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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks for being wiser than michelle obama and more bureaucrats in state capitols and washington. that's our show for tonight. see you next week.ay, that's ju. >> good evening, everybody. a legal immigrant children are flooding over our southern border with mexico. the department of homeland security estimating nearly 60,000 children across our border illegally without their parents this year. secretary jay johnson of homeland security claim that number will actually double next year and the obama administration now estimates the cost of feeding, housing, and transporting these children and nearly $2 billion to u.s. taxpayers. johnson testified before the house judiciary committee today and he was unable or unwilling to provide any concrete specific
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answers as to how our federal government plans to deal with this crisis. >> to describe this plan to this committee, please go ahead. >> sure. >> it's a couple of things, it's a work in progress and we are building on this. it's a growing problem and we need to take steps to address that. i'm open to additional that. when i go back to my office and going to have a meeting on this very subject area. lou: unbelievable. secretary johnson saying that he reached out for help and is looking to other government agencies as well to provide resources. a detailed plan of action to respond to the crisis is nonexistent. bob goodlatte press the secretary on the reported 36,000 illegal immigrants who were released last year. a group that includes nearly 200
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murderers, 400 convicted sexual predators. listen to secretary johnson. once again evading the question. >> isn't also it also true that the dhs could have detained this but simply chose not to? >> chairman, i would like a deeper understanding of this issue and i look at the aimless that you have them. i have seen some pretty serious criminal convictions on a list including homicide and other things. so i want a deeper understanding of this issue myself to make sure that we're doing everything that we should be doing. >> congressman baca blog joins us right here we will be talking about his lack of knowledge and understanding and his refusal to be forthcoming. we assume that he does have some of the answers that he would not share with the committee. we will see what the chairman of
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back committee believes to be the case. also democrats lining up to demand that president obama force veterans affairs general eric shinseki out of his post. the return lieutenant colonel is here tonight and one group is still frustrated with the lack of action in the fbi's so-called investigation into the irs targeting scandal that they are now offering a substantial reward for information that does lead to those responsible for the scandal. katherine engelbrecht has the story tonight as well. my next guest swimming president obama during today's house judiciary committee, he said that the president's deadline and threat of executive action on immigration will backfire and make any action harder.
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joining us now is bob goodlatte, chairman of the house judiciary committee. sir, it's good have you with us. if i may, i would like to turn to secretary johnson. i don't know that i have ever seen more troubling, invasive, ambiguous answers from any official responsible for department of the federal government. >> is a very troubled government department and the enforcement of our immigration laws clearly are not only being enforced but not being understood either by leadership in that department. $2 billion being spent to help children who show up unaccompanied at our border get into the united states, threatening to deport the 36,000 criminal aliens that were released onto our streets after they had been convicted of crimes, very serious crimes and then served their time and instead of being turned over
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until they were deported to their home country, let back out on the street to commit more crimes, which is what we know happens when you have these rates and with that knowledge, presuming that the leadership of the department of homeland security and various agencies, how is it that this is happening that our government is not enforcing laws that are permitting this kind of conduct de facto, it seems to be the part of this and what more do you know today and can you give american taxpayers and citizens in the idea that the federal government actually knows what it's doing? >> i know that there are members of the union that represents the enforcement of our immigration laws and so there are people who want to do their jobs but they
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are getting told exactly the opposite by this administration. and that's what you get when you have a president of the head of the government with a host of areas and you can either do it my way or not at all. i have my pen and cell phone and i'm going to ask unilaterally. the constitution doesn't give them the authority to do that. but when he sends that, it sends a message below. and they are not being enforced. and as you noted from my comment this morning, that is exactly the problem of doing immigration reform. how can you do it when one side urges the president to break the law and unilaterally take action here and then won't negotiate because they want to have the president act. a man on the other side they say why should we negotiate and why should we write a lot for the
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president to enforce the laws that we have today. so this kind of activity is hurting not just immigration but other areas of the work of the congress that the constitution has a responsibility to legislate. the president has the duty to fatally execute the laws and he's not doing it and this is what we find ourselves dealing with as a result. lou: congressman, all of the terrific work that you have done, you are committed. i am loud over the last couple of months by the leadership of which you are part of what this constant rotation on the part of leadership,'s decision will be part of this. whose record is lying out there in front of all of us. here ia man who insists on amnesties. the man has been trustworthy in
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what area that would have you consider such a thing? >> the thing that they should do is to spell out their position on all of the areas of immigration law that need to be reformed in and do it that the way we think it is appropriate to do it. not negotiating with the president, clearly -- >> that your committee did just exactly that with for specific pieces of legislation. basically telling you to go to hell. >> no, he hasn't said that, but he has not assumed the opportunity to bring him to the florida house and we have been urging him in this majority of the majority of the house to bring the legislation forward and i think that those bills are in a place and could be brought forward. but i don't get to make that decision. i do think we need to show the american people that there is a right way to enforce our immigration laws and a right way
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to reform our immigration laws and this president doesn't get it. lou: would you agree with me that there would be certain electoral suicide for the republicans to capitulate and agreed to amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform, legislative issues? >> i completely agree with you. the step-by-step approach that we have outlined at the beginning of this congress and that we have stuck by and i have had great support from members of my committee and a lot of other members in the house, it is the way to go. it is the way to resolve the problem and it needs to be addressed the right way with enforcement and not just passing laws, but enforcing up and operating effectively and including the involvement by state and local government. and that is the thing that we need to see at this hearing today, pointed out how we are not seeing that at all. cutting funding, the state and governments to participate in
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this current program and the secure communities program where information about convicted criminal aliens are shared with the federal government. the intention is to be able to deport them and not have them in the country. and instead they are diminishing those programs. lou: more than diminishing, i would say that they have gutted the program simply because of the factor. >> it was introduced by congressman trey gowdy. not only does it restore the program, but it makes it something where you have a right as the state to participate in the federal government can kick you out without cause, which is exactly what they did to arizona after the supreme court rendered its decision. so if arizona could've been kicked out of that program, there would be better enforcement of the laws in arizona. as soon as that decision comes up the next day, the obama and ration kick them up and they shouldn't be able to do that and
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that's one of the thing that the law does come in to make sure that we really have meaningful law enforcement here were the president of united states the united states can't flip the switch and decide not to force a lot. lou: it's good to have you with us. such a frustrating day, i know, for you. but in an omen of day for the american people. is there any prospect at all that the republican conference can come up with a response to this being literally dumped on our side of the border and as many as 60,000 people this year, young children, next year doubling that number. were we going to do? >> so first of all claiming political asylum should not be a ticket for getting into the united states with the ability to get a job and everything else
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that goes with that. the mexican government has even offered to work with us on securing their southern border with guatemala. so i'm glad to see this. because when we help them stop people getting into mexico, it solves the problem for our country and their country. so they're all are solutions that can take place, but it takes leadership and the administration saying that the right way torm is to start by eg the law. lou: chairman, it's good to have you with us. thank you. rising costs for veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki been called to resign over the veterans affairs scandal. nine of them are up for reelection this november, and that is not a coincidence.
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jeanne shaheen, mark udall, mark udall says president obama is awaiting the va system before he could possibly decide. jay carney refuse to answer a simple question about whether the president remains confident in eric shinseki. >> the answer is a simple question. >> what i would point you to is what the president said. >> i'm not going to improve upon his words. >> his next meeting with the president could come as early as tomorrow.
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the marine who is in prison in mexico held there without any help from the obama administration, speaking out. he told fox news that mexican authorities have no interest in hearing his items worry, and certainly he didn't seem to care at all. >> even care about what i had to say or my story at all. it was like this story in his head. >> he says he took a wrong turn and wasn't able to avoid crossing into mexico. three registered guns belonging to him in his pickup truck. i talked to republican congressman duncan hunter today who is aggressively pushing for the sergeants release and who has corroborated his story. and he said that obama's didn't
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even move on this case until fox news began coverage of the story. the next court date is next wednesday. congressman hunter believes and hopes that we will see positive results. we will see. coming up next, the white house claims the cia station in afghanistan was outed by accident. katie pavlich and lars larson katiwe're moving our companyn to new york state.
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lou: a troubling incident in san diego, vandals at the campaign headquarters of an openly gay republican who is running for congress. computer screens and the
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campaign office were smashed, cords were cut, water poured on laptops, printers and copiers. all of this just six days before his primary election. police have not identified a suspect, nor have they reveal the motive but the campaign communications director says this is no random act of violence. joining us today is the cohost of outnumbered on the fox news channel, katie pavlich and syndicated talkshow host lars larson. i have to ask you both what you think. let's start with you, katie. "the new york times", "the washington post", i mean, all of these liberal left-wing organizations to slashing the president for his performance in the content of his west point speech on foreign policy, and now much ridicule.
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>> i don't think we need to take it from "the new york times" or "the washington post." i think that we can look at how that was received by looking at the way the cadets were reacting. we look at the comparison at the end of his tenure, and he was received in a much better fashion than president obama was. it's pretty insulting when you have him in there telling these individuals who have worked hard to be there, the entire purpose is are you going to war if necessary, the president is saying, do not worry, i'm not going to send you into dangerous places, but that's exactly why they went into dangerous places to serve their country and hear the president is saying sometimes have him credit for not sending him to the jobs are there training for. so it's surprising that "the washington post" would come out against president obama on these specific issues because we haven't seen it much before. >> they did so without any kind
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of equivocation. >> absolutely, and when i was watching katie's comments. you notice even though they are not showing the crowd is much that the applause was golf clap applause. they were not enthusiastic about as commander in chief and two specific things about the speech. first of all when you have to keep insisting over and over that we are not weak, well, we understand why he's mad because he does the rest of the world in the most dangerous parts of the world they regard us as weak. when he keeps telling the cadets whenever there is a hurricane or a synonymy, he's starting to tell these power graduates an armed version of the red cross. we're not going to send you to war, but anytime there is a hungry child somewhere, we're going to undo out. do you think that would be well received by the average west
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point cadet? >> i wonder how the american people are receiving now what they learned today from the head of the homeland security department jay johnson, the secretary testifying before the judiciary committee. the chairman of that committee, bob goodlatte, i certainly did not see all of this testimony, but every instance in which i did here, he was unable to answer a single straightforward question about the prices of all of these children who are being dumped on our southern border with mexico. 120,000 expected to be doubled as a strategy to break through the borders and give residency to these children.
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>> it's a crisis that we are seeing on our southern border. it's appalling that the secretary couldn't answer a direct question. the first is he as been sitting back in washington including attorney general eric holder will be working with him on this quite as and second because let's not forget how the secretary got his job and he doesn't have experience when it comes to homeland security. so that is why he is in the position that he is. not because of experience, but because he was friends with the president and helped president obama get reelected and he held and to agree with the immigration policy. they're going to come up with a solution and it's going to destroy their argument that children who are brought here by their parents should be able to stay because they really and so you can't have it both ways.
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>> i have to tell you something, the president is effectively inviting this tragedy by telling the other countries primarily mexico that we are going to have amnesty in the united states. i don't believe we are, but the president keeps promising and you can well expect that people are going to say if he's offering it, i'm going to get my kids over the border and it's an evil thing for the president to be doing. lou: thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> it is time for a look at our online poll result. we asked about the president, when he has not mentioned this marine's name since he has been jailed in mexico. 90% of you said yes, it is. vote on our poll tonight. do you believe the obama white house revealed the name of the cia station in pakistan? cast your vote at because we are coming right
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back. >> republicans and democrats don't agree on much. but apparently more and more they agree that eric shinseki must go. fox news military analyst joins us
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the. lou: breaking news, and as you can see, there areea reason for the pictures, this one is incredible. the los angeles times has just reported moments ago that former microsoft ceo steve ballmer has won the bidding war to buy the los angeles clippers. ballmer bidding $2 billion sitting in new record price for an nba franchise and he beat out groups led by magic johnson, grant hill and others. steve ballmer reportedly ending the donald sterling nightmare. he buys the clippers, the price tag is $2 billion. we will have more details as we
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come in, that is the essence of the story. eric shinseki meeting with veterans service organizations following a scathing inspector general reported. colonel, should he or should he not resign, should he be fired. >> you and i talked about this two weeks ago now that time i said he should probably be fired or lees resigned and as i reflect on it a little bit now, especially with all of these people being called for his removal, i realize that the reality that he resign tomorrow and a lot of people would take a collective sigh of relief and say we have solved that problem. in the story would perhaps on some level go away. so i think there's some value of
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saying that. he is a lightning rod for getting something done. when you and i were here two weeks ago, from that time until right now, virtually nothing, nothing has gone on to change the situation. >> it is worsening as we learn more and more about the care of our veterans. and the number of people and they have been denied care in the wait times for them who are almost, but this is one -- i put it squarely on the commander-in-chief. and i think it is just a little. he is a man who fought in combat, he was wounded, seriously wounded in combat in vietnam, as you know and this is one of our military heroes. he has done much, he has claimed he has not done enough without question. he has failed miserably on a
10:31 pm
host of others. so this is a failure in my judgment of our commander-in-chief, the oversight committees in both houses of congress, and there ought to be an accounting and as he was adjusting the commander-in-chief is responsible and over the years on more than one occasion he indicated that he was going to be taken care of our veterans. he said that the veterans might use of it to families and everybody. you and i have said before that he is responsible for many of those veterans who have probably been denied services as afghanistan war veterans and others. and he himself today, or tomorrow can say that i'm going to resolve this problem right now by putting a voucher system in place. so all of those men who have
10:32 pm
been denied for whatever reason, quick access to care, they can get that access that they need right now, and in the meantime will continue with this investigation. lou: colonel bill collins, thank you so much, it's always good to talk with you. the army general who deposed egypt's president last summer and has been running the country ever since will continue to run the country. he is today the winner of the country's presidential elections. is is winning in what is described as a landslide that took three days for them to count the vote. but he won 92% of those votes, voting plans to be extended because the turnout was extremely low at about 45%. but still convincing. up next, my commentary on the liberal national media and how it turned on president obama. if he ever had any doubt about being a lame duck, "the new york
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turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours.
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the. lou: coming up here tonight, this group is targeted by the internal revenue service with absolutely no result from the fbi investigation, catherine engelbrecht, now offering a million dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible he is with us joining us in the next segment of the broadcast. first, no one must be more surprised that today's reaction to his west point speech on
10:37 pm
president obama, usually compliant in support of the mainstream media, the criticism of the president and his word, here is what they thought of the president-elect's point speech. "the new york times" says that his address do not match the hype and was largely uninspiring and is unlikely to quiet his detractors on the right or the left. "the wall street journal" editors wrote listen to mr. obama trying to assemble a coherent foreign policy agenda from the record of the past five years, that is like watching tom hanks trying to survive in cast away. whatever is left from the wreckage will have to do. even the "chicago tribune" had this headline, obama's strategy, outsource the war on terror. a strategy, of course, with with
10:38 pm
with which the white house has become very familiar with the past five years, has had millions of middle-class americans as a result. we are coming right back. >> facebook is big brother. big tech, big data, and why mark big tech, big data, and why mark zuckerberg wants to end your can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow.
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tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor right away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired; have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. are you down with crestor!? ask your doctor if crestor could help you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. lou: a record-breaking day on wall street, the dow jones up 66 points, the s&p closing out at a new record high, the nasdaq up 23 points. volume on the big board, 2.7 billion shares. what is going on here? we will find out. the best performing sector today, crude oil up 86 cents, $103 a barrel, treating in a narrow range.
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gold down nearly $3, settling at $1250 per ounce. the tenure up 2.45%. the economy contracted 1% but double the contract and that had been expected. jobless claims fell 300,000 last week, down 27,000. pending home sales rising up for 10% last week area willshire firms rants, offering more than $6 billion. ford recalling more than 1.4 million because of problems with power steering and corrosion. a reminder to listen to a financial report three times a day on the salem radio network for the days of against market and business news and there's lots of it here. facebook rolling out to assist
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updating privacy settings. also offering to listen to the background audio of it users, as leaving some credit to complain of facebook and big tech names in general are abusing privacy. joining us now is the tech editor at pete, it's good have you with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: that little blue dinosaur, mocking us all out here, consumers, what are we to do about it? >> you know, it's funny. the dinosaur is basically show, they add this as a kind of way to show that they do care about your privacy in a sort of semi-interested way. and it's really just something that they are like, hey, maybe
10:44 pm
you haven't change your settings, maybe you want to change the way your shares in a. >> what they do have is, government oversight, missteps in the past, and they like to be extra careful. that this is mainly kind of a supposedly feature the will watch out for your privacy. lou: this country doesn't have a benign history. this is an abusive and eric and company when it comes to customer's rights. >> yes, at times. >> it has been repetitive. and by now i think it's pretty well in their dna. >> yes, it's definitely in the dna that they use information
10:45 pm
and that is in their dna. they have learned from mistakes in the past i think they've gotten very good at shifting the focus on how they are making money from individuals and companies because lately if you look at some of the stuff that they have done, they have changed their newsfeed algorithm and to give fewer of those marketing pages in your newsfeed now than it used to. which is a plus for you, but it is sometimes to shifting the money making to the company. because they want them to buy their own ads and advertising tools. >> of their business, they can do what they want, consumers don't have to put up with that. this is an absurdity to me. so either they recognize that this is like the and chills of a dead sheep, that is a choice that users leave to the state.
10:46 pm
>> there are other options,. >> this is the thing, this is why facebook is so popular and remains popular. they are making changes, they are rolling out features that people get very angry. and some people do. almost always end up coming back for a couple of reasons. lou: why isn't there more competitions? wisner a giant? >> its pluralistic. the network effect, which is a term that we use to describe basically one internet service gets critical and you basically have enough people on it but the growth starts to really expand. that is a very hard thing to achieve, you can ask any number of startups. >> oligarchs all over the world tell me that.
10:47 pm
>> it is very cool, they just rolled out some new applications so if you use those applications, there's a lot of pushback on it. just checking in, we have a long list of stuff around here. it's very handy. >> i'm a little addicted, i don't wear it all that time again, i've been a critic of its design and i do like the promise of technology. >> come back soon, as we continue to follow what is happening in this wacky world that you follow. lou: now the quotation of the evening, it was 26 years ago today that president ronald reagan made his first visit to the soviet union. on that trip he delivered his famous information revolution speech. we thought it would be appropriate to remind you of some of his words.
10:48 pm
president reagan told students at moscow state university that this was the 1988. and the explorers of the modern era are the entrepreneurs, men with vision and the courage to take risks and faith enough to brave the unknown. these entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all of the economic growth in the united states. they are the prime movers of the technological revolution. great words from a great man. and he was as right as he possibly could end. we are coming right back. >> she was targeted and harassed by the internal revenue service because she is a conservative. and now she has put out a millionlar bounty to find the person or persons responsible for the irs scandal.
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lou: our word of the evening. we credit the national journal with this humorous new verb. if kathleen sebelius slowly fired and incompetent manager. urchins that key is being a kathleen sebelius. and time now for the slots that you send to us.
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our marine sergeant sits in jail. plug-ins? you know the answer to that. and the brickhouse tweeting, are we still in america? it is hard to no two days.. and it is inexcusable our hero should be given the best medical care available. a reminder that you will get a copy of my new book if you are the author of tonight's post or e-mails or tweeds. keep the comments coming because we enjoy reading them and sharing them. e-mail me at and
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follow us on twitter, go to our facebook page. we have links to everything, including where you can buy your copy of border war found at my next guest is fed up with the lack of justice and the irs targeting of conservative groups. her nonprofit is now offering a 1 million-dollar bounty to anyone who provides information leading to the conviction of anyone involved in that scandal. joining us now is katherine albrecht, a victim of the irs targeting scandal. it is so great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. the million dollars is a lot of money. have you had even a reaction? >> we have been -- we have been overwhelmed with the response, people coming forward with information and those who are
10:55 pm
coming forward to tell their own story. this is something that the people have been waiting for, an opportunity to find justice. we look forward to being a part of it. >> would you include anyone who can could help you like fbi agents? >> absolutely. >> i don't know what the rules are. >> i think that we now know the left of their own devices, the administration tends to run the clock out and it's time to open the floodgates of the citizenry and i think they are ready to talk. >> have they begun asking questions, talking with you, they have basically not talk to any of the victims of the targeting scandal. >> they certainly haven't been talking to me. there doesn't appear to be any intent to get to the bottom of it. >> this justice department, it's one scandal after another.
10:56 pm
at some point the american people will surely say enough is enough. >> i think they are saying it and i think they will say it loud and clear. this crowd sourcing of the 1 million-dollar bounty is a table turner and a game changer. and i think if the administration believes that they can sweep this under the rug, they need to think again. lou: the tea party. i am one of those who don't see any power in the tea party. do they have a lot of juice left at this point? >> i think that citizens are ready to break from convention and we are going to continued to see people turning those passions into action and i think it's going to have a profound impact on the ballot box in the
10:57 pm
primary states that we still have left and these are historic days. >> we appreciate you being wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet?
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if you can't catch it live. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> some of our guys have never made it back and their souls are still there. and we have the audacity to turn our back on them? >> what kind of reaction do you get? >> i'm really kind of blown away that people are angry at me because i'm just trying to tell you that democracy cannot man army and you cannot man army if you lie to those that want to protect you. neil: no one has generated as much e-mail and as much reaction were prompted


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