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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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love. i still love you, i'm kennedy, good night. me. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone, i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs as we head into this memorial day weekend celebration of our troops present and past. to be a scandal continues to dominate the headlines. secretary eric shinseki today remaining defiant in the face of growing opposition from the right and the left, refusing to resign while writing a letter to veterans. this includes allegations of hospital misconduct. the defense secretary chuck hagel running to the defense today despite the lukewarm feelings during the beginning of the week or it nancy pelosi
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blaming the scandal on former president george w. bush. why not? but not all democrats are falling in line. and today we have reports of three democratic senatorial candidates that are calling for eric shinseki to resign. the kentuckian candidate is expected to make a serious run of mitch mcconnell, writing bad we always solemn obligation to our veterans and our government that defaulted on a contract. i don't see how that breach of trust with our veterans can be repaired if the current leadership stays in place. strong words. and now jd gordon has unleashed a major bombshell. here he is on the fox news channel serving under president obama. take a listen.
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>> there was about 150 detaine at guantánamo right now. have a medical unit of about 100 doctors and nurses and health care support staff or in its 1.5 to one is the ratio. but if you look at the veterans in this country, there are 21 million veterans. of those 21 million veterans and the united eight, 9 million are receiving va care. but if you look at a va employees, 267,000 and i was dirty five to one ratio. and i think the president obama has a fault of the priorities. ashley: the air force is the subject of a scathing review. botching a training exercise last summer that simulated an attack on a nuclear missile silo in the united states. during the exercise security forces were unable to regain control just outside and the failure was described as a critical deficiency.
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unit is being played with other problems, including an exam cheating scandal that led to the resignation of its commander in march. the nuclear missile corps has also suffered embarrassing security leadership and training lapses. and here to discuss this with us as our very first guest, retired four-star army general general jack keane. he is also a fox news military analyst. thank you so much for being here. let's begin with a scathing review. should we be concerned as we go through this test and fail miserably? >> anything to do with nuclear sites and missiles, nuclear weapons, certainly is going to get everyone's attention. so any kind of failure is unbelievable scrutiny. though we do train and we do test and we do make mistakes and
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training to learn from those mistakes. we went back the next time and they had no problems whatsoever. so it is critical because it's nuclear, but at the same time the problem is fixed and that is what it's all about. ashley: general, i am sure that this is an issue that is close to your heart. how outraged are you with this, and do you feel what is being taken for action so far as appropriate? >> is a great question. certainly just like americans in general, i think that we are all outraged by the fact that our veterans are having these kind of ccess problems to care that could possibly have resulted in people's death. never have i dealt with an issue quite like that before. the fact of the matter is that what i find so damning about this is the waitlist and the phony records came up in the transition from the bush
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administration to the obama administration, which meant that the new leadership in the va, secretary eric shinseki and his leader had to be him made aware of something like that. here we are five years later dealing with the same issue and we haven't asked the problem since then and that is a damning issue and i think we are on a collision course with a major roof on an overhaul f the va. ashley: and must be particularly galling with the detainees in guantánamo bay. they have much superior health care and the ratio between doctors and those that need help, far better than it is for our veterans and not as outrageous as well. >> yes, but it gives us a bit of a false issue. we have a small population of detainees dow there. and we want to make certain that the care is what it should be. i've been there three times but
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i haven't been there recently. i really can't make a judgment about whether we've overcome it or not. we've overcome a number of things to ensure that there are no problems in getting inspected by the red cross, so i'm not as convinced that it's really believable as to what is going on with a population of 9 million veterans that the va is trying to take care of with 300,000 people. >> talking about the ukraine, you're a presidential election coming up in the ukraine. vladimir putin and that he will recognize the results of that and also reports that is going on. do you feel like this is played out for now? >> certainly we do n trust what he is telling us. he is supporting the election to look at what is taking place.
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the fact of the matter is that fox has been reporting this for the last couple of days and the prseparatist are undermining the election process and moving into places where the ballots are going to be issued and people are going to vote. those separatists would be doing that with our vladimir putin's tangible support. on one hand he is supporting the election and then he's undermining them in the eastern ukraine, which may lead him to conclude that those elections in the eastern ukraine are in god while the election and the greater ukraine is. so we will see how this plays out. but i don't really trust what he's saying. and i think the evidence is in on that. he has moved some troops evidently and we will be whether the rest of them get moved or not. >> signing the state energy agreement, does that raise your
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eyebrows a little bit? >> certainly. it is in russia's interest given some of the economic challenges that he's got. and we will gradually build this. it's a big win for them. no doubt about that. i don't think economically it will mean that much to the rest of the world. ashley: we are out of time, have a great memorial day weekend. >> you as well. it's good to talk to his usual. ashley: for the case of the marine sergeant who has been sitting in a mexican jail for two months. no closer to a resolution tonight. he has been held out of crossing the border by mistake. local law enforcement are questioning why he was ever taken into custody in the first place. our correspondent has our
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report. >> imagine beingin the swing looking for an example exit when it shows up unexpectedly on your left. did you see that omelette sign on the ground or five lanes of traffic at night we met the sergeant said he did not. >> is not trying to smuggle arms southbound. he had weapons in the car and he was arrested for that. he certainly had been held long enough to determine his intent and to send him home to his family. reporter: he has been sitting in a mexican jail for 53 days after missing that turn with reregistered weapons in his car. sources who work the border here >> >> now they see this. of bright flashing sign all the after the story was
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international news. >> this is a case we were worried about. >> and others say the state department needs a more direct approach to cut the hundreds of millions of dollars of dade do mexico. >> they need to know that this matters to us hope the white house will do this to make a hopi was not smuggling guns so should have ben and handled locally >> we had several instances where federal police or local police inadvertently crossed the border all armed on the west side and reprehended. we could usually dispense with those cases pretty quickly and get them home. >> he is scheduled to begin court on monday in tijuana. officials in mexico city would not mind if this story went away and to make that happen to allow all sides to save face. >> now to austria where we
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saw another record-breaking day the delegating 63 the s&p up eight above 1900 for the very first time. volume on the big board 2.4 billion shares. and the best performing sector is utilities are the worst. now up about 1% the nasdaq posted gains of for them to present. crude-oil of $0.61 and gold is down $3 closing below 1292. the yield on the tenure treasury falling and by the way of bhp shares surging after announcing it will slash 16,000 additional jobs following better than expected earnings. and new-home sales rising more than 6%.
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and down nearly 1% another recall to tell you about suzuki recalling cars made by gm over a fire risk. be sure to listen to lou dobbs reports three times a day on the salem radio network for the biggest market to news. we will be right back. >> the irs, obamacare, a "fast & furious", a benghazi is the admired -- the administration is mired in the scandals per prayers' the way for of republican landslide for the 2014 el (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program
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ashley: republicans claiming victory after the irs said it would delay and rewrites
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propose rules for tax-exempt groups that were at the heart of the targeting scandal now those rules that would limit the political activities sparked immediate backlash from critics who called them too broad with an attack on free speech and means they will not be employees before the midterm election. the delay of the irs rule changes comes 164 days before the midterm with the growing obama administration scandal could affect the mid term with john fund and doug shoen. almost to the holiday weekend and. let me ask you both, are these democrats trying desperately to distance themselves as they head to the midterm election nor is there rhetoric? timothy still like the
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president that day and no longer trust the political instincts because time and time again they either not told poll story or unpleasant surprises are he deals with scandals in the bizarre way. the vetan scandal it touched him for weeks to appear before a the american people to give the half-hearted non explanation and nobody is held accountable. democrats say is this the administration want to hedge my political start with the economy's sluggish and the polls looking worse and worse? >> i agree. if the democratic senate candidates in the south like arkansas and the louisiana and georgia and north carolina will win the only way they can is to distance themselves totally from the white house as did today in kentucky. you cannot try to have it both ways.
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to make it clear like with ththe affordable care act. >> is this just the president's m0 can he not make a decision to make of move that is considered decisive? they call him a passive president but it is the case so therefore nothing gets done? >> consensus or reflection or a paralysis by analysis. he has not done anything bold and decisive with ukraine or russia of the red lines were crossed in syria and libya has blown up. the egyptians are now adversaries and not allies it is hard to make a case that anything has gone right on his watch regardless of the particular ideological view. >> he has not made any
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decisions really. what did you agree? >> one big decision against the advice of his chief of staff from a manual and others he said we will pass a flawed health care bill regardless of two votes for its war against it and pass it without any republican votes. how has that been working all for him? >> that is the first time and passed the congress it has not worked out well for the democratic party. ashley: i heard him say immigration reform may not get done. no kidding. >> with the executive order i dunno if it will hold up but this president is responding to the paralysis and failure to accomplish things by literally expanding the outlook of executive power that richard nixon would be green with envy. >> i think he came into
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office with a historic opportunity to reach out to to is the republicans. admittedly given the goodwill he had in 2018 or 2012 to not practice or preach bipartisanship. with broad bipartisan support is not only bad politically. >>. ashley: we remember his groundswell and this is the man by all accounts who is very aloof, not easy to get to some say they have not met him and is very unapproachable if you think of his persona of a campaign >> some democrats remember the hope and change team but not to the point i can hope
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and change him. [laughter] ashley: that will happen. talk about the midterms. of lot can happen between now and then. >> to me there is one key statistic. obama is approval of the key swing group is 33 or 35%. you cannot hope to win the of midterm election or hold your own as the incumbent party with one out of three independence because the turnout is low or with your base the opposition will'' in greater numbers. i see a better than 70 percent chance that the republicans win the senate. ashley: isn't theirs to lose? >> yes. but the caveat that there has been fear that the opposition would drive the base. if they make mistakes with one candidate in one state
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can make of headline with the war on women or blacks or hispanics failure of immigration reform, that could hurt them to the extent that the democratic base comes out more than normal. ashley: talk about the split with the tea party on the far right. will that hurt? >> i think it is exaggerated. there is no membership or signing up. i think what we see is the establishment in washington has lost the confidence of much of the grass roots and they have become more like what the tea party wanted on constitutional grounds so it may lose elections even though tey are not teapartier but the establishment is more like the tea party to stand up to obama more than they used to ashley: already of time.
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have of a great memorial day weekend. take a look at the online poll results. is interesting the obama administration is no longer calling it many scandals phony? twenty-two per said no. be sure to vote tonight. do you believe the v.a. scandal will cause shinseki to resign? now to my speaking in pert -- st. petersburg fled repentance said to is he to judge? seriously he went on to blame western snobbery for the crisis. movement in the case against sterling could be a settlement be in the future? and the survival of courage
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ashley: coming up in moments is the "a team" debating the effects of the obama scandal affecting the chances of the midterm election and officially entering in the summer movie season we will look get a preview of that "x-men", transformers and much much more. defense secretary hagel addresses the issue of sexual assault in the military in a graduation speech to the naval academy's. >> you'll all be counted on to lead to help eliminate sexual harassment and assault of sisters and brothers in uniform. we are all accountable. the new recruits the four-star admirals and generals to second of attendance to the secretary of defense all have to step up to take action when we see something that hurts
10:28 pm
values. ashley: and a female midshipman at the center of the highly sexual assault case was in the audience today. that case ended with the acquittal of a former naval academy football player. every memorial day we remember the veterans to make great sacrifices for our nation and a group of wounded veterans will be up in virginia to build up their confidence and bodies through the extreme sports of skydiving. our correspondent has the inspiring story of just a few of the true heroes. >> i was one did may 29, 2012. >> while the idd attack left him in a wheelchair he never gave up on skydiving. >> even before i was wounded i had dreams and thoughts of it.
10:29 pm
>> covering corps veteran who lost both legs to the hip and his left hand to the forearm. >> it is a privilege. >> even the volunteer group introduces high-level in duties to extreme sports including skydiving. >> to get them out and active again. >> he did his training in a wind tunnel to balance then he moved on to a tandem jumping before going solo. these mounted warriors cannot walk before free-fall they feel liberated. >> it is just the freedom you can move your body in a certain way. >> the feeling i have put a limit on myself a barrier that i could not cross. >> drop zones and wind tunnels are donating
10:30 pm
training and job time. >> he realized i can do that now there will be sees somebody to see joe and it will absolutely transition them i can do that. >> out of walter reed looking for other veterans he says skydiving is a confidence builder. >> what else is possible? fox news. ashley: great story kathryn. telling the associated press that the l.a. clippers owner has agreed to let his estranged wife initially sold the team in order to have a protracted fight. he was barred for life for making racist remarks. and a health warning tonight was the nation gears up for backyard parties food is nearly 7 tons of thomas
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10:35 pm
invalid because the campaign failed to collect the 1,000 signatures required for the reelection petition. joining me now is the democratic strategist mr. is imminent and michelle fields thank you both for being here on the holiday weekend. and to talk about the story how did he get into this mess with his 26 did with think he would understand the rules. >> actually the number of signatures was correct but several of the people circulating petitions did not meet the of proper standards to meet those circulation whenever those rules are. by the way he is still responsible but it speaks to how arcane the ballot process is.
10:36 pm
of they were all collected but a couple of people somehow did not meet the standards. ashley: any surprises this speaks to what goes on in washington they cannot get anything done? >> when americans see this story this is why they don't like washington d.c.. it is a politician who gets the exception because he has friends. the judge who ended up allowing him to be on the ballot is the obama appointees so and looks a little if he. >> but a lost the battle was the republican. >> the rules are the rules. if he was not a powerful politician this would not have happened. >> but the courts rule leniency with ballot access this is both parties alike. i think we need to change
10:37 pm
ballot access but the procedure is arcane. ashley: gave made in barely. talk about the democratic candidates trying to distance themselves from the administration. bang gauzy, obamacare, irs, v.a.. and interesting campaign ad ad, explaining exactly why she tries to keep her distance spinning this is a frustrating time in our country the economy is still struggling in people are working harder for less than here in kentucky we feel its more than most. matter how many elections we have nothing gets better in washington. only worse. of a lot of that is because people at the top of both parties. if we keep sending them back nothing was changed a matter who the president is. i will not answer to them.
10:38 pm
ashley: what do you say michelle? >> it is very smart. she wants to distance in its herself from the obama administration and the democrats are ready at a disadvantage because people tend to go on mid term are older and conservative and whites now they have the obamacare and v.a. scandal they are toxic right now. >> one person in kentucky who brings a lower approval ratings than the obama is mitch mcconnell because he recently said in an interview his job is not to create jobs. so she is well positioned. >> that is fair they're not to create jobs that is business. they create the environment. >> of course, they are. >> no, no, no. not to create jobs government is not supposed
10:39 pm
to create jobs. that is the point to those to create jobs are the entrepreneurs they have the duty to create an environment. >> government is there to provide educational some assistance them if they're not creating too many jobs why we are in a mass. >> but if mr. mcconnell does not create jobs and neither does republicans. ashley: and democrats also. >> but those two jobs the con job and is thus no job. -- snow job. stemming the government does not create jobs and i don't want them to do. i want entrepreneurialism and as to create the environment to hire people. ashley: anything government can do is get in the way. >> the government research
10:40 pm
and development has created hundreds of thousands look at the high-tech industries to make you cannot honestly say right now the government is not to bloated and we have too many bureaucrats standing in the way absolutely. >> we view move past the partisan rhetoric the reality is the obama administration has produced record in job growth. >> right. [laughter] that is why don't people have 15 percent unemployment rate. >> check your mouth. >> i don't have to. >> we have to do better but government has a role to play that the educational structure. >> obama does the great job. ashley: every survey shows the u.s. falling behind other countries to produce the of technical expertise that is needed to get a job
10:41 pm
in today's world. >> when president obama etch tech offense we're in a better place. >> we are in the same place. people are still suffering. the young people especially are needy point student debt living in there parents' basement. >> how many jobs were created in the past six years? >> the only reason. >> give me some facts. >> the unemployed rate for young people is 15.5%. >> nationally 6.three lower than when the president took office revealed the reason it goes down is because people are giving up. they are tired of its estimate we also see every sector housing is up up, consumer confidence, we have long way to go. >> talk to americans and how they feel i don't think they
10:42 pm
feel that great. their suffering in struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills to. >> that is what equity for women still make you want to talk about talking points those are all the democratic talking points. bad for the economy. i wanted jobs. that will kill jobs emprise people ought to especially young people african-americans or latinos they will be priced out and replaced by the ipad. >> republicans lost those five had a six elections because they just talk down the economy instead of putting ideas on the table. ashley: you are great. we could keep going. have a great memorial day weekend. of very spirited debate.
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we will talk to an economist coming up for his view the s&p closes above 1900 for the first time ever. citigroup economist puts it into perspective. into perspective. we will beiprise asked people a simple question:
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ashley: now the word of that evening. to be appeased or mitigated is what it means a resignation from defense secretary shinseki maybe the only thing that lois is satisfied the outrage over the v.a. scandal. the s&p ) said reco high better than expected database here is the outlook ben, 1900 on the s&p, we see
10:47 pm
these changes if not hourly is a dead true measure or super inflated? >> it was the good week for equities but i don't think there is a specific event to point your finger tear that would drive everything. ashley: that does not speak to a conviction. >> but with the high momentum stocks that have taking a beating before the lack of data coming out of the fed minutes. all those were good. nothing to do derail the momentum of the ecomy. ashley: are they fairly valued that i should wait? >> i am not sure. there is some sense that equity prices would catch up with earnings last years of
10:48 pm
now add a point they are more is in harmony with the historical bubbles. so do does you will with that information. >> the previous segment was really going at it. but the unemployment rate is coming down there is the structural changes. >> agreed. added that labor force participation rate that cycled around a 66.5 o around 20 years and has come down the last three years so that is a structural bier of the big increase of the '60s and '70s with a labor force increased and baby booms are entering the workforce
10:49 pm
now on the other and we have the big demographic driving the decrease as the baby boomers retire. and then the younger people leave the labor force. so the long freeze day out of the labor force because some have the stigma against hiring those people or because the skills literally depreciates the locker your left to get engaged. ashley: overall pretty good. we're out of time. we are coming right back to. >> summer is here with the blockbuster summer movie season in the have a preview of the highly anticipated film. next
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ashley: south a quotation of the evening inspired by the reaction from president obama and v.a. secretary shinseki estimate even if you were on fire right track you get run over if you just sit there. summer movie season in full swing with "x-men", expected to bring in more than $100 million this holiday weekend and here to discuss the season and the latest with us starling controversy think you for being here. talk about serving quickly giving up control to his estranged wife? is this the white flag? to begin an example of billions because what he did
10:54 pm
was able to convince the nba that he was dead serious about challenging anything they would do that gave some leverage and some negotiating power that he may run away to sell the team for over $1 billion bid nike bought it for 12 million? >> key will profit and the commissioner as well. because he of for did -- averted the boycott knowing there was the possibility there could be a court challenge but he kept the players on the court. ashley: happily ever after. >> set the end of the day nothing has changed for the players they are not a part of the power structure. ashley: going to the movies nearly 50 releases between may and labor day. it is on. but these titles, "x-men",
10:55 pm
spider-man 44, of course i have facetious, spider-man to these are guaranteed hits? >> i think so. lot of money is invested with those films. the reason i believe the "x-men" and spider-man will be the hit with the transformers also because they have these fanatical rabid loyal core fans who use the internet to drive up the bus. because of all the trailers and the content that comes out in advance in anticipation and then they bring in the mainstream views. >> godzilla? demand that may be a tougher sell. it is not clear millenials will be on board. they have not built up a lot of allegiance but that remains to be seen. ashley: last summer were
10:56 pm
some flops world wars see, white house down, lone ranger, will we get a fair share? >> all lots of bombs. i don't expect, at tom cruise has a movie coming out. he does not do a lot of press to build up to his movies. he feels he doesn't have to but millenials told a lot of power and they can watch movies in all kinds of medium that does not mean they are crazy about the tom cruise movie. ashley: day you have the favorite or a sleeper? >> thinks like a man he is the blockbuster after a little bit undervalued but he has been spending years of the road doing stand-up comedy he has built on a grass-roots base its one
10:57 pm
dash basis. ashley: that is set for the blue dogs to ninth pick up a copy ofhis book "border war" bonds due for the links have a great the we're moving our company to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies.
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we are volvo of sweden.
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neil: are you ready to fire up the grill? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. i hate to rain on your memorial day picnic. the fact of the matter is that the prices you're going to have enough picnic have gone up double digits. if you look at barbecued meat alone, it's up about 22% over last year.


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