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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 19, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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worldwide total so far, $196 million. not surprisingly warner brothers announced plans for a sequel. i don't know, adam shapiro if you saw "godzilla." i did no. i have other things to watch. you're taking us through the next hour. i see markets moving higher across the board. >> markets moving higher. godzilla without mothra is not the same. you need cheesy dubbed english. thank you very much. i'm adam shapiro in for melissa francis. this is another big merger offer. this could make a difference what you can watch on your mobile screen. at&t's $49 billion offer for directv and why it may not be a slam-dunk. army knives, chocolate and common sense. people of switzerland doing the world proud, rejecting a $25 a minimum wage. show them what you're made of. that is jill abramson's advice to wake forest graduates. just our luck. melissa francis is there.
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get ready or get sued. the insurance company says it is citi's fault for not being prepared for climate change. even when they say it's not it is always about money. before we get to those stories we have to show you what is happening with apple today in anticipation of new iphone 6. this could be a clue from the multibillion-dollar deal for beats electronics is going to be become official. here to talk about all this, our own charlie gasparino. operationsy byrnes and nyu associate professor, mark brennan. surprised apple is back above $600 a share. >> i would not. i wouldn't call 1 1/2% soaring. $8 move. no big deal. adam: iphone 6.
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is that a big deal. >> they better blow it out of the park or it will be a bad thing quickly. adam: you have people on inside that you talk to. how will samsung react? >> i don't know but i think you're right about the small move in the stock. here is one thing i come back to, there is a lot on the line nor tim cook. there is questions whether he is enough of an innovator f this new iphone doesn't work, i tell you that stock will come down more than 1%. adam: this isn't levels we've seen in year-and-a-half. we'll take a bite out of something else, that is at&t. making a $49 billion bet on future of television striking a big money deal to acquire directv serving notice to big boys of telecommunications. you called this weeks ago. you saw this coming. >> not what i said in particular but once the comcast twc deal was announced, most people thinks that will get regulatory approval, that will unleash a
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consolidation. because if they did the deal. brian roberts is giving lot of money to the obama administration. most people think that is one thing, bait. maybe you guys no better than me, seems to a lot of overlap, comcast and twc, from what i understand, not a lot of overlap in terms of customers they serve. there is a degree of overlap between directv and at&t which could pose a legitimate antitrust concern. adam: tracy? >> do you worry about the nfl sunday ticket thing falling through? that could be a big deal and out for at&t and using it as their out for walking away from the deal? right now it says in the contract, if directv doesn't get approval for the sunday ticket at&t will walk. adam: do you think it is good for consumers. >> i don't think this is good for consumers. let me continue negative vain. h.l. menken says when he smells flowers he looks for a funeral
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procession. they have a 10 billion-dollar dividend payment. this covers that nicely. >> do you think it will get approved. >> i think ultimately it will get approved under the bob rubin, sandy weill -- adam: i will plug the plug on at&t. >> look at the stock. because the market was betting it wouldn't get done earlier. adam: this deal won't get done. i will take that bet. we'll move on to youtube. not -- >> market is the about deal doesn't get done. adam: youtube according to game latest move reportedly shelling out more than a billion dollars to buy videogame streaming company, twitch. tracy, why? >> twitch. >> that is where the kids are. everyone is on youtube. you can't braid your hair without going on youtube to get advice. teens are there. kids are there. adam: you're playing your game but watch someone else -- >> talk to someone. adam: what is the business plan for doing this? they have so many people? >> i'm trying to figure out a
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lot of things on deal. printing press. polio vaccine and man and moon and i don't know what youtube is trying to deal with this unthis is like "saturday night live" where captain kirk tells a fan go find a girl. have we jumped the shark on youtube. >> when i was in "newsweek" magazine, 2005, 2006, couple months we were disintermediated. guess why? barely because of the internet. i think there's a good chance all of us here get disintermediated by you yoush. this is the future. >> this is good. the kids are there. adam: this isn't about gaming. this is having a visual interface and face time. >> they're putting together a tv network. adam: we'll work for youtube? they all came from nbc by the way. >> people will laugh at this. that is chance that ends broadcasting. the way they deliver news and deliver content i should point out could end broadcasting. >> there is xbox one channels,
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playstation channels all in the twitch they're looking to purchase. >> on negative side, wwe is trying a youtube channel flopping. just remember, not done yet. adam: so wage wars may have reach ad global tipping point with swiss voters overwhelmingly rejecting a proposal for the world's highest minimum wage. we talked about this doing the world proud. i'm not so sure i would have said that mark, is the right thing? it was 25 bucks when you adjust it for what it would have been -- 17 bucks. seems really high. >> remember, adam, minimum wage laws do not create a single job. they only outlaw jobs. hurray for switzerland for doing this. adam: don't they move wages up? >> for the middle class but put a lot of people out of the market so under a certain wage you can't be hired, people entering wage force, teenagers, lower level of skill they're out of a job. >> that is different demographic in the united states. we have plenty of people come from other countries. switzerland is not destination for unwashed masses.
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adam: pretty unwashed money. >> that's right. boosting minimum wage there i don't think has big impact as it has here, let's face it, small businesses flourish here. they hire, they hire people on low end to do mean y'all labor. when you start raising that low end wage, small businesses hire? >> this is democratic vote. this is democratic vote. >> the largest union party in switzerland back, all they were doing backing about 300,000 people who don't make as much as the rest of the rich country. so we were just trying to bump some people up? not enough to push companies out. adam: what's the message though for the united states? can anyone here draw a conclusion from that? >> no. adam: because we're so different. >> no. >> we never had, 75% of the public in switzerland voted against this we never had 75% of the people vote for anything in country. >> listen, my grand parents were part of unwashed masses. >> mine too. >> probably yours and yours as well. adam: yes they were. >> they like higher minimum
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wages. economics are particularly bad. in this country a country that subsists on small businesses making money and employing, boosing their cost of capital and labor -- >> our grandparents wouldn't want a handout. adam: talking about grandparents, have you had your grandmother, why haven't you got a girlfriend, why haven't you got somebody? face book is getting a little nosey in your relationships, adding a friend ask why you're a lonely, i won't say the word, single, not spins sister. danger to ask anyone why they're single. >> i'm last american who is not on facebook. >> nor me. >> that makes two of us. the reason why they have to add the button if you're on facebook all day you're probably single. >> probably true. >> or you're getting divorced. >> i'm neither single or getting divorced i get a ton of dating ads on facebook. >> look at you. come on!
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adam: i met miss germany. >> met miss germany. adam: spent months of about lunch miss germany. >> maybe typing on miss germany gets me in trouble. maybe i'm on it all day. adam: first rule of friendship, you never ask a friend, why are you single. you just don't. like saying what is wrong with you. >> pick up the phone and call him. make human contact. go visit him. >> if you're using facebook you've thrown all the he hadket out the window -- etiquette. >> all my friends love being single. adam: on that note, charlie gets last word. under cover chinese agents have been infiltrating our testimony companies and now the u.s. is fighting back. plus the climate change showdown. insurance companies figured out a new way to claw back all the money they have been losing through natural disasters and it is going to cost taxpayers billions. you can't make this up. more "money" coming up. ♪.
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adam: the justice department is charging five chinese military officials with cyber espionage, accusing them of targeting major u.s. companies and stealing trade secrets. >> this is a case alleging economic espionage by members of the chinese military. the range of trade secrets and other sensitive business information stolen in this case is significant. and demand an aggressive response. >> this case marks the first time the united states government has publicly accused foreign state employees of hacking. let's bring on our fox panel. business's jo ling kent, new york university adjunct professor ann lee, and scott martin from united advisors. let me start with ann. is this much ado about nothing? don't we all spy on each other and i'm shocked to find gambling in this establishment, here are your winnings, sir. >> i'm not defending china. it is possible they have done these things but i would say that this raises a lot of questions because this is one
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big pr smear campaign because frankly why single out china when it's common knowledge that many other countries like russia or india have been doing similar things? and, also, why, is this not being handled diplomatically behind closed doors? frankly things, country to country nature, usually have been handled this way as opposed to through the judicial system which is very unusual. adam: liz, not as if those five individuals will ever come to this country to face those charges. i have got to get to scott. scott, i'm curious, let me read awe statement from the chinese government. the u.s. accusation against chinese personnel is purely ungrounded and absurd. so there. i can't make a hand gesture i would like to but if the chinese government is telling the secretary from the justice department, you know what? >> yeah. a lot of people have been telling him that, adam. to your point, even to ann's point they're saying good luck
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getting your hand on these buys because they will not be coming over into your grips, united states and i think that is the interesting point. what did it this time? this was, was there a hack a couple of months ago that crossed the line? if you guys remember, china's certainly been one of the biggest offenders here. many, many years ago was attacking google trying to find government data. they called this thing the hidden links, which is one of the biggest hacking attempts on google servers they ever had. we didn't see anything come from it. this is total pr move. we're all spying on each other anyway so good luck getting these guys to prosecution. adam: jo, you lived in main mainland china and you understand the social differences between the way we live in the united states and the chinese. how much of an insult and how dangerous is what the government has done publicly for future business relations? >> well looking at it, this is certainly unprecedented as we've talked about but this is, it is kind of exactly what the chinese should be expecting and their
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response is exactly how u.s. diplomats are expecting them to respond, saying we're not going to acknowledge this, this is not true. so they're protecting a nationalist front as they wont to do in any controversial situation involving dalai lama or businesses or hacking like this. it definitely seems like the u.s. is willing to risk the relationship that president obama has with president xi, even though carney, the press secretary said look, this is priority. they already discussed this in their many discussions there. is risk there that will be a step backwards. adam: liz, i will give you last word. don't american businesses spy on american businesses and steal information from one another? i mean they could wind up in court but doesn't that happen. >> of course. there is long list of those cases. anyone going on the internet can see there are dozens and dozens of them. in this is no new news frankly. most companies dealt with industrial espionage by coming out with a better mousetrap. they devote more to the technology.
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frankly u.s. military received billions of dollar every year to invest in better toys, better guns and everything. so why not just invest more in cyber technology and security to counteract this problem rather than just using the legal system which we know goes nowhere because there is log list of cases. adam: we have 12 carriers groups and they have got one and they had to buy a used carrier from ukraine. i will leave it there. shares of identity theft company lifelock is not looking so secure. that stock is plummeting. nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. >> that's right. we have to be careful how we present it. not that they have a security problem. however they are trying to be in compliance with the payment card industry. so, this particular area, wallet app, that is used on various different apps such as amazon apps, google play, the app store, this is lifelock wallet. what they are doing is basically
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upgrading it. if you're a lifelock wallet user and you go there you may find all your personal pass codes may be deleted or personal data may be deleted. only because they're upgrading this to meet compliance. something obviously problematic. the stock is to the downside. nobody wants anything with personal data having a problem. back to you. adam: eyes on the floor of nyse, thank you very much, nicole petallides. sleeping in your ride got a whole lot fancier. adults can snooze in car-shaped beds that look like your local garage. folks paying 200 bucks for the privilege. it is not even leather. plus jill abramson making her first comments since her high-profile dismissal from "the new york times." none other than than melissa francis was there herself as it all went down. don't miss what miss francis has to tell us. ever have too much money? ♪. (mother vo) when i was pregnant
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ferrari-shaped beds. they have replicas of cadillacs and volkswagen beetles and one is the garage suite where folks can sleep among tools and hubcaps. starting rate is 180 bucks a lot cheaper to get a cab in manhattan and call it a day. jill abramson making it abundantly clear she will keep "the new york times" tattoo after all. she is at wake forest's commencement address. not shying away from controversy surrounding her exit from the grey lady. >> what's next for me? i don't know. so i'm in exactly the same boat as many of you. [laughing] [applause] and like you, i'm a little scared but also excited. >> so our own melissa francis
2:24 pm
was there to take it all n she joins us now on the telephone. and did she bring up anything to do with the accusations of pay inequity or something else in play? did she say? >> she didn't talk about pay inequity at all. she very much, though she drew on the theme of resilience through the whole thing, talking about everything that she had been through, i think the line you guys played without question was the funniest and got the biggest roar from the crowd because there are some kids out there graduating this year, something like 80% who don't have a job so far. when she said that it was very funny. it really struck home with the kids. you know, i'm with a bunch of grads now. when i talk to them afterwards, these junk ladies and gentlemen, they seem likes kid to me. of course they're not. they said they loved she was very down-to-earth. she seemed to have jeans on under her gown. this is not confirmed. but she looked very casual. she stayed and shook hands of all the grads.
2:25 pm
there were thousands out there. her speech was really short. she made references. talked about the tattoo. got a big laugh. students asked her if she is getting it removed. she said absolutely not. she said it was honor of her life to lead the newsroom. she didn't talk about, some folks in the buildup to this were waiting for her to talk about the ginder gap. they were waiting for her to talk about wage issues, if there's a glass ceiling for women or glass cliff which something she seemed to fallen off of that women are more likely to get fired in that top position and she really shied away from that. go ahead. adam: there will be a lot of people that will miss her over at "the new york times" but i'm going to bring in, melissa, charlie gasparino will not tell us what he wore underneath hess graduation gown and tracy byrnes. just curious. trace, let me start with you. is she victim after double-standard? >> whether she is or isn't today was not the place to talk about
2:26 pm
it. it was 11 minutes. it was quite good. she kept them entertained. she did what she was supposed to. adam: hardly kids. men and women graduating. >> i apologize for the media frenzy followed me because today is about you. she should not, it was not her place to talk about gender gap. >> full disclosure, i used to work with jill at "wall street journal" i really liked her. this is classy person. i don't know how bossy she is. i like bossy bosses. i like to be told what to do. maybe she upset general tell souls at "new york times." i have no problem with people looking in my face and saying my stuff sucks. here is how you make it better. >> melissa, he could take criticism but he does not like to be told what to do. going to give you last word. it is your show. >> she could have taken the opportunity to pull at people's heartstrings. when you go to really great speech they have you laughing and almost in tears. and if it were me i would have said something about, you know
2:27 pm
for all you women out there looking to break barriers -- >> he is talking about men and women. >> don't let anything stop you. even after what i've been through. she could have said something. >> she did classy speech. she is giving a speech to men and women, not just women. that is underscores her class. adam: we give charlie last word, because we have to go to break. 3 1/2 years is all sac's michael steinberg got for insider trading and some think it could drop to less than half of that. some strong opinions. you think charlie has an opinion. they don't call her sasha fierce for nothing. beyonce and jay-z lashing out and new video emerges and this one is more violent than ever. ♪.
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>> oil prices are gushing higher as overseas concerns spread. we want to go to the cme. what is driving this? >> i think it is a larger overall asset increase. i am encouraged by what happened in stocks and the way the market fought back after the big dip we had the last couple of days. it is driving crude oil. crude oil is at month highs. if we get above 105, a breakout to 112. i am very encouraged. it has been trading between 24, 28. the risk is $2 to make $4 on energy play. it has been leading the way on the up, up. >> thank you very much. michael steinberg is headed to
2:32 pm
three and half years of prison for insider trading. a lot less of what the prosecution needs. the law professor, i will start with you, elizabeth. three and half years i think is too light. what do you say? >> i agree with you, that is outstanding. it will serve one and change. that is not much of a deterrent for anybody who made it millions and millions of dollars. >> he didn't make millions and millions. >> he made a relatively small amount. he probably could have stuck around even longer. >> you have to go by the facts and circumstances of this case. this is why the weakest they h
2:33 pm
had. michael steinberg did not go out and pay people to give him stuff, there was no benefit. this is an incredibly weak case. the money was not that high, he will spend three and a half years, but the bottom line is this, when you have stuff this week. i didn't think they proved him guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. when he got the information was passed through so many, it is hard to tell how the misappropriation or kurd. >> does this send a message insider-trading is a crime you can get away with? >> basically yes because the sentencing guidelines suggest in theory five, six years will be the more appropriate sentence. it doesn't matter he wasn't very good at cheating.
2:34 pm
that is nonsense about he didn't know -- >> it wasn't that he wasn't good at cheating. the trades they got him on your meaningless, they were negligent. the circumstances around them were very gray. the judge is a tough judge, and i think he spent maybe a year in jail based on how much money he allegedly ripped off and how much, the facts and circumstances in this case. if you look at the facts and circumstances, he actually paid somebody to give him money. there were actual motive and intent. you can see it very clearly. if you don't cooperate you get even more. >> i will point out you and charlie agree on one thing, he will serve about a year. you will agree on nothing else
2:35 pm
in regards to this. the klamath chantry funded insurers say talents have failed to prepare for acts of god, those insurance companies want their money back plus the kind of innovation snookie would be proud of. now a sunscreen you can drink if you are willing to. at the end of the day it is all about "money." hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
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>> wants to bring you up to speed with a fox business briefs. astrazeneca waited nine hours to reject a sweet offer by pfizer who now has to walk away. pfizer says they will not attempt a hostile takeover but will not rule out another bid. credit suisse announced a landmark credit settlement. the bank could pay $2.5 billion as a pleads guilty to criminal charges. sources say the management saved the ceo likely to keep his job. oprah winfrey's network has called off plans to make and michael sam reality series. the move will allow him to keep full focus on his football career without causing any distractions to his teammates. that is the latest from the
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fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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>> climate change is turning up the heat in more ways than one. farmers insurance is suing 200 illinois communities for failing to do more to prevent damage it says is due to climate change.
2:40 pm
last april illinois got hit with major flooding. the government rewarded residents, excuse me, the government help people recover after the flood with more than $280 million in aid, but farmers insurance says the towns devastated it could have prevented the damage by being better prepared. is this reasonable or just a way for them to make money? president of ericsson insurance services, he joins me now along with scott martin and mark rendon. i am curious, what do you think of this, is it a legitimate thing for farmers to try to recover this money? >> as a trusted choic the choica pennant, you can see the climate change. certainly we have to work with municipalities in this case perhaps could have lowered some sewer drains, but the industry takes the blame too. we have to do a better being
2:41 pm
better with building codes and preparedness. it isn't good enough. >> these communities didn't prepare for climate change. i should point out farmers insurance, we did the research, donated over $3 million to political candidates and ballot measures which oppose climate change legislation. something's wrong there, don't you think? >> they may be want the $3 million back, adam. this whole climate change context of conversation has been going on for a long time. a lot of these issues arise out of the disaster that was hurricane katrina that ultimately got dismissed with regard to climate change maneuvers. if you look at the payments of flood insurance, nationwide to have doubled so i got the
2:42 pm
position of the insurance companies to be a touch upset about this but let's not argue with this point. if this happens to go in the favor of the insurance companies where they sue and win, that to be a watershed. bad joke intended of events that would happen around the country with regard to other insurance companies. >> blaming climate change to get money back, is this legitimate or does it open a presidents we don't want to go down? >> what they are doing is grasping for straws. you can get a ham sandwich. that will be an easy sell. so why not go for it? >> i brought up the fact farmers insurance donated $3 million to causes which oppose legislation that allegedly would prevent or deal with climate change. is the hypocrisy on what they are attempting to do?
2:43 pm
>> what they are concerned about is trying to see a huge raise in disaster, natural disaster whether it would be wildfires or storms in florida or this flooding. we have to look at how do we work together to try to make this better because the industry is paying for all of these losses. it is only getting worse and worse. have to find a way to work together to mitigate the damage. >> if you want to talk disaster, the lone ranger last year. >> more power to them. >> thank you to all three of you. drinkable sunscreen, drink it up to protect yourself from harmful rays. they claim once its product is adjusted, the liquid cap about 97%. it is currently available online, it will cost you $30 per bottle. the product is yet to be
2:44 pm
endorsed by official dermatologists. do any of you, would you be a guinea pig in this one? would you try this? >> absolutely. i would drink anything. >> i don't know how to follow that, but would you put yourself at risk? >> if spencer is buying, i am in for one, but if it tasted bad, i am dumping it out. >> i will try anything at this point. melissa: you've heard it from all three. with claimant to give you a sneak peek of the next hour coming up. >> i've never seen scott martin drink something and not let it go down. yes, we're watching the market reversal this morning. at this moment, higher. we will take you every step of the way. we are watching very close to the situation and it is the first time the u.s. government has charged a government
2:45 pm
official with espionage. yes, it happened today, what does it mean for companies involved because four or five were named plus united steelworkers, we have very tough guy here, this guy is the one who initially discovered the buildings summered deep in china and it was a government building where they were launching attacks. we will talk to him about what companies can do to protect themselves and you as well. what an interesting move today. >> i am very nervous about this. >> blame the canadians in your background. >> and russians. melissa: see you in 15. if you haven't seen it by now,
2:46 pm
you just have to check this out. this kid over the weekend, one of the players tosses the kid a foul he decides he's going to give the ball to the pretty woman sitting behind him, smooth move, right? it turns out the switches the ball out. he gives the woman a different ball. clearly getting the best of both worlds. the follow ball and possibly a phone number. i guess the players were not just on the field that night. if this kid going to be driving a corvette or ferrari in his future? >> no, he is not. he pulled a trick and the girl will find out and she will dump him. he should have been caught on camera because if he could have pulled it off, that might have been worth something. >> i think this young man has a future ahead of him.
2:47 pm
>> this kid is right on the right path. >> anybody can charge 220. a fashion missteps, how the sox and sandals look could be making a comeback. high-end designers embracing the nerd look. would you? tweet me and tell me what you think. you can never have too much money. latte or au lait?
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2:51 pm
shares dropped more than 1.5%. one person watch not close is warren buffett. nearly 35 million shares, that means he lost more than $51 million today, but imagine how much he could gain if the deal goes through. and last week's disappointing earnings outlook sent shares plummeting more than 40% friday. today it is sinking even more around 2%. the ceo already lost $350 million last week knocking him out of the billionaire ranks. it is the man in the hologram, michael jackson made his return to the stage with his signature moonwalk a little help from technology. what do you think about this? was it creepy? >> you will see a lot more of this. it takes advantage of a trend that we are watching happen.
2:52 pm
guys like bob marley, elvis, they make more money today than they did when they were alive. adam: their states, yeah. so they are on the run not just from tmz. they unveiled a video, what do you think of this? >> i think we don't mind if people sellout, but if you're going to get real, get real. what are they on the run from? being invited to the white house? how about being paid at time most influential people. come on. adam: i will take this back to something you and i both grew up in south florida, our mothers played volleyball together, so this would be the granola set. socks and sandals are back. big brands are sending models down the catwalk flaunting socks with open toed shoes.
2:53 pm
i don't think that is a good one, do you? >> i don't think it is a good one at all, but you know that you can go to any condo in broward or palm beach county and what you will see is this look, there is nothing new about it. what next, keep your blinker on while you are on the expressway? adam: i'm thinking of the lan "zoolander." and the corvette you posted, i was so sad to see it wasn't yours. you could have marketed that anywhere. >> it was beautiful the it i wish it was mine too. thank you for noticing. adam: giving zip cars a run for their money. in san francisco after a wildly popular run in germany. at the end of the day, it is all
2:54 pm
about beamers.
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adam: baby, you can drive my car and now you can even park it wherever you want. bmw's expanding its drive now car-sharing program in san francisco offering 150 of its active e-electric vehicles. customers can park their ultimate driving machine on designated streets rather than having to go to a dropoff center, making it easy to drive and ditch. sounds like bmw is speeding into zipcar's territory. scott, i used to do zipcar when i lived in washington d.c. it was really convenient. you knew where the parking area was, you went to a dedicated spot, you picked the car up, off you went. bmw's charging a little bit more, but you don't have to go back to a designated spot, it's a zone. the car once you're in telling you you're in the zone.
2:58 pm
>> i feel like i'm in the zone a lot, so i think that's cool. adam, so your little an ec dolt, it's all -- anecdote, it's all about convenience. this has something too -- to it, but their business model is built around this parking convenience. in some of the big cities in this country, it's tough to have, yes, it's tough to find spots, by the way. they're getting some exposure with regards to parking spots, but they're not having that watershed success with regards to all these spots suddenly opening up and being able to drop the car wherever you want. adam: is this a viable business, say, in a place like manhattan? they're going to expand in the united states. people love bmw, but would it work here since it is so hard? >> sure. i pay $550 a month to park my car, and i think it's also about the fact there are people out there who would rather drive a bmw than your typical zip car. the ones i see are not so cool.
2:59 pm
i don't care about that, there are people who do. if you drive a bmw, park it wherever you want, it's a great deal. adam: but let me go back, this is the electric car, so it's not quite as the 5 series, or is it? >> no, it's not. and it's decked out with all these advertisements, so it's not like you're driving around in a sweet, kicky drive series. that's all i'm saying. >> okay, i take back everything i said. i had not seen that. adam: you know, this car-sharing is catching on nationwide, but eventually are cities like new york going to say nada because the streets are so congested? >> it's still hard to do here, but it's plausible. i mean, it happens now, and it's working now, so i don't think this just goes away. adam: scott, i'm giving you the last word. will we see other luxury makers do the same thing? mercedes, perhaps, or jaguar? >> i'm not so sure. i like the idea, heck, i might even try it, but i think there's
3:00 pm
still a lot of work that needs to be done especially as it relates to parking. adam: got it. all right, thank you both. thank you for joining us, i hope you're making some money today. "countdown" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> stealing secrets from american businesses, the justice department files criminal charges against several chinese military officials. accusing them of, among other things, stealing designs for a nuclear power plant. what will it mean for u.s./china relations and trade? plus, are american companies sitting ducks? the ceo who exposed china's espionage is our guest. at&t makes it official, agreeing to buy directv for $49 billion, its biggest acquisition in eight years. how will the combined company stack up next to comcast/time warner cable? and what will it mean for you, the consumer? google is trying to get in the game. the tech giant is reportedly in lk


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