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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  February 27, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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kyle, was that you? ralph nader is here tomorrow, i am going to end it there you better be nicer tom ♪ john: do you realize how hard it is to get the young kids out of the house? >> too many video games, they don't know what's going on around them. we want our young people at entitled slackers? ♪ ♪ john: is their culture raunchy? >> miley cyrus is a bad example of the kids. ♪ ♪ john: madonna and i are baby boomers. >> you young people should be like us. ♪ double mocha. >> we are the generation that
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has an excuse for everything. >> not to mention our government programs that allow us to take money from young people. >> excuse me, excuse me. and the old person than i need this. the battle of the ages as our show tonight. the ♪ ♪ >> now it's time for john stossel. john: battle of the ages is the title of the show. the conflict between generations. the celebrities are bad role models. ♪ ♪ john: we will get to miley cyrus later. at first, my generation is running a scam. we feel for you young people.
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>> would be doing? >> i'm old and i need this. i need to take the scooter. >> hey, give that back. john: i don't normally grab things from kids. the because of medicare and social security, we give it to people my age and older even if we have plenty of money. most older people are richer than young people. and yes, the 30-year-old our tax to pay for my health care. this is why say america should cut entitlement. medicare and social security will suck every penny away from young people. young people at the coalition of reducing spending.
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obviously you want spending reduced, but it suits that so the government should spend more. >> they will get older, they will get older every year, someday they will be old people and they will need retirement and purity and health care. john: this is unsustainable. we are taking too much. >> social security has a small gap which is manageable. or if we don't do anything on medicare, it will bankrupt the government. if we don't do it through the government, it will bankrupt every individual person. the government has a lot of unique situations.
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>> i think the irony is what you have pointed out. we have less wealth is young people and we get to those that are the older generation in a better position. so these programs were meant for an age that people didn't live to the same age as that we wenn to today. >> most people didn't even reach 65 when social security was passed. >> no one wants to throw the older generation out on the streets.
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>> the prices come down. >> when you compare that to government health care, costs are out of control. >> i'm sure it's not a market for insurance. you need isk pools and groups and large insurance and there's a lot of reasons why we think the insurance market will function a little differently than food or phones or technology. john: if you took every penny,
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we've run the numbers, every penny for millionaires, it would be about $660 billion. and that just covers today's deficit. >> everyone contribute to social security and everyone will take advantage of it when they hit and all the glh in the thinking of medicare. >> what we faced up to animal entitlement by letting people opt out? >> would you consider opting out of the whole system under one condition? donath the government for anything. >> we got a standing ovation. so what is wrong with that? >> i take care of myself and.
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>> we are doing a real-time experiment over the past couple of decades. we have been seeing the 401k programs that have been meant to type about retirement security. >> people suffer. john: this man was fired after working 35 years for the city. he had hoped to relax and travel. now at age 66, he is a security guard at the local mall. >> we put our money in every
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payday. >> i think that is very important as to why there should be federal programs. they're going to come and go with the economy. it used to be an industrial powerhouse. >> politicians are either good or responsible. >> i think it will have this. >> even though the production of a bankruptcy. the government what we don't do it through the government, they will bankrupt every individual person. one what is thh best way to do it. >> the reason we are seeing health care costs is because we don't have that in competition that we have another in a race area.
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>> the 30,000,000,000,001-dollar unfunded liability, most don't know about places like this and most don't even know that america is now $17 trillion in debt. >> how much is america and that? >> i don't know. >> i'm not sure exactly, but i -now it's a lot. >> i think it's a couple trillion dollars. john: the ignorance helps some. >> they understand. they pay when they are young and they collect when they're older. this is how it works. >> it was meant for a population structure that doesn't exist nowadays. and i will probably not change for the better going forward. john: thank you jonathan and money. to keep this conversation going on facebook or twitter, let
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people know what you think. entitlement is not sustainable, but the birth rate is down. it is now below replacement level. some people think that that is probably a good thing because they worry about overpopulation. >> i think that we are way up over carrying capacity. >> there's not enough of shelter and money. %-the author of this bookue. understands that. what to expect when no one is expecting. >> the world population increased by 400%. terrible things should be happening.
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it was was scarce and we've had more of everything. so more people means more brains. it people invent new ways to bring things to people. we have innovation and build on one another. john: hong kong is rich where there's lots of room in the world are you. john: in rich countries people are not having enough '80s. to pay for people my age. >> people got to close their eyes. we have to keep your social security and medicare going. >> it's about young people making more future taxpayers, that's what we call babies. we have four or five kids in
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every family and we have 1.93 which is below the replacement level. >> we are actually very lucky if we are having a number of problems. the problem with immigrants is that they come in and they start acting like everyone else and at the end of the day you have to change the culture we want to protect people my age, to discourage people from having more kids. >> at the most basic level you have kids so that if the kids are rotten they will take care of you. and they have a competing government program. saying that they will do the same thing for you so i go through the trouble of having kids? and the study's ferret it out. there's a lot of good research.
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john: i'm special, i'm a baby boomer. there are lots of us. between 1946 and 1964. lots of soldiers came home and are the war and boom, they made babies like me. and also p.j. o'rourke, the author of the new book "the baby boom." how it got that way. and so it wasn't my fault, i'll never do it again, what do you mean?
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>> we are the generation that has an excuse for everything, which i think is one of our greatest contributions to mankind. we are completely self absorbed. we think about ourselves all the time. we could afford exercise does. we have the peace and stability to be spoiled kids. there are plenty of kids that wanted to be spoiled world war ii and stuff like that. you get a chance to be spoiled. and it turns out that when you have this kind of what they want to do, it's libertarian and it turns out pretty well. if you look at the number of wars and in number of technological innovation that has happened since they became of age, it is amazing.
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>> bill gates, steve jobb, these are baby boomers. the one we take credit for stuff that we shouldn't take credit for it. the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, that kind of thing. >> we do have a credit -- the right to take credit. it was older people who of the opposition unsuccessful to the vietnam war. we were at the tailgate party with. we're not a team on the field during the 60s. we were a bunch of spoiled brats. bemoan it was text.. john: it was sex, drugs, rock '. >> i got a job. it was pretty simple. i got paid every two weeks.
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when i get my first pay check and i am a communist. and then i get a job and i found out that we had communism already and they just took out my money. >> so that change you? >> that changed me. you write that it wouldn't shock 21st century sensibility. the map yes, there was a period during the height of the baby boom adolescence in the 60s and 70s were we detested everything about the square straight world. everything that are parents did and said and the things that they wore. we thought they were just pathetic. it is absolutely hated it. kind of things that we said
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about her parents in the 60s. we would be marched from the room and marching ourselves out of the room. >> could vilify us. we are so sweet and understanding. there a lot of drugs in school. [laughter] john: we are now it's big generation and we are retiring and we expect to collect medicare and social security. >> on the systems were predicated on this.
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>> 140, you know, that's really going to use up all the money for the dead. the only one on the dead expensive stuff that medicine can provide now. so we will vote against politicians who say that we are going to try to make it work out. >> yes, we are behaving like normal human beings always have. elise this is an really our fault. we didn't set out these two systems that will break the back of the economy. social security and medicare and all its various medicare option. >> are you going to give your social security back? >> oh, sure, sure i am. to lap and the things are going to have to get like greece before this gets fixed. john: thank you so much. coming up, an amazing development. this woman has been reincarnatee
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in the body of bill o'reilly. he is here to explain why america must stop kids from doing dangerous things like texting and smoking weed. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) you are a business pro.
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john: ladies and gentlemen, a remarkable thing had happened. this woman who died 100 years ago has come back to life. of the women's christian temperance union, she helped bring america are called prohibition and she called drinkers with geeks willed hooligans. she marched into bars with her
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hatchet. she was big on about 6 feet tall, even men ran from her. now her obituary said that she died years ago, but i say that she lives on in the body of another large and intimidating person. and here he is. bill o'reilly. i say this to you because you say things like this. >> video games, texting, they make for terrible citizens? >> takes you from reality. so number one, if you do it beyond recreational, i don't think that's good for you. but that's what on your mind all the time, as with many urchins,
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they become addicted to it. and that will hurt you. are you but you are on this crusade. >> i've always been. >> an epidemic that will lead to a weaker america. >> absolutely. >> if you are devoting your life to the internet as many young people are. you are not learning about the world. you're not learning personal reactions, you're just texting her life away over trivial things and more importantly it is an a challenge and challenges are what defines human beings. some day we are going to be up against the chinese here. >> the american kids learn playing these games. >> i understand.
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many become then you become a person who doesn't live in the real world. john: they have such a lawyer. >> it's instant gratification. you don't have to lift rates to get strong. all you have to do is this. and they are getting to solve problems by doing things out of your environment and that's how you all the problems greatly you know that. >> in terms of this, this is what people did on the train years ago. >> these kids are communicating with each other.
9:31 pm
>> i am wearing orange socks, aren't they cool. >> in this country i bet if you are talking about it. >> no, they are not. they are talking about what they had dinner and where the best talkers are. >> is there any chance that you are a grouchy old man? [laughter] >> i was a grouchy little kid and teenager. a grouchy young adult. i am a grouchy -- i would and family. your old, i'm not old. >> i look at what they create. it's a wonderful thing. if you can control it. >> cyberspace addiction. an epic epidemic that is leading to a weaker america.
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>> socrates says they had bad manners. old people have always complained about young people. >> right after that he up and died. he was so depressed. john: i think in this case the younger people may be smarter than we are and we will find out. >> thank you. >> i'm almost relieved when i escaped his studio a lot. they have always complained about the behavior of the young. >> now people complain about miley cyrus. but what about this guy? ♪
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♪ he was once criticized for being vulgar as well. and so was she. kumamoto. ♪ john: that discussion will come up later. but are you younger people lazy entitled losers? i am told that you are. we will debate that coming up next. two i don't think i'm in entitled lacquer. honestly. [ male announcer ] ese days, a small business can save by sharing.
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charlie hayes had wended white trash become the new normal? jason dorsey said cut the young people some slack. he researches millennialist for a living. >> when there's 80 mullen of us in the u.s. and we are transforming the work or if the people can't get figured out herriot. >> you are now the largest group. p>> it sounds bad.
9:39 pm
the "new york post". >> at the end of the day, all of these people driving. entitlement is a learned behavior. you're not one entitled. and absolutely, 100 her son. >> he has a point. this is a generation that has been spoon fed.
9:40 pm
>> this generation of my grandparents is more hard-working. >> yes definitely. do her parents lest move back home? and we expect someone to save us? >> there's a term called failure to launch. a lot of this generation is suffering from failure to launch. >> we have too many turns welcoming us out of the home. facebook and youtube in firefox, all the things. >> they have created great
9:41 pm
things. unfortunately not everybody is wonderful with it. they weren't doing work for pay, they weren't going to school. they were facebook in. it's great for the people at facebook, but that's not the whole generation. saying that i don't want to take a flyer on that.
9:42 pm
>> for me i communicate differently. >> are they supposed to they that this is weird but maybe they have a better way and back off? >> of the have the skill set that you need such as technology. you want us to feel sadness employment grew. and it's great to be making a difference.
9:43 pm
>> shake hands, have a conversation, do all the other you were taught. >> nobody is teaching this stuff. i wrote a bestseller on this. 50% sure that the parents are not teaching of this. >> here's an illustration of that. >> i don't want to be here in 10 years. that is not my plan. >> there's a lot of people that would love to have your job. >> that the? john: this is the attitude? >> yes. >> we were doing the really lowly level things and it's
9:44 pm
great if you invented facebook or whatever. and all that is great. >> if you give me a short video, we can watch it and it won't be a big deal. john: thank you both. the battle of the ages continues what is the difference between miley cyrus and madonna? and what about all this? >> i wouldn't put elvis presley and madonna in the same category. he had a lot of talent and that was a long way
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john: if you think that is gross, that is miley cyrus. choose look like that. she was eight disney child star named hannah montana. now she dances at the video music awards. what a sleazy message to send to her fans. >> what about example for the
9:49 pm
kids. >> stay off of that internet wireless? that sounds like an out of touch commercial like bill o'reilly. but i understand how he feels about his 21-year-old dancing on national tv. it is vulgar. it is what she does, is about much different from what madonna did years ago? ♪ ♪ john: and what about elvis presley? the new york daily news called his act animalism that should be confined. and frank sonata says that his kind of music is deplorable and destructive tendenciesat in young people. we just adjust to this?
9:50 pm
some say the culture constantly will decay until we drown in a fast all of smut. michael moynihan says that we should chill out. he is a columnist who writes about pop culture. >> yes, i do. >> this is much more sexual than anything my generation did. >> madonna did a book and in that book she was performing sexual acts with people. john: she was older than miley cyrus. >> at miley cyrus is 21 years old. what has been effective this? well, teen pregnancy rates are down precipitously. std rates are down also. the talk about this and we are offended by this stuff. many people say that they turn it off when it's the a beautiful woman riding on television. but what is the effect two people say that we are overly
9:51 pm
stimulated and it's bad for the kids. but how? we have asked a the question, what is it doing to them. john: they are more likely to not want healthy relationships. >> there is a truth to that. you look at the studies and you look at this all going down. john: violist backlash is hilarious. later he had him on the show. "the washington post", no respect or folders and no manners. it really is generationally fussy old people. >> moral panics are one of our favorite things because it shows you can write this column. what we always think is that we are a uniiue generation. these people there 20 years younger than us are doing something that we never would have done.
9:52 pm
>> it is a new dance move that you have. you have this new thing. the difference now is that we have a way of pushing the stuff out so that kidd can all see it on computers. but miley cyrus isn't a problem. every kid has access to events. kids think that this is pretty standard. wiretap miley cyrus? john: one more example of the media freaking out is the "new york post" freaking out, saying why. are terrified. >> she is obviously deeply troubled and disturbed has confidence issues and probably an eating disorder. that is not attractive. it's really bad for anyone who is young and impressionable. >> she doesn't seem to have confidence issues to me.
9:53 pm
she seems quite happy with herself and her body see one coming up, why he is probably right and bill o'reilly is utterly wrong. ♪ ♪
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♪ sewhat's new at john: are the younger generation
9:57 pm
not as good as we were? >> no, too much non-engaging work going on around them. total disregard. >> they don't know how to communicate. john: they don't know how to comedically? it is true and if so why. and this is what i usually do, but i don't claim it is better. people can do two things at once. but they always happen. my grandfather was killed by a
9:58 pm
bus went across the street crotchety old geezers like bill o'reilly's day did spend so much time on the internet playing video games. and it is true but where is the evidence? there isn't any. and violence is down. over the past 25 years and there are fewer school shootings. he would have talked about comic books and comic scarfing juvenile palanquin fee.
9:59 pm
particularly injurious to children. maybe young people should just ignore the older generation. ♪ ♪ and so i am surprised by what this grandmother said. >> i think that is over the line. and sex has been in everyone's face, yet teen pregnancy dropped by 50%. and now teenagers wait longer before having sex. old people always talk about the good old days.
10:00 pm
resist and homophobic, there is no need for a battle between generations. and that is our show. we will see you next week. just learn. lou: good evening, you are looking at russian flag which tonight is flyingver the parliament building. capital of the ukraine a region. flag raised by gunmen who carried rocket pr rocket propel grenade, and sni irrifle -- sniperifs. reports from the ground, that russian fighter jetscreamed on


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