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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 13, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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with billionaire investor mark cuban on the show of website, and reward. melissa francis is with me. she has the next hour with me. one of the reasons mark said he backed that is because of his kids and knowing that some say they will text something they don't want the whole world they will see. melissa: i think it is inevitable though. there is no way to stop it. he is the right guy to try. deeder today, thanks so much. record day for the dow and s&p but good luck telling the economy. latest uninspiring reading on consumers. defending high frequency trading. cme's joint executive chairman joins us after testifying on capitol hill. why he says high frequency trading isn't a bad thing. not waiting for president obama. vermont hiking the minimum wage to the highest in the land. sick of lugging your bags to the airport and paying 50 bucks each flight to check them? we have got the answer and you won't believe it.
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because even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: so new intraday high for the dow on track to close out day for another record level. economic data out today, less than thrilling. retail sales basically flat. is there any correlation between stocks and economy anymore. baron's senior editor jack hough, fox business's tracy byrnes and "wall street journal" spencer. i given up, there is no connection between the economy and stock market anymore. they're totally not correlated. am i crazy. >> i think we've gone through a period where the relationship might have reversed. it chased people out of savings into stocks. as share prices wise we hope people will feel wealthier and start spending but the problem is last couple years, share prices liz send four times than
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earnings and stocks are looks expensive. melissa: you're saying a rising stock market is killing economy? >> no. i think the fed trying to keep interest rates low -- melissa: would thrive the economy and it has not worked at all. so they're not connected. >> reverse relationship. melissa: what do you guys think? >> think have is no relation. main street is not back in this market. we slowly started to hear retirement plans were starting to put money back into this market but for the most part people are trying to make ends meet. you see it in retail sales. if you're not shopping at walmart and target, what are you doing? you're trying to pay bills and put food on table. melissa: file under things you can't make up. hundreder biden, son of vice president joe biden, joined the holdings of ukraine's private gas producer. put all the connections together, spencer. the vice president's son has an economic interest in the energy independence of ukraine. problem there?
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>> i mean, listen this, guy is a big-time lawyer. he has a lot of experience in government. there is some legitimacy to naming him to this position. melissa: come on. >> you about the political optics around this look a little strange given he is the vice president's son and there is a lot of tension in that area in geopolitical climate. it looks a little strange. melissa: all they care about is political optics. you think this is -- >> happened with mbna in delaware. biden's home state he just so happened to get his son on the board there. this is not first time bidens -- >> this is second big name american in the last couple months. they are sending a message. they are sincere they want to reduce energy dependency for rush share, there are a lot of big name americans you could put on the board of this company who are not related in a nuclear family to the vice president of the united states. >> i suppose but the guy does have legitimate business chops and he is probably look at him -- melissa: there was no one else available could have done the
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job at same caliber than son the vice president. >> can't be easy being joe biden's son. just kidding, moving on, beats music service has only 111,000 registered accounts. we have been celebrating potential deal with apple. apple hasn't even confirmed. this is subscriber base of beats. tough compare this to spotify which currently has 24 million active users globally. >> i was scratching my head even before these name members came out. i'm scratching my head even more. this deal does not make complete sense. may not even happen first of all. if they do announce it would be great to see what apple's rationale. melissa: bought tom and gisele's house. has to be happening. $20 million yesterday. >> you snow what they're competing against? pandora has 250 million registered users. spotify has 25 million registered users. the gap there is enormous. >> i haven't heard anyone say, thank god apple is buying this. >> they have jimmy ivy and dr. dre.
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maybe we're looking at wrong way. melissa: they're buying talent? >> what is chief creative officer of beats music, something, something. you're getting great people. >> worth $3 million? >> i don't know. but you know what? change the way we see music. they're game changers. maybe they're buying that? >> i think apple needs to be more aggressive on m&a i'm not sure this is the right call. melissa: not making any beeps today, twitter has new mute button to silence those who tweet more than necessary. i love this. you are following people who start tweeting stupid stuff that ruins your stream. you don't want to unfollow them and it is hurtful. it says you were my friend but now i think it is tedious and boring. what do you think of the mute button? >> this is the thing. melissa: you don't tweet, do you? you don't care about twitter? >> i don't tweet. i'm not big social media -- there are relationships we need to let die. this gives people opportunity to
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have too many relationships going. melissa: so you're cruel, you're mean. you want to cut them off? >> unfollow. >> natural life cycle with a relationship. melissa: cow, what do you guys think. >> i think spencer, i'm cutting you off, i think it is quite amazing twitter created an etiquette. now polite to follow people but unpolite to unfollow them. in a matter of what? only 2008 we first heard of twitter. >> can't wait until this gets hacked and everyone find out -- it will be really bad. >> wow. melissa: it is. when you unfollow someone, finding out later you were muted is not great but less hurtful than you were just unfollowed. i had a friend who unfollowed me. it hurt my feelings. like, what did i do that annoys you? >> too sensitive. melissa: i don't know. it hurt my feelings. i shouldn't have admitted that. let's move on. i can't believe i admitted that. l.a. clippers owner donald sterling speaking out making the whole thing a whole lot worse. >> what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson, what was hed?
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he has got aids. did he do any business? i would like, did he help anybody in south l.a.? is that someone we want to respect and, tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. melissa: yikes! >> does he need that many buttons undone on shirt? >> that was least of his troubles but i appreciate that. >> in that interview donald sterling says magic johnson needs to go into the background. i think donald sterling needs to go into the background after that interview. >> the man is not even worth talking about. he is disgusting. melissa: does he have dementia? this is one of the things his wife said watching afterwards, he really seems -- >> try that on my kid tonight. i will try that. i have dementia. this is why i can't remember. honest to god. melissa: like he didn't know whether to interrupt to inject some sense or let it roll. so unbelievable. >> that's what he did. >> try not to reoffend while
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you're apologizing is takeaway. >> good point. melissa: he offended a whole new crowd of people with his apology. >> when you say i shouldn't go any further, don't go any further. melissa: anyway. thanks you guys were fabulous. congress wants answer. the first but certainly not the last hearing on high frequency trading on capitol hill. we'll hear from a man who defended it. cme executive chairman terry duffy is next. if you're looking for love in all the wrong places there is an app for that. move over tinder. we'll tell you how linkedin can land you a job and a hot date. more "money" coming up. ♪ 20.
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melissa: the debate over high frequency trade something speeding into washington today. the senate holding a hearing to look at how this affects the derivatives markets. joining me fresh off the senate testimony is cme group executive chairman and president terry duffy. thank you so much for joining us. what do you think of the testimony? >> well, i mean i thought it was good. i think that it's good congress
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is taking an interest in a topic that the american public obviously has a big interest in after the "60 minutes" interview and the book. melissa: yeah. >> when someone makes a very profound statement that the markets are rigged, that is pretty damaging statements to be saying on "60 minutes." not surprised that congress is looking into it and rightfully so. my point to show the differences between equity markets and markets that we at cme run which is vertical silo markets, no the a fragmented equity market. the big issue i'm trying to accomplish here that to make sure this town doesn't come up with something where they pull out one brush to try to paint the whole industry. that there are two brushes. they understand the difference between the regular futures market and securities world. >> do you think high frequency trade something good for bad for the market? >> i think all trade something good for the market as long as it is policed properly. that is the most important thing. think there is ecosystem in the marketplace where more participants are better than less. it helps price discovery.
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help keep bid offer spreads tighter. there are people that call high frequency trading all bad types of names. melissa: yeah. >> there is a lot of high frequency traders. melissa: cftc economist carol link co, is high frequency trade something preventing competition. >> no, that is not true. no one is preventing competition. everyone can come in with computer to trade the markets as long as you go by the regulations. i don't believe they're preventing competition whatsoever. melissa: is it unfair someone can get their quicker? does there need to be more regulation? should washington do anything in your opinion? >> what is important that you draw the distinction between our world and securities world. when you place an order into cme systems, melissa, the only one that knows you placed the order is you. there is nobody else including every other high frequency trader. melissa: terry, i'm not sure that is answering the question. is there anything that you government should do to regulate high frequency trading more? >> the government needs to look at fragmentation in the
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marketplace. needs to look at dark pools. needs to look at things like that. needs people trading high frequency one moment and trading strategy the next. they should focus more on market structure. melissa: do you think dark pools are a big problem? >> i believe anytime you do not have the true price discovery of any product is a problem. and when you have it so fragmented and 40% of the u.s. equity market is dark, hard to determine exactly what that price could be. in our world that doesn't operate that way. melissa: did you suggest to them they should look into that? have you said it privately, do you think it will happen? >> i said it publicly and privately to members of the congress. i think there should be looked into dark pools and public should have the best possible price and have transparency that leads into the price. when who% of the market is dark hard to give them confidence -- 40% of the market is dark. melissa: thank you, terry, appreciate your time. >> thank you, melissa, for more on the debate on high frequency trading. charlie gasparino is on the phone. charlie what do you think of just you heard?
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>> for a change someone talk as little sense. terry duffy was being diplomatic in his answers but he is right on the money. one of the things that michael lewis, the reason why his book was such a disservice it took the debate away from the real problem. the real problem is not that someone could trade faster. the real problem isn't that some people cheat. because they do and they always have. the real problem, you don't have one market anymore. you have 50 markets. when you have 50 markets you have a dysfunctional system. and that's the problem. we have -- by the way when you have 50 markets, makes it easier for some people to cheat. does that mean, our system, our markets are rigged? no. but there's a degree of dysfunction that occurs here. that is why you have "flash crashes." there is no, the price discovery is funky, okay? you could have a print in one market and it may show someplace else and you know, during a brief period of time. and then, at some points when the computers don't work, right, it call comes crashing down. that is what happened.
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that is what terry said. that is the most important thing here. could you end this debate tomorrow if the sec ever got the brains or the cajones, i don't know what it is, i don't know what is preventing them from doing this maybe they're afraid of messing with goldman sachs because goldman sachs own as dark pool and get the dark pools under control. very interesting goldman sachs attacked not the problem because it would hurt them to attack the problem which is the dark pools and attacked this side issue of high frequency trading. if you notice, gary cohn in that "wall street journal" op-ed attacked high frequency trading without talking about the fact that goldman sachs makes a lot of money operating one of these markets. it also serves them very well to have price discovery in other markets so they can hide trades. melissa: charlie gasparino. we've got breaking news. we've got to go. thank you so much. we vick brag news out of chicago. flights have been stopped going in and out of midway and o'hare airports. the faa says it is because of smoke in a radar facility.
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workers have been evacuated from that facility. there is a ground stop in effect that means no flights are going in and out of the city. we'll keep watching this for more developments. this is breaking news out of chicago. there is a ground stop in effect as you can see from the video. no one is going in and out. they are sitting tight. speaking of vermont, a few things come to mind. maple syrup, ben & jerry's. now it will be known as having the highest minimum wage in the land. what is going on up there! we're fired up about this one. plus you may be pretty proud of yourself for drinking a glass of red wine at night. after all it is good for your health, right? wrong! new research blows that old theory way out of the water. i think this is a case for dr. manny. i don't like this one. did you ever have too much money? ♪.
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melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money has been flying around the world today starting in haiti where christopher columbus's lost ship may have been found more than 500 years later of the santa maria was traveling from the bahamas before it ran into a reef and sank over the north coast. the exploration team first came across the wreckage a decade ago. data confirms it is the long lost vessel. experts say it is the first underwater evidence of columbus's discovery of america. i love it! over to china where people want their dogs to look like pandas? they are struggling to keep up with demand, look at that among
2:22 pm
the middle class who increasingly want unique dogs as companions. the fur is dyed and most dogs be transtomorrow in two hours. wow. landing in police where they made a handy fam met for telling tour its how to conduct themselves if robbed during next month's world cup. they are not to scream or argue. they can make things worse. police say, leave fancy clothes at home and avoid walking around the city at night. muggings in rio up more than 40% this year. so good luck with that. want to show you zulily. shares of e-commerce site set to hit the market after a six-month lockup? let's go to nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange with this one. nicole, take it away. >> enjoyed money around the world. neat segment. like that. let's talk about zulily. the lockup expiration is
2:23 pm
tomorrow as that looms everyone is keeping an eye. the stock was much higher but last week came in with numbers that disappointed wall street. zulily is the website people call, for moms, zulily. people order in bulk or order, they have to wait for the entire order to be filled. so times you want to order some sandals for your kid you have to do so three months in advance. however, we are watching the lockup expiration tomorrow. the spokesperson for sue littling expect some sells. they don't say whether executives or insiders will be selling. keep a keen on a this one, melissa, thanks very much, nicole. bad news, lady. it is healthy may not be excuse for getting a bottle of merlot and good box of chocolate out there. why? why is this, dr. manny. >> not so fast. i love my wine. i love my chocolate. melissa: yeah. >> this is looking at a question that has been, you know, scientists are looking whether
2:24 pm
the chemical compound in wine or things like that, prevents heart disease, prevents cancer. according to the study, 700 of people out of italy the answer might be no. they looked at survey of people in village. they ask how much wine do you drink and measure by-products of wine. clearly there was no difference when it comes to heart disease and cancer. the biggest story, whether or not in the supplement side of the equation -- melissa: so a lot of people are taking supplements? how do you say this particular whatever it is? >> res vary troll. that is the chemical, it is the compound that is commercial, oh, my god we found a cure for everything. a lot of people take it in pill forms. that clearly not shown to be of any benefit. would i say every longevity study we look at, alcohol moderation, consumption is important.
2:25 pm
so i am very bullish on wine and exercise and everything else in conjunction with a very positive lifestyle. if you're a wine drinker, don't stop it. it might not prevent disease but certainly won't hurt you. melissa: if you ease back on thl activity is any less important. a new study find a woman over 30, lack of exercise is bigger cause of heart disease than smoking. what? what? >> absolutely. melissa: lack of exercise is worse -- >> worse than smoking. absolutely, one of the worst contributing factors. smoking is bad for at love reasons. if you stop smoking you get your health back in many ways. if you don't exercise at all ever, then you're doomed. doesn't matter at what age. you can start exercising at age of 30, age of 40. even a little bit afterwards. if you start exercising you get the same dynamic changes in your heart. that is exactly what these studies are showing. melissa: smoking is supposed to kill you? >> i know. i know but far more people, fewer people smoke than
2:26 pm
exercise, believe it or not. melissa: okay. >> actually one of the key factors in living longer. so you to the the one and got exercise. what else? melissa: for all my foulmouthed friends out there, a new study said cursing could be good for you. did you hear this one? it is positive and seemingly harmless emotional release. try telling that to your bottom. even better news, the more loose the word more noise you reap. can you bleeping believe that. >> i love to curse. i. melissa: do you? >> i do. melissa: i never hear you out in the hallways. >> i do. ask people that work with me. i have it very bad. but look, appears from a psychological, yes, you relief a lost inner tension. good, positive energy. the flip side of it is, that if you use the wrong words or if you use it to hurt somebody it is really not positive, it is really negative. that is the difference people
2:27 pm
have to pay attention. if you hurt somebody on purpose -- melissa: if i get really angry and in my office scream at top of my lungs, all kinds of words in it? but i get more tense because i'm screaming. that doesn't raise your blood pressure. >> good stuff. positive stress. melissa: all right. so i'm going to drink the wine, in moderation, work out and going to curse. got it. perfect. dr. manny. >> thank you, $30 co-pay for that. melissa: thieves targeting range rovers but not for reasons you might think. we'll tell you why it is really headlights that the bad guys are after. hmmm. maxing out the minimum wage. the faceoff as vermont blows past the president's 10.10 per hour. push to have highest minimum wage in the country. how long till other states follow suit. tweet me. more "money" coming up. ♪. (mother vo) when i was pregnant...
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maria: the dow on track for another record close. let's go to market at the stock exchange. let me start with you. what do you think of this market? >> not surprised. we are in a raging bull market, three ways to play this marketing, aggressively long, or basically flat, you have to have the right stocks. linkedin, google, the nasdaq looks like short candidates but the market keeps chugging along and there has been a shift in rotation out of high growth names and the boring stocks into chevron, and chesapeake another one. all the oil and natural-gas
2:32 pm
plays are on fire. >> the dow and the s&p, not to get too excited about the nasdaq. a little bit of a move, a lot of underperformance, $0.08 below the highs from this year and this remains a markets of large cats that are rallying, you have 10% right now, the s&p actually hit new 52 week highs and the socks and the nyse, about 169 total stocks that hit new highs versus newly 500 last year, the market is a select few that are rallying, and the trend is bullish, the dow indians in the back to new highs but want to see more sustained ability here in this advance and more things participating. melissa: one thing, the minimum wage increase, too rich for president obama's blood, vt. minimum-wage $10.50 in the next four years leaving the other 49
2:33 pm
states in the dust. the first time a state has pushed beyond a $10.10 rate endorsed by the president but how long before the rest of the country follows suit? peter morris -- peter morici is here to do get out. >> it is good, we need a raise in the minimum-wage. when we don't raise it to keep up with the rate of inflation it is like a pay cut for the poor. we had a minimum rage with 1938, how has the economy done, i would characterize it as the greatest expansion in prosperity in the history of human civilization. melissa: peter morici, what do you thing? >> that economy we had of the last 56 years can't be attributed to the minimum wage but if we adjusted for inflation than after it has been raised last time about $8 and a quarter would be about right, $10.40 is not and will cause some unemployment in vermont. >> we have four forecasts, there
2:34 pm
will be some unemployment and also higher income for people but we have a reality we had a minimum wage that has worked well for along time. there is discussion about how high is too high, $10, $9, and it is a gradual increase. melissa: will people lose their job? >> i don't know over the long term if it is that clear. the porche spend -- skip give the more money they spend it under the economy. >> it is clear will cost more jobs because if we adjust the minimum-wage for how much inflation since 2009 would be between 8-1/4 an hour. it was a substantial real increase by 20%. and -- >> we had decades that kept up with inflation. >> that is not what we are talking about. let's stick with the fact. if you don't like the fact it is
2:35 pm
hard to have a discussion. the minimum wage was set at its present level in 2009 and since that time the amount of inflation -- >> why is that the right number? melissa: one at a time. what is your question? >> why is that the right number? the minimum wage was falling before that. >> when the president first came out of the box for minimum-wage 15 months ago, he had a much higher number and a much lower number would be consistent with the trend in inflation and minimum-wage going back 30, 40 years. $10.10 is not, there was a political ploy to get the republicans to vote no to make points in november. melissa: we had the ceo on yesterday who owns five stores and he was saying in order to pay a higher wage he would weigh a higher price. people pay more money to buy stuff. he is saying they won't get anything more because the price of everything is going. >> of course he will say that there are problems with raising
2:36 pm
the minimum wage. when we pay workers a wage they can't live on what do they do? melissa: a can't live on $10.10. >> what do they do when wages are slow? we have other social programs? who pays for that? we do. i am paying on my payroll and i would like to see walmart and others pay workers more. melissa: income inequality results may surprise, 32 of 35 district in the u.s. with the most income any quality happen to be represented by democrats. take a look at the top five and you will see districts from new york, pennsylvania, illinois and connecticut, all of those democratic and one in florida is represented by a republican. there was one of the republican district in that one. what do you think? >> these are largely incidental or coincidental correlations. you could also say the
2:37 pm
jurisdictions that have democrats have the highest growth. the reality is when you have a lot of growth in this economy in places like manhattan, chicago and so forth there is a lot of income inequality i really think these are coincidences. i don't attribute growth or inequality. >> new york will have more equally than mississippi. i will visit mississippi but staying in new york. melissa: a lot of mississippi lovers and i don't want to upset them. have to leave it there. and oscar-winning take on the value of perseverance. bill courtney mastered the art of the come back as inner-city football coach, here with a surprising lesson. his players taught him on the dignity of hard work. and cure the costar of entitlement. at an end of the day it is all about money. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ]
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don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. melissa: i am melissa frances with your fox business brief, pfizer is preparing for another run at astra's and it. the ceo told british lawmakers the drugthey could raise its bid while keeping research jobs in britain as the deal went through. he also said he would not be ruling out a hostile bid. also report say at&t is ramping
2:40 pm
up for multibillion-dollar bid for direct tv, neither side wants to comment that the deal is thought to be around $50 billion. valiant says it is not giving up on a deal with botoxmaker, valium has scheduled a web cast this month to explain to all involved how both companies would be stronger as a team. an unsolicited offer around $46 billion. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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>> a story so good hollywood gave it an oscar. of volunteer for struggling inner-city teams that play off changing the lines of the players along the way. was chronicled in the academy award winning documentary and defeated and the experience of bill courtney with a unique take on the dignity of hard work. he's the author of the new book against the grain and he joins me now. such an amazing story, so inspirational. one of your players said welfare cripples folks end of depending on instead of their own abilities. they use it for the rest of their lives and they can't ever get ahead. that was his take. does that surprise you? >> of course. and 18-year-old kid grew up in
2:43 pm
abject poverty and frankly his world was surrounded by needing that type of assistance to survive and for him to come to the place he viewed, he didn't help that way. or the abuse of the help that way. melissa: looking at someone you said, depending on it for val. that is what folks say when cutting back on food stamps or welfare, and here's a child in essence, saying that it was crippling. >> your basic sustenance is something given to you rather than going out and turning it. and help up, becomes alive
2:44 pm
stock, and this is an 18-year-old kid in that area of the world that spent 15 months in jail when he was 16 years old. and came out with this. melissa: you saw lot of them to succeed. >> i coach kids to play football and coach kids on the fundamentals of life and football takes care of itself and what you do instead is you get civil, break down preconceived notions, conversation about the stuff that matters. melissa: you are somebody who built a huge business of your own, you have a $40 million lumber business, you said you have called men that you new to offer them a job, 10 or $11 an hour to start with the we talk about minimum wage on the show all the time, paying people living wage, you pay $10 or $11 to start, they were out of work, no other solid prospects on the
2:45 pm
rise in, you thought they would jump at the opportunity, they wouldn't, this is what you said in the book. you are offering people good jobs and they are not taking them. >> two years of unemployment or six minutes -- six months of unemployment some have made the decisions they would rather stick around for six months of unemployment than go to work. the money is a problem and entitlement is a problem but i think we miss the biggest problem which is when we -- when people are in this position they lose the dignity they get from working hard. they don't get to wake up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror and say and i'm about to go earn my keep or come home at the end today and what their children and spouse and say what we have fire in today and the dignity that comes from that is stripped. that is my biggest concern. melissa: how do you restore that? if that is the problem this is something charles payne says all the time at fox business. how do you restore that?
2:46 pm
you are saying it feels like it would be a job and you are offering people a job and they are not taking it. what is the solution? >> i just wrote a book called against the grain and the book is about 14 fundamental tenet such as character, commitment, integrity, perseverance, dignity of artwork, grace and others and i think we can be a forward thinking, in crews of caring society without abandoning the core principles that got us here in the first place and if your answer -- melissa: fundamentals are in the book. >> fundamentals your grandmother probably taught you too. melissa: thanks for coming don. big day for the markets if you heard earlier, the dow and the s&p hitting new intraday highs, it is going to be a must watch, "countdown to the closing bell," liz claman to go outside. what is coming that? melissa: i like his thinking.
2:47 pm
we are watching a tnt, direct tv, broke the news in "after the bell" recently that these two behemoth's are in talks, just to scuttlebutt time warner deal. and the synergies for a link between directv and at&t if it is of all possible, if regulators would go for it and if they reject this one do they automatically have to reject the time-warner cable comcast deal? talking about that and new york is all a twitter with the big networks trying to sell their ads so we have a pulse of what is going on and the pulse of the consumer, we did get those april sales numbers for retail and they were barely a 0.1%. we have a guy who was a huge success in retail, you might not know the game but you know his brand. he was at the helm of bloomingdale's for 23 years and it was a huge company because of him. michael gould on whether he is
2:48 pm
worried about the consumer at the moment and what he says is what you should listen to. we will see you at the top of the hour and we could be in record territory again. melissa: thanks so much. i have to share this. have you seen it? please meet dracula's free little cousin. this is the bunny doing his thing, it is said not a college my entire team could not stop watching this little rabbit going to town. we usually say it is all about money but we had to show you this because everyone else in the world as seen it. if you haven't seen it there you go, you are welcome. planning and taking the trip any time soon? think twice before you pack anything. i will speak to a travel expert who will show you how to outsmart those outrageous baggage these. and still have anything you need to enjoy a dream vacation. you can never have too much money.
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melissa: sergio marchionne in indiana, take it away. kospi change standing by with sergio marchionne as we speak, taking a huge step on transmissions. he has to food aluminum trucks and the want to ask the question real quick and answer another question, electrics, transmissions are the way to go in terms that -- i will ask sergio marchionne right now since we are live on the fox
2:53 pm
business network thanks for your indulgence, appreciate it always. you are making a huge bet here is that you can make gasoline engines that run better with better transitions than anybody else. >> i wouldn't say that. we are going to be a leading-edge solution provider in both traditional combustion engine and transmissions. we were the first ones to make available all wheel drive transmissions, the first to industrialized front wheel all wheel drive, we recognize the value, and the history of the house. it was designed for scratch because we had nothing. a collection of transmissions and engines which support the
2:54 pm
disciplines. and by default in technology because we face the change it was one of those chances we took back in 2009 and that has proven to be right. >> a man who is not -- melissa: anything for jeff flock. talk about excess baggage. some air travelers are finding new ways to get around those. here is a travel expert mark murphy. last time you were here we talked about how they charge you for every bag and there's a clothing solution i forced you to bring back. >> i will show you, you put on a vest. here is a suit. melissa: the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. you jammed your suit in the pocket of your bag? it is rumbled up in a ball. >> here are the pants to the suit, got a t-shirt, some more books here. melissa: to people by this and carry this to avoid having
2:55 pm
paying a fee to get on a plane? >> unintended consequences people will do anything to save a buck, $40 for this is the equivalent of 1-1/2 bags checked and next thing you know you are wearing your luggage through the airport. melissa: they having kids sizes as well, you take off or put it through, when you get on board you can put it under the seat in front of you. one suit balled up in there, didn't see any toiletries or anything please >> i could have brought a kitchen sink too but just to show a little restraint. melissa: sorry that was so short. love at first interview, a new venture hooking up with your linkedin profile allowing you to search for a date while you network for new jobless sound like a career disaster waiting to happen. at an end of the day it is all about money.
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
don't dip your pen in the company link, linkedup lets you screen matches by profession and education by syncing with your linkedin profile. here to discuss, jo ling kent and jack howe is back as well. good or bad? >> i think the more information you have, the better. so why not know ahead of time? melissa: what do you think? >> you could basically be told no twice, can i have a job, no -- [laughter] melissa: someone said i feel a lot safer knowing this app is connected, people are less likely to lie when their career is on the line. >> you do have that information, but then again it really does take the romance out of dating, even -- melissa: is there any romance left in dating, i don't know, i'm married, but i'm guessing. >> you know -- melissa: the ceo said he created it because people were already using linkedin as a dating site. >> oh, definitely.
3:00 pm
>> you're supposed to work up the courage to talk to someone face to face. my hands are getting sweaty just thinking about it. melissa: that's all we have for now. "countdown" starts rights -- right now. >> as the bull withs try to stampede their way towards another record day on wall street, which companies will get them there? fiat chrysler trying to rev up sales and gas mileage but not by going electric or turning to hybrid. our jeff flock has the inside scoop live at a brand new plant in tipton, indiana, with the ceo. what a marriage between at&t and directive, would it challenge the number one player, comcast? we look at the potential winners and losers and find out whether the planned comcast/time warner cable merger suddenly has more or less momentum. and making friends w


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