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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  February 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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you can't catch us live. have a great night. companies many of them are terribly run and no accountability and -- let me finish. >> and little guy gets hurt. the country -- we have -- like in this country. the right guy gets to the top we don't have that now. right now a corporate leaders are not the right guy. they're the right guy for the fraternity house. neil: i can't get that particular exchange with carl icahn out of my head. he was talking about corporate accountability and the wrong guy for the wrong reason doing the wrong things. i thought to myself he might as
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well have been talking about washington. a lot of wrong guys are doing a lot of wrong things. pretty much all the time. both parties. we have congress another fight on spending and signing up on the new debt ceiling. can we blame our kids for a pass on responsibility? and so much easier to point it when our youngsest can point to all the adults fingers. a president to blame the health care rollout on a news number. republicans to blame democrats are spending excesses then sign to a trillion dollar farm bill. a former speaker who said the health care law isn't -- it is liberating them from their jobs. i would love to see anyone admit once i screwed up. i never do. the retail ceo who blames the weather for a bad earnings report, the countless ceos who are blaming the health care law for any future hurtings report. please, leave to a corporate to sully the issue of denial from
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ceos to doomsday blame to politicians who refuse to take change. a zero accountability line that marches nowhere. aye can was right. it's not right. both republicans and democrats do something right and admit they're wrong. and constant finger pointing is wrong. look, this is enough blame to go around. i prefer they all just get to work. so does swiss america trading chairman. they afraid it is spedding up for a wicked day of trading. i feel a feeling you're not talking about snow and ice. >> it's going to be 80 degrees today. we're in good shape in phoenix. neil: rub it in. >> i love your intro, neil. i have to grasp on something. i didn't think about until you said it. you said, you know, the young people taking a pass on responsibility because they see the finger pointing.
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want to take you back to the '90s. you remember the statement i didn't have sex with that woman. it was a lie. he was afraid to tell the truth to say i made a mistake. it was a horrible my take. it was a moment to in america's history where the discussion of sex with kids in school changed, neil. you know what i'm talking about. it didn't change for the better. it changed for the worse. >> but, you know, -- >> i understand but it lend to the issue of why don't people take responsibility? they're afraid of the truth. why didn't president obama say that the issue in benghazi and come clean? there's an election coming up. why aren't the republicans standing up and saying we're going fight the debt ceiling raise. we have to have cuts we're never going to balance the budget if we don't. there's a 2014 election coming up. and why are we scared of the
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truth in america? you're right. we need leaders to stand up and say look, i botched this. we botched this. the country botched this. let's pull together now. let's go back to work. let's work these issues out and get it back on track. and that's what is made america great in the past, neil. that is going makes great in the future. but in the meantime we don't blame each other. >> we do. i think what is worrying me now it's become a political and partisan divide here. we go back to the melt down of the bank bailout. i was against it and got a lot of nasty phone calls from the bush white house. it's a bipartisan brand of mine. when the pedal hit the medal. you have to own up for your own point of view and not pass the blame. ran against both parties to say, look, i recognize you hate each other. i recognize you blame the oprah other for the problem. there's enough blame to go
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around. they can't get past it. you sign to another hike in the debt ceiling. hoping that eventually they will address the under lying problem where there is escalading debt. but they never do. >> no, you're right. i go back to 2008 and 2009. you brought that up. the finger pointing about the bank and this and that. what about the millions of mortgage holders who sign the line saying they pay their mortgage but stop paying their mortgage and walked away from the home? some people couldn't afford them. plenty of others walked away and went down the street and bought another one. instead of pointing the fingers at the different party we need to say, hey, look, let's get back to work. you said it automatic and i guess we can say that recently we've had a little bit of calming of the water of washington and now maybe we can work together. but i'm convinced you might take issue with me on this. i don't think mr. obama wants the water calm. i think he likes stirring the
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water. i think he likes having these controversies. i think he likes what is going on. it assuming the waters are calm. my friend. you're right. this goes on. on and on and on. craig it is a pleasure. it nicely sums up the problem. i want you to listen to this. >> democrats seem to resign to higher limit. >> republicans don't care. >> democrats and the president. >> how many said i don't know i was watching "fox news" and said it was horrible. >> i think the opponent seems to be the indifference of the republicans. >> republicans decided to sabotage -- >> i hope yo are beginning to get the picture here of his responsible for disfunction. >> they haven't been able to run the ship. >> did you hear a single one take responsibility for anything? they say the truth hurts but constantly lying hurt more. if memory serves me right american are forgiving people.
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they forgave a new young president named john kennedy botching something called the bay of pigs. but ronald reagan fessed up to -- to a democrat and republican two each said it's time for both to stop pointing fingers and point to solutions. with me now former economic adviser and former house speaker. dennis, you first. debt ceiling increase. we're dodge bullets. >> absolutely. i go back to the first three years i was speaker. we paid down $6 50,000 of debt. nobody talk abouts that. takes -- you have to sit down and work out a system and name work.
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and so you to -- i always said, look, i want to underprompt and overproduce. but you have to set out three or four thing you want to move forward, move your conference to and get done. and hopefully work with the other body, the senate to agree with that. and try to take it to the senate. now when i had bill clinton we took some things and he vetoed. we took it him to him. he to make a decision. one of the things where the crime bill and finally had it on. he signed on. neil: i think we are pennsylvania that now. whatever said in here the
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contempt or just hurt feelings or just anger is such that one of my family reunion. nobody is talking to each other. [laughter] >> i was thinking when our first kid was just about to be born, my wife's grandpa was 100. and his memory was somewhat gone. he walks in my wife is pregnant and he says who is this? they said this is your granddaughter. and he sees she's pregnant and enfouruated like who is responsible? i am. we're married. he said who isthis. that's your granddaughter. what! who is responsible? i feel like we're kind repeating grandpa irving's thing. who is responsible! i disagree with you on the issue of the debt ceiling but i agree with you on the sentiment for many of the practical issues.
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neil: i'll mention health care to you. and it sums up a lot of democrats -- and so many others who say you know what is wrong with someone saying we botched it. even if you i'll give the benefit of the doubt nobody was lying but say we did not appreciate the magnitude of the problem. maybe we should have. i didn't hear that i don't know if i will. i know, the president said some thing to that effect. but it might not probably wasn't as much as what it should have been. when i was in the government, i tried to follow that mantra. if you mess it up apologize and say here is what i did wrong and try to fix it. >> that's why you're not there
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anymore. neil: that's what happens to people who speak their minds. you're a fairly straight shooter. you try to work with both sides. maybe you can say within the republican ranks today it's primitive and nastyier. there's a lot of anger and the two sides will never get along. government needs to be there to take care of people. i don't know. >> so that is battle campus rating the day. and you have to start finding
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how to solve problems across the aisle. they settle it and resolve in the next election. we'll resolve it in the election after that. we'll see what happens. thank you. >> take a look outside. for much of you nasty weather. what if i told you for the governor and mayor. even nastier weather if they botch it trying to help you.
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and icy and icy. georgia the governor is facing the second big blast. he better pray he doesn't screw up. last time they botched response left thousand of drivers stranded on highways. some stuck in the cars all night. when they abandoned them they were stolen. students couldn't get home.
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many politicians career have been made or unmade by mother nature. sandy did wonders for christie. katrina did wonders for about a president named bush. it's not fair or even right. heart-- hank said it is. who is making early marks for you. or stands out for handling these kind of crisis. >> well, christie did a terrific job. governor cuomo did a terrific job. but snow mayor's job is to keep crime low, sweep the street, and make sure people get services. failure throws the other good ideas out the window. >> had a lot of snowstorms. apparently they went -- the ones by me around here are not working as a snow and pile up. and a lot of people predictably blame the mayor or the governor. >> john lindsay was mayor of new york. queens was unhappy. a burrow in the outer burrow.
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they never let him forget it. bloomberg was the mayor and it was picked up quickly. it starts to no pun intended pile up. people have memory about snow and crime. >> when you're the executive you have a real power to send the impression home. it goes beyond weather but how you handle crisis. do any people stand out at the stage in term of the way they handle crises to you or is it too early to tell? >> too early to tell in the new group. we've had change of mayors around the country. we've had some new people come to office. there's an outstanding person. you go back to christie, and cuomo for sandy. no question about that. and that can't did -- you mention christie handling hurricane and botching it handling the bridge club. >> the problem becomes that ultimately what people expect is for you not get in to trouble.
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deliver real services no matter what else you talk about. and to say it's fine. you can be aid listic as long as you want. if streets are dirty nobody cares about your ideology. they care about how angry they are. >> you reminded us in the past. whatever initial good grades can be reversed. with sandy that send a lot of that money that governor christie and cuomo were urging be sent quickly. a lot of it still -- a lot of areas still in great disrepair. so the initial blow they got off their panels of the storm isn't panning out or might not. >> it might not pan out. but people are pretty good in it country. they give people office tremendous leeway. they say thank you for making the effort. they are bottom line. you can have -- you're the one stuck in your car. ideology is great but get my light on.
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get my street clean and make sure they don't come in my window. you don't get the snow picked up. you're in deep trouble. >> that was -- you have a future in. >> i could be in the business. >> thank you very much. in the meantime, the war on poverty come to this. some democrats lay it out. the republicans what support a star? i must begin my journey,
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[ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. without extending unemployment insurance. neil: did you hear that? okay. can you say a little over the
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top here? [inaudible] blame the other side for starving hungry families gets more than a little over the top. >> it's a poor choice of words. there's some real frustration here. i know, jerry. he lives -- his district is adjacent so the one i live in. good guy. good champion for the community. neil: does he think want republicans want to starve hungry families. >> i don't think so. there's a lot of hard feelings there because, you know, there a lot of folks in his district. i know, his district well. there are people struggling. i think democrats are seeing now republicans aren't doing anything to try to help some of the most disadvantaged among us. and these are reports from the census today that says that at least one in three americans are dipping in and out of poverty at multiple cycles. >> and this is isn't the kind of language to get stuff done.
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and my fear is that the congressman -- look at the half empty glass. look at the government doing more they signed off on a farm bill that has crap in. he selects and chooses you know what is going on. >> right. it's an easy punch line basically. it's easy to say the other party will starve the people. in fact the democrats want to have a status quo. let's not do anything to the program. keep growing it. the cost of the supplemental nutrition assistance program is at the all-time high, i mean, let's get to a point where we have some sort of reform to the program. which is what the republicans. neil: republicans counter? they wrap they -- [inaudible] take feud and afraid to take on the challenge about unemployment benefits and lot of stuff. they sign to the farm bill. they spoke a good game but don't walk it. >> i think it becomes a
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situation where obviously you have to democrats and republicans coming together. you have a lot of republicans in mid western states. gleam right. >> they're basically supporting their constituents. sinned it. why is it all the time that any republican who just wants to say now we're getting up to one in five americans on food stamp. one out of three getting some sort of food assistance. it's such that we are now mozambique we have those. in a time for us to curve a little bit and -- starving kids. >> think about what happened. the sequester lowered food stamp a lotment. the president signed a food bill. neil: one in three getting food assistance. we were world a third world country. you think. and you can't say the economy is doing great. >> i don't think that at all. >> one in three americans getting food stamp. >> the economy is not doing great. the president said it is fired
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up. we didn't go down as far as we could have. but i don't think we have come up as nearly as much as we should have. and what is concerning to a lot of folks you have the sort of job market. so you have jobs -- never use big work. >> sorry. an s.a.t. word. we have a lot of folks making a lot of income. high income earners. those are jobs available for them. most of the other jobs are low-income earning jobs. neil: what do you think about that? >> i think governor christie said it right. just today where he said it's not shouldn't about income inequality. it should be about income opportunity for americans. not everybody about having the same income or getting to the point. it's hoping for more and creating jobs and opportunity. president obama where is his job agenda? it's raising the minimum wage. melissa: just cool it in the language. another party is intent on making people starve? >> i'm not talking about income
6:27 pm
inequality here. the jobs available. there's no a lot of jobs available for, you know, the average -- republicans aren't trying to starve themselves. >> i don't think they are -- [inaudible] you have to do more. so you to -- [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] neil: i wish we had more time. [inaudible conversations] very good. when we come back, the -- they have a new man to replace him. it is ronald mcdonald. tart worrg about tomorrow, we miss out on the thin that matter today. ♪ at axa, we fer advice and help you break down your insurance goals into small, mageable steps.
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neil: fat chance of enterprising lawyers. it turns out that no fewer than 16 state attorneys general have
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been contacted by class action lawyers with dollar signs in their eyes and the golden arches in their sights. they want to make fast food this tobacco takedown and their argument goes something like this. all of those quarter pounder is and bacon eaters, they have all made it with a lot of medicaid costs soaring. is any of this even legal? and the packard said yes. kelly says no. >> i think it is ridiculous. people should be accountable for what they put in their own mouths. to say that these companies force people to eat their food and gain weight and become ill and become dependent on state systems for health care is a preposterous stretch. neil: the difference is there was a known and clear health
6:32 pm
hazard and there is a very big distinction. is there not? >> there certainly is. yes, it is a well known factor. neil: absolutely. go ahead. >> of the brilliant slogan and it is true. not everyone can stop that one potato chip or follow the advice on alcohol bottle to drink in moderation. neil: what about a potato chip or a drink? >> the problem is that these companies have a level of corporate and social responsibility that are knowingly marketing a product that they know is going to be harmful and there's no getting around it. neil: where do you draw the line? i would say to you have to draw the line on apple because they make products that people love. >> that is ridiculous.
6:33 pm
apple makes products that people love and it could be an addiction of sorts. it doesn't stand to reason. it's people not taking accountability for their own actions and looking for someone else to foot the bill. >> looking at something that is knowingly unhealthy and causing a lot of health-related concerns that are causing people to be cost a lot of money. neil: anything this will make you obese and make a costly because the medications
6:34 pm
especially as to the health effects. the next thing that i worry about is that they will harm your big macs wrapper and it will be five or more of these that will make you fat. >> and that is the disclosure that people are looking for. neil: the money run, the states will come up short.
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>> coming up next, busy bending the truth? >> i think that obama could have done a lot more. [ female announcer ] it's time for the annual shareholders meeting.
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iyou have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stopaking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. neil: be like the health care law? >> i have my own opinions, but i don't think the ceo should be the medical provider. neil: giving companies a pass on this health care thing. we're saying that they should pass on providing health care altogether. take the cost of providing health insurance workers or their hands. he seems to be saying that he will have a lot more money and so small-business owner craig says what is going on now is what is crazy.
6:39 pm
which essentially had him saying his absolving companies from the burden of having to insure their workers. and that this will actually save them a freedom of the burden. >> you know, i was shocked with what he said because he is poonting toward government-run health insurance and he's talking about businesses not being involved in providing care to their employees. neil: that is not their expertise, they should focus on their business, let the smart people do it. i know and you know that it wouldn't be the smart people doing it. but can you explain? >> well, yes. i've been in business for 30 years. in order to get the best employees to stay in business, have to provide great employee benefits. insurance is one of them. and i should be able to do this without the insurance and
6:40 pm
regulations and as a business owner it is a nightmare with what is going to happen. there are companies who are right about this and those who may use obamacare as an excuse out of necessity. neil: we have awsat and the god-awful sam. >> you have to come up with new incentives and under the free enterprise we are innovative to come up with new ways to run a
6:41 pm
business. but benefits are part of that. and i have always believed in helping my employees and providing them with the best. nnil: you take your benefits, deal with the government, make sure that i give you a new compensation package and maybe options or whatever. >> is taking away part of the freedom of the employees and freedom for myself to make that type of decision. moreover is the fact that right now if i could get my employees insurance that they could use, that is great and right now the wait is that they only get through this because of the regulations. but we are going in the wrong direction and carl is pointing us in the wrong direction. which will be a disaster for the health care system in america. neil: thank you, my friend.
6:42 pm
do you still think that she is cooked? it looks to me that paul is the one doing this.
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neil: paula deen out of the frying pan. betting $100 million that she will be cooking once again. she ventures the vehicle in which she will do it. she wouldn't be the first phoenix to rise from the corporate ashes.
6:46 pm
he thinks he can do this? candidates. though clinton into it, go back and look. britney spears is the hottest ticket in vegas and still is. neil: britney spears is? >> yes, she is an we are still going up to the box office to see him over and over again. there's a difference between paula and we have just mentioned. that hasn't worked so well of those in the past. neil: in the eyes of the media should became kryptonite. >> yes. >> so you have to get past that. she has a very folksy way about
6:47 pm
her. but once was labeled racist which i think is very unfair. >> will get some, there's a lot of other people as well. >> there's a big difference. >> the difference between then and think of something current and today and this is something they said years ago. she has an opportunity to distance yourself if you can show us that what she has learned from nonissues and a woman. neil: the american people have to think that they are very sincere. >> absolutely. i think there is nothing more than being authentic. one thing that she really needs to do is be committed to this and learn from her mistakes and move forward. she was the end that we all wanted to have over for dinner
6:48 pm
to cook for us. neil: should never use margarine commercial is used butter and it was always the worst stuff for you. >> that's what we love about her. she needs to rebrand herself as well. as we do all the time, they're trying to rebuild trust. neil: that's what advertisers do. they are still going to keep their distance. >> yes, they are. they have a partnership right now someone saying that i have confidence in you. and so by visiting to have this confidence, that gives us a chance to look at her again. so i think that she absolutely can do this and if she says that i'm not that woman i'm ashamed of that woman i have learned from this and i'm a new woman and committed to showing who i am, i am back all the things he loved about in the first place.
6:49 pm
the one i don't think it would hurt us to be forgiving. thank you so much. it is good to see you. in the meantime, take a guess who everyone was pleading about. way too interested in hearing himself talk. only that was not referring to carl ichan but the person interviewing him who would be me. we will have more after this. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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"hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. neil: close to a thousand e-mails in tweets. one who seems far more interested in climbing hills and for the companies he targets creating headaches. love him or hate him he cannot stop talking about carl ichan. one follower saying that that was a good interview there is a lot of incompetence and companies and governments.
6:53 pm
one of the single greatest interviews i've ever seen. i couldn't write it down fast enough. that guy gets it. stand in line. stand in line. madison, wisconsin, thank you for going along with a guy that fell short. and that is what i call a politely civil exchange. great job. dora says you are the nice engaging individual, a nice chubby kind soul. and dexter says you are a
6:54 pm
self-centered bigmouth individual. and i think you suck too. don't know why it carlock on what bother talking to you. well, apparently he liked cnbc. he did talk to me. and what he said to me is making shockwaves all over the business world. the reaction on the future. laying out the groundwork that for now when it comes to big investments like apple is not going anywhere. >> yes, he basically said he is undervalued at these levels and anyone can do the homework and it is just 13 after the stock has quadrupled over the past five years. and i can point these things out
6:55 pm
and a lot of people look at that rise in the share price and think that it must be a overvalued. it still has things like the i watched coming out, china, boosting demand globally, this is a huge story and hear a guy like this it is undervalued, you are certainly going to get a lot of investors. >> many shareholders have to be delighted that they are taking this interest in the company. he gets a lot of gut. but he really is a liberator of companies. this is a guy that buys billions of dollars of stocks and then advocates for the change of the company needs to profit. helping nottonly shareholders but helping the economy at large. neil: you like a lot of what he a lot of what he says and you
6:56 pm
keep adding on that? >> yes, that is true. and if you want him to manage her money, i think that you should manage his company as soon as possible. we sent this out and the average investor should watch out or not file everything that he does. he can lose a lot while he waits for his stock to turn around. neil: notices taped on the market. have a look. >> a lot of people said pilasters advances were built on air. do you buy that? >> yes i do. i think that a lot of the heavy advances, it's like having a
6:57 pm
patient and giving them a new kind of medicine and i think this whole injection is kind of like giving someone heroin and you don't know what's going to do them. neil: what you think about that? >> this is where you can heed his word. this is an experienced investor and has been here for decades. and he's involved in stimulating the economy. pumped up on heroin as he said, that is why you have to be careful of them. >> this is what is driving it. and this is when they start withdrawing that. >> it was the very first month of a dead they're going to stop
6:58 pm
to taper that. many were saying that the stock market rally was uncorrelated. to the feds in washington policy, they should be held accountable. because it is absolutely correlated in the second of it started to take away, down we went. and have we hit that point at which there is no denying that we are doomed for a correction because things have gotten out of hand? >> well, i don't see this as we did in 1999 or 2006 or 2007. but we had a two minus 2013 and the pendulum has shifted and a lot of them are talking about
6:59 pm
this with the correction. especially in the next quarter as well. >> a lot of the big multinational firms have done well because of the weakness in the u.s. dollar. that does help the bottom line of companies that do a majority of their sales are a lot of their sales overseas. he simply is mcdonald's, american express, a lot of their revenues are derived which is a result of the fed's policies that can help us with the multinational names. neil: could markets, that market, that opportunities. pretty good axiom, is it not? >> it's a tough world for the average investor. in your baking on the s&p and to be a stock picker is a very
7:00 pm
risky thing. >> also they need to focus on the stock itself. neil: think thank you guys, that will do it. lou: good evening, everyone. president obama's rule by fiat believes that he has the power with how much does country should make per hour. president obama signed the executive order for government contractors and it is unclear that our constitution envisioned such a cowardly will be taking that up with a man who is seeking the presidency himself. fox news host mike huckabee and also tonight one veteran republican lawmaker going to the defense of john boehner on the debt ceiling load is


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