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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 9, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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that's it for the "the willis report." have a great night! we'll see you next week at the different time. don't forget! good evening, everybody and welcome to the broadcast. the white house in full throated denial today. the congressional budget office director testifying in front of congress, the head of the cbo confirmed that obamacare will lead to a reduction in more than 2 million full-time american jobs. higher deficits and slower growth and the white house responds by denying the findings of the cbo, blasting the news organizations that reported those findings and then, for good measure, denying that the cbo concluded that obamacare was disincentivizing wo for
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millions. new details revealed in the investigation into operation fast and furious. the justice department and atf led gun running organization that led to the murtd of brian terry, a widening rupture in the republican party and now the establishment gop and the conservatives are naming names as they call names, all over the future of immigration reform. we'll have that for you and much more here tonight. turning to our top story, the white house scrambling still to spin the congressional budget office's negative findings on obamacare. today the obama administration went with straight up denial. here is the president's press spokesman, jay carney. >> what about that component there might be a disensent tif for work? >> i want to commend the many news organizations in the very
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forthright manner, to initial headlines that misrepresented on a factual basis what the cbo report. those headlines to be spouted by republicans and some networks as facts but they are false. as you heard in testimony today you just cited, that is not what the report says. >> well, as our colleagues at fox always make clear, we report, you decide. here now is the testimony that carney refers to being read by the author of the report speaking in direct contradiction to what carney has just tried to spin as false reporting. please. >> the calculation that we've done, to translate that, suggest that the equivalent between 2 and 2.5 million duction in full-time equivalent employment. by providing healy subsidized health insurance and withdrawing
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those subsidies as income rises, it creates a disincentive for people to work relative to what would have been the se in the absence of that act. >> couldn't be clearer, could it? he went on to confirm that the net result those lost full-time workers would be an overall ruction in economic growth. congressn randy forbes of virginia and andrea are among our guests here tonight. a different tone set by the new irs commissioner as he faced tough questions from the house ways and means committee, he told lawmakers he will cooperate with the six separate investigations into the irs targeting of conservative groups. but he also said he is eager to move forward. >> it doesn't serve my ability to manage the agency to go back in time and try to look at any particular activity.
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>> also expressed concern about the amount o time and manpower being spent on those investigations. calling it, quote, a major drain on irs resources. but he went on to defend his recent decision to reinstate those irs bonuses more than $60 million worth. >> i think it's important to see this in the perspective in terms of the performance awards. only go to probably somewhere between 50 and 65% of the employees and they allow us to settle litigation. >> referring to a lawsuit by the national treasury employees union. what we've witnessed is head of the internal revenue service telling one of the most powerful committees in congress, that he is more concerned about the public employee union than with the committee's oversight or views. how extensive was the irs targetg? well, it can be quantified. an inspector general report says
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the agency gaveextra scrutiny to 298 groups when they applied for tax exempt status. the white house claimed liberal groups were also targeted, indeed they were. but look at the massive imbalance between the number of liberal groups and the targeted conservative groups. 248 of those groups were conservative. 29 were liberal. 21 were, if there is such a thing, neutral. 45% of those conservative groups did ultimately win tax exempt status compared to almost 70% of the liberal gros, which have their status approved by the irs. the national labor relations board sparked a new battle with business afternnouncing its moving forward with new rules to speed up the process for employees to form a union. the nlrb ssz the pro appoinposay
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it helps employees. the board approved similar rules more than two years ago but they were struck down because the nlrb wasn't staffed properly because of recess appointments, that is not going to be a problem this time. our first guest tonight is congressman randy forbes, a member of the house judiciary committee, arms services committee, two big issues tonight to talk about the -- with the congressman. first the congressional budget officeeport on obamacare, the second, of course, what in the world is going on with the republican party and immigration? congressman forbes, great to have you with us. thanks for being here. >> thank you, lou. >> let's start with the -- the cbo report that the white house apparently was caught short on. they were surprised. they are scrambling to make sense of their position in
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failing it seems to me at least utterly. your thoughts? >> one of the things that the white house has such a difficult time with, they've been touting the cbo and using them to support their position for the last several years. now all of a sudden the cbo is coming out and saying, what we've been saying all along obamacare will have an enormous impact on the economy of the country. when you hear the equivalt of 2.5 million jobs, lou, that's staggering. this administration still coming and saying we need to fix it, they deny it, the way they did with benghazi, they are losing kredibility with the american people every day. >> i don't see how they have frankly any credibility at all. they are deing, for example, the director of the cbo denying he stood up and said obamacare
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is disincentivizing work. on its base preposterous to deny it, equivalent of 2.5 billion jobs being removed and workers from the labor force. this is crazy stuff they are pulling now. >> all you have to do is pull out the report and read it. it says what it says. report speaks for itself and yet you see the white house in total denial. if you walk out and raining with these folks, they'll tell you it not really raining, it's con d condensation coming from the clouds. >> i believe you guysre going to have fun come election day this year. this is going to be a heavy, heavy lift for all of the democrats running for those congress seats and for the senate seats. well, as we know occasionally repuicans have screwed it up but we'll see what happens this time. one of the ways ted cruz,
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senator cruz says you could screw it up is get involved with immigration reform on the president's terms or senator reid's terms. secret meetings between paul ryan of all people and chuck schumer? i said the other night as one who had secret meetings with chuck scmer, there's no such thing as a secret meeting for very long. >> lou, you're exactly right. one of the things many of us are very concerned about, when we hear these potential proposals talking about amnesty and other things that can happen, we think that's not the right way to go. the house has had it right and judiciary committee had it right, we do it on a piecemeal basis to make sure everybody has their say. that we do what we need to do, which is to fix the system we have now, make sure we're enforcing the laws that we have now before we go on and tackle something else that we're not going to even enforce or ever make work in the future. >> do you agree with congressman
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raul labrador that if he persists john boehner can lose his speakership? >> i'm not going to say whetr he was right in that comment or not. many of us feel very passionate, as do most americans, what we have is not just a political problem but a credibility problem. the real proble we have is this administration has come in and said we're not going to enforce the laws. it's very difficult for us to get the american pple to believe that we'll enforce some new law that we put into effect in we won't enforce the old one. here's the question i asked the proponents all along. no matter how they draw the law and who we let draw it, somebody is going to break the law and we'll be right back here five years from now or ten years from now. is this a cycle we get in every five or ten years that we just simply throw out anybody that ha't complied with the law and write it over again? i don't think the american people want us to go there. >> i happen to support entirely
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the house judiciary committee incremental approach to resolving it, i think it is the way to go forward and fully support it. at the same time, i have to say, i can't imagine why anyone as this president picks and chooses and selects by his own whim, what laws and regulatns he will enforce and which will not be enforced, i don't even understand why you all bother with laws because this -- this administration has made it clear. there is -- this is goi to be a matter of rather ka preeshs and arbitrary standard for enforcement as set by this president already. >> the reason we continue to do it, this is not going to be the president forever. this country was built on a foundation of the rule of law. we have to hope we'll get a new administration in at a period of time in the future that will go back to enforcing the law. once you go down the path they've gone down, to say the end justifies the means, it's a
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dangerousrecedent for this country. we've got to return back to where we are, that the constitution means something and statute written and signed into the law by the president mean something to the people of this country. >> i have to say to you as we wrap up here, it seems to me there ought to be some positive affirmative action that can be taken by the congress and the supreme court. this should not be a matter of a president's discretion as to whether he or she eorces a law, nor should a country be asked to wait three years for the return of rule of law. randy forbes, we appreciate you're being here. >> thank you, lou. >> what are the republicans up to? senator ted cruz the senate is in play and also says pushing immigration reform could derail a republican senate victory.
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the obama administration issuing yet another executive action to get around congress. in a move cerin to please environmentalists the white house today announced that its creating everyone so-called climate hubs, you know how much we need those hubs for climate. they spread all across the country will assess local climate change risk, such as droughts and wildfires and floods and help develop plans for dealing with them now that those seven climate hubs will be there, things are gng to be moving so much better i'm sure. my next guest agrees with senator cruz that republicans should dela their immigration legislation until after the midterm elections, the co-host of "the five", great to have you. >> good to be back. >> senator cruz saying very
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directly, that the republicans run the risk of throwing away chances to regain the senate. certainly john boehner understands that, certainly he grasps that, does he not? >> i think he's feeling a lot of pressure. republicans felt a lot of pressure after 2012 because they hadn't been seen as the party pushing immigration reform. they have the knee jerk reactions, quickly, we need to do something to make it look like we're proimmigration and forispanics and have an order border. they really need to knock that off. they don't need immigration reform. they need to shut down the border. if i were leading the gop right now, i would put forth a plan to close the border and perhaps offer a robust guest worker program and that's it. but democrats i believe, lou, have not sealed the border because they need as the carrot to get amnesty, they are luring it in front of republicans. they know if they close the
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border, there's no reason for republicans to come along. >> there are no accidents here, i agree with you. the fact that the republican leadership andrea, cannot articulate the reality that it was ronald reagan, a republican icon, who brought amnesty in 1986, that it was -- that this president follows george w. bush, who was the next to actively energetically pursue comprehensive immigration reform. not one of them talk about it as being fundamental to the ideas of the republican party or all the way in which hispanic americans should be identifying more with the republican party, except the leadership and gop establishment lost its way with values and traditional values for the republican party, so they can't match it up anywhere. i have can't fige out what they are trying to do. >> they are not good at tooting their own horn, right?
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they ignore on a war on woman, supposedly launched by republicans, that richard nixon was the one who put title nine in play and big on climate change and environment. they never want to take credit. we're not good as a party as patting ourselves on the back and reminding voters it was aus who did all of these things. >> at a time when republicans are going to need a terrific turnout despite the president is inhe tank with his approval numbers, despite the fact that the democrats have no cohesive response to the disaster that is obamacare, you keep -- we're all on tender hooks wondering, how will we screw it up this time? i don't no what they are think zblg the democrats are pushing health care reform for the same reason they are pushing immigration reform, get everybody dependent on the united states government. they know if they can get women dependent because birth
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control and hispanics dependent on the welfare state, if they can get americans dependent on greater health care plans that areegovernment run, they'll get the voter for life. >> you're right becausit's becoming glaringly obvious that the gop establishment is ulterly dependent on big business, the business roundtable, chamber the commerce. i have to say, i was thrilled today to hear john boehner refer to the middle class, my god he's awakened to the idea that maybe the republican party should embraae working men and women. i'm truly -- >> that's such a good point. why they can't get out of their box, i'm the child of an immigrant, first generation american, grew up in a restaurant kitchen with plenty of immigrants, i speak kitchen. i get it, i'm ssympathetic. why don't republicans get out of their box? when they go to their districts why do they go to the country club or chamber of commerce
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events? why don't they go out into african-american communities and show up and talk to the union workers, maybe it's not friendly turf. if you talk to any union worker about jobs, they are angry about the immigration bill, they are not happy with what their leadership is s doing in the unions and that is a mistake that republicans make, ignoring unions in the immigration debate, that can help turn out purple voters that reagan did so well with. >> i expect some of these establishment types either don't understand the history that starts with ronald reagan, really, or they just simply don't care. they are just so comfortable in that as you put it -- >> either one is not good. >> no, it's as you say, time to change. great to see you. >> thank you, lou, always great to be with you. >> look forward to your imminent return. >> the cbo report on obamacare grabbing headlines but its projected growth and debt to china just as con
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the white house is still trying to argue that the equivalent of 2.3 million jobs lost because of obamacare is a
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good tting, a happy thing in fact. as we have als reported to you, they are even trying to say obamacare isn't disincentivizing work but that is exactly what the officer of the congressional budget office says obamacare is doing. that's not all of the bad news contained in the o report for this white house. the cbo also projects the deficit will also increase to 1.1 trillion over the next cade and economic growth will be slower and lower because of oba obamacare. the cbo also projects our interest payments on the national debt will nearly quadruple over the next decade, from $233 billion this year to almost $900 billion by 2024. nearly a trillion dollars. most of the money will be going to china. i've been writing and reporting on these issues for years now. and i deal with them extensively in my new book "up heaval"
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listen to this excerpt fromhe audio book. >> as our debt increases so does our obligation to china. the people's republic has proactively and slyly bought up a good portion of our debt. china holds more than a trillion dollars of u.s. debt. this might all be fine if china truly sought a partnership with the united states as some deluded american business and political leaders still believe but china doesn't want partnership. china wants economic hegemony. >> we can begin by living within our means as a nation, prudent, fiscal policies and actions. also as consumers and with our families and what a brighter future we will create. you can pick up "upheaval" at bookstores and walmarts everywhere and i tunes and and you can win a free copy by sending us an
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e-mail, a tweet or post on the facebook page and have your posts and messages read right here. we'll send you a copy of the book, here are a few of the top comments tonight. earl in washington, 50 years ago the press worked hard to report the truth with few exceptions today, the press reports what it pat ronnizeds instead. we're committed to doing just that thank you. it is a shame, there was a time when the job of the national media was to speak truth to power. now they seem to nt to bow to power, irrespective of the president or the party i power. well, david in florida wrote me about obamacare saying our health care coverage is decreases and deductibles going through the roof and now we can
11:28 pm
voluntarily cut our hours worked to use the resulting loss of income to help offset the increasing costs. does that about sum up the administration's new positioon oba obamacare? indeed it does. send us your thoughts, lou at l l >> new report of a nationwide ammunition shortage because of pending gun legislation, government stock piling it's so bad it prompted a fist fight in one sporting goods store, walmart is limiting customers to three ammunition purchases per day. stay with us, we're coming right back. the obama foreign policy failing in syria, new fears of an organized strike against the united states, general thomas united states, general thomas mcanernny to assess the obama [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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republican congressman dain na roar bacher telling on the administration as to stop looking for lindsay graham as spokesman for the party. here's what he said reports of secretary of state kerry privately told a group of lawmakers, graham and mccain, that he supported a more aggressive policy towards syria. >> there's a lot of other -- a lot of resentment in the party that these two guys are presenting themselves as spokesmen for the republicans. they are not spokesmen for the republicans. they are spokesmen for themselves. and as we all have that right. >> it's a right certainly that mccain and graham exercised vigorously. an embarrassing admission from the cia director john bren
11:33 pm
entoday. he said he couldn't remember whether he traveled to libya after the benghazi terrorist attack. >> richard brennan, were you in tripoli in octoberof 2012 to review the benghazi attack as a member of the national security council? >> no, i do not believe -- i don't recall exactly when i was there, but i was not tere after the attack >> i was in libya in october of 2012, just checked with my staff. >> it's -- it is the response of what has been the know nothing administraon when it comes to dealing with these scandals and it's a pretty well established trend by now, isn't it? >> let me take the irs situation first. i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about is. >> they wanted more security
11:34 pm
there. >> we weren't told they wanted more serity. we did not know they wanted more security. >> when did you fst know about the program officially i believe called fast and furious to the best of your knowledge, what date? >> i'm not sure of the exact date but i probably heard about fast and furious for first time over the last few weeks. >> afghan predent karzai reportedly holding secret talks with the taliban since last november. the secret peace talks come amid karzai's refusal to sign a security agreement with the united states to keep some of our troops there after the end of the year. joining us now is general tmas mcinerne retired general and fox news military analyst. good to see you and what are we to make of karzai, who's refusing to talk with us, talking with the taliban, an organization that he's been fighting alongside us for the last 12 years? >> it amazes , lou, that
11:35 pm
karzai can even think of discussing with the taliban, who have an entirely different ideology that is against everything that we have spent the last 12 and a half years trying to defend. it's like really trying to get -- keep the nazis in germany after the occupation. you just could not have that government -- that ideology that we are fighting against globally and still have a functioning government. they are going to win in the end and why would we even let karzai do that. i realize we can't stop them but what we can do is stop giving them money and then scaling down our forces which the president is doing, and i think we all realize the president is planning to leave afghanistan. and he's going to blame it on karzai and he's probably the right one to blame it on. but the fact is, there can be no
11:36 pm
compromise between having the taliban as part of the government and democratic government. >> it is snning, stunning that the taliban has resurge ent apparently with the blessing of the united states as well as the afghan government and karzai, but secondly, we didn't even bother to destroy the puppy fields in afghanistan. we were there for 12 years you wonderabout the level of intelligence that was brought to bear and the commitment on the part of both the civilian and military leadership that have directed these wars over that long period of time. what are your thoughts? >> well, i have been very disappointed in the strategy that we adopted. the counter insurgency strategy that was going to win hearts and minds. we're not going to change their way of leadership and living. they do not want a jeffersonyan
11:37 pm
democracy, which counter insurgency tries to put on them as well as winning hearts and finds. the radicals have an ideology that is evil as naziism and communism. the only way you can win there as we didin an bar province, despite what they said, we had greater fire power and destroyed the enemy. coin has put handcuffs on our troops, go to talk to any of the bases at walter reed and they'll tell you what they think about the rules of engainments and handcuffs they had on themselves ying to defeat radical islam and taliban there. tgs the wrong strategy, lou, and we ought to admit it. >> and perps after all th wrong place. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for being with us. sau always good to talk with you. >> the broncos and seahawks turned out to be a bust, but the super bowl sunday match-up
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>> welcome back. you are not surprised to hear that i believe bill ariley did the best job of anyone, in barack obama's presidency, of up turf viewing him. answers that bill said were astonishing, i believe. including president's disavow of this pledge. by mr. obama and 2008. just before -- well taking office and being elected to president. >> we're 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> mr. president. why do you feel it is necessarily to transform the nation? that has afforded you so much opportunity and success? >> i don't think we have to
11:42 pm
transform the nation. >> these are your words. >> we have to do is make sure that here in america. if you work hard you can get ahead. director ed rollins, fox news political analyst. i'm not sure what in the world happened there. it was remarkable that aner. >> well, when you comehat mr interviewers and one of the great newsmen, you have to be prepared and expect tough questions. that's all he got. there was no difference in anybody else who was a guest would have gotten the same questions. the president has gotten so used to people not forcing him to make responses to the tough questions and those are very legitimate questions. >> it was as if he wants to disavow any knowledge of those words, let alone the fact that he uttered them in 2008 --
11:43 pm
>> or worse than that. of his policy is basically the whole redistribution of wealth or the -- been the whole dialue since the beginning of this administration. >> i just said i thought bill did the best job of anybody i've seen interview the president. what do you think? >> bill does a great job, always does. the reality is the white house wanted the giant audience that fox had yesterday with the super bowl game. >> they got that. >> so you want to come on bill o'reilly show or lou dobbs show, you'll get the questions you ask any guest, not just president of the united states. >> this president claimed he didn't hide the ball. i like the football illusions that he used in responding to bill, but he has nothing but hide the ball. i'm astonished he acknowledges there is a ball when it comes to benghazi. >> there's a ball and the ball was dropped. i think to a certain extent they duck and dodge and have different numbers and false numbers all the time with this
11:44 pm
health care, that particular issue. this is an issue that we lost three americans, including our ambassador. at the end of tte day, until we do get straight answers, whether it's this president or hillary clinton running for president, ey have to answer these questions. >> how about straight answers from the house leadership? paul ryan saying, after having said previously that he was about a pathway to citizenship for any immigration reform law, now says that the possibility of a broad immigration bill reaching the president's desk this year is clearly in doubt and he seems to have forgotten he said he was interested in nesty. >> they had better beareful with their words and mr. ryan is a man i have great respect for. but he should learn the lesson when he was running for vice president, what you say becomes your record. i think he's right in the sense that i don't think there's going to be a bill. i don't think there's a sufficient members of the republican party that want to pass a bill at this point in time. if they do, it's not what the
11:45 pm
senate wants or the white house wants. they want certain commitments on border security and other things that aren't going to come. the pathway to citizenshi is one of the things the democrats say has to happen immediately -- >> by the way, without explanation as to why. >> absolutely. >> my sense is you can take in steps if you want to and if you really want to make movent forward, but i just can't anticipate it happening. >> chris christie, my goodness, now goes after the port authority official he appointed, goes after david wildstein, back to the high school days for crying out loud. talk about the politics of personal destruction, that's what he is engaged in here with a man he appointed to the post. >> it will backfire. governor christie has had many friends that were cronies to attack them and saying i was an athlete and student body president, what waa he, it is absurd.
11:46 pm
to a certain extent it's that tone that is basically hurting this governor at this point in time. i started my politics with richard nixon's administration and recently he didn't cause the burglary but set a tone where people were willing to burglarize watergate and things they shouldn't have. my sense is it we'll find out whether christie was involved in this. we may find out a tone was set among the staff people that you've got to be tough and punish your enemies. if that's true, it's going to be a revery derogatory here for the governor. >> ed rollins, always great seeing you. >> thank you. >> a candid response from a foer obama administration cabinet member. the truth behind the delay in the pipeline, approval or not, the a team takes that up next. i)
11:47 pm
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the obama administration clearly caught by surprise by today's cbo report saying 2.3 million jobs will be lost because of obamacare. the white house scrambling to come up with a rational statement leaving left wing political operation media matters to simply try to slam the coverage as another right wing plot to bash the president. media matters offering this analysis of the cbo report and the coverage, the cbo makes it clear that the decrease in workers more than 2 million of them, is not due to jobs being lost -- what? that's my what. rather the aca will allow workers to choose to work less. the projected change is in the supply of labor, not the demand
11:51 pm
for labor. and thus the cbo noted that the decrease would not lead to a corresponding increase in unemployment or underemployment emphasis added. i get it, the new normal by the obama admistration at least, substitutes lower labor force participation rates as economic and moral equivalent of a higher percentage of the population working productively. you follow that, right? thanks to media matters, we now understand obama economics far better. those who are withdrawing from the labor market should send thank yous to the white house for those new part-time jobs, higher taxes and freedom brought by government imposed health care and they should fall to their knees in gratitude for mr. obama's ever larger government and redistributionist emphasis. it's all so clear now, isn't it? joining us now, the a team, led
11:52 pm
off by national review columnist and fox news analyst and fellow at the manhattan institute, former adviser to the romney campaign, roy. >> choose to work less? choose to work less? are you kidding? are you telling me that message out there is we want you to choose to work less because that's going to look better for us? >> lou, it wasn't just the media matters. the white house actually explicitly made that line. ms nbc, the entire progressive movement is going on and saying it's a great thing that will will be 2.3 million less people participating in the workforce. it's not 2.3 million people less working in the workforce it's 7.5 or 10 million people whose hours will be cut back by ten hours, 20 hos a week. >> when they passed obama care, they said it would create 4 million jobs. we now have a minister of
11:53 pm
propaganda and very allied groups around it that are basically here to tell us up is down, right is left, black is white. it's astonishing. >> this was orwell yan endeavor because they were caught flat footed to see an economist trying to spin things when it's a little intellectual integrity on the part of an academic -- >> you know what's telling, lou? >> yeah. >> as recently in august in 2003, white house economists and independent economists allied with the administration like david cut letter of harvard were arguing this labor force participation rate would not decline as a result of obamacare because it didn't decline in the case of massachusetts in romneycare. we now learned that's not care.
11:54 pm
obamacare is different than romney care in its effect on the economy. >> we don't even have to get into the weeds on this thing. the fact is that the congressional budget office said straight forwardly, this obamacare will result in a reduction in the rate of growth and compensation. in other words, it would be much higher had there been no affordable care act and that these jobs are going to be less than they were -- >> i'm sorry, you speak to one person out there who says, this is -- this is what i want. just go to regular folks on the street, are you kidding? do i choose to work less? do i choose to have less of a job? do i choose to make less money and fewer hours? no, no and no. >> i actually think there are some people who work because they generally they are older americans who work because they want to have health care. there's no qstion about that. i can't put a number on it. i don't believe an administration can either. but it sure to dickens not 2.3
11:55 pm
million folks. >> the political impact of this will be when you take the 2.4 million jobs and break it down by states. then you run tv commercials in those states saying, 187,000 jobs in louisiana, that makes them very nervous and another reason they are going to run like scalded dogs away from obamacare. >> let's not forget the real people harmed by this, not just people who have hours dialed back but the taxpayer because the less people are actually working, the less people are paying taxes, which means the people who are still working, those are the chumps because their tax dollars will have to be stretched further and further to support the people who aren't working. >> i think there are a lot of chumps in this. there are a lot of chumps who signed up, whether they are democrat or republican thatter simply not happening. this is an administration who -- this administration simply
11:56 pm
doesn't succeed at any initiative that it launches. and i want to get to the issue now of of course, of illegal immigration. and what we're hearing from the republican party, which is their secret meetings with senator chuck schumer. i want to tell you, folks, i'm one of the guys who had quote/unquote secret meetings th chuck schumer, they are never secret. i can't imagine what, for example, if the reports are correct, paul ryan meeting with the senator, i can't imagine what he's up to. >> and of course, they are not secret and it's all out there. it doesn't make any sense, lou from a practical perspective. >> actually, it does -- >> how? >> ka bukky theater. mitch mcconnell left the kit out of the bag. immigration reform is not going to pass this year, this is making the business community
11:57 pm
happy and made the good college try. republicannow this is not an issue they dare pass in 2014 -- >> it's still dis it's dishones. that's stipulated but it's pure politics, no so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. life an everyday miracle of survival today thfuture of all life on earth hangs in the balance what happens next depends on us ♪ well you done done me and you bet i felt it ♪ i tried to be chill but you're so hot that i melted
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