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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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business. thank you for being a part of our show. i love you. thank you again. they are very sweet. . lou: good evening, new development in the benghazi scandal. at center of the developments, a incriminateing e-mail written by white house staffer ben rhodes white house constructing what was a act washed defense of their -- awkward defense of their words and actions in days following benghazi attack, white house claims there were two sets of talking points giveen to susan rice before she went on 5 sunday talk shows, and famously lead to the -- lied to the nation about what happened in benghazi, new white house ex
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plan nation comes a day after a freedom of information request by judicial watch produced that incriminateing e-mail. e-mail udateed september 14, with subject line reading, prep call with susan. states goal for her national tv appearances of quote, to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. press secretary jay carney today, struggled to attempt to persuade the white house press core this e-mail, dateed 3 days after the terrorist attack, was not even about benghazi. >> this is not about benghazi, it was about overall situation in the region, the muslim world, you saw protests at outside of embassy facilities, across the region, so-called.
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talking points around benghazi it has been reported on. were prepared by the cia. and in this case, overall issue of unrest in the muslim world. >> so then, why did the white house hold back this e-mail, a document that was originally classified before being released to congress, but in retkapbgted form, to protect the author and recipients if there were always two sets of talking points, why was it released at all, if it did not pertain to benghazi because that was the specific request by the frie freedom of information asserted by. >> you dishial watch, jay -- judicial watch, jay carney was asked and would not answer.
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>> why were you holding back this information, why was it not turned over to congress, this is relevant, why did you hold it back. >> john, again. >> why did it take a court case to release this. >> john, i can say again and again, i know, you can keep asking, this document was not about benghazi. >> it was prep if sunday show. >> it was not her only prep, john, she relied on her for her answers on benghazi on document repaired by the cia. as did members of congress. lou: but, the former deputy director of the cia, testified fo4weeks ago in front of the hoe intelligence com committee say g his analysts and operatives at the cia did not at any time link that video to the benghazi attack. >> when she talked about the video, my reaction was that is not something that the analysts
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have attributeed this attack to. lou: morell for his part has not always been consistent in telling his story. you remember in november, 2012, he blamed the fbi for key changes in the talking points, that blamed the nonic isetan protests for -- ex it is tan protests for the attack and morell for record works for seeks. as a national -- cbs as a national security analyst where the news president is brother of white house staffer be ben rhod. >> a surge in al qaeda affiliates in middle east and north africa, now pose a threat to the united states, report finds there has been a 40% increase and terrorist attack, worldwide, between 2012, and 2013. the state department singled out
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iran, reiterating it is a major state sponsor of terrorism that continues to defy debands to prove its nuclear ambitions are peaceful. all this as an increasing number of americans say they don't' america to be the world's police. or nation builders. this according to a new "wall street journal" nbc news poll, 47% said we should reduce our level of international engagement. 19% said we should be more active. 30% said our involvement should remain the same, for more now, in obama administration's foreign policy failures, latest developments in the benghazi scandal, we're joined by former u.s. ambassador to united nations, fox news contributor, john bolten. this is quite a development. this white house now claims there were two sets of talking
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points. your reaction? >> well, these people condition keep their story straight, this e-mail, from ben rhodes isece ot demonstrates something we have known from the get go, they were either engaged in a system irk systemic cover-up of fall hoods, that is what rodes memos said or they were so blinded by ideology they could not till the difference, you know this is a something that people at the white house like rhodes are lucky they have not had to testify, they are on the edge of punchry here as it -- perjury as is mike morell. lou: i was going to ask about cia deputy director for a while, his testimony converts what the white house -- contra cer vertst the white house is defending itself this borders on
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preposterous, awkward explanations, this is unredacted now, after the freedom of information request by judicial watch but redacted when sent to congress, it is preposterous that white house would say it has nothing to do with benghazi, when that is precisely what it is responding to, the issue of benghazi. >>, of course, e-mail from ben rhodes himself, said these demonstrations, that includes benghazi they attributeed it to the mohamad video. they have gravely wounded the agency, they are guilty of what bush administration was often accused of but did not do, that is politicize ill tellgence, cia -- intelligence, the cia should not have been involveed. try to hide behind the cia is a
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big mistake from top of agency on down. stkphao and how significant to you -plgtthink this developments this a pivotal points from where we'll see, one hope ofs, an opening in the stone wall and the real reality. truth comes spilling out? >> i certainly hope so, let's start with susan rice, and 45 sunday talk shows, i think she is say side show, irrelevant see, the question is where was hillary clinton? where was hillary clinton? susan rice wrote an op-ed, saying that mrs. clinton was overwhelmed by eventss of that week, that is why she was picked to go on sunday talk shows, she was overwhelmed, i want to know. know. i want an answer if she runs for president. >> more than a mile curiousty
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one would ask where was the president. >> right, and what has the president done in the last 18 months, that is th the biggest failure of all, an american ambassador ca and 3 others can e killed by a terrorist, and they get away scot-free. you can kill the president's personnel representatives under barack obama and get away with it. lou: and the latest report on al qaeda 43% increase in terrorist attacks, 2012, and 2013. this as the administration said that al qaeda was on the run, and done deal. your thoughts? >> well, this is the ideology of the administration rebuted by the facts, and the director of national intelligence, cliper testified that threat ofal guide av the same as it was just before 9/11, entire political
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narrative is revealed as a policy failure, yet we don't have enough discussion in overall national debate, that is whyish on friends in main steam media should be acting, how they can look at these facts and not bridge it to discussion, what about continuing global war on terrorism that administration does not top talk about? -- does not want to talk about. lou: i concur with you. except for forget about benghazi. >> just leave is aside for these purposes, this is very much a part of it, war on terror is very much with us. lou: ambassador john bolten thank you. >> thank you. lou: story of the night, ebay announced repatrioting almost 9 billion dollars of its money now held overseas, and return that money to the united states ebay takes a 3 billion dollar tax hit, to make that move.
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which will net about $66 billion after taxes to use for any use here, by comparison other big tech companies like apple are working hard to avoid such taxes and companies like google, apple this week raised $12 billion flu a bond sale rather than bring back some of the $withi $150 bis has in banks in the world. including united states,. again, to ebay, we salute you. i think that is a extraordinary act of leadership, if i may say, patriotism, we're coming right back. >> house speaker boehner denies he was mocking his fellow republicans, and denies there is a secret conspiracy to jam through immigration legislation. senator jeff sessions with us. to tell the truth about a
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worsens did vide in the g.o.p.
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lou: euronext guest voteed to block -- our next guest voteed to block minimal wage bill. jeff sessions is joining us. great to have you with us, minimum wage, president has pivoted to the economy and jobs and wages, income and equalty. your thoughts about that pivot and the minimum wage, i guess what 39 states already have a higher minimum wage. give us your perspective, if you would. >> well, congressional budget
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office told us this would cost another half million 500 how jobs if it were to -- 500,000 jobs if it were to pass, we need to create in this country away growth pattern that takes us from this stagnation to rising wages and better. data, it is not happening, under the president's policies, each one of which are hurting growth, pulling down prosperity such as regulation, taxes and energy rules, and obamacare, all those are hurting the economy. lou: i want should shift to immigration legislation. the house of representatives particularly house judiciary committee took the lead on immigration legislation, i think -- fully support -- 4 bills they have moved out of committee now g.o.p. seems to be intent on destroying that leadership
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advantage of the 4 bills, to me, at least, to a very important legislative initiative. and speaker boehner has just thrown it away. reversing himself 9 times on immigration legislation, immigration reform whatever you top call it now mocks his colleagues and then denies he was mocking them. what is going on? >> look, that does seem to be some confusion but we have to recognize that -- give credit to house, they have blocked the senate bill, thank goodness, which would have been a disaster, if you care about workers, yo you top see their ws increase, and them and their children a chance to have a good job, you need to have a reasonable glow int gloria esteo
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in -- flow into america. we need a hra*ufl syste lawful m that people can be proud of and protect american workers. that is legitimate interest of public officials, i wish -- i think that speaker boehner needs to be focused on that and all issues related to it, less just looking to pass a bill. lou: facebook founder mark zuckerberg has been on forefront of aggressively seeking comprehensive immigration reform. what is your assessment about what amounts to a tpheflty would affect -- amnesty would affect minoritys in silicon valley. >> they talk like they are asking for comprehensive reform, not just help silicon valley, with higher educated workers, that is not what they are supporting they are supporting
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whole thing that would bridge in millions of low skilled workers, doubleing number of guest workers. not just work on farms but take all kinds of jobs at the time when african-americans and his manics are working -- hispanics are hurting, wages are falling. i believe in a free market, if we don't have a surplus of workers, why are wages falling? if we have a shortage of workers, why are wages not going up. lou: this divide in the tko*p in g.o.p. in particular overism break, is this a . why, reached a points, in which the republican party is jeopardizing what looks to be a november of victory for party? >> lou, i truly believe that we need to make crista crystal clee represent the average american
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worker, and their interest, we're going to fight for them. it is not about big business, they are doing fine. it is not about entrepreneurs they take their risk, and they some make it some don't it is about the millions of people every day, that try to do the right thing, and that are not doing well. and our principles will work for them, we need to articulate that and dress yourselves as their protect or anprotector andd deff republicans use a classical pro business rhetoric it will not be so good. lou: senator good to talk with you. jeff sessions. >> thank you. lou: look at last night's on-line poll result, who you believe is the least trustworthy among a group of -- john boehner, harry reid, and the president.
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well president obama worried 72% of -- worried received 72% of , and reed 20% and boehner 8%, tonight, would you be more likely or less likely to vote for a member of a former president's family, cast your vote at, keep your eyes out for an exciting new book -- "border war," my first fiction, my first thriller, they bus next week, may 6 for hard cover, ebook and audio book versions on line now for preorder, on-line. just go to books-a-million or barnes & noble. or visit for those
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links, book, is "pworte "border" and it's a hoot, you will love it. we're coming right back. lou: racism in the nba, donald sterling suss spined for life, and charles barkley said that the nba is a black league. leading psychotherapist dr. robi ludwig joining us to tell us what is going on this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or... mouth breather? well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york?
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lou: the naacp said that clippers opener donald sterling lifetime ban from the nba is not harsh enough, they want to meet with adam silver to talk about diversity in the executive links in the league. maybe they should have given sterling the lifetime achievement award, maybe they are trying to play a little catch up with the commissioner who by all accounts, including players organization, has done a if you forgive the expression, sterling job, here to psycho
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analyze for sterling, dodge damagadministration congress am leaders, naacp, dr. robi ludwig. >> great to be here. lou: i'm starting with you you talk about on one old fool, whou know, i don't know what his mental condition circumstance i don't care. that is crazy talk. >> it is disturbing. there are people who feel this way, they may be smart enough not to say it. lou: how many? >> i don't know, but when you hear. one person say something in a group. you know that they are not the only one, that is what is so disturbing to i think this vintage racism still exists. lou: it does. >> it does. lou: you know, there are serial
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killers all sorts of personalities that you work with every day. >> right. lou:ny question is, looking at sterling there, making these comments that is crazy. but there are other questions going around it. what are we doing as a society? what are we as a culture? how is it a man, a question that i had froms beginning 33 years, longest tenured owner, they did not he was an out right racist. >> they probably knew it, but there is something very different when everyone in the world hears someone talking, having a conversation, and blatantly racist to their mixed girlfriend. saying why don't you be a nice white girl? he is in denial about who he is dating and telling her, you should pass as someone who is white.
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you know this is really does not make sense. but when you hear it -- >> he is a crazy old man talking about as you say passing -- she is of the mixed race. and he is telling her not to associate with people who look like her it is mind boggling. >> but truth of matter is we all stereo type, does not mean we all prejudice, but we feel more comfortable with people if our own group, we lend more psychological positive qualitys to people i in your group versus outside groups. but most people who are intelligent, and educateed and exposed do not hold on to the false ideas about other people in other groups in this growth way. lou: reaction here, naacp saying that the nba should have been stronger in its response to
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sterling. this after they about to give him a lifetime at achievement ad because he donated money. this is setting off so much bizarre response. >> people like the way that nba handled it. saying he should be banned for lifetime. you know, listen, i don't think that this guy should be able to own the team any more, i know there are legalitys but someone who owns a team with black players, why are they playing for this guy? lou: and why would some, ex portfolio players say this is a black -- ex-players, say this is a black league , what difference should it that make it would be no less offensive if there were fewer marks blacks. >> one would hope they would say this is just unacceptable, but they also have a dream they want
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to achieve, perhaps they are liveing in denial. lou: do you think -- we'll have to wrap it up, but, it looks like we're pretty healthy society, i am hearing talk about race. and there is no question it is out there. this was handled terrifically by commissioner, and players association. >> how wonderful that we're shocked to hear this kind of perspective i in that we think t is ill, and unacceptable, that is a positive. lou: yeah. >> we're not quite there yet, you know racism is always -- dollar subtlety but we don't accept it any more that say positive. lou: i think that is a positive story across our society. and i think that there is no surprise that that commissioner handleed it so well, and players handled it so well, all delightful new realitys. >> a long way to go but we're
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moving in the right direction, that is all anyone can ask. lou: i don't buy the long way to go, i think we're closer every day. >> all right. lou: dr. robi ludwig. >> thank you. lou: don'tal sterling scandal giving late night host fodder. >> nba has banned donald sterling for life for his racist comments. it occurred to me if sperling spears, benzak, salomon sterling has ape she had own a hockey team. lou: philadelphia flyers, wayne simmons, scored his first career play-off hat trick yesterday, helping flyers force a game 7 in their first wound series, catch up canon. >> now quote of the evening, we understand more about white house effort about last year and a half, stone wall investigation of benghazi. quotation, the world is not
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fair. and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places, we're coming right back. >> the benghazi stone wall is collapseing. as latest report from state department reveals al qaeda is not on the run. talk show host chris plant, tammy bruce, and john gibson with us next.
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lou: the issue of capital punishment after a legal in jackson -- suggestion did not go as planned he had apparent heart attack 43 minutes after what was supposed to be his execution that means using a new drug combination for the first time during the execution he called out in pain prompting
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the white house to wait in a singer was not then he made the. really like to remind everyone that he was convicted of shooting a 19 year-old and watching to accomplices bury her alive in 1999. i think the protest my be extended beyond the 43 minutes of paid and of agony for the executed. joined by our favorite radio talk-show host. the "a team" good to see you. and let's start with you talk about the white house protests of the inhumane execution of a murderer. >> i am not surprised they jump in on that one something else to change the subject.
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you glossed over the crime that was more hideous than i would want to describe but the gentleman put to death last night i don't think he was in pain 43 minutes he just woke up in the first few then went back down but much is made of it if you ask me a fourth time convicted felon. lou: what i am making much of it is our society's reaction to the office did muted reaction to those victims who are murdered. >> i elsie the news media going to the family who was shot twice and kidnapped her friend was duct taped and raped collecting on the debt gangsters and murderers laughing it up while they killed her. forgive me if i have trouble dealing too much sympathy because the cable out of the
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anesthetic for one minute i will not lose any sleep over it myself. >> it is fascinating although levels of interest there is a lot about pouring on twitter by liberals but the very same people have nothing to say about the innocent men who were skilled in bet gauzy you can see the rise of right than wrong who the left is worried about but you have a dynamic people saying it was it he made that is doing anything short to him than to shoot and bury him alive. we can challenge the premise we are executing someone. a has the palo and could say his last words and that is the big gift we give someone. but if the last ones to use any dynamic a cantor reinforce the message they think america is bad my
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suggestion is we go back to the firing squad it is painless and cheap. >> guillotine, firing squad. [laughter] theoretically the executioner was in charge to make sure he died. he could shoot him in the head. what are we talking about? the point was to get him dead and they accomplished that. i want to see anybody with unnecessary pain but that worked for all long time the guillotine was pretty efficient. it them -- this is not about the method that the death penalty itself and it will start all over again. >> it is all over the
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decades. >> what are your thoughts of the e-mail with the benghazi scandal and what it implies is? >> clearly at a bare minimum is the white house has been lying all along when they said the intelligence community provided with the information that this was in response to a videotape. that is the crux of the cover-up all along. and i think it ought to certainly be have any interest from the news media and now we will leading to the collapse of the cover-up in jay carney today i almost felt sorry for him. lou: i could not get there. [laughter]
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>> he was going around the yard to chase him. >> he stands before the country and lies to in-your-face to say believe that. he counts on the media to go along and not pursue it. and of course, john carl did maybe ice was broken maybe he would like to us without fighting back? lou: you have the last 15 seconds. >> a perfect example of what the obama administration is part of a of got away with line that is what they do in return to first. americans have had enough and we will make that point in november. but it goes much higher he is not the initiator. lou: we will follow up we have to go.
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a reminder to vote in our poll. would you be more likely or less likely to vote for a former member of the president's family? up next the dow closing set the all-time record high despite some downdraft and citigroup economist next
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lou: a word of the evening with the bonus edition of phrase of the evening when jay carney tried to explain away the e-mail this one of modified limited hangout defined as a public-relations are
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propaganda technique that previously headed information of exposure of more important. on wall street stocks rose higher after it announced it will continue to taper the dow gaining closing of a new record high and the s&p up six and for the month there were 1% higher although the nasdaq lost 2%. crude oil down more than a dollar goldas down a fraction in the yield was dropping 2.six 5%. the commerce department reported actually up 0.1% that feels like down. twitter is down weighing on the nasdaq losing 8%. exxon agrees to buy a pepsico in a deal and
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taxpayers lose more than $11 billion with said gm bailout to 1 billion more than previously estimated and reported. joining us now an economist for city research, a great to have you here. 1%? what is that? that is not worth the time to calculate. >> normally when you set expectations low it is easy to hurdle over but not today. the economy underperformed the expectations that were already low but the good news is it was in such a way that accelerating growth with the bounceback to rappers weather conditions and underlying strength showing through. lou: what i love about the commerce department reports they are getting smaller in the rearview mirror.
10:48 pm
it is so much yesterday. the last quarter that they are so focused on the future for what we can expect with the employment with the adp member that was very strong. what are your expectations friday with the labor department? >> first you are correct belabored number is a more realtime measure and we will get the april number where gdp waiting until the whole quarter is over then you get the full pitcher. >> then the bonus weather report to remind us how tough it was but the thing about the jobs number is the labor indicators are lagging but usually where the economy goes labor follows.
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in a sense what we see in the labor market. lou: you expect a stronger number? >> 220,000. lou: you are being modest. >> but the idea we are looking for something higher than trend of the trend growth is just under 200,000 so now we look to break up the words of that trend. lou: above 200,000 the unemployment rate you expect to be significantly lower? >> it could tick down and 6.6 from the number is not important but the con to our shows gradual improvement of the unemployment rate. lou: the alex of the markets for the remainder of the
10:50 pm
year? will we see job creation models or a market settled down to gain ground? >> i should certainly hopes so. we have an economic forecast about 3.5% gdp growth. lou: great to have you here. be sure to listen to my financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next my commentary on the american public disapproval of the american dynasties and how that correlates to the votes and the candidates they support. next. next. stay with us.
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lou: and now a few quick thoughts about american political dynasties and american voters. the word dynasty in america don't go well together the wall street journal and nbc the latest poll asked americans if they agree with first lady barbara bush that presidents should not come from political dynasties. seven addict and agree with mrs. bush who also said there have been enough bush is in the white house and also said later that her son is the best qualified person to run. a good mother. double gave me a glimmer of hope over 2016 but then i saw polls asking americans about specific contenders. and i saw that if the republican nomination for president were up for
10:55 pm
election today jeb bush would win or tie with rand paul. and if it was held today for the democrats, hillary clinton would win her nomination and with the general election respectably she would beat jeb bush 53 / 41%. we seem to hate dynasties but we love the clintons and the bushes and the kennedys may be one day soon obama is. or maybe we will make me too much out of poll results. now with a few of your thoughts we have a special surprise for the authors of the comments you will receive one of the first copies of my new book the thriller border war my first thriller and by first fiction book an accomplished rider with 48 agents and florida law enforcement
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officer. and now for your thoughts about the three men abdul-jabbar interview you always look through the crack to ask the right questions. [laughter] >> thank you so much. >> nobody believes boehner anymore more than obama. all the incumbents voted out >> raising the minimum wage may be a politically popular issue but that does not make it the right thing to do. politicians try to buy votes with someone else's money. is there any other kind? we would like to hear from you. at follows on twitter or go to facebook or links to everything and lou the queue for being with us coming up tomorrow retired marine colonel, judith
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miller and moody's chief economist of merrill. please join us. good night from new york.
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