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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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people the power to prosper. that's our show. see you next week. see you next week. morrow. u: lou: good evening. russian president flip vladimir putin is servingd noticest to the united states and the world the cold war is back. looking at pictures of their russian aircraftnu carrier to another group of seven russian ships that make the carrier task force that today that passed through the english channel cleaning it is a routine event but this is the series of public incidents and expressions of
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putin power as he flexes muscle on the pearl stage. today he oversaw a military exercise and overseeing the nuclear forces that included the test launch of intercontinental ballistic missile. the leader claimed was planned back in november just 24 hours ago there were headlines of his apparent softening tone to step back after putin said russian troops had withdrawn of course, there was no evidence of that in the u.s. military informed the world they have seen nothing to support the russian president's statement. with the secession vote scheduled on sunday pro russian separatists to five black vladimir putin say they decided to go ahead
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with the referendum and the russian leader had no comment. the of white house is silent on his latest aggression's but the united states does have a presence in the black sea and earlier today the uss taylor are arrived at the georgia court to send a message of support and strength to our nato allies. seven russian ships through the english channel and one american ship into the black sea. turning to capitol hill while the president is in hollywood with celebrities and raising cash with the dnc the house is in session and voted moments ago to create a select committee on benghazi. an investigation led by congressman trade goudy passing by a vote 232 / 1867 democrats supporting the passage.
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speaker boehner not expected to reveal the appointments until tomorrow at the earliest. and they will announce if they will even participate as nancy pelosi has complained repeatedly about the ratio of representation. former secretary of state clinton is expected to be a principal focus of that investigation. got surprisingly fit can did it for president echoing the complaints about the republican search for the truth. >> of course, there are a lot of reasons why despite the hearings and information provided some choose not to be satisfied that is there choice and i do not believe
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there is any reason to continue in this way but they get to call the shots in the congress. >> hillary clinton does long clap -- declined to designate the organization also served as secretary of state despite the condemnation of the group after the kidnapping of 300 teenage girls and to be sold as a sexual slaves. we have the report. >> has nigerias demand the government do more to rescue 300 girls kidnapped one month ago a team of americans are headed to help. >> our team is hitting the ground in nigeria now. and they will be working in concert with the president's government. >> he said more help is on the way and michelle obama
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added her support with the pitcher from her personal account and clinton criticized the leaders. >> the government needs to get serious about protecting all citizens ensuring every child has the right and opportunity to go to school with safety. >> but she declined to designate the group a terrorist organization that was left for john kerry to do in november. >> two years ago we did designate certain individual leaders but i don't have any other in sight to provide. >> his hand with the group pressure to win in the effort to end western influence idaho republican senator says that a failure to act swiftly has consequences. the nigerian president
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visited the white house opposed the designation at the time fearing it would raise their prominence than two dozen people were killed after the u.n. headquarters was bombed and in response to the holocaust remembrances foundation obama seemed frustrated at not being able to do more. >> there are times i want to reach out and save the kids and having to think through what levers or power we have any given moment. >> his critics say he could do more by his reluctance to do so has emboldened the group as the administration is under pressure to add them to the al qaeda ising chambliss but the state department has not said if it will do so. lou: thank you. president obama at a fund-raiser in hollywood blaming republicans for a spiral of dysfunction in
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washington urging his donors to focus on the midterm election. " we will not make good choices unless we break out of this cycle that this breeds cynicism and half to break out of it. that happens during midterms. that does not happen during presidential elections. here to explain what he meant billionaire publisher it is great to have you here. let me just ask you that basically to not engage in politics. >> have to talk about the separate branches of
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government but to act as though he does not have to participate with the expression of goals or objectives of leadership? >> one some level with public rhetoric he has lost the capacity to become a leader of the legislative process as well as executive process. but then with those who are serving in the congress it is a normal part of life. but to establish relationships without those you don't get trust and can do anything this president has lost the trust of the people including the democrats but the republicans are over the moon.
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you cannot govern without the congress. >> and the governance itself in the republican speaker of the house presents itself to say the reason he changed his mind about the establishment of the select committee is because he had new evidence. that he did not trust on immigration looking at the leadership of these two parties and i frankly cannot find an analog. >> but with our system like it or not the of leadership passed to come out of the white house. he is the leader of the executive branch, and the culture is such synthetic it is divisive power with rare exceptions but it doesn't exist today. the fact is without the
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president able to be a leader with persuasion and personal relations, the ability to deal and it is just not there. i have spoken to many members on both sides and they are as puzzled as anyone else. he said he was the first community organizer he has ever met that does not like people. if you think about it he does not reach out and and is not comfortable and i don't want to take away from his obvious talents but in the legislative sense he does not work. lou: the accomplishments of this administration there were many in one of those fund-raisers last night that they side with the people and 65 percent of the most recent poll said they are voting for a candidate in district congressional races
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65% will vote for those who are opposite the president's. >> face showed him with the 59 percent disapproval rating. i don't remember that has ever happened at this stage so whatever he may say he has lost the ability not only to deal with the congress but pulled the people with him and that makes them more difficult to deal with congress. lou: want to press you for your insight because a lot of uncertainty is reflected in the markets. give us the sense of where you think we are headed. our thing is good or bad? >> we are stumbling along at a low rate of growth at 2 percent that is way lower than what we need to improve the economy in any serious way but it could be a lot worse.
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i don't know how fragile the 2% is it could demolish confidence in the country's future and short-term. i think this economy will remain weak i don't think it will grow much more may be 3% some think but i think that is a very good number if we can reach it if the cbo put out a projection for five years that they estimate the next five years is growth at 2.1% and we have access to all the important information it is hard to be optimistic. lou: what is that lack of growth based on the lack of leadership? >> if you just follow a the polls when 59 percent don't support the president not that many more support the congress.
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there is no sense of confidence of the political leadership of this country because we have to depend in this system they have to work together. said you have all levels of paralysis but yet a lot of things that need to be done but in addition the business community is concerned about the direction of this administration whether higher taxes or more regulations. and the biggest problem we have is both big business and small business cannot investing. >> so fewer jobs are created with immense pressure on staggering wages. great to see you. remember president obama is
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a doomsday predictions about the consequences of the sequestered budget cuts? timothy are not smart or fair and will hurt the economy and at hundreds of thousands of americans to the employment rolls. this is not an abstraction. they will lose their jobs. >> a government report finds the budget cuts led to one job lost among 23 federal agencies which is most of the of federal government. not hundreds of thousands. one? we will be right back. >> vladimir putin claims the ukrainian separatists are defying his order to cancel a referendum vote -- vote. we have the games he plays. next. we've never sold a house before.
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the. lou: tensions with russia are escalating. vladimir putin overseeing the launch of several ballistic missiles, here to talk about these latest aggressive moves from vladimir putin, we have vice chairman of the kissinger associates, robert, thank you for being on the show. >> so great to be back here. lou: this russian task force moving through the english channel. >> yes, i think all of these things for signals from one type to the other. these things are signals trying to convey messages of power without actually taking a more
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tough set of actions that could be taken. the both sides, i don't think they really want to at this point. lou: these traditional and historic expression of military power, in the face of rising anxieties. and they seem in anachronistic. that sort i was looking for. >> yes, but also i think you've made a distinct point. the tensions are rising in the ukraine and that means the emotions are building. so it's not entirely clear if he can control the emotions. he certainly has influence in the region and he asked them not to have this referendum, so they
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are going to have this emotional issue and this could really spiral into a difficult situation very quickly. lou: and says pro-russian separatists defy russian presdient vladimir putin. and i can't construct that. i can't organize the syntax or grammar in any way. and on the other hand he does not want it to it's been out of control and collapse economically. and then it becomes as destabilizing force in the region.
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so he wants to weaken us and strengthened the forces in the ukraine did not h thing collapse and that would be harmful for russia and nobody really wants. lou: this starts to become a little reminiscent of the strategic surgical strikes. in military terms, it just doesn't happen. there's always collateral damage. there is always the unintended result in consequences. so what are they? as best as you can foresee, what are the risks associated with unintended consequences and playing of this game of aircraft carriers, strategic bombers and exercises with china or iran. >> that's one of the troublesome things. 40,000 russian troops either on or close to the border. and the danger is that escalates. and that tends to focus and then
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they take liberties elsewhere in the world. and i think that is one of the risks here. lou: enfeebled. sir, it's always good to see you. >> good to be with you. lou: time for a look at last night's online poll results. we ask you if this will be more effective without democrats participation. 74% said yes, 26% said no. so we want you to vote in tonight's poll. president obama said he's disappointed with much of the world, republicans including bashar al-assad and brimer pruden. are you disappointed? leader with we will have the quotation of the evening for you.
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eric shinseki, i subpoena by the house, looking ar answers after a report as many as 40 veterans died while awaiting treatment in arizona, a secret list of set up to conceal their i.d identities. >> refuseing to resign veterans affair secretary, eric shinseki spoke publicly for the first time about unacceptable wait times and mismanage am at a va facility in arizona that led to their deaths. >> i didn't come here to watch things happen this way, i came here to make things better. >> reporter: shinseki, appointed by president obama in 20009, ordered a nationwide face-to-face audit of the
10:27 pm
va facilities in the wake of several brewing scandals at va hospitals where phony wait lists were created and letters ordered destroyed by officials. they have called for shinseki to resign. they have issued a subpoenaa for all e-mails pertaining to the fantastiphoenix scandal. secretary shinseki took 8 days to respond to the committee's request in april. >> we have over the past years asked the va for information that has not been forth coming. frustrations remain high among committee members. >> reporter: some top republicans have stopped short of demanding shinseki resign. >> i'm not ready to join the chorus of people calling for him
10:28 pm
to step down. the problems at the va are systemic, i don't believe that just changing someone at the top, is going to actually get to the solutions that many of us are looking for. >> reporter: senator marco rubio. has introduceed a bill giving shinseki greater authority to fire people. >> you have to be able to fire people who are not doing their job. >> reporter: white house said president still has confidence in secretary shinseki who is slated to appear next thursday before a senate hearing to address the scandal that led to dozens of preventible deible ven deaths. lou: thank you, our quoteing a oinging aof the evening -- quotf the evening, frank gaffney said, to his lasting credit president reagan never waivered, he
10:29 pm
recognized the strateg strategi4 answer of staying the course in terms of denying moscow the military hegemony it sought in western europe and of restoreing the will, coshaoegsiveness and security of the nato alliance, sbadly frayed. >> we're coming right back. >> monica lewinsky goes public. in "vanity fair." >> why would she suddenly step into the public eye? leading seeit
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mind, member of next news medical a team, monica lewinsky, suddenly in "vanity fair," i and an organized response calling her island a a, loonie tune. your thoughts. >> i can't crawl in her mind without her sitting with me. i tell you this is an opportune moment, there is talk of hillary clinton running for president, this is another stage she can stand on, she is not well ordered. emotionaly. who keeps a dress and doesn't get it dry cleaned after a
10:34 pm
passionate most, either she was setting the man up or she was a verysureiou cure curious soul. to fathom why she is back onstage -- >> he would like to reclaim or standing with the community again. in whole history of my presence on this planet i never heard of a woman or a man keeping an item of clothing that has evidence of aanan affair without the intentn of hurting the other person, i think she was a bit of a stalker. lou: and all this time later, hard to discern if she is thinking that new standing and stat to us claim whatever she can of her dignity or going after first lady trying to
10:35 pm
preempt or perhaps inoculation the first lady should she want to be with the story, because it's so early. >> tying herself to tragic deaths of someone else bullyed on line, making bullying her issue, i don't know that she was bullied or she was the bully. >> interesting. >> it might be she is trying to get ahead of that narrative, say this is going to be talked about if this woman run for president, i'm talk about it first. lou: that narrative would be about as damning as it could be from bill clinton. already reviewaled by many now, that he would be appearing as well so, so weak to be bullied by that same 19-year-old. >> well, yes, and you know a force to be -- be -- a dual victim, not your average 19-year-old.
10:36 pm
your average 19-year-old does not find herself in the company of president, and does not find herself tragedyizing to -- strategyizing you to ho play a cat and mouse game with him with her dress. lou: michelle obama, do woe have a picture with michelle hash tag ubridge back oubring back our g0 girls kidnaps in tphaoeupblg tphaoeuplgs in nigeria.many twit impressed. >> is there no sense of decorum left in the white house. i'm being cirrus, ho sere -- sew can you be first lady, and hold
10:37 pm
up a poster board, with a hash tag, like you ar a tweeter, your house band is supposed to the ruler of the free world, you are holding up a poster board with a sad face, and a hash tag like a sad down. that is the best you can do? lou: great to have you here. >> my pleasure? word of thet evening, that we have known for some time, obama administration chosen to ignore the changes nature and relationship between and among national powers, even as china, iran, and russia and china carry out military exercises together in middle east, u.s. not responded strategically to new expression of hegemony. presume
10:38 pm
abbey they will awaken soon, hegemonkwr*frpbgs is ny we hopee often. a greek word. a word in use in kremlin these days. a reminder to vote in the poll, president obama said he is disappointed with the world, republicans bashar al-asad and vladimir putin. are you disappointed perhaps in the president? vote at lou --, wore coming right, wore coming right back.
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lou: toyota reports a 90% increase in profits ahead of summer travel season, forcing them to pay corporate taxes in japan for first time since
10:42 pm
toyota took over as president in 2009, saying being able to pay corporate taxes means we're able to contribute to society, that makes me very happy, a contrast from pfizer, pfizer looking to go overseas to avoid u.s. taxes, toyota, announcing last month they would move its headquarters to texas from california. >> good move. >> on wall street, stocks finishes mixed, dow gaining 32, s&p down 3, nazdaq down 3, volume on big board 3.4 billion, telecom financials best performers, and energy and utility the worst, crude oil down 51 cents, gold down a dollar, 10-year yield, 2.60%. >> jobless claims 46,000 last
10:43 pm
week, and financial reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast to salem radio network for all of day's biggest market and news, joining us the a team. political analyst, ed rawlins, fred barnes, mercedes. great to have you here, mercedes, we start with president's concern about a disfunctional washington. do you think he has his priorities right in expressing his concern. >> he does not have a clue. the one that is causing the disfunction is himself, he does not want that responsibility. you know, he has to make his selling .s to the big donors in california, none of democrats candidate in swing states want to hang out with him, they make
10:44 pm
him the fundraiser in chief. lou: you know, fred, i want to ask but primaries now. we're talking about some losses for tea party but, you know you look at walter jones, he won, stood up against a lot of chamber of commerce money and establishment headwinds and survived. >> i don't think he had name ber chamber of commerce money. but big news in north carolina was tom til thom tillis house sr winning republican nomination for senate without a run off, people say where was the tea party. tea party is being absoared by the republican party. just as right to lifeers were in 1980s, and religious right in 11970s, this natural, it is hard for tea partyers to make out like mitch mcconnell he is
10:45 pm
not a conservative? this is nonsense, and tom till usthomtillis cut taxes and spen. lou: democrats hate him. >> because he is a conservative. tea party is vanishing into the republican party. lou: don't tell the chamber of commerce in business round table. they will get confused. >> don't tell the tea partyers either. >> there are not many to tell, because according to latest poll, g.o.p. support for tea party folks down to 41%, down 20 points from november 2010. fred this looks like tea party, i said for more than a year now, that tea party is all but my opinion, evaporateed, its presence hard to detect,
10:46 pm
leadership woeful. >> not much left, as i say, part of the republican party, republican party is cover party after all, and -- cove conservae party, and taoerp taoer tea pare not stupid, they want to win elections. lou: 45 folks in house did all right, a few senators, have you rubio, and cruz, and rand paul doing well. they hav have a more public pret least? >> well, they do, but they rubeo, would have won tea party or no, rand paul was helped by tea party, but these were good candidates that tea party latched on to. lou: well, do you see it this way. >> fred makes very good points, i fell tea party is an important part of a minority party, which
10:47 pm
is what republicans are. my sense what happen to tea party they did not have national leaders they deliberately did not want to pick leaders. lou: was it a deliberate choice? >> at end of the day, there was nobody, jim demint. became tea party leader it would have been a voice, but they are important, we need them. pluralty of voters did not vote yesterday, we'll win that senate seat, we need every one of those tea party people supporting them. >> they picked bad candidate in past, harry reid candidate, tea party candidate he spend millions of dollars making sure he would get elected, we have our act together, we have good strong candidates we'll win races. lou: hard to figure out, the president has unleashed the left, what some wags are saying.
10:48 pm
mercedes, the left is hell-bent ongoing after in this election, winning irrespective of incentive ti they may express, y are down right vicious. are you expecting there to be a response? >> well, i think so, but i think we'll see a republican party that is very energized. we're tired of losing, we need to get candidates that can bridge togher the g.o.p. establishment, tea partyer to make it work, democrats are in a pad position, you have obama low approval rating, in addition to obamacare that keeps dragging him along, and just very unpopular policies even from foreign policy perspective, we see no leadership, republicans are in a good position to win. lou: you know, i hate to do this but we are out of time, fred,
10:49 pm
how much would you like to see a party embrace working men and women, and middle class? we'll have that discussion next time. >> we're coming right back. >> great. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. ...i got lots of advice,
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lou: occasionally i say things that are unpopular with some. this may be one of those nights. i want to talk about russia and our president, russia carrying out a new design and aggressive strategy. russia invasion of ukraine is of no moment to u.s. and european powers now, it seems, russian
10:53 pm
exing crimea is done. a settled matter, part of the putin drawn new world order,, ad russia launch of two icbms, perfectly timed, a russia aircraft carrier and task force through english channel now, less than a month after russian strategic bomber flew just north of scotland. vladimir putin lying to world about pullback of his troops, it is clearer each day that president obama is helpless to block putin a ambitions and devoid of how he might resuscitate, and rouse a moribund nato alliance, president obama does talk,s some sometimes he talks tough, few trumble before his rhetoric, certainly not putin, and our
10:54 pm
european allies dismiss his assurances. putin sent in his troops and tanks tony have a ukraine, mr. obama was coming to the rescue, you may recall this they treated this picture state department spokeswoman holding a sign that reads, hash tag, united for ukraine. the power of twitter. today in face of demand to do more than send a team of 20 support forces, to help almost 300 kidnapped girls in nigeria, first lady michelle obama took to twitter. frowning concern first lady, started a hash tag bring back our girls campaign. vice president biden tweeting his own similar message moments ago. obama presidency is often effective in its messageing and
10:55 pm
seizing of public moment but usually moments at a time, they seem to not comprehend that americans and the world expect pafar more than pretense, public relations and so-called soft power. i fear we have at long last come to understand what the obama doctrine stands for. mr. obama has established the doctrine of passivety, and lost purpose, he has become the message. time for a few of your comments. we have a book to offer those authors of those e-mails, and tweets and posts it is a great thriller, borosilicate -- border war. high first fiction.
10:56 pm
a respond to whether benghazi committee will be more economy fifteffectivewithout democrats. eric ford writes: >> chuck in el paso wrote about harry reid blaming koch brothers for global warming. they only go the 3 pinnochios for that by the way. he said lou, i believe that crime at changclimb at change -s result of all hot air comes off the senator reid's mouth, nothing more. that is it for us, here tomorrow, retired four-star
10:57 pm
general jock keen, michael -- jack keane, michael goodwin among our guests, thank you for joining us, good night from new york. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company."
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neil: you know, when they have a big rush to spend billions to deal with climate change. i should remind you, we already to the opportunit tune of $77 b, true. i am neil cavuto. dirty secret on cleaning up our planet and heating up, is that we're already trying to address it to the tune of 77 billion dollars from 2008 through last year. that how much we commited to various programs to fight climbal change. now we hear that we tens of billions o


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