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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 12, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> also they need to focus on the stock itself. neil: think thank you guys, that will do it. lou: good evening, everyone. president obama's rule by fiat believes that he has the power with how much does country should make per hour. president obama signed the executive order for government contractors and it is unclear that our constitution envisioned such a cowardly will be taking that up with a man who is seeking the presidency himself. fox news host mike huckabee and also tonight one veteran republican lawmaker going to the defense of john boehner on the debt ceiling load is most
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refused to follow his lead. i will be taking that up with jedediah bila. we'll be joined by two prominent authors. he said that after all this is the american century no matter what the chinese and europeans may say. to our top story tonight, president obama telling government contractors how much to pay their employees are you an even the presence labor secretary has no idea how many workers would be affected by the presidents rather dramatic signing. >> what percentage make minimum-wage? >> again, we don't have a precise figure because we are still finalizing regulations and comparing the regulations. and again we estimate that there
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are hundreds of thousands of workers who will benefit from this. lou: known in the obama administration can tell us how the president came up with the estimate and his labor secretary. the administration appears to be making it up as they go along on every major issue. and it is, in most places, it is not working according to the latest vox poll of the american public that hasn't checked rejected his rule by fiat. three in four americans say they using this to bypass congress is not how the government is supposed to work. even democrats deserting him on this one. the democrats rejecting his rule by fiat. on top of that, another new fox poll on a slightly improving economy. the highest percentage of those
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folks gave the president a grade of f. party leaders chose to avoid another standoff of deficit spending. on a strictly partyline vote in our first guest is likk the debt ceiling don'ts of the most important activity in the gop right now is getting harry reid to become the senate minority leader. vanessa's mike huckabee, who is the former host of huckabee on the fox news channel. >> thank you very much. 199 republicans said that they were not going to go along with that debt ceiling increase. we think of their data a great deal. >> speaker boehner didn't have a
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lot of choice. he didn't want to see him go into debt. it will go into default. we have enough to pay the interest and that would be enough to settle the true debt. would it affect the markets? probably so. it would be the end of the world? probably not. but ir boehner is feeling that he is in a tight spot and doesn't want to create a problem and the republicans look like the ones that they are coming up the works. i understand why republicans did not want to vote on this because they got nothing for it. not one stinking thing. no reductions in any of the spending and that is what they really wanted to do and felt they should have done. lou: you know, governor, we just watch the republican party do this twice. it is horrible in politics with the worst strategy and
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devastating as well to the party's interest in this is a year in which you guys have a clear track straight victory in the midterm election. if you could just avoid mucking it up. >> i understand where they're coming from. you have to work on the context of what has to be done. i would have loved to have had all the votes. you worry that you're not going to get everything you want and a lot of numbers, i understand where they're coming from the
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fight is not with each other but for the democrats and if we take the senate, then we are in a position to fight. until that happens, if we get lame for messing up the debt and the government in the budget, then the whole republican party is in trouble and you can't take this in the house. lou: it is after all the same speaker of the house, mr. john boehner who wanted to embrace the g-8 version of comprehensive immigration reform. until it was made pretty clear to the speaker if he persisted he would lose his job and also the republican party would be devastated. and it's hard to sort out the whim of power these days whether republican or democrat or the house of representatives.
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>> i think they know that john boehner doesn't want to play hardball. and so then they push into it to the limits and they're going to win. if the speaker said i just want to tell you i know that this is what we are not going to do, then maybe he would have more leverage and that is not the way he leads and as a result, we are where we are. i think it's horrible that we didn't get more out of it. i think barack obama was right back in 2007 when he had that it is a crime against future generations to keep borrowing money that we cannot afford to pay back now they think it is a wonderful thing to increase the debt limit. and so i think both parties have a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to the debt ceiling. and this country is going to have to understand that it cannot spend money it doesn't have and they cannot borrow
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money that can't afford it can't afford to pay back. none of us can. lou: as we look at the other issue that is going to be taken up apparently it senator schumer has this view so he can shape immigration law but not implemented until 2017, because we cannot trust president obama, he agrees with the republicans on on that one of the most outlandish proposals i've ever heard of and i think the republicans would be making all kinds of political progress with that. >> they certainly showed because the fact is that this is political posturing and it's not part of solving a problem that they are to pretend they are attempting to solve a problem so they can garner the hispanic community and i think that we don't need to take the hispanic community is a bunch of chumps who can't see through that.
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there is nothing being promised, nothing at all. they are saying that we will not go into an immigration reform. time after time this administration has done something that it knew to be untrue. we are going to get to the bottom of the irs so why would the republicans ever trust this administration? thank goodness they didn't. lou: as you had said, it will be the pivotal issue with obamacare in the midterms. governor huckabee, it's great to see you and thank you for being with us. be sure to watch us saturday and sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. eastern. a massive winter storm expected to come snow in the south before
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turning up the east coast. 4000 flights canceled an emergency declaration and southern states. cold and dangerously icy and the snow might be deep. in some may be cranky about it all by tomorrow afternoon. we are coming right back. lou: high-level talks between north and south korea and general jack keane joins us next. ♪
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lou: the dow jones down 31 points, the s&p lost affection, nasa hack up 10 points. isn't it news, toyota recalling 2 million prius hybrid models and concerns that the cars might overheat and shut down. reiko recalling child car seats because of all the buckles. it 11 models made between 2009 and 2013. and today workers at volkswagen plant in tennessee started voting on whether to be represented by the united auto workers union. what makes this union election unusual. the union has the support of volkswagen management. secretary of state john kerry jetting off to south korea. general jack keane, former army
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vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst. secretary kerry is one busy fellow. apparently there is something that someone might do it for substantive things? >> for 15 years and hasn't materialized yet a him how doubt it is going to materialize under the current leader. no one wants to pour cold water on any initiative that we have in the peninsula of korea. if something positive comes out of this. lou: another place where people are skeptical is that they perceive to move the east to the south and start talking about
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another identification zone which would be very difficult for both the japanese and the filipinos and south koreans to accept. >> the chinese have resented for decades now the united states domination of the western pacific and influence in the region and in the south china youth and we have all of the allies in that region and basically they should want to have more information. this is about power and control and using these restrictions as a means to gain that influence. i hope that that is seen for what it is. especially having more influence in the region and we have every right to be in those areas as our allies do as well.
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and we should be tough about it. lou: i am surprised at how tough the philippines are being an outspoken and of course with japan as well. being very strong in its position against these intrusions. are you surprised at the strong posture they have taken? >> yes. the fact of the matter is that in the western press to pick as in the middle east, many of our allies that we have had close elation ships to for decades don't believe that the united states has the same advocacy for their safety and security as previous administrations have. that is why the japanese have moved to a militaristic development with the defense department than anything they have done in the past.
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they are not going to make a public statement like saudi arabia has done. but the problem is that is an undercurrent. so they are pushing back and taking a stronger position. lou: very quickly the intended drone strike was a member of al qaeda. a matter of public debate and discussion. are you shocked that this has moved into a public discussion and targets this administration as to whether or not they can carry out their intended result? >> i am absolutely stunned and it is somewhat outrageous here we have someone who is linked to
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the organization in a proponent of killing an american or americans. we declared post-9/11 or whatever this organization was, we have the right to kill and capture and we should have been long into that by now. the fact they pointed it out at employee incredible on the front pages of national television. >> i know that this is highly spectacle, but you believe that this can be that public without it being the wish of this administration? >> prickly someone in this administration we kid could because they are the only people that have the information. so someone certainly do that and that is outrageous behavior and irresponsible behavior as well. >> it's always good to talk to you. lou: mayor bill de blasio. well, is he abusing political
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power? a political ally and a friend of his who was arrested yesterday with immigration and demonstration apparently spending a night in jail. bill de blasio has some explaining to do. one congressman calling his caucus members morons. jedediah bila joins us next and we will be taking that out. welcome back. how is everything?
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lou: the obama administration now with its new report on obamacare enrollment. here it is. 3.3 million people have signed up for health care insurance since the first of october. short of the administration's present trends and projections. that is over 640,000 fewer than those who signed up in december. that is progressive. one number refuses to disclose
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the number of folks have actually pay for their health insurance or the administration claims that they can't do that because the obamacare payment system on is still not working. reports out of several state exchanges show that up to half of their customers haven't paid their first premium spirits with we extrapolate, a lot of folks are not paying. joining us now is jedediah bila. it's good to see you. >> good to see you as well. lou: any surprise on these numbers? >> i think it's interesting that they have talked about this. we can't tell how many people have paid because this is broken. we would love to know how many of these people were actually uninsured afford or are we talking about those who had their insurance and lost their insurance thanks to obamacare. lou: whether there are specifics and the state exchanges, we are looking at 25% of the
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invincible's. eighteen to 34 years of age. necessary to make the model work. i moved up from 24%. the level those numbers? [laughter] but the reality is is that the model doesn't work and does not work. they are abandoning these things. and it is just a mass. >> mask. >> great opportunity for the gop. i'm still waiting for the republican party to say that this is our plan. this is our alternative. it's not good for you to watch this. candidates are going to need a solid plan behind him and i don't care if it's a bill here or there, i need you to come up with something cohesive and be able to say that this government run system doesn't work. here is our market alternative
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and here are the bullet points and 10 points and people pay attention, we have an option. lou: i disagree with that. i think it may i may surprise you. because i am so tired of government talking about this as a solution. republicans come up with a programmatic response because they have to meet us. the reality is the private sector free enterprise capitalist economy is supposed to generate these ideas through the innooative and entrepreneurial initiatives of the individual. and i would love to see that happen first. >> that is true. telling them that republicans have no alternatives. i agree with you on this.
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>> i guess i'm being very selfish. and they are occasional mocking of things i. >> you have a good solid point. lou: do they not learn from experience? why must they repeat this for the failures in 2013? and it should be upsetting but they are sitting here looking at a massive victory if they will just cut nonsense like this out. peter king says that they are morons. >> i think that when you resort to this, you don't have a really good point to make to be perfectly honest with you.
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and these are republicans who ran inside that we are not going to spend this. they have to go home to their constituents as well. and they did make those promises. they work for people and not the other way around so they have to be able to go back and say that we live and we made it out. to hear a man or woman say i was in india and they have the honest thing.
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>> when you put those there, you put it off the table and i think that is correct. but i think they're trying to be consistent in trying to stick to what they said were to call him irresponsible. i don't think you can do that. there's a split within the republican party right now. >> but you cannot win. >> i'm with you on policy. and i'm not going to call him a great leader and i'm not going to call the people who are battling him. we are not going to fight him for a long time. so i don't want to call the people's thing that i want this spending cut, monster jerks were recalled her.
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lou: speaker boehner has been completely wrong in the emigration. they have these two morons i can deal with these things. >> they are looking at the continuing resolution. that's the one we are looking at a lack of this on the issue of the debt ceiling. it's great to see you. lou: san diego voters giving the country a surprise electing a new mayor. and bob filner beating his democratic president obama endorsed opponent by 9% of the
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7:35 pm
of three women came forward of claims of sexual assault against the president but none was ever prove it in the court of law there for the senator gets three pinocchio's as a result for joining us now take nine -- the "a team." and john is in dallas texas. look at you. [laughter] i want to start with the idea that the republican caucus that congressman king calls them morons? do we have a problem? >> he is out of line to call the mayor more on. to focus on the tea party
7:36 pm
guys who forget they represent a huge number of voters. he should be more respectful of those voters even if they lose the fight standing up for what it is the voters sent them to do is an important thing. and peter is out of line. he got the monkey off their back, and they now have a clear field to run in 2014 and take the senate. all of this ought to stoppable sides to go ahead and win the election to change some things. >> i agree. i think peter is wear out of line this is the first time to people like rand paul e. and others. lou: they don't get along? >> no. there of some -- often principled people. the strategy is to retake
7:37 pm
the senate as long as it'll push it too far i am not convinced that people like speaker boehner will uproot obamacare if they get the chain's. the ball is in their court. >> i agree that comets were inappropriate but it points to a real division for with the establishment folks might understand that if king has a problem with the two-party coalition in tactics whether the government shut down or to add things to the debt ceiling bill is one thing. take care to be behind closed doors. that is what real politicians do. i disagree but we will not fight this in public. it is one thing to argue tactics but the republicans
7:38 pm
weather cake or rand paul to limit government to rein in spending and borrowing of that message is not coming they do have a one-party system. >> you cannot do with if you don't win the election. you cannot do that. you have to take the big picture take the senate where they cannot trade in government spending. right now it is a tactical retreat to any general will tell you sometimes you have to do that and keep your eye on the big picture. you can do that unless you've then ended ising attempt to make sure republicans have a good shot at landing in november 70 was publicly scolding them calling them new orleans will not help them win even if he wants to do behind closed doors.
7:39 pm
lou: turning to resolve labor secretary not telling the white house press corps how many people are affected to raise the minimum wage for a federal contract employees $10 and $0.10 per hour? >> it is unbelievable. three of the industry should top afghanistan experts for a congressional hearing could not tell congress how many people were killed or wounded how much it costs the government the fact his top cabinet secretary whose area of expertise it is to visit these questions and cannot answer the most fundamental questions shows the grossest incompetent the in the press corps that shrugs and says they don't know and we have no curiosity to find out for the american people either. lou: the press corps asking these questions five years into the id ministration.
7:40 pm
[laughter] and eric colder five years later, saying i cannot abide the justice not being able to vote with. in this which is apparently his last year in office. >> eric holder now wants to appoint a guy with the head of the civil-rights division because he was the big supporter of one of the most torrey cop killers in american history. this desire surprise me that holder thinks it is the biggest issue of vegetable -- imagi >> apparently they want to have all lot of votes from those experts better democrats. lou: apparently the number
7:41 pm
reaches 5.5 million. not inconsiderable constituency. >> it sounds like a landslide. [laughter] lou: do york yankees shortstop will retire after this season it has the best pension program just 43 days of service guaranteed $34,000 per year pension but jeter has made over to a hundred $50 billion in salary just guessing, he probably has not calculated his penchant quite as closely as we have controversy topless photos of the downhill skier appearing on line next.
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lou: former new orleans
7:45 pm
democratic mayor convicted of 24 out of 21 counts of bribery and corruption right after hurricane katrina we're guessing former president bush is not shedding any tears. of course, environmental demonstrators showed up at the house of the executive major oil pipeline they threatened violence where they held a sign reading'' solidarity beans attack. what a clever bob. a 40-foot sinkhole opened up under the national corvette museum is in kentucky today's falling eight vintage cars the museum's director says the value is substantial. you better believe it. that is a shame. with video going fibril fell
7:46 pm
out of the sky diving plane that fell into a pig pen in the former claims she founded eight months after the incident but did that know where it came from until she played the last video. a lebanese skier competing in the olympics sparking outrage back home these are images not completely attired skier. the photo shoot done three years ago is not shocking by western standards but to use the minister is already ask for an investigation you can understand why and with those top comments spee because in washington to say it is a good thing to not
7:47 pm
work for walk -- work less speak from experience they work little and get great benefits they just pass on their experience so more people can enjoy life without having to work for it. >> unfortunately all politicians are motivated by prestige in piece of cover in pension. >> congress afraid to stand up to a president that does not know a and limits on anything. leave it to the next generation to bail us out. thinks a lot. those folks will receive a copy of my new book "upheaval" with facebook for twitter it is red on the air breathed like to hear from you. or on twitter there is links to everything at the
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lou: tidies exports surged more than 10.5 percent last month keeping the markets higher and tried on track to overtake the u.s. economy by 2023 or suitor. a new book says china as a sense is not assured and the 21st century is a second american century. former editor of the harvard business review and senior
7:52 pm
fellow at the milken institute his book of a leash -- "unleashed." out february 25th. we have known each other many years i want to congratulate you on the book. as it can to validate what most of us are told this is another american century. you talk about creativity creativity, energy, capital the factoring, all that stuff we got but we don't seem to be driving. >> if you take a walk around cambridge massachusetts as you have, you see the
7:53 pm
forefront of world history taking place. the world leader in biotech a and computing and prayed research in medical research no place of the world has anything like that. we also have seen diego and santa cisco with the 10 centers like that. china would like to have one. we have 10. that is our window on the future and it is working well. lou: but it has always been a place where knowledge was absolutely the ultimate currency. >> now you can get a good coffee. [laughter] you say american companies are producing one quarter of the world's gdp? >> what has happened the
7:54 pm
positive trends going on in the u. s has been lost with the boys particularly in washington as we squabble with no agreement or hash over old agreements but the facts are the united states corporations the manufacturing is alive and well getting bigger and stopped growing in china. lou: that is great news the fact u.s. multinationals sent millions of middle-class jobs to china, romania, all over the overall but trend is reversing. but the madness of that practice to be allowed in the first place by both parties is a mark of shame. >> not only that but a bad business decision. lou: it was stupid.
7:55 pm
>> productivity in the united states was so far above any other country and makes more sense to make things here. that is why apple will make computers for the first time in the third texas or california. lou: that is another 70,000 jobs dow chemical brings back plants from the bow east -- middle east and others are relocating here. lou: but suddenly america people argue about god and a providence but if anybody doubted this country is blessed, we are a nation of providence cover think about fracking that jimmy carter said this country would be out of energy is now the
7:56 pm
energy capital of the world. >> absolutely. what is remarkable a belt that story was private monday, private initiative to make that happen. lou: fighting government the whole while but what we have that the sheik is individuals can own what is under the ground they cannot do that anywhere else we can prospect for oil or natural gas and make money. the incentive is there. lou: nizolek esprit we have the guts to keep it. lou: the book is under the shade the second american century it goes on sale every -- every where february 25th. that is it for us. don't forget to pick up a
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we're new york. if there's something that creates more job and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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terribly run and no accountability and -- let me finish. >> and little guy gets hur. the country -- we have -- like in this country. the right guy gets to the top we don't have that now. right now a corporate leaders are not the right guy. they're the right guy for the fraternity house. neil: i can't get that particular exchange with carl icahn out of my head. he was talking about corporate accountability and the wrong guy for the wrongreason doing the wrong things. i thought to m


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