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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 24, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> i'm ready. >> all right. >> oh, dear! oh, no! whoa. stay tuned for "across america"" with oliver north. we hope you have a good weekend. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. right now on "the willis report" , another va hospital under fire. this time for allegations of drug dealing, theft and patient abuse. also, seconds from disaster -- >> 901 stop your climb and stop your turn, united 601. >> fourth near collision in the air reported just this week. if you're hitting the road this memorial day weekend, we have must--apps to guide you on your way. we're watching for you on "the willis report." gerri: our top story tonight "the wolf of wall street" all over again. >> hello, john. how are you doing today? you mailed in my company a
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postcard a few weeks back requesting information on penny stocks that had huge upside potential with very little downside risk. does that ring a bell? >> yeah i may have -- >> the reason for the call today, john, something just came across my desk, john. it is perhaps the best thing i've seen in the last six months. if you have 60 seconds i like to share the idea with you. gerri: did you see that movie? well the real jordan belfort wound up in jail pushing penny stock scams from his boiler rooms. now investors are rushing back into some of these risky invests at a record pace. we're looking out for your wallet with ed butowsky, chatwood asset management. ed, welcome to the show. tell you a thing or two about pink sheet stocks, microcap stocks, nano stocks. >> yeah. gerri: look at run-up in these stocks this year, up 40%. four, 0. why wouldn't i play? >> well because you're literally not buying anything.
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none of these companies for the most part really, some really don't even exist. some are numbers and they are theories. these were, most of these companies, gerri, never went through ipo process. if you investigate these companies you realize they literally bought a public shell, put something in them. now they have people out there promoting them. they're promoting them a lot different than "the wolf of wall street." they're doing it with highly sophisticated techniques like blog posts and using other things on internet to push them up. people, you know what? they want to make money. they love the idea. gerri, for everyone watching run away from these. i've done this 27 years, with exception of none one or two stocks, none of them work out. they are pumping them up, dumping their own positions and you will own some worthless stock real soon. >> i will argue this case because i know people out there, i just talked to a guy right here who has bought some of this stuff, okay? he works at a business network. green grove technologies.
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grovox sciences. hemp. so marijuana is selling these penny stocks. people want to get on board because they know it is becoming legal all over the country. take a look at performance. >> sure. gerri: look at these penny stocks. up 184%. up 164%. you can't beat that. why not buy in now and ride the wave and get out when you can? >> i mean, a lot of people call it gambling. that's what it is. i've been really up in vegas too. you know what? good thing i went to bed because i would have lost it a. these are not real companies. what we're doing, is we want people to invest their money so they have something down the road. and this is not the way you do it. so whoever at the fox business network is doing this, sell your stocks. go buy some good, sound companies. that's what you need to do. you're an investor. you're not a gambler. that is what ruins this industry we have that love, we have too many people out there calling up people, buy this, sell that.
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gerri: right. >> found this new product. if there is real product, real service, gerri, it will go through natural ipo process and will be a company that has research backing it. gerri: here is what we know, a lot of companies, i will stop playing penny stock pubber and be personal finance person that wants everybody to make money in the stock market, these are people that are being sold by people who just want to take your money at the end. day. there are some legitimate cases. >> there are. gerri: but some are pushed by bloggers, pump and dump schemes. here is what the securities & exchange commission, the top cop on the beat when it comes to stocks, here is what they had to say about penny stocks. be prepared to lose your entire investment with penny stocks. >> yep. gerri: so -- go right ahead. >> gerri i have to throw in a real-life story. there was a company many years ago that i personally invested in, didn't put any clients. called robo tool. i have to learn more about the company.
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i found the person who said they were shareholder relations. i called a little girl five years old answered the phone. she said my daddy is sleeping. i sold that stock. you know what? a lot of other people were buying that stock. there are stories hine them. we are investors. invest your money after you do good research and do very few of these. what are chances one% of those companies that work out are the ones that you're going to buy? just don't play. gerri: not going to find walmart or next hot technology stock in the pink sheets. >> you're not. you just aren't. gerri: tell me if i've got this right because i did a lot of research myself on this. >> okay. gerri: these companies typically don't have to file with the sec you can't find how much money they are making. you don't know if they have earnings. there is no annual report. no quarterly filing. you have no idea if they're borrowing money hand over fist. there is no letter from the ceo. nothing of that exists typically. they don't have to do usual things companies have to do to
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protect their investments. no standards they have to meet. this is the worst wild west of stock investing. >> that's right. gerri: if you have any hope to make money, do it somewhere else on a real exchange. an exchange where people have to meet standards. >> that's right. gerri: that's what i think. do you think a lot of people are getting killed this way? do you have clients coming to you, hey, i heard about this great marijuana stock? are people saying this is where i want to be next? >> well, they do. i mean look, right now the market isn't doing so great, even though hit a new high on s&p today, the market is up about 2, 2 1/2%. the bitcoin publicity really given birth to this craze, this idea they will find something new that is going to skyrocket. that is the main reason this year we're seeing a lot more of this. gerri, there is different reporting for these public companies and different than on the new york stock exchange. these small, pink sheet companies. but there still is some reporting. but this is very similar to a company just not going through the proper procedures and that is what people want.
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they want to know what these companies are doing. they want to know that they're sound. you know what? a lot of people out there don't care. they say the stock went from a dollar to $3 or went from 12 cents to dollar. look how much i made. i will wait until it goes to $5. they get enamored or almost addicted or intoxicated with the idea they found this great thing. you know what? bought a stock at 12 cents and it is at $5. sell it right now because it is not going too much further. gerri: ed, great to have you on. thanks for the warning. all our viewers appreciate it. thanks so much. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: we want to know what you think. triple after is forecasting memorial day weekend traffic to hit a p postrecession high. so what is your preferred mode of travel? plain, train or automobile? log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share results at the end of tonight's show. isn't it on everybody's
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mind. memorial day is here. if you're planning expect a lot of company. triple eight is expecting 30 sick million holiday travelers this weekend. what do you need to know to prepare? aaa's heather hunter is here. welcome to the show. are you expecting a record year? >> aaa is expecting a strong memorial day weekend. 36.1 million americans are expected to travel this holiday. that is the second highest volume since 2000. as we are entering summer travel season really the harsh winter is still on the minds of many americans. that unforgiving winter is making them want to travel. gerri: i'm curious what experience people will have out there. the last memorial day price of gas was 3.$63 a gallon. what will it be this memorial day weekend? >> we expect it to be similar to last memorial day. current prices are $3.66 a gallon. it is right in line with last year. prices remain at a level most
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americans consider to high, we're 30 cents a gallon less than we were in 2008. gerri: very good. a lot of people traveling. many of them driving, driving. where are people going this year? >> the majority of people driving about 88% of travelers will take to the roads. most people stay within a few hundred miles of home. so beaches, theme parks, are going to be very popular destinations. as well as national parks. top destinations in the u.s. are orlando, anaheim, washington, d.c., las vegas. there's many great places to visit in the u.s. gerri: one of the things i always think about especially when you're in the car are the bottlenecks you're going to face. where are you going to run into the most traffic? can you give us a hand on that? >> it is going to be a very busy weekend on the roads. we expect tonight to be extremely busy as people get out of work and start heading to the vacation destinations. monday we'll be very busy with people heading home. but throughout the weekend you are going to hit traffic as
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people are heading to local destinations as well. you canvoid some of that traffic if you head out in the morning and try and avoid major cities during rush hour. gerri: that's a great idea. you know, i guess if you were trying to figure out the best thing to do tonight it may be leaving tomorrow morning rather than right now. what do you say, heather? >> yes. if you can head out early tomorrow morning and ready to go before most people are on the road you will probably avoid some of that traffic. but the main thing you really want to make sure you and your family are safe. get well-rested and stay alert while you're driving. put all away all distractions. of drive distraction-free for you and your family. gerri: no phones with the hands. watch out for messing with controls on mapping device if you're trying to follow directions. have somebody tell you where to go. heather, great to see you. >> thank you. happy memorial day. gerri: you as well. still a lot more to come this hour including your voice and your voice is so important to
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us. we want to hear about what we do on the show of the that's why we want you to facebook me orr twet me @gerriwillisfbn or send me an email at the government hour i will read your tweets and emails. another scandal inside of another va hospital. , miami. we'll can tell you about charges of a cover-up going on there. stay with us. c'mon, you want heartburn? when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact. and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums!
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when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's e more part of our commitment to america.
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gerri: new allegations tonight about the va scandal. listen to this. it went to a miami virginia hospital. one detective reported abuse, drug deals and other crimes. the death after 27-year-old combat veteran who overdosed on cocaine and heroin one week before he was scheduled to graduate from a rehab program there. joining me "weekly standard"'s steve hayes, fox news contributor. welcome back to the show. >> good to be back. >> on this very serious topic, this va scandal that gets worse and worse. in miami now, we're hearing that there were drugs dealt. that drugs should have been use in the hospital legitimately were being sold.
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that patients were being abused. this report being made by a fellow, thomas if i or a, who was a detective there -- fiore. are you surprised by this. >> i'm not exactly surprised. because we've seen allegations and detailed in government reports and previous press reports. i guess the fact that this was so widespread, so well-known and so tolerated by the staff, staff and administration of the hospital was really eye-popping. not that just drugs were being dealt within the hospital. it is that it was basically a known secret. everybody knew that was the case. there were patterns where the patients would go down and meet their dealers on smoke breaks, on times they understood their dealers would be there in order to make a drug dale. gerri: wow. >> pretty incredible detail this gentleman is providing. gerri: fiore made these allegations two years ago. this is not new news, right?
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>> right. gerri: one of the big issues with this story like it jusust happened yesterday. in every case it seems to me the problems existed for years. >> yeah. gerri: hear from this detective himself. here is what he had to say. >> i actually prepared a, a written plan, if you will, pertaining to a undercover operation so that waive we can at least identify who we're, are targets are for the, drug sales. and i presented that in an email. and i'm still waiting on a response. i submitted it about two years ago. gerri: still waiting on a response. why do you think that is? >> well, it seems like people at this particular va, and at va facilities around the country were eager to brush aside any problems to continue to go about their day-to-day business as if there weren't any problems. that is what we've heard again in the gao reports and stories like this one.
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that was an incredible story he just told but he also said he told the hospital chief of staff, a guy named dr. vincent de again narrow. that the dr. told him stop investigating problems. that is pretty incredible with the chief of staff of the hospital says, we don't want to know. gerri: shocking. we mentioned in this entire conversation, this was nothing new. the president when he talks about, he wants more investigation, more reports. he is waiting for the ig's report before he does anything at all. here's the president. >> i know the people are angry and want swift reckoning. i sympathize with that but we have to let the investigators do their job and get to the bottom of what happened. our veterans deserve to know the facts. their families deserve to know the facts. once we know the fact, i asse you if there is misconduct, it will be punished. gerri: a lot of people out there tonight saying we know the facts. why is the president delaying?
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>> we do know the facts. the inspector general reported himself there were 23 preventable deaths. did he say they were directly related to the delays? he couldn't make that claim but he said there were 23 preventable debts. that is a fact. i think the president doesn't want to pursue this because he would prefer to pass the buck again. he is opposing a new bill in the house of representatives that would allow the secretary of the va to fire people for misconduct or for bad performance. the president's opposed it when jay carney asked why they opposed it, he couldn't say why they opposed it. took him an entire day, well, we're afraid of lawsuits. this is an administration doesn't have the will to correct problems that need to be corrected. gerri: unbelievable. i don't know if you remember this, but back in 2011, this particular hospital, the miami hospital, got lots of attention because they contacted 2500 vets who were told that their colonoscopyies were performed with improroperly cleaned
11:19 pm
equipment. so the head of the hospital was forced to resign. this time not even that much has been done. not even that much has been done and someone is dead. what should happen next? >> certainly if those claims can be borne out, if all those end up being true, certainly you have to fire not only the head of the hospital, the chief of staff, but everybody in leadership, has to be cashiered. this is not something we can tolerate. there was another report, a separate report about a surgeon who sent an email to the chief of staff complaining about a preventable death related to a lag in getting the proper equipment. this is just recently. so it appears that the miami va is loaded with problems and, certainly this will not be the last we hear of this particular facility. gerri: well, there is no time like memorial day to put the pedal to the metal. and get this issue fixed. it can be done. and turn the page on this, this is awful.
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>> amen. >> steve, thank you for coming on and happy holiday. >> you too. gerri: have a great weekend. don't miss our show on tuesday. we'll have on miami va whistle-blower you just saw, detective thomas fiore. he will be on the show talking about that very issue. he is speaking out on corruption going on in miami. just ahead, important financial advice for our military. advice frankly we can all benefit from. also another frightening mid-air collision, the fourth one we heard of just this beak and all of this before before one of the busiest travel days of the year. what is happening in our skies? we'll ask the important questions next. we're moving our company to new york state.
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gerri: if you're in the military close to someone who is we're looking out for your wallet tonight on "the willis report." there are special challenges faced by members of the armed services, especially younger warriors who may have not had a lot of information about handling money. joining me tonight, a former army helicopter pilot with concerned veterans of america. amber, thanks for joining us. i want to say and acknowledge your service. you flew a kiowa helicopter eight years you were in iraq. this weekend, this holiday weekend, thank you for your service. i wanted to say that before we got underway. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: i lived in norfolk for a long time and i met a lot of sailors there and they were always preyed upon by people who
11:25 pm
want to take their money. why is it these young servicemen and women are such targets? >> well, yeah, financial troubles are a huge form of stress for servicemembers, especially our younger ones. many of them joined right out of high school. they have very little experiences with finances. or how to get a loan and really, the bad things to look for where that they are so easily taken advantage of. we see that all over america in the military towns. gerri: right. >> where some of these services know that these young kids aren't going to know what to do. so they get taken advantage of. gerri: everything from mortgages to car loans, you name it, is like these young guys and women have a target on their back. but, they have to be smart too. so, what kind of mistakes is your organization alerting them to? >> well, something that they need to remember is there are resources on each and every base that they need to be taking advantage of. they can go to the community
11:26 pm
service centers where they have financial planners. they can help them with anything from buying a car, they can take the actual contract, the loan, take it to these service centers first and have lawyers read through it and make sure they're not getting taken advantage of. they can have people go over credit reports. what to long for, how to get your credit back on track. as well as having legal trouble with marriages or, buying a house, they're there to help you. these soldiers need to make sure they're going and using resources available to them. gerri: now i understand a lot of them don't use these resources. why do you think they're reluctant to do that? >> i think it just comes down to time. a lot of times these soldiers are taken up, their time is taken up with other things. so they don't necessarily make it their priority. so with anytime off they get, they want to be with their families. they want to take time off, especially with the deployment schedule most had over the past
11:27 pm
decade. they really need to communicate with their superiors and commanders and platoon sergeants and leaders and they will get time off to meet people that will help them. gerri: a tragedy when that happens and good to know there are resources out there for military members they can take advantage of. before you go, i want to ask you about the va scandal. this is rockingashington. but i wonder what reaction is among you and your friend, people who have served. what are you saying? >> i'm disgusted over this va scandal. that it has been allowed to reach the level that this is at. how many more veterans have to die before secretary shinseki and president obama make this a priority? to fix the va for veterans, this, we're boeing into memorial day weekend and we need to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. and they need to be paying tribute to them by fixing va for veterans who did make it home.
11:28 pm
gerri: am berks thank you. have a very good memorial day weekend. appreciate it. >> you too. gerri: and a special program note for you now, all day memorial day monday, beginning 9:00 a.m. eastern time, fox business network will be airing a special series, war stories, hosted by oliver north. they are fascinating stories from the front lines, saluting america's men and women in uniform. it's a great series. check it out, memorial day on monday here on fbn. time now for a look at stories you're look clicking on at new home sales rose more than expected in april. the commerce department said sales jumped by 6.4%. median price fell slightly to $275,800. brit an's barclays bank was fined $244,000 for allowing one of the traders to rig gold prices. this is not the first time the bank has been in trouble. it was charged with rigging
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interest rates two years ago. a device will have multiple cameras and 3d sensors. google wants the it could be useful for consumers. >> most expensive world cup ever. brazil is expected to spend $11 billion for the soccer spectacular. the projects are delayed by crime, cost overruns and rampant corruption. those are the stories trending on new reasons to take o hand sanitizer next time you fly. you want to hear what is going on in these planes. near-disaster in the air. hundreds of passengers unaware how close they were to a mid-air collision. collision. ♪ [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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gerri: on one of the busiest
11:33 pm
travel weekends of the year, we are finding out about an incident that left hundreds of passengers just seconds from disaster. deborah hirschman was the chair of the national transportation safety board for a decade. she is now with the national safetyouncil and she joins us now. what we are talking about here is a frightening story at houston airport if you look at the audio, which we are going to take a look at right now. [inaudible] gerri: it seems like we are hearing about this more and more. four of them in the last month. how unusual is this and is it happening more often? >> we never want to see these things happen, but there is some good news in the we are getting unreported. and i think that that is the first step in making sure that we make sure that they don't happen in the future. but there are a number of incidents that occur every year and we are talking about in the
11:34 pm
thousands. gerri: oh, my goodness. so you're telling me the vast majority are never reported? >> know, many of them are reported. automated systems are reported and is much better reporting than there was years ago. most of them are not disclosed, but theyey do get reported and that is the way we find out how to prevent them in the future and i with a that there is only a couple dozen every year that is significant. gerri: the two placeless a mile apart. i don't know how fast they can cover that distance, but i can assume that it was only seconds from collision. >> that is correct. gerri: i wonder if this is contributing to the problem. >> the flying closer together when they are at altitude is not really the issue when he talked about this in and around
11:35 pm
airports. you have a lot of airplanes in close proximity to each other. taxis, runways, there's a lot going on there. when you think about nighttime conditions in bad weather. gerri: if there are thousands of these happening every year, are there anything that has changed as a than five years ago that has made this happen? >> certainly when you look at traffic, traffic is a big factor. you are talking about air traffic controllers come how much intensity there is in her
11:36 pm
job. if there's a lot of congestion and are moving a lot of aircraft, that has got to be a challenge for them and that's also when you talk about capacity coming up the challenge as well. so the good news is the economy is turning around and that means that air travel is a and i saw just this morning that this summer is expected to be the busiest summer of air travel and more than five years. when you talk about congestion, that certainly is a factor. i will say that there are improvements being made all the time whether in technology or in training to try to prevent these things from happening. gerri: i guess the improvement of the economy, it is the good side. but the near misses are definitely the downside. think you for coming on the show. next time you're you are in new york, stop in and say hello. we would love to have you here. >> thank you, we would love to do that.
11:37 pm
gerri: you may want to grab a bottle of purell and a hazmat suit before listening to the story. apparently plans are very germany. we have some unappetizing details on what may be served up on your next flight? this is a study coming out of auburn university. they are simulating the temperature and low humidity that you typically find inside an aircraft cabin and environment. what these researchers did is they chopped up samples of some of the most common things that passengers touch on an aircraft, such as window shade and tray tables and then expose them to potentially dangerous bacteria. >> this petri dish contains mrsa
11:38 pm
bacteria in this contains e. coli as well. the mrsa survives up to 70 funky pop caught. reporter: of course, the major airlines performed routine cleanings and what researchers want to do next is lookout which cleaning methods work last and whether the airlines can further protect their passengers by embedding antimicrobial substances right into the cabin services. >> we hope to minimize the transmission of these pathogens. reporter: in the meantime, the doctor says passengers can protect themselves by bringing hand sanitizer onto the aircraft or alcohol-based wipes so they can wipe off the surfaces in the tables in front of them.
11:39 pm
most importantly their hands before they even touch the face see one that's unbelievable. if the near misses don't get to, the mrsa well. and we want to hear from you. here's what some of you are sending me in tweets. tim says we love the scenery of the countryside and the advantage of stop and we want to and that is nice. and another individual says we love long road trips and we call it our windshield time. that is nice. we talked about our goals and our dreams. and harrison says send me a copy of my ticket and i will be seeing you. and susie says so many partiers on the road. we love seeing you on face and twitter. you can get a hold of me at gerri willis at sbm..
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and we just saw a piece that you did and i thought i'd let you know that i went the exact opposite direction. i want to use my credit card for about everything and pay it off every month. it helps me when adjusting the monthly budget. keep up the great show. and i'm not against using a credit card you can handle it. and jim says this is nothing more than a big thank you to you for enabling seniors to be able to e-mail someone at fox. well, we will never forget. we love hearing from you. please send us an e-mail at gerri coming up next, the latest in a lawsuit involving oprah winfrey and an 86-year-old nuclear physicist.
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gerri: oprah's multimillion dollar purchase of this sprawling property is sparking outrage among hikers. one trailblazer is suing the talkshow host for blocking popular trails to hikers. does he have a case? our legal experts are here for a fiery debate. welcome to the show. though, i will start with you. help me understand why opera is
11:45 pm
being sued. >> this particular piece of land that she bought it musically untrained basically owned by the u.s. forestry service. so this easement, the hiking trails were also permitted to be used by the public. subsequently i was sold. by the time it got to oprah, permission was taken away, except they didn't tell anybody. >> when you buy a piece of property, this is what you get. you can't say hey, i thought i was supposed to get that well over there. this piece of property says that the people don't have the right to go over the river and through the woods, which is now open as
11:46 pm
river and voids the one we have all of the time in the world to talk about this. >> this issue of easements traveled through the land and the people that own it continually permit people to use it. when i got to this particular point, then they pulled the rug out in the lawsuit claims that they didn't publicly announced that so that this gentleman could have tried to block the sale at that point. >> even the mayor of the town who knew about the easement signed off on it and he along with the entire community was into using the easement. so that's a big problem. if you think about it, you are
11:47 pm
talking about an entire community, all of their friends and family members and all of the acquaintances all have taken a trip through opus property. gerri: are you defending oprah? you think she's making the case? >> i think when you buy a property in a span $10.5 million on it and you have a piece of paper or claiming your property, she has the right not to let all of these people talk through her yard. >> yes, but they've been doing it for 25 years. >> she did not know that. >> the let me tell you, her people bought the land for her, but on the theory that whoever bought it, if the property is accessed for over 18 years -- let me just finish. it's been open notoriously then she should have known that.
11:48 pm
>> openly, notoriously, uninterrupted, the easement -- i mean, she was given permission. so was a notoriously without permission. so this person thought that was okay. >> either way he was doing it, it was big enough for her to build a house and still have trails for the public. >> we don't know that she's not let that happen. we don't know what she's going to do. gerri: happy memorial day to both of you. coming up next, before you hit the road this weekend, we have a list that you have to take with you. and we have an exciting new program meant to make. on monday, june 2, charles payne will be hosting a new show on fox business.
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gerri: as we talked about earlier in the show, millions of americans hitting the road this holiday weekend. if you are one of them, we have great travel application. here with more is the executive. here with more is the executive director, todd haselton. welcome back.
11:53 pm
so this is a tool you can use to make your trip better. foursquare just recently split up location-based services were we are fighting restaurants and the summer they will launch a brand-new version. gerri: that's very interesting. this sounds very confusing. make it a really fun one. everyone says kids don't play outside anymore. this sort of misses them both. it sort of like a treasure hunt on your smartphone. you look it up and it will tell you where they are. gerri: what is a geocache?
11:54 pm
>> sumac you can leave little things behind. and now you can always know where your location is, my mother-in-law, for instance, should contact me. you can see where speed traps are set up, accidents, road closures, stuff like that. gerri: that is worth what we paid for this segment, i think. [laughter] so let's talk about scout. >> is constantly updated traffic and the maps are sort of
11:55 pm
generated by users. so they can actually input that and it's really good. doing anything else you want to add to the list? >> look at swarm. at the other part of foursquare. and you can see where all your friends are. but it's not creepy, it's sort of like there they are. gerri: happy memorial day and i hope you have a good one. we will be right back with my
11:56 pm
"two cents more". what is your preferred mode of transportation this holiday weekend. (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust
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people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. gerri: what is your preferred mode of travel? the majority of you said the automobile. 70%. finally tonight, memorial day work decoration day as we call that the north carolina when i was growing up? it was a very big deal in my family. everyone would walk over to the cemetery after church flowers on the graves of relatives. some of the areas they're had graves of those who fought in vietnam and iraq and some had been around so long that some of those upon the civil war. all of our vets deserve our best this weekend. and those who continue to serve. thank you.
12:00 am
that is my "two cents m that is my "two cents merve. thank you. that is my "two cents more". is it for tonight's "willis report." have a safe memorial day weekend and a happy one. thank you for joining us and don't forget to dbi to . john: we're talking about the destruction of our society. >> my goodness, things are bad. >> drought. >> climatic changes. >> other global environment changes have emerged as threats to our very survival. >> it always ends in mass debt. >> even if we survive. john: our nation is in decline. >> the problem is unprecedented in our history. >> people will lose their jobs. >> simply put, we're in trouble. john: but wait, might we invent our way out of trouble. >> we have the technology. we have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. john: so many good things are happening. >> i just can't believe that i made it.


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