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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 28, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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romantic. >> happy for you. >> congratulations, see you later. that will do a force on opening bell, stuart varney, "varney and company". stuart: good morning the you heard this before, technology rules and climate change will kill you, news on both fronts today, microsoft desperately wants to the king of the elegant, the new top guy says microsoft will build the next big thing. maybe google already has. a functioning still driving car makes its debut. we will show you. climate change the epa is killing cold to save the planet and now we know the cost, tens of billions of dollars. the epa is saving the planet one of plants at a time. your kitchen stove and the ever reliable prince charles says this, capitalism has to change to save us from global warming. "varney and company" is about to begin.
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stuart: we will love to tell you there's action on the markets but there is not. the dow just coming off of its lows of the day down 27. another record for the s&p 500, a much broader market indicator. record earlier this morning 1909. here is the key interest rate lot of people follow closely. is that right? 2.43%? lowest since july. that is a big deal, that is a slump in interest rates to 2.43%. i got to check that, make sure that is right. now we have profit at michael course jumping 60%, big shrug, down $0.08 at $95 a share.
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3d printermaker 3d systems lower. at an honest the secondary stock offering, some more stock to the public down 10%. charles payne, got to look at 3d stocks, went straight up like dot.coms and straight down, is this the bottom around here? no. charles: stop the call but you have different strategies, more of a manufacturing plant, 3d systems loading up and making a lot of acquisitions. it is smart use of their money but schering investors, 31% is short too so any time shows weakness, there pounding away. stuart: check the share price of microsoft as we told you earlier, they announced a new translation feature for skype, speak to anyone around the world and skype will translate the conversation in real time. if i were speaking english and someone was speaking french we could hear each other real time
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across skype so they say. veronica dagger from the wall street journal is here. did i describe that correctly? i am speaking in new york, someone is in paris, and is a direct conversation? >> that is right. there's a delay for the translation but from what we know it is the really interesting idea. especially for business to business use. i could see a market for this. stuart: microsoft owns skype, now they have this translation software. you can put this to all kinds of different devices. >> that is what is important because mobil is so big. if you put this on your mobile phone, use this on your mobile phones that would be huge. the consumer to consumer aspect i wonder how much people would be calling someone from another country but perhaps they would. stuart: i have grandchildren in new zealand, one of their birthdays is coming up, you need
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a translator. broad new zealand's, you can barely understand a word. microsoft also says it is working on building the next big thing, building it in the post pc era, build the next big thing. >> we don't know what the big fame is, that is the billion dollar question but this is interesting. he is trying to put his mark on the company. he has been there for four months, a different type of ceo, this guy is out there, more accessible to the press, is more interested in innovating and building from within which is a shift from what we see from other tech companies, other tech companies are acquisition hungry. microsoft is trying to enter the nokia device integration, 30,000 employees, $7 billion something
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acquisition, trying to process and make that part of their company so perhaps that is one of the reasons to build, he has to deal with nokia. stuart: has this guy got it? charles: out the gate got it, the charisma, to say they're opposed pc world is a revelation. a company that is so pc centric for so long, that is the admissions deans you credibility when you go out and talk about other things in the future. right now he is exciting. stuart: he did an interview at the code conference where he came out with we are going to build the next big thing and he shocked bill gates into the sideline. what role does he play? and not much. kind of out of the picture. we will see how this guy does but you are right, out of the gate he got the stock to $40 a share. charles: you cannot underestimate what a celebrity ceo can buy a company time. hewlett-packard had a giant
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missed last week, stocks should have been down 20%. was down about 9% in the pre-market, all of a sudden been meg whitman turned on the charm and stock ended up on friday, the biggest mover in the s&p. it had been the worst loser, it was the biggest winner. stuart: when your judgment is he has got it? >> he understands mobile, the cloud, that is will be looking at. stuart: i am a microsoft stockholder. let's get to netflix, doing more content for kids. come on. is that important? nicole: i think it is and analysts agree, they talk about the younger demographic, and the long term and netflix continues to grow. dreamworks working closely with sony to make a deal, sony had a deal through 2021 with stars, however stars and sony agreed the kids' section is basically settled down and netflix is moving in on this one so that
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would include cloudy with a chance of meatballs, smurfs 2 and we are seeing stock right now pretty much flat at the moment but the big picture is the kids are in the play for the future. stuart: they dominate the screen telling you what to watch and that is important for netflix. thank you, the dow down 24 points. this is real slow trading for whatever reason, very slow trading, there isn't that much price movement. sony breaking into china's video game market. for years the game consoles have been banned in china but now sony will be allowed to sell the play station, that may be as serious potential. by some estimates china's video game industry could generate $10 billion in sales next year. some estimates. here is patrick more, ceo of game studio, the former marketing director of google
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play. welcome to the program. the chinese left in the consoles but then they are going to counterfeit the games and i don't see that -- seriously. this huge problem i don't see $10 billion worth of sales in that kind of environment, do you? >> will be a real challenge. if you look at chinese video game market is definitely huge and booming, statistics are staggering. if you look at the pc side of a market where gamers' spend their time you have 115 million people playing games on their pcs of which 30 million are classified as core gamers or people who play at least 2 to 5 hours a week so getting people to get to the pc mentality to a consul is going to be a challenge. stuart: i have a headline in the wall street journal today that says in china messageing apps face a crackdown and what we are looking at on the screen right
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now is a new and popular video game called watch dogs. i am interested in the idea of china censoring what video games, what content is allowed on these consul's that they are allowing into china. this watchdog game is about hacker who rebels against a totalitarian state. china will let that in? >> that remains to be seen. chinese policy when it comes to regulating video games is tighter than many markets around world. typically a game like that in this case from the montreal studio, and different ministries in china. that process can drag on over half a year, there's always a possibility they come back and request changes for the game to be distributed legally in the market or that they out right don't allow that. that is one of the things you don't know when dealing with the
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chinese game market. stuart: a level playing field, not sure i see 10 million, that is another story and i got to run this by you. google showing off its new self driving car. the amazing thing is it has no steering wheel, no breaks, you used to work for google, a high position with google. i just can't see that thing we are looking at making it past the lawyers in america, can you? >> a lot of things don't make their way past lawyers in america but you have to keep in mind that google is very forward thinking and have a long-term game plan and like google glass or many other products google has launched including and would this is simply one step along process and definitely not the product they will release to market. these things will evolve over time and the car that goes commercially to market for the next three four five years will look different from what we see
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today. stuart: i firmly believe that that kind of thing is in the future, maybe not looking like that or behaving like that but this is obviously coming. just not sure any where near there yet given america's legalistic environment. >> it is a work in progress. stuart: video sales of ritter and how about that? >> sorry to be so negative today. that is the way it is. stuart: summer is here and the sun is shining, we will be positive soon. >> could have said this segment brought to by the sun dial corporation. stuart: patrick moore, see you soon. curious about a stock? a lot of you are. we asked if you would tweet us and say hash tag ask charles payne, what about this stuff? he has been asked about biotech seed company. stuart: so innovative with seeds. this is a stock we had for a
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long time and it is accused winner now but a giant loser for a long time. talk about a stealth rally, the stock no one talked about but recently the street jump on it, just 12 months ago only 9 on the street, just set a record on revenue and gross profits, vegetable seed the doing very well and they're starting to feel little better about diamonds, the question was should i sell here? so obviously low viewer owns it. i will wait for it. the bigger picture, people around the world are getting richer, there are more of the man they change their eating habits and they want this stuff. forget the fear is about cmos seeds and fats of. i can see how they can go wrong. of 25 is in my 30s or 40s and putting money in the 401(k), absolutely, definitely. up next another example of big government bureaucracy. amani wyoming being threatened
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by the epa. he faces a from the $75,000 a day fine over a pond. that story after this but hold on a second. check this out. a tornado in north dakota monday night tearing through a temporary oil worker camps. 120 mile an hour winds, nine people injured, nobody was killed. look at that video.
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? stuart: i'm going to call this pretty much a dead flat market, down 20 points in the volume is extremely light. how about the price of gold? sitting around 1253 it we have lost about $50 in 10 days. do you remember those gold coins? a california couple of them in the on sale onle and it sold for $15000. these coins date from 1847-1894 and the total
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value is $11 million. i had forgotten whether or not the couple gets to keep the money. i'm sure the text i will take his piece, but i can't remember whether the couple gets the money or not. profit more than doubled for toll brothers and doubling in profits me they 43 that gain. charles will make us the money. he says it's with vmware. charlie: technology play. it's the stuff we were talking about and it's been coming down-- i'm not sure why it's coming down except that technology stocks in general have come down. what i'm intrigued by 23 insider purchases for 2.8 million shares. i don't see that very often with insiders loading up on their own stock. this is a name that comes in and out of the rumor mill all the time. i like the price and i think
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you can't pinpoint when it will make a turn, but i think it's starting to a keenly. stuart: i think insider stocks on lineup and loading up here in i have a case for you, government gone wild. andy johnson built a pond on his property, with through the proper channels and got a permit from the state engineer's office, but incomes the federal government, the epa, he says johnson's pond violates the clean water act and he has to get rid of it. they threatened him with a spine study $5000 a day until he removes it. he is with us now. andy, you go through all the process with the state and they say okay. you build the pond, at what point did the feds come in and say you can't do that? >> well, it was approximately about a year later. we thought everything was fine. we have a paper from the state engineer's office saying we are in good standing with the state and upon his exercise as
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permitted and then here comes the epa. stuart: you are an ordinary regular land owner and you wanted to build up pond and stock it with fish and incomes the federal government says you can't. i think-- take it you are lawyered up to read what if the lawyers done for you? >> we have an army of attorneys working for us. we have had experts flown in from all across the country to look at this. everyone has been on my side and been extremely helpful. we have an expert report that we just sent to the epa, in 18 pages document same white we are exempt from these federal regulations. stuart: in what we do the feds say you are breaking the clean water act? >> basically what it amounts to is that i didn't get their permission before i did this project. they are not saying i couldn't have done it i just didn't have any knowledge of this agency before nor did my state.
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stuart: why didn't the state say i mean if you have a permit from the state engineer, wouldn't he have said or she wouldn't they have said mr. johnson, you have to get a permit from the feds as well. they didn't say that to you? >> no sir, not at any one time. really no one in wyoming deals with this federal permit they are telling me i needed. i went to the county and the state. i have had meetings with everyone and no one ever told me i needed a 404 permit. we found out about a year later after our project was completed. stuart: they have threatened you with a fine of $75000 a day unless-- until you get rid of the pond. have you had to pay that yet? have you had to pay anything? >> i have been very clear that i am not to going to pay their fines. i am not going to tear up my pond. it's all a threat at this point to read they are threatening me simile--
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criminally, statutory it's actually $187,000 a day is what the fine amounts to read it's ridiculous. stuart: when will this be resolved? you have this massive fine you are facing and you say you will not do anything in the feds are digging in their heels, give me an endgame here? what happens québec i wish i could tell you. the way this agency works is it takes forever to get an answer to get anything done. so, i wish it could be over tomorrow. i wish we could resolve this, but your guess is as good as mine. stuart: one of the big themes on this show is the difficulty of working through barack were see, government bureaucracy in particular. i thank you are a perfect example of this and we thank you for sharing your experience and coming on the show today. good luck, mr. johnson. i wish you the very best of luck. thank you. up next, facebook and twitter about the man who sails around the world a
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long. no assistance whatsoever. he was on the show yesterday. then that actor bill murray crossed a bachelor party and offered his advice on love and marriage. you will find out what he said in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i can stand in the cockpit of my boat and travel at speeds of up to 50 miles an hour while drinking a cup of tea or having a meal and actually not doing anything. they are incredible machines. stuart: that was part of our discussion with legendary british sailor alex thompson. interesting learning about professional yacht racing. you were tuning in and you agree with it. angela, for example said after spanning over time it's see it doesn't surprise me he wants to stay home to see his new child born. family first. car has this, i was surprised that you had a british athlete on the second didn't even ask him about sasha. nice is this, it's nice to
11:27 am
see a different kind of athlete highlighted in today's media. too much emphasis is put on this nfl guys, not enough on guys like mr. thompson. well said. thank you one and all for your comments and keep them coming. keep them brief. we want to use as many as we can. now, you're looking at what could be the worst first pitch ever thrown. rapper curtis 50 set jackson invited to throw the first pitch at the mets can. it didn't go up. the pitch hung let and missed the plate by miles an hour most hit a cameraman and then he laughed it off. the mets went on to win. i do believe i could do better. charlie: i would put my money on you. the announcer said that was not a strike. [laughter] stuart: no, it wasn't three here goes again. it barely made it-- let's like it and that that. we have actor bill murray
11:28 am
crushing a bash the party in south carolina over the weekend and had the marriage advice for the groom. listen. >> if you have someone that you think is the one don't just sort of think in your ordinary mind and think okay let's make a date and planned this and make a parting get married. take that person-- person and travel around the world. by a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world and go to places that are hard to go to an hard to get out of and if when you come back to jfk, when you land and you're still in love with a person get married. stuart: charles, i thought that was pretty good advice actually for a guy who's been married twice and i believe divorced twice. charlie: yeah, but he's knows it is known for
11:29 am
crashing his party's rate he all kinds of parties all the time. he gives them these pearls of wisdom. of course, none of them can afford a trip around the world, but it's fun. listen, he can crush any of my parties. stuart: come on in bill murray. they met prince charles breaking oral tradition offering of advice on politics. he's talking about capitalism and climate change. exec at what he said we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ indistinct shouting ]
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stuart: we have just been told the cost of the obama administration's new coal regulations. >> $51 billion by 2030. that is a bit to gdp. $586 billion lower disposable income. the chamber took the president
11:34 am
goals. he took an existing plan. that is how they arrived at their number. it will come out with its new economic outcome tomorrow. it would be more. they say that for all of those cost, it would lead to a global reduction in carbon emissions. both sides gearing up before the president releases his regulations that comes on monday. stuart: $51 billion per year. is that correct? >> that is correct. average between now and 2030. stuart: everything the president wants to do is put in place soon. >> this would be for regulations on new power plants.
11:35 am
those regulations come out on monday.ude other regulations that have already come forward. stuart: okay. i think we've got that number. rich edson, thank you very much, indeed. this is war on cool in the name of climate change slowing it down. now we hear from prince charles. you know the guy. future king of england. he's got it. he made a speech to business leaders in london. this is what he said. it would ultimately bring us to our own destruction. all rise, our favorite world impersonator is here. judge andrew napolitano. [laughter] >> very good. i have from time to time mocked royalty.
11:36 am
obviously, i respect and institution that has been there for as long as it has. i must ask you, what is the world of the future king of england to be disparaging capitalism. he really has no world in legislation or public policy even if he were looking. stuart: what we are talking about is this future king of england getting directly involved in politics. that is an absolute no-no. >> will they react as you have? the chattering classes, as we call them in england, they will say, what is he doing getting involved in politics. remember, britain is a very passionate place.
11:37 am
>> the comments that he made could have an effect of accelerating greater government regulation over industries that he claims affect climate change. stuart: i think so. it will bolster those that say global warming -- we have to do something about it. >> we mock them at their peril. stuart: they should not be doing it. are you interviewing me or what? [laughter] charles: the first time and 110 years the uk independence party one double of the seats. the royal family makes 38 pounds a year.
11:38 am
stuart: i did not know this entire segment would be bashing royal families. [laughter] >> david cameron and the people that won the parliament, is this something more subtle? stuart: they will push him off them off the side and say there he goes again. >> will they do that when he is king charles the third? stuart: i am trying to come to grips with that. it takes over political role. even if it is a popular opinion. i still do not think that the royal family can hold a political opinion and push it. a long-term demise of royalty and britain.
11:39 am
we've politics and votes to the common people. you are the head of the constitutional united kingdom. that is what you do. >> out of his mind to want to tinker with capitalism. we first started this show three years ago. maybe five years ago. we only have 18 months before we feel the dread affects of climate change. >> have you been dining with al gore lately? stuart: what would you say if the queen of england, elizabeth, would have stepped down, advocate its favor of charles. that, too, would be the end of monarchy. >> really? stuart: the idea that you would step aside to let a younger guy
11:40 am
in. that is the beginning of the end. the future king of england will marry an american divorcee. >> yes. [laughter] stuart: are we done with this? >> she has already commented. [laughter] stuart: thank you, judge. [laughter] stuart: a change in subject, please. look at this young man. fifteen years old. he just won $75 to predict a new way of cancer. he is 15 and he is next. ♪ ♪ forever young mogul stay forever young ♪ ♪
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move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ >> the republican led michigan legislator has passed a bill to prepare to raise its minimum wage to $9.25 over the next four years. it came one day before organizers planned to present thousands of petitions to raise the minimum wage even more to $10.10. this bill would make michigan the first state with a republican led legislature to
11:43 am
raise its minimum wage this year. general electric ceo met with french president today. an offer for the power. according to reuters, ge said it is committed to creating jobs within three years if the deal goes forward. changing the way we analyze cancer. ♪
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♪ stuart: starbucks is opening a new full-service restaurant in los angeles. >> i think coffee, i think right now. starbucks is thinking dinner and burgers. two years ago they bought a bakery. they are now expanding that bakery concept. opening next month in los angeles a restaurant. they will serve burgers on a croissant. it makes you really hungry. there will be a build your own burger bar as well. burgers along with the booze and the milkshake and the coffee, does this work along with the coffee? are they getting away from coffee? what does this business model look like? will it be successful?
11:46 am
stuart: who cares. if you stick with one product for the rest of your corporate history, you die. >> can i tell you one more thing, back in 2012 when the owner sold to starbucks, guess how much he sold for? stuart: 100 million. >> yes. bingo. stuart: i wonder how much it is worth now. a solar deal. it is supposed to be the first of a kind. nicole: when you think of groupon, you may be thinking of a local restaurant or beauty salon. maybe you are not thinking about a solar system. panels and the like for your home. you have groupon and soliciting working together to do exact the this.
11:47 am
you can basically set yourself up with this solar service with no additional cost. it is basically ground breaking. forget about two cans of soup for one. a whole new thing. basically making your house ready for the next generation. it is a big deal. it moves us into the way of the future. stuart: let's put up the big board, can we please. it is the first unofficial week of summer. trading is extremely slow. very little movement. way into the trading session and we have barely dodged since we went on the air 47 minutes ago. we are still bound nearly two.
11:48 am
listen to this, the intel, international science and engineering fair, the world's largest high school research competition. the top winner, 15 years old. his name is nathan. he used data to characterize a gene associated with cancer. he established a procedure to analyze the effects. he is 15 years old. his name is nathan hahn. there he is. from boston this morning. welcome to the program. congratulations. >> thank you very much. nice to meet you. stuart: i try to explain to the audience what you have done. if i were to say you came up with cancer predictability software, would that explain what you did? >> yes. more or less i would say.
11:49 am
it is like an algorithm that customizes itself to teach computers how to predict whether a mutation you feed him and is likely to end up causing cancer or not. stuart: does this have a direct application today in the world of medicine? >> as you can imagine. for example, just identifying specific notations that do cause disease. gene screening, for example. then, just so i can imagine a bunch of years down the road using a machine learning techniques to personalize analysis.
11:50 am
stuart: it really is a remarkable creation. an algorithm. i have to believe that business people were all over you asking you to patent this thing. is that true? >> yeah. i had a few people coming over. i am considering that. stuart: you have $75,000. that was the price. is that going towards college or is that cash? >> i am not exactly sure, actually. either way, i am definitely saving it for college. maybe take some classes in the meanwhile. stuart: what do you do in your spare time? >> i just sort of do usual stuff. i like to swim. i also like to play the violin. i am really active in my school
11:51 am
community. i do extracurricular activities. stuart: congratulating you. we think you are great. >> thank you. stuart: your mom and dad must be very proud. congratulations, young man. would you sell your creation, your invention, your algorithm for $100 million? do not answer now. thank you very much, indeed. after the break, more proof that the sequester was all about maximum pain for political gain. we will talk about mount rushmore in the obama administration. yes, we are. after the break. ♪
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♪ stuart: jillian melcher from the national review is here. she has a story about the closing of bound rushmore during the sequester. it closed, but it did not have to close. >> the governor of south dakota had this clear plan. department of interior had this option yet decided not to
11:56 am
because it would be inappropriate. stuart: they wanted. >> they did speak to the feds wanted close to inflict pain on businesses. the government, south dakota, they had the money. >> he had a plan for security. i think they did it to make it hurt. stuart: to make it hurts. in fact, it did not hurt. >> there was one guy that wanted to visit mount rushmore. his wife had died the year
11:57 am
earlier. they were worried about how this would look for them. i just think that that is heartbreaking. stuart: that is a disgrace. it is playing with people's lives. >> i agree. stuart: sorry we are so short on time. thank you for being with us. new at noon. apple trying to lead the way on connecting the home to your phone. is apple cool again? that is the question we pose. the rich guy leaving money all over san francisco because he feels bad about being rich. doctor ablow put him on the couch. our number two coming up next. ♪ [ female announcer ] who are we?
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ought me and i can't get up. sure feels that way when you scan the headlines. nancy pelosi wants full control,
12:00 pm
government controlled health care, she actually said it. bureaucrats will studying, killing the planet in your kitchen, are you? here it comes. second hour of the show, a lot of news that is really brand new. headlines, apple means the way, by giving you giving remote-control of everything. a rich guy leaves cash oliver san francisco guilty about the need quality. toucher keith ablow puts rich still on the couch. would you believe a fully accredited and fully licensed cannabis college, cloverleaf university has arrived and the deed is here and nancy pelosi says the obamacare rollout went well and she wants more government control in health care. we might roll that sound bite
12:01 pm
again. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. stuart: we will and never let you forget. look at the big board, we are down 20 points. off of the lows of the session, volume exceptionally low. the yield on the ten year treasury is a key interest rate and down she goes. 2.43%, lowest in july of next year. what is going on in the background to push interest rates so far down, that implies a lot of people not buying stocks but bonds. pushing the price up and the yield down. key indicator. 3d printer ismaker 3d systems much lower after announcing a secondary stock offering.
12:02 pm
diluting it, down it goes, netflix 2 sony animation films which include the surface 2 and cloudy with a chance of meatballs. netflix at $400 a share. profit more than doubles as a luxury homebuilder, told brothers, the rest of the housing market not so robust, told brothers of 2%. profit up 60% at michael course. what is the stock doing? >> the stock is back and forth action, the stock is up 8%, you see growth, revenue, picking market share from their competitors, and the stock calls out 4%. they are going to be facing higher costs with their expansion in europe. however, right now it erased the wins and losses sitting near the unchanged line. what is worth noting is they continue to grow abroad and at home. everything from $100 clutches to
12:03 pm
$3,000 handbags and coaches have four straight quarterly declines, michael course is the real winner. we are continuing to see expansion from michael course. stuart: i remember going to an outlet mall before christmas, there were two stores in the same outlet mall, both had lines around the corner to get in. stuart: that is a great indicator. stuart: thanks very much. the u.s. chamber of commerce says the obama administration's new coal regulations will cost the economy $51 billion a year all the way through 200030. hundreds of thousands of jobs lost. president obama address climate change in his speech at west point commencement this morning.
12:04 pm
>> energize the global effort to combat climate change. a creeping national security crisis that will help shape your time in uniform as we are called on and natural disasters and conflicts over water and food which is why next year i intend to make sure america is in front put together a global framework. stuart: senior energy reporter, the author of the book boom. you heard that number from the chamber of commerce. $51 billion per year all the way through 200030, the cost of the president's war on coal. does that ring true to you? >> i am a little puzzled because when the wall street journal, a colleague of mine broke the news we didn't have exactly all the details, we didn't know how much of a reduction power plants
12:05 pm
would have been caught and emissions. this is what it is going to cost the economy. stuart: our report from rich edson is there is an annual reduction of 1.8% in america's co2 emissions, if you are down 4.8% at a cost of $51 billion a year you put that equations together and tell me if it is worth it. >> 120% is a very small reduction. there were a lot of concerns the reduction would have been much closer to 7% or 8%. given the flexibility the federal government says it is going to give, cap and trade type program, i would really have to look hard at how you arrive at $50 billion given we have so much in expensive natural gas in the country. stuart: i was in mississippi not long ago where i think they have
12:06 pm
the first clean coal energy producing plant. is there such a thing as clean coal? >> i might get in trouble for saying this with the coal lobby but no. there really is no such thing as clean coal. there is an idea out there but in terms of practical application of anything close to costs that we would be willing to pay clean coal doesn't exist. "imus in the morning" when your position is we should go out and fracking for natural gas which we have, replace coal, replace oil and lower co2 emissions on that basis. that is your position. >> that is what has been going on the last few years. as a reporter, covering how there is so much natural gas and fracking activity, that has more electricity generated from natural gas and less from cold that has been happening, we lowered our combinations in the united states, something very few other countries have been able to do. stuart: why doesn't the president throw his weight behind fracking?
12:07 pm
get out there, get the natural gas, why doesn't he do that? >> there's a lot of political pressure right now against fracking. if you thought keystone was a political hot potato the fracking is right behind it. it doesn't strike me as a winning hand to do that. stuart: the other side of the colon is if you told the american public this is how we're going to combat climate change and we will be successful using our own natural gas isn't that a political winner? >> it would be accepted in order to do that you have to drill a lot of wealth, literally in people's communities and that is robbing a lot of communities wrong and that is where you get lousy opposition. another gap, we reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming or climate change but in order to do that you talking trucks and rigs and drilling in people's backyards and that is where the opposition is coming
12:08 pm
from. stuart: the debate continues. let's go back to the market with tres knippa in chicago. this was a real shock to me when i first saw this, the yield on the ten year treasury, 2.44%. what is going on here? >> compare to bond yields throughout the world, our bond yields are reasonably high. we talked on many occasions how i think the largest bobble in all the market is the global bond market. where are investors going to go? japanese government bonds yield 4.5%? look at the yield on the german bond, even rates in spain and italy, i wouldn't lend spain or italy any money of my life depended on it but rates are reasonably low. this factors into the bowl situation. goldman is are in a pickle, one owning gold means. you sure the dollar and have
12:09 pm
yields in the treasury this turns into an asset allocation game. i can holds is gold or yielding instruments of the u.s. treasury so in my mind, our ten year being where it is is putting pressure on gold. your previous guests talking about energy. you know one thing that is dollar supported in the long term? what if we did turn into the saudi arabia of natural gas? that would be dollar supportive. we got it. stuart: who said the yield on the treasury would be well below 2.5%? i don't know anyone saying that except you. >> who would have said that in the framework of the fed cutting back their treasury purchases. an important part. stuart: a shocker to me. thanks very much for joining us on a very important subject. look at the stock price of apple, please, expected to launch a new feature that would
12:10 pm
allow you to control everything in your home, your kitchen appliances from your i phone or your ipad. this is called the internet of things, technology that connect home to the web. it is not a new concept but with apple getting into it is getting a lot of buzz. samantha murphy speaks with us today. is apple getting into this, and they are, that gives it a whole new approach. it has become an idea that is feasible and possible because apple is in it. >> right. it is something people have been talking about for a while and those projections the next ten years is going to expand but now it is avalanche google recently bought the smart thermometer, it is going to the mainstream, bigger heavy players incorporating it into our daily lives. stuart: a lot of people heard the instruction the internet of
12:11 pm
things but not sure i have got to grips with what it is about. when you tell me i can use my iphone to dim the lights, dim the lights and the lights are dimmed at home i tend to think so what? what am i going to dim the lights with my iphone? >> it is a powerful thing, bringing the internet into our everyday lives. ui watching tv at night and you geur tv that says the front door is in the open or in the refrigerator and looking at your grocery lists you could send a message to your spouse's phone so it is kind of bringing everything connected to get there. stuart: you are 40 years younger than i am at least. therefore you get this and you are prepared to say yes, i am going to do this.
12:12 pm
>> it is about making it released easy and easy for everybody to get it. it doesn't matter how old you are. it matters if there's a place for this in your life and if it is easy to do that. >> i am not sold. i don't have any problems making it lists of what i need to buy. stuart: what sold me is you could speak, turn the heat down to 65. >> what if someone steals that or packs in to it which is a story today? >> all sorts of security issues along with it but as with everything, if apple or google's phone could bring this to the mainstream there will be many security measures they have to look at. stuart: does this restore apple to the king of cold? >> they are trying many things, rumors about the i watch coming got but apple is going to have to play nice with these other
12:13 pm
manufacturers because right now the tablet if you are an apps developer you have to go through their process. a lot of companies now you might have one type of thermostat and another fridge and another washing machine and for the internet of things to kickoff everybody has to work together on the same network and apple isn't used to playing the with these and they are going to have to -- they probably want to make it their own ecosystem but in order for it -- it would take a while but for it to really expand, by next week apple is supposed to be launching something so we might see it a little earlier than we think. stuart: we get it. thanks very much. all wealthy man in san francisco anonymously hiding $100 bills around the city because of his doubt about being rich. dr. keith ablow is up next
12:14 pm
talking rich gills. hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
stuart: google showing off its latest driverless car. no breaks and the steering wheel on this thing. loren has details. i start with california. they don't allow no steering wheel cars. >> of prototyping california must have a steering wheel and must have petals. what is so interesting, we talked about driverless cars before. google is building the whole car and trying to envision what it would look like for people to feel safe in such a vehicle. i will submit to you, when it goes slow, 25 miles an hour you cannot go faster than that. they're putting foam in it. you feel safer. the windshield, glass shatters, that is dangerous. plastic. all of these things and
12:18 pm
controlled by censors you see two football fields in every direction, do you feel safer in a driver'sless cart they get past will deregulations in california you feel safe. stuart: it is of prototype. you like set that. none of it is going to go out and ride one of these tomorrow morning. >> on public roads google once 100 of these this time next year. stuart: one year from now, 100 on public roads. >> i would absolutely tried driversless car. it has to go faster risen 20 miles an hour but think of the people this would help, the elderly, drunk drivers, people who multitask. stuart: health for trunk drivers. stuart: >> what will uber say about this? stuart: i will make brief reference to the stock market because it is going nowhere, no price change. it is exactly where we were half an hour ago.
12:19 pm
now we have this. an anonymous wealthy man has launched a social media scavenger hunt putting money in envelops and hiding them in san francisco for people to find. it is his way of giving up because he feels bad about income inequality in america. fox news contributor dr. keith ablow joins us. what do you make of this, rich people feeling guilty about being rich? >> i think rich people should feel fortunate that they are able to exploit their gifts and they should feel as though it is another fortunate instance if people are working for them and contributing to their success that is great but i don't agree with this guy. i don't sing a handout is a way to create quality of anything because basically opportunity does that, not an envelope stuffed full of cash. stuart: i would turn it around and say this. wealth confers responsibility on
12:20 pm
the person who has well, responsibility not to waste it and use it and open up as you say opportunity for other people. that is the word we should be concentrating on. >> absolutely. he has got it all wrong. if he wanted to take some of his wealth which doesn't sound staggering, but apparently a fortunate guy, take some of his money and say i am going to teach people entrepreneur real skills, told a seminar, higher tony robins to do a free one for a thousand people, grand, fabulous but a handout envelops stuffed full of cash scavenger hunt, this is his way to even the playing field for people? it is to me pathetic. stuart: excellent, one for one agreement all the way through this segment so far. now this. the defense department -- the defense department and the university of southern california developed coverage
12:21 pm
will computerized therapist. >> it is great. yes. stuart: do you think it would work? >> i don't think it will work. this avatar supposedly does therapy. like a questionnaire you might turn up some people are depressed or anxious to get a diagnosis popping out of this thing's mouth. here is another reason why our veterans face staggering suicide rates, unbelievable rates of mental illness and pete psc because the defense department has its head in the wrong place as to how to treat them. it is called empathy, human interaction, psychiatrists like me, it is all the new ones and feeling that is why i had you whenever i see you. you got to feel me. stuart: we were 2 for 2 until you said that. new research suggests people who describe themselves as lonely or depressed more likely to
12:22 pm
overshare on facebook. i set you up with a softball. knockout of the park. >> talk about spitting in the wind. isn't that sad? the lonely on the ones drawn to a form in which they will have false friends, in which they will be essentially announcing their whereabouts and their faith happiness to a bunch of people who don't care. this is discourage called facebook to be followed soon by the head set which deposits your children and mine and an alternate reality. sell the stock. i don't own a share. stuart: that was my question. don't own a share of facebook? >> i can nona single share because it is the scourge. and you should sell, do you have any? stuart: no. i am the idiot who bought microsoft. and i do a financial show. >> i like the surface, it is going to go up.
12:23 pm
stuart: microsoft is going to go up? >> i have a very good feeling but this is a psychiatrist giving financial advisor and i would not trust myself. stuart: thanks very much. stick around. we may ask you to join us in the real halftime report. just hold on, see you in a minute. the obama administration is all government all the time, this time they're going after kitchen stoves. my take next.
12:24 pm
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♪ we covered the pig names that you know on this show. what are investors buying? i will tell you. the 10 year bond. only 2.4%. buying those bonds. they are selling gold. 12.59. nancy pelosi is at it again.
12:28 pm
hear her say it. the dean of an accredited cannabis college joins us. ♪ stuart: the obama team has given $9 billion worth of grants to study clean burning cooking styles. what is this about? here is my take. they want to regulate your kitchen. "to improve air quality. protect public health and slow climate change." the program is aimed at stoves. a backdoor way to regulate your stove in your kitchen. step back a little bit.
12:29 pm
they want to run your life. they know better than you. climate change is just an excuse. of course, your light bulbs. did you know that a wood-burning stove must be different than the one your family has been using for decades? i am particularly sensitive to government bureaucracies. i never expected america to go so far down the same road. climate change offers the perfect excuse. we tell you how to live for your own good. we are saving the planet. however, i am an optimist. i think it is a passing phase. it is ugly, it is annoying and
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12:34 pm
>> the owner of that plan. officials from the governor's business office. he will ask the city council to drop the public nuisance complaint against the plan. neighbors are complaining that the smell irritates their nose and eyes. that it is a nuisance. the smell will tell quite literally when they start the chili grinding season. they can stay put and keep those jobs, at least for now. stuart: a handful of locals object to the smell and they close this down. >> correct. stuart: they will filter and get rid of the smell and the august grinding season.
12:35 pm
we would love to have siracha. >> that is exactly what is happening. you do not want another major company going to texas. stuart: thank you very much. nancy pelosi touting obamacare again. >> we rolled out the affordable care act. it is beautiful. it is everything. it is a work in progress. let's move forward. stuart: fox news contributor guy benson is here. welcome to the program. i think this is your first time on. great to see you.
12:36 pm
>> it is a delight to be here. obamacare. evidence of government. did she then go on to say what i really want is a single-payer? did she say that? >> she did. what would you like to see changed? she's sort of have that brief moment. there are so many tone deaf statement that she made in this interview. it is sort of breathtaking. she cited the rollout of obamacare as evidence of positive governance that the democrats have presided over. i cannot imagine a worse example. stuart: you are almost at lost for words. [laughter] stuart: look at it from the
12:37 pm
other point of view. this will not be widely reported. everything is fine. we are covering a lot of people did did not have coverage before. by the time the november elections come around, we are covering the pain and expense. all that will be covered are statements like nancy pelosi's. >> if you look at polling, it still remains very scouring. the associated press had a new poll out this week. let's not forget, there will be a drum beat, premium increases being rolled out all summer into the fall. plus a second round of cancellations. a lot of that pain that people experience last fall, there will be a rerun this fall.
12:38 pm
i think it is interesting. she is not the only one that has said this. president obama, when he was a state senator of illinois said he was an unapologetic. every democrat running for office in 2014, in some of these swing states, they ought to be asked, do they agree with the leadership of their party. if not, how do they plan to stop them? >> a lot of people say the whole intent of obamacare from day one was to get to a single-payer system. now you have these dreadful experiences with the rollout of obamacare and the performance of government with the va scandal.
12:39 pm
that is at stake right now. that is the central argument. can government do it? >> that is exactly right. it would be political malpractice not to make it. you have to say about let's set aside what people's motivations and intentions may be. i think there is a lot of democrats who say they may support it because they just want to help people and may think that is the best way to do it. when you take those intentions, how does the government actually execute these plans? on the va, these are people that we agree there is a consensus among americans. we should be giving them government run healthcare. the reason or the rationale for
12:40 pm
expanding a failed and corruptive model on the 300 million americans is exactly the wrong thing to do. i think that point really has to be made in a clever, but subtle, forceful way. stuart: you think healthcare is expensive, just wait until it is free. guy benson, everybody. thank you. microsoft says it will build the next big thing in the post pc world. what could it be? we will discuss it next. ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ fire away ♪ we're moving our company to new york state.
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♪ >> iphone owners that use an app that allows you to track your lost or stolen phone is being used to lock the phone remotely. a ransom of $100 to unlock the device or ipad. and i dr. admitted that i paid
12:43 pm
may be associated with google glass. more from google showing off its latest driverless car prototype. no breaks. no steering wheel. is google a buy right now? stay right there. we will discuss that in the real halftime report. ♪ thing. thing. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incased acne in women may occur.
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♪ stuart: here it is. the real halftime report. straight off the bat. when do we hit 17,000 on the dow? >> we will get there. i just don't think that it will be there anytime soon. i think we will have a stretch. i think we have gotten to see more gdp growth. i think we will have a hard time getting there. i think the market will sell off. the big thing in the post pc era. nicole: it is pretty interesting we will not rise something.
12:46 pm
we will create the next big thing. it seems to be promising and being demanded from the staff. they are working on the skype translator. stuart: that was intriguing. instant translation. before we go on, did you say that microsoft will go to 50? >> i believe it will go to 50 fairly quickly. stuart: if you are a new viewers -- google shows off the latest. a driverless car. it will not make any impact on the revenue of the company.
12:47 pm
this is a non-event. it certainly is not a reason to buy the stock. stuart: median pay for uber. that is a taxi app. $90,000 a year for 40 hour work weeks. nicole: wow. that is the same as a post secondary financer teacher. what will we see happening? a lot of drivers move over to uber. they have really capitalized on smart phones. it is a nice salary. stuart: $17 billion. that interest rate all the way down to 2.44% today.
12:48 pm
>> it could be something technical. banks are having to withhold more liquid assets. it is either that, which i do not think it is -- i think that is something locally that there are problems out there. i think the yield being as low is it is is that for the market. stuart: tell me about gold. we are down for today. >> a great place to get in. stuart: watch out for this. transportation stocks have been on a tear. take a look. the transport is hitting new record highs.
12:49 pm
including southwest airlines, alaska air, delta. we are seeing some records in that group. we are not seeing that correlation with the dow jones industrial average. stuart: thank you everybody. that is it for the real halftime report. risk and reward. that is next. deirdre: i wish i were talking to you in one of those driverless cars from google. that is just one of the cars things we will be talking about. we will be talking about numerous subjects. that car will be one of them.
12:50 pm
if you live in california, you still need to be a licensed driver even if you are sitting in that driverless car. stuart: thank you, dear drive. cloverleaf university is in colorado. the first state to recognize marijuana school in the country. we have the dean of the school with us after this. ♪ ♪
12:51 pm
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12:55 pm
program and three months. stuart: how many students do you have enrolled? >> we just launched in january. stuart: how much does it cost if i want a degree in cannabis marketing? >> it is $299 for a standalone location. stuart: you are fully licensed. you are credited. can you get grants? could i get a pell grant? >> we are actually approved by the colorado department school board. we do not offer grants yet. we have some federal inconsistencies for the legalization.
12:56 pm
we do hope to offer those someday. we keep those classes affordable. stuart: do the students smoke weed in class? >> oh, no. we are not teaching them how to use it. we are teaching them in a professional setting how to properly use the business. how to use the safety procedures. how to properly, you know, operate the business. >> we do need to teach consumer safety. i do not encourage people to smoke when they come to class.
12:57 pm
if they thought that helped them, we would still take them. stuart: cloverleaf university. your take on the entire program. ♪ hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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12:59 pm
stuart: i am the idiot -- [laughter] stuart: i do a financial show. >> i like the surface. it is going to go off. stuart: microsoft is going to go up? >> i would not trust myself. stuart: that was dr. keith ablow. i know he is not a financial guide. you have 10 seconds. >> i thought he said something on facebook.
1:00 pm
facebook is against what he stands for. facebook is the root of our problem. stuart: we are out of time. deirdre, the show is yours. deirdre: you never know. i will check out his pictures. welcome to risk and reward. a self driving car. bob will tell me what he thinks of the vehicle. elon musk at tesla and how tech is changing every business in america. launching a few new features. what this means for the twitter cofounder. china cracking down on social media. we chat. others like it have been targeted.


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