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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  February 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> don't worry, ma, we get love mail. send brownnies next time. thank you for watching. check out friday's show, "you're on drugs," what is it and what it means is on friday at night. good night. lou: goo evening, president obama today demanded that ukrainian government avoid further r violence against pro western demonstrate ores it kiev, more than 25 people killed there, hundreds more injured in clashes between antigovernment otesters, and polic obama warning there will issue as he put it, consequences if the ukrainian government ainst crosses that line, retir four-star genal jack keane will join us, and also, president obama pushed by canadian prime minister harper to approve the keystone pipeline, and a billionaire left wing activist is pushing
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president obama's party in the opposition direction, 5 co-host, andrea will join us, and angel volkswagen top labor -- has voted striking. in chalk talk up theulture of corporate ultimatums, joined in by big labor, top story, streets of kiev, of ukraine, desending into blazing fires and bloohed, sprawling antust protest cam in central kiev, the scene of f fierce clashes between donstrators, and police. 26 peoeople have been killed including a number of police officers. 500 people have been injured. president obama today issued an ultimatum to the government of ukraine, threateningng consequees if t military is ordered to intervene.
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>> the uted states condemns in its strongest terms violent taking place, we hold the ukrainianovernment primarily sponsible, we expect the ukrainia government to show restraint to not resort to violence there wle consequences if people step over the line. that includes making sure that ukrainian military ds not step in to what should be a set of issues that can be resolved by civilians. lou: president vtor announced moments ago his government and the opposition forces have agreed to a truce. members of oppositionarties, include former heavyweight boxi champ klitschko. negotiating a quote, cessation of floo bloodshed for the sake civil peace this comes hours after the ukrainian president fired his military chief, and announced a so-called
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antiterrorist operation underway to restore order. and after president putin suspended transfe of mons to bailouout the ukrainian government, and presint putin told presidentian covic, it is up to the ukraini government to avoid further bloodshed. >> antigovernment protests also rocking venezuela. demonstrators, angry or crime shortages of basic goods, and threats to their freedom. least 5 venezlans have been killed since the demonstrations began last week. and human rights groups conde venezuela government, after president nicholas ma durao ordered arrestnd prosecution ofl leading opposition figure on charges of terrorism a murder, a harvard trained economist has lid 3 weeks of protest, and surrendered ed to authorities. >> my first guest said it lely
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too late are in obama administration to do much more than talk about the ukraine. our leadership is persevered as we. i am diswroine joid by retired four-star general jack king, at this poin -- >> gd t be here. . lou: we hear a familiar retrain from t white hou. >> they daint take your threats seriously. particularly after the threat with syria and red line, we should be talking to putin, he the thug that is trying to dominate from former sovt union client states, and ukraine is top on hiss list. the fact is that in his mind, ukraine has been a part of
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russia. he is after that client state, it economically important to him. the europeans and united stes, for a number of year now have shown some ineptitude in dealing with this crisis affectively and moving ukraine in the right direction. i don't think much will happen here. lou: not much may happen i terms of u.s. assertion of interest and power. but, president putin made it clear, hasn't he, he means to intervene if this gets further out of hand. what other prospects in your judgment? >> well what fears is 2004 repete, whe when thi stiewj nostooge, now the president of ukraine. fact is that all those
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demonstrations took place, and a new leader came into power, that intimidated i think probay frightened foot in, he saw the -- computer up, he sa putin, he es not' that to happen again. he does not top get that out of hand. does not want to get that out of hand, i doubt ifiaciac put troops in street without some kind of discussion with putin. putin is trying -- show strength, from government perspective but not let it get out of hand whe governmt is challenged in terms of its future. neil: european union holding an energy meeting on the possibility of imposingan shins tomorrow. -- sanctions tomorrown this, sound very peculiar to me it is hard to impose sanions that would only affect a corrupt
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leader, not the people who are demonstrating at least half of home, for a tighter ts with euroan union itself with the west. >> that strategy is fundamentally flawed. yo question and i question it as well. sanctions against this government, from europeans who people' to be aligned with, strengthens the president's hand. and frustrates the people. it does not make sense for the europeans to do this. they are dealing with the wrong person, the person we should put pressure on putin. >> and the president meanwhi is dealing with harper and mexican preside nieto talng about harmonization of borders and trade -- boarder and trade, syria lapse from the priority
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list for this administration. and secretary kerry. we still have seen very little in way of movement. if anything. in the inian nuclear talks. what is going on with the administration? your best -- if you will, your best analysis of where we are in the middle east right now in. >> i think what happed is administration, you know, wiinning what took place with two wars afgnistan and irkrage, they don't agree with either one. have done all they could to avoid the potential of another conflict ty are paralyze by fear of that adverse consequence, middle eat leaderip outhere interpret u.s. as no longer wanting to be involved work we're in retreat, and disengages, our adversaries in the region are all moving
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forward. and united states is sitting on the fence. so our foreign policy is seen as one of retrenchmentrom the world. and fact is that we are perceived general he speaking no through out the world by friends and adversaryys as weak. weak. lou: thank you, general. >> gd tking to you lou. lou: president obama, showed up. ty handed to the three amigos meeting in mexico, summit. theeystone pipeline still under review, immigration reform is going nowhere. senate maaority leader harry reid does not top fast track legislation t make it easier for mr. obama to negotiate trade deal, president signed an executive order, anotheriat, te to speed up small businesses gaining approval for
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more imports and experts, but overall not much of a day in terms of achievement. a mystery tonight onboa ship made famous by oscar nominated movie, captain phillips. police say two american secur guards, both of them former u.s. navy seals, were found dead aboard the maresk alabama whill aboard seyelles. >> a new government accountability officer repubc said that deparent of homeland security has a contract to buy up to anoth 7004 million rounds of am nation over the next 4 years, that is 2500 rounds per year, for all 70,000 dhsofficers, a cost of almost 300 million dollars. ay withs. much more ahead, we're coming
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lou: not much happening on wall street today, stocks finishing near sessionows, dow down 90, s&p lost 12, nazdaq down 35, housing starts down 16% in january because of our cold winter weather, natural gas prices also affected b cold. climbing to 6.14 that is higst price level in 5 years, general motors to build aluminum trucks
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beginning in 2018, joining fd whose truck is out later this year. a standoff between netflix, and broaand providers reportedly slowing streaming, the fcc said it is preparingew rules to prevent internet providers from charging fees to reach consumers at higher speeds, despite a rules last month that permitted it. >> angelus oaks top labor -- volkswagen top lor reprentative in german, threatening to allow any expansion. >> have never seen such hutzpah on the part of a guy sitting in germany telling americans what they have to do. this is going to have reacted?
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>> think so. and why does he feel imboldenne president obama made it about the german shareholders fm the get go, they probably feel open powered to assert their control. lou: and president has his hand-picked nlrb to help them along, but idea, that this guy, at volkswagen does he not understand brand issues? volkswagen with all of its brands, success,lobally but also in this country, still remains, the richest consumer market in the world, you know, come on. calm down. >> i don't pretend to know how euroan mind set works, i don't have to tell you, lou this is a company that is additionaly pro union, and they let the unions come in, they gave them unfettered access, what real frustrates me is that people
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have spoken, the left and that european socialist menentaly we serie creep into our country, and occupy our white house, will not let pple t their own devices make their own choices, they under estimate how savvy people are when it comes to their own paychecks, workers, lo at their paychecks and union offering and said, the generous benefit technology i packages are there salary is there, why do we need you, that is not a compelling dial for us. lou: volkswagen is enjoying imnse success, the workers in tennsee, are doing a great job, building a superior product, in the workers are well provided for, their compensation is a fair, it is, they make terrific living wage, why screw with it? the vernacur? but they decided to do so, spectical of a company sides with a union, insisting that their workers, appve it.
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>> and do they read about detroit? have they read about other car companies that have fallen at hands of the uaw, they have not. europe is very big on unions. very big. but think this is just add asty to tell u.s. how to do business, and lecture them and wag the finger, and boldness of unions that i think are grasping for air, saying we'll sue, it shs they are desperate. lou: and what is ironic in this president of united states, now down, in toluca, mexico with three amigos meeting. they are in the shadows of that summit. is a gianthrysler plant, building three different model some of which are shipped here, we're having a discussion with voation voation about wha
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volkswagen with what they are doing, a how they want to run things in our count. >> and the keystone pipeline, it would be another bne for american workers, president obama admitted the reason it is not getting done is because of the pitics, i can't believe he actually admitted tt politics is getting in the way o american jobs. lou: i'm glad he dstraight forwardness is in sort supply in washington. but reality is we have a bunch of people walking around sophistited economists saying with this administration, can't crea sufficient jobs, they will not look at what is obvious. you start looking at offshore production, and outsources of jobs, when you look a failure of business to invest in this marketplace, the home mart, it not difficult, they are not investing in the cntry's
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future. not in this economy. >> they are not comfortable with american greatness, i believe that president does not care about t gdp or growth, i don't think he ces about the unemploy rate, i don't think he cares about the cboreport or what obamacare will do, they don't care. they care about one thing, making people dependent on government, in their eyes. the cbo reports, and report that jobs is not being created because of impediments due to politics that does not matter, that is fine. lou: you wave him away as beck beckel. >> short on facts sometimes but not on passion. lou: we'll carry your water for you, beckel, we would be glad to have you on. >> he is a good guy,ust
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disillusions. lou: that is the case with the left. >> they mean well. lou: andrea thank you. a minnesota businessman claims viory in battle between the nsa and departmentf homeland securit the federal agencies took issue his parody proam-shirts and mugs that made fun of them ich featured satire call slogans like n, peeping while you are sleeping, and spying you on since 1952. also, nsa the only part of government that actually listens, lovehat one. department of homeland security stupid tie, that is not -- department of homeland stupidity, daniel mccall, sued last fall, andust settled out of court with agency in search of a sense of him or. will e wit us here, this
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week to tell his story. up next, volkswagen top labor leader, issuing threats in chalk talk. i show you why the days of corporate and lake ar ultimatums -- labor ultimatums y be coming to an end. stay with us. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. inking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zon across new york state. move here. expand he. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's up.y one way for your business to go. find out if your biness can qualify at
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lou: what a billionaires,nd bor leaders have in common? they both belve they should be able to buy boa and tell the -- votes and tell the rest of us what to d we talked about venture capitalist tom perkins before, he said that rich get more slo votes because they are rich. >> 54 kingperkins system is you don't get t vote, but what i think is, should be like a corporation, you pay a million dollars in taxes you should get a million votes. lou: exciting idea. and there is billionaire retired hedge function inves fund investor tom steyer, he is a
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rrows wanna-be. he is planning to spend as much as $100 million to boost democrats to make global warming a priority. nnw there is this fella. he is burne osterloh, he is mad about that uaw losing election in tennessee, now he is threatening plan workers, businesses and companies saying if they don't unionize in tennessee it will affect volkswagen present in the south, he is so fulf himself and vokes vehicle he thinks his blterring become a 53% employee vote to reject the union now, he is over in germany he needs to calm down a little bit, when he or anyone else threatens americans, that does not usually end well. whetherou are a belligerent
10:27 pm
german labor leader on a billnae willing to may billions to up flew inthe midterm ections, the republican party as opening here, if they have a leader ship and guts to really represent working men and women, represent the middle class, and those who ar striving to be a a part of i, for response to the billionairr's club, and tough big labor guys, a go to hell would be i think a good start. we're coming right back. >> you know the republican party is getting to be an interesting buch, the tea party fighting back against the establish am vowing to run primary challengers, against anyone voting for house speaker john boehner. our favorite radio talk show hoist will join us, tonight matt patrick, chris plant, and todd starns. ♪
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lou: the centers for disease control warni that h1n1 strain of flew virus is killing elderly and so-called young inven invincibles outbreak sever in california, 250 people have died soyar this year, that compares to 26 this time lt year. joining me now a-team withur favorite radio talk show hosts, houston, kprc, and kprh, mat -att patrick, and washington d.c. ta show host, chris plant. >> iot 12 but -- >> thank you for not making me
10:32 pm
read them all. see what i mean. host of fox news, commentary on folks news radio, todd starns, great to have you with us. >> lou. >> let's turn to president oba in mexico, it haa been a long time since we heard nort american union and open borders, has it gone away now in. >> you would think it h, with more than 20 years now since that has been in plce, nafta. and people are still upset about it. they are arguing about itt but i think that folks are wondering why president condition say in this country and deal -- can't sy in this country and deal with problems here, that is the issue of the day with my readers and listeners. lou: your thoughts. >> i agree, interesting president has to leave the united states, people are not pleased with him, neither is prime minister of canada or president of mexico, i hope they
10:33 pm
discus that keystone excel pipeline this president should approve, but because it would create jobs and help us get off foreign oil, he will not. lou: chris, anoth subject, president takg time out to threaten government of ukraine, saying, you cross a line heree it will be -- there will be consequences tt word. this time. man has aixing a on-lines - fixation on-lines and consequences. >> the truth is nobody takes him seriously at this ., red line in syria was a joke that keeps moving all over the pllce, deal with iran on nuclear weapon a joke, ayia told isa laughing- icra tolda is laughing at us issue those hard casing over there. i promise you they will ignore whatever he says, the threat is sanctions as though sanctions
10:34 pm
have changed behaviors in the past, more fecklesses in, hapless ness, our president has an f in foreign policy. lou: and the vw labor leader, saying that people need to be in a union regardlessf what people want. what do you think will be the reaction, to a labor leader, a relative of volkswagen, the way they are organized, making such a threat? >> as they say in tennessee, that won't my up on rocky top, i am filiar with this area, the lks who live in that part of southeast tennessee, they have seen devastation rocked by unions. they have seen thenemployment, they have seen the. ty buildings and des layin
10:35 pm
laying that played into the vote, i was not surprised wn i saw the vote as it went down, i suspect that they wille hard pressed to make a change and bridge the union back to that company. lou: you know,. go ahead. >> what bothers me. this is become now, you know a race thing. that in the south, we in south, we don't want 9 norern unions here, i heard beckel the other day compare to civil rights movement that some of the more ignorant this i heard, to that guy running volkswagen in germany, you don't want to build your plants in the south that is fine with us, we d't want you. >> this ceo needs tour of detroit, we should play o a first place plane ticke put hii in the backf a towncar, and drive him around, maybe he would know the vote in
10:36 pm
tennessee. lou: y are sounds like a memmm cmercial but a town -- fem fe m&m commercial. >> i 1 irwhat impact will be, whh this is richest consumer market thehey have a 5 fool lking this ignorantly. >> when you look at history of unions in country, in automobile industry, you look at desolation in detroit, they up inetroit don't have sweet tea at least folks in southeast have that. lou: one thing that republicans had going forward them, was a tea party. now, we are watching, a real contest within the republican party, between establishment. two has not done much right i the pastecade, and the tea party which searched their bacon -- savedtheir bacon in 2010,
10:37 pm
what is going on with the g.o.p. in. >> i think we all saw it. vote with debteing with 28 republicans vote with democrats, boehner has no power, i love the word feckless, you are right. that is a perrect word for boehner, after the midterm elections a new speiche speech speaker of the house, if you don't, there will be a lot of people like me that demand that change. boehner is an absolute orange feckless irresponsible bern that should note longer b speaker the of the house. lou: matt. >> i like it. lou: i'm going to have to look them up. chris plant always showing off like that. tea party, you can call boehner
10:38 pm
what youant, but the fact i that you got the tea party threatening in primaries, you got chamber of commerce threateng in primaries, anybody else want to get in the game? andcrew up the republican party? well. >> there it fight is long every due, i think, they are not accomplish a lot in lastecade, it is time for a ltle bit of a cleansing i think, a rewal of republican party, there is too much go along to get ang, $17.3 trillion in debt creeping up on gdp, time we woke up. get our own house in order. that is what the tea party is calling for, sincery mentioned racism in volkswagen plant. it is you know tea party are not voting for theaw as racist, are they going to jump the shark on this racism thing or what? when does thi ball of spring
10:39 pm
run out? but republicans having infighting is healthy. i'm concerned about democrats so eager to march in lockstep on everything single issue, no matter what. talk about you know germans, the discipline that democrat party can muster is disturbing, a like a scrum now and then, how it should be peal back old layers and reveal nnwnw that is health. lou: all right. >> thank you ted cruz. >> as karl rove said, whatever youo, don't go after hillary, don't criticize hillary, you can't do that,. lou: yeah, well,ou know, emasculated by karl rove and mitt romney. >> don't get us starre!! start on karlove. >> it workedso well for her. >> i am rooting for bill clinton a doormat fresident in 2016. lou: chris plant thank you, matt patrick thank you, todd starns thank you.
10:40 pm
>> thanknk youou. carl will double his stake in new york times to almost 22% ownership. just a little less than half of shares value today's close, a good deal, and a timely investment. up next, we'll take up ggowing divide between big business, and conservatives in the republican party. when it comes to immigration and a host ofther issue, we'll be joined by vice president geneve wood, she is next.
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lou: aeek ago u.s. chamber of commerce ceo tom crow cw crow
10:44 pm
-- ceo tom donohue wrote an op-ed, here to talk 'why big business seems to be moving in opposition direct of coervatives on immigration and other issues is viceresident haiheritage foundation geneve wood. great to have you with us. >> glad to be here 9. lou: tom donohue pace belie telling republican party how it is going to be.. not the house legislation. and pushing unskilled immigrants to the country rather than highly skilled immigrants to drive our economy. your thoughts? >> well, a lot of people think of chamber of commerce may believe they represent a lot of
10:45 pm
small binesses, but it is the establish am pition of big business position that chamber is putting forward, for all they want to see about immigration it will help businesses somehow even if that were true that is not what this immigration bill they supported or business round table and other lobbyistroups -uppted wld do. very first thing it does it gives amnesty toillions o folks who are here illegally, i am sor, i sorry it is hard to say how that is good for the american taxpayer, it is not securing our borders. so a lot of us can say, includings at heritage foundation, we do need immigration reform but not with an amnesty bill. that is what chamberants to do, they are willing to take that route, they think it will be good for some of their businesses even though it runs over american taxpayer, and our country's rule of law. lou: whether we talk about
10:46 pm
immigration or obamacare. your views on obamacare, you know, i would like to hear. given that are such a divergence with chamber big business, we hear big business, whichs now by the way getting subsidized, a bailout in waiting for healthcare iurance companies. which will learn a lot more about by may there seems to be a merger of corporate interests in this country with the demoic party. that i have never seen the likes of. lou: >> big business in establish am that goes across both pties, you can't just blame democrats onhat, tomorrow i have a column in foundry, tomorrow. i don't talk just about immigration, whether it is corporate subsidy or things like obamacare, other areas where the
10:47 pm
siness lobby has made a deal with the devil. we'll go along get along those things, and i tell you why, i think it happens, they unlocked individual citizen or small busineness own or entrepreneur, they can afford the record keepers, lobbyists and tax accountables and lawyers it takes to keep up with the mandates and regulations that come withhis lik obamacare, they end up being only people in the market that pushes the little guy out, whether you talk about obamacare or internet sales tax,hat chamber and others were behind earlier, that is a new tax, why are they calliig for a new tax? big groups like and others can handle, that woman who is to sell her art on esty that is a big hurdle, have you more big government, not our pricing that big business that can afford and work with, it
10:48 pm
coming out, supporting it. lou: we have the issue now of note new tralty, -- net new tralty, a contest between the gatekeepers. watching what is happening wa netflix, and verizon, and others. as internet providers, we have a lot to sort out, these gatekeepers are frankly, not the american way of doing want. >> you can't talk about free enterpse and free market and be for corporate well fraire, giving subsidies t whether green customer boeing or general electric, that is not free mark that is not a level
10:49 pm
playing fields. that is what we're seeing, there are things that chamber and business groups doight. but there is a well the of things they do that really is for lack of a better term, they are getting close and koz we big government. government. >> i refer to tom donohue as the good cdinal, he is taken to front and center stage. with sometime ultimat ultimatum or threats, he is feeling his oats that is remarkable. we'll seeow it works. >> we l, i think your segment before spoke to, that you will see a lot play out in primaries and elections, they will come up again in accept accept and other places tea party and other places. lou: jean eve thank you. >> up next, my commentary on
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obama administration, liberal national media what words and politically correct phrasing you politically correct phrasing you are about to use, that and your in the new new york, we don't back down. politically correct phrasing you are about to use, that and your we oy know one direction: up soe're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business her and pay taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan.
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♪ lou: nephew talks. you may have noticed our language above politics and government is changing rapidly these days. that is because our politicians, in ideologue's, advocates and activists understand that whoever controls language control stock. and whoer controls thought controls our lives. president obama is talking with his canadian and mican counterparts in mexico, but they are talking about harmonization of trade, which realy means expediting, sometimes recklessly
10:54 pm
, the shipping of goods across our borders. they will be talking about free trade, of couse, and what they really mean is asymmetrical trade, often depending upon lower-cost labor, for example, in mexico, to build products once made in america or even canada. nothing of this. we are now used to calling unskilled workers across into this country illegally undocumented or even migrants. the same people we once called illegal aliens. thgovernment still does, by the way. illegal immigrants, but not as much now. the associated press banned the use of illegal immigrant, believe and not, and the ap did not offer a temperatures journalists to use in hs place. we slowly adapts to all of this, don't worry. we once called what is happening to our environment global warming, but now the mainstream liberal media likes to call it, change. yo may have noticed, very fw
10:55 pm
people, if any, have secretaries and more. assistance, their call now. stewardesses are flight attendants, no longer are we all mankind, we are huan kind, nor american indianseither. their native americans, althou not to be called natives. our founding fathers are simply founders, even though our founding fathers were all men. it sometimes is complicated to understand why thing, person, idea is, one name or the other, but it is easy to understand why some folks now want to change those names and why change it often makes it easy to let slip below control of our lives. one or two words at the time. well, it is time now for a few of your thoughts and top comments from our viewers. an e-mail about the deteriorating situatn in the ukraine. thank you fo bringing this situation in the ukrai into
10:56 pm
the mainstream. we have a thug regime ruling the underclass while a puppet master pulls the strings. ouadministration and state department our as inept and the eve about ukraine as they are on everything else. sherry tweete about president obama's warngs to the ukrainian government. obama has no business making threats. he has no authority to carry out. he is an all talk and no action kind of guy. my generation usd to call that all show and no g. joe and national e-mail me about the lack of trust and washiigton . your program is very inspiring to the american public. truth and hoesty are just on the part of the washington d.c. in -- washington d.c. seen r are american government. keep those comments coming every love to hear from you. e-mail me. follows on twitter, or go to our facebook page. links to everything we are giving away a ree copy of my
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new book to anyone his comments are read here, and we thank you for sending your thoughts along to us. that is it for "lou dobbs night". thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. we so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? thank you for joining us. we that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surpse!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's ni. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank.
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do here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ neil: you would think with numbers like this, the conessional budget office would think otherwise. they have sggested a fallout and they're going full speed ahead.


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