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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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cone machine. and are you worried about gaining holiday weight? stay away from the little plastic shake weeks. that's it for tonight "willis report." lou: new report that the obama administration to get your about ahead of the 2012 election. line to pass obamacare. the president himself told the lie of the year. i am lou dobbs. cinema go. ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. "the washington post" reporting controversial regulations on health care and the environment and worker safety, all trying to help the president win reelection last year. that is according to the obama
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administration officials who told the obama administration officials were simply acting out of political necessity. and jay carney trying to defend the delays, claiming that they were just being thorough. >> the administration is committed to protecting the health and welfare and safety of americans in promoting economic growth and job creation, as well as competitiveness and innovation. our goal is not to move hastily, but maximize the benefits. lou: the president's press secretary and his story. and the obama administration manipulating rules and delaying regulations. to fact checking organization, "the washington post" and
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political fact, singled out president obama for telling the biggest lie of the year. this whopper that we heard countless times over a three-year period of time. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep her health care plan. period. lou: that is not the only obama assertion deemed as a lie. "the washington post" reported that three of the top biggest lies of 2013 along two president obama. now, we will talk some politics. chris christie will join us with a five-point lead at over hillary clinton during a projected matchup in the state of iowa. in july, the same poll had him tied clinton at 41%. and a new american poll, 74% of
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american adults say that they believe in god. that number declined from 82% back in 2009, according to the poll, the majority of americans also say they still believe in miracles, heaven, and the resurrection of jesus, regarding politics, republicans identify with christian beliefs and democrats express strong leads in darwin's theory of evolution. in my next guest says he's keeping an open mind of the possibility of running for president in 2016. he is also launching a new news publication in partnership with the huckabee post. and i think that that is a pretty good name for it. host of huckabee on the fox news channel. mike huckabee, good to have u.s. >> thank you and it's great to be with you. lou: i want to ask you about the
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huckabee post. will that be about? >> well, it is going to be a political and sports news and culture and entertainment news website. i think it will be a great opportunity to get an opinion as well as ongoing news. a partnership with christian media, although the website itself is not going to be a religious themed site. it will cover the landscape and all of the fun of it. it will be an adventure. we've been doing a lot of things online. my facebook page, and this is the natural extension from that and the partnership that we are looking forward to. launching sometime early part of next year's the one part of the mike huckabee empire. we certainly wish you the best. and i can't imagine anything but success. let's start with governor chris christie looking stronger against hillary clinton in the state of iowa. and you are doing pretty well
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too out there. the "des moines register" had even second place after paul ryan, head of rick santorum and chris christie. a lot of talk about mike huckabee in 2016. are you thinking about it now? >> well, i'm open to it. i'm not sitting around plotting my comeback or anything like that. and there are people who want me to jump off the brooklyn bridge as well. that doesn't mean i'm going to do it. but i ddn't know if anybody can make up their mind. the numbers were startlingly good. i think there was an honest and legitimate polling. and so you at least keep your mind open tobut if you just menu know, with a new website coming up in other things that i have had going on with my fox news television show, radio commentaries and what have you,
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i'm not looking for something to do, but i'm not closing the door and i will keep an open mind. lou: you and i talked a lot about your decisions to run and also when he withdrew in 2008. does it ever occur to you to say that lou dobbs is right and that you should have stayed and changed history? [laughter] >> even my wife agreed that 2012 would've been a tough time and it was probably unlikely that i would've gone through the republican primary because of the vicious way in which was conducted. also, i am not sure that anyone can you barack obama in 2012 because of the machinery that he had in place. lou: well, that is great and it's great you are thinking about this and considering it. and, my goodness, what a difficult decision it is for you.
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i'm delighted to hear that you are open to the idea. let's talk about a couple of quick things. and i want to get your impression because some of the conservatives in the country are upset about this. and i personally think that returning to order makes this entirely worthwhile, and i applaud the republicans on that. so what is your thinking on this matter? >> well, i think you hit the right word. it is great symbolism. the bill did not do a lot and it didn't reduce the level of spending. and it didn't increase taxes either. there were three things that the democrats wanted, a 1.4 chili dollar increase in tax and they didn't get it. they wanted a complete revocation of this question and they didn't get it. they wanted a huge spending spree and they didn't get that. republicans can say that we didn't get everything we wanted. but neither did they. nobody loves this deal, everyone hates parts of it. that is kind of the way that it
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is when you have a split government and the republicans only have one half of the legislative branch. and a lot of people will be upset and say you should have cut spending. he said this earlier as well. you can't do what you don't have the votes to do. until republicans get control of the senate and ultimately the white house, they will not be able to make the deep massive spending cuts that i would love to see and every republican in america would love to see. and mostly with common sense would love to see. so let's do everything a step towards the goal of getting the senate and ultimately the white house correct. we will have a much better chance of getting this to happen. but i think right now you have a lot of these groups and they have capitulated and i thought it was a baby step, nonetheless, but one to actually see people
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trying to govern. that's what they are therefore. lou: governor mike huckabee. it is so great to see you and we wish you all the best. >> thank you. lou: you can watch mike huckabee saturday and sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and we recommend that you do so. coming up next, and corruption at the u.s. embassy in india. all over the alleged mistreatment of a diplomat. kt mcfarland has that and the issues of the day around the globe. kt mcfarland is here next. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing,
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lou: a panel appointed by president obama to review the nsa surveillance program
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recommending a major overhaul of its domestic spy practices. forty-six recommendations include revamping the nsa phone records collection program and the president will decide which proposals to implement, if any of those. spurred by the theft and release of top-secret materials by former contractor edward snowden and james rosen rate weighed in on the idea of him returning. >> i think he ought to be prosecuted for treason and if convicted by a jury, we should be hanged by the neck. lou: this includes the targeting of mohammed morsi and the targeting of hezbollah and
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hamas. and the nation of saudi arabia's leader says he would like to see diplomatic solutions to the civil war. saudi arabia has condemned the united states, which they say risk the security and stability of the middle east and the deputy consul general now faces felony charges of visa fraud and false statements concerning her nanny. she claimed she was strip searched and kept in a cell with drug addicts before posting a 250,000-dollar bail.
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she says that she is entitled to diplomatic immunity. in new delhi, the indian military has removed barriers around the united states embassy and authorities are demanding officials relinquish their identity cause and the leaders of india's two largest political parties, canceling scheduled meetings with a congressional delegation in reprisal for her arrest. joining us now is fox news analyst kt k.t. mcfarland. it's so good to see you. first, the issue of the deputy consul here in her arrest, apparently being strip searched. plus the charges by the new york city police department. >> that's right, doesn't make any sense. diplomats have been in the united states and so there they're something that has gone
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very wrong here. lou: it's not a matter-of-fact, but there's a lot of disrespect and where is the obama administration. and i understand where michael bloomberg is. so where is the president of the united states on this? >> well, let's turn to mohammed morsi. >> when i was in egypt it was pretty clear that mohammed morsi and the mother muslim brotherhood with al qaeda,
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he let out some prisoners and turns that went and set up shop and they refuse to let the army go clean them out. so i think that what you will see it after the egyptian referendum and then further elections, my guess is that you will see a major political trials of not just mohammed morsi but the muslim brotherhood and i wouldn't be surprised if some of them get the death penalty. lou: is a trial in the future of edward snowden? is he going to be brought to justice? and it was interesting to hear the former director of the cia saying that if he is indeed convicted, he should be hanged by the neck until dead. to put some emphasis on the matter. >> the thing about this is that some people are saying that maybe he should and there has been too categories and one is
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on the negotiation. so how you gather intelligence? how you listen to the phone calls and that does the most harm and that is what is starting to come out. lou: given that this was an act of treason, i am not sure if that's a legal term. but when you bear the country's secrets, it seems to be a straightforward statement of fact. he has committed treason and hung the interest of the country and he was serving. why in the world was he permitted to leave the united states in any form? >> not only that, but why would you permit this access? security clearance was not even given by the american government but by a contractor. lou: he got the passwords, we understand. from others as well. those who just turned it over to
7:19 pm
-- turned it over to him. he met this guy had a mother lode of information. my guess is that he will stay in moscow. and he thinks brazil looks better. and he says that he has some stuff to come, we will see. but the tragedy is that this is security versus privacy.
7:20 pm
lou: and the thing is had this exploded at washington dc or baltimore, why did in all of these individuals do more to find out what the enemy is doing. >> we have seen abuses by government and the irs go after conservative groups. we've seen reporters.
7:21 pm
lou: they have political purposes and we here more outcry about the nsa than we do about the irs, and that his plane upside down and wrong in my opinion. and i have the last word. kt mcfarland, merry christmas to you. it's good to have you with us. lou: my new book debuts on january 7 and i hope you will think about reading it. hardcover and the audio will book version. underrated it myself. it's great fun and i hope you'll pick it up. single micro- ♪ in the micro- ♪
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lou: welcome back. there are 4.1 million federal government employees in this country. and a new study found that there they are not liking their jobs. the partnership for public
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services, government job satisfaction has dropped. down 50%. that is an all-time low. and we thought we were the only ones that didn't like the job that the government was doing. and so what are the worst departments in which work? the survey says it is the department of homeland security followed by the army and the department of labor. and federal government workers have extremely generous pay and other benefits on average compared to 88,000 for the private sector and six of the
7:26 pm
top 10 richest counties in the united states, six out of 10 all-around nations capital. a lot of lobbyists are in there as well. and maybe they don't feel adequate appreciation. 37% believe that zombies would do a better job running the country and does that of our government. imagine it. my goodness. up next, one day after the president praised a fictional television congressman. his newest advisor compares the republican party to party to a murderous cult. we will take that up with the country's favorite radio talk show host. coming up next, stay with us. ♪
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lou: joining us now is the "a-team." nationally syndicated host, author and fox news contributor, fox news radio talk show host, john gibson. and "chicago tribune" columnist john kass. john, it's so great to have you all here. let me start with you, if i may. this new outrage by john podesta, on the job less than a week and he starts making these outrageous comments and what the thing? >> is that addressed only to conservatives or the republican party in general?
7:31 pm
>> he made it very clear. he made it clear that was the republican party. >> the fact is he that he doesn't seem to be in the spirit. >> i was right there before jonestown and i don't ever want to go back. lou: how would you refer to it? >> i just want to interject. you have to remember that jim jones was with democrats in san francisco, not republicans. he was facilitated by democratic politicians who then ran for
7:32 pm
cover when you know what hit the fan. but here he is, in this kind of offhand reflective way, in the same way that the president rode to somebody referring to the tea party people, the insult directed towards them. this is sort of just the way that they operate in this dismissive and insulting way and friendly they don't seem to get it and podesta runs the center for american progress or dead. and he has been a leader for a long time. >> i found his comments to be refreshingly honest. because we have heard so many lies coming from this president over so many years and we know how they viewed the republican party and the tea party and at least john went out and set the
7:33 pm
truth. this is how they look at them. now remember that he is coming to supposedly bring a new attitude and approach and john boehner sent a tweet and said are you kidding me. so exactly. and this is how they view the republican party and for leaders like paul ryan, to be like those that they have been with budget matters, other things, immigration, thinking about the white house will engage them. if they are under that delusion come i can't help them. >> but you have to remember that john podesta has been brought in to go around congress and his whole deal is executive actions and you could expect an avalanche of executive orders which they have figured out how to do, to brush aside those people that they call at
7:34 pm
jonestown, they call the mass murders. lou: "the washington post" says that every democrat i be scared. >> well, they should be. because they are going to take obamacare and they are going to wrap around the government and watch them, you know, try to swim. and all of them out there if you want your health care , keep it. of you what your doctor, i'd keep it to. right? lou: the me ask you the truth is there would be a clear-cut extraordinary advantage of the midterm if they don't screw it up or try to shut down the government over the debt ceiling debate, what are your thoughts about where they will go? >> this ad is liberal will
7:35 pm
be repeated over and over against every democrat running for office. if you compare that add campaign that takes a knife tucci shaheen to the floor and the obama team runs with a kid in his pajamas drinking hot chocolate. talk about obamacare with your parents, it just shows they don't have a prayer. the republicans are coming with brass knuckles the and they have hot chocolate. it is not close. lou: where were they in 2012 with romney at the top off3 the ticket? that could have used some of inspiration. >> it is interesting to see this come out so early with
7:36 pm
a foldable democrats they're all on tape saying if you like all of it but it is just ready mated munition. the fact that obamacare is imploding and if you thought 2013 was bad wait until 2014. the challenge for the republicans is not to go off the rails or get distracted by other issues. they must stay on obamacare. lou: day you think the president's numbers are retrievable? is this a broken trust of the american people? can he recover? >> not on the trust issue. but is the accumulation of things, the irs, they gauzy gauzy, and then you can keep your doctor and your health plan.
7:37 pm
i don't think he will get the trust numbers back up and that will be of wait around his neck as he tries to swim and you will sink. lou: john and monica. thank you for being here. up next with the state department cover-up of with the aftermath of benghazi. next over the transparency hits the white house. next. .
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more bombshe evidence revealing how the obama administration , the obama administration and tried to cover-up d details of the benghazier terrorist attack days after att september 11th, the state department e-mail the company hired to protect the mission ordering them to dodge the media overwriting we concur with you at the
7:41 pm
moment the best way to deal with the increase is too either be silent or provide no comment. our next guest has the organization responsible for uncovering this document, judi president of judicial watch, tom, thank you for being with us. t with reference to the security firm in question, the blue mountain group turns out not to be so much a security force on thed ground as a contractor andears the subcontractor appears to have so lee ben the militia b militia, is that correct? >> correct. the blue mountain group is as u.k. companies subcontracted out to it that losses in its defect the february 17th murders brigade of the militia that our state department relied on and to
7:42 pm
protect our diplomatic and other personnel on the ground in libya. lou: with the accountabilityount review board said blue sai mountain may have left the pedestrian gate open.nitial atte seen fleeing the facility. they left it to unmatched before. this is steaming material. >> but that's right. the new documents we had to force out of the administration after a federal lawsuit show there was e-mail traffic suggesting there was a dispute with the state department with the blue gum group in england versuse libya. we don't knowount what that dispute was whether it was r security or over who didha what. but it's in the end e-mail shows the dispute was ongoing today of the attack
7:43 pm
there was traffic sayingk what is going on here? lou: the first call for t assistance 9:40 p.m. local time from senior state department officials to the cia and next. but according to people on the ground the blue mountain security manager made calls on two-way radios c and sellni funds to born problems of one hour before what do we know more about that? >> not too much because the officials investigative body for the state departmentot really did not look into what the blue mountain group was doing.hi now the questions started to pop up collusion between the state department and the blue mountain group who was looking for reuters in an fox news. there was a dispute on going
7:44 pm
back from july thanks tos reporting from your network about blue mountain and screwing up and the contract by the way costs in nearly $800,000 but it looks like they were arguing over who was supposed to do what. one of the e-mail's was the end of september the blue mountain group passed the state department by the way when can we get paid for our work in september? lou: this is the same group group, a morgan jones is the name of the man that was on the ground to gave the account to 60 minutes. f it raises further questions. is there any bearing on that issue of the 60 minutes report? >> the concern i thinkce t that has popped up and has been
7:45 pm
sustained with recent revelations is the blue mountain group in england took a lot of money and left the locals hanging. lou: come back soon. up next president obama expresses his desire for life to imitate art. a peculiar question we hop the "a team" and the president's reaction to the house of cards and more substantive issues. next.
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lou: nsa leader edward snowden looking into go to do brazil the former white resident now holed up in moscow is now offering to help brazil investigate in
7:49 pm
exchange for political asylum in the warm country. why? it has been one of the most outspoken critics of the nsa spying and also the beaches and bikinis and 70-degree weather and victoria's secret models of a great number come from brazil which does not have anything with his decision to focus their now. republican congressmen from texas trying to win senate terror minority whip see last year now giving away obama barf bag to anybody that contributes $10 to the campaign. that means you would need one if socialism makes you sick. the power legal analyst les wheel and judith miller and
7:50 pm
executive editor of the weekly standard and contributor, let me start with you. the businessman with the congressman and barf bags it is all in in good fun but something does not ring right 70 absence of the sense of seriousness or dignity? that is missing but candidates come up with those gimmicks don't win it usually. lou: what is your reaction? >> i want to barf. they'd make a mockery out of this. it this is not joking around matter. >> it is fitting and consistent.
7:51 pm
maybe they would like at at 16% but it is with the approval rating. lou: i don't know that i worry that i am getting stodgy about politics but there has to the sound texture to. >> just like any of your age and substance -- a and hubert. lou: i suspect the president does not find this to be humorous or appropriate for discussion which is his approval rating now tied with richard nixon for the lowest ratings for the fifth year president post world war ii history that is a stunning fall from grace. >> it is. even unprecedented that he
7:52 pm
is taking in the polls because it is all of them. they don't go up and down altogether nobody trusted clinton but they approved of the way he performed with the presidency. also ronald reagan they liked him more than they gave him the slight job approval but he is down with everything. trust, a job approval, a strong leader, the economy, across the board. he has dropped with everything and one that is hard to prove is the lack of trust. that means his credibility is shot. >> clinton's ratings were higher during impeachment than they are now. lou: i did not recall that. >> clinton was the high 60s.
7:53 pm
lou: during the impeachment? that is why the "a team" is here. we will be back. be sure to getting your orders for my new book. "upheaval" it will debut january 7th you can pre-order. visit the web site or amazon to put in your order. check us out on twitter and follow us or lou dobbs the underground volcano that wage war for the mount st. helens eruption and one of the biggest tourist havens and all of america. stay with us. ♪
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mm. mmmm. [ enne revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offers end december 31st. [ sant] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 glk350 f $419 a month at your local mercedebenz dealer.
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lou: a new study shows the magma chamber below yellowstone is 2.5 times
7:57 pm
larger the previously determined as though the super volcano has the potential to be wrapped with the force to thousand times more powerful than that of mount st. helens in 1980 eruption. the last yellowstone eruption occurred 640,000 years ago experts say it is now overdue. 18. -- the "a team" to remind me his approval ratings as clinton was higher duringg3 his impeachment? >> we were watching these everyday and there were midterm elections and republicans were blacked because it looked like they were going after clinton for personal matters but here looking at obama as ratings
7:58 pm
they are lower now. lou: there also lower than any other president with the fifth year of his presidency save nixon and he was not saved. >> and heading into territory where it will be hard to leave and govern. lou: is it because the man lied repetitively over the course of four years? >> the one statement you can keep your health care. as is. period. >> i still hesitate to use the over the life because you don't know what his aides told him or if he looked at the fine print if he says it 29 times possibly he believed it that is a
7:59 pm
huge negative. lou: so because nixon believed what he said. >> that was a lie. [laughter] lou: what is it as you point out? trust has been broken with the american people. >> people actually believed they could keep their insurance if they like to. he was booted out of office. >> very quickly you will get
8:00 pm
the last word. >> no. because people would forgive though website but not this. think you for being with us. after the mess up who will pay up? i am charles paid in for a deal cavuto. ups and fedex some of the biggest retailers doing damage control after failing to deliver lots of packages by christmas. but they are not apologizing in amazon gives a $20 gift card with shipping refunds for those who were impacted. but our first guest says her guests were late and damaged


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