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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 11, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ neil: republicans have every reason to feel like they can get a little ahead of themselves right now. a big victory come november that one out of three voters are resembled the president of the united states themselves whatever they do when they go. and also think of this, two out of three republicans are so jazzed to go to the polls that they will step over glass to make their point and get their way. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. and things are looking very
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promising for republicans. i remember 2010, which was a good year for them, but i also remember it was not a good year for them. we are talking about what trends we can discern this early on. what do you think max two i think it's going to be a very good year. the bottom line is that republicans are facing this in the senate. they can also pick us up. at the same time republicans can't think that they have arrived. but they are going to win in 2015 just because they have a good november 4, 2014. they have to deal with these problems that they have. so this is going to do very well for republicans in november. 2016, it's not going to be about libby quentin come all the republicans are going to be running, but it will be a different environment. neil: let's bring in ashley pratt. republicans are ahead of getting
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a victory and yet another defeat lingers. so what happens is your? >> it is completely true. you look at 2010 and then you look at 2012 and what happened and it was just a nightmare. so i think that conservatives really suffer from foot in mouth syndrome where we have this and then all of a sudden we completely lose it because we say something and we don't connect with people on the way that we should be. ecb is from the obama administration. he won the argument is that a lot of folks tend to forget history and the snapshot and that republicans have spoilt such moments. >> how can they avoid it is to appear like they are doing away with gridlock and not being obstructionist.
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>> yes, that is true, and the issue is if harry reid loses control of the senate, meaning that it grows republican, what could we expect that the gop will do? is it a winning move to defund obamacare or the financial protection girl in all of the executive actions, or have you do that? or do you say that we are going to do immigration reform and move ahead? and john christmas tree or things that the president >> if they take over congress and the senate, actually don't think that they will win the white house again due to the shipping amount of people. i think they will control congress, which is better to have both parties be different. i don't think they have a person lined up, they seem to not be
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able to handle the spotlight. i think that they are very electable in midterms. but i think no matter what, even if we had 10% unemployment. neil: democrats are hoping to score some of these issues. the minimum wage for me to talk about climate change. but when i look at these issues and see how people have upheld on them, they are not top concerns. am i missing something here remap. >> i think some of these issues polled recently. that is why some are pushingou p person pushing it, its president obama whose numbers have been stubbornly in the 40s. if they got to 50, there would be a parade at the white house. because that means they can keep could keep the senate. the chances of him getting a 50 before november are very slim.
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so i think the democrats feel that they have these winning issue is an overall they are not resonating. so does look like most independent people are saying that the sun is going to flip. and there's a long way to go. it's obama and his numbers, if they were 60%, democrats could talk about this as well. >> you're right about that. what about someone who took down the tea party candidate, he was telling me about this earlier this week. >> so do you have to reach out to tea partiers are those more conservative to you to fix what some think are within the republican party? >> i think you're always having to bring as many people in as possible. we have to add and multiply this in november. but i think the results demonstrate that we have a broad
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base of support. >> i think what we see here are definitely a lot of factions and i think that we are very able to do that and bring everyone together. but i think that people struggle in this way. and i think that this is the foot and mouth syndrome that we are talking about. you see the factions come out and young people. i turned 25 yesterday and it's one of those things where and i feel old. >> i think that is what the issue is. >> should we look at 2010 or 2012 or 1994 when clinton did negotiate with newt gingrich. before that they had this stimulus and they're talking
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about basketball. then when they started negotiating they had welfare reform. >> is it gingrich or clinton? that is a question as well. but the president should get some tips. neil: all right, guys. i want to thank you very much. in the meantime, here's what worries me every time we do. the government needs the house to step in. will that make it even more troubling? the better part might be for uncle sam to stay out. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped.
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neil: all of you guys during the commercial break, it's great to dock you. people say housing doesn't look good. especially when you think of the latest numbers. that tells me that those are a lot of wealthy people. but it's not the average joe. and then adding insult to injury, we have many who are out
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of business. a lot of the big money banks have been doing the same. and so you kids keep that in mind. back to our all-star panel. so here is what i worry about. and it's time for another mortgage rebirth. and i would just say, please stop. >> what happened for five years ago, when you look at the whole fannie and freddie and when they come out and say the government needs to get involved and you
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are not finding enough federal aid. >> do they blame the government for not helping enough reign do they want more help? >> it tends to be more angry. the president is actually interesting. my last roommate was very liberal and we would have conversations all the time about stuff. and i thought, where are you getting this, and it would be talking point in the just resonates with young people. >> unsurprised because if you haven't stepped sent out, that is what is going on. hedge funds are buying houses. but that is not sustainable. matt have the numbers been that
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high? >> that would not be your average american right there. >> correct. and i probably got it wrong. neil: what is your point? we need another health program? >> what they really mean is helping the banks because the banks are the ones. so when we talk about this again, interest rates will start going up in 2015. and then i think it's going to hurt the housing market. >> this is what we're showing in the middle. and we are also keen on helping some other friends and have the
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government reword those things and stick the bill on guys like this. what do you think of that and what do they think about? >> i think what's interesting here is obamacare. look at this, and the bill has shifted to the older population. but when you're looking at it, it's interesting to me because young people will have rent control policies and that will help people in the population of four grand. but in the end these policies are not helping them. >> we have this idea that young people get angry. and i think you and i have chatted about this before. so he would advise them that they are trying to reach out your demographic, what do they have to do? >> connect with them. they have to be conversational. that's what they don't do right
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now. they talk about policies and the 10,000-foot level rather than this dialogue right now. and what we want is something else. >> they all want this. as we've too much government involvement in mortgages with the tax credit and we couldn't do anything about it. there's a lot of private lending. that's how it's supposed to be. and now is the time to phase out with these government subsidized loans. >> keep all of this below the median home prices. if you have congress who is in the state of emergency. neil: we are going to take a quick rate. coming up, amazon workers are suing.
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they work in big factories and they have to go through security. the factories take a long time and they might advocate. the new conservatives, you could afford to open up your heart. we will be back after this.
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true business-grade internet comes
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with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. neil: on the surface it seems ridiculous, at least i thought so. some have ridiculously short lunch breaks. and then they have to get out of there very high security and super large facilities where they work. there is no time. they say the workers have a case. rebecca woodland says they do
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not. why don't you think they do amax. >> in this case, amazon is doing what the law requires, giving them a 30 minute lunch break. many are saying that they don't have enough time in that half hour. but the issue might be that yes, they have a 30 minute for reagan may work in a facility like this. when i'm in a big office building, it takes me a while to get downstairs i want to go up. >> i just think hearing this and knowing the size of some of these warehouses and facilities, i can see their point about yes, we have a 30 minute break. but with everything we have to do, we are just trying to get
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the heck out. >> it's more than that. it's that they are under amazon's control and they are unable to exercise their own economy. and it's more than that. they're not being paid for overtime. amazon is violating the fair labor standards. >> a lot of these are part-time workers or temporary workers and are not violating anything. >> i believe that they are. i bet our collective american values are that. and we should get equal pay for equal work. >> i'm just looking at this, i know they have a policy and i know what it is or that either extenuating circum- dances?
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>> oftentimes amazon is complying with that and we are complying with this is part-time workers. and they are given a half-hour. >> wouldn't make a difference to you? are you a heartless person? >> i am not heartless. i'm saying that they are giving the opportunity to they have let it under the fair labor standards act. and yes, if you have a place where you can get out for a long time, then you go to the break room and apparently there is a nice break from their. and they have vending machines. i know that much. >> i used to do that. for a couple of summers i worked in a factory as a kid. and it would've taken forever.
6:23 pm
a lot of people do that. is that the way around this? should we make more allowances? >> with the workers are saying is that they are not actually getting these within 30 minutes. take someone time before they can even get to their cars or get to their cell phones or personal items. they truly do not have 30 minutes, which is what the fair labor standards act provides. >> the bottom line is that they do have this. the companies are taking it away? >> right, my understanding is that they have the 30 minutes and that it takes some time maybe to get places, but it takes everyone time. >> good for you. you can market the amazon warehouse. [laughter] neil: possibly that's where i will be working. ladies, i want to thank you
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♪ ♪ neil: did any of you see the movie, the avengers? i guess they're making a sequel. well, there is a corporate avengers thing going on. country avengers thing going on. all of these countries coming together, including the united states, china, australia for, they all want to know all about all of these companies the world
6:28 pm
ever tried to outsource jobs, save money. well, where is the money for that? may find it. and this is not change. $300 trillion a year theft. they are not getting it. liz macdonald. how big a deal is this? >> what basically is happening is companies are figuring out that, you know what, these governments are not going to stop raising taxes. we need to protect the bottom line. neil: but if you go to a cheaper country, they're saying, well, where's our stuff. >> what is striking about this, the united kingdom became a tax haven. companies are relocating. hmm this whole debate in washington d.c., bring that corporate cash overseas, 3 trillion back, into the united states and create jobs. neil: ashley. >> i completely agree, and he took the words read of my mouth. it is one of those things where it is almost as though the obama administration has vilified
6:29 pm
business leaders, and you saw that with mitt romney where he became a demon like figure. all of this other stuff. so when you are vilifying -- neil: he has no problem with gm outsourcing jobs. the very same thing. >> exactly. the issue is this money, it makes sense for companies to do that, but at the same time it should be invested back home and could improve american lives, but there is no incentive for business leaders to do that when there vilified and when the market is fluctuating as much as it is. neil: here is the thing that is a little different. now the country that was the beneficiary of this american capital putting their way, they are wondering where is our slice of this. we are not seeing. now australia is whining about the money going to singapore, even ireland. what is going on? me thinks is bigger than this of the company's aircraft year. >> first of all, we are the
6:30 pm
richest. they're is a legitimate beef here. these companies are playing a very expensive and tedious game. they don't want to play, but they have no choice. those lowest tax rate legally. they get together and have the standard corporate rate or no corporate tax. a standard across -- neil: the companies avoid it altogether. gould will and australia. >> apple borrows money so that don't have to bring the cash back. it is ridiculous. the solution is all companies that have a global corporate tax . >> by the way, these countries -- neil: playing a role -- >> wait a minute. listen. here is the big point, neil. what these companies forget is that pension funds, unions, teachers unions invest in these companies. and they start slamming them with higher rates it will work the investments that these
6:31 pm
retirees need when they, you know, leave the workforce. neil: someone has to pony up the bell. i think what these countries are saying, these countries seem to be saying, we are not the beneficiaries of it. what i am beginning to think is the jig is up for these companies. >> at the same time it is profitable for them to do this of shores. i understand that. maybe it is not being invested back in these countries which is the issue. at the same time we have to look at our own crisis back, which is that the markets are so unstable that this is what companies would rather do. neil: you know what i do, i would not tax a penny. i wouldn't. >> you would turn the u.s. into a tax haven. fleet -- neil: sure, that is what i would do. >> benefit luxembourg. a post office box. neil: don't even give me going
6:32 pm
on luxembourg. >> no one benefits from any of this. >> ireland as that 12 percent rate, not zero. >> i would make it 0%. sorry. >> that is the problem. neil: or we come back here, democrats and the media are piling on the brothers. is it me, or did these guys always get vilified? george soros the michael bloomberg, and then hedge fund managers for the over $100 billion to deal with the environment. those guys are rock stars. these guys get pounded like rocks. rocks. come on.
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from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. neil: koch brothers. >> koch brothers. >> koch brothers,. >> koch brothers. >> koch brothers. >> koch brothers. >> koch brothers.
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>> koch brothers. neil: that was not edited. it lists so weird. while. is it me, or does this guy have of taxation? they are evil, right? because of the money that they commit to causes. but the manager poured $100 million to keep the environment and not. michael bloomberg, not, george soros, not. you can kind of pick and choose. public defender, what do you make of this? >> here know, consider the source. you have democrats that talk about the republican donors. you have vice versa. it is all on fair play. you have no money -- it's different. millionaires have the right to be billionaires'. they can put their money where they want. focus on one issue. he had 100 l.a. in dollars. fine.
6:37 pm
neil: busy in the last election. a lot of big money went. they did not get their wake. despite these kind of guys they are out man-to-man outgunned, and out moneyed steadily in the last election and the election before that. navy democrats should be counting their lucky stars they're getting the money they are. >> i don't know what the big beef is any way. the koch brothers raised a ton of money in the last election cycle and we lost. the republicans lost, lost mitt romney and we lost miserably. so obviously money should not matter. neil: properly targeted it might on twitter reacting to all this going of both parties. there's another vista will send it. the only consistency is that are inconsistent. what you make of this? >> that segment was just
6:38 pm
hilarious. koch, koch, koch. neil: on edit it, that's weird. >> it's one of those things where you look at harry reid, and he is always on the soapbox. it's always the koch brothers, the conservatives. you can go on and on. it is always our fault if the regular get this common core initiative. you have all of this big money. yet they are not looking into who their financiers are. neil: go ahead. >> the irony here, the other guys are using the exact same apparatus and plan money into the system that the koch brothers are. neil: they used to be just the one brother. then it became brothers. they gain. >> they oppose big government, are about free enterprise capos subsidy. neil: but if they love the environment somalia would be a rock star. >> that is the perception, the money that is going to
6:39 pm
republicans. it's more self-interest. in the democratic money is all, i just want to help the world and make everyone better. i can dispel that myth very quickly. george soros base a lot of taxes . because of the donations from the hedge fund industry, keep the capital gains rate lower. it also keeps the interest the way they are paid at a lower rate than most people. neil: would argue saying? >> money disrupts. obama is very gentle. she raised a lot of money. so it's not as obvious. >> opposed to big government and for free enterprise. >> that is what the irs does. neil: republicans should be aware that money as i get you what you want. you reminded me the democrats actually raise more of it, the koch brothers notwithstanding.
6:40 pm
what are republicans than going to do work counter that were counter the impression that there money is always evil? they have to deal with that bad pr. >> well, that is a branding problem. the gop has sat in general of. and i think that looking further down the line you're actually going to seek billionaire supporting, it has gone out of hand. i think further down the line you will see maybe even regulations on this because it has gotten to be where you have the billionaires' on the democrats on the billionaires' on the republican side, and they're pretty much running elections. if you think about it, in an election you can raise money with a campaign or have the campaign message. the pacs can have their own message. they do not contact the campaigns and are not supposed to be involved. neil: based on whether they like the message. and then all the money in the world does not necessarily change.
6:41 pm
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neil: all right. you know, we are looking at internet speed. if you are at home noticing something must be wrong. my and and that is just so little slower than it used to be tough when of. it could be your internet provider trying to push you into
6:45 pm
a faster internet plan that will cost you more money. level three communication, one of those back on the internet companies levelling that charge did not outline in detail the companies that are doing this or allegedly doing this, but it would not surprise me. >> this is a tough issue. on the one hand you can sort of see, they own the pipes into your house. they spend money and should be able to charge you what they want. neil: what if i agreed for this package and all of a sudden you're changing in on me or reducing the speed to push me into buying something faster. >> it also can improve services because they can charge premium users. neil: that's fine. if you come up with faster service. >> that's the problem. they're not doing that because they don't have to. it is as if --
6:46 pm
>> the time warner cable merger, senators and congressmen. neil: the five or six companies that might be behind this. >> the issue is the cable and telecom companies have a big block on congress. it is a fear that cables beatles slowdown. if oil companies did this with gas deliveries people would be screaming. if hospitals slow down delivery of health care they would be hollering in washington. utilities with electricity. i'm not sure companies can get away with this for that long. neil: my point was to hear that if all things are equal and you come up with fast speeds, but if you're deliberately slowing down my speed to give me the paper for presumably when i was enjoying before then that to me is the free. >> and you probably will be shocked by my answer or a samo for competition. if comcast and time warner are going to march together and you
6:47 pm
will have this so-called monopoly where they can control the speeds of what you're paying for and what he to pay more to get better internet, that's absolutely ridiculous, and i when incurred someone else to come up and tried to break down that merger. neil: this design happen in places where there is open competition our company does not on the market to your point. >> the problem is the monopolies don't matter. there's the competition off. when they charge netflix as slotting fee to access your home and stop them from opening a. >> charging more. >> but right. hal is the start of supposed to play a million dollars a week to comcast or whoever? all the sudden -- it is freezing the internet where it is. you can afford to pay slotting fees. netflix, you will be the video streamer. neil: i don't mind them hiking fees if they came up with faster service. but when you are starting to screw around with the service i already have that is another
6:48 pm
matter. you probably heard that a lot of companies these days, the weather, a horrible first quarter with this now. and even if you're not in the affected snow areas. got to be more popular, 30 of the s&p 500 companies are saying that has been affecting their profits. ashley, do you buy that? >> yes,. neil: you do? >> obamacare has been a train wreck from the beginning kaj and it is not shocking to me. i think it was originally 30 and now it is 31. i am sure we will see a lot more of that come out. easy the economy stagnant the latest on a point where it is and there is no hope of improvement because of the policies that are coming from the obama administration, and you see them talking this as the agenda that obamacare is the best thing, our economy is improving, it is not.
6:49 pm
deasy business is coming out and saying -- paychecks was one of them has said that it was improving for them and i'm not -- neil: i don't see how the costs have already been affected? of a city more money aside? >> says. and it is also the insurance costs. b is these aren't just any companies. ge, johnson and johnson, ups. you have to wonder after mid terms of the gop halls in the executives from these companies. neil: the health care industry, that is not surprising. >> the quiet ones of the ones selling more as medical devices. you know, look -- neil: those are some of the big names. >> a lot of costs to a company, even now to having upset. it is a whole new system. it is a burden for companies to have to provide health care.
6:50 pm
that leads to overhead costs. neil: secretly they might like this. sick workers. >> the better system, we haven't had an along time. as far as the 31 companies, if they took away the tax break, okay, you know, we are taking away all tax breaks. all 500 companies. >> what is striking about this story, they are talking about an earnings conference call where there disclosing sec filings. for a long time we heard this story dismissed. this is a happening every this is a rounding error. these are big-name blue to companies. i don't think it is an excuse at all. neil: why am i not surprised. >> obviously when you look at the weather -- i am from new hampshire. i am on board with that. it is not really an excuse. all right. came from new hampshire.
6:51 pm
and then no one else to say. i'm 25. neil: to do from the beginning of the show. thank you all. in the meantime, we call a blast from the past. your thoughts on this very handsome and graduate and who he grew up to be. after this. that is enough out of view. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now. to seal out more food particles. thit's not the "limit yoursh hard earned cash back" card .
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neil: ny is the tax code so complicated? he has a s.w.a.t. team of accountants. the irs should allow a deduction to make the pain a little less. really don't have to go there, but i get your point. justin, taxation is that with a different name. flat tax, consumption tax to not throw out the present code and save the forest.
6:55 pm
maybe they should just make it a really simple. whenever you make, that is what they take. we are going in that direction anyway. bob, when i hear rich guy like you bitch about taxes, i love it bob, when i hear a guy like you bitching about me, i say, why doesn't this guy's a switch channels and be done with it. what is the deal with the tax cut that needs its own code to decipher? that is a very good point. tom in new jersey. no, no. shut up. here is hoping you throw up. you greedy so be. so nice to hear from you yet again. it's so complicated we have to pay people to do our taxes. that says it all. now time for some very quick answers to questions on burning issues a lot of you want quickly addressed. here we go. from madison to of wisconsin. it is such a bad thing why hasn't that led to any awful things? a fifth of our budget just
6:56 pm
interest payments on our debt awful, i really can't help you. even that is with interest rates obscenely low bacchante. did you take p. rose should be in the hall of fame? yes, i did. he bet on some games, bad. he was still a great baseball player. is bill o'reilly taller than you? yes. it is john hannah the smarter than you? no. he will say otherwise, but no. i women held to a different look standard? it certainly seems that we looking at you. no, we are all gorgeous. clearly not all our e-mail is are held to the same quality standard for judging by the likes of your note. kim, you said you have been married 30 years. are you open to cheating. this audience among finds a lot. no, but i am quite flattered said. stocks or bonds it depends on how much you mean.
6:57 pm
stocks give you more bang for the buck overtime. bonds provide safety in income. you're going to need a lot of money because you're on -- retiring on average 45 years before most people do. peter e-mails, do you believe in ghosts? you strike me as someone who would believe in anyone. no, but you strike me as someone who would ask anything. you feel guilty for your success when so many others are far more deserving? in your case, no, i do not. when you were at cnbc were you i? no, but i was young. do you like gold? yes, among other investments. i read somewhere you were an intern or a fellow with the carter administration. surely, that can't be true. yes, it was and is true. does that mean you don't like make the mac you said you were half irish and at the italian. which side do you like more? i like both equally.
6:58 pm
i think you are stupid and kind of self absorbed. please tell me i am missing something. i think you are kind of rude and then ask every please tell me i am missing something this. if there was a rock and roll hall of fame for journalists you would be in it, but that would require my colleagues letting me thank you. grand rapids. a fire or drowning. how would you prefer to die? how would you prefer we ignore you? what a question. is it true that you study for the priesthood? yes, it is. i started in college to study to be a priest and found out that there was actually no money in it. no, i'm kidding. tested now workout. bond out my irish mom, but my italian that was okay with it fee. is it true the you ask a lot of girls your prompt? guesstimate is true. finally, my mom did say yes. my own glass from the past, the graduation picture that launched
6:59 pm
a thousand texts. louis writes once a chubby face, always a chubby face, little and who knew that this babyface go to superhero. and now, you have gotten better with age. and susie, i appreciatekind com. and another viewer said you get cuter and fluffier with age. what does fluffier mean? fables that's i would've went after you in high school. and what he says i would've gone to the prom with you. yes, but you would've had to bump off my mom. what the hell happened? and why should your data with your disapproval? >> well, that's the way he always looked at me. he is still making his family proud and his dedicated fans are all 12 of us.
7:00 pm
you had me going there. is that necessary? that the last time we let o'reilly send us an e-mail. have a great weekend, . ointh thmprovements you'd n make if you were in charge? you can see what's wrong and iffome you had the resources and the power to fix the problems that predictably crop up day in and day out. politicians are too beholden to parties and donors and special interests to take an honest and actual stand. executive are too worried to think about the bottom line and declaring war, but what if you were supreme leader of the universe? what would you do? how would you solve crises and bring out the best in people from geraldo and anthony weiner and bobby bones,


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