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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ ♪ >> "the new york times" over a year later reignites the already debunked argument that an anti-islam video sparked the deadly benghazi terrorist attack. and today the state department jumped on board with approval that was whitewashed. i'm lori rothman in for lou dobbs. and the mako. ♪ ♪ lori: good evening, everyone. "the new york times" under fire. benghazi is said to have no connection on the infamous
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anti-islam video that the obama administration tried repeatedly to cite as the cause. in a popular islamist preachers screened a clip of this video on the ultraconservative egyptian channel. american diplomats raised the alarm in washington about a growing backlash, including calls for a protest outside their embassy. in direct contrast, from the second in command. telling congress that he personally informed hillary clinton that the video was a nonevent in libya in the attack was a coordinated terrorist attack. in endorsing the assertions despite the evidence directly
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found. >> it's just common sense. you can see the protests. the video was clearly being used by extremist as extremists as some sort of rallying cry against the united states. >> these folks don't carry id cards and we know someone that they have taken, this includes inspiration from al qaeda ideology, certainly. that is what the investigation is looking at right now. lori: multiple sources confirming that the homeland security committee that the attacks were planned in the libyan terror group that is believed to be an offshoot of al
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qaeda. and tonight we will answer why after nearly 16 months "the new york times" decided to print the story. some critics suggesting that it's an effort to protect the president's legacy from the multiple claims and retractions they came out of the white house in the months after the attack. and others claiming "the new york times" is protecting hillary clinton from this as she gears up for the white house that we have four dead americans. and what is different at this point doesn't make? thirty-one well, overseas, a deadly terror attack in russia. at least 14 people died when a blast tore through the city
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during today's morning rush hour. and just yesterday, at least 17 people were killed when a suicide bomber who authorities believe may have been a warning, made an explosive in front ofa metal detector. no one has claimed responsibility, but terror experts believe that they were inspired by a muslim leader that urged his followers to prevent this from happening. and raising fears about russian stability to handle terrorist threats ahead of the winter games. in the winter olympics cost in russia more than $50 billion, making these olympics the most expensive games ever. they are hoping to recoup that cost including whether the investment will pay off for the region. a new report that the obama administration suffered another form policy failure in syria.
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according to top u.s. officials, they decided to meet with a rebel group known as the islamic front after the more moderate rebels, the free syrian army, with were chased and this controls 100 30,000 fighters throughout syria. they canceled the meeting and if the meeting had occurred, the administration would have reportedly encouraged them to broker an end to this three-year long civil war. and the obama administration announcing more than 1.1 million americans have indeed signed up for private insurance plans from october through the federal exchanges. the white house is celebrating those results and it is still
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60% of the 3.3 million people signing up by now. and it's also not clear if those 2 million paid yet or whether or not they were uninsured or had to sign him because of existing plans. in the next enrollment surge probably will not come until the weeks before march 31. that is the deadline for open enrollment. and more of a make or break month to determine insurance plans and whether people will have coverage when they use this come wednesday. and they administration announcing that the centers for medicaid and medicare services, michelle snyder is retiring. she singled out earlier this year in one of the figures responsible included hhs and cma
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officials saying that the contractors were to blame. and we have it all covered tonight. and tackling the global security issues of the day. a chilling new report from the centers for disease control showing the deadly swine flu outbreak is gaining strength in some nations and the democratic national committee trying to raise funds and frightened democrats. they get this, keeping president obama from being impeached. the "a-team" weekend coming up next. and on wall street, stocks finishing mixed. the dow jones closing on the 51st record high of the year. and home sales that we learned
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earlier today, posting gains of today. we will be back next. and the benghazi coverup. iran nuke talks. the syrian civil war and egyptian chaos. lieutenant colonel ralph peters on what the administration needs to focus on in the new year. that is coming up next.
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lori: and egyptian court today, 139 protesters demanding the reinstatement of ousted president mohammed morsi back in july. demonstrators were sentenced to two years in jail for charges
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ranging from writing to sabotage. well, just last week the egyptian government designated the party the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. and the war in afghanistan is arguably the most unpopular in history. just 17% 17% say that they support the 12 year long war and that is a record low and that finding comes as a new national intelligence estimate may be lost at 2017. and the taliban becomes increasingly influential in the country. and secretary of state john kerry will return on wednesday. advancing the israeli peace talks. releasing more than two dozen
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palestinian prisoners since july. in my first guest tonight has talked about where suicide bombers have been making threats. there are dire warnings. lieutenant ralph peters has more. what is your take on these bombings? >> the islamist extremists are trying to embarrass international travelers and i will tell you right now that as bad as the bombing is over the last few days, watch tomorrow night. in russia, the big celebration of the year isn't christmas at all since the russian revolution. but it is new year's eve. and terrorists are going to try to hit those celebrations that will be a good idea as to
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terrorists and if they can block anything, there is hope that things will go reasonably well with the olympics. but i'm afraid that this will be the ugliest olympics since 1972 and the most totalitarian olympics since 1936 as well under hitler. lori: does it draw comparisons, if you will, to the boston marathon bombers and you have a major sporting event and now you have another major sporting event coming up as well? can you drop some parallels there? >> you can in a sense that we have a very high-profile event and they are arbitrary anyway. but the scale of this is so much greater than the boston marathon. and the russians have not only a
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police presence, but they have a military presence as well up into the mountains and about 60 miles long, 25 miles wide. it's going to be really tough for individuals to get around. that being said, the danger is not just the olympics themselves. they are also going to try transportation as well and by the way, one thing it is also the soviets turning this back in the equivalent to us would be terrorists hitting the alamo. >> see you're saying it is practical and symbolic? >> yes, you know that. lori: okay, that is
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unbelievable. and what about "the new york times", you are briefly disagreed. what was behind the motivation? >> "new york times" is full of fertilizer. >> okay. that something else we should figure out. [laughter] lori: what was the motive behind it? >> i think that it has been in disappointment and these are individuals that are trying to protect hillary's chances. maybe i missed it. i did not see secretary clinton mention a single time. but here's the bottom line on this. it is the wrong argument and it was islamist party terrace.
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and they, under president obama, have spread like wildfire. they are vastly stronger than they were when obama came to office. this includes the disjointed and distant situation. this had to be a coordinated attack for 9/11. and you knew it was well coordinated and the key was not to get too out of context and "the new york times", there was
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good reporting in that place, but a lot of that extrapolation of that. >> what was the word that you chose again? >> help me out here. lori: it was a really big pleasure to speak with you. >> happy new year. >> likewise, sir. >> the top spot of the third weekend in a row. the hobbit. and $30 million from warner bros. over three days was the earnings. running up behind it is the disappointing open of frozen. followed by anchorman the
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second. the legend continues. coming up next, ideas that matter and solutions that work. his book up evil, the one and only lou dobbs. it is now available to pre-order at and or visit us for all of the links. and coming up next, an unusual shot at the president's health care law is the administration touts what they are calling the medicare and medicaid services . it found out the doctor we need was at anne's. follies
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lori: the federal aviation administration announcing new testing sites for drums. bringing in billions of dollars of economic development. the winners are alaska, nevada, new york, texas, and virginia.
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and a process that happens every 11 years. a visualization showing the sun's positive polarity is now on the bottom. and at the peak of each new flip, the sun goes through more solar activity, including disrupting power grids, satellite, gps, all of it as well. and federal health officials warning that flu season is officially in full swing. and that caused the swine flu pandemic of 2009. it is known to make young and
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middle-aged adults a lot thicker than the regular flu virus. in our next guest is predicting that obamacare enrollment will grow. that is because of the massive subsidies for up to 62% of americans. and thomas, his gray tabby with us. >> thank you for having me. lori: let's get the number 70 obamacare enrollment. to the best of your knowledge, how many of the key younger healthy americans have found that we need 2.7 million of them by the end of next year. >> not many of them. lou:
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lori: 60% of americans. it is a matter of information coming up there's been a lot of confusion signing up for this as well. but once you get the plan, the dollar is rolling out the door and it's huge. and there are big incentives. lori: they've also increased the marriage penalty as well. >> yes, plugging in the calculator for a family of four,
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and you can basically get a bronze plan for nothing. the government pays 10,000 and basically and $60,000 a year, above the 50% line. you will get a big subsidy. i don't think it's right that the giant subsidy. lori: the costs are astronomical for consumers. >> you get subsidized and there are buffers in there.
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the cost it costs get more expensive to cover the high-risk people and the dollars are going out the door. >> what about the glitches? >> well, michelle is a civilly serving. i'm sure she had a miserable last year. >> we appreciate your insight. we went up next, the latest update on efforts to rescue all souls aboard a ship stuck in an
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archive. that and much more is coming up straight ahead. >> andrew johnson and bill clinton are the only two presidents that were impeached and neither were convicted. so what about an obama impeachment ahead of the 2014 midterms? be "a-team" explores that and more.
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lori: breaking news for you. russian officials saying that they will airlift dozens of passengers that have been stuck in an arctic ice in a ship. it turns out that three icebreaker ship's reached the stranded vessel.
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and we see controversy with bill robertson and his 2009 youtube video. this friday, suspension was lifted for his anti-gay comment that he made in pc magazine. believe it or not, the democratic national committee is the latest organization floating the topic of president obama's impeachment. and joining us now with kelly and conway and the rest of the "a-team." fred barnes comer welcome as well. and former member of george w. bush senior staff rat blakeman. what do you think? especially if congress takes a majority to midterm.
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>> maybe the democrats know something that we don't. but this is scare tactics and they have nothing positive to say, so they are going negative with their own people and it's really tragic. >> the fact that they can only raise money based on the negative but they need to do is realize that obamacare is named obamacare because the guy who gave it to us is named obamacare -- obama.
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lori: welcome adelle into it. i want to get fred state because it is interesting so much talk about the midterm election. this e-mail. >> well, as you point out, it is a fund-raising e-mail, and they are desperate, and this is what they have to use. democrats remember 1998 when bill clinton was impeached. bill clinton avoided it easily, and it backfired republicans to did not do well. well, bill clinton was still popular. he had a high approval rating. obama has neither of those. he -- democrats better be careful when aeries in his impeachment issue. lori: how will obamacare which actually goes into effect this week affects 2014? >> i don't think that they could be 01 minutes johnny party..3 they have to run growth and have positive ideas on many issues
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and if they're out there trying to repeal obamacare they have to talk about free-market patients centric. what is happening is many americans like the idea of health reform is starting to realize there is a literal and figurative cost to that. it is not just if it happens to you but people who you love or in your circle of friends, colleagues, family members, you're a surrogate voters and think for them as well. lori: so what to bounce this off a brand. obamacare set ups are low it is a million things that the gop repeal the law. that is absurd. >> this is another example.
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in response will for not having the information because it changes every day. blending the american people for her all mistake. unconscionable, and she is up for reelection. >> but of course. lori: all this stuff that we have been talking about for months. >> the white house was talking about the signups. more cancellations than there have been enrollments into obamacare. that will be a big embarrassment . we head into next year where people are going to find out their premiums are higher. it will be able to choose doctors or hospitals, obamacare is applied unevenly and many people will still the will to buy the inexpensive catastrophic
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policies. it will be a mess. many, many flashpoints. lori: what about my earlier guests to success to -- suggested 66 percent of americans who will see subsidies might in ties and to enroll. >> a lot more people will sign of. once people get their insurance to their employer, merrill will happen to a lot of them, the employer will say, i can tell people on the federal exchanges. and so you, there is private health insurance and private health care and government insurance and don't care, and it will not be this same. lori: moving on to of benghazi in this new york times piece that everybody from both parties debunking, saying it is rubbish. what do you think? >> i cannot believe this through multiple editors and that they can say it with a straight face
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after almost everything the administration said of a year ago. you know, all of that has been disproven. it is a yoke around hillary clinton's neck at this moment. i feel like the old saying is that foreign policy, you talk about foreign policy, national-security, left right and center. >> the article is splitting hairs what is your take on that article? >> the north teeseven the york times is at odds with its own reporting.
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they've already made up their mind. the fbi was late. we have not even caught the people who are responsible. the new york times is trying to help hillary clinton. it is no wonder if they're doing as bad as they are. lori: interesting take. thank you so much. be sure to get your orders in for the new book. debuting january 7th and is now available online for pre orders. take a minute to check us out on twitter. follow us or go to our facebook page with links to everything. and next this hour it was a record year on wall street. a new report by the "wall street journal" says the return of jobs
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is next. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all it's lots of things. all wang up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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♪ lori: new polls on the economy, and it is good news showing that for the first time in years the majority of americans feel that it was a good year. up from 42% to felt that way at the end of last year. 37 percent say it was a bad year 11 percent have mixed feelings about a. a majority of 54 percent think that the economy will improve. but when it comes to the president's handling of the economy, 55 percent disapprove of the job he is doing. optimism about the nation's awoke supported by a new report.
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198,000 jobs a month per year. we put the number of jobs in this country back to pre recession levels before july. naissances piro overall the u.s. publishing group just under to a half million people. the slowest since 1937. the fastest-growing states and regions, north dakota all right to my joining us now with his outlook in the market, global equity strategist. that is pretty impressive. >> we keep going higher in 2014.
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lori: there are a lot of critics are saying even notice early prices directly you have some sectors. >> we have not had a temper cent plus correction since 2011. we do think we will spend some time pulling back by adjusting that, moving ahead again. that takes time. >> adding five to 10%. lori: and it will be difficult for people to accept that. do you think that after this year that is a pretty fair multiple given me a scene the
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fed back now with the paper. >> most investors would be happy with that. don't forget while this year has been great people remember 2008 and most investors understand that it is about what you should expect on average from stocks on a long-term basis. >> to you thing that the paper will stay the course? is that with the economy is prepared to handle? >> if think the market is poised to move past this will tapering issue because as you mentioned the economy has improved and is showing some confidence in the economic recovery in saying it can handle a little less stimulus. right now they're buying 85 million a month. every me for the next seven meetings. being done with the quantitative easing. lori: treasury showing a reaction. what sort of impact might that have? that is probably a reason that we will not see the robust.
7:47 pm
is that part of the outlook? >> it is. what is notable is even though the fed has said that it will be tapering the bond purchases has been measured. we had that move and markets are not expecting it. now it is gradual, a reflection of the economy is killing stronger. the stock market can handle slightly higher rates. what we're seeing now is lot more. lori: your favorite sectors. >> we think that the whole idea of tampering validate cyclical sectors, the economy is improving. we have focused on those more pro cyclical areas, industrials, consumer discretionary, health care, and avoiding the bond proxy's, areas that tend to do better.
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lori: more people think that it will be less than last year. lori: will your courage may have already been next. senior nfl writer joins us. as a business owner, i'm nstantly putting out fires.
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♪ lori: terrible news. fighting for his life after weekend skiing accident leaves and in a medically induced,. remaining in critical condition after surgery on sunday to address of your head trauma
7:52 pm
including internal beating -- bleeding and contusions. he hit his head on a rock and a fall off skiing. one of the most financially successful athletes in the history of sports winning 91 formula one races and making more than an estimated $800 million of the course of his career only tiger woods is made more money. it breaking the yardage mark finishing the season with 5,004 runs and 7 yards. also broke the single season scoring record and begin the first team across the 600-point barrier. in the autopsy in the afc playoffs and have the first-round bye. other teams not so lucky.
7:53 pm
five teams, five teams fired their head coach in the last 24 hours including the cleveland browns, minnesota vikings -- vikings and the washington redskins. >> were down on the numbers. these of the ones that were expected. to bail of a of a surprise. but he was safe. the one economy of car was of cleveland the same people.
7:54 pm
lori: i was surprised about mike shanahan. you think it has to do with this guy? what does this suggest about how much power. >> this, all but some of the people the team owner. at think the inability given the same page this year led to his dismissal and the biggest thing, other issues, but i young, offensive minded coach to replace a guy who is no and is 60's. >> is he done? >> is see done? >> alleges in the nfl. the time is ticking. it did not in well in washington the team is looking to become an unrepentant power figure there are worse people tire.
7:55 pm
lori: let's move on to the playoffs. kansas city and indianapolis. twenty-two tackles. i expect them to get a little better, but they are starting to surge. the other game the team that could get hot. and they have not won since 1990. >> a big victory. they cannot win away from home. it really works.
7:56 pm
i love this game. making a triumphant return. the last-second touchdown pass to win the game. the 49ers are a great team. twelve and for only came by to low for points. plus they have won three times. lori: are you on the record yet? >> i will pick seattle over new england in the super bowl. so tough to become the number one seed. that both men gives them an advantage. would be amazing when you think about all of the erin hernandez stuff, playing elsewhere. if it were able to the overcome these things and get to a super bowl, i think that they can do it. lori: is quarterback, what is
7:57 pm
his name? >> not too shabby. lori: a pleasure talking to you. thank you for coming none. that does it for "lou dobbs tonight." have a great night, everybody. ♪
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