be restored. we are talking about $85 billion against the budget in excess of 3 trillion that does not amount
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-- this is not even really small potatoes, it's not even a short, anin terms of financial -- the financial numbers. but inerms of returning to regular order and establishing a budget for two years after successive continuing resolutions that me a mockery of the budget process this is a very big deal, is in the? >> it is really big deal. and i am in a season of public service. this is really the first time that i felt like i could come home and come before this incredible district that i had the privilege serve. more men and women in uniform than any congressional district in the country. we have a lot of defense contractors, and this is not just protect the home base. but i have the prilege of working with our common not marine corps, marciano, admiral lynyrd, and i tell my colleagues the day we are wrestling with this, look, if you are inclined to vote no come with me and meet with these good men andear the
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direct and very real damage that continuing resolutions combined with sequestration are doing to our military. fial conservative, that's good back on regular orr here and get n to mdatory spending because that is the principal driver of our fiscal situation. lou: and what is your reaction, congressman, and your thoughts and concerns about the cuts in cost-of-living benefits r retired military persons under the age of 62, the provision, you're going to be saying to them. >> answer the question today. i was talking to a group of our ship repair folks, probably more than 200 people in the room. the very last question was on this. and i knew that this question was coming. i told my lleagues and my republican colleagues and we are going to have to wrestle with this because it is a reduction. what is not being shared in the media more often than not is that when a member -- the service member does reach 62,
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that that cost of living incrse where they did not participate in and all those years potentially, they get caught up at age 62. those who are wounded, wounded warriors, the is no reaction whatsoever, but they're is a reduction of 1%. it is inflation minus 1 percent, and it is a difficult decision. that is why it was not easy for me to vote for ts. you know, when i pulled this voting card that is in my coat pocket year out. i have a choice. i canither go green for yes or red for now. there is not and i wish i had different choice but and there. but i looked at the sum of all of this. what is important is that now that we are going to return to regular order there is no excuse for any member of congress, republican or democrat to not get back on mandatory spending. we have got to address that. lou: fair enough. is there any excuse for the republicans or democrats that
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the country in theolitics of capitol hill in position to shut down the government after the new year? as you move to the next issue which is the debt ceiling. >> i struggle with thi as a businessman.@ i am still and the owner of a business. what really deeply affect our business. through went into any kind of defaults. the same time i don't want to enable what i so despise which is washington's spending more than we are taking on. it is immoral. lou: each case it has been a republican party as have the choice to make. you guys have shown such great judgment. i thi the level of my good headed, common sense in dealing san the symbolic numbers, but a very important return to regular order.
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surely you're not telling me the republican leaders would throw that away on the debt ceiling. e that goes to theolls with your arguments and stop this nonsense? >> here we go. u're right on track, and i think that every candi, whether an income and our new candid needs to be asked this question by voters. that is, what specifically do you prose to get mandatory spending? don't t those candidates get away from that dficult question that has got to be answered. lou: the question can be posed until next november. i'm asking you right now. is it your committed to avoiding a showown of the government again? >> yes, they are. what we need to do -- well, -- lou: i'm going to take what we can in that time we are allotted, congressman. >> i understand. i understand. we should not shut the governnt down, but at the same time -- lou: no, sir, we should not. >> the courage to wrestle with mandatory spending.
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>> i urge the republicans tt feel, if you feel strongly about something get out and get a ground game going and move some voters to the polls because that is where the answers lie, not end maneuvers. that costs another shutdn. and i applaud the republican leaders for moving forward in this direction and specificay congressman paul ryan who pulled out -- >> i was proud of him. lou: proud of the results in another shutdown of the debt ceilin to beyond it -- honest with you. >> i don't think that will happen. i ddn't. lou: who will te that as insurance, a it is welcome. always good to talk with you. yankee third baseman alex rodriguez close to signing a deal for a tell-all book about his legal battle with major ague baseball. according to the new york post -- i mean, this is just what america needs. he was to expose major league baseball after steve him out of the game. bidding war for his book, you know, a ride deals in big
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numbers. $5 million is the bid right now appear ready t years is 211 game suspension for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs will be upheld, a decisio expected next month. while you wait to get a copy of this book, let me recommend another called of people, winning back the country with knowledge that empowers to ideas that matter, and solutions that work written by me and, by the way, you can not reorder the book it debuts january 7th available now online. amazon combines a novel. in the ground. for all the links. and you can even order it at bookstores near you. up next, the fedal reserve begins its final policy-setting meeting of this year, taper talks at a fever pitch. and some considerable unease amongnvestors as a result. wall street legend lou lern joins us next.
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♪ lou: a big night, the mega millions jackpot still up for grabs, last-mite ticket buying
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frenzy. it is not too late. propelling the jackpot to 636 million. it may be too late. it is, by the way, the second biggest prize in history. if no one picks the exact number combination during denies trying that friday jackpot will swell almost certainly it'slmost a billion dollars with a $509 million cash optio my advice is to cash. and todays the busiest day of the year for ups for what their employees like to call organized chaos. nearly 29 million packages being delivered today, double the normal package volume. ups expects to deliver more than 129 milln packages a week before christmas during peak hours. it will be delivering about 300 packages per second. that is just ups. and cool releasing its top what is searches of 2013. and we can think smiley -- smiley?
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no, maile. [laughter] you can tell what a fan i am. maile cyrus for the top question asked, what is working. you notice, i gotorquing correct. followed by what is ricin, what is dolma, what is ben cohen. number ten. modern to modern america. ben bernanke said to hold his final press conference as fed chair tomorrow as the central bank begins to deliberate the monetary policy of this nation. you knowis outlook for the fed meeting, whether we will see taring and what the economy's direction is likely toe. wall street legend among american historian, chairman of the lerman institute and author of the new book, the arican founders. and we recommended to you. we commend it to you highly. we're happy to have you here. let's start with tapering. does it matter? in your judgment to these
10:26 pm
markets does it matter whether the fed makes a modest decision to quit buying $10 billion worth of either mortgage bonds or treasury? >> if it were just a modest capering, justice say a few billion dollars to my not think itould make any difference in the markets. what would make some difference in the psychology of the markets because tapering, the federal reserve system has become the mostowerful financial restitution not onl in america, but in the world. so a lot of people would gaze their behavior by whether or not the fed was going t continue to pour out money. u: cheap and easy money at some point we are led to believe will end. janet yellen who will be replacing ben bernanke with the new year says she is going to continue these easy money policies. it is a very big, warm embrace by the fed for easier money,
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using money policies as far as the agassiz. march or maybe april. >> well, first of all, sheas to be approved by the senate. and there are a lot of senators who are anxious to hold up this nomination. she is a knownederal reserve establishment bureaucrat and economist. she is also -- lou: you did not say cars carrying air. >> no. as the old days. i might have said tha then. so she has to get through the senate. i do believe that she will, but i think it is going to be a surprisingly contentious hearing and voting procedure. but janet yellen is bright, and she knows that in order to rare taper they have to do it extremely gradually and in a minimalist fashion. lou: in that regard, she certainly understands. ben bernanke underands it be
10:28 pm
read the entire federal market committee and stance that. yet investors are acting if this were a a conclave of idiots meeting to set monetary policy, that they would act rationally, do somethingraconian and destctive in making judgment about their decisions to ease up on bond purchases. why is that -- why has that permeated both the press and apparently the policy thinking in this country on the part of whether they are hedge fund masters or whether they are running a desk or one of the banks. >> two reasons, i think. one is in sells newspapers, among other things, even tv shows. second -- lou: we would never, never ever. >> fair and blnced. the other reason ishat for five years now the only game in town has bn easy and cheap money by the fed. they have been pouring in out
10:29 pm
with the stock market in part as their target. so everybodyn wall street basically believes that they need a federal reserve when that they're back in order to keep making money. lou: the politics are obvious in this. and we all undstand it. what is not obvious how the economics. and to suggest that easing be ended, it has to concern everyone who does any thinking of economics that we may be at the cusp of disinflation just as readily as we are, you know, perhaps approaching inflationary pressures. your thoughts? >> well, disinflation is, in fact, with us, as you are blank. that is bause of the enormouslde private an the tremendous drive
10:30 pm
to rep debts, repaying debts coming essentially paying off the banks is itself disinflationary because it tends to reduce the quantity of money ii circulation along with the level of economic activity. i pay back my mortgage rather than using the money to buy a car it does not do anything to stimulate production. so i think that there is a reasonable fear that disinflation not only cause the fed, butt costs those people who are too deeply in debt. so you live in a world created by the fed where for about five years we have had bubbles in the stock market and farm land and real estate for the richnd now we have had is food stamps for the poor. lou::which is in your judgment laely the legacy of the federal reserve celebrating know its 100th anniversary. >> welcome more can be said about that. all the scholarships shows that the federal reserve system inaugurated in 1913, the primary cause of the great depression of
10:31 pm
the 1930's. basically a 10-year depression rescued by the second world war. also, because of the terrible depression after the first world war, and then almost every one of the business cycles after the second world war, it is not a legacy that we can be proud of. as much as its most powerful financial institution in the world, it is our cause for some great concern. lou: always great to be with you and to hear your views. thank you, sir. >> thank you, lou. lou: his book is the american founders. it is on sale, on line. cut its for links. great to have you here. we will continue the conversation, as we have for some years now. stay with us. president obama in a category all of his own. well, not really all his own. the shares it with another fellow the eupepsia your screen. the "a-team" takes up the president's record low approval ratings here next and his prospects for a legacy of any
10:32 pm
kind next. ♪ lou: one of the most popular republican candidates in 2008 is governor huckabe setting the stage for another run at the oval office? we will be talking with fox news star mike huckabee next. ♪ ♪ mm. mm-hmm. [ enne revs ] ♪
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out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. ♪ lou: now we are going to talk some politics. new jersey governor chris christie enjoying a five-point lead over hillary clinton in a -- well, rejecd matchup for 2016 in the state of iowa. governor christie least an 45% to 40 percent among registered voters in iowa. the latest what appeared polin july, the same poll had that to tied at 41%. and the new harris interactive ll finds 74 percent of american adults say they believe in god. but that number declining from 82% back in 2009 according to
10:36 pm
the poll a majority of americans also still believe in miracles, heaven, and the resurrection of jesus christ. regarding politics the pol finds republicans consistently identify with christian biefs while democrats and independents express strong belief in darwin's theory of evolution. my next guest says he is keeping an open mind about the possibility of running for president in 2016. is also launching a news publication in partnership with chriian media corporation inteational. is going to be called the huckabee post. i think that is a pretty good name for it. former arkansas governor and hoss of huckabee on the fox news channel mike huckabee. good to have you with us. >> thank you. great to be with you. lou: before we explore your thinking about 2016, want to ask you about the huckabee post. give us an idea of what that is going to be. >> it is going to be a new site. we will have all kinds of
10:37 pm
political news, sports news, culture, entertainment. it will be, i think, a great opportunity to get an opinion as well as ongoing news. it is a partnership with christian media, although the site itself is not going to be a religious theme side. it is going to, you know, cover the landscape and all the waterfront. we will be an adventure. we have been doing things on line with the website, the facebook page. this is a natural extension from that. the partnership that we are looking forward to. up to launch a sometime in the early part of next year. lou: part of the huckabee media empire. wish you all theest with it. terrific in the media. i cannot imagine anything the success. let's start with, first, governor christie looking stronger against hillary clinton has iowa- you are doing pretty well. the demise register had even second place after paul ryan, in front of rick santorum and christie, and a lot of talk now
10:38 pm
about mike huckabee 2016. are you thinking about it now? >> well, i'm open to it. and not sitting around body might come back and denied that, but i have some friends that oppress me and said, we really would love for you to consider it. there are people who wanted some of the brooklyn bridge to. that doesn't mean i'm going to. t i said okay. i don't know if anybody could care. the commission the colts to a couple, but in iowa and south carolina. the numbers are startlingly good. i was ahead in both of those states, and i think it was an honest and legitimate poll. yeah least keep your mind open to it. but as you just mentioned, with the new website cing up and other things that i have gone already with the fox news channel, television show eve weekend, still doing three times a day radio commentaries, y know, i'm not looking for something to do, but im not closing the door. i will keep an open mind, and we will see where things lead.
10:39 pm
lou: you and i talked a lot of your decisions both to run and when you withdrew in 2008. does it ever -- does it ever occur to you to say dobbs was right in that you should have stayed their enchains history? [laughter] >> you know, even my wife ultimately agreed that 2012 would have been a tough slog and that it was probably unlikely that i would have gone through the republican primary because of the vicious way that it was conducted. and i'm not sure anybody was goingo be barack obama in 2012 because of the machinery that he had in place. [inaudible conversions] lou: that's great. and it is also great that you're thinking about it, considering it. i know that to my goodness, a difficult decision it is. but i am delighted to hear tt you are open to the idea. less talk about just a couple of quick things, and i want to get your impression frequently
10:40 pm
because some of the conservatives in the country are upset about this, what is largely a symbolic deal on the budget. i personally think the return to regular order makes it entirely worthwhile, and i applaud the republicans on this. what is your thinking? >> well, i think you hit the right word. it is great symbol -- symbolism. the bill did not do a whole lot. it did not reduce the level of spending or increase taxes. there were three things that the democrats wanted. a one half trillion dollar increase in tax. it did not get it. a complete revocation of sequestration and it did not get it. it won a huge new spending spree. it did not g that. think republicans tend to get this and say, we did not get everything we wanted, but needed a day. nobody loves a steel, everybody hates parts of it. that's kind of the way it is en you govern with this but government and republicans only have one half of the legislative anch. a lot of people will be upset aboutt and say you should have
10:41 pm
cut spending. you know, you said this earlier. you cannot do what you don't have the vot too. and the fact issuntil republicans get control of the senate and ultimately the white house they're not going to be able to make the deep, massive spending cuts that i would love to see, you would love to see, and a republican in america and most people with common sense uld like to see. that's what it is going to take a merciless to everything possible to set toward their goal of getting the senate and ultimately the white house. how much easier chance of making some serious things hapn. now, then of the republicans don'pull it off and i think you have a right tbe mad at them, but right now you have a lot of these groups angry, saying kamal, republican sold out, they capitulated. i thought it was a step forward, a baby step nonetheless, but a step forward to actually see people trying to govern. that is what they're there for. lou: governor mike huckabee, great to see you. all the best.
10:42 pm
you can watch huckabee on the fox news channel saturday and sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. and we recommend tt you do so. up next, president obama exessing his desire for life to imitate art. sort of peculiar expression. the "a-team" on the president's reaction to hbo'souse of cards . much more sensitive issues as well, i assure you next. ♪ hi honey, diyou get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. u'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male annncer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card.
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becae you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. ♪ lou: nsa leaker edward snowden looking to make a deal with brazil. the former hawaii residents has been holed up in bitterly cold moscow published an open letter offering to help brazil investigate nsa spying in exchange for political asylum in that warm, beautif country. why? the south american nation has been one of the most outspoken critics of the illness is buying, but there are also beaches, bikinis, 70-degree
10:46 pm
weather, and, of course, victoria's secret models hailing -- welcome a great number of them, i understand, from brazil was as i have anything of course to do with his decision to focus on results. republican congressman ste stockman of texas generating some buzz in his business to win senate minority john poignance seat, now giving away obama bart bags say supportersto donate $10 to his campaign. stockman suggests that you would need onef socialism in seasick . takehis up with the "a-team." kind of an odd kind of sense to it, doesn't it? fox news legal analyst pulitzer prize-winning journalist, fox is contributor, judith miller, executive editor of the weekly standard, fox is contributor, fred barnes. let me start with you, if i make this business with the congressman and barf bags, you
10:47 pm
know, i notice all in good fun, but there is something that just does not ring right about it, is in there? >> you are talking about the absence of a sense of seriousness and perhaps even dignity i would say thosere missing. you know, candid it's usually come up with those ridiculous kind of gimmick and don't win. lou: what do you think? your reaction? >> i want to bar for the bar packs. [laughter] i think you are making a mockery of it and it is not dignified. it is a jovial, foundry, this is not a joking around matter. annexing the bart bags. >> i think that it is fitting and consistent with a eye best body like the congress his popularity stands at 16%. that might very well be something that they would like, but i think it is appalling in the american people will too. lou: the numbeof people who cheer that sort of thing on, and i worry that i am getting a little stodgy about politics,
10:48 pm
but i would like to see at least, you know -- there has to be some admixture of humor and bstance cannot just, you know, -- rsations] >> likboth of them, humor and substance. lou: let's turn to something th is -- i suspect the president does not find to be either humorous or appropriate for a sensitive discussion, and that is his approval ratings. he is now tied with richard nixon for the lowest ratings for a fifth year president and st-world war two history i mean, that is a stunning fall from grace. >> in the days, and there is something unique. i think even unprecedented about thelummeting that president obama has taken in the polls because he has fallen on all of them, younow, that does not happen. don't go up and down altogether. we have had presidents like bill
10:49 pm
clinton, no one trusted him, they approve of the way that he was performing the presidency. and they didot -- with reagan, they like to lot more than they gave him a hijacker approval rating. obama is down and everything, job approval, trust, whether he is a strong leader are not callia's handling the economy. just across the board he has dropped in everything. and there is one that wille hard to impro, and that is the lack of trust the people have in him now. that has dropped, and that mns his credibility is shot and it is hard to improve that. >> to put it in context and in clinton's or higher during the beach and and obama's are now. lou: i did not recall that. >> clinton was inhe high 60's. lou: during peachment, i don't member that. for crying out loud. that's why the "a-team" is here, to bring me along. we're back with the "a-team" and moments. be sure to get your orders in for money but, of people, winning back the country with knowledge that empowers the
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ideas that matter, and solutions that work. it debuts january 2nd, but i am pleased to you tt you can pre order it. go to a for lan server to amazon or any number of sites. and join our discussion, checking is out on twitter, polos. go to up next, an underground volcano, potential for a blasthat would dwarf mount st. helens volcanic eruptions and its beneath one of the biggest tourist havens in all-america. stay with us. ♪
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♪ lou: the new study quickly that finds them massive magma chamber beneath yellowstone national park is two and a half times larger than had previously been determined.
10:54 pm
that means this super volcano, it is that come a super volcano, it has the potential to erupt withf course some 2,000 times more powerful than that of the mount st. helens 1980 eruption. the last yellow so interruion occurred 640,000 years ago. experts, however, say it is now overduee. back with the "a-team," and i want to turn to you to remind me that president clinton's approval ratings were higher during his impeachment then president obama's. >> i represent the democrats during the impeachment of president clinton, the democratic judiciary committee. we were watching the things every day. and remember, there were midterm elections in the stands. the republicans just out waxed because it looked like it was -- there were going after clinton for personal reasons. that's it. exactly. so shocking.
10:55 pm
actually lower now, and there is nothing li an impeachment going on. lou: lower now, als lower than any other president in the fifth year of his presidency, save nixon. nixon, as we know, was not saved. >> and we are heading into territory where it is going to be awfully hard rock had to leave and govern. lou: is it because a man like a bald face repetitively? >> the one statement. the one statement, you can't keep your health care ases. >> i still hesitate to use the word lie. you don't know what his aides told him, whether he looked at the fine print and said we have a problem with this. if the man says something 29 * possibly it is because in any event weather and that he lied to, it's huge.
10:56 pm
lou: you would say that because nixon believed what heaid -- what is it that has broken obviously, as you point out, just here has been broken to the american people. >> until you what it was. it was that people actually believed that they could keep their insurance if they like it. that there has been polling. all the prrmises that obama and others made about obamacare, that was the one that they believed. when it turned out to be untrue it undercut their reputation for honesty and truthfulness. that second created a credibility problem which is very difficult to change. lbj, mom remember when he tried, never overcame that. nixon not only did not overcome th, he was out of office. lou: thank you very much. very quickly, the last word here. do you believe that it is
10:57 pm
fixable? >> not at this point. to have forgiven the website, but not this. but not this. lou: thank you. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: the energy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel ccompared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years...
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neil: the government massenet, now th president callingnd rock stars to help have to do. but why were they not involved when health care lalas starting out. welcome, everyone, no, i am melissa francis and notneil cavuto. president obama meeting with dozens of huge companies the heads of ape and twitter and yahoo and google. talking health care at the white house. the website, former adviser to president


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