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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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find the common good in everything. thank you for watching. here's what you have to do right now. go to our webpage independence. good night. blivious. good night. lou: good evening, everybody. house republicans tonight pressing ahead with the flag held high led by the ideas of truth, justice and the american way in the pursuit for truth on benghazi. they weren't in session today after leaving town friday, but these two statements please this afternoon said the house oversight committee will be the chair of the house select committee in benghazi, and speaker banner had a statement released saying he is as dogged, focused and straight minded as they come. his background as a federal
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prosecutor makes an ideal person to lead this panel. in accepting his appointment released the following statement which reads in part "20 month after benghazi attacks they remain unsolved, unsolved questions about why the security was inadequate, our response during the siege itself. a fact that has been lost on the white house in the months stonewalling investigations and in some instances blurring or ignoring the facts. here's white house press secretary jay carney today refusing to answer simple question about the president's whereabouts during the benghazi terrorist attack. >> but i can tell you is the president was briefed regularly by his senior national security team as events were unfolding.
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as you may recall he was first alerted to the attack in the oval office. he wanted every effort expended to do everything we can to assist in the situation in benghazi makes the diplomats were secure around the globe. lou: a simple question, convoluted answer. we're expecting to see the scope of this committee including the other house members will be serving that committee tomorrow. returning to the capital. the latest revelations concerning benghazi for the reveal how the obama administration misled congress and the american people. joining us now, commerce men on the house oversight and health reform committee. great to have you with us, let's
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start with your judgment of trey gowdy as the chairman of the committee that you recommended. >> i tell you what, as a federal prosecutor having served with him and knowing his background, nobody more fair, tenacious and smart in regard to the rule of law. that is a perfect choice in regard to the committee. lou: house democrats saying they were undecided most of them asked about joining up with the committee making a truly bipartisan. your reaction. >> i implore them to join in because the truth doesn't seem red or blue, it is getting to the facts, that is all we have said. we haven't been able to talk to the people that were extricated out of benghazi, now we are seeing more of the information released by these e-mails that have not been given from day
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one. lou: the state department refused to release unredacteione the house and senate committee investigations into benghazi, and then finally judicial watch puts forward the information act for all documents related to benghazi and suddenly it is there in redacted form. this is quite surprising to me. your thoughts. >> this was an orchestrated response house republicans to get the truth in these committees which we are entitled to oversight. it shows a lack of law in washington, d.c. that is why we will take up the benghazi committee, lois lerner contempt charges. please up as i does not uphold the rule of law.
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lou: congressman, we have a portion of the talk that peopled rhodes gave the chamber of commerce filling in for scott pelley, the anchor of "cbs evening news." he said something just the day after the attacks on benghazi. listen to the man that had "cbs news" even as his own network has not acknowledged what occurred or the order in which it did occur. listen, if you will. >> several things, not just reaction to what some felt, but a coordinated effort on the 9/11 anniversary.
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lou: there you have it, the brother of ben rhodes announcing it is not just a mob reaction to a video and then laid out what he expected to be very tense number of days to follow. what is your reaction? are we looking at a prospect of a broad conspiracy here to just suffocate the truth on benghazi? >> if you look at major general, he came forward and told us about that we knew things were coming, we wanted to have a lesser footprint in libya, we did not allow extra security coming forward and we knew the consulate would be attacked, it was 9/11. this is shameful we saw a man die and did nothing. we covered it up afterwards for
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political gains with the jurisdiction felony. lou: a lot of work ahead, do you know whether you will be a member of that committee? >> i don't know. there is a vote come in first and put together, it also depends upon how many democrats want to play ball at a be about this. the adjudication of justice, that will be key. lou: thank you so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: we are six away from election day, a new poll shows why democrats may be doomed in this election year. republicans hold a four-point lead in the generic congressional ballot. that is a stronger pole position than when republicans stood
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before the elections in 1994 and 2010. it is the biggest advantage for republican this point in the election cycle in 20 years. republicans hav have fallen sidf control in 26 states strongly believing they can make that 30 states by gaining control in colorado, iowa, nevada and oregon. attorney eric holder possible criminal charges may be coming against some banks. in a video message saying there is no such thing as too big to jail. he went on to the such a move could threaten a bank's various existence. >> it is true it can somehow trigger the actions by the companies financial regulators.
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in some cases it may even trigger the loss of institutions charter. preparing a case it would be irresponsible not to consider that fact. but rather than wall off banks in the prosecution potential for such severe consequences simply means federal prosecutors conducting these investigations must go the extra mile to coordinate closely with regulators that oversee these institutions day to day operations. lou: i would urge the operations of the banks that may turn out to be the target of the investigation and the attorney general themselves and regulators to keep in clear view the likely disastrous consequences of indicting a firm or corporation rather than the individuals responsible for any violations of law or regulation. no better recent example of that than the 2002 conviction of one of the largest accounting firms against arthur andersen.
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in that case the justice department overreached by a considerable length and the result was one of the country's largest accounting firms and financial firms was destroyed 90,000 jobs lost. and that was under a republican administration, not a democratic one. this is not about politics, this is about appropriate prosecution and the importance of singling out individuals who make those decisions and carry out those unlawful acts, not some corporation. i want to applaud the attorney general for making it clear the administration will not tolera tolerate, if it ever did, too big to jail. we're coming right back. vice president biden quoting theodore roosevelt in his cinco de mayo pitch for amnesty. we will be joined by the manhattan institute to take up other roosevelt quotes and learn
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to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? lou: nba commissioner adam silver announced the league appointed interim ceo of the los angeles lakers because of donald sterling lifetime ban. eric garcetti revealed he talks to sterlin sterling over the wed the billionaire will invest in a retracted fight to keep his franchise. current flippers shooting guard jj redick claiming sterling is racist and discriminated against him because he is right on mack white. he says i have been told both ways, did not want to pay me because i am white and did not
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want to pay me because i am a bench player. biden renewing the push for amnesty on cinco de mayo at an event today. trying to clarify recent remarks in which he said the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country are already americans. >> i know i was criticized for saying that a couple of months ago in florida these 11 million folks are already americans and i got criticized for that. they are americans. they may not be citizens but they are americans. the definition of teddy roosevelt who said a mechanism is not a question of birthplace or creed, it is a sign of principles, character. those 11 million folks breaking their necks, working hard, they are americans. lou: heather mcdonald.
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heather, great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: he was referee during the distortion of teddy roosevelt, is he not? >> he also spoke very exclusively that america is one nation under one flag and one language. it is the american flag and the english language. i find it ironic he is making these comments today because earlier this year in february the ninth circuit of appeals held a school district around san jose was justified in banning students from bringing it the american flag on campus on cinco de mayo because this is such a threat of violence from those carrying the mexican flag. we have moved away from that simulation.
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lou: irrespective of our nation, our values, our what? >> there is no better way than to say you think people actually should learn english and use it in the workplace, use it when they vote, teddy roosevelt himself said we don't just hope immigrants learn english, we expect them to. if they don't, they should be sent back home. this is inconceivable today. lou: why do you think the vice president wouldn't mention that? >> it would sort of undercut the message things were going fine. they found on the 50% of natural laws immigrant should teach them to be proud to be american. those born in this country. lou: as we look at what is going on here, where are we headed? is john boehner committed to amnesty?
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he danced around the issue, he has changed his mind nine times we have counted over the last year. are the republicans really going to base it by going with an amnesty piece of legislation? >> you get worn down after a while. anything other than that would be racist. i think it is hard to keep fight that fight, but the reason people come to this country is because of the rule of law. in other countries people from their noses at the rule of law, people don't believe the citizen should follow it. we have to preserve that, that is what makes america to student. lou: do you believe we still remain distinct? making all kinds of decisions whether we have immigration,
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marijuana, those in prison. it piles up. >> it is a very ad hoc method of governing. lou: and a constitutional republican. great to have you. vice president joe biden quoting teddy roosevelt. but misrepresenting the man and his views on immigration and the country. here is one of teddy roosevelt quotes revealing his true belief on immigration saying we should insist the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes american and a similar to us, he shall be treated on exact equality with everybody else for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birthplace or origin. but this is predicated upon the persons becoming every facet american and nothing but an
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american. they can be no divided allegiance here. any man who says he is an american but something else also. isn't an american at all. we have room but one flag, the american flag. we have room for but one language here, and that is the english language. and we have room for but one sole loyalty, that is a loyalty to the american people. the quote sums up what every immigrant should be embracing, essence of our country, the commitment to americans whose processors were immigrants and together who make up our citizen. we will share more quotes with you tonight from a great man, showing you what a truly great man teddy roosevelt was and far more than our vice president suggested. keep your eyes out for an exciting new book, my first work
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lou: two important decisions today. upholding offering prayers to open government beating meetingf the prayers are openly christian.
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it is a big deal. the supreme court refused an amendment rights case. gun owners must demonstrate a justifiable means in order to carry a firearm in public. my next guest calls today's ruling on prayer a rare win in this country. the focus of his new book in "it's right here." writing the book, host of fox news commentary on fox news radio, his new book is entitled "godless america." it is available tomorrow. organize the supreme court. allowing prayer, this is the u.s. supreme court we are talking about, just to boost
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your book. it is working for you, indeed. >> this is one of those rare wins where the good guys win. lou: they have been under assault for so long, i would wager most of the folks watching a strike now cannot believe what you just said, the initial shock of hearing a supreme court decision affirming our right for the freedom of religion in this country. >> it is the most important freedom, it is under attack. the mainstream media does not cover this war on religious liberty, it is more of a war on religious liberty, this is a war targeting the christian faith. i have more than 250 pages of stories about christians her face persecutions, business owners who have faced lawsuits,
10:27 pm
discrimination lawsuits. lou: you said christian quite a few times on air. a lot of people aren't used to hearing the word christian on air, in the media. you don't hear that a lot, the music awards, you don't hear a lot of it at the oscars certainly or the evening newscast. >> when i go back the southern states i am from tennessee. without fail people give us a standing ovation, they say god bless fox news because we are the only network out there giving people a fair shake in this country. lou: i would think it is a smaller thing. thank goodness for fox business. >> exactly fox business.
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lou: is great to have you here. and the book is "godless america." on sale tomorrow at bookstores everywhere. congratulations all the success in the world. time for a look at the poll results it may be speaker bino was watching our broadcast. we ask you which congressman would be the trace in benghazi. 93% responded trey gowdy. you talk about a victory. we hate to assert that kind of influence, but there it is. you're right, we would not have told you the poll results had it been off anyway. teddy roosevelt with more wisdom. roosevelt said no man is above
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the law, no man is below it. nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey. today's poll question, do you believe the house select committee will get the truth behind what happened and why in benghazi? vote at three new studies out, mice are stronger after injected with young blood from mice. still unclear if it will work in humans. it could lead to more insight into the aging process. the midterm election six months away, new polls have republican leaders expecting not only victory, but a wave election victory. the a team on what republicans
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lou: senator rand paul sparking talking about his ambitions if there is any question picking up space with the executive chairman of news group, rupert murdoch. according to "the new york times," the senator was engaging in a political audition for the man whose argue with the most powerful broker in republican politics. the rest of it we don't know. joining us, the "a-team."
10:34 pm
great to have you all here. so let's start with the benghazi select committee. >> this is a significant development because it will be a partisan despite what some of the democrats say. they have the ability to drill down, they have to be delivered, they have to be delivered with everything in it, not redacted with everything crossed out. what we have known so far with many of the earnings is what happened. there was an active security before. before the night of attack there was no rescue mission and after the fact there has been no effort to round up the guys responsible but what we don't know is why. was there something more sinister which is was there a real concern for abusive power? lou: it looks like there is
10:35 pm
something rather sinister here. >> i agree, democrats will be on the wrong side of history. if you ask people, they want answers to these questions. the do feel the obama administration was keeping secret from them. democrats would be smart to say let's just get to the bottom of this and make sure something like this doesn't happen again. find out who we should be holding accountable. the american people would appreciate that very much. lou: they don't believe the administration on benghazi, particularly on this hard-fought issue right now. >> i would say this is probably the one conservative conspiracy theory that i buy into. i think the administration of the attack had nothing to do with the video.
10:36 pm
they chose to build on that narrative because an election was coming and honestly it has been brilliant strategy on their part. they don't release anything until maybe now when they are compelled to. a savvy government knows they can get away with stuff like that. lou: what was it the nixon administration called this trickling of information out? full limited hangout. that kind of language. >> the similarities are frightening. i was on staff, i went through our files. i would go through to determine do we turn this over, do we turn that over. therthere's always a paper trai. finding was there a deliberate attempt on the part of the administration to skew
10:37 pm
intelligence, like the american people and to rescue americans under attack because they were worried they might have benghazi black hawk down issue. lou: this new poll reporting, it is extraordinary. 43%, the strongest numbers ever for the republican party including the next 94, 2010, it is incredible to look at something even stronger than those two outcomes. >> given what obamacare has become, the amount of deceit, i am not surprised. when you ask these people with the key issue for them is, they say the economy and th they trut
10:38 pm
republicans. people vote with their pocketbooks. >> the democrats are up against anyone other than the republican party, i would be 100% in trouble. if any organization can screw this up, it is the g.o.p. lou: john boehner is looking like he is trying to get the republicans to move in a direction that may come close to the democrats on immigration and a host of issues. >> that is why it is important. do we have a republican candidate who can come forward in 2016 like reagan did in 1980 and say we know what happened, that is bad, but here's my vision for the future. lou: it sounds very republican asked. >> i'm hoping strong libertarian can pull the wing.
10:39 pm
paul libertarian wing, some republicans in, get young people interested. >> i think the republicans should be careful about thinking this is anything good about them, because i think it just says bad things about the democrats. lou: thank you all. it will be fascinating to watch. thank you all, appreciate it. by the weekend box office with the amazing spider-man two kicked off the summer blockbuster season. it easily took the top spot. some were looking for triple digit figures on the million dollars level like the previous spider-man movies perhaps. "the other woman" fell to second
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place. "heaven is for real" maintained third place. 8.7 million. the folks for spider-man are disappointed. i don't understand. trying to determine what caused a vintage aircraft to crash as it was performing an upside down stunt at a northern california air show over the weekend. the 77-year-old pilot was killed in the crash. and in rhode island officials ingle steel plant, it likely caused eight acrobats to plunged to the ground during a stunt. two are in critical condition tonight. and we are proceeding. up next to the target ceo isn't proceeding. he steps down just over four months after security breaches the population. another quote from teddy
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lou: remind you to vote at our poll tonight. due to the committee will ultimately get through the stone wall and get the truth of what happened and why in benghazi? go to or tweet your results. the s&p up 3 a little over three and half at the nasdaq up 14. crude oil below $100 per barrel.
10:45 pm
the yield on the tenure getting below 2.6%. shares down at the chairman and ceo resigned nearly five months after reporting a massive data breach affecting 100 million people. apple close above $600 for the first time in 2012. carl icahn saying the stock is still undervalued. down after a 50% decline in profits. and moved to avoid taxes looking like the least of their problems. joining us next, good to have you with us. the service sector looks like it is really growing, developing and strong like we thought it would be months earlier. >> things are finally coming through.
10:46 pm
we had a little bit of a hiccup in the winter. frigid winter. in the economy going through extremely tepid recovery, it has been pretty consistent. given the starting point, at least it has been steady. lou: it is steady and getting stronger. housing continues to disappoint. your thoughts on what we can expect there. >> this is where we differentiate the short-term and long-term. housing should be picking up pretty dramatically but in the short term in terms of ease of credit and some of the younger people student loan burdens,
10:47 pm
some other things that will kick in is as employment improves people don't tend to increase leverage following a crisis so we're back to a comfort level where they will be employed six months or 12 months from now. lou: as i watch the economy, i am always frankly taken aback by the lack of positive leadership that we see both politically and in corporate america in business. i don't hear the voices i once heard when we talked about equity. i don't hear it from washington, don't hear it from the republicans frankly. it is the killer apathy in leaders, reassuring in their leadership. why is that? >> we look back to what caused the crisis, people blame wall street, it is on the bank
10:48 pm
regulations, one thing we have to realize is it is all about confidence. people look a in the rearview me when they are investing and the more looking at what happened in 2008 than what can happen in the next five years. lou: it is working men and women who basically looking at wages very similar to what we had 40 years ago in terms of purchasing power. none of it can be overcome confidence and commitment per positive view view of the future. we appreciate you being with us, sorry we're out of time.
10:49 pm
good talking with you, looking forward to our next discussion. all of the biggest markets business days. up next, my commentary on the midterm and what republicans need to do to restore order to both houses of congress. that and your comments are coming up next. don't miss a (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born. simple is good right now. (anncr vo) innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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lou: a few thoughts on the midterms and the diminished energy of the usual democratic collective snark toward the rest of them. that may be in part because six months remaining before election
10:53 pm
day, republicans now appear to be headed for a historic victory. i said victory. the primary season begins tomorrow with elections in indiana, ohio and north carolina where there will be an early test of the g.o.p. establishment will, as the pros believe, overwhelm the tea party candidate. however, he has won endorsement of senator rand paul. should learn something about whether the republican establishment financed by the chamber of commerce and the wealthiest member corporations will insist on division or embrace a philosophy. i'm beginning to think a few republicans listening to my counsel in the book of evil in which i urge the leadership and candidate to focus on this country's middle class and those who aspire to it. the senator in his recent op-ed
10:54 pm
made it clear he believes strongly to win the g.o.p. must be the party of the working menn and woman in this country but house speaker john boehner is emblematic of the g.o.p. elite who take their counsel and in some cases orders from bi the u. multinationals ignoring the interest of the small business people who also pay the chamber dues and happen to create most of the jobs in this country. john boehner believes tea party candidates will weekend, not bolster the g.o.p. and conservatives believe paneer and the establishments threaten what could be a wave of victory for the g.o.p. i happen to agree with that. john boehner seems to be straining to lead the republican party in the same direction as the democratic party. it would be a sad, tragic irony if he were to succeed and render republicans as no different than
10:55 pm
democrats. sacrifice a party in the final months of this critically important election year. north carolina will be an early indicator if republican voters are ready for new leadership, new direction or something less than might have been. isn't it beautiful? time for a few of your comments. if the price the authors of the e-mails, tweets and facebook posts as you see on the screen. it is such a pretty cover, isn't it? standing there with a drunk gone in his right jar, what is it all portend? one of the first copies of my new book, first fiction cowritten with jim born, former dea agent and currently florida state law enforcement officer. let's turn to your thoughts.
10:56 pm
the book is pretty good. my three choices. so noted. and the representative that only has the skills but the passion for benghazi troop. if the democrats are honest and sincere in their opposition to benghazi, they will join the investigation and cover all the facts and proud to make the findings public. i'm not sure how sincere that effort might be, but we will find out. e-mail us, follow us on twitter, go to the facebook page. and don't forget, make it your own. that is it for us tonight. former ambassador united natio nations, and we will see you
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then. good night from new york. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything
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from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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no more taxes. neil: one of the most famous turnabouts in modern emergency history -- merge history, two years late whroer he violateed that pledge, all hell came loose, he lost an elect, and republicans lost a lot of seats, that was then this is now, for that about-face. well he has a jfk profile and courage award. maddi does not understand why, their argument


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