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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 19, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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yes, it does, sheryl, problem, have you? e-mails and tweets, keep coming must you unite good. see you tomorrow, whatever. lou: good evening, the justice department has filed changes against 5 officers of the chinese people's liberation army for committee cyberattacks, and espionage against the u.s., obama administration has brought charges against only the 5 individuals for hacking, stealining with technology and military weapon secrets, there are no charges or claims against the government of china. neither the state department or pentagon have responded to the chinese instruction of our most sensitive, 1 thought, secure military technology secret. president obama has choseen to
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react in. the same we he responseed to vladimir putin's invasion. cautiously, without prospect of resolution or punishment. attorney general holder announced 31 charges again 5 military officers for hacking american companies allegeing that officers hacked 6 pittsburgh base companies, u.s. steel, westing house, alcoa, allegheny technology, solar world, and uniteed steel workers union, they worked from the same office building in shanghai. they stole product designs, to confidential legal strategys, to give chinese companies, an advantage over their american counterparts, attorney general eric holder declareed quote, enough is enough. >> today we're announcing an
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indictment against 5 officers of the chinese people's liberation army for serious cyber security breachs again 6 american victim companies. these represent the first ever charges again known state act for inte infiltrating u.s. targ. lou: jay carney refuseed to answer whether the subject of the brought up who china's top general was in washington last week. >> we have raised tried concerns with the chinese government. and today's announcement reflects our growing concern that this chinese behavior has continued. >> why is the president targets individuals instead of governments that are so transparently behind these acts? all russia has done is invade a sovereign nation and allie, all china has done steal billions of dollars worth of secrets, from
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u.s. businesses and most likely the government itself. we'll answer those questions, tonight. our first guest said that difference between united states and china is that we use cyber technology to defend or national -- our national security not steal commercial secrets, joining us ambassador john negroponte. serving under president george w. bush, 45 time ambassador in his career. good to have you here ambassador, turn to first china. 5 individuals selected for all of the world looking much like sanctions applied to russia for invadeing and annexing crimea. >> well this is let's face it, a big new development we've been saying for a long time that the chinese government or sources in china were stealing our
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intellectual property, but i don't recall seeing an indictment of this kind. the technology research company that put out a huge report about it, about a army unit in shanghai posting on our information, a number of months back. this seems to be a sequel to that but now the issue is out. and it will beg the question of what else are we going to do about it. i would see it as a promising sign that we're bringing this situation now officially open to light. and there has to be something that follows this, i don't think we can expects instant gratification here but, i for one am pleaseed that our government has taken this action, and will watch with great interest what happens next. lou: and i think what you are saying both correct and fair. as tepid as it may seem, what
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obama administration has done today, is the first time any administration has taken action against china in any form, but this is in the form of law enforcement rather than eye than a government responding to a threat to national interest. we know clearly that china and the people's liberation army, have been hacking in u.s. firms, for the past 15 years. have done so successfully, they have been attacking government officers including pentagon. and coming away we're informed at least, with a sensitive material, we have to take action. but what would be the next step in your judgment? >> well, i am not certain, you know i chaired a council on foreign relations or co-chaired, last year. that in the month of june put out a report that was among
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other things highlighting some of the things that china was doing, regre regrettably the imf the report was under cut by fact that mr. stphoed know maz snowds revelations at the same time, this is an attempt to regain the initiative get back some high ground, i don't know what next step will be. but, there is going to be follow-up. we have to see what happens. lou: general alexander who has left the nsa, warning now of what he sees as a new wave of terror, given the activity of al qaeda, that is rising around the globe. are you in agreement with the general? what are your thoughts? >> i certainly share his concern about al qaeda activity. they are not on the ropes.
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because of what has been happening in syria in western iraq in parts of th the arabian peninsula, we have seen a quite a bit of al qaeda activity. so i believe that there is a threat out there. certainly to united states interests in the globe. whether that threat would extend to another attack on our homeland, i think that would be harder to say. lou: turning quickly if we may to russia, and its continued advance of its interest, whether it be annexation of crimea or threats, against further threats again eastern ukraine, vladimir putin seems committed to bringing in more resources if not territory these are highly
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valuable resources in the black sea, what are your thoughts about the response of europe? which has basically been nonexistent. and threat of obama administration when that been frankly without prospect it seems of reversing the actions of putin? >> what has been done so far, has not persuadeed mr. putin to withdraw from crimea. i don't think that -- i don't think anything that we're like looking to do could achieve that. but i think what has to happen now steps to defer the russians from going further. into eastern ukraine. we have to maintain threat of fur sanctions, if the elections for president on 2 25 of may are disrupted. and i think we also have to offer more assistance to the
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government of ukraine, particularly military. so they are in a better position to defend themselves. lou: john negroponte, ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. lou: the fbi today announced law enforcement agencies have arrested more than 90 hacker accused of infectioning half a million computers worldwide with malicious spy software. the malware, called black shades, allows hackers to gain control of two people's computers and was famously used to take tphaoud pictures of a former miss teen usa threw your wehebwebcam last year. >> and a 30 case of mers in this country, an illinois man who came in contact with the first mers case has contracted the virus. the illinois man had a 40 minute business meeting with an infected patient in indiana. who contracted the virus after visiting saudi arabia.
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the good news is that the third victim did not actually get sick. and appears to have developed antibodies to fight mers. and, of course, the bad news is that the virus may be able it spread from human-to-human, contact a lot easier than thought. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> explosive new revelations at the vaure or government a failure to care for the heroes worsens by the day. congressman kevin brady on the scandal next.
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lou: the white house in damage control following a report it was informed more than 5 years ago that veterans affairs
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hospitals were reporting inaccuracies wait times. va officials in 2008 told obama/biden transition team, that this is not only a data integrity issue, where veterans hetration reports unreliable preliminary data. it afantastics -- looking at va budget not a matter of funds, department's budget under president obama has grown from $97 billion in 2009 to $136 billion last year. va scandal spreading to state of new mexico and also west virginia. with new allegations of delayed care. my next guest is one of 23 texas congressmen who have asked va inspector general to investigate
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altered wait times at 3 fundaments in the state -- facilities in the state of texas, congressman kevin brady, good to have you with us. let me start with, have you had any response to your letter? >> no, unfortunately we've not. you know, i worry that this will get lost amid the scandals in arizona. what we're seeing in the country. what we do know if from whistle-blowers, these are serious allegations in san antonio, and austin and waco, we think they stkefr immediat desee attention, the thought that any veteran would die on a wait list and their information is hidden from data, to make it look positive just so disgusting. so -- we're hopeful we get an knowary soon. lou: you know, i have to say,
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the san antonio facility, i have happen to have been able to go to that va hospital, i have to tell you, i don't think it should get lost in all of this what incredible care the va hospitals are providing to literally hundreds of thousands of our veterans, and i have to say i have never been so impressed by any hospital anywhere it the technology that was brought to bear for those who had suffered traumatic brain injury, and grievace burn woun wounds. it is just extraordinary, to think this was happening in the same system is to me, it is mind boggling. >> well, thank you for makeing that points, i think that gets lost here, you know in the houston region, and local va clinic in conconroe, texas, they
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get great cares, the ber crease is in the -- bureaucracy is in the wait times in a simple decision or on an appeal. jemy thought of general shinsek, everyone, in a military career, he has seen first hand the result of this war, veterans who are aging andnese these services, i don't understand why of all people he did not exercise his command at the va knowing whenly took office, he took over the agency they were already problem identified with those wait times, nothing apparently got done. lou: you know, congressman it does raise the question, in 2008, transition team for president obama was made aware of this. where were congressional oversight committees and the senate and house, did they know of the same information. >> i doubt they did, i don't
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think ta this would have actually come to light immediately, i do know that members of congress -- i tell you there are some partisan differences, but when it comes to military and our veterans s frankly we'll spend every dime it takes to give them the care they need, i am convinced this was not known by the committees, i don't understand why it has been allowed to fester for 5 long years, in what if anything, is the white house going to do about it? >> the fact that the president, has not even addressed the issue, you know, one recalls president bush's rack whe reactn he learns of problem, it was immediate, he was vocal it was dealt with. >> there were, as you know there were problem in walter reed, and heads rolled there was immediate action and a full court press to fix it, this is not just in
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texas, not just in phoenix, so, i don't understand why the president is note leading the charge right now, the tension on secretary shinseki but that alone will not solve the problem. president needs to lead as well. lou: thank you congressman. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's take a look at last night's -- well last friday's on-line poll results. we asked if you believe that republican party will win back control of the senate in midterm elections? 87% said yes, 13% said no. vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that republican party is adequately focused on the working men and women of the country and our middle class? to succeed in the midterm elections? cast your vote at later we'll reveal the quote of the evening. >> weekend box office, godzilla with a monster debut, 93 million
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dollars, second biggest opening we heinbehind captain america fs year. and sony's the amazing spider-man 2 came in third. and billboard music awards last night, you should know biggest newsmakers were artists who were not. >>, justin timberlake took home top artist trophy, and 6 other awards, he tooka donald sterling. >> all other finalists, miley, imagine dragon, bruno, katie, i love you, not a competition, but if it was, i won. [ laughter ] , i want to thank everyone on earth, everyone on earth, except donald sterling. i don't to want to. no donald sterling.
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lou: well we learned over the week that mr. obama is mad add hell about va hospital scandal, we learned that from his chief of staff, dennis mcdonough. this badg administration now seo be following a scandal playbook, step one, say you learned about it through news reports, press secretary jay carney today. >> that i think were reported first by your network out of phoenix, i believe. we learned about them through the reports. i will double check.
7:25 pm
that is when we learned about them. that is when secretary shinseki learned about them. lou: here is the president last may talking about the irs targeting of conservative groups. >> i can assure you that i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before it had been leaked through press. lou: step two, say you are angry, yesterday white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough said that the president is quote, mader than hell, not just mad. mr. obama spoke out about the irs scandal last may, said quote, americans have a righ rio be angry, and i'm angry about it. step three, in the scandal playbook, fire someone. ideally someone who is planning to leave their job anyway. last week va secretary in command re-- second in command
7:26 pm
resigned, he was stoet retir see this year. last may, acting irs commissioner steven miller resigned in midst of irs targeting scandal, he was already planning to leave the job the next month. but someone this time forgot to tell the president, he does not look sincere when he talks about being madder than hell when he goes golfing, it did not slowdown his golf game, his 164th round this weekend. we're coming right back. >> super tuesday of the midterm primaries, fox's carl cameron analyzing tomorrow's important primaries. next. he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem.
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lou: 168 days until the midterm election. we are counting and have a dozen states have elections tomorrow in what is called the primary version of super tuesday. carrel karen tells us which to watch as republicans try to regain control of the senate. the 20th is the mid term version of super tuesday. georgia is expecting a low turnout that may not help the primary. this is a cousin of the former governor the is the polls over the georgia secretary of state. if nobody gets the majority it will take the runoff to decide who will battle the democrat who was unopposed in the primary tomorrow. in the g.o.p. primary mitch mcconnell meets the tea
7:31 pm
party do cover who was caught giving a speech to a cockfighting raleigh. of but today a news release says victory is within reach and that he is ahead by 14 points. >> today's seemingly hijacked system will they be allowed to decide who was aware why how or will be the people step up and vote to? recanting the kentucky election unopposed terror of the father is the buddy with the clintons. and senator pryor already battles or republican in congressman cotton in the primaries and they have been pounded one another four months. in oregon, awaiting the winner of the g.o.p. primary goes up against one who was pro-life. in ohio hall recumbent the
7:32 pm
follows:one dash republican faces a tea party challenge from smith to has anti-establishment super pac support of his own. so far not one incumbent republican has lost. >> in the republican primary to almost bass the outspends rifles will accuse him to buy the primary and will face the governor corbett who has been targeted as vulnerable. 24 weeks until the election tomorrow. lou: i think it would all like to buy the election if they could. nationally about ground beef products are recalled because of possible e. coli contamination. global free packing company after it was linked to the e coli eight infections in four states they were not named by health authorities but in any given time there
7:33 pm
are more than 600 million pounds of beef of cold storage. 1.8 million may sound like a lot but e. coli is not feel the problem it is also rising a 12% as the hog farmers are battling a mysterious virus that has killed millions of piglets across the country. and still little is known about the virus that is killing them. leading to a possible double-digit increase of the price of many popular food items including 34% increase of lettuce prices. 28% for avocados and 21% higher prices for broccoli broccoli, tomatoes and melons. if he did not think the drought was serious we are learning better. on wall street stocks moved higher the dallas 21 the s&p f7 then nasdaq 25 points. big volume just 2.6 billion.
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amazing. now the quotation of the evening as the scandal with the veterans administration worsens with each week, a reminder of the model and is the origin. to care for him who shall have borne the battle for his widow and orphan the words from president lincoln's second inaugural address 1865. it became the model of the of veterans administration 55 years ago this month 1959. >> donald sterling scandal goes on the naacp meant to give him an award instead al sharpton will pick it up ainge kevin johnson has a checkered past as one newspaper has reminded us.e%cñ a pulitzer prize-winning panel takes up the sterling
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lou: the nba charging clippers owner sterling with engaging in conduct that'' damage and continues to damage the nba and its teams'' to from the nba that has been a disturbing. the charge begins a process by which the ownership could be terminated by a three-fourths vote of the new twist of the scandal. it turns out the former nba point guard and politician that pushed for his ouster originally has a checkered history. sacramento mayor johnson who acted as the official advisor to the players' union through the scandal was accused of sexual misconduct and misappropriation of federal
7:41 pm
funds no charges were brought to against the up-and-coming democrats but he did settle allegations of sexual molestation and the late 90's for $230,000. joining us now judas miller and pulitzer prize-winning journalist michael goodwin. they are both fox news contributors. let's start with china, this administration deciding that five individuals are held accountable by the justice department by a law enforcement action for espionage. this is mind-boggling. >> we are shocked. shocked. how long has this been going on? lou: i have been reporting 13 years. >> exactly. we have the prosecution but noticed a ratherwniíñ strong
7:42 pm
reaction to this rhetorically. the obama administration better have another issue to drop. that is all there is a does not begin to deal with the scope of the problem. >> it is somewhatf ÷ amazing they have done it at all after all these years so why now? me some connection in the president's mind that we have stood still to lety1 @&c @t us nowhere so let's show with china we will not be so far behind the curve. but at least to start the process now that the adversarial nation in the world looks at america as a week this is an attempt to show we are not weak.#ew
7:43 pm
if not followed by anything we will be. >> but vladimir putin is going to china and you will have let's reduce the tension with scituate military exercises and just this moment the it industry chanteuses to enfo:2= that action is odd timing. >> i think putin will raise the glass to barack obama is health. [laughter] >> carrying out a joint military exercises while the united states does not seem to have to do military exercises with and japan of course, we have a opportunity but a as the old strategy. not new.
7:44 pm
>> hall also not much of the pit. >> with the state no executive editor where does this.xwk go? >> dash as we said before having served our sentences3k i think it was of mixed bagf;ú8 the vienna daily diary of grievances but nonetheless i think she was treated shabbily but those have never risen the there is any specific action announced to justify what was say clumsyudk[ and botched character assassination. lou: dianne feinstein says
7:45 pm
the demand by capitol hill republicans by a vote of the house she calls it a lynch mob. what happened to the normally constraint committee chair? >> especially one of the fuel people who was willingh to take on obama with other issues. his%b,= treatment with her committee the fact she was not getting the information. all is forgiven? apparently it is with benghazi. the democrats did not want to help the republicans in the thing qc just politics. >> that is true but also feinstein is fighting with the cia this sides with the administration as÷/ji the way o
7:46 pm
let this cia hang out to dry >> i think all politics is personal and feinstein has signal she is at war with the cia. lou: thank you both. a reminder to vote with there online poll is the party adequately focused on men and women and the middle class? coached at lou  a 10 year-old texas ranger approves he could be the slickest kid duringsydh the saturday night's game you looked like he caught a foul ball the look at him give it to the attractive lady sitting behind him but actually he switched out of foul ball with the one he was already  so he got the ball and the
7:47 pm
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lou: now the word of the evening inspired by john boehner who seems to break downbasis to its word is an adjective! steerers or weeping to cry easily.
7:51 pm
and is speaker of the house. here is a few of your thoughts the author will receive a copy of my new novel "border war" code written by eight jim born former d.e.a. agent and also brad thank you for their support. >> i am halfway through "border war" i love it. lou: a thank you for that comment.=]alñ here is a tweet about the midterm elections. >> there must lose control or the country is headed for disaster. >> clippers owner sterling has a right to free speech and has a right to make an ass of himself of the country is still free for him to behave as a jackass.gwvñ]
7:52 pm
go to facebook page or thinks to everything found at lou and now speaking public for the first time since she was fired, shebcc losing a job that you loveç+jt hurts the comments come after a of a publisher slammed her for her management style but compensation played a role in her firing. joining us is a host of talk about it "this is it." to fire the executive editor of "the new york times", the first woman that this will have legs for sometimes to make it is a nasty p.r. battlew:( and to she put up
7:53 pm
some leaks about not being paid the same as her predecessors but it is the side show. maybe when those of our regressive are described as being roughly and brusque but he lost confidence because my sources say that he felt misled and betrayed how she treated her deputy. lou: do you have a sense of i was critical but i am told he offered a softer gentler transition. -reason they came too ahead is thez&m
7:54 pm
he was with his editor for8ç almost three years felt he was misled in had to choose because if he didn't get rid of the benson he would quit i know it sounds like politics you cannot manage?nú a big institution like that. >> you would think he would clear up that level in the effect it wouldjtec have to be clear with your boss.kçsññ=&ké civic dell surprise people at that level but what has erupted is of a pretty good debate the way for female executives are criticized that is seen tough id men but whatever his motives he bumbled this coming up with statements about what a terrible manager she was. he hired her and have studiofqoñ with the consequences. >> i covered the fabrication
7:55 pm
story and he#á"# had to fire power as well. it has been a tough decade for the publisher of "the new york times". lou: and publishers of the other organizations what did he think of the coverage? >> everybody finds it delicious because itqu;é is "the new york times" but that is the nature.nóqñ and soda to find out what actually happened behind closed doors. she has not talked publicly but talked about losing the third -- and losing her job is done under nods and winks. lou: i have not seen this story the anybody expects the direction to change that it is the most viable coverage of the white house. i have heard none of that.
7:56 pm
it is a gossip story not about covering the[7 >>2(qp so he is very qualified. and jill abramson but nobody said she did a terrible job but clearly it is all about personal and+áe: perception. lou: very quickly how the national media is performing >> i think because of the surveillance because obama has become a more skeptical and that is healthy. lou: i could not agree more. think you very much. media buzz.e9ñ
7:57 pm
bad is it for tonight. jimmy richards and the "a team" and john bolton is with us tomorrow. good night from new york.
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