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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 19, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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some had not met in years. we will wait to see if this works. have a great evening we will see you tomorrow. >> today we announced an indictment against five officers of the chinese army for cybersecurity breaches against victim companies. neil: for just a quick second i thought he is going to resign. but that was not the case. was some people call shifted attention to a crisis that is part a bipartisan array he is going after the chinese to say they spy on us which is why the chinese had this reaction with the
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accusation against chinese personnel is absurd. u.s. institutions have been involved with large scale theft as well as wiretapping and surveillance activities with companies and individuals. they did not deny this but you are pretty rich to go after us. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. just call a manic monday because the opening day of the week that five top military career officers were involved to attack the company's computer systems to get sensitive material and in one case the designs to nuclear power plant. and houses opens up to lawsuits from the rest of the world want to bring in our fox business all stars. so on the charges self you
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have no doubt it is true that day had indeed hacked into our most sensitive company computer systems? >> absolutely no question. we know that. there is no shock but the interesting thing is where do we go from here? neil: we can i get them to come here. >> we hear they have already bought their tickets. >> so will they turn the other cheek? >> of course, not. it will be not long before something is a shot over the about what we have for have not done with allegations against the united states said we are on the defensive end is not true. what do we gain? neil: with the benefit of the doubt i say to shea
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enough with the nonsense if we do it to the degree of with just the sake of getting dirt on them. it is a strong response and anything we have done with vladimir putin or russia. >> that is the speaker much anyway. [laughter] neil: but all i say is we let rush just a ball over us but not the chinese and? >> talk about risk as businesses at the end of the day here is what is important. we just a shot of message begins them what is the collateral damage. neil: you're not supposed to think of that. seriously. the idea it is our attitude to punish russia that say don't go too far. >> that is exactly what we
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will look bad now. of course. >> it is interesting. flight think this came alex of frustration and to make an ideal for a couple of years it is no secret it is going on in they could not make it and they got frustrated. neil: you are a lawyer. >> stock. but he makes a great point what comes now? said he will start talking about we wish they had not. neil: and jesse james would have had more clout if we are holier than thou but we are not. we have done this:steroids. does it make us look anymore a sympathetic when we finally tell the chinese the enough? >> the chinese have been after us for years. they tried to hack into research and development department four times for
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our they stole 40 pentagon but bin systems than 30 defense technologies. neil: are you sure it is just them? >> the fact of the matter is janet reno told that before she resigned the greatest threat to national security is cyberwarfare. wary were paid 10 years ago? >> four times an hour? >> was put them in congress. [laughter] neil: anything with that frequency they deserve a medal and what we could learn from them. but what we might do or what we regret that this could boomerang. that could expose us as much to a volvos and we should keep in mind they own a lot
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of the dead and it could get nasty. >> the problem is we lost a lot of credibility over the last six months to one year with the snowden affair and to we look upon the world so what repercussions will come from this? invite the people 10,000 miles away then you go back and forth in china has all the debt. neil: good point. we have all these countries hatter is angry at us for spying so the rest of the world will say what? gimmickry just weaken the american brand like we saw with iran and russia. you got to the bully in the schoolyard it just will not work this was not the right thing to do definitely. neil: don't go too far with
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it has become if those republican and conservative groups were not trying to get the ads out there to trash it. now a lookout much has been spent for the health care law by a ratio of a steady 15 / one more negative than positive but what did leedses -- leaves out is how to take advantage of the health care law and all the good it does. that is the disproportionate part they never get those
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details but former house majority leader tom delay does. always good to have you. what about they seize on this new day it has had a hard time because all these ads are bashing it? >> they are grasping and straws they have no answer for with the american people understand than the federal government has gone too far and obamacare doesn't work. not just that but all trust in the president himself. they have nothing to do with it. they had nationwide effort going door-to-door to sign people up. but how you implement that but another thing i noticed is americans are not stupid.
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the things are working fine they will obviously disagree with that. it is a narrative that feeds onto itself for those that experience alone tells then that. >> exactly. then adds just stay with the american people already know. and those that have to deal with obamacare understand it and know it. neil: the second issue is the not so fair and balanced portrayal of those with money and the cause that many of the consensus like or don't like. i notice that billionaires' to give to my knee to the causes are boxcars.
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the koch brothers are always evil. why do they ged demonized and a millionaire who could commit $1 billion to climate change they are a st.? >> how long has it been "the new york times" and "washington post" has bashed the conservative movement for spending so much money? they create that narrative that they have all this money and democrats don't have any. it is not fair. obviously the rich people by elections but when it comes to their people they hardly ever report on its with the huge political coalition that george soros put together with huge money
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coming out of the democracy alliance and the unions and corporations but they never talk about that but the money that will push smaller government, less spending or repealing obamacare. neil: if you scrutinize one side then you have to apply the same standard to every ready. go after the coat brothers then michael bloomberg over george soros. one should not be held above or below the other. inseams the left is for citizens united against the koch brothers not the other way around it. >>. [laughter] what exactly. they have an agenda as long as you will go along with
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their agenda they are for you but if you have success then they will do whatever they can to undermine that to attack and trashed those people who put up there are millions of dollars to push their agenda. neil: have that it. praise one, praised them all and if divorce is the view then praise everyone good or bad. >> it is dishonorable for everybody. neil: exactly. former house majority leader tom delay. also known as the hammer. see all these deals lately closing on $200 billion. what is going on? they are smart. wire their rushing to the altar? peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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neil: that deals are back with a $50 billion hookup with comcast and time warner with the $45 million pairing and sprint and t-mobile that go back and astrazeneca and pfizer. even net $120 billion. then we have a smattering close at $200 billion worth of deals announced a and it is just the spring. should we worry about what is going on?
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when so many companies look to hook up are they worried? we have charlie gasparino and also rickover and kerry kerry, -- gary. obviously they see something with a low interest-rate opportunity what is it? classic business. what you do if you don't think that next customer will come through the front door? you don't want to build that next plants. so you take free and cheap and easy money from the federal reserve board to buy another business. fortunately there is nasty side effects the symptoms are you don't have the
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confidence and the retail consumer will be there. the side effect with the merger and acquisitions ultimately cost jobs and means your spending money on other businesses instead of capital expenditures. when you see these spike up up, and the next year is usually not very good and i suspect that is what we could be facing. >> sometimes. i remember before the 2000 nasdaq crash there was of a bunch of deals with financial services. 2001 / 20 -- 2002 was a difficult year. eight companies are better with the economies of scale. we were in an amazing bull market we still have the seed money flowing. i cannot tell you if we're
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at the end of the boom but i'll listen to the conference to say we are in dangerous territory this could be one of those signs. lots of deals getting done rights under the wire. neil: bustier is so low interest rates and firemen to -- environment speak does these guys are telegraphing that >> i agree 100 percent. these mergers and acquisitions to not have been in the bottoms bloodier the top. but the reason is simple of companies like pfizer has no organic growth they have to find it so they use the stock as currency. save up with at&t use the stock and get into other businesses. neil: about two-thirds of
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the deal is stock. what about the notion that comcast and time warner new there is big with customer service. [laughter] but you get them together. [laughter] then it will somehow make the difference is? what do you say? >> we cannot even count on the deal happening because the fcc will have their hands all over this along with the doj. >> with at&t. >> this payment has $100 billion of debt. the fcc could take an all. neil: to take one deal you have to take them all. >> i know he thinks otherwise but only one we can vegas. >> i told you.
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it does not mean the end of the bull market but what surprises me about this deal and the comcast time-warner is it is reduced each race. at&t service is not good. neil: with comcast and time warner is. >> but these are all big businesses. >> i said the federal reserve policy has pushed up the stock prices they are in stock base of the company's for the federal reserve board. some of the economic recovery does not spill over >> in example why this is the 1% recovery. hedge fund managers are
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rolling in the dow. neil: do you spend time with 999? [laughter] >> this deal is different from the deal that is a lot less customer overlap that is what makes this less likely to happen they and comcast. >> remember that airline deals and it would help consumer prices come down but they went up. don't buy into that. >> less choice is not good. simitar to buy% of the market will go for carriers down at three it happens across the whole industry. neil: if you allow wide you have to allow them all. >> why isn't everybody talks about the deadline for this to happen because money is cheaper? but if we talk about
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government to build roads and bridges everybody freaks out stand with there $100 billion of debt. >> the tier using stock as cash. neil: and they can account for its. >>. >> i said i was with you. [laughter] neil: now we go after the bank's. that is nothing new but blaming the of banks constantly it loses sight of those polling of letters in america. after this.
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neil: all right, not all i's doted, not all tacrossed. this time charge is tax evasion
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or helping clients avoid taxes. forget anywhere that money goes. i wanted to check it with gold coast bank ceo joe perry on where it doesn't go. i am bringing in my panelist with me, joe, the bank just wanted to be rid of this but just the latest of finding to pay fines to settle old issued with u.s. government to what end? >> this is so upsetting neil, we're talking billions of dollars, and it is getting higher and higher, over total like 100 billion. neil: without getting into technologies we're told that blank flagrantly helped people avoid, and hide taxes. >> but look at other penalties imposed against the others,
6:31 pm
forcing more banks to hire more people, hire more attorneys. >> like they want go get their theiring atining at acting it. >> low about we put them in jail. neil: how about a government that act we esto this sort of behalbehavior when times are go. >> argument you are making let them off the hook because it second penive. >> no -- i it is expensive. >> no, i'm saying if government thinks they can charge billions of dollars that will deter what is going on. >> put them in jail. >> goes to u.s. treasury, but here is what can interesting. neil: but not to making investor's whole. >> you know, investors, you know there was an investor rip off this was a tax invasion case. this is the problem that federal government has, they missed
6:32 pm
financial crisis, they didn't catch anybody, reading tim geithner's book, totally clueless, they let these guys get away with relative murder, now you get the feeling they are playing catch up so they are hammering the banks. neil: are they doing a person -- perp walk? >> no. >> you read this, it seems they had a case against lehman brothers, they cooked their books, said assets were valued at x and then they let them go. and "the othe the other guy pay. neil: who is paying? >> stock holders and customers. neil: argument for this from the beginning was, banks you can't too far, i can remember back, no offense to mr. unger with
6:33 pm
companytty reinvestment. idea was you have to get people in homes. from a -- i am not forgiveing them but you give an unstution power and brave lang to chase this business don't be surpriseed if they try to collateralize it. they could not win for love or money. >> community revitalation act under jimmy carter caused this turmoil with all of the housing lones that went to subprime loans, look at regulations on credit card, essentially people are think they ar are looked out for guy the benefit whether they put these regulations in place. neil: your points, i am not a saint, you are by the way. but then it would not surprise me, if you have to lend in an
6:34 pm
environment with politicians are badgeing on your head, you will try to come up with creative ways to absorb the losses or potential risk, now when it goes full circle and bankers are getting reamed for over doing it, now they are reamed ared fot doing enough. >> absolutely, the government condition have it both ways. -- they can't have it both ways, what worries me about these billion dollar penalties from what i read it looks like in the government, higher the panality you can obtain the greater the badge of honor. >> that has always been the case. here is what scares me about these fines, i am sure credit suisse did some of this, did the pupunishment fit the crime? are they playing catch up so much they are hammering them
6:35 pm
for everything, more than they should. neil: we can remember when a billion was a big deal. >> i tell you, they miss the financial crisis. crisis. >> stat aouf out of limitation - stat out of limitations has not run. >> 5 years? some 5 years. neil: search in case of living -- 7 in the case of living together before you are considered married. >> jail is day-to-day in trenches. i see, i run a small bank, you. neil: not small? >> not that small. neil: okay. >> but you take a look at what they are doing to the large banks, it is going to come home and hurt the customers. >> can it benefit the smaller banks? >> no. no. not at all. >> why. neil: what is to stop a bank from saying the humanitarian with it.
6:36 pm
>> -- they are causing other banks -- >> you have to comply with that. >> yes. neil: i wish we had more time. hot issue. and i guess you do know anything something about banks. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans
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>> aflac. >> this is who you brought to help us out? >> he is the best. >> he doesn't look like he has seen a tool in his life. >> he doesn't know anything about tools. >> but when i broke my arm he lend a hand. neil: all right, you are first to see this new aflac ad, unveiling a new ad with a new message to folks, saying it is still the place for insurance. aflac change and ceo joining us right now.
6:40 pm
so many people are confused about the state of insurance and coverage of all sorts begining with obamacare, no two insurance companies, experts or doctors can agree, is it a mess? does it complicate what you do? >> well, i. with the accounts of a hundred or less, and even going down to really 50 and less, you can say that there has been more of a wait-and-see approach, i think some consumers, have said well, what is going to happen, how is it going to evolve. it a effects us to some degree. but all in all, you know we sell in a national healthcare environment in japan we think this will resolve itself. but right now for the accounts 50 and less it is had impact. neil: i notice you stuck with the duck. another firm junked baby. and i am wondering, the duck
6:41 pm
rate is is appealing. had a certain appeal, but what makes you decide too stick or dump a character? >> we evaluate how he is doing. we monster a different group -- monitor in different group, older people, younger people, our main niche is you know, people somewhere between 30 and 50. and it is still a very popular icon. it is accomplishing what we want. this new commercial, to be clear, we're pushing how fast we pay claims. we do same day claims payment in certain cases. and we average 4 days or less on our claims, so, the duck is a way of warming the door, and opening the hearts of people, where they listen a little bit, they listen and we entertain
6:42 pm
them a little bit. neil: are you comfortable with the economy environment right now? >> i think it is better than it has been. i hope it will continue to improvement we still have a ways to go. but all in all is it better. neil: dan thank you very much we appreciate it, good luck with the duck. >> thank you. neil: you wonder why vladimir putin keeps trying to takeover countries? maybe because there is money in it so much money he can deal with sha sanctions over it. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
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neil: you know, i think i now why vladimir putin seems to be crazy, there is money in doing what he is doing.
6:46 pm
he could be looking at trillions that is trillions. of various contracts and the like he could score off of very ample energy deposits and the like. that is just that region. and all of the ukraine. and okay at old soviet breakaway republics, what they might offer. you could understand why we would ignore the sanctions, the money he gains taking over these properties, dwarfs them all, jessy, is that what trumps it? >> absolutely. he tried to mislead us say he is looking out for russian nationals and wants to get his land back they lost. but he has done this under our noses before, we drew a red line for chemical weapons, he said he'll take over, he has a port in syria that many forget.
6:47 pm
and he signed a deal in december, for major oil drilling offshore with syria. he is doing this right under our noses, we don't seem to notice, he does not care about people, he knows what he is up to. neil: he is a hell of a hockey player scoring 6 goals, no one challengeing him, gary? >> 36 thousand square miles in the ocean, of oil potential oil and gas reserves. that is what is going on, he can talk blue in the face of nation this and nation that, people this and people that, russian economy is no great shakes right now, they are going after the bucks, probably a smart move, he could care less about any sanctions. neil: we talked about this before, things change with oligarchs get annoying. but when there is a real financial attention to be had, this were to have continued, then, it would have prompted a
6:48 pm
change in behavior, but not when he is looking at making money like this. >> i see little benefit bit differently, i think this is a bonus and a darn good one. you know, nobody said he was stupid. i really think he has a much moreover riding -- overrideing view of things about an exing and restoreing old soviet union. >> do you apply that to all old breakaway republics? >> it is hard to say, i think if he had a chance i think he would go after them. i think he is feeling the sanctions, i think you will see different behavior in cookies coming. -- in weeks that are coming, i am not discounting that oil, but i don't think that is what interly drives him. neil: you could make argument that rick is right in so far as
6:49 pm
rebuilding old soviet pride, these are not numbers he is rigging, they like feeling proud again, the old system coming back, russia looks great. i think that -- what do you think? >> he is not acquireing land he can't use. this is a strategic port and oil, and u.s. is is a wear, joe biden said, he was upset a month ago, you are going into crimea and i'm going to support the ukrainian people, not even a month later his son -- hunter biden, signs on ukrainian oil company as a board of directors. neil: we have gone back -- >> i'm having trouble seeing that connection, he dyou are right. >> we have interest in that oil, we have interest in that oil as well as he does. neil: i see your points. and on this particular subject on that gary that the reason why
6:50 pm
our sanctions do not go further we're worryed about boomerang effect on us. including our energy companies. exxonmobil said we have a huge contract with russia don't screw it up. >> world wide, we have oil contracts all over the place. if we hurt russia, we hurt ourselves, i think putin played the game of risk a few times, and realizes what needs to done, this is tactical, i don't think he cares about much else but the big bucks. >> look how this feeds to maybe what i'm talking about this overarching desire to bring the soviet union back together, he has done more than just put will oil in his -- the ipo will in hioil in hispocket, he has takem ukraine the opportunity to become a key factor in the oil industry, they had that before
6:51 pm
putin. neil: it looks like apple and google have agreeed to let by gones be by gones. dropping al some past litigatios against one another. gary, both sides saying, we have more money to be made just coming up, with neat new innovations in our own right than get tangleed up in court. >> i think they saw the attorney, both said what the heck are we doing, we're juggernauts, huge companies with a ton of cash, great future, let's figure common ground, instead of opposite. neil: samsung has not been as much as a juge juggernaut. >> samsung is the biggest issue a lot of money involved, a big patent that -- bigger stuff than we've seen with google and apple, i think this is something
6:52 pm
gone away for now, if something big shows up again somebody will be fighting. >> i disagree look at numbers, if there is anything to support gary's argument, they only got 300 million awarded to them against google in this last lawsuit, that was probably. neil: we were wasting time on silly stuff. you can't do that. >> these are such a drop in the bucket. this is not what it is bthey got close to a billion out of samsung,. neil: what do you make? >> well, these are technology engages -- engines they know they are wasting time in court. the consumers will end up profiting with more business generated. when you are stuck in court you are not moving forward in your product. >> legal department is so separate from the development department.
6:53 pm
neil: a distraction. >> you have patents that are held up. neil: i think i know better than you do mr. their. >> i have a company where we would always in a lawsuit. neil: i wish we had more time, neil: i wish we had more time, now, neil cavuto, yoda. you decide. tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job.
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there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. built the right tools and resources to get the job done. neil: what is deal with my giving career advice on my shows even what i thought was a darn good yoda impression. >> on time you must be. positive attitude you must have. not impressed withion from won't -- john from queens new york who wrote, your yoda stinks but not as much as you do. to hell you must go, john. >> you are built more like a yo-yo. >> kimberly writes may the force
6:57 pm
be with our bosses who fire you. >> you zhue zhued up evan ill a, i think you are move jarzyk binges, i hateed that character. clara, who are you to give advice? who is asking? millions do ask, to hell must you go too. ic lip kwroeexexcellent yoda,im. but you are not a jedi yet. >> generous, show up on time every time, so simple. >> gary, you have best news program on tv, we love your wit, and fun digs that keep us smiling. >> i have been telling my kids the same thing for years. >> and roger, cavuto, you are
6:58 pm
brilliant using a yoda impression. that is me. the force was not with you on that one, great effort. you tried too sell it. pam, nile, as a mom of two teens your advice came at the right time, w.h.o. kids who needed to hear common sense. who would soon listen to an anchor god than their mere mortal mom. >> are you saying a good attitude counts for more than a good brain? yes, i am, that is what i am saying. >> they must be responsible and reliable, love your show. >> i love your movies, rambo. tim, cavuto, i read you were a manager at a an art an arthur t.
6:59 pm
>> i'll let the food comment go. cavuto, i tell my kids to just care, make your boss' life easier, thank you. neil, you have done something to get to your position in life. but collecting pictures of your bosses and compromising positions is hardly the advice i would offer young people forgets ahead at work. i don't think i mentioned pictures of bosses at any context, but they come in handy if anything hits fan. neil, you do a lot of impressions on your show. i think i heard austin power, ronald reagan, now yoda. is the direct to getting had, to be a nut case, it seems to be
7:00 pm
working for you? yes, it does, sheryl, problem, have you? e-mails and tweets, keep coming must you unite good. see you tomorrow, whatever. lou: good evening, the justice department has filed changes against 5 officers of the chinese people's liberation army for committee cyberattacks, and espionage against the u.s., obama administration has brought charges against only the 5 individuals for hacking, stealining with technology and military weapon secrets, there are no charges or claims against the government of china. neither the state department or pentagon have responded to the chinese instruction of our most sensitive, 1 thought, secure military technology secret. presiden


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