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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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#askliz. give me your questions and i might can them of these three what we call the richest minds. see you from omaha. >> had the jacket on. david: jobs report tomorrow you don't want to miss it. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody i'm gerri willis. right now on "the willis report.," watch out tv viewers. two more big media companies may try to become one. we'll find out if this is good or bad for you. also, a big change at the top of ford. >> mark, you're going to be great. so pleased that you get this opportunity to lead this fantastic company. gerri: what's next for ford and its customers? how to land a job right after graduation. we have the perfect tips. we're watching out for on "the willis report". there are already big changes coming to how you watch tv. we talked about them here. now there could be even more.
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at&t is in talks to buy rival directv, according to "the wall street journal" the merger would cut the competition among cable competitors to a handful around the country. for more on this todd hazelton from tech know welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me. gerri: it was six weeks since comcast said it would merge the what will happen to customer bills, that is what i'm worried about? >> i think eventually they will go up. they shea they're not going to. this is good for customers and more options and get it around the company. what happens, we saw this the wireless industry. right now you have four cable companies let's say going to become two. in the wires le industry we didn't let at&t and t-mobile merge a couple years back. now this year, t-mobile added record subscribers this quarter. why? because they fought and dropped prices across industry and everybody had to react to that. letting several companies compete together, smaller companies, is way better than having two. gerri: better pricing for consumers is what you're saying?
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>> right. gerri: are these two talking about, well, i will tell this is not a done deal not by any stretch of the imagination. it is being reported out right now. are they doing this because of the comcast mergeer? do they think they have to tie up because of what comcast is doing? >> certainly seems like it. if you look at at&t's u-verse subscriber base is far, far lower than the other two. if it combines with directv they will get around 27 million customers to the 30 million that will go together with comcast and time warner cable. so at&t sort of trying to catch up but i think it also look as little desperate. we saw vodafone talks, right? we saw dish network talks. and now directv. sort of picking bottom of the barrel. gerri: at&t talked to everybody and their mother about a merger or tie up. >> sound like it. gerri: this is just the latest in this list. you know we've been talking a lot about how cable prices have gone up over time. 166% over 10 years. the average bill now 128 bucks a month. you know that, right? and you say, this could drive prices even higher.
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are people going to start opting out of cable all together? >> i think they should and they could. but the problem is, it is internet connection activity. these are -- connectivity. price raises will come through companies like netflix because they're paying to make sure their service, paying comcast to make sure their service gets through to consumers. what if comcast comes back in the future, well, i want hbo to pay for hbo go to come through too? that will come trickle back down to us, and hbo go which is currently free, we'll see bills pop up from services. all of sudden cable companies could say we have our own offering of movies and we don't want netflix and you will not get netflix anymore and then what do we do? gerri: if i was looking at this from the point of view from a cable executive, i would say, hey, todd, listen, 90% of the u.s. households have cable or satellite tv. where the heck am i going to grow my business. >> that's a good point.
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that's why we're seeing acquisitions. when you see saturation you try to bring companies together to boost their consumer rates. i don't know what they could do to fight this. that is why netflix is doing so well. 7.99 a month. you don't need a cable subscription. that is 100 bucks with internet. i don't think it should shift with two major players. gerri: till will be unfair playing field. we'll pay more. todd, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. gerri: we try to bring you a good news story, a success story and we have a great one. and it is ford. this company did not take a taxpayer bailout. they completely turned themselves around after the great recession and now, they're thriving. today the company announced a new ceo with more on this and more importantly what it means for you the car coach, lauren fix. hey, lauren, good to see. >> good to see you. gerri: what do you think is next for ford? they have a new ceo at the helm. alan mulally is stepping down. we'll talk more about him in a minute but what will consumers
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see going forward? >> i think you will see the same positive one ford plan. you have to remember when the turn around of mazda happened in 2000 when they put mark fields in charge who was only 39 years old. as a ford executive who was able to turn around mazda. he will use a lot of that same talent he learned as well as what he learned from alan mulally to make ford just as talk sesful if not even more. >> mentioned mark fields. he is the new leader in charge from ford. let's hear from him. here is what he had to say about being named company president? >> the first order of business is obviously to have a great transition over the next couple months but then again, continue to say relentlessly focused on implementing our one ford plan. an bringing even more great bringing more great products an innovation with top quality to the marketplace. that is our sole focus. and that, we'll not skip a beat. gerri: the one ford, lauren, what will we see?
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will we see more makes and models? more technology in cars? what would you forecast? >> you will see more technology in vehicles. i think you will see more upgrades to vehicles. you've seen what they have done with the mazda lineup. their sales are up and consistent increase in sales and ford is only one one% for april sales versus year-over-year. i think you will see more improvements on the lincoln lineup. they have new small suvs coming out. you will see some products that haven't been updated. we know about the f-series being an all aluminum vehicle. mark was involved in that. i actually spoke with him at the new york auto show and he is truly passionate about the brand. he owns the cars. i know he has a mustang and a bunch of other vehicles. i think he will continue evolving the brand so it becomes competitive with the your pines as well as koreans and the jop these. gerri: i think overseas expansion is critical to the brand and they're certainly going to be focused on that. you and by the way were at that new york auto show, the international auto show. had a great time there. ford had a very big presence.
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do you see them capitalizing on improvements mulally was able to lay down? are they able to take the improvements and go to the next step? >> i think they are. eight years ago when alan mulally started seeking successor they had a plan in place. he is a very smart plan. i'm sure he has a whole plan laid out. like mark fields said during the announcement. we're all like snowflakes. we have our nuances that make us special of the he will put the mark fields spin on it. i think you will see a lot of evolution coming up to slow. he will not do anything drastic. he will keep along that one ford plan, that mess edge and plan that alan mulally placed out with his own spin and new products and upgrades. i think it will be very good for the brand. i think you will see a lot of positive things come out and i hope it reflects in their stock price as well. gerri: we have to go back and talk about mulally just for a second. now here's a guy who was not a
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total, you know, car maniacking right? he is not out of industry. he came from boeing. he was able to get their culture, their corporate culture in order. at the worst time imaginable. the economy was sinking like a stone. they were having major financial problems. turned this thing around. what did mulally do, what was his major insight that allowed to turn this brand around? >> number one thing he created transparency between him and his staff. as producted evolved and getting ready to launch he needs to know where the product is. he had green, yellow, red process. yes this is ready to go, or we're struggling with a problem. mark fields was first to have all red chart launching the edge. one of the things you did that in the past, oh, boy, this guy will lose his job. in reality alan mulally applauded him.
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thank you for your honesty. let's all work together as a team. creating that transparency what part of created the success for alan mulally with ford. gerri: i'm sure he was pretty darn tough. was used to working with unions. was pretty darn tough with the auto unions. that didn't hurt either. lauren, thanks for coming on the show tonight. great to see you. >> nice to see you too. gerri: we have more to come in the show including in this tough economy it will take more than an old college try for grads to get a job. you know that, right? coming up we'll have great advice. are you just out of school and trying to land a job? we'll have some great stuff for you. just next the white house releasing new obama care enrollment numbers. we have a shocking report how many enrollees are not paying for obamacare. stay with us. life's an adventure when you're with her.
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gerri: the federal government claimed more than eight million people signed up for obamacare but we weren't told how many actually paid their premiums. but what we did get is an indication of the number earlier from the day from a separate source, a number the white house shot down immediately. with more on this doug holtz-eakin, president of american action forum. doug, great to have you on set here. >> thank you. gerri: so the big number, 67% of
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folks have not paid their premium. it comes from the insurers so, presumably they they're talking about. do you think they have the numbers correct. >> usually go in the store. you pick up stuff. you either pay or don't pay and they notice at the counter. gerri: okay. >> that's it. this is not -- gerri: listen to jay. >> wait until we have all the information and we put it out. every time it, almost every time it end up being a far better than what republicans claim it will be. and you know, if i'm wrong, when this data is compiled all the issuers have been surveyed and, and we see a final figure, then, then we can talk about. what i'm saying it will not be 67%. gerri: it is not going to be 67%, doug. do you insurers have it wrong? can they not count? >> it is sample of insurers. it is 67%. the republicans didn't putnam per out.
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it is insurers and they care. it is their business to know who pays. so, what is i think troubling we thought this number was like 75%. this is the first time t came i. and that in the end will determine how many people are actually in these exchanges, that will determine in the end how much subsidy there is. everything the pools are. everything is driven who pace. gerri: say 67% is real number and insurers have it right. what are the prospects for obama care if that's right? >> it is already running short onioning invincibles, young, cheap, healthy lives in the pool. if the 67% is the young people who don't have jobs, who don't really have a lot of money, not paying after they signed up, the pools get worse. that's the big concern. gerri: we covered this so much. it is almost a shorthand the conversation you and i have. truly we're seeing numbers not optimistic, not upbeat. if you want obama care to work you're not getting results that you want. >> the fundamental premise was we need to have combination of
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older, sicker, preexisting conditions who need to get some coverage but, because that is expensive you need some young, healthy people to buy insurance to offset that cost. the concern all along the latter have not been showing up. they have no great track record of buying insurance. price points are quite high and numbers the administration released we have 28%. that is way below what they thought. gerri: kaiser had a pole poll people said they can't afford it. we have to get you on go pop i cans. we have had good news on consumer spending. was up 0.9% in march. what do you make of that? >> yeah. gerri: what does that mean to you? are we having a break-through with consumers right now? >> we saw the really bad top line number, .1% growth in the first quarter. gerri: gdp. this is overall economic growth. >> inside that, household spending was very strong. grew at 3% annual rate largely driven by march when consumers seem to have gone on a spending
5:16 pm
spree. unfortunately not financed out of higher earnings. we saw a big drop in the savings rate. the key tomorrow, do we see labor market reports not only jobs, increases in hours and wages. ability to sustain that spending f we don't get income growth, that spending can't continue, who picks up missing demand? we get slow growth again. gerri: you're raising a lot of questions. you're an economist. what do you think will happen. will we get beyond 0.1%? >> yes, we will. gerri: when i saw the number i thought we had it wrong. i thought it was 1.0%. it was backwards. >> we'll go back to something looks like one 1/2 to 2% in the second quarter. gerri: that is still not good. >> that's not good. the problem we're growing about 2%, 2.25%. when you're growing that slowly when bad things happens you end up with something like .1. that scares people. we need rapid trend growth. that is the key. gerri: how do we get there? >> we need to change this. the playbook is stimulus, do
5:17 pm
this, do that. do big regulations reforms. fix structural problems. take care of entitlement and debt. fix structural problems. those things will get economy going again. gerri: i want you to hear what jay carney said would be good for the economy. listen to had. >> gdp report make it clear on consumer spending on health care that helped drive economic growth in the first quarter. and that is directly related to the increase in people who have insurance because of the affordable care act. gerri: and you say? >> for three decades our concern has been that things like medicare and medicaid, national health spending were growing at eight, 9% a year. and that's why health care became such a big part of the economy. that was the problem. he just said health care spending 9.9% is the savior. no. gerri: just the opposite. >> no. gerri: why is that bad? why is spending that much of our gdp on health care, why is it a bad thing. >> it is a bad thing we don't get high quality care for it. the evidence is we don't. it is bad thing driven by big
5:18 pm
government programs ballooning deficit and debt of the we need to get the federal part uncontrol an focused on better incentives to get decent medical practice. people care about the quality of in the end. they don't care about the ticket price. gerri: douglas holtz-eakin. thanks for being here. >> thank you. gerri: we'll have more later in the show. one doctor, will share his personal story how he recovered from cancer and how he is healthier than ever. in less an a month the graduating class of 2014 will face a pile of debt and a very tough job market as we just talked about. next, we answer the question, how do you do that? how college grads can actually find a job in this economy. stay with us. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scottrade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions,
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gerri: hey, mom and dad, do you have a child about to graduate from college? coming up next, tips getting the grad in the workforce and off grad in the workforce and off your couch.
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gerri: the economy is in a rough spot, right? but the class of 2014 could be facing an even tougher job market. after four years and tens of thousands of dollars in debt, many grads looking to land their dream job some what should they do? job expert, the president of recruiting firm and an author is here to give his must-know tips. only always good to have you here. we were talking about the economy, right? how it is really not going anywhere fast. growth in the first quarter, 0.1%. now, how does that impact the employer's mind set? >> well, kids, everybody looking for a job, especially students out of school need to realize that employers are operating
5:23 pm
with doubt, uncertainty and fear. they're concerned about their taxes because our government thinks they're getting rich. they're concerned about compliance issues. every company in the country spend $10,800 a year on compliance issues per employee. then we've got obamacare coming down the pipe which every employer in the world is all concerned about. so companies are operating under doubt, uncertainty and fear. anybody, especially college grads need to realize that when they interview that the employer is operating that way and if they help him solve his problems, to way lay his fears then we're in good shape. gerri: you know i graduated into a recession. let me tell you it sets you back sometimes, i mean, you lose earnings that you may never get back. so it's a real setback or it can be for people and we know there is some important numbers here i'm going to show. one in five young high school grads and one in 10 recent college grads are sitting on the
5:24 pm
couch, mom and dad's couch most likely. >> what do you say to those people who know, what is at risk? what is at stake is very big indeed. how do they overcome that? >> well they need to start early in trying to find a job. preferably their freshman year but a little too late by the time you're a senior. but you really have to go out there and work at it. the jobs are there. there are four million jobs in the united states going unfilled but the technology and the experience and sometimes the kind of training the schools aren't giving people. so they need to be aware that they need to, need to find those kind of things and investigate them. there are 1.8 million kids graduating. they're going to be unemployed for seven to eight months. and graduate with $24,000 in debt, they better get with it. gerri: so would you tell these kids, you know, look, take any job you can? should they take something completely out of their field? >> yes. gerri: do something, pour coffee at starbucks? should they do that?
5:25 pm
be a barista? >> anything you need to do. 70% of the kid that graduate are going to get jobs that don't have anything to do with their degree, nothing to do. you better get used to it. this economy, i've seen six recessions since i've been in this business. this one will be the longest. it will go on for another couple years. if you're waiting for, you know, nirvana or something to fall in your lap it ain't going to happen. find any job you can. give value to an employer and work your way up. gerri: tony, with tell me when you're in the job interviews if you can land and actual interview this, is your chance to drive it home. what do you say, attitude you bring into the room talking to somebody who can actually hire you? >> the biggest mistake most people make, with idea what are you going to do for me. you have to go with the attitude, here is what i can do for you. here is what i can make your
5:26 pm
company better. i can make you money or save you money but i can make your company better. here is what i've done in the past. if i'm in school i got good grades. 60% kid work their way through school or have some kind of a part-time job, have a 60% better chance of getting hired because employers look and figure, well, if the kid's worked their way through school even worked free in some kinds of situations on campus, they're going to be a better worker and they demonstrate their ability to rise above everybody else. gerri: really the pressure is on what you can you've already done when you sit down in the job interview. no doubt about that. before you go, i have to ask you, our poll question tonight, do college grads expect to much what do you say, tony? >> yeah, they do. part of it is because their expectations are not necessarily set well by institutions. i taught on the college level before i got into this business.
5:27 pm
schools are not explaining to the kids, this is what you face with when you graduate. their attitude, you get a degree and you go to work. students and parent need to ask the schools before we spend a couple grand or 150 to 200 grand in school, how many graduates went to work within three or four months after they graduated. that will be some answers people ought to get. gerri: because those schools can make it happen. that's for darn sure. >> sure. gerri: tony, thanks for coming on. always terrific to have you on the show. >> pleasure to be here, thank you. gerri: now we want to know what you think. here's the question tonight. do college grads expect to too much? log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will show you the votes on at the end of the show. stories you're looking at dow retreated after hitting all-time closing high yesterday. nasdaq got a boost from tech stocks.
5:28 pm
trading was quiet as investors looked ahead to tomorrow's jobs report. analysts expecting the labor department's monthly jobs report to show signs of improvement unemployment rate is expected to tick down to 6.6%. new york stock exchange is paying $4.5 million to settle charges with the securities & exchange commission. wall street's top cop accuses of nyse and two affiliated exchanges for failing to comply with responsibilities following security laws. nyse is neither admitting or rebounding. pent-up demand brought consumers back to the the showrooms in april. nissan, toyota, chrysler saw strong sales. ford motor sales slipped slightly. the news was eclipped by the company ceo, alan mulally announcing his retirement. those are some hot stories right now on we have more, more, coming up. one man shares how he went from doctor to patient after a devastating cancer diagnosis.
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they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. gerri: overcoming cancer? how about coming back healthier than ever? that is what one doctor was able to accomplish with being diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma. eight years later he beat the disease and design a program helping people get healthy after a disease. a chiropractic opposition and clinical nutritionist author of the new book is here with us now.
5:33 pm
i find this interesting not only could you ovvrcome cancer but put together a program to help people get better after that. first of all, tell us about your cancer experience. >> i had quite a bit of stress and by lifestyle was not the healthiest pre- diagnosis. i was diagnosed 2006 i started to get weight loss and fatigue and i would just chalk it up to the stress i was going through and not eating as well as i should have. i started to get night sweats and i took it upon myself to have blood work done. behind my sternum was of 5-inch tumor. gerri: what was that news like? ben mccall the voices in the room stopped i felt like i was on a different planet but in my mind i realized i had created by a disease.
5:34 pm
it sparked a little anger but at that point i just had to resolve it. gerri: you had to go through all kinds of treatment, their fees -- therapies. >> the cancer itself was miserable and the symptoms were miserable but the chemotherapy is very toxic and old world war two mustard gas kind of compound was disabling. gerri: but you got rid of it now you decide i have to take care of myself because ims. the cure is almost as bad as the disease itself. >> going through the process to get rid of the cancer are realized how frustrating it must be for people going through it with no
5:35 pm
experience how to resolve these things which is one of the reasons i wrote the book gerri: this is you two days after the operation. year is two months. look at that. just a little bit more fit. five years. check it out. that is what your book is about. not just the exercise but what you should eat and anybody could use it. >> i designed the protocol to make it reader friendly and easy to read but not just about overcoming cancer or chronic illnesses but a user-friendly guide for a guy did and exercise plan unique to your needs. gerri: you can change it for
5:36 pm
your needs. what are the ideas? diet, exercise can you give us some details? >> it is a big component but but achish you the outline to create the protocol unique to yourself. there is information about supplements, and nutrients, how food is a control. what a great story. solutions to a horrific problem. cleanup is under way after a train hauling crude-oil derailed in lynchburg of virginia yesterday. no reports of injuries but
5:37 pm
three train cars plunged into the james river and the leaked oil for hours. it raises questions just how safe transporting oil on the railways really is. we have rich edson. >> companies are transporting more oriel of the rails and there are more accidents the ntsb says companies new mood of fewer than 50,000 carloads in 2010 but last year it hit 400,000 it also cites 16 accidents since 2006 with oil or ethanol. 48 death, a 281 derailed cars releasing 5 million gallons of crude oil and ethanol. the real root executive whose train derailed yesterday acknowledges the need for better tanker safety. >> the cars are owned by the
5:38 pm
customers or leasing companies but some improvements could be made to the standards. >> state officials talk about the safety of transport and over the rails and governor cuomo said new york state is increasing at a higher amount passing through the state. new york in all states object are extremely vulnerable to the impact of to real man or explosion. analysts say some of the oil that would pass through the keystone pipeline is now coming through rail and while those concerns grow some senators are pushing harry reid to require the administration to approve the keystone pipeline. a bill the president may veto as it is waiting on the state department review which it has to wait again pending a court case in nebraska. gerri: we were just talking earlier there was another accident hours ago csx
5:39 pm
carrying 8,000 tons so another example. will they still ship if they would greenlight keystone? what that we have another accident today? the image that is happening really close to washington d.c. which borders on the city. but if keystone was approved there would be oil and would direct the tar sands over the plight -- the pipeline and they can also reach destinations and the company's over crude real. it is more direct. >> we appreciate your time. invite you could be owed a big check from your bank. some advertisements that we love to hate. the top ads driving us nuts.
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gerri: it doesn't matter where you go you see advertisers everywhere weather on the computer or your car or watching tv $100 billion spent every year the you cannot get away from. they are annoying and "consumer reports" editor decided to study what we thought thank you for coming on. why did you decide to take a look at? that is where we take the pulse of the american people regarding issues we survey people about customer service, why it has gone downhill with their like or dislike but we want to ask them about 18 common
5:44 pm
marketing practices and how high the annoyed they were by each. gerri: what was the biggest complaint? >> they were really ticked off about what i despise personally, the robo calls. 37% said it drives them crazy purple is of the hopelessness it seems these just go on and on forever. thank goodness i can screen them but we are powerless to stop. gerri: you have a great list and what is something that they do that they are over it? ltd. like with the announcement you have one of prize or a sweepstakes. that was second.
5:45 pm
what about the fate offical documents or the letters from the irs you also look for their presorted steel and that is make and ads for cure-alls with the exaggerated claims to lose 25 pounds in one week the hyperbolic kind of bad thing and another one videos they were forced to sit through before you reach the content. and then you have to wait. >> does that happen a lot? >> i do a lot of stories the
5:46 pm
way they regulate claims it is feasible will over people's lives and to have names that the lock was made in mexico. that is what drives people crazy. advantage at ads for free merchandise but i certainly have to put up for a theme park tickets to secure a timeshare? oh my goodness. there is no free lunch. gerri: i am annoyed by it are people lot aren't they annoy? >> yes with intent to get much more and waited bin men and they do not like those fast-talking disclaimers based on past purchases in
5:47 pm
tel little nasty times that is tied to those ads that would really ticked off a woman. gerri: then they say take this. >> people don't mind the billboards it does not bother them very much but the other thing is product placement with movies or tv people don't find that annoying but what is also a correlation between age the more old the or the more likely they are to take you off with that episode of simpson's where homer's father without the card was an article written about him
5:48 pm
entitled old man yells that birds. i have never forgotten about that. as we get older the little things drive us crazy. gerri: stay away. >> still to come banks pay for messing up custers mortgages. coming up. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good.
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gerri: you may be owed money
5:52 pm
some of the biggest banks like j.p. morgan shays, a wells fargo are messing up on payouts with mortgages. the average size of the settlement check to homeowners over the botched mortgages is a hundred $57.51. but told% have not even been cashed could you be in line with the money? editor of the national review, a good to see you. where does this money come from? >> it is such a mess there are other words you could use but the banks were supposed to go back to figure out how many mortgages they've messed up with inappropriate these are not modifying when they should have. that process is taking so long it is so complicated the banks and the federal government said forget it said they agreed to a payout
5:53 pm
of $10 billion and 4 billion to go to homeowners that were somehow mistreated but they don't know who specifically they are. gerri: they do know the properties through the loans were for but the lack of information is deadening with no surprise giving many is nearly impossible. what would you feed you thank you are owed money? >> if the bank did not do anything wrong you should not get money but if it was inappropriately for closing ben you do deserve some money the right thing to do is figure out what was wrong so and has been such a disaster it never will be unraveled the specially out west the wild west originating the loans with shady characters if you were
5:54 pm
a bank you may not have the right to direct imitation so it is crazy because when you go people money normally people pay close attention but credit-card companies pay close attention. but this is so far gone of the a judge agrees to were banking we may never know. gerri: the rate of error is 24%. that means one metaphor there was some kind of problem. some were small and it did not matter that some had a big issue. we litigated this went on and on and brought the entire real-estate market to make clothes because we were trying to unravel the whole problem what is the right solution?
5:55 pm
because they made things worse. >> it was such judge mess with no way to unravel this may be the best way. come up with the big number of the helicopter ben solution but then just move on. it is 2014 it is not 2006 we need the market to heal and hopefully for the banks to be much more prudent. everybody went a little crazy. >> is that consumers also. signing on the loans they could never repay. so why is it in this country the solution is throw money at it? to make that is the country we live in. everything is papered over or the constituencies ball off with more ready and that needs to end eventually also
5:56 pm
gerri: $15 trillion in debt. thank you. we will be right back with the answer to my question of the day. do the college graduates expected much? next.
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5:59 pm
gerri: i love good news and we had plenty of it in tonight's show. first, there is forward, who did not take a bailout from the government. instead come they pulled himself up by their own bootstraps . they have a refreshed corporate culture. alou loudly announces replacement today. and then there is a gentleman diagnosed with cancer, he beat it and developed a program for others to recover after a
6:00 pm
devastating illness. congrats to all of them. that is my "two cents more" and that's it for tonight "willis report." thank you for watching. we will you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ neil: all right, you know me. i hate to tell you that i told you so. including how many enrollees we have that are just not the speed. two thirds of those have actually paid for the privilege of getting health care or at least paid the premiums so they could get health care. so by that math we have to raise around 2.7 million on that figure. and now we are down to


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