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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 14, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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nobody better to take you through the next hour then liz claman because "countdown" starts right now. liz: market tu tug-of-war. as they square off against the fight of new all-time high. yahoo ceo drops another hot startup into her shopping cart. will yahoo find the holy grail of revenue after the giant ipo? is blackberry getting back into the game? it just unveiled the touchscreen phone made by fox con. will they turn up the heat again or be buried by an avalanche of smart phones? the definitive debate. and food and tech pioneer has now caught up a recipe for healthy affordable eating that is so attractive billionaires like bill gates to china, they
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are all believers in the product. the ceo in a fox business exclusive. "countdown to the closing bell" begins right now. liz: good afternoon, everybody. it is the last hour of trading and the operative word of the day is white as in very light volume. that could help explain why stocks have retreated from the record highs we saw yesterday and the day before because if only a few people are buying into a rally we can quickly get a down day like today. dow jones industrials down about it is six points. the s&p losing seven. the nasdaq down 22. again, pretty much hovering, languishing at the lows of the session for all the major
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indices. we have talked about lagging computer sales for years now. sony is forecasting an annual loss in six and seven years driven in part by expenses to get out of the personal computer business. right now shares of sony going down by seven percentage points. that is $1.26 cut for the stock. sony is still up about 3% year to date. bases reporting 3.2% increase in first-quarter profits, but that increased all short of expectations. macy's is still sticking with the outlook saying i is improvig business trends. we look at shares slightly lower at the moment i a quarter of a percent. just slightly off the six-month highs. sears has been trimming back the canadian operations. the retailer is considering
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selling all of the stores in canada. every single one. sometimes they moved to the upside when you show those kind of moves, but not today, down nearly 3% at the moment. it has been an ugly year especially around february, march. shares down 24%. quite an interesting day in the treasury market displayed a stronger-than-expected jump in april producer prices shows pricing power for manufacturers and they did rise six-tenths of a percent last month. the 10-year treasury yield hit a new low of 2.25% at one point today. when we say new low, we mean recent low. why didn't we see yield go higher after the data? the traders at the new york stock exchange, cme and the nymex. if there is fear in the market,
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a move into treasuries, that is what we saw yesterday too. >> you stole my thunder. bonds are not my thing, but we look at the 10-year treasury yield, so the question becomes why is the 10-year treasury yield not moving when we get the ppi data stronger-than-expected. a bit of a troubling sign. people are really concerned about growth in this market. therefore you have to be concerned of valuations. price to sales ratio is at all-time high. when you look at valuation, the market cap going forward, we don't believe the markets doesn't believe the growth story in the economy going forward therefore the valuation will be too high. liz: this market vindicating the bears are about to have a win. marketwatch in this building at
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fox, it says stocks are telling you a bear market is coming. are they? is that the signal we look for on that? >> there are a lot of other things we look at that we have gotten smarter about: direction on the market. we are still bullish on this, we don't see any indication we will have a massive selloff. we will have to see that happen a couple more sessions. liz: what signs do you see a bear market is coming? i get a correction, but a bear market overall? >> i don't get that sign. with respect to the 10-year as an indication of a bear market coming, what we're seeing more in the 10-year as far as what is contributing to the strength that futures itself and the yield falling, if the relative value of the u.s. 10-year versus what we're seeing over in europe, these artificially suppressed rates in europe, if
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you're looking for a comparable fixed income product, what are you going to do? are you going to have a german pang under 1.1%, a french under 2%? when you look at it through that lens, 2.5% for u.s. 10-year, which everybody would agree is a much safer investment, it doesn't look too bad. there is a big enough disparity where these things could still continue to fall as far as the yield in the u.s. and it wouldn't necessarily precipitate with the equity market fall in addition. for the short-term, they could be mutually exclusive, which is counterintuitive to historical price action. liz: there is bullish action in oil at the moment. we have a short term forecast for the summer that says gasoline prices are going higher, oil probably goes higher, $102.16 per barrel
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today. >> i think repeat earlier in the season, about six weeks ago retail gas about 308. nowadays below 300. we have gasoline, that will be a very sensitive number. looking at gasoline dross today, so they are building in crude oil. that was the session high. we are right up against the resistance. if we could take it out by the end of the week, we could be at 105. it is still pretty strong here. liz: thank you so much for joining us on the floor show. many of us remember it like it was yesterday. the crippling impact of the financial crisis on the market, on many of you. fox news bret baier host of special report with bret baier sat down with former u.s.
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treasury secretary to get his views on this. reflections on the financial crisis. he is standing by from washington, d.c. listen, treasury secretary tim geithner was at the heart of all of those negotiations during the drama of that time, what struck you most about what he said today? spiege>> a number of different headlines from this interview. he was the head of the new york fed at the beginning of the crisis and became treasury secretary as it went on. a couple of stories, charlie gaaparino broke yesterday about this lawsuit in new york and a deposition he gave that did not seem to track what the book was with when he knew aig, the insurance was really a threat to the global financial situation. in the deposition he suggest that it happened they relate,
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too late. he had a handle on it early. he kind of said once you see the full deposition, it will lineup. other headlines, he walked back comments about too big to fail being misguided policy. he said you cannot say you solve that problem, but we have made it much, much better and addressed real criticism from the special inspector for the tarp funds. politically in washington there was a lot of eyebrows raise about his description of a prep session where the communications team and dan pfeiffer specifically prepping the secretary for sunday show said he should say social security did not add to the deficit. tim geithner didn't feel comfortable with it, that is how he wrote it in the book. for the white house trying specifically to mislead the american people? >> i was never in the position
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nor anybody to ask me to do that, neve you never would havee that. what he was doing was to point out that we don't want to look like our proposals to solve the long-term fiscal problems were something that would appear to some as cutting social security benefits to cover the shortfal shortfalls. >> i guess it reads a little differently because you say i remember in the prep session before i appeared on sunday shows, i objected he wanted me to say social security didn't contribute to the deficit. it wasn't a main driver, but he did contribute. it was a dog whistle to the left. he had to explain it was a phrase to the democratic base single and went to protect social security. it wouldn't be a dog whistle if he ask you to say this is just not a main driver. >> we thought it was good to be vulnerable to this misperception
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on either side. we could solve the deficit problem on the back of social security. i thought it was very interesting. >> but it does contribute. >> to the long-term fiscal problem? yeah, it is just a math thing. >> and obviously walking back something that is in the book is back and forth. one more thing quickly, for the "wall street journal," u.s. backs off tight mortgage roles. that will be a tough balancing act and he understands concerns of lawmakers who think that maybe open the door to boom and bust down the road. melissa: i have talked too many billionaires who thought he did a great job. it is interesting to see the appears to be. all if you can catch his full interview tonight on special
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report with bret baier at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. thank you so much for coming on the program. the closing bell ringing in 49 minutes. yahoo buys an apt that will soon be gone in the blink of an eye. what she plans to do with it or not do with it now. and can blackberry new smart phone make the brand cool again? and what is the partnership going to do? the longtime apple collaborator. we have a full debate on if blackberry will soar or plummet.
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liz: blackberry is not dead. how dare you say that. likblackberry is looking to conr emerging markets. a d3 touchscreen smartphone in indonesia.
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emerging market. it will hit stores may 15 retelling less than $200. will it help blackberry grab international market share or will this be another failed attempt to try and compete for rivals such as apple, samsung and nokia? blackberry used to have 70 plus market share in this sector. used to. jaguar financial chairman and ceo. because you are the bull, you think this may be away for blackberry to get its muscle back. why? >> absolutely. the key as we have a transformational ceo, an enormous difference focusing on niche plays and niche market. indonesia, southeast asia,
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india, vietnam, places like that, those are niche places like renova has been successful at. liz: and now let's go to michael. shoveling sand against the tide? >> i agree is a transformational ceo. the transformation are going to see overtimes is this company getting out of the phone market. liz: why would he released a brand-new phone right now if he was getting out of the phone market? >> the only places they are doing well at all our markets like venezuela, indonesia. i think this is the right strategy for now. but i think it is only a matter of time until those markets end up looking like our market in the canadian market where people start to move past blackberry. the future of this company is in telemedicine, automobiles.
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if you look to our three years down the road, you have a hard time finding blackberry in enterprise device management or in handsets. the only handsets they will have will be in the few emerging markets like the one we mentioned. liz: michaels is an $8 price target, yours is at 17. there's a huge discrepancy in the belief here. you both agree with me on that. here are a couple of weeks ago, he has a plan keep blackberry viable, or does he? what if you start to break off pieces of it because the parts are more valuable than the hall? >> he could end up doing that, but right now it he has done is totally restructured the company, he has brought in a management team, he downsized the workforce enormously, scaled off the real estate, generating about 275 million.
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the balance sheet is looking a lot more formidable than it ever has. michael is absolutely right, his focus now is software and services. mobile device management is going to incorporate a strengthened and secure dbm platform as part of the play. he is very focused o on the car infotainment business. they have a big market share there as well the software as michael pointed out. liz: down 90%. i don't know, could there be a play here? five years from now does this stock, does it exist, what does it look like? >> it really is a call option on these new businesses. despite the operational improvement and the outsourcing and the restructuring, this company burn 600 million in cash
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last quarter which was much higher than expected. they haven't stemmed the bleeding yet. you are buying a caller option on a new operating system and new market not in the smartphone market, but the problem is there still a lot of value. $5 per share that we can still lose in the smartphone market that will inevitably happen. you are betting on something that is hard to value, hard to see how to execute and it could be 10 years before receive it works or not. melissa: michael, thank you. senior marketing analyst. thank you. thanks so much. the closing bell ringing in 39 minutes. the yahoo ceo buying the company behind the self-destructing messaging apps, so they say, called blink. in the blink of an eye she is shutting it down.
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we have talked about that for about four months and introduce you to that definition, but we will find out in a moment what is the real plan here. and with the world's richest man throws his weight behind a startup you have to pay attention. he is a believer, but hampton creek, what is the secret sauce? mayonnaise? the founder in a fox business exclusive. we're moving our company to new york state.
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of caring for a loved one, we hear you. visit for advice and support. liz: bill gates has known for his philanthropic work around the world but also his investing prowess. now he's found a startup back in shape the future of the global food industry. san francisco-based technology hampton creek foods is challenging the multi billion dollars industry with an entirely new recipe. joining me now in a fox business exclusive is hampton creek food founder and ceo. i have a million questions of
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how did bill gates find you, but to start, what makes hampton creek foods so special? you are eggless, but what plant should taste like they have egg in them? >> google is google because the index the world's webpages. and they use all that information to give you a better algorithm so when you search business news, it pops up. we index the world's plants. we gain knowledge about the plants and we utilize the knowledge about the plants to make food better. we have 9.5 billion people that will be on this planet by 2050 and we think the food company that figures out how to feed them and a way that sustains their body and helps the environment too is the one that wins. liz: is this the one that is the secret? what is in your cookie dough?
3:28 pm
>> we found 13 plants around the world. we used to go in the marketplace right now. the one that is selling like crazy is a variety of a canadian yellow be. you can visit farmers, they will show you what it looks like and our cookie dough, these are plants you have heard of before, but we got so addicted to soy and corn, we almost forgot there was this insane diversity and abundance from the ground, we think we should use it. liz: where did you get your experience in all of this? you have figured out ways to make things like cookie dough, clearly very smart people like bill gates and others are interested. >> the experience comes from twofold. i spent about seven years of my life in africa frustrated there were a lot of big needs, but the
3:29 pm
mechanisms to address them were insufficient, which is why we are big believers in the powers of the market. we have an incredible team, a team of food scientists, chef, molecular biologist at all hang out together and are watching right now, we live at this intersection of art and technology. they all come together and add their own insight to help us sort this out to build a better world. liz: now we have put all kinds of stores your products are in. how did you get a guy like bill gates interested? bill gates is famously smart when it comes to investing and he cares about african issues. >> he sure does. i think one thing all of our phenomenal supporters have in common, they look at the current state of affairs in food, what they see is a world of
3:30 pm
antiquated technologies. they really see horse and buggy. we have an approach that is more affordable, simply better and they are inclined to support things more inclined with the future. if you look at where the normal chicken egg comes from. 1.8 trillion of them are laid around the world and 99% of them come from places your viewers woulnot be too happy about if ty saw. unsustainable antiquated. they see a solution think this is a massive market opportunity and this is a new more innovative way of doing this. liz: who will be watching for it. would you accept a buyout from the big boys like craft? they may be threatened by you. >> we have been fortunate enough to get a number of offers already, but we wake up every single day determined to be a
3:31 pm
food company shaping the 21st century. i think that requires independence, it requires saying no to offers. so we will be here for a long time. liz: the folks at the home office are standing up and cheering right now. thank you, it is great to see you. josh tetrick founder and ceo. big names, big billionaires involved there. yahoo on a big shopping spree after spending money buying 22 companies last year, the next nt giant has field another deal picking up messaging app blink but smashing it under their foot? jo ling: in a blink it completely disappeared. liz: look at what happens when sometimes threatened companies pick you up, they destroy what you created. >> what is interesting here is what the ceo melissa mayer helps
3:32 pm
to do with blink because she hired the seven engineers. they won't budge on telling us how much money they spent, but they are going to be using them to develop new communication technology. what is interesting about blink is they haven't been around for that long. they didn't have all the user base, they weren't the snap chat. so they are really rising application. it is all about the engineers and talent. a very important space, they don't have this in their portfolio yet. liz: here today, gone in a bli blink. don't trust any of those promises. >> they are waiting out of that conflict now.
3:33 pm
liz: what is her strategy? is this company gone forever as we know it? jo ling: it is possible we could see it resurface. look at what melissa meyer is looking at, what is she facing down? alibaba. according to a lot of analysts boosting the stock. that is a problem, they're going up against a deadline, which we don't know yet, but it is coming soon. liz: jo ling kent. poor people at blink. 27 minutes before the closing bell.
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he will tell us what he found out next. he wasn't invited, he went, he saw, he conquered. and google trying to get the self driving cars on the expressway, but what will it actually reach on the ground? the very latest just ahead. we asked people a question,
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♪ liz: what is considered to be the bellwether when it comes to the dot guts and the bones? cisco reporting after the bell. optimism up until about 1:00 p.m. and pulling slightly back. let's go to nicole petallides because of course at exactly
3:39 pm
4:05 p.m. eastern, we have the ceo in a first on fox business interview. >> i'm excited to see what he says with the ip demanded looking like overall. the stock right now is down at 22.81. what will investors looking at for this latest earnings report? as far as quarterly revenue, that is supposed to be down year year-over-year. it will come pretty much in line, that demand in that area. cisco is a leader. you use the words guts and bones. that center of the analogy here, but the question is about switching and routing, that may not be a business of growth. that may be something they're going to touch on. obviously this is a big one that we are going to be watching.
3:40 pm
liz: i trust any business that the original business starts to disappear that and they dwarf into something that is more needed. we will be talking to them about that and more. coming up after the bell, first inside look on the earnings report, he could pick anybody, he is picking fox business. john chambers first on fbn. one of the most anticipated financial conferences of the year. the sky bridge comes then market movers across the world the annual gathering in las vegas. charlie gasparino is at the conference joining us now to give us by phone the very latest. what has been happening? >> i just ran into magic johnson. i will not say where. read my twitter page. we won't get into it, it is a family show.
3:41 pm
magic johnson is speaking now, i will rush down there, but he will have some word about what is going on with the clippers, the affair. interesting rumors running around vegas of the whole sherman issue. liz: sherman? you mean sterling. charlie: yes, sterling. apparently sterling's girlfriend was down here last night, she was having dinner at a place called prime. magic is in town. eventually he wants to buy the clippers or be the owner of the clippers. we will see what happens. the other thing is this is a great conference because you have a lot of good people who top economists. kind of interesting, got a lot of attention at the time.
3:42 pm
an economist, good friend of mine was here. predicts the dollar will collapse, we could have another global financial crisis if the fed doesn't start raising rates. basically sees a huge bubble. if they don't put the country back on some sort of a moderating course in different terms of interest rates, that is what is going to happen. you know it was kind of interesting, he thinks the economy is doing well. i caught him at the end of the speech and he started talking about charity. he took a shot at the wounded warrior's program. he made the case he thinks they probably spent too much time on marketing. we do have a call to the wounded warriors. liz: a lot of times these charities pray on your emotion. they run a lot of commercials, they are spending to money sense on the dollar on that then actually help them.
3:43 pm
charlie: are you say they do that? liz: i am sure they spend fewer senssentiment dollar than the al heroes then the charity i work with. i'm not saying minus better, he is a smart businessman. charlie: here is the thing, before you start throwing around like that, i say things off the cuff a lot too, but before you start talking about a charity which i know some people associated with it, they said is very good work, he better come with your facts. we do have a call into the wounded warriors to hear about that. the rubber meets the road here tonight around 4:00. when the great hedge fund investor speaks. that has potential to move the market given all the people and
3:44 pm
all the investors that are here. all these guys, this is the 1% of the 1% that are here. they have feasted off of quantitative easing. they have made the most money off quantitative easing. the fed printing money has not really helped the average joe. it is still very high. wages are essentially stagnant but they're making a lot of money in the market. does he think this will end soon? is he worried about the future, worried about bubbles? if he speaks his mind, that could move the market tomorrow. so i will be live tweeting that out. i would keep an eye on that. last year the start of the conference was down low, moved the stock and made interesting comments, that was the highlight last year.
3:45 pm
today will be at 4:00. pay attention to what he says because it could move the market tomorrow. liz: i will retweet what he does. charlie, tell us what magic is saying because donald sterling claims magic and cap tim and is saying racist things. one of the rumors here is magic wants to secretly take over the team. liz: i would also if that happened. success is the greatest revenge. the clock is ticking on googles driverless cars. will the new invention hit the road anytime soon? we have been waiting a couple of years to see. i am always on call for you. go to
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liz: from robots to drones, at the forefront of a slew of moonshot products. and when them has been the self driving car. they will bring the driverless vehicles to market in just a few years. the tech giant saying it is already talking to automakers about potential partnerships.
3:51 pm
companies like volvo, ford, tesla are also working on their own computer assisted driving as well. launching an autonomous driving experiment in the swedish city and jeff flock showed you a self parking car the day before yesterday here on fox business. having tested the cars across he was in the city and highway driving. however rainy weather forces drivers to take control again. shares of google, this is intraday moving higher by 1.33%, but over the year, this has always been a winner. with a market retreating today, should we delay the celebrations? will w be have a ticker parade here? reading the tea leaves and got the confetti. even with the market searching for direction.
3:52 pm
the equity fund portfolio manager. you don't see that kind of a parade lately even though the numbers just hit that yesterday? 1900. >> i understood. the market is poised to move higher. the global geopolitical tensions cause a slowdown in economic activity which is really confident we will see a rebound in the u.s. economy and the stock market over the next 90122 months. >> he says the economy is looking good, so let's get to the picks that are really ready to go. you also like a company we have on all the time making gigantic cranes and food services industries.
3:53 pm
the p/e looks low, am i correct it is about three or four? >> i don't think it is that low. i think would you have in front of you is a big earnings cycle. it might be that if you're looking at the earnings on the cycling a number of years. i think what you will see is the technology earnings power because deep water drillers and all the oil companies are adding checkups. they need supply votes. the utilization and the day rates will move higher the next two years or so, we really think there on the front end of a nice earnings cycle. i was thinking more of a $10 in earning multiple. liz: it has done very well up 46% year over year, but what happens in the future?
3:54 pm
do they spin off the food services or do they remain two different manufacturing companies under one roof? >> i think they remain together, i think what will drive the stock price over the next two years will be the new products. in both divisions as well as the food service division. we think those products with the margins and execution of manufacturing, we think the stock is poised to do really well over the next 12 to 18 months. liz: thank you so much. the 10-year performance for the mid-cap value equity fund is up 12%, not bad. beating the s&p 500. we will see you next time. we have the closing bell five minutes away. we have seven minutes away a cisco getting ready to report earnings after the bell. we have cisco chair and ceo first on fox business interview.
3:55 pm
you do not want to miss what john chambers has to say about his earnings and his view of the greater economy. we're moving our company to new york state.
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six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade. liz: okay, it has been a tough day. no records on this one. dave: no. we have a lot of interesting things coming up including earnings from cisco after earnings were right in the middle of earnings that may be to john chambers. liz: we are definitely getting him. dave: let's talk to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. talk about it is not a stock, but interest rates that have been coming down dramatically all across the board, that is
3:59 pm
kind of spooking the market, isn't it? nicole: it really is. you hit the nail on the head talking but interest rates. as the rates went down, the yield in particular moving with it. this could be the fear of the ecb, monetary stimulus, may be an influx of money from abroad here at home but 2.54% is the lowest we have seen in six months. liz: as we talked after the release, this is a name, this is a company that provides a real window into the health of all internet stocks, does it not? >> absolutely. this is able he missed. it kind of gives us a glimpse into technology going forward. what the companies would do at this time. dave: usually that is good news for homebuilders, but not today. >> the homebuilders story is
4:00 pm
pretty interesting. talking about fannie and freddie yesterday, lower rates. dave: by the way, we will have the flow dick bove coming in. liz: look at this, dow jones industrials losing about 100 points. it has been a tough day for the market all across the land. s&p closing near session lows, down nearly nine points. the russell got hammered once again, lately it has been in charge of the caller on the dog of the market. dave: is it catching a falling knife? time first to run you through the front page headlines. producer prices surging in april also spoke to the market, rising 6%. the biggest gain in 18 months, one of the biggest drivers was a jump in food prices.


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