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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  February 13, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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wall street. some question whether there will be antitrust issues and what that might mean for approval. we're starting live at the new york stock exchange because even when they say it's not, it is always about "money." melissa: when you talk about the. >> a brutal storm slamming the east coast, half a million people are without electricity and more than 6,000 flights a canceled, flightaware is calling this the worst air travel day of the year. the domino effect from the storm is being felt coast to coast. you can see the conditions are literally stopping people in their tracks and that of course is having a huge impact on business. just about everywhere in the nation. just a bit we will go and hear from the owner of an atlanta business that says, he is losing thousands of dollars just because of this terrible storm. the biggest biz story of the
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day of course, two cable companies planning to combine. causing a major stock swing. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. two hours left in the trading day. start off with the big deal. >> let's start off with a big deal in the cable industry. time warner cable moving to new highs. it is number two best performer on s&p 500 today. this is $45.2 billion all stock deal. comcast a agreeing to acquire time warner cable. charter is left out in the cold. we're bringing you live action here at the post. obviously a very busy one. another name we're keeping close eye on, number one performer in the s&p 500. that is goodyear tire. so goodyear came out with higher than expected profits and that is leading the s&p 500. also the fact that they funded their u.s. plans for pensions
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with a 1.1 aboutdollars in cash. they're changing their investment strategy. looking forward for north american growth -- 1.1 billion. they expect moderate growth to continue as commercial vehicles continue growth. goodyear tire, number one performer in the s&p 500. time warner cable takes the number two spot. a lot of action on wall street. back to you. >> investors are reacting to the time warner cable and comcast news but can this deal pass? here to lay it all out are charlie gasparino and brian sossi. you think this is a win not only for shareholders but for customers as well, why? >> for time warner shareholders you're getting certainty of value and comcast ceo which is proven value creator. since 1990 comcast shares are up almost 1500%. certainty of value. winning management team. as consumers i think you will get more, a lot of concern your
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cable bill will go up 20, 30%. more tiered packages and more services. if i'm consumer i'm getting more services why wouldn't i want to pay a couple bucks. >> i come back on that 1500% and why i will challenge you. you predicted we'll get a deal like this. is this best deal possible. >> i don't know, hard to tell. i will say this, bear stearns was up a gazillion percent before it went under. >> bingo. >> comcast has not done a great job dealing with nbc. nbc is still pretty much a mess. this company might be too big to manage i don't know if this fits definition of a monopoly. comcast with this time warner deal something like 150, $60 billion? the next largest would be
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something like, i don't know, disney at 130. we're way down there at 70. i mean this is, this might be a monopoly. does that mean it is not going to get approved? listen, if money matters, we know money matters because that is what this show is about, brian roberts greased so many people in the obama administration this thing will fly. adam: i will come back to that in second. you raised issue that is key and brian raised value. 1500%. hard to lose money past couple years for.% going forward you have declining cable subscriptions. as charlie said it might be too big to manage. how do you guaranty the comcast shareholders their stock will be worth this kind of value two years from now? >> that's a great question. you have to gain confidence in the comcast investor base they will be able to stream more content over more handheld devices and play a major factor in this seamless movement from apple and google. secondarily when do you get
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combining two companies? massive costs but you take out a lot jobs. adam: don't always get the efficiencies. aol-time warner didn't produce those. >> they have no choice. one of the key deals you have to cut out massive costs. where does it go? more deals and better service. >> correct me if i'm wrong, comcast is better at cable than content. you know what i'm saying? >> cable is yesterday's news. >> maybe. everybody says tv is yesterday's news. adam: still very good to us. >> they still make a lot of money these places. listen, i think regulatory thing is the most fascinating aspect. adam: how much did they donate to the obama administration? you have numbers. >> the numbers are off the chart, 80-20 democrats to republicans. lots of money from brian roberts, head of comcast is very close with the president. if this deal doesn't get through, he hires the same fcc, i guess, person who approved the nbc -- adam: that's right, nbc deal. she left the fcc and went to
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work, lobby it for comcast. >> you pointed that out to me this morning first thing. this is insane. adam: i get to listen to you every day. i'm going to give brian the final word on this. you think it is a good deal and you think two years this question of value will be resolved and improved value? >> cost cutting and improved service. i ask charlie, this in your wheelhouse, would that pass fcc public interest? that is one thing they have to satisfy. >> i don't know, this is not in the public interest, to have one monopoly, one big gorilla, 80,000-pound gorilla. but he greased every skid out there, i'm telling you. it is not in the best interest but it happen. adam: charlie gasparino is writing about it. brian, thanks for your insight. we'll follow it until it closes if it closes. up next, it is scary outside for a lot of people today. huge parts of the united states troubled by severe weather, bearing the brunt more than most, retail. can the sector take much more of these kind of super winter
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storms? >> also the bitcoin backlash. withdrawals the krypto currency being halted left and right. is this response critics have been waiting for? our bitcoin debate is ready to go. more "money" coming up. ♪
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adam: market seemed to shrug this off. retail sales fell sharply in january, second straight monthly decline but peter barnes is in washington, d.c. on what it means for the rest of 2014. peter, can you put good news on this? >> trying to, adam. once again economists are blaming bad weather for this weak number. some say that is making it harder for them and federal reserve to get a true read on the economy's health and direction. commerce department said retail sales fell .4 of a percent in january excluding autos. sales were flat, december, the holiday shopping season was revised down to a drop of a .1 of a percent from initial read of .2 of a percent increase.
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in a research note diane swonk from mesirow financial says human hibernation hits retailers. the polar vortex has become tiresome and costly. building material and appliance retailers saw higher sales most likely because of repairs to weather damage if that is good news, adam. food sales rose as consumers stocked up on staples. swonk is saying quote, we need to start assessing how much what was lost can be fully recouped, given seemingly relentless nature of weather disruptions this winter. adam. adam: peter barnes, we'll watch retail. thank you very much. it has been a rocky week for bitcoin. details emerging about plans to regulate the digital currency. some say this could be the beginning of the end for bitcoin. we have david barrett and united advisors chief market strategist scott martin argues fox news
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contributor. let me start with you, scott. you've been discussing days we don't discuss bitcoin anymore. is this death knell? >> i've been counting the days, adam we might admit it is near the end. full disclosure, i like the idea as alternative currency and one you can exchange worldwide and ? that being said, what i don't think is great, this is again going to the point you let in again it has been a tough week for bitcoin and tough month. whether that is weather-related or not, everything seems to be you can get really hurt as consumer if you hold bitcoin because of its volatility. imagine, adam, you can buy a lot of cool things with bitcoin, pizza, clothing, even air fare but volatility of currency which is down with the last interview -@with david, you could have a flight from chicago to miami planned one day and wake up tomorrow and website shutdown and only afford a flight to peoria from chicago. that does not seem what people
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want. adam: david, i will let you respond to scott but i have to ask you when you get 50 different states and other countries regulating bitcoin, don't you create a myasma of awfulness for those that want to use bitcoin? >> ultimately regulation is a good thing. regulation is not the beginning of the end but the beginning of the beginning to make it widely-used currency. reimbursements globally and so we deal with money transfer regulation across states and across the world. it is a part of doing business. i think as real businesses start using bitcoin more, real regulations come in place, this is not a bad thing. something to be celebrated. adam: doesn't regulations threaten eventual, perhaps, takeover of bitcoin by those who create fiat currencies? ultimately they will want to try and squash it, aren't they. >> no, they haven't indicated they want to squash it. they want to work with it. i don't think there is real
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desire or need for anybody to take anything over. we want to create an environment where it can be used well. bitcoin is a great tool for us, reimbursing internationally, for is great way for accepting payments. it has a lot of legitimate uses getting more and more attraction especially now that regulation is creating a good framework in place to be used globally. adam: scott, a lot of us who have savings gotten burned by those who run the federal reserve and u.s. government and because we're not getting any return on savings. david seems to make a good point why bitcoin may be a good alternative? >> maybe. they're regulating the things you got burned on, adam. david is ultimately right. here is my concern about regulation. new york, california, illinois, whoever is regulating it, will that maybe drive out the users of bitcoin who are actually maybe like david or companies david is working with are benefiting from the fa
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sillization of bitcoin? if you basically ill liquify the currency that could hurt its price. that would add to volatility, take out players and make it not such a viable idea. adam: david, how do you respond to that? what do you think about countries such as russia and others saying no bitcoin whatsoever within our bored officers. >> sure, the point on volatility being the problem is right. in our case we use it, we minimize exposure to volatility only exchanging it on both end using it as transfer medium than a storage medium. there is overstatement. problems. sure i think there is lot of uncertainty. sure i think different countries around the world are refining approach toward it but major countries already refined its approach for it. they demonstrate it is legal and serve as valid purpose. adam: thank you both for joining us. it is not the end of bitcoin and we'll talk about in the future.
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the monster storm is devouring much of the country. it is on the move. you're looking at live pictures from lowell, massachusetts. it is hurting businesses. we'll talk about those that are affected most. >> butter queen wants you to like her again. paula dean wants you to forget about the past and focus on future. who is she really fooling here? our "money talker" is coming right up. do you have too much money or too much butter? those litt things still get you.
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between time warner an comcast. s&p 500 is up nine points. our own charlie brady pointed out earlier this week it moved above its 50 day moving average. that would indicate we're trending upside. nasdaq closed up yesterday 10 points. we're up 3points on nasdaq. we'll keep an eye on markets for you. we have an hour 40 minutes to go on trading day. liz claman is here at 3:00 for "countdown to the closing bell." we have to talk about this weather, sleet, freezing rain and snow, this perfect storm barreling through the northeast has already battered the southeast from atlanta up to north carolina and causing big problems for business. alley's cookies in atlanta had to close because of the brutal weather. the co-owner jeff winegarten is losing thousands of dollars a day. he joins us in the middle of the storm. jeff, i have family in atlanta and i know it's bad. are you going to be able to reopen tomorrow or day after? >> yes, we're planning on reopening tomorrow morning if
2:21 pm
things warmed up and roads are starting to clear off. so we should be open in the morning. adam: i should point out you're standing --, i should point out you're standing next to the namesake of your cookies your wife ali. how much is this costing you? we talk about the weather and joke about it but this is no laughing matter when you talk about people potentially losing money and losing jobs. >> like you mentioned we're losing thousands of dollars each day that we're closed. we're big about locking at percentages. going into the storm, our website was 2% ahead of sales last year. with valentine's day coming up we should have seen tremendous increases and now looking at figures this morning we're down around 10% for the month. so we've seen a tremendous swing just in the two days because on our website we've had a post that we can't ship and we're losing money in the stores with people not being able to come in and make the valentine's day purchases. adam: we've been doing reports here in the northeast about the
2:22 pm
scramble because of weather. the flourists and businesses like yours will take a hit on valentine's day. can you get through the year after a setback like this, a few days of bad weather? does it really ruin the entire year? >> it doesn't ruin the whole year. luckily we're coming off a tremendous christmas season so we're coming into a time that we should have just even bolstered it even more. again, val line's day is our biggest day of the year after christmas season. but one day out of the year valentine's day is probably our biggest sales day. we probably will take a little bit of a while but we will recover and we go into graduation season. that is our next biggest season. adam: let me ask your wife real quick. if people want to get online to help you out where should they be going and what is your best cookie, your favorite cookie. >> well, probably too this time of year is most popular is cookie cake. heart shaped cookie cake. ship a
2:23 pm
we will ship tomorrow. we told customers, if they want to place orders and more than happy to call recipients tomorrow, wish them a happy valentine's day. tell them they weren't forgotten by sender and we will get their shipments, their cookies out tomorrow just as soon as we can. adam: nothing says loving like a good cookie. i have to let you go at that point. i have to let you go at that point. we wish you the best. i can see traffic picking up behind you. we hope you get that store open as soon as possible. bad as things looking on the ground it is causing terrible havoc for people who are trying to fly today. more than 6,000 flights have been canceled. fox business correspondent rich edson is live at reagan international airport in washington, d.c. and rich, what is going on at this point? are flights back in the air yet? >> not here at national airport. there was some hope by 2:00 this afternoon that maybe among the airlines that the runways would be open here at national airport. that's not the case. there are no runways open here. dulles international, 20 miles
2:24 pm
away from here just opened up one runway. if you look nationwide, the cancellations nearing 6500. the record for this year was 4,000 last month. -@we well exceeded that. cancellations go up. hartsfield-jackson in atlanta, nearly 600 cancellations. philly, 458. charlotte at 46. newark, 375. d.c. here, 370. new york, 336. hundreds and hundreds of cancellations throughout the east coast, adam. we're still getting pretty bad weather here. it turned over into a bit of a sleet mix. we're supposed to get more snow later this afternoon. even if they manage to open up runways, adam, it will take airlines time to get planes back here. basically they decided not to park them here last night because of all this weather. back to you. adam: rich edson, thank you very much. having a little bit of ifb problem so i will let you go. fox news's john roberts is smack dab in middle of atlanta. he is dealing with this weather as well. what can you tell us, john?
2:25 pm
>> good afternoon. tell you things in last couple hours gotten markedly better than they were before. traffic moving on side streets. look at the tininterstate, i-75 and 85 running through the heart of the atlanta. a lot of traffic. most of snow is gone. it was snow covered. people trying to get back to work because they will need to with tomorrow valentine's day. here are pictures earlier. something you don't see in atlanta, a guy skiing down middle of 17th street. you talked to the cookie folks a second ago. down the street they have a very good florist. she has not been able get flowers. it will be a scramble tomorrow to get order out. every restaurant in atlanta booked as well. they are scrambling to get supplies they need to feed folks on valentine's day. one possible casualty of the
2:26 pm
storm, these are different pictures. this used to be the home of the daughters of american revolution chapter in atlanta. it was sold in 2000 one. it was under renovation. it collapsed unweight of the snow. now thaa the snow is melting it is about recovery. this is weight of snow causing trees to fall down. still about 140,000 people in georgia still without power. that number half of what it was earlier today. they are making progress. now that the sun is out, which is best way to deal with snow in the south things will be markedly better. it will refreeze tonight but potential for slipperiness tomorrow. adam: john roberts thank you. i've driven in atlanta. i never seen traffic even good weather. georgia 400. thank you, john. here is "who made money today," sketcher's earnings more than tripled last quarter following
2:27 pm
double-digit sales growth. investor ran with it, the stock is up 6%. chief executive robert greenburg must be liking that. he has four million shares in skechers. he just pocketed 23 million bucks so far today. nice. getting ready to win a lot of money american turned russian snowboarder competing against us in the winter olympics. vic wild says he is putting, he has putin and his russian wife to thank for his career since they are the ones that have supported him all the way. wild says he could never have afforded costly training in the united states and hard to say no to vladmir putin right? so he jumped at chance being sponsored by mother russia. he stand to make more than $400,000 if he adds to the country's medal count in sochi. if he doesn't, hard to disappoint vladmir putin. watch out buddy. making money ryan seacrest, hardest working man in entertainment is adding another star string to his bow. a collection, clothing
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>> paula dean is back in the news after racial slur scandal
2:32 pm
last year, she basically disappear. read mission caused her more than half of her fortune. her tv show and several endorsements. she has gone nearly $100 million shot in the arm to rebuild her brand. the question, will it work? joining me are president hillary kramer and fox business's charles payne and jo lin king. americans love the second act and there's nothing better than all little humility to endear yourself to a customer. >> it is amazing. her products and her food is so good and so appealing, high-fat must really sell. what she did, to me, was appalling. cheri is usually no second act. even though they were done, not necessarily live, they were under oath and she testified, lack of clarity, there -- adam: we were talking, george wallace certainly had a second act. he didn't go back into politics
2:33 pm
but he certainly changed himself in a lot of ways people never thought possible. charles: he stayed in politics because he had a majority of black people to vote for because you never thought about that in deep south in alabama. it would be naive to think people don't use the n word and her mistake, paula dean handle the apology part of this whole episode in a real clumsy way. >> a lot of tears and the motion. charles: it was all about me. to your point there are second acts in this country and i think she comes back with a new paula dean and low-fat versions of this. 100 million. >> coming back, it is premature. she has a big investment with the company, investment brand that failed and try to bring
2:34 pm
them back. very few have been that successful, she has no tv deal, no endorsement, this is an early stage and it is possible that she could stage a come back but it is incredibly early and she has to review a few more cards to make people believe she is worth investing in. there are a lot of other major up and coming cooking star is that appeal to the same demographic. adam: you understand how to make money. if you were advising her, what would you tell her? charles: i would think you just laid out the whole platform, the entire strategy, come back, humble, talk a little bit more, contrite, come back with a new version of yourself and your recipes, the same great food, but you won't get diabetes from it. i am wondering if this dude putting in the money is the version of brewster's millions. is he trying to lose money? the book-of-the-month club,
2:35 pm
scott ball, paula dean. if you don't want the cash give it to me. adam: what would you advise? nobody puts $100 million into a venture thinking i don't care if i ose it. >> paula dean needs to stay at her core with that personality and the product, but she needs to be humble, she needs to read brand, she needs to be a different kind of person and i do believe there are no second acts but however maybe she is turning the event into one -- adam: jay leno had a second act. >> jay leno didn't go out with such horrible -- >> as conan o'brien about that. >> two things in business, manners and being a kind, decent human being. maybe paula dean is the kind decent human being, from albany, george and something from her past. something underneath.
2:36 pm
we don't know. some is willing to give her a chance. is reprehensible and she shouldn't have been given another chance thaa someone must know something or understand about her or her appeal. charles: a lot of extraordinarily successful people in the media who are not the two things you describe, not nice people and not humble people and make hundreds of millions of dollars. remember she had a book before she was canned that was number one pre ordered. if you look at the "duck dynasty" controversy and the amount of people that came to the defense she already has a built-in audience and will have an opportunity to read granters of 2 other people. on a more personal note i met her a few years ago in the green room. she came and hugged me and said you love me, she made me feel great and i didn't feel any negativity like she was a bad person at all. >> if she can bring that out -- adam: you get the last ord. it never goes out of style.
2:37 pm
charles: absolutely. adam: margarine is gone. charles payne, ashley kramer and jo lin king. struggling for survival the postal service is looking for ways out of the red including a controversial shift in finance. one california lawmaker has two words to say, no way. why darrell issa is calling the move irresponsible and we will speak to him next. at an end of the day it is all about money. [ male announcer ] this m has an accomplished research and analytical group at his disposal. ♪ but even more pressive is how he puts it to work for his clients. ♪ morning. morning. thanks for meeti so early. oh, it's not a big deaat all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investi. ♪
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ashley: i am ashley webster with your fox business brief. wall street journal reports brooks and is contemplating possible bankruptcy protection, the retailer, none for the first shares of cyberelectronics kerri $200 million in debt, bork's toned restructuring advisers and in talks with the eventual buyers. the number of americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits rose by 8,000 last week, the 339,000. the labor department says the four week moving average increased by 3500. mortgage rates increasing. according to freddie mac the average rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage edging up to 4.28% last week. that is up from the previous week, 4.23% and also ends five weeks of decline. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. adam: taking a look at gold, gold cross $1,300 an ounce after news the prime minister in italy was resigning so people were flying to safety. gold was up. looking at oil, it settled a little bit ago just a bit. you can see as we continue to trade with oil, right now, not as strong as it had been not too
2:42 pm
long ago. greta van susteren seven straight years of losses the postal service is looking at a controversial way to get back in a black. and to offer financial services in an attempt to reduce its $16 billion debt. congressman darrell issa is trying to block that move. why do you want to block it? >> the post office is going to lose $5 billion this year after a $2 billion rate increase. this is an organization that is carrying a very inefficient workforce, 100,000 excess workers, processing plants that should have been closed decades ago. this is not the kind of nimble organization that would be able to do high risk loans in urban communities. even more importantly quite frankly this is the third world proposal by the fatah ig and elizabeth warren, that you would have a federal laid-back bank
2:43 pm
guaranteeing small loans in high-risk areas. if you want to do it be honest about it. taxpayers will be at risk. unless you are charged reasonable amount of interest they will lose money. adam: work your example into this question. you brought up senator warren. she and part of her support for this is the heyday lenders which usually lend to people who would be considered some prime are paying exorbitant rates of interest, so through the post office i am not saying it is right or wrong, i will let you tell us that, you can bring the interest rate down for those people who certainly need liquidity to help this economy. >> first of all paid day lending is in fact short-term lending so somebody comes in, gives you their check and then four or five or six days later, you cash the check. what happens quite frankly is those rates seem very high at but if you look at the
2:44 pm
transaction fee, it isn't. i am not defending payday lending. if you want to wipe out a day lending, former federal energy that loans money in suburban communities can be honest and say you want to do that but the post office every time they try to do something even in their core business, they manage to not be able to do it well. they have a pilot program where they were trying in san francisco to do same-day delivery for a premium charge. they manage to lose almost all of the $10,000 it costs. they delivered 95 packages same day and it cost $100 each to deliver them. this is not an organization that should do anything except get right size for the job they currently have and doing well. charles: you open the possibility. why not create some kind of federal d-backs program to help win the money to the sub prime borrower? the banks don't seem to be doing it is the rate we need them to
2:45 pm
do it to spread this economy. >> if you want to do that and have rules, great. have a discussion about it but understand that taxpayers will lose money on this. is a difficult situation when you look at the so-called underserved, the payday lenders. having said that, the post office, i oversee the post office is an organization that needs to shed 100,000 workers, needs to shed a third of their processing plants, needs to end six day delivery and then they might be able to lose a net zero on $62 billion in revenue. the post office has an essential service, they're doing it fairly well but doing it at a great loss. that is something that needs to be addressed and i hope the senator would work with me to finally get some of these reforms in place rather than what the senate has been doing for longtime which is passing bills that prohibit any kind of
2:46 pm
reasonable reform. adam: i appreciate you joining us on a cold and frigid day everywhere in the country. all the best. coming up, when you wake up in the morning are you referring to go or dreading going in? some reports suggest you should treat your career the same way you do your lover. oh oh. we are going to delve into this one. don't go away. you can never have too much money.
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adam: simply valentine's day fun, not easy to find a job you love.
2:50 pm
how about learning to love the job you have? tom campbell is an employment expert and founder and ceo, thank you for joining us. give me the five ways to love the one you are with or at least love the job you got. >> you have chosen this profession. you wanted to work, you wanted to have a career, you got to say i made the commitment to you, dive in, fall in love with it. a lot of people, i heard a statistic that 70% of people don't like their jobs. when you are saying they made the choice, if they were to say to you -- >> to draw on your analogy of falling in love with somebody else it is like saying 50% divorce rate. you choose the person you are with. you choose what career era in. if you don't like what you do you have one of two options. either make the best of the situation or find another career. my dvice is try to fall in love with the career you have and by that you don't cut out because
2:51 pm
you don't like it at 5:00, you put in more time. invest more time to fall in love because with your career if you get better at it you will have more success and you will really have a sense of satisfaction. adam: what about interacting with co-workers and doing things with co-workers? >> what a lot of people do is say i am not sure this is the right long-term job for me and i don't necessarily like everybody at work with which leads to the negative emotional aspect of your job but instead of feeling that way when you got to do is try to make friends and most of us haven't done that since we went to college, trying to make friends for the first time. view your career, view your co-workers like that and go to the happy hours after work, play on the softball team. if you are not an athlete go cheer them on and have a beer with them after work. if you don't drink you can still be a part of it and try to engage with them and things outside of work because it will make the relationship stronger. adam: does raising your voice tell? >> raising your voice in the right way. when you are sitting there in a
2:52 pm
company meeting or a group or business practice meeting and taaking about what is going on a lot of times when you're disengage or not as satisfied with your career you get quiet and what you need to do is think more. when you are thinking and have a good idea of voice, raise your voice at the meeting and have some input. the key to that is you have to give them what you are about to say some thought, have to be intelligent in order to make a contribution but always speak of. adam: i will close with my own offering, bringgsome light music and a bottle of kill boston to work any will be popular. >> thank you. adam: "countdown to the closing bell," you can't miss the last hour of trading. the big trades moving the markets and moving investment plus the ultimate snub. turning away tens of thousands of chinese millionaires just as they were about to make their move. you got to hear about the companies reeling from the setback right here on money to
2:53 pm
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adam: an hour and five minutes left in the trading day, we want to bring in more people. of course, we want to talk about the big headline. time warner, comcast, something the customer service is a marriage that would be like freddy krueger and jason voorhees being put together. who will win from this? liz: right now time warner is winning. everybody thinks his parlor game of guessing is over. you have to get okay from regular eaters. did they overpay? adam: did they overpay?
2:57 pm
jack: there is one of three things going on. either the deal won't go through or there is not much of a reason to own comcast stock here. a lot of spending ahead of it. why should i be in a hurry to buy the stock right now. i can tell you the time warner customer here in new york, they get time warner, the bar has been set pretty low for services going forward. adam: have to move forward. pepsico earnings today, jack. we had pepsico on was cheryl casone during the noon hour. what'' happening? we used to drink soda like there is no tomorrow. what is going on? jack: pepsi decided to stick with the pepsi business. pepsi and coke working on bringing out the diet soda with the natural sweeteners. it has been a long time since we have seen a big launch of a new diet drink. that could move the needle for both sides.
2:58 pm
adam: their stock is down 2%. liz, how do you get pepsi off-track? are they off-track? liz: they have been struggling a little bit the past couple of years. they tried to going to be salty snack business. frito-lay became a hot prospect during the super bowl with tteir hot commercials. americans are changing the habit, coke and pepsi better as well. coke struck the deal with green mountain coffee to have the pods going into green mountain to create carbonated drinks. pepsi needs to shake it up a bit. >> if you like pepsi, you're better off with coke. you are buying them at about the same price. adam: rc cola for those of us who remember it. were you surprised by cisco yesterday? right now they're trading down about 3% today. jack: cisco has weak results in china that i suspect are just economics, it is more politics was retaliation going on for chinese companies not being able
2:59 pm
to sell network here in the u.s. the other is software defined networks, i and efforts to use cheaper hardware and later on some software on top of it. undercut cisco. i think it is cheap. adam: nobody knows cisco better than you. and you know management very well, is it cheap? liz: that is what you have to watch a few minutes, we have an interview with john chambers, ceo, the chairman and that seat for 19 years. he has been morphing this company, bringing it into videoconferencing, into security, into it. he did not do anything he didn't say he was going to do this quarter. no downgrades to sell signals. i do think jack is 100% correct. what he is saying is the chinese company that does pretty much the same thing, huge competitors to cisco, they have been shut out of some u.s. companies because of politics saying the chinese can get in there if they
3:00 pm
install this software and spy on you. the national security agency using cisco equipment to spy on other countries, so now cisco is getting the other side of that. listen to what john chambers says may change your mind. adam: as we throw it to "countdown to the closing bell," all 10 sectors on the s&p 500 and positive territory trading higher. "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. liz: the parlor game over who will buy time warner cable is finally over. comcast winning the race paying a hefty premium for shares, but comcast hasn't crossed the real finish line yet. will it ultimately win the approval of regulators? holy winter dump, the biggest storm of the season freezes much of the country shutting down the federal government as well as airport, schools and highways. costing billions in lost productivity and could freeze


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