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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 25, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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right or not. we'll see where we're headed. >> gdp out on thursday. that'll do it for "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. have a safe and healthy me good evening, everybody. the justice department hasiled charges against five officers of the chinese people's liberation army for committing cyber attacks and espionage against the united states. the obama administration has brought charges against only the five individuals for hacking, stealing and absconding with technology and military weapon secrets. there are no charges nor claims against the government of china. neither the state department nor the pentagon have responded to the chinese intrusion of our most sensitive and it was once thought most secure military technology secrets. president obama has chosen to
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react in much the same way he responded to vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine, cautiously and without any prospect of effect or resolution or punishment of the wrong doers. attorney general eric holder today announced 31 criminal charges against five chinese military officers for hacking american companies. the criminal indictment alleged that the officers hacked six pittsburgh based companies, u.s. steel, westinghouse, alcoa, allegheny technology, solar world and the united steelworkers union. the five men work from the same office building in shanghai from which they stole everything ranging from product designs to confidential legal strategies, all apparently an effort to give chinese companies an advantage over their american counterparts. attorney general eric holder today declared quote, enough is
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enough. >> today we're announcing an indictment against five officers of the chinese liberation. this is the first charges for state actors for infiltrating united states commercial targets by cyber means. >> press secretary jay carney refused to answer whether the subject was even brought up when china's top general was in washington just last week. >> we have consistently and candidly raised these concerns with the chinese government and today's announcement reflects our growing concern this chinese behavior has continued. >> so why is the president targeting individuals instead of governments that are so transparentally behind these acts. all china has done is steal billions upon billions of dollars of secrets from u.s.
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businesses -- joining us tonight ambassador in john negroponte, he was the first director of u.s. national intelligence serving under president george w. bush, a five time ambassador in his career. good to have you with us, ambassador. let's turn to first china. five individuals selected for all the world looking much like the sanctions applied to russia for invading and ultimately annexing crimea. >> well, this is, let's face it, this is a pretty big new development. we've been saying for a long time that either the chinese government or sources in china were stealing our intellectual
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property but i don't recall ever having seen an indictment of this kind. the technology research company that put out a huge report about all of this about an army unit in shanghai that was poaching on our information a number of months back this is a sequel. the issue is out in open and will beg the question what else will we do about it. i see it actually as a promising sign that we're bringing this situation now officially open to light, and there's going to have to be something that follows this. i don't think we can expect instant gratification here but i for one am pleased that our government has taken this action and will watch with great interest what happens next. >> and i think what you are saying is both absolutely correct and fair. as tepid as it may seem what the
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obama administration has done today is the first time that any administration has taken action against china in any form, but this is in the form of law enforcement rather than a government responding to a threat to national interest. we know clearly that china and the people's liberation army specifically have been hacking into u.s. firms for the past 15 years, have done so successfully, they have been attacking government offices including the pentagon, and coming away we're informed at least with sensitive material. we have to take action but what would be the next step, in your judgment? >> well, i'm not entirely certain. you know, i chaired a council on foreign relations, a task force, council on for rerelations last year that in the move june put
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out a report that was among other things highlighng some of the things that china was doing regrettably the impact to the report was somewhat undercut by the fact that mr. snowden made his revelations at the same time. the moral ground was cut out from under us. this is an attempt to regain the initiative and get back some of the high ground so to speak. again, i honestly don't know what the next step is going to be but certainly there's going to be follow up and we'll have to wait and see what happens. >> general alexander who has left the nsa warning now of what he sees as a new wave of terror given the activity of al qaeda that is rising around the globe. are you in agreement with the general, and what are your thoughts? >> well i certainly share his concern about al qaeda activity.
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they are definitely not on the ropes. because of what's been happening in syria, in western iraq, in parts of the arabian peninsula and in the countries in africa. we have seen quite a bit of al qaeda activity. so i believe there's a threat out there, certainly to united states interests around the globe, whether that threat would extend to another attack on our homeland, i think that would be harder to say. >> turning quickly, if we may to russia and its continued advance of its interest, whether it be the annexation of crimea or threat at least a threat, further threats against eastern ukraine, vladimir putin seems committed to bringing in more resources, if not territory and these are highly valuable
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resources in the black sea. what are your thoughts about the response of europe, which has been basically non-existent and the threat of the obama administration which has been, frankly, without any prospect, it seems of reversing the actions of putin? >> well, obviously, what's been done so far has not persuaded mr. putin to withdraw from crimea and i don't think -- i think -- i don't think -- anything that we're likely to do cod achieve that. but i think what has to happen now is steps to deter the russians from going further. as you suggested into eastern ukraine. to do that i think we have to maintain the threat of further sanction, especially if these elections for president on the 25th of may are disrupted, and i think we also have to offer more
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assistance to the government of ukraine, particularly military assistance so they are in a better position to defend themselves. >> john negroponte, ambassador, we thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the fbi today announced law enforcement agents arrested more than 90 hackers accused of infecting half a million computers worldwide with malicious spy software. the malware called black shades allowed hackers to gain control of other people's computers and famously used to take nude pictures of a former miss teen usa through her webcam last year. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president obama is a taker this time taking a new national wilderness area and a half million acres that go with it. some law enforcement officers say the president has just created a law enforcement free zone for drug smugglers,
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he can use his voice to control the tv. you can use your woice? my voice. your woice. my voice. "vuh," voice. his voice. your woice? look. watch sci-fi. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. president obama using executive power today to set aside half a million acres of desert along the u.s.-mexico border known as the oregon mountains desert peaks national monument. he made the announcement at the interior department headquarters today. >> the oregon mountains desert peaks national monument is the second national monument i announced this year. 11th overall. i preserved 3 million acres of land for future generations and i'm not finished. >> you heard him right. it's the 11th time he used his
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executive powers under the antiquities act to circumvent congress. during today's designation he didn't address the concerns of law enforcement either local or federal who view by the way the president's latest move as a security threat inin a region whe the influence of the mexican drug cartels carrying out human smuggling, illegal immigration smuggling is rampant. joining us tonight is one of those in the fight for security along our borders, sheriff todd garrison. he's the sheriff of donna anna county. sheriff, great to have you with us. you just heard the president say he'll do more of it. what does this half a million acre set aside a wilderness area, which means nobody will be in there, certainly no civilian, no commercial or ranching interest. what are your reactions? >> you know, it's been a concern of ours for quite some time now. we've been trying to get some
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answers what it means that they will turn this into a monument a wilderness area. our concern has been about the human smuggling and drug smuggling that occurs along the border in this area and we have been trying to get the senators to sit down with us when they write these bills and they have never done that. >> where is your congressional delegation on this? why aren't we hearing from them? >> the congressional -- they have. congressman pierce has addressed it numerous times. he has written several bills that would protect the oregon mountains which is what they say is the biggest portion but 500,000 acres of this monument and wilderness area is on the west mesa of the county which is 20, 30 miles from oregon mountains and encompasses a lot of the land on the west side of our county that is right up next to the border, heads up across interstate 10 into what i call a pathway for criminal activity. >> and that pathway, because
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these are out laws probably won't be paying a lot of attention to our, if you will, environmental sensibilities while law enforcement, your department included will have to stand back. >> yes, sir, that's correct. i think if you look at the same designated spaces near the border in arizona you can see what kind of devastation has been done the land. it has not been protect as they meant to protect it. we have some beautiful area out here and it needs to be protected but taking such a land portion of land out here and keeping law enforcement out of it will cause problems. >> where is senator cornyn, senator cruz. surely they made their voices heard on this issue. >> questions. there are a number that have but it doesn't seem to be reaching washington. i don't know -- you know what we asked for is to testify on some of these issues before it went to -- before the president signed a deal like this. we have asked that it be clarified to us what would
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happen with local law enforcent. the only thing that's been addressed is the federal law enforcement, the border patrol who we do support. once they get past the border patrol any crime that's committed or anything else is done it falls into the lap of the locals and we'll be responsible for taking care of those kinds of things in this area. >> we can't even trust the numbers being provided by customs and border patrol on their apprehensions of illegal immigrants or their crossings. we do know the number seized in the ryo grand valley alone in the past six months, 90,000 illegal immigrants. that's a 70% increase over last year. are you experiencing numbers even approaching that? >> you know, i don't know what the numbers are as you say. i think it's hard to get the exact numbers of what happens down he. you got to understand in the county we live with people from across the border all the time and we in local law enforcement
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don't get involved in the imgration issues. we respond to criminal activity whenever it occurs and that's our primary concern. we support border patrol and the job that they do but protecting the border is their job. >> sheriff, we know people smuggling folks across that border are also smuggling methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, you name it. tens of billions of dollars a year and there's corruption rampant on both sides of that border not just one side. >> yes, sir. >> this isn't going to help by providing a safe-haven, easy pass corridor for the drug cartels to transport whether they are smuggling human beings or smuggling drugs, is it? >> no, sir, it is not. i'm disappointed in some of the local politicians around here. we've tried to get them to come talk to us so we can speak more about these issues and our concerns and not one of them has ever come down and talked to us or gone for a ride in the desert so we can show them what's going
7:19 pm
on. it's kind of disheartening. >> as the is this said those folks in arizona along with states in california and texas, southern part of their states live with millions of mexican sis and the mexican citizens over the past eight years have paid a horrific price in lives taken, approaching 100,000 people murdered. sheriff i just wanted to put that on the record so people understand what is at work here and what the stakes are for all of us. sheriff, thanks so much for being willing to come on and put forward your views. sheriff todd garrison. thank you. up next my commentary on the influence of those political families, and how the media seems to be, well not resisting seems to be, well not resisting the idea of usi are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world.
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. certain factions of the left and the right just love to overstate their influence, imagine that in american politics. back in december the liberal
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handbook new republic put out an article the clinton coronation begins, pitting joe biden continues. that article suggesting hillary clinton's 2016 status is inevitable and someone should tell joe biden. if the clinton political machine is so powerful why couldn't they swing a pennsylvania house race for chelsea's mother-in-law. this isn't an acquaintance. their only daughter married to marjorie margolis' son. both bill and hilary threw in their election efforts and she only got 27% of the vote. on the right we hear a lot of noise about the tea party exerting its influence. you may have heard it here tonight. when the truth is revealed it is simply they aren't winning elections. and we can't even tell with any certainty they are influencing elections. many are not even showing up. i've been saying for the past
7:24 pm
year that the tea party is all but dead. don't get me wrong. i don't cheer their departure. i'm a strong supporter of the tea party's values and i give them all the credit for what they accomplished in 2010, the expression of the popular will. in fact in my book "upheaval" i wrote this only the tea party in 2010 stood between this president and the full implementation of what i believe would have been disastrous consequences for the nation. we're close enough to those consequences without the democrats controlling the entire government. but the republican establishment took on the tea party and we must state clearly they won. and president obama and his internal revenue service actually killed the tea party. as for clinton's inevitability, it is pure bunk, pure hyperbole and we're coming right back without any of that stuff.
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e. coli forcing a recall of nearly 2 million pounds of beef. texas tech food safety expert on the growing threat to our food and water supplies. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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general motors today announcing its recalling another 2.4 million vehicles in this country. that raises the number of gm vehicles recalled so far this year to more than 15 million worldwide. now to put that 15 million number in some context, it is the equivalent of all general motors sales in the united states from 2008 through last year, six years. incredible. today's recall covers possible faulty seat belts, transmission, air bags and fire issues. gm also says it's doubling the
7:29 pm
charge it expects to take in the second quarter to about $400 million mostly for recall related repairs. nearly 2 million pounds of beef recalled after 11 people were infected with the e. coli virus in four states. that recall comes on the heels of a deadly virus that's killed more than 10% of the nation's pig population and sent meat prices surging nearly 3% just last month. that is the largest monthly increase in more than a decade. here to talk about the impact on our food supply nationally and what we can expect about prices which have been rising in recent weeks, we're joined by the director of the international center for food industry excellence at texas tech university and first of all, it's great to have you with us. if you will, put it in some sort of context, what's happening to the food supply because it seems
7:30 pm
whether it is lettuce, prices goinghigher, whether it is because of the drought, whether it's a beef recall like this one, almost 2 million pounds, or whether it is a virus attacking the pig population in this country, we seem to be under the national food supply seems to be under assault. >> yes. mr. dobbs thank you for allowing me to be on your program this evening. i'm appreciative of that. yes, you're exactly right. we do have some things that we're facing in the u.s. food supply. as you mentioned, we're facing 1.8 million pound recall of ground beef this week that was announced by michigan firm. and that in and of itself doesn't necessarily have an impact on our process because if you put that into context last year in the month preceding
7:31 pm
memorial day there was about 191 million pounds of ground beef sold so that's a very small amount. so one recall is not going to make a difference. but, if you combine that with other factors such as the p.e.d.e. virus in pork and the drought conditions in cattle, yes that does have an impact on our food supply and has caused the price to increase over the past several months. >> turning to the pork virus that has killed to this point the estimates are about 10%, is that correct of the pork population? >> yes. keep in mind that this is a virus that is not what we call -- this doesn't have an impact on human health but a detrimental impact on the animal and the piglets specifically and it can cause -- it has decreased the number of swine in the u.s., yes, you're correct.
7:32 pm
>> and, this virus has never been seen in these numbers in this country before. does anybody yet understand why it is being so virulent in the pig population? >> well, at this time the usda and the national pork board are both investigating that. they are, you know, confirming cases, doing studies, looking, investigating means by which the virus is spread. but you are correct in that there are more cases, there have been cases in the past but they are really investigating that and trying to find the source and the cause of that particular spread of that virus at the moment. >> you mentioned the connection between the drought and beef prices, which are, obviously, rising. arizona state university report showed the drought in california will affect a million acres of
7:33 pm
agricultural land, california producing nearly 50% of our fruits, for example, the study estimates lettuce prices can rise as much as 034%, avocado prices up by 28%, broccoli grapes up by 20%. these are huge increases and will have a huge impact on the american family budget. >> yes. you are correct. currently we are fortunate in the u.s. that we spend a relatively small amount of our disposable income on our food. but that is going to change this summer. but fortunately we do have a very diverse food supply, specifically going back to the beef itself. people who are accustomed to eating steaks may have to choose lower cost cuts or ground beef or other types of products. so we are insulated a little bit in the u.s. because we do have in a abundant and diverse food
7:34 pm
supply but the cost of food will increase as a result of the drought and the decreased cattle herd. our cattle herd is at its lowest amount since the 1940s. >> that's incredible. and do we have any sense as to when the pork virus epidemic will be under control? >> well, both the pork and the beef are really going to be dependent on factors of identifying, the pork identifying sources and controlling it. >> doctor, i'm sorry, we're in trouble on time. any sense when it will be controlled? >> hopefully within the next few months. >> all right. thank you very much. up next, the recently fired
7:35 pm
editor of the "new york times," jill abrahmson fires back as her former employer goes into spin formwe're moving our companyin to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies.
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ousted "new york times" editor jill abrahmson speaking publicly for the first time since she was fired. she told wake forest graduates said losing a job you love hurts. the comments after "new york times" publisher slammed abrahmson for her management style denying compensation played a role in her firing. joining us is howard kurtz host of "mediabuzz" on the fox news channel. great to have you here. let's start -- i mean talk about a -- to fire the executive editor of the "new york times,"
7:39 pm
the first woman, this looks like as the saying goes this story will have legs for some time. >> it's become a nasty pr battle. so far jill abrahmson has won that war but that's starting to change. the story she put out through leaks, through her friends not being paid the same as her male predecessors is not accurate. ate side show. yes maybe women managers who are aggressive are described as being rough and brusk and pushy in a way men aren't. but she works for the publisher. he felt misled and betrayed how she treated her deputy. >> do you have a sense why now the moment that he chose to fire her? >> do i. by the way, i was critical of the way she was ushered out the door. i was told he offered her a softer gentler transition. she wanted to be fired. the reason this came to a head is that the managing editor now the first african-american
7:40 pm
editor of the "new york times" felt that he had been blind side by jill abrahmson's plans to bring in an outside journalist with the same title. the publisher who has been at odds with his editor for three years he felt he had to chose. he felt if he didn't get rid of jill abrahmson, becquet would quit. >> one would think he would clear that level of hire and what the effect it would have on dean, be clear with your boss, just country boy thinking here. >> don't surprise people at that level. instead, what has erupted is a pretty good debate about the way female executives are treated, are they paid less, are they criticized for behavior that's tough and admirable in men. that's not a bad debate to have. but the publisher know he would take heat for this and boy did
7:41 pm
he bungle this. he hired her. he gave her the job. he has to live the consequences. >> he handled all the previous executive changes so well. >> i broke the fabrication story. it's been a tough decade in some ways for the publisher of the "new york times." >> the publishers of other news organizations overall what do you think of the coverage of the story itself? >> well i must say that everybody is finding it a bit delicious because it is the next times and such an open warfare situation now. that's the nature of media. it's a gossipy industry. at the same time there's a genuine effort to find out what actually happened behind closed doors. jill abrahmson hasn't talked publicly. she spoke at the commencement speech about losing her job. >> do you think it's telling and i haven't seen this story by any organization that anyone expects the direction of the "times" to
7:42 pm
change, that at risk its most valuable coverage of the white house or congress or foreign policy, i've heard none of that. it's as if it's a gossip story and is not about covering the news. >> well on one hand the "times" is lucky because dean is a pulitzer prize winner. he's very qualified to take over. but what's really weird about this, lou, there. >> scandal here. there is no, the times business is not going into a tailspin. jill abrahmson, the paper won eight pulitzer under her watch. but it was all about personnel and perceptions and managing office politics. >> and very quickly, your view on how the national media is performing. it seems that there's more of a bite as of late when it comes to covering the white house. >> i think because of the surveillance of some journalists because of james rosen, obama
7:43 pm
got very little accomplished in the second term. >> maybe ramp it up a little. howard kurtz thank you very much, "mediabuzz." the nba claiming donald sterling has damaged its brand with his racist remarks. top attorneys on what is already a very nasty fight next.
7:44 pm
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7:47 pm
u.s. senate campaign in new york. desouza said quote, i knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong, and something the law forbids. i deeply regret my conduct. he faces ten to 16 months in prison when he's sentenced and that's expected to be in september. astonishing. joining us now, leading attorneys, both fox news analysts. i got to begin with desouza and i have to apologize to eric holder. i have to tell you i thought that was political harassment.
7:48 pm
she's about ready -- >> here's the lifeline. >> she's represented by a fantastic criminal defense attorney and he said look take the plea and we'll argue. they are going to say to the judge to please not give him any jail time. >> the sentencing ramifications are pretty much lower than that. they can get no jail time. i agree. >> that's nice when you guys agree. >> not too often. >> sterling, clippers, nba now charging again that he's a foul fellow and a racist s.o.b. i don't think that was their exact language. >> i don't think so eat sneerp fact of the matter is there's nothing new in the direction in which this thing is headed except a lot more court time. >> he's come forward, sterling said i'm lawyered up. with an antitrust lawyer.
7:49 pm
>> will this go on forever and ever? yes. there's so much money involved in this. and yet the charges there are. okay. it doesn't mean something to somebody like sterling because all the lawyers will use the money and get it again. >> frankly, he violated the nba constitution. it's very broad. >> you'll bring up the process. >> property. >> this is where sometimes you guys confuse me. she was the prosecutor, right? >> yes. >> i'm the corporate lawyer. >> when i think about the big constitution versus the little on >> i think about the little one in this case. it's all breach of contract. >> there are no little ones in this deal. this is about big money. pushing a lot of chips across the board. and one can imagine without too much strain that there were all
7:50 pm
sorts of conditions preceding at work here. >> look at that. >> and the idea being -- you know this tape, this audio -- >> that's the thing. it still can come in to the courtroom. >> i have no problem. i want this in court. i want everybody in court. i want this thing resolved because i had never seen anything quite like this. a rush to judgment where there's a billion dollars at play. i mean there is, you know, sweat playing off the brows of the attorneys as they are trying to figure out how to get their cut of this deal, is that right? >> that's why sterling is going to spend eight figures to try to defeat it. >> and probably eight years at some point. >> eight figures in legal fees. >> my quick calculation something less than $100 million. is that right? >> yes. >> we thank you very much. thank you. >> thanks. >> up next the new thriller, the
7:51 pm
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time now for the word of the evening and quote of the evening. combo tonight. our word, medalifluous. president reagan said quote, government's first duty is to protect the people not run their lives. and now a few of your comments
7:55 pm
if your e-mail or tweet or facebook post seeing right here you receive a copy of my new book "border war" co-written with james o. born. now for your thoughts. samuel tweeted us said the president's style is to be above the day today free and basically we have no leader. blame the mainstream media enablers. obama is mad as hell. well we already know how his anger solved the irs, benghazi, "fast and furious." and jim in california emailed his solution to the va scandal, he writes, grant all veterans the same health care status as congressmen and senators and give medicare the authority to administer the va benefits. abolish the va bureaucracy use the savings to reduce the deficit. you know i think you got some pretty good ideas there. we love hearing from you. send us your e hails to allow
7:56 pm go to our facebook page. it links everything. "the lincoln myth" is the ninth book in the best selling cotton malone series. joining me now is author of the same, best selling author, steve berry. congratulations on this book. it is absolutely terrific. forgive me, i often describe thrillers as popcorn for the mind. your book offers so much historical context, as you do throughout your cotton malone series. but i think people would be interested to know, this quote from abraham lincoln which sets off the thriller, if we can go to that and you can read along here with me. the quote just hit me. i was thunder struck. any people anywhere being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and
7:57 pm
shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. this is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world, nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. any portion of such people that can may revolutionize and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit. these are the words of secretary sessionist, abraham lincoln, 1848. i had never seen that quote anywhere. and i want september as foundation for the thriller. it is just brilliant throughout. how did you find that quote. >> came across it. i'm not a historian. i read 400 books on one subject. when you do that you come across things like that.
7:58 pm
there's a myth of lincoln. he's a secessionist. he said the southern states had a right to do it. 13 years later he's opposite he flipped around. in that want case he very much is. there's a lot about lincoln that way. that's where the title came. this thriller of lincoln's inconsistencies, things that would surprise you about him. >> inconsistencies, the relationship -- did that exist between cotton malone then the mormon church. i'll leave to it you to give some of this way. i don't know what's entirely appropriate. it's such a remarkable study as well of mormonism and influence in that era. >> the mormon church is the quintessential american religion, formulated here, everything was here. it played a vital role in the history of 19th-century.
7:59 pm
and abraham lincoln made a secret deal with brigham young. it's a deal that altered the courts of the civil war. when i came across that i knew there was a thrill there are. lincoln was the first president to read the book of morn. he checked it out of the library of congress in 1862. i held that book. i went to library of congress and held that book. it's still there. i we've the thriller together dealing with lincoln and the mormon church and secession. can a state lead theunion. the answer will surprise you in the novel. >> it did and does. it's a terrific read. you mentioned 400 books. how much research did you spend in this? >> i did about 400 research books. i don't read every word but a good chunks of 400 books and go through them and i have a stack of this tall of research when i'm done.
8:00 pm
>> this is a terrific result of all that history and we appreciate you sharing it with us. thanks so much. great book. steve berry, the book is "the show ♪ ♪ neil: are you ready to fire up the grill? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. i hate to rain on your memorial day picnic. the fact of the matter is that the prices you're going to have enough picnic have gone up double digits. if you look at barbecued meat alone, it's up about 22% over last year. fruit, even


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