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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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[closing bell ringing] liz: as bells slows it down on wall street. let's look to see how stocks finished up. what kind of records can we give you today? we give you dow jones industrials to the up side. 11-point gain. s&p, we give you a record. move to the upside. grant ad point and 2/3. nasdaq looking good. not a record but up 14 points. russell surprised everybody. transports, we give you ladies and gentlemen, a record. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: clearly adam shapiro day as we got three records. adam: i will take that compliment. liz: jason pride, glenmede director of strategy. he is advising investors not to get too aggressive in the
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market. michael wall, wall financial group. he sees starting a sideways trend to the markets. mark second shun in the pits of the cm-e. we begin with mark. what drove it? was it merger monday? any lack of negative headlines here? >> you know the path of least resistance is up. there is no catalyst to send the market lower. so until we see some sort of a catalyst, if the, if the choice is up or down, it always will be up. that is just kind of the tenure of the market right now. you know, i want to make some comment, there has been talk in the media about market complacency and low vix and everything going on. talk how much the s&p 500 actually is moving right now. if you look at the last 20 trading days, the s&p 500 is moving at rate, call it 6 1/2 to 7%. when you look at vix, it is over 11%, that is a nice insurance hike up in options right now. so, when i look where the vix is
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pricing, how s&p is moving i think you will see this slow grind up continue. potentially through the 4th of july. who knows, maybe through the whole summer. adam: mark, pick up something you said. i want to go to jason, he says don't worry about complacency. weir seeing real estate investors come in and small caps making a run. is there complacency or is there still a lot of room to go up? >> we think there is some room to go up. like draghi said we are not finished yet or not finished here. valuations are hovering around fair value, maybe a little bit higher. the economy is still growing. the central banks are still being stimulative. we haven't reached a peak market valuations. unless there is cattist that comes about to bring the market back in line -- catalyst. or down to lower levels, this market is more likely to defined e ground higher than it is to
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falter at this point in time. having said that we're arguing that clients need to be constructive but not aggressive. don't need to chase high-flyers. don't need to stretch out for small cap companies to a large deprein the portfolio. when you need to do is look for a lot of singles and doubles. expect the market to just kind of inch forward higher and rely on your companies to generate that excess growth and valuation s to dredge higher. liz: jason you say it will inch higher. michael, i believe what you're saying what we'll see is sideways market. those can be extremely frustrating and force investors to make bad decisions. how should investors right now avoid doing that? >> first off, good to see you, liz and adam. as far as sideways i think the next couple weeks we'll be looking for that. but i think one of the things that the other gentleman mentioned which i agree with.
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we want to look for things that give us opportunity to have a pay to play strategy. we're collecting nice yield, nice dividend on our investment. good, solid companies. that will help them weather the storm. regardless what happens. it is like a toll-taker, regardless what happens, somebody drives on a highway they're collecting a to, doesn't matter one car, 100 cars, as long as cars are on the highway. same thing like stocks. we look for things like that. adam: use car analogy, will you go for blue chip like cadillac or chevrolet, maybe cobalt? you go for small cap? looking for yields in a small kaupe stock? what do you think would be best? >> there is variety of plays. that is a great question. first and foremost you have to look at the company. what do the numbers look like in particular. i don't like the idea of flat-out sectoring saying okay we'll look at this and look at that. if you look at companies you want to own, want to stay, a
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good track record, good cash flow, good revenue, those are all good things to look at. liz: give us some names. people are dying to hear what you put into that parameter. >> sorry. i really like kinder morgan. that would be one of the tool takers. they are paying a little over 7%. i think there is growth for energy in the future. that is a play. i like coty. i look at coty, compass diversified holdings, almost as a miniature berkshire hathaway of the not the same. similar philosophy. also yield on that is little high. over 8%. they're paying out nice dividend for folks that weather the storm. one thing i would say this. the balloon will not rise forever. people when they are purchasing in, if they want to make sure they're protecting themselves, investors, most of our clients are in the financial red zone and they want to protect their assets. i like idea making sure you look for out and putting stops in and raising stops as value if you do
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not stay in place forever. adam: michael, hold there before we get into protection. jason, you like abbott labs. i'm curious. is it too late to get in on that? with all the pharmaceutical mergers, will they be shopping? perhaps i look for a smaller valued company? >> you can play the full spectrum here. reality is where i have a differing opinion from other guests, we are going for dividends and we're going for growth but at this point in time our recommendation how low rates in fixed income, you might be a little overweight in equities but while doing that be in defensive position in equities. that is why we end up on health care like abbott labs and other companies like it. across that sector and across stable value and stable growth sectors, what you can do, you can pick up reasonable valuation, you can get high profit margins. companies that turn around to reinvest the capital to grow the business, whether in a 2%, 1%, or 4% growth environment. they are going to clock out
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pretty decent earnings growth and deliver that dividend and the dividend growth to you over time. that is the way you want to be positioned in this environment. liz: mark, we can talk all day long, whether you go into names with this kind of yield or names with this kind of opportunity. where are the flows you're currently seeing? when you stand on the floor in chicago, what are people buying? what are people selling? you. >> got to look at russell two thou. there is where all the action beens late two months. russell 2000 led the selloff we had in back in april. the russell 2000 has been trailing. we see s&p getting toward the all-time high. just as i'm starting to think maybe it gets tired, what happens? the russell 2000 starts exploding higher. why i think there is a little to this rally and s&p. as long as russell continues to move. we continue to see all the momentum money pushing around the rut i think market will move higher. watch the russell 2000. it has been industry leader. it has been the trading leader
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for the last six months. i don't see any change why it would right now that is the index to watch. adam: michael, let me bring up what mark said about the russell 2000. it has been the leader it has been lacking leadership. a day late and a dollar short? >> i mean it certainly could be. again the big thing for investors in general is to make sure whenever they're buying in, nothing wrong with buying into that, okay, i think there is more push to the future, i really believe we'll see as the other gentleman mentioned we'll see more growth going up until something actually bursts the balloon. to buy in you have to evaluate how much of your portfolio is going anywhere. when you put your money there, what are you doing with the other pieces of your pie as well. so i don't think there is anything wrong with playing, say a piece of that for your pie for sure. liz: good to see all of you. jason pride, mike wall wall. mark sebastian. mark, we'll see you in a few
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minutes when s&p futures close. when it comes to being best she has a number of titles under her belt. we're talking to one of "barron's" top 100 women financial advisors. she has been number one and number two for the last two years. what she is suggesting now. susan kaplan of kaplan financial services, in a "first on fox business" interview. >> the case of pay or play. it could change face of college sports as we know it. what is at stake? we have details next. liz: one real estate firm is using themed open houses to promote its property. hiring real actresses? would a frozen out apartment warm up the sale? that's right. they did a disney's "frozen" theme. we'll talk to the agent with the new approach. see if it is helping get people in the. adam: don't do amityville
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liz: time, inc. ended lower on its first day of trading follow from the split from parent company time warner. >> we'll head back to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what have you got for us? >> it was the publisher's first day of trading as "time," was the ticker symbol. we had ceo this morning on "opening bell" with maria bartiromo. he said how this will be great for the company and talk up so much that the stock ended up down 3/4 of 1%. this is big deal. time, inc., under their umbrella would be "people," fortune, "time" magazine and "sports illustrated" and bevy of other titles but "time" has seen revenue declining there is obviously upward hill for this company overall but joe ripp came on and sounded quite convincing for the path for the
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company. digital and the like. trying to keep up with the challenging environment, right? challenging environment of publishing no less and doing it digitally as well. liz: print is tough right now. >> it sure is. liz: nicole, thank you very much. adam: s&p futures are closing. we want to head back to mark sebastian in the pits of cme. mark. >> futures mostly unchanged into the close. not a lot happening. in a slow grinding market like this, the key to kind of trading is, really having, having patience with your winners and having aggressive, aggressive stop orders to get you out of the ones that are really losing. that is how you manage a slow-moving market like this. otherwise copiness will take a trader apart. liz: that, you know what? we need to actually, mark, to do a whole segment on putting in aggressive stop-loss orders. something tells smart people this market could change on a dime, right?
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that could help people. >> people are calling for a 10% correction over a year. liz: if you have stop-loss orders you're safe, right? >> yeah, i mean that is why you've got to be aggressive on your stops and pick where you want to be reenter and when you're wrong, get out!. that is the key. people lose money because they look at their stops and let them run. and go, well, it will come back. it is not going to come back. aggressive on the stops. liz: okay. we got the message. we love it. thank you, mark sebastian. adam: takes a lot to become a great financial planner but takes something extra special to be best of the country. liz: best of the best of the best is part of that elite. she is ranked among top women financial planner for baron's last five years and including number one last year and this weekend she was named number two. susan kaplan, kaplan financial
4:16 pm
services. "first on fox business" interview. first of all, susan, congratulations, this is way more than a random win here. you are obviously superior in many ways thaw approach what you do. if you could say from your own perspective what is the best thing you do that becomes so successful for managing money? what is it? what is that secret sauce. >> i think it is enabling the clients to really stay to their allocation despite all the market noise. liz: you know what? you may have heard mark sebastian saying watch out, be careful. you have to be very disciplined when it comes to buying a stock and then selling it so you don't lose money and take profits correct? >> correct. but one of the things people have been focusing on the length of the bull market, not the slow, grinding gradual bull market. adam: you're more optimistic about the slow grinding bull market? >> yes, it has been a more
4:17 pm
rationale market. the market this year dovetailed with earnings. so it is much less heady than 2013. think there is every reason to believe we'll have a lovely year this year. adam: yet you would advise a client who might be risk-averse despite thinking stocks will go higher, i give you two age groups. someone who is age 45. they might look it have municipal bond that are insured. maybe someone closer to retirement a different kind of bond, right? >> exactly, correct. when people make allocations for their life, it really has nothing to do with how the markets are doing currently. it has to do with, the percentage that they have to keep absolutely safe or generate their retirement income with and the percentage that they need in the market to protect them from inflation. and you really can't change that allocation with the market noise or you will be jerking the money in and out. as you know, ultimately hurting
4:18 pm
yourself. liz: you can't time the markets. that said, you can do certain things that are super creative. what have you invented for people's portfolios and last five years you continue to win the great acclaimed spot on "barron's" list? >> most people reach a point, well, first of all, when people retire, whatever their risk tolerances is it plummets at retirement. first time they're not adding to it. they're only emotional feeling i can't afford to lose money. so their risk tolerance is much lower. any amount of market volatility or scariness they want to exit completely. what i taught them you can bring doesn't risk and choose, balanced fund, things less aggressive than individual stock or growth funds, still stay negotiate market. adam: but, susan, people who might be younger have appetite for risk but they have to be
4:19 pm
careful chasing yield. you warn people. everyone is talking about private he can get firms? you say stay away from the funds. seems the yield you get, return would be a lot better, especially if you recover from a loss? >> the small investors that are now being allowed to invest in the private equity firms can't tolerate those losses. liz: now i need -- go ahead, sorry. >> no, you go ahead. liz: oh, no, i didn't know your thought was done. i would very interested to know what you are avoiding right now? >> generally speaking i want my clients to have their allocation cake tear of their -- take care of their income needs and. bond portion would be individual bond and munis in non-qualified accounts. aaa rated corporates in the qualified. not bond funds. knot junk bonds, individual
4:20 pm
bonds. they have enough risk in the market. i don't want any risk in their bond portfolio. liz: not junk bonds, not bond funds. adam: susan kaplan. one. reasons she protected her clients, she started out as a nurse. so she has this kind of belief of being careful with people? , right, susan. >> yeah. adam: all the best. congratulations again. >> thank you so much for having me, bye-bye. liz: thank you. what do disney's "frozen" and real estate heating up in manhattan have in common? normally not much but this weekend one star realtor took the open house concept to a new level with a frozen movie theme. it wasn't his first themed open house. his idea and him. he will come and talk to us about that straight ahead. adam: also landmark trial that could change the face of college sports get underway today and fulls of dollars are at stake. bragging rights are next. liz: plus we'll tell you which cars and trucks have the best
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adam: time for a quick speed read, five stories one minute. first up, in n and a world hostile takeovers comprised 19% of all activity. so far 25 unsolicitedded acquisition attempts have been made. first time in three years kraft is raising the price of some of its maxwell house ground
4:25 pm
coffees. kraft is the second major roaster to increase coffee prices, good to the last drop. tesla is seriously considering opening a research and development center in the u.k. next year. the facility would supplement work done in california. five of samsung's products are listed as options for u.s. defense systems agency. these products, approved products come with samsung's knox security software. rolls-royce is opening a showroom in cambodia? one of the world's poorest countries. rolls-royce believe demand will grow alongside the cambodian economy. that is today's "speed read." good luck selling cars. liz: better to be early. adam: maybe 100 years. liz: wages going up in vietnam. adam: boom in wages go up in cambodia. liz: a trial will determine whether college athletes will be paid to play. as the judge in california heard a antitrust lawsuit ucla.
4:26 pm
president obama met with the team back in the white house. adam: rich has more. >> adam, liz, there is so much moving on this front, the question of whether or not college athletes should be paid, president obama meeting right now with the uconn huskies, men and women championship basketball teams. there is court case that maybe athletes should be paid beyond the tuition and fees they get from the university. a $20 million doll settlement between ncc and athletes that is sued them because likeness on video became. national labor relations board is going over plim care any findings over a regional director said that college athletes at regional university can form a union. the education secretary was at the white house. reporters wanted to know what he thought about all this. he says for the most part universities could get better taking care of student athletes, making sure they're students
4:27 pm
than athletes but he seemed to acknowledge they should work in the current system. >> i challenge universities and challenge university presidents and athletic directors and coaches to your point where they're being used to generate revenue for the coach and his salary? whether they're being used to generate revenue for the university. and no sense is given to the importance of their academic success, it is absolutely using and i would say abusing those young men and women. >> duncan said there could be some room on the health care front if an athlete gets injured perhaps the university, there would be some type of a ncaa system that maybe would take care of their health care concerns and maybe sure they got their degree. there is so much to determine the future of compensation for ncaa athletes. the ncaa is taking in hundreds of millions of dollars. there are multibillion dollars television deals and coaches are paid millions of dollars. liz: rich edson, thank you live from the white house. speaking of pro sports, tonight
4:28 pm
is game 3 with the -- go kings, excuse me. i'm surrounded by the enemy here. new york rangers facing off in new york with the kings. two games ahead. just how popular has kings merchandise become? coming up, the especially on the west coast. we're talking to the top west coast sporting goods chain. >> got 1600 bucks for a ticket? >> yes. adam: st. paul, boston, anaheim have to do with these three billionaires? we'll give you a hint. you could possibly be owning them -- owing them rent pretty soon. liz: that is great. adam: would you go to a "frozen" themed open house? one realtor thinks the answer is yeah. wait until you hear about some of his other themed open houses. he is our next guest. ♪ can you start tomorrow?
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4:33 pm
it's a fixer-upper. amazon's jeff bezos could drink up all of napa for there are 29 million. bill gates, he can afford the city of boston, $76 billion, but you've got to be a red sox fan. and the koch brothers, they have enough money to buy atlanta. make sure you stay within the perimeter, for $79 billion. the data was compiled, by the way, by national real estate brokerage redfin. liz: warren buffett once tried to buy an swire town in virginia. -- an entire town this virginia. that is a true story. what do disney and manhattan real estate have in common? not much unless you're one of the brokers or buyers who visited warburg realty's manhattan open house yesterday. the company threw a "frozen" movie-themed event complete with snow and actresses for a three-bedroom apartment that would be perfect for a young family. jason haber was the guy who came
4:34 pm
up with this idea. he's joining us with more on really what's become an aggressive strategy for selling in the very, very red hot manhattan real estate market. >> you always want to stand out, and you know me, liz, i don't like to do anything ordinary. we live in the age of innovation and disruption, and in real estate open houses tend to be done in the same way over and over again. i mean, yesterday across this country there were around a million open to houses, but there's one we're talking about today, and that's our listing where we had this event at. liz: let's show what you did. okay, this is the perfect apartment for a family of two to three -- >> it's a great apartment for lots of different people. it has an outdoor garden, three bedrooms, three and a half bath rooms, it's an amazing home. liz: so you brought in, what'd you do? actresses? >> we got an amazing actress who played elsa, we had a sticker wall, balloons, cookies, the
4:35 pm
works. and it really came together nicely. we had a great team helping us put it together. liz: and tell us about the response from people who came to look at it. >> we ghei people a different experience, and that's what it's about. you want people to come in and think, wow, i couldn't experience this or see this anywhere else. it's about being different and creative which, by the way, are things we can use in business and even in government. liz: yeah -- >> wouldn't be the worst idea that's come out of their lately. liz: not the first time you've done a themed real estate showing. >> right. you were at the ragtag party we did about -- liz: right. it was frank sinatra's old apartment. >> that was a big hit. but we did a clean water crisis three years ago at a townhouse listing, and we had over a hundred people come to hear that talk. we're always thinking about different ways to present our properties differently. that's how you succeed in business today. liz: did they sell? how'd the godfather one do? >> we could do a whole episode on that one. liz: i remember that the owner
4:36 pm
had bought it and then rehabbed it and done it in an -- >> yeah. it's a great apartment. it's not our listing. it's a great apartment, but that hasn't sold yet. liz: let's talk about the "frozen" one. are you close? >> well, yeah. we've had a lot of interest in it, we've been showing it nonstop. it's only a matter of time at this point. we're really excited about it. it's a tremendous home, so it's one of those -- liz: ah, the sales in manhattan are insane. >> it is the market. it's where buyers and sellers are meeting right now are at very high price points. i know the rest of the country is thinking what's going on here, but the truth is the market's dictating the terms right now. liz: okay. so the average price for an apartment in new york city hit $1.7 million. it sounds nuts, but, again, it is what it is. >> it is what it is. liz: how much is the apartment that you added the "frozen" attitude? >> so it's 255 hudson street, $4.75 million. liz: $4.75 million for a
4:37 pm
three-bedroom apartment. >> approximately 1460 square feet of exterior which in new york is a lot of space. liz: i know. [laughter] for all of you not in new york, you have got to just go with it. what's your best sale so far in the last six months? >> we're working on a very big one right now that's more than double this price point, and we've got a couple of -- liz: well, you had one at the dakota. did that sell? >> that did sell. liz: for how much? >> 11.59 million. liz: that was the french ambassador -- >> no, not the french, the dutch. portuguese, excuse me. liz: they had to give it up because they ran out of money in the country. good to see you. >> you too, as always, liz. liz: jason haber coming up with all sorts of ideas. adam, to you. adam: liz, thank you. it's game three of the l.a. kings/new york stocknew york ray showdown tonight. we're going to ask one of the leading retailers how this historic stanley cup battle is impacting his business. jeff bezos is launching yet
4:38 pm
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♪muck. liz: breaking news, domain registry site godaddy has just filed for a $100 million ipo. there was word that godaddy would be jumping into the ipo pond, but now we see exactly what it's going to be. we know that it's $100 million and, of course, while they are a big registry for web domains, they've also tried to get into helping small businesses, they've been very active when it comes to super bowl commercials and picking opportunities to help small businesses set up web sites for all kinds of opportunities, so we'll be watching godaddy. adam: right now we're watching big cars. bmw, what do you think? is bmw or this ford pickup truck? which would retain its value better? now, if you guessed the bmw, you're wrong. new study by car finds that pickup trucks fare best when it comes to depreciation. and luxury vehicles? they fare the worst. buy a used jaguar for bupkis. dodge ram and nissan titan
4:43 pm
pickups with the highest retained value of all used cars. among the biggest losers, luxury brands like bmw3 series, mercedes e class and audi's a4 overall. the study found 2012 was the best model year for holding value over a 12-month period. liz: okay. los angeles kings and the new york rangers square off tonight right here in new york city in game three of the stanley cup finals with the kings two games ahead. now, these finals are the first in hockey history where the largest market on the east coast has faced off against the biggest market on the west coast. adam: so what better way to share the stanley cup excitement than buy some hockey gear? we're talking to the chairman and ceo of one of the top west coast sporting good chains. craig levra of sports chalet. welcome and thank you very much. >> thank you very much. adam: what's the hot item that's clearing out right now? hats? shirts? what is it? >> it's a collection of
4:44 pm
everything with los angeles kings. it's an exciting time. our sales this past week were up triple digits. we've got a special limited edition -- i believe only in our store -- rangers v. kings stanley cup shirt online and in our stores ready to go. liz: okay. i'm holding one of the shirts. here it is. it has both the kings' and the rangers' names on it, so -- >> that's the one. liz: this is very popular, you're saying? >> yes. that's going well. obviously, all of our l.a. kings' jerseys are doing quite well. we brought special merchandise in on a daily basis into our stores and online, and we have our if-win rders ready to go. liz: we're fair and balanced here, last week we had rich mow mow -- modell selling ranger stuff. i, of course, am a kings fan, but this pennant, i wanted to show people this. this is interesting, it shows both teams because this does seem to be that epic, once in a
4:45 pm
lifetime moment. you said three times the sales that you saw about a year ago for kings' stuff, but will it really add to your bottom line in the end? >> well, it will be a huge driver for us if the kings are good enough and, obviously, we think they are, to go on and win the cup. and what's really exciting for us with our relationship with the national hockey league is ten years ago when the kings won the cup, we were able to secure a visit by the cup itself into our west los angeles store which is really a block away from your studios here in los angeles, and our action pass members had a chance to come in and be photographed with the cup, some kissed the cup -- [laughter] i just held it up. but it was really an exciting night, and then the cup got on a first class jet, had a first class seat to canada. so we have a great relationship with the nll. adam: i'm holding up some miami heat paraphernalia here, you've got the hat, the jacket, jersey. even in a place like l.a. when you have big basketball fans, when a team makes it to the
4:46 pm
playoffs, we saw ticket prices shoot up to a record of $1600 -- liz: oh, it's more like $2,000. adam: just making the playoffs, even if it's not the home city, does it drive up the merchandise? >> we don't change the price, but certainly the desire increases. what really happens, you know, is you look at underdogs that step up, you know, the clippers are a perfect example of what happened, you know, in the month of may with that franchise and how, you know, under steve balmer's relationship how much more successful they're going to be. same thing with the los angeles dodgers. a change in ownership spiked our sales because the dodger fans realized the improvement was going to be there, and that's proven to have come true. the kings, you know, how do you look at that record of resiliency and grit and determination and fighting through all that diversity all season long? it's great human drama, a great interest story and the ultimate in reality television. liz: oh, i couldn't agree more. you could go on for hours with
4:47 pm
me, craig, i'm absolute in agreement. the hat sales, you know, what are these retailing for, about $26? >> that's right. liz: yeah. you are way more than just sports equipment. so it's not, i'm not quite sure you're a good comparison to a modells, for example, because you're in camping apparel, you're in all kinds of opportunities. you know, what kind of opportunity at the beverly center, i know you've got a store right near there, that people getting stuff for skiing and for outdoorsman activities? >> right. well, actually, we don't have that store. we opened a new store in downtown los angeles -- liz: oh, yeah, moved. >> two blocks north of staples center. so we're the largest scuba retailer in the world, 32 of our stores have scuba training pools. we sell more gear than anybody on the west coast. the cool thing about sports chalet is we teach what we sell. if you want to learn how to ice climb, we can teach you how to do that, hike, we can teach you how to do that, and we have a team sales division that calls
4:48 pm
on schools and teams and leagues, when san diego state played in the poinsettia bowl last year, we embellished the products and put them on the field. so we touch athletes at all levels, and we like to say you get great gear at sports chalet, your performance will improve, and you'll look good doing it. liz: craig, i mean, i've been going to kings games for 40 years. it's amazing, isn't it? >> right. liz: go, kings, right? you think they can do it? >> i don't think there's any question. our if-win orders are in, and our logistics teams are ready to go. the minute they clinch, we'll have product on the floor and online to celebrate -- adam: de blasio said he would dress up in kings gear if the rangers lose, so are you going to be the one who sends the clothing out there? >> i'll make sure i get exactly the right size, and we'll have it on the way today. liz: just pummel all of the officers, please -- [laughter] with kings stuff. good to see you, craig, good luck to you. thank you so much. adam: amazon is going to paypal
4:49 pm
launching a new billing and payment service. the online giant's hoping start-ups and other subscription-based companies will adopt its new services. so should paypal be worried? liz: and feeling a little worse for the wear after a night on the vegas strip? well, you may not have to travel home that way anymore. that's attractive. details when we go off -- [laughter] ♪ ♪ we're moving our company to new york state.
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which is easy. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq start at just $999.98 because everyone deserves a great night's sleep. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ ♪ liz: amazon introducing a new online payment service today, taking on ebay's paypal. the company hopes its service will soon be adopted by start-up companies and others offering subscription-based payments. adam: how worried should paypal be? joining us with the story is our own jo ling kent, but before we go there, breaking news on paypal. >> ceo david marcus jumping to facebook to become the new vice president of messaging and products there. the news comes amid facebook's pending $19 billion acquisition of what's app, but marcus says he's not going to oversee what's app, that'll continue to operate separately from facebook. meanwhile, paypal should be watching their back. 244 million active users store
4:54 pm
their payment information on amazon, and they can also use it the pay a monthly phone bill or other recurring services. amazon is also making a play for small businesses. the application is mobile ready, and they charge a fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction of $10 or more. is amazon saying it's been testing this payment system over the last few months with a start-up mobile carrier called ting, they're calling the results impressive. this could go well, we're expecting ceo jeff bezos is expected to announce that next wednesday in seattle. if you think about it, music subscription, video streaming, it all fits into the equation quite nicely and, of course, we will be there live in seattle next wednesday. adam: jo, i want to ask you this question because what should investors make of all of this? amazon continues to roll out new products, new software, everything. asylums like they're jumping -- it seems like they're jumping the shark despite losses each quarter. >> they really are.
4:55 pm
they really want to be the everything store, and you just can't ignore the numbers. in 2013, third quarter, they lost $41 million. a year before that we're talking a huge loss, $274 million. but amazon really wants to compete universeally. but paypal, they only have 148 million active users, but amazon is definitely watching them. they're also trying to destroy the competition from braintree, google wallet, so it goes on and on, but amazon really making a big play. liz: investors just don't seem to mind that amazon loses money. adam: but some are starting to get impacter. liz: thank you very much. adam: google doodle with a powerful message, but it's the young artist behind this doodle that's getting all the attention. we'll tell you why in just a moment. liz: and what happens in vegas stays in vegas, right? there's a new way for party goers to headache sure that actually happens so they can -- to make sure that actually happens so they can go home with a clear mind. details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
4:56 pm
i spent my entire childhood seeing the world in reverse, and i loved every minute of it. but then you grow up and there's no going back. but it's okay, it's just a new kind of adventure. and really, who wants to look backwards when you can look forward?
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4:58 pm
>> let's go off the desk. sin city is helping you get more sinful offering a hangover help before you get on your plan. stop by the new medical clinic and get an iv drip, antinausea medication and oxygen to make the hangover disappear like mom used to do. that is not all the airport medical center can do. if you missed your flu shot or twist your ankle, can help you with that too. medical center making its debut today. >> can't get you your money back? have you seen today's google doodle? it is pretty great and drawn by a fifth grader. from new york was the winner of the doodle four google contest with the first in competition history to be put in animated
4:59 pm
form. the theme was if i could make the world a better place. it shows water being refined into drinking water. google is donating $20,000 in her name to a charity and giving her a $30,000 college scholarship. speak out good for her. number two thing to watch, oil did settling at a three month high. comes amid signs of economic improvement in china and all that raising outlook for energy demand. >> the number one thing to watch tomorrow will be coming up tonight at 9:30 p.m. eastern when china is set to release his latest inflation figures expected to show a slight increase to 2.4% from the previous month. analysts point to long-term pressures as the government has begun to loosen its grip on utility and resource prices.
5:00 pm
>> cheryl casone in for gerri willis today. you will break on the details of that report from the va. cheryl: the question we will be asking our viewers is should we privatize the va. can private companies do a better job here? >> in light of what happened, probably. unacceptable to be treating veterans like this. >> it will give them better service, absolutely be at cheryl: lot more on this coming up in a few moments. thank you very much. also coming up on the show, and mom serious as her son suffers a severe sunburn. wait until you hear the school's excuse. the mom joins us here in a few moments. a case of identity theft in obamacare. will it be the first of many. we will have the very latest for you. and we are investigating a growing trend, people are giving


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