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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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have a great weekend. think you for joining us don't forget to do tv are the show. charles payne is next. neil: what does it say about the deal when the bad guys say it is good for them? welcome, everybody. i ameil cavuto. into this was a matter of time. you get one of the us suppose of the good that people would start talking. but consider this from a top taliban insurgent talking to time magazine editor. >> it is better to kidnap one person then hundreds of useless people and goes on to say that not everyone
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will work hard to capture such as the important bird and then consider the north koreans cetane another american now they do nothing questionable but all of this song the heels of the deal proved that it is of bad deal? to president bush number 41 but this is just the kind of thing that maybe you blink and accounts? >> in day feel empowered to share information together not working together in don't forget whether iran or the taliban right now they share information how the united states is reacting. north korea has better working together on
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different projects and coming together against the united states so right now our people all over the of world are in easy target for the enemies. neil: do you agree with that? they're always vulnerable to attacks. >> when you get fiat general's for private is a good deal in my book. no question they have a playbook on president obama just like having gauzy how he fumbled ukraine, ukraine, libya, syria, the redlines the north koreans know we are foo so they can grab someone but with those 30,000 kids in afghanistan will be added there by 2016 with the intelligence people in pakistan7bhe they will pull the people off the streets that will be tough that just tax
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hike a frat house on foreign policy they cannot even deal with it. we are in trouble. neil: knew no israeli intelligence better but if anybody even left they are sworn to kill and kill again for whatever promises they make their mission is to always be a soldier to the cause and if they slip away from that so we have to suspect that these five are up to trouble again? each that got a cellphone and a laptop back in business already. this is not just a few that did not have their bombs go off at the right time but top taliban leaders iu sure they are back in business by now and this is a great
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danger to american and national security justin attacks on american soil. neil: assuming talking to time magazine never betty will work hard to capture the important bird, do you buy that? is it easier said than done? >> i do. we cannot underestimate the enemy. they are smart and way ahead of us. while they learn their lessons from the way we have been reacting l looks like the white house and in particular this administration is not turning in a lesson. this is why we are more and more indian charges read a report another dieter said olivetti those who are released already back meeting in and coordinating with the people on the ground.
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so they're already getting back in fall to attack the united states and they will be treated like he rose to earn the respect of all their followers because they served their time in get no. neil: looking at the deal from a business nerd which we get out of it? i have had devil of a time trying to figure out what we get out of it. we do want all soldiers home but we also have five bad guys not too keen on us and back looking at us again. so we emboldened the bad guys what was the upside? am i missing something? is a larger effort to shut down get my to say to hell with our role abroad? >> it is port management of the whole situation. number two, to get rid of give know which is the
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president's objective from his campaign in 2008. neil: stop right there how does releasing those five argue? so in comparison the others are not as dangerous? believe they probably will do it in the near future. yes. plea had been talking with these people trying to find places that will take them off our hands. no question with obamacare and do with it he will shut down this place and this is disaster as part ofkçm the chinese have a playbook, north koreans koreans, armenians, assyrians and we looked like fools, naive, we don't look as if we are the type of nation that will come to the defense of its own people. trading five general's 41 private? what happens when day is steel the entire planeload? what can we give up at that
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point? neil: it does not happen in a vacuum and that americans are weary of conflict and maybe for future in engagements the president could have been acting on that but that the world is getting us since from the leadership themselves that we're just not into policing though world? >> it is worse than that james monroe said weakness is provocative and provoking our enemies into action. we're sitting here to say we will release five of the top taliban to get the one guy back? then we will steve 9000 troops in afghanistan until 2016 when there is the election and? so bergdahl may be dead is abandoning ideas hundred troops to see who will be the last one to die and no
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war that we do not intend to win it reaches a metaphor for the other. neil: and you interviewed him. you should know. think you all very much. in this environment where the administration is so unpopular is showing the pull that the republicans are doing better from foreign affairs and how to handle the economy and why that may not be such a good thing for republicans because they have a history of getting cocky to grab defeat from the certain jaws of victory. [ female announcer ] who are we?
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neil: this is why i fear republicans get cocky would get the fox news poll the green indicates preferred parties who is more pro-business? republicans winp+%- across the board. but they will look at that and say the victory speech
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can be short-lived. and our gubernatorial candidate we reach out to the appointed jerry brown and have not heard back but i have had him on before. i think it is just a matter of time. we also have our business all stars. great to have all of you. so to a the fifth year the republicans get cocky all over again? >> i hope not hearing california we're focused like a laser to rebuild the republican party on a positive message and lifting
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every one upper by one republicans all around the country to remember we have to talk about the key issues facing the country through the lens of working families sometimes we talk about concept but bring it back home for american families then we can win. neil: both parties to do this they trashedup party that is screwing up.ñi and now republicans have been amplified to go after the democrats to handling of the health care but very few come up with ideas of their own. but that could get old fast? >> the republican party needs to be the party of ideas. not that they are bad but ours are better. neil: you may do this on the state level but they feel and they have tested that to trash the health care law even though when you promise
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to come up with the alternative. than there are out there because they found by pounding the negative that is good enough. >> i don't think so. win you were in power running for office you come up with good ideas let the voters vote then you need to implement those ideas and let them hold you accountable. there will hold them for obamacare to be held accountable we will hold jerry brown accountable. >> he is right. neil: which one? >> about one definitely. look at the 2012 exit polls and robbie was right to own the issues with the debt and the economy the voters believe he could handle them better but obamacare wrote one dash one because romney was not in touch with them.
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neil: he did not help himself with a 47% remarks. >> also of a tax return is set a pro-growth policies. >> you are right on the money i as always. neil: i did not realize how deep your voice is. continue. >> the republicans have thing i say this on the radio every morning. showed me something.[g( they have to come up with something weather minimum wage or immigration. neil: but mitt romney says that is what they should get at. >> mitt romney is the good guy and he is smart. >> but he did not connect with the voters and there is a one thing that shows they are more pro-business if you want to connect to the lower income worker to make more
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money than you talk about pro-business policies you encourage so leaders to start hiring then you can take credit for that you cannot do that by trashing the obamacare may be to win the election. but republicans have to deliver and they have had that chance over and over and with romney it was like ability. i would vote for you if you were still there. neil: the you face this in california because things were so bad for so long just a nominal pick up in activity now governor brown looks okay. so i think this is national we are in a funk for so long we are grateful for the anemic pickup of sales that we have been so beaten down that we think we hit pay dirt?
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ltd. slogan is the california comeback but most families have no way dia when he is talking about. so we have to raise expectations and demand more to grow the economy to put people back to work. neil: but they do like him? >> there is likability and satisfaction. nobody dislikes is jerry brown but we have to do better with what middle-class families are facing today. >>u#1d but the facts are paul ryan has three budgets the republicans do have plans but it isey with the candidate. >> who? >> i don't know at the moment. i do like paul ryan. he can use comedy to come back with his opponents. neil: so can show.
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but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. neil: have you ever tried to download a movie or anything in it is as slow as molasses? netflix says the plan as
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bubbly verizon but there is back and forth. this particular battle has gotten nasty between the two. verizon says cease and desist. every time you bad mouth our number to bad mouth our name and potentially hurting our brand and business that could bring of lawsuits. but it is going overboard. >> it is a dangerous thing what they're doing that corporate finger-pointing because they have no proof if you look at the rankings with broad band delivery it ranks quite high so that is what this ceo says. you are making false accusations and disparaging comments and not backing it up so it is a surprising
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thing for netflix to do. neil: they could say that they have the latest technology and other parts do not they could have a legitimate beef. >> but the slowdown to be charitable to a number of factors including choices that netflix have made to connect the content to providers themselves some may be responsible for the last mile. >> now those that have the broad band it says if you use it to that degree you should pay more you will pay more for that baby that is what verizon is getting at if you think it is our fault then paid more because you usso much. >> that is already in place. what verizon says in this case there could be other
5:24 am
factors like of why fiat, the hardware, the network connection. neil: i don't know who is right but i always think the increases because more people are downloading van day used to buy a of factor of severalfold the. so it could be simple demand? >> yes. that is a factor but not the controlling factor reducing the verizon network gives grounded but that is misleading that is triazines position there is no proof they have given them five business days they want names of everyone they said this to and the time of day comments richard. neil: you could just get users sending in angry emails to save their speed your connection is bad?
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>> but who is responsible? neil: is he said she said. >> then you have to back it up. neil: credit netflix say you put this in our laps so it is n our fault? how do you prove that? >> but if there is a problem with connectivity in you are blaming soviet us you better have evidence to back it up to show your customers the choice is you have made to connect your content with cost and quality choice is are not attributable nor is the customers are rare or wife i set up where it was issued. neil: we will watch this closely how do you think it will be resolved? >> i think netflix will be back downñi:k
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♪ neil: all right. now they're coming out and saying it is upset that the nsa and these privacy invasions, but at that time a little over a year ago it was part of the problem and did not founder and ceo say that at the time? the difference with his is that you go head and do a search, it
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disappears after you do it. it's done, over. with google it kind of stays and stays in stays. such a big deal has this particular company become that it is now among the search engines that apple includes in its available list. that is cachet, and that for this next guy could be a lot of cash. could have you. >> thanks. neil: that is how it works. unlike google where all this stays on the server, your's disappear. >> yes. we don't track you. that means when you're on, you do searches and are completely anonymous. the way it works technically is whenever you do a search for personal affirmation is sent across. will we do is literally throw that information away, never stored someone can come back later. neil: i trust you, but i always think that it is somewhere out there.
5:31 am
it stays. it can never be hundred of. >> there is tons of information from away all the time. that is the key. when i like to say is if the data exists then it can be decrypted and you can be surveiled buy it or corporations can use it to track you. tebow we noticed the hands. that is the corporate version of the government tracking. neil: i have noticed that. >> the way to get rid of that is to use providers the store less information. neil: howdy make money? part of what google does is give advertisers a means to attract you. how does someone like you do that? >> the differences we focus on web search. you can make money without tracking because it is based on the keyword. you just get a shoe ad. we can do that without tracking you. it is just based on that search. neil: when i log and again and do a similar surge of one see
5:32 am
that old dad. >> right. whereas google runs four of the biggest ad networks in the world they're run and millions of sites. they have to target you across all these different things. neil: your business obviously has picked up considerably since will hold nsa dustup to read what do you make of this? >> i mean, i think what we have learned is people do care about their privacy and don't want to be tracked. big companies are corporations that want to appeal to consumers and realize that people don't want to be tracked. they're trying to do things and make it harder. i think that's great. neil: how long do they keep that tell us think of that. in this change. very unrealistic.
5:33 am
>> that's why i am skeptical of corporations. so we're all abou throwing away the data. neil: going to go public? [laughter] >> knows. neil: you will first appear here >> obviously. neil: short. the last time i had him, i am telling you, we generated an enormous e-mail response and it disappeared. all right. when we come back the latest attack line against businesses to avoid taxes. liberal groups, of french groups are claiming that businesses are using a lot of the legal tax dodges. we have actually looked into this. they are using the tax code. i don't know if that is even more offensive. after this. ♪ (mother vo) when i was pregnant
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♪ neil: all right. ll, a lot of little groups are accusing a lot of companies of playing fast and loose with the money to avoid paying taxes. by their estimate upwards of $90 billion they avoided through all sorts of nefarious banks. grover norquist has looked into this. they are not doing anything nefarious. so nothing criminal going on. >> no. well, criminal and a sense of you look at the best honest -- dishonesty. neil: illegal. >> no. the head tax on companies were investing internationally and growing and creating jobs this silly. we have an american made problem that american politicians made called the 35% corporate income tax at the federal level and about 05% average state income
5:38 am
tax. we compete with nations like britain at 21% and poland that 22 percent and sweden and about 20%. the studies suggest that britain and sweden and poland are tax havens because when the erin money over there it is taxed less heavily than when it is earned year. we should have a territorial tax system the way most nations in the world do. neil: we do and we don't. are they doing an end run? you say no. >> no. neil: what do you think of that? >> and i am the first to rail on big corporations taking advantage of us but you have got so were the business end. being in jersey, people are running for the hills. businesses in new jersey and new york. if i may, that book right there to your right, he has all the
5:39 am
answers. you cannot overtax people because you drive business out of the country. neil: that sounds like a heck of a lot of money. is it all done properly, legally? >> absolutely. and let me tell you what, you take away these legal loopholes and you will see more companies fully. we just heard the announcement that pfizer is leaving the country to get a 20 percent lesser tax rate. not only that, the "washington post" came out and said two dozen american companies are leaving. you wan more of that cannot take away these loopholes. >> it is legal. it is good business. i am sorry, but what do you want to see? if you want to go on after offshore tax havens as they are being called, fine, but you will see unemployment job because they will cut down on their employees. businesses are being assaulted whether it is because of health car, these new green initiatives.
5:40 am
the businesses have been under assault for years. now again with the corporate tax rate. enough. >> and now flight. you ever noticed that? i can't even see these. [laughter] neil: you know, i was thinking. these companies are skirting the tax man on top of the $2 trillion. how do you bring it back? what do you do? is it a onetime tax break, tax holly to bring impact? do you attach contingencies so that you do this with that money ? >> one way would be to have a repatriation time frame of a year or two. we did that in the middle of the bush years. about three or 400 million came back. better to give to territoriality so that you can bring it back for free. we want people to bring this money back and pay dividends and
5:41 am
pay wages and invest money. why would you have anyone at the border saying, hey, if you want to bring money back we will charge you something. there is no problem we are discussing now would not be solved tomorrow with the 20% corporate tax rate instead of 35. right now company is worth more if the british on it than the americans. the same company. our tax people did that. >> how we bring it back? >> lower the rate. it won't happen. neil: would you give a tax holiday or attach a proviso? >> i don't think you should a tax anything. a holiday would be fantastic. the same people by taking advantage. obama stopped advisers taking advantage of it. pro-tax states, south carolina for instance. we will give you the appropriate tax rate.
5:42 am
sometimes in the world of accounting you can make this work. maybe not for your apples of the world order facebook. neil: you have to incentivize. >> they're going to bermuda for one reason, the golf courses. the only reason. you have to give them a break. it was great. tens of thousands of jobs. everyone is just running out. neil: all those honeycomb buildings. >> taxes. and nice, warm place to go. neil: all right. when we come back, i am not a soccer expert. it does not strike me as the right thing to say, no way in hell little when it. i don't know if that's the way we want to go here. after this. ♪ unlimited cash back.
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breathe right.
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♪ >> ask him to go in there. [inaudible] neil: whatever happened to that guy? welcome back, everybody. how about just wind. the head coach of the u.s. soccer team's saying, we cannot win the world cup because we are not at that level yet. for as we have to play the game of our lives seven times to win the tournament, to which i want to remind the coach, that is what this is about. my gosh, i think he might as well laydown. >> they can't even get an
5:47 am
american. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> this is like german engineering. a human being, leave us alone. neil: that right. >> year in american. neil: stating the obvious. >> i think this is refreshing compared to someone like wrecks lion was of their promising you will win super bowls. neil: would you rather than someone right out of the gate. >> i think he's saying something different in the locker room. neil: i'm so smart. c'mon. >> i actually liked his honesty. go of. i like the honesty. neil: no. >> a strategy, but let's be honest. neil: were in a very tough -- what they call it? the group that we are in is very competitive.
5:48 am
it's the hardest group of fall. so. >> the rangers are going to the stanley cup. [inaudible conversations] neil: all right. i just think it's not eat. >> i think he led the all-time leader in goals. that's tomorrow killer. neil: all right. even more offensive, of course, these guys, a japanese clothing company has come up with various sizes, skinny, fat, or jumbo. being very blunt with these labels. wrong person to go to on this. [laughter] c'mon, is this right? >> i think it's a great marketing move.
5:49 am
[inaudible conversations] [laughter] neil: can we get her cook your something? >> no, fat. neil: had told a doing it with a sense of humor. i don't think -- >> i think it's terrible. one of you just put menus. >> am i the only capitalist at this table? neil: where are they getting the good business? >> only he to do is make those three sizes. neil: what brings you up from fat to jumbo? skinny these days is like the size to. >> that correlates to medium. neil: apparently jumbo is like what? men's suits. >> go to walmart. and the father and a shop there. they have quadruple extra-large.
5:50 am
>> what's the difference? neil: that's a very good point. you can put any label you want. the word is, this is a bigger size. >> it is insulting and embarrassing. >> they're trying to make it acceptably. as the whole idea. neil: you can put a different spin on it. jumbo is jumbo. >> you can be jumbo and proud of it. >> they should make them in america. they should manufacture the clothes in america. when i go my does nothing made there. neil: them a lot of amican made goods. i just -- neil: council of. that's why everything is $4. >> the jacket and pants. neil: the food chain.
5:51 am
all right. american clothing anufacturers look at this. this company does well we're changing our labels. >> is brilliant. we are all sitting here talking about it. a story comes upon local news in san diego. i think it's fantastic. >> and american companies in steel this idea and run with it. neil: you really think that? >> the company would do anything to make a buck. neil: not many when it comes to a incises. most of the companies, the largest size did not even want this. >> use my body and is pictures here. [inaudible conversations] neil: the women who complain. fair and balanced. you know, maybe it would register, this japanese company.
5:52 am
>> it kind of sounds a little better. neil: what do you think of caloric the challenged? >> that is a euphemistic way to put it. neil: to this point, you know. >> you could do week, fit, over strong. those could be the new sizes. >> extra-large is fine. what is wrong with that? neil: then moved to jumbo. >> they're using the word that. that is the most offensive. it is wrong. neil: we won't go there. all right. we will see how this goes. guys, i want to thank you all very much. in the meantime, what is the deal with politicians and unions, they continue to pile on walmart? is one thing to not let them open the store.
5:53 am
now they are refusing them money to support new york charities. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours.
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[ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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is the deal, neil?." kennedy: what is the deal with politicians and unions continuing their pilion in walmart. i had a new york city councilman on who hates the retailer so much. he doesn't want walmart giving to new york causes and charities. we're talking millions of dollars here. as an openly gay man himself here, says he doesn't like much the way walmart treats gays. when i reminded him walmart has gay workers and gay managers and supports the gay workers and managers and that walmart has a health plan that includes coverage for same sex partners, he still wouldn't hear it. me, i'm pro-choice on walmart and letting new yorkers and anyone else decide if they want a walmart. pat in arkansas you're right, mr. cavuto. >> maria in manhattan, i want a
5:57 am
walmart in my city. >> i just want walmart if i can save money on groceries, end of story councilman, end of your career. ellen e-mails if theutty councilman hates walmart, fine, don't make me pay for your contempt. very well put, allen. i figure people are going to bitch about how much money they are making, i'm sure plenty of walmart folks do the same. then again, that i have jobs and i don't. shut up and give me a chance to bitch, too. also well put. and in evergreen, colorado, neil, stop showing the stupid jack asses showing the building of a walmart. it means pathetic protesters want to pay union wages they should hire the union gouges with their money. and leave it to a teen to put one, nancy on the spot. the 16-year-old reporter who turned the tables on the former
5:58 am
speaker and asked her too explain why she was blaming the nsa mess on president bush? sarah in new york city, out of mouths of babes, revealing pelosi for the pathetic excuse of a human being she is. zety on facebook writes, have you no idea how sick i am of hearing, this like a child who blames others for something they had more to do with than anyone. al writes i bet the democrats believe bush sank the titanic. give them time. bradley tweets since it is in the air, you think we can trade below sea and crash for ed snowden. we might have a deal. kimmy writes, i love, it they keep blaming everybody else and pointing fingers at everybody else but never take accountability for their own actions. and it's the invite to which not a single republican has yet rsvp'd, a democratic debate on climate change, should republicans go or is it a setup? pat buchanan says go!
5:59 am
republicans should make a point of being there for no eshth reason than to give the other side of the climate change story. ben write, call their bluff and their hot air. sheila in pittsburgh, even if democrats shut them down, i guarantee folks watching back home will give a thumbs-up. that is if democrats allow such a hearing to be televised. how little democrats care about veterans. going to get the va and bergdahl scandals off the front page. ramirez tweets, maybe they should debate something more immediate like our crushing economy affecting millions of americans right now. that's a good idea. carmen writes, love you, neil, you're way too cute. ideal. >> reporter: cavuto, you've had a stellar week of shows, the stupid walmart prost thing. what due to relax on weekends? i plan my next line of attacks for next week, tip.
6:00 am
no rest for the weary, in between barbecues and me barbecues and stuff like that. anyway, keep your e-mails and tweets coming, we'll keep them coming, too. welcome to another edition of "the best of imus morning program." that's the outdoor arena with some of the rodeo just outside of robero, new mexico. good to have you with us here for the next hour. we have a terrific show. and we mean that because we have a mix of some of the serious interviews and one in particular that was great that imus has done and then some funny stuff as well. really funny. first of all, the author who


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