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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  May 23, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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enthusiast, a map collector and by default a flak collector. adam shapiro is in for melissa francis today. so, adam, i don't know, you do not have an american tie flag like ira but handsome nonetheless. >> i have to let you know i have a guess thinked that union jack flag looked pretty good. we'll look at that later on and on july 4th we'll give him some grief. thank you, deirdre. i'm adam shapiro in for melissa francis. donald sterling will balance his ownership over to his wife and guess what? texas laying claim to seven of the top 15 fastest growing cities in america. "the great escape," why you may be more stressed out at home than work these days. privacy going the way of the dinosaur. latest facebook attempt to assure users are part bodyguard and part varney. sex, drugs, gdp.
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i told tu would be a good show. even when they say it is not it is always about money. adam: fallout from the minimum wage movement. amazon is hoping to replace some workers with robots. they hope to have 10,000 rob boats operating in its warehouses by the end of this year. we want to bring in simon constable from "wall street journal." and monica met at that and can they totally replace human, monica? >> this is more to seek investor interest. there was a warning last month that revenue is really slowing down. they're looking potentially a $500 million loss next quarter. for a company not really great at profitability and more so on
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growth they need to have the sizzle. adam: let me ask you, simon. i'm looking right now, shares of amazon are trading up. this company, they are so huge. are they jumping the shark? >> i don't think so. i use amazon all the time. other than my rent i think tax man -- adam: you will own your apartment one day. watch. >> they probably will. we heard a lot about amazon factories and warehouses and how awful they are to work in. people are collapsing from exhaustion and, heat exhaustion in particular. this is great. people won't have to do that anymore. adam: i want to let you know a taxi company, uber is looking to drive its valuation to new heights. its latest round of funding should make the company worth, i should do this as dr. evil, more than $12 billion. come on, monica, is it worth more than 12 billion? that is the size of hertz. >> it is interee are a lot of tn cities. it is antique market and highly
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regulated so people can't get into it. the idea someone could come in and shake it up. it's a very big marketplace. it could be worth that. adam: taxi drivers in new york city and other places are protecting their turf. will they win, simon? >> it is interesting. they will fight very marred hard it will be a long battle. i don't know if they win. they have put a lot of money in those. medallions are 3/4 of a million even after the green caps. adam: amazon will own the taxis pretty soon. we've got breaking news. charlie gasparino is reporting that nasdaq is graining ground in its final bid for alibaba's very much anticipated ipo. charlie, what do you have for us? >> this is the listing for the ipo where it will have its shares listed on of the here is what we know. bob greifeld ceo of nasdaq and duncan neiderauer, outgoing ceo of new york stock exchange met with alibaba officials for final listing pitch in hong kong earlier in the week. i think they met on tuesday. they met with top alibaba
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officials. what we do know, the underwriters are prodding company to pick nyse because of technical issues and problems at nasdaq because of the flub of facebook ipo. people at nasdaq getting impression this thing is starting to even up. two reasons. number one, you can't buy alibaba shares on new york stock exchange. you can participate through nasdaq index that sells on the singapore stock exchange. number one. number two,, big chinese intercompany came public recent days. adam: nasdaq. >> did a pretty good job. they think this thing is evening up. would say the official decision on the listing has not been made yet. we should point out that underwriters have been prodding alibaba to pick the new york stock exchange. but nasdaq is fighting back. this week rubber met the road. two of the top officials from both exchanges were at alibaba's headquarters in hong kong. i will say one other thing of. this is essentially last big
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thing that duncan neiderauer will do at new york stock exchange trying to win this. adam: charlie has been ahead of this. you called neared yourer's retirement. >> yeah. adam: where is it best for alibaba to go, do you think? >> alibaba is interesting play. i'm not sure where they list will make that much of a difference for the retail consumer. big thing anyone who wants to participate in the growth of chinese middle class will be looking to that stock. i don't think they care where it lists. adam: retail consumers will not have opportunity to get in on this for months. >> not for months. the thing our reporters looked at, they're basically saying audited accounts are not necessarily that good. wherever you is you don't want to be associated with it when it finally blows up. adam: is alibaba more seven thieves than alibaba? >> nothing -- accounting are not transparent because of auditing. >> both nasdaq and new york stock exchange, they have listing requirements. it is not a pass.
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not a complete pass. i will say this it does matter where they list for the company. you don't want to come out with a lousy listing where if something blows up like what happened with facebook, shares implode. plus it matters from the company from a corporate branding standpoint. which of these places is going to push the shares the most and push the company most? from a company standpoint it is very important. adam: your experience as we wrap up on this discussion, who does that best? nasdaq cleaned up its problem from facebook. >> i don't know. here's the thing i think with duncan neiderauer, this is corporate story with both new york stock exchange and nasdaq. when duncan neiderauer out. with jeff sprecher running new york stock exchange, the ice, intercontinental exchange bought the new york stock exchange, that place is changing. it could change dramatically. we're talking about potential layoffs in the listings department. listings will mean less for jeff sprecher, because it is a business, you need a lost infrastructure, costs a lot. adam: okay. >> i think from a listing standpoint, you know, both can
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make the good case and we'll see where they go. i think the underwriters are pushing for new york stock exchange but watch new york stock exchange's corporate management. it is going to change. adam: you shoot, you score. we'll move on to basketball. looks like the sterlings out of here. reports say donald sterling agreed to surrender his half of los angeles clippers to his wife cindy who will move to sell the team. monica, you first. who is the winner here? the fans of the clippers, mr. sterling who will get paid a pretty penny for a team he owned for decade or the girlfriend with the visor? >> all of the above abstaining from the girlfriend. just, donald sterling has no good option here. if he could still cash out and make negative media stop it is in his favor. this is very smart option. but, nobody wants sterling associated with the clippers anymore, bottom line. adam: end of story. what do you think? >> i think a lot of people are losers here. it brought a bad form of attention on to the nba and to the clippers. i saw i think everyone is kind of a loser. i think it will be good when it
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goes away. i think it going away is winning thing. this is all publicity you do not want. adam: when do we lose all pictures of visor gal? are her 15 minutes of fame up, charlie? >> i hope so. >> i was at a press conference and heard imagine jock johnson calling, do you forgive donald steriling? magic said i forgive him. i'm sick of this story. i'm in his camp. that guy is a nut. rub as me a little bit wrong way as private conversation gets recorded. as civil libertarian we say all sorts of stuff but hopefully not as disgusting as that guy. it should be over. say he kept the team. will it really change anybody's life? >> serves him right, want mistress 30 years younger instagramming everything, voila. >> this is 30 years -- adam: we could bring up, they knew they were talking about population size. the lone star state has seven of
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the 15 fastest growing cities in the united states. okay. so, why? >> low taxes. adam: no income taxes. simple as that? >> also nice place to live. nice weather. you're not bogged down by regulations like california. adam: are they bleeding, smaller cities, growing so fast, are they bleeding population from larger cities like dallas and houston? >> i live in texas and i can comment on this one of the big reasons people move there is jobs. that what you're saying jobs. a lot of good jobs across all pay levels. what you're seeing job options are breadwinner jobs. could you move there and live a good life with the income you make. between low cost of living and low taxes it's a great place. adam: charlie, sum it up. don't have any water in texas of the drought land. >> imin texas a lot. i have sources down there and i do see some speaking down there. it is very diversified economy. they have high-tech. construction jobs. adam: oil. >> you do have blue-collar work
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down there i thought there were really wealthy people, investment firms they would rather live in austin than live in california. that to me is amazing. i love california. adam: talking to the fact you could be oil worker without a college education making six figures in texas. that is attractive to a lot of people. we'll have some of you back in just a minute right now the beef over minimum wage might tarnish the golden arches. mcdonald's gets grilled but will minimum wage jobs lead to real careers? you will flip when you find out which pretty powerful ceos spent time flipping burgers. the shoes so amazing they might as welcome with a cape and sidekick. mosh "money" coming right up. ♪. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ]
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adam: google is taking the gadget game to a whole new level, producing a new tablet prototype, that is something like out of a spy movie. project tango, their name for it.
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project tango tablet will feature infrared depth sensors and three dimensional software to create images after user's surrounding. we have fox business's jo ling kent joining me now to discuss this. let's start with you, samantha. is this google do no evil or is this google creating a product that could help people who have physical disabilities in the future? >> i think it depend how you look at it. why would somebody want 3:00 deimagery on your -- 3:00 deimagery on their tablet. there are certainly things that could be done with mapping and also gaming as well. facebook recently purchased oculus for $2 billion they're trying to figure out same sort of thing, this virtual reality thing. adam: let me ask you, jo. why infrared? is this device to use to spy on your other half one day? >> possible certainly but i
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think the sense of mapping inside of buildings has been a priority for google for a while. earlier, i think february, they release ad phone that allows to you do that. testing that out. what i find interesting about their strategy, unlike apple which is so secretive, willing to put out products, play them and maybe medical -- adam: before i move on, one quick question, one of you jump in. i don't want google to have a interior map of my home. they already promised to advertise on everything. will they keep it private? >> i it r think that is the million dollar question. would you certainly hope so. this is new territory. we don't really know what will happen. i would think in order to consumer adoption to take place they would need some security. adam: google selling sponsorships of your upstairs bathroom. let's move on. facebook trying to prove it is more than a relationships statuses birthday reminder way to waist your day. the social media site posting into menus on their pages.
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is this really idea or does yelp control this part of market? >> yelp has upper hand. people go to it for democratic ratings. google doesn't have that ratings service. facebook needs to die havesfy and do that with all of their acquisitions but even inside the app itself. but the question really is will it get lost with all the other features, really messed up news feed we're seeing right now? adam: samantha, facebook is really a cluttered mess right now, is it not? >> yes there are a lot of different things going on and they are trying different things. people would say, why would i want this. up load a pdf of a menu. why would you want that baked in? people say they may move into delivery service or order something directly through facebook. they want to keep people on the site longer. adam: sell user data to potential restaurants to target you. moving on. facebook privacy -- little
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giantly being named. private sauer russ rex and shows up to remind a user some of their settings may not be up to snuff. is this a bad way to represent something we take seriously? why doesn't facebook make it simple to set privacy settings in language we always understand like english? >> they have always had this problem making it known for users to go in and always been a challenge. it is funny when, the little dinosaur came up a lot of people were poking fun at it. there is the twitter fail whale at that everybody likes -- we haven't seen it recently. when the site first started. they thought maybe a friendly little dinosaur could maybe appease you as you're getting some issues along the way. adam: a man-eating dinosaur. that would eat your privacy or is it not, jo? >> they have tried a lot of things that didn't work. like little bubs and what not. they're trying to appease like you said, two different sides. gathering your information on
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one hand and making you feel at home on the site so you feel like you can use it and come back to it. because they're losing active users comparing it to younger apps like snapchat. adam: shares of facebook trading up. i want you to stick around. i want you to share something with you. we we go. a die-hard "x-men" fan is taking his devotion to the next level. he created a pair of magnetic shoes, home wear footwear inspired by magneto, one of the characters in the comic book series and films. they allow him to walk on ceiling. does the bulk of his work out of a baste any way. samantha, does this guy need a girlfriend? he needs something else to do with his time? >> certainly one of those, don't try this at home sort of concepts. this isn't the first time he did that he actual, about a week ago had wolverine claws with real knives coming out of it. i've been in touch with him. he messaged me last night. i'm working on something big and
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i think it will be bigger than last two. this is pet project. adam: it looks cool to be honest. your first reaction, i want to do this, why? >> absolutely. i don't care if he lives in his mom's basement. i think it is awful to flip the world upside down and face without oculus. i'm hoping for cyclops glasses. adam: this guy will be worth a mint in couple of years and he will get his revenge on all of us. thank you both. staying in shape pays off in a lot of way. you will hear from a youtube sensation who turned six-pack abs into six-figure income. feeling tens before the holiday weekend? grow to work. lay back and enjoy a calming python massage. it will squeeze the stress right out of you. do you ever have too much money? ♪.
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switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. adam: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today starting in italy where cocaine dealers and ladies of the night are playing a big role in the economic recovery without charlie sheen. for the first time drug sales, prostitution and smuggling will be included in italy's gdp calculation. i promise, this is no joke. the italian prime minister is hoping a little bit of illicit number crunching will help boost that nation's dismal financial figures. moving to china where one job opening has their enthusiasts everywhere polishing their rest mace. panda protection and reserve center is on look for full-time caretaker. perks are not that pad. 32,000 doll a year, suv and
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housing but only problem you have to clean up after the pandas. visitors are flocking to the a zoo to partake in relaxing python massage for price of admission. you too can have 550-pound of man-crushing snake slither on top of you while you float away in sea of tranquility. participants are warned not to scream or breathe too hard on the reptiles. wouldn't want to make the snakes nervous. why would anybody want to pay for that? mcdonald's ceo frying up controversy during the minimum wage debate during company protests of the shareholder meeting. they said fast-food jobs, the ceo said that fast-food jobs lead to, real careers. let's bring back monica and simon as well as jeremy hill from black heat companies. jeremy, let me start with you. there has been a lot of rancor
2:25 pm
over the minimum wage. the comment he made about fast-food jobs or entry level jobs a lot of people have lead to something better. is he off target? >> he is off target. look there is no doubt if we look overview, mcdonald's creates jobs, not careers. certain amount become management trainees. those are careers. but the rest, remember, average hourly wage at mcdonald's is $9 an hour. on annualized basis, that is $18,000 a year. i don't know anybody that can support a family on $18,000 a year. adam: the person there for mcdonald's two or three years, not on management track of mcdonald's will probably not as ceo. jeff bezos flipped burgers at one point. >> the 30 years ago the intention you work at jobs in high school and stepping stone to something else. if the ceo is basically trying to articulate that, yeah, you know what, this is stepping stone what could be a bigger career for you elsewhere, he is correct.
2:26 pm
but you can't live on that amount. i don't think intention was that this is the top rung of your career ladder, flipping burgers at mcdonald's. adam: what do you think he meant by what he said? >> i think he is right, it can lead to career. can lead to career at mcdonald's and work really, really hard and are lucky and lead to a career elsewhere. 80% of all jobs have same things going on in them. show up to work on time, do what you're told. that is the same any job. adam: here if you walk around with stack of papers and videotape you look like you're business civil i learned that in television. what the message he is saying, you do some jobs, we talked about this during the commercial break. you ground metal in metal factory. you worked in retail. out her parents, since she was seven. call the labor department. i washed dishes. dan's diner in maine. what did you do? >> washed dishers. adam: no one thought it with be career but instilled skills.
2:27 pm
back then the minimum wage is buptkus, still is but doesn't it lead to somebody better in your life? >> we have to focus on real wage growth. mcdonald's protest, mcdonald's employees they're barking a little bit up the wrong tree here. i think we have to focus on what's going to lead the global economy as well as the u.s. to a little bit higher wage growth and that is probably inflation. adam: we'll have to stop right there. we'll continue this another day but right now, science is proving what we already suspect. home is where the stress is. why that tense pow wow with your boss is nothing compared to what is waiting for you at home. did you dot dishes? very latest ahead of ukraine's presidential elections this weekend. hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
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tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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crane, preparing for the
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upcoming presidential elections and pro russian insurgents ramping up retaliation efforts unleashing the deadliest attack ukraine has seen in weeks. we go to rich edson for more on what is happening and how the united states might respond. >> ukrainian forces battling hundreds of progress in insurgents leaving 20 dead, this goes before ukraine pools as long awaited and much watched presidential election. vladimir putin pulled an investor conference, his government will respect election results. administered officials say russia has done little to encourage a fair election. >> we have seen in a couple places in the east the separatists trying to purposely disrupt the election with violence taking over government buildings, taking ballot boxes, taking voter registration lists. if they recognize the election they need to call the separatists they have influence
2:32 pm
with to not try to disrupt the election. >> the united states and western european allies say russian interference in sunday's elections will prompt more severe economic sanctions against the vladimir putin regime levying sanctions against entire sectors of the russian economy. this is a day after russia struck a $400 billion gas deal with china. significant economic benefit for russia as it is under and faces additional sanctions. adam? adam: thank you very much. green on the screen as we head into a long holiday weekend. the dow and s&p sitting at a session highs and the s&p heading for record close. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. arby brainy is saying volume is light, don't read much into these records. what do you say? >> volume 20% below average you know there is not much conviction in a move, the arrows are up and regardless the dow is up 1/3% and the s&p a couple
2:33 pm
points away from all time record intraday highs and if it were to close it would be the 11th record close. a big deal on wall street but on light volume to the memorial day holiday. at hewlett-packard, shares of been on the rise, they see profit on the rise and continuing their turnaround plan which means more layoffs, they are up to 50,000, that is the plan as they continue restructuring. adam: close your eyes and think of your happy place. is the your office? new study says people are more stressed that home than they are at work. this sounds like a perfect excuse for your boss to keep you here late. jeremy hill, back with me to talk about this. what do you think he's more stress at home or the office? >> i can't believe we had to conduct a study to understand that women are more stress that home because it is a function of who takes care of the kids but can we spend this money on something better like how to relax on the weekends and at night?
2:34 pm
adam: any advice? >> for some people the office might be tranquil but what if you are on soldier and you are fighting in afghanistan or in iraq? the work place is wherever you are with your rifle. that doesn't include them. >> i would hope but it is worth pointing out some jobs less stressful to come in to. dep see drivers, that is a stressful place to work, under the ocean. minors under the ground. >> they just had another baby in their family. getting any sleep these days or more sleep at the office? >> having three kids is chaotic but when flowers are blooming, bees will be busy. what i mean by that is productivity is and lining to a certain degree. it has been recognized in all kinds of economic and social theory is. even karl marx look at the theory of productivity. this spans across lifetimes in different events so i think taking a product from day to
2:35 pm
point be can be very enlightening and it has an intrinsic value. >> i would never call you a communist or a marxist. is he right? are people less stress in the workplace? you see your achievements quickly as opposed to your kids who is 18 years and don't know how they will turn out. >> women are very stressed bottom line and that is what is underlying all of this. more women in the workplace but we don't get much of a break at home. a lot of the pressures from other wives, you have a lot of pressure from your mom and friends to be perfect everywhere and it is not possible so it is a function of that work is clear what is expected of men and women. at home it is not so women get stressed out at home. adam: we will deal with this in a bit but just in time for your memorial day barbecue hooters unveil a saucy new menu item and a slogan they add dying to get off their chest. at an end of the day, i am not even going to say it.
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really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. introducing at&t mobile share value plans... ...with our best-ever pricing for business. adam: sales of new homes in the u.s. rose more than expected last month. april new-home sales came in at 433,000 vs expectations of
2:38 pm
425,000 driven by pent-up demand from a brutal cold winter and speaking of housing the president plans to nominate san antonio mayor julien castro as the next secretary of housing and urban development as well as shaun donovan his current housing chief in the white house office of management and budget. castro, the 2012 democratic convention is considered a rising star in the democratic party. the announcement is expected in the next hour. saying goodbye to airtran, the low-cost carrier will finish integrationist southwest airlines, it will take place dec. 28 in tampa which is the same route of its first flight in october of 1996.
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adam: game stop beating the s&p 500 higher, and a video game retail reporter 7% jump in fiscal revenue driven by growth in its mobile business. demand for new gaming consoles, good news for a company struggling to boost video game sales, this share down 20%. in an attempt to lure back teens abercrombie is turning on lights and turning down the night club live, bruce joins me to discuss this and all kinds of things, good to see you as we go into the holiday weekend. let's talk about hooters because
2:41 pm
they are unveiling a very understated new advertisement. i think we have got it for you. >> if you like hooters wings you are going to love this one. introducing hooters style ribs. adam: is that the best tagline ever or so cliche it doesn't deserve coverage? >> who knew hooters sold food? that is news to me. i think it is too obvious and simple to pass it up. what hooters said was the rack is talking about ribs, the hooters are talking about owls and unicorns are real. adam: what is it hooters is selling? >> of place that you cannot go and hang out and look at beautiful girls and they have to be nice to you because they want to earn tips and if your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister gets upset you can say my friends wanted to go there, the ribs are awesome. and your friends use a check out
2:42 pm
the rack on that plate and everybody is happy. adam: let's talk about someone who used to make people happy but perhaps kim kardashian has a different take right now. i am going to get to kim kardashian, she and kanye west are getting married, love her or hate her, she is a marketing machine. it happens to all of us. is she still marketable. >> the kardashian and kanye west combos getting everybody excited. you drive past the exit and you got to look, you've got to stick your tongue in it. people can't help themselves. as you said she is the innovator of the but selfy and built an enormous online business from that cell she is saying i ought to be doing it myself. adam: they signed a $40 million
2:43 pm
deal with one of the tv networks for their television show but do they actually drive sales that say they have a clothing line, do they really turn a profit for skiers? who buys their stuff? her claim to fame as she showed us she could procreative of video tape lot of people watched but other than that what else? >> you still making money from that. the last check for that was $47,000. what is important to understand these u.n. looking at a big trend. we can make jokes and it is funny and amusing but the old world was all a lie, return on investment. today's world is our 0 a, return on of attention and she is a magnet for attention and the companies are around her have to figure out how to monetize it. adam: i thought you were going to use a three letter word that back to abercrombie and fitch, mixing its club like field trying to win back teenage
2:44 pm
customers. do they stand a chance? when you have to be cool or try to be colonel longer cool. >> absolutely right. what you are looking at again, two really important trends from a branding and marketing and business point of view it is important to understand. abercrombie took what kids like to do, hang out where their parents weren't which is why they cranked up the music and turned on the lights, made an environment that was unbearable to parents and kids hung out there but like with everything else now kids are hanging out online using snap chat, using other sites, abercrombie taught them how to do it and they're doing it without abercrombie so what does it do? try number 2, look for other markets, turning music down because they want all the dads to think there have to come to the store and buy the products, 70%, 77% drop in profit makes them do desperate things. abercrombie says if the kids are not coming we will get their
2:45 pm
parents. adam: i don't think a 44-year-old would look great in abercrombie closing. let's check out how their sales are in six months. have a great holiday weekend. taking us through the last hour of trading before memorial day weekend is liz claman. what do you have for as? liz: we could all look good in abercrombie. i would look like a middle-aged guy trying to look young. liz: we have quite a market, two points above an all-time record for the s&p 500. 1897 is the number to beat, we are there right now. can we hold through the hour? there are two unstable parts of the world, russia and china. why does merck and has billions in assets under management, really like those two regions? he says now is the time to take risks, he has three names he absolutely feels you take a little risk, you will get some
2:46 pm
serious rewards and speaking of rewards on this memorial day weekend, i you ready for some barbecue? dave's famous ceo who was named today, he is no stranger to the industry, the ceo of mcdonald's is making massive changes on his first day after shaking hands with the employees he is learning about but of course he is talking high brief prices, high pork, how he is making sure his company stays as healthy as it has been, stock is up 166% of the past year. you could have bought that and done beautifully all year long. >> would have been nice, liz claman coming get you in 14 minutes, thank you. one golfer keeping it on the green, a big win by phil mickelson could bring your bank account well over par and let's get fiscal, we're talking to the yoga instructor who is making big bucks from youtube following because you can never have too much money or stretching power.
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adam: weathered as on wall street were a main street here's who's making or losing money today, down they for aerospatiale, finding itself in a teenage waste room. did we talk about that, shares plunging 20% in the wake of a dismal earnings report, ceo thomas johnson knowns 21,000 shares of the company. meantime he suffered a loss of 123,000 bucks just today. making money the lucky gulf man swinging into a large pile of cash, superstar phil mickelson making it big at the u.s. open, sporting goods company galloway will match his prize money,
2:51 pm
first place finish would be $1.5 million. making money for good cause, leonardo dicaprio, a trip to space with the active fetched $1 million at a charity auction. the intergalactic tourney is scheduled to take place in 2015. not sure about his travel companion. we remember what happened at the end of titanic. a youtube star on line pulling in the big bucks and you can too. here is youtube fitness guru casey ho and she is one of the stars who is capitalizing off of your skill and youtube and explain how this started not by mistake but you had been at instructor and wanted to be videos for your followers. >> that is right. i was teaching in real life and for the first job out of college moved to the east coast and they miss them so much and people all over the world started watching.
2:52 pm
adam: 1.7 million subscribers, 130 million views so far. i won't less stuart varney and ask how much are you were that how much are you making that you are supporting yourself. is the income sufficient to support yourself and your life style alone? i know you supplement it but is it in six figures or seven figures? >> i am able to support myself but it is a lot entrepreneur elective these, clothing line, and the money is very sufficient. and more rewards whether it is monetary or of the things in general. adam: what about people have a particular skill? doing that very well and capitalize the way you have. >> a lot of people starting out are really scared, lot of
2:53 pm
competition on line. just go for it. that will capture people's attention and that the same time the supergenuine because they can't tell if you're starting to make money doing it because you loved it and for me internally i am always in a group of instructors july love teaching. adam: it is about healthy living but more than that, you have got -- i don't want to say a clothing line original clothing line? >> it is the clothing line. next month i will debut my active wear collection, i am excited because i actually sketch designs and manufacturing them, and the dvd is in target so i am fortunate my fans allowed this to happen and turn into reality. adam: thank you for joining us and congratulations on your success. >> thank you so much. adam: breaking out the sun screen and your best ally and shirt, summer is officially here but if you are hitting the road
2:54 pm
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(%ç adqmp gearing upç for aç nicç holidayç weekend, ifç you'reç hittingç theç road, you are nç alone.ç jeff flockç isç in chicagoç ç what drivers canç expect.çç¿ jeff? >> reporter:çç perched highç aboveç sh=1j belowç usç actually m other side isç aç littleç biç pluggedç upç coming throughç chicago. take a lookç atd]!qn'tç mov- areç paying thisç year.?h@&c % it's pmost exactlyç the sameçs thu paidç last year at)rjç time. you've0gñi digitsç both thisç year andç last.ç the travelçç numbers,ç thoughç
2:58 pm
sinceç the recessionç begançç chi$l memorialç dayç travel. moreç thanç 36ç millionç trç that's up aboutç açç percentç half comparedç to lastç year.ç w(jt most ofç theççç millen. gettingç there? m percentage and a $lf, air year. ç ç byç train,ç bus or)ship.ç largely,ç we'reç told,ç cruiç that travel upç aboutçç 6%çç a places,ç adam.j4(p&c% me?ç staying right here thisç chicaç it/s beautifulç weather, içç it.ç adam: thankç you veryç much, f flociç inçç chicago. back áráh wussç isç monicaçç jeremyç becauseç this hasç bn named$eç busiest holidayç forç car salesç by walletçç hub.ç now, youç head to aç locaí der haq@y with what you'veç got?ç you likeçç bmw,ç but youç doç
2:59 pm
a car.ç would youç look thisç wmejend? don'tç own aç car, andç i'mg out untilç i turnçç 40,ç bed rest theçç contrarian point ofç vç itç doesn't makeç sense toç ç ã toç the iç thinkç that's whenç you'rg to getç the deal.ç < constantly breaksç downrj andç insistsç he's going toç sell, "wouldn't you?tç anotherçç o, imprac(ical car becauseç if i evq have toç cross açç streaç manhattan, i'mç good forç thaç robustç thisç year. we're qrás at the end ofç the year.ç inç may maybeç justçç 1.5mn units,ç soç it's beenç greate to beç aç shopper. >> allç right,ç jeremyç hillk >> allç rigery much.çyç hillk and iç hope youç don't get [tk in anyç streamu inçççç manç monica, we'reç going toç meetr t in just"a minuteç rightç now,ç that's all theçe i hopaç you'reç making moneyç
3:00 pm
aç reminder thatç markets wilç ç bç business will hcv qp%1 ç . youç want to tune at 9ç a.m. heading into theç finalruá trading,ç the s&pu nearçççç 1900.çç ♪ççççççççççç


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