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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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/the "the independents." anything can happen and have a great night night. >> super bowl score of lopsided, seahawks dominated but a lot of folks were watching fox sports super event, and washington is abuzz about the pregame fireworks between president obama and bill o'reilly. during a combative 10 minutes bill grilled obama on benghazi, the irs targetsf conservative groups and, of course, obamacare, the clash of the big o's and outcome, here tonight. and january, a bad month for stocks, february off to a worse start. how many worse? investors today pummeled th. the dow lost more than 300
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points, s&p with worst decline since last year. and as expected, the pucks puc punxsutawney phil saw his shadow forecasting 6 more weeks of winter, this is staten island chuck with the mayor of new york city, mayor de blasio, we would love on bring his forecast, in doubt because the new mayor dropped poor tng. right there. we'll have the latest for i on the conditionfhe staten island groundhog. and much more. but today's -- in new york harsh, a nasty winter storm dumping several inches of west heavy snow across much of the east coast, forecast coming up. >> our top story tonight, president obama accusing fox news of keeping alive scandals that he believes are simply
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settleed controversies, president tried to play down significance of 2012 terrorist attack in benghazi in his interview with bill o'reilly. >> security was lacks, not all precautis that needed to be taken were taken, we revealed to americ people what we understand at the time. the notion that woe would hide the ball for politicl purpose whs a week later we said, in fa there was a terrorist attack taking pace the day after i said it was an act of terror that would not be a very good cover-up. lou: some would say no it was not, but president dismissed extra scrutiny in the internal revenue service service gave to the conservative tea party groups. >> these things keep surfacing in part because you and your tv station will promote them, there were bone-headed decisions not even a smidgeon of corruption.
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lou: at white house today press secretary carney continued to criticize fox news. >> through the independent inspector general through the testimony we have seen, backs up what the president said, and you know, a lot has been well reported on byou and your colleagues and your news organizations over the course of the last several months. you know. some people must have missed those reports. lou: major obama donor is leading justice department's investigation of the internal revenue service scandal. so carney's claim of independent investigations are certainly questionable perhaps dubious perhaps increct. and on obamacare. prepresident obama pushed back against suggestions he should have fired health and human
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services secretary kathleen selius because she botched web site roll out. >> my mainriority right now is making sure it delivers for the american people. >> im a taxpayer, i am paying kathleen seb can be's salary sebelius salary, and she screwed up, and you are not holding her, counaccountable. >>resident got in quite a few football arks ark luges, bill o'reilly will be airing part 2 of his interview tonight on the factor. >> a new report shows thousands of people who want to correct errors that occurred when they tried to sign up, they still can't do it internal government reporting shows 22,000 people have filed appeals to try to get the errors corrected but their
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calls their letters their e-mails their pleadings to our federal government have gone unanswered. the complaints range from being denied coverage to being overcharged or steered into the wrong program. at the us house gey carney again took a queue from his president, he is paid to do so, mr. carney ingesting that problem -- insisting that problems were overblown. >> of millions who applied for coverage only around 22,000 asked for help by files an appeal, we'll get them help, we're talking about a very small percentage of the number of people who have applied for corage. we believe that many of the issues that caused people to file appeals are left over from when the web site was not working well. many of those pblems have since been fixed. lou: officials, not saying when
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computer program to process the appeals is expected to be finished. there is no deadlin they perhaps have learned lessons about deadlines, near will say they scm -- nor will may say which government contractor is working on that program. lou: don't call her chairwoman, she will only answer to chair, jane on the on janet yell e yellen taking over federal reserve, she succeeds ben bernanke, he is joinings ookings institution, a washington think tank. what revolving door? and treasury secretary jack lu who seems to not have a preference what you call him, as
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long as his signature is on our currency, urged congress to raise the nation's debt ceiling. warning united states will likely hit its borrowing limit by the end of this month. he insists that united stas has time to address our long-term fiscal problems. >> i'm not sure this is the year for the long-term fiscal challenge to be dealt wh i believe we made so much proess in short and medium term, we have a lit of time to deal with the longer term. lou: turning to wall street, a huge inspiring -- on wall street dow plummeting 346. s&p dropped 40. -- 326, and s&p dropped 40. nazdaq fell 1007, and volumeo -- 107, and sol volume 4.7 million
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shares. stocks led lower by a wake manufacturing report showed overall factory activity down to 8 month low, auto sales also disappointing investors, down 3% in january from a year earlier, and federal officials are planning to requirearmakers to equip automobes with anticollision technology that will allow vicles to communicate with one another wirelessly, proposal that could be put in place by 2017, aims to reduce accidents and alleviate traffic congestion, but it is a long-term plan, by long-term, i mean it would take 15 years to equip half of the cars in the country with the technology. >> stay with us, more trai straight ahead we're coming right back. >> obama strategy is a failure so says secretary of state, fox news strategy analyst ralph
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peters on why mccain and welcome back. how is everything?
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lou: iran's foreign minister said he is confident that iran will be able to complete a final nuclear agreement with world powers by the end of july, the 6 month deadline date when iran agreed to stop processing urapeium for high levels, he is not worried about possibility of congress imposing new sanctions either, because president obama promised to veto any such legislation, that is the latest from the iranian side. >> "new york times" today reported aecret international
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effort backed by united states to rid libya of the lethal stock pile of chemical weapons has been completed after expert destroyed last match of gadhafi's arsenal in a remote libyan desert last week, a similar effort to destroy syria's chemical weapons lags schedule. and united states and eopean union reportedly working on a aid package for ukraine. which is realing from two months of massive antigovnment protests, ukraine's president rejecting a trade deal with european uon, back in november, that set off nationwide demonstrations. and instead, he accepted a 15 billion dollar lone package from russia to keep ukraine, if you will in the sphere of russian influence, secretary of state kerry admitted that bomg' obama
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administration's policy is failing and needs to change. joining usow, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, let's start with this bizarre dance that the obama administration is conducting on the ukraine. initially threatening sanctions against the ukraine to and their expressiono stap stablelize, now joining with europe to tro to do something to bring ukraine into the e.u. sphere. what is going on? >> first of all, all of your viewers have to understand ukraine a fate truly matters. putin wants it back in the russian fold, you -- if he can grab ukraine again, and wait
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until after the olympics he will try, it adds 40 million people, e plaque sea the black sea, pushes russia's borders west toward europe, for putin this is the grand streamg i think priz strategic prize, for obama and the dodge this is an annoyance, they don't want to mess with putin now, meanwhile the people in ukraine have been out subzero temperatures trying to get a grip on freedom, and join europe. lou: and the initial reaction, as i said, by administration the wrong response to that kind of popularric preg of popular will, they have at least adapted to new cirmstaes, syria. that process goes on resuming in two weeks.
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what -- what are we likely to see happen? >> when secretary kerry in this closed-door session you referenced, said that syria there -- administration's policy on syria has failed, he committed one of the few unforgive ib septemberunfore givible sins in washington, he told the truth, obama got hit by the bait-and-switch and grabbed it, he went for the -- oh, forget about deaths and massacres we'll just get the chemical weapons out of there, that is a great deal, now the syrians are not giving up the chemical weapons and we're sitting back rubbing our gut ?oos when ars. lou: what are mccain and graham doing this -- in this
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chapter? >> they have been strong on interhaven'ttion for a long time, i was at well until ge gee hadis took over. there is problem. massacres. that are ongoing, committed by the jihadis, we just, what do you do about it? if syria does not give up their chemic weapons it time for airstrikes. lou: ralph, you and i agree on most things. but i have to say our adventures in the middle east, have to end at some point. this looks like a very good place to end t there seems to be no good resolution awaiting, airstrikes interventiono our part or any more bluster from this badge, i don't think that world --dministration i don't think that world can put up with any more bravado.
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>> myheart is with you, lou. but high head says the obama administration, president specifically made so many halo threats at this point, at some point we need something showing that someone in u.s. is serious. as we knw the end of the day not a bad thing to havure enemies in syria killing each other. >> that a notably attractive strategic option. they would say. >> a shame that people are suffering. lou: it is. a bigger shame that ours would be. >> send in samantha power. lou: as you wish. thank you. >> numrs are in last night's super bowl was a blowoutnd more ways than one, delivering biggest television audience in history, you thought being lopsided would architect the
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audience, more than 111 million people tuned in for super bowl xlviii, beating out previous record in 2011. that game between patriots and new york gnts. who won that game? halftime sw starring bruno mars, and red-hot chili peppers seing a record, 115 million viewers, beating out beyonce's performance last year, 114 million, that makes no sense to me either, previous 5 super bowl are new 5 most watched tv programs in american history. >> and as you might expect that record audience on television for super bowl, tore you of the box office for hollywood, universal's ride along took first place for a third weekend. earning only $12.3 million. that brings domestic total box office to $93 million. a good return for a mov that
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cost $25 million to make. disney's frozen in second. and "that awkward moment", debuting in third place. >> northeast digging out from a winter blast that dumped up to 10 inches of snow across pennsylvania, new york and new jersey, storm causising massive travel disruption on roads and airports, more than 5,000 floats were delayed. and -- flights were delayed, many of home carrying folks who came to new york and new jersey for the super bowl, more than 2000 flights canceled, school across new jersey and new york closed but worse they be to come, it is the first of three storms that could bury the northeast by next monday. >> for more on the winter weather we turn to next news senior meteorologist janice dean. >> this is round one of 3 storms we're going to watch in the next week. and look at some of our snow
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totals since 4:00 a.m. eight 1/2 inches for parts of maryland, rare to new jersey, 8.3, 7 in bayside queens, central park 6 inches and over 3-inches in philadelphia. still coming down. worse is over, thankfully but we have a lot of airport delays, all of new york city airports, that is going to be a problem flew out the next couple of hours. >> make sure you call ahead for you travel, a lot of folks trying to get home from the super bowl, this time yesterday we were in 50s, looking at next storm system this one is going to affect the central plains, mississippi river value, and ohio river valley, we think south of illinois, indiana, mainly a rain event but we could see ice, in areas across central u.s., 6 to 12 inches possible. winter weather advisories, storm warnings in pink, they attend across the ohio valley, tennessee river valley, up to northeast, where think,
10:22 pm
tuesday night to wednesday, on the i95 we could deal with a winltry mix inch colliding frzing rain and ice, sleet, in the forecast. that could be really tricky. very dangerous, we'll have to really refe the forecast and let people know what they are deal with, tuesday night to wednesday morning. forecast precipitation, weould get a bullseye of 6 to 12 inches across central plains over ohio river valley, and look at that heavy rain, we will see sort of of a mix, we have reason and/or snow,o this region here. interier section of northeast, portions of new jersey, long island and new york city reallied to be in careful we could see potential for ice tuesday night too wednesday. temperatures will drop across upper midwest, great lakes region over next 12-tou24
10:23 pm
hours, sets us up for snow event tuesday wednesday across plain states this this number 3, this is number 2, and then over gulf of mexo, thursday night, this one will develop and this could be a classic set up for a nor'easter, sunday in to monday. this one is the one to watch, already lou, the first week of february, off with a bang back to you. lou: janice dea always -- there is always one stoarm right behind of next, i tell, you terrific job. >> tell with us we have a well the more, we're coming right back. stay with us, please. >> broncos and seahawks turned out to be a bust, but super bowl sunday match up between president ama could and bill o'reilly has everyone talking. former reagan political director ed rawlins on why president
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lou: you are probably not surprised to hear that i belie bill o'reilly did the boast job of anyone in -- the best job of anyone in president obama's presidency of interviews him. the answers were astonishing. just before taking office and being elected. >> we are 5 daas away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> mr. president, why do you feel it is necessary to fundamentally transform the nation that has afforded you so much opportunity and success? >> we think have to to fundamentally. >> those are your words. america, if you work hard you can get ahead. lou: joining us now, campaign strategist, former reagan political ed rawlins, fox news political analyst, ee, i'm not sure what happened.
10:28 pm
it was remarkable that answer. >> well, you come on with mr. o'reilly, one of the great interviewers, one of great news men, you have to be prepared and expect tough questions, that is all we got, any other guest would have gotten the same kind of questions, predent has gotten so used to people not forcing him to respond to touch questions, thely legitimate questions. lou: almost like he wants to disavow those words. >> much of his policy is whole redistribution of wealth orhe -- been whole dialogue since the beginning of that obama administration. lou: i thought that bill did the best job of anybo i have seen interview the president, what do you think? >> bill does a great job, always, and white house wanted giant audience that fox had
10:29 pm
yesterday with super bowl game, they got that. so you know you want to come on bill o'reilly or lou dobbs, you get the questions you ask any guest. lou: this president claimed high didn't hide the ball, i love the football auluges we used. but, he has done nothing but hide the ball, i am astonished he acknowledged there is a ball which it comes to benghazi. >> the ball that dropp. to a certain extent they duck, and dodge they have different numbers and false numbers work that health care and that issue, this issue we lost 3 americans, including our ambassador, we still do not have straight answers, at the end of the the day, until w get straight answers whether this is this president or hillary clinton running for president, they will have to answer questions. lou: how about answers from house leadership, paul ryan saying, after having said
10:30 pm
previously, he was about a pathway to citizenship for any immigration reform law. now says, that possibility of a broad immigration bill reachin prident's desk this year is in doubt. and he seems to have forgotten he said he was interested in am mosty. >> they have better be careful with their words, i have great respect for mr. rubin, he should have learn that lesson when he was running for vice president, what you say becomes your record, i think he is right in a sense there is not going to be a bill. if they do pass, it is not too what sona son senat want businesses or white house wants. lou: without -- to why? >> absolutely. my sense, you can take in steps if you want to, really want t make movent forward, but i
10:31 pm
can't anticipate it happening. lou: chris christie. now this -- he goes after a fellow former port authority official he appointed he goes after david wildstein, starts to his high school days. talk about politics personal dist truck that is what he is engaged in here with a man he appointed to the post. >> it will backfire. governor christie had many friends cronies he appointed a lot of them, they go back and attack him saying i was an athlete and student body president what was he, which is absurd that tone that is hurting this government at this point in time. i started my politics with richard nixon administration, he did not cau the burglary but he set a tone people were willing to g burg laise watergate and others, we'll find out very. the tone of set among staff
10:32 pm
people have to be tough do this and that and pu punish your enemies, if that is true? >> ed rawlins thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, 2012 vice presidential nominee congressman paul ryan says this may not be the year for immigration reform. house republicans seemingo find caution ahead of midterms, at least this week, that story much more aad. stay with us. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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10:36 pm
deadline behind it say a government shut down, which forces up into a compromise we might not like to take. this a here are our standards, this is our approach, if you want to do it this way, this is what you need to do, we'll still having a caucus about that. we think it is a good approach. lou: congressman ryan reversing himself from previous statement week before soipd sounds -- moving on immigration ahead of the elections, he would have kn better had he taken a look at by book "upheaval", that i believe, the way to retain house and take senate is to support the house judiciary committee incremental approach, i fully support, i hope for ryan and rest of g.o.p. leadership will read those books, we sent them to them, they didn't even have
10:37 pm
to send us a check, free on their desk. you can pick up a copy of my audio book. and, every bookstore, that could old hard cover and kindle. >> we're giving you the authors of e-mails and tweets and facebook posts we read here, free copy, here are a few of top comments, fred wrote, your book up is up on target. ther -- "upheaval" is right on target with so many excellent points, all republicans in washington dhave to accept. that is one thing that i really wish that paul ryan would pay attention to. they can move ahead, they have already taken leadership on this issue they have to have resol and integrity to move forward with incremental approach that has resulted from the leadership of a condition man bob goodlot,
10:38 pm
they are in position on this issue. all they have to do is act but in good conscious, and inflational interest. -- in the national intert. ste in chicago said, not only does president obama lie and mislead he cannot make decisions critical to job growth like the keystone pipeline, tell me how americans can trust a man, who vascillates in such a cavalier way? dave tweeted about lingering obamacare web site malfunctions. he said, why should the government fix it? president obama told bill oh, reilly last night it was working just great. well, there you have it we like to hear from you and share your thoughts, with a you' audience, e-mail us at lou or follow us on twitter, or facebook page up next, a
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lou: what a day on wall street, stocks selling off, dow, s&p, and nazq in pull-back mode, down 5% from recep high recent highs, troy is senior portfolio manager for sky bring capital. great to have you here. >> good to see you. lou: an spiring day for a lot of
10:43 pm
investors. is this the correction? >> we know we have not had a correction since crisis while feds pump in anormous amount the of liquidity. economic growth has picked up we think he stop she was 10%. 10%. -- maybe 10%. lou: you didn't say 20? >> 20 is huge. lou: there is a lot of that talk going on, this is a big one. a recovery from the break. i hearing some of the most what i consider out landisish projects fromery little data, but. this market, you know, i don't
10:44 pm
see clear signals about which way it will move. >> last year it was a historic year, s&p gained 32%, because of fed quantitative easing and stronger growth. lou: i thought that was strong fundamentals, great job creation, emazing economy growth. job creation has been lagging, there was stroaj economy growth compared to prior years. point is that we look at last year, strong performance, it is logical there be a hangover or a pullback, and as long as u.s. continues to gain traction, and fed does not do anything crazy, like take the punch bowl away or nit, equities should rebound. lou: punch bowl that is a heck of a punch bowl, approaching a $16 trillion push bowl, with a $4 trillion balance sheet. that is a lot of stuff in the punch disbh correct.
10:45 pm
punch. >> cuc. correct. >> i don't want why there is so much associated. >> there is pumping in $65 billion month they will then did 55 billion, when they are done with quantitative easing they have promised not to hike rates for another 12 to 18 months, hooking at equities an asset class they are still not rich, they benefit most from continued ultra loose monetary policy, our point investors would be if you are having not jumped into equilty now is not a bad time to do it if you own a lot of bonds you might top roy tate out. lou: one thing no one can argue with you about, that is rich -- they are not as rich as they were on january 1st. you know, who knows where we're headed. friday w we'll get the unemployment report. what are you expecting? and the consequences? >> well, we would expect a stronger r-79 thaer report than
10:46 pm
in january, most call for 150 to 200. it may have been affected by weather. and now we have a pullback and people take stock of weaker growth, damage meeting less, we say 1 to 150, but the big trend is positive, economic growth is moving in right direct, biggest winner of the corporate america, so unless you think that corporate america will become inefficient, as opposed to efficient. as we continue to ow as an economy they will be biggest beneficiary. lou: and the earnings numbers that efficiency still in place, let's get don' >> let's hope. lou: troy thank you. >> thank you lou. lou: up next best one-on-one match up on super bowl sunday between president oba, and bill oh oracle riley, the a -- o'reilly, the a-team takes up
10:47 pm
e president's handling of the ball. with me next.
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
lou: joining us now the a-team, columnist author jedediah bila great to see you, and judidic ight miller. juddic miller let's start with the ukraine, crane this administration fas latinting vascillating on policy, from one extreme to next, latest preferred position for this country i believe, your thoughts about what this
10:51 pm
administration is doing? >> well, it is winging it. this is what they are doing, they discover we have a crises in ukraine. that is partly result of the administration's own lack of interest in the ukraine or raine. when it mattered which is when they nade weather decision between joining the eu . or joining russia und he heavy russia pressure, where were we? we didn't even know where it was on the map. lou: i tell you judey miller was there reporting on ukraine. and precisely this issue this past summer. and no one has in my opinion done as good a job. >> thank you. lou: thank you for that. ron, we're not hearing a lot out of the republican party on this we -- there are two sort of rogue senators, graham and mccape who seemingly represent the republican party on foreign policy, is that the case?
10:52 pm
>> i hope not. but it demonstrates. not only a vacuum of leadership in the white house but also coming from the republican party. judey is right. you had months ago a situation where uaine had an opportunity to stay are we going to stick with e.u. be democracy or be bullied by russia, this follows the pattern that we've seen with iran, and syria, i fault republicans for not coming out saying, if president is not decisive, we'll all or an alternative. lou: i think we have to give bill and hillary clinton some credit, they have been focused on this issue far in advance. >> absolutely. lou: any others, of which i'm aware. national leader, but hillary
10:53 pm
clinton tweeted. yesterday. it is so mh more fun to watch fox when it's someone else being sacked. >> account guilty is hard, tough questions are hard he developed a since of humor about that but you saw from barack obama with that interview with bill o'reilly he gets arrogant and uncomfortable with difficult questions, he felt like he was laughing at him a bit, saying how dare you approach me with that kind of question, and hillary clinton has been blessed with a lot of media love over the years, i think she is looking forward to a potential campaign, and letting everyone know i hope it does not look like fox news. >> barack obama --
10:54 pm
>> i think she is asking national liberal media for that obama lov >> some people upset she and bill clinton have stole en the march. they are so out in front of her ca candidacy for 2016, i think that people are taken aback. >> it seems to be such a given, at beginning of 2014, it seems th hillary clinton is inevitable. i wonder about that in politics. lou: that is well, hardly inevitable. with presidential candidates. big o'reilly talking with the president about benghazi, he asked straight forward questions, specific questions. this president had a opportunity that mr. oh, reill oh, real o'reilly gave, there is something in the dna of our
10:55 pm
president that resists a straight forward refly. >> calls politics, and did you notice note mr. o'reilly it was bill. bill, little bill. do you notice that president did not say fox news. he said you and your station. we have been demoted from a network to a stion. lou: at least, our president took note of us. >> right. >> with all due respect to mr. o'reilly who i like, i actually wish it was mr. dobbs, the president of the united states was given a opportunity to weasel out, such an air dpa arrogant response. so ai arrogant. >> i have to tell you -- well i agree with you, i could have done good but i think that bil conducted without question the best interview of president obama. i think that is why he was very
10:56 pm
upset. and notice ibly off his game. >> yes. >> he was tough, and the one thing i'll say about bill eo'reilly he does not back down, when you throw ai arrogance at him he responds with a sensible i'm not lets you get away with that, answer my question. you have to remember the ren venue, presuper bowl, people are sitting pack at parties, you have to strike the right balance there i think he did. lou: a balance you have to strike too. it is the president of the united states. >> correct, fact full. >> the people's house for but for time being it is his house. and that is hardly neutral territory, i am serious. this is no question that i'm less than objective but i'll being straight forward, and honest, bill did a hell of a job. >> i agree. >> i think -- >> i think his performance with this president will set a staptdard fo standard for some
10:57 pm
other folks in washington journalists. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us tonight, thank you for being with us, thank you for being with us, good n [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate ery win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn' make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. open to innovation.
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♪ ♪ neil: all right, this just in. mr. prident, really? this has to stop. blaming fox for all your problems. here's what is piling up even faster. your excuses for the inexcusable. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. from the white house, we are like the gift that keeps giving. >> some people are saying that the irs was used at a local levein cincinnati. these kinds of things keep on servicing. in part because you and your tv station will om


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