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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  June 25, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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across three lanes of traffic and slammed into barrier wall. there are only four hundred of them in the world, now 399. this model has been up for auction in the past and earned up to $3 million. today, two bucks? melissa francis joins me now. melissa: charlie gasparino, just called you a car geek. adam: i am. melissa: thank you so much, adam. i know you are. the obama administration 40-year first. not so fast. here this before you believe oil exports are coming back. google striking in its never-ending battle against apple. what it has planned for your ever-connected life. the race to the poor house. bill clinton now chiming in as wife hillary and vice president joe biden battle who has it the worst. sorry, amazon. welcome to the no-fly zone. the faa ruling that is grounding any hopes of drone deliveries, because even when they say it's not, it is all always about money.
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melissa: the supreme court pulling the plug on aereo's streaming television service. the court ruling 6-3 against the startup. the broadcasters loving it. shares of traditional networks are surging on the news. here fox business's very own charlie gasparino, "wall street journal's" james freeman, and former host, gregory rayburn. thanks for joining us. barry diller. very brave talk out of the gate. it is not a financial loss for us but i believe blocking this technology is a big loss for consumers. craig, i will let you go first since i called you ray. >> okay, melissa, thank you. >> i think a lot positives turing before this decision, they were saying this is binary. this is all or nothing, i find that hard to believe that they would have put that investment in if they're not going to have any way to retool the argument up again.
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the supreme court left them -- melissa: you think they have room in there? seems like, i don't know. what do you guys think? i think they're dead on arrival. >> i think the good news i don't think this decision goes that far. i don't think it will destroy cloud computing. >> why doesn't it take it to its lon call conclusion? >> they're saying this is essentially a cable system. but when you look at the design it looks a lot like by this logic, old black and white tvs with rabbit ears. melissa: they were not reselling the signal. >> they were selling tvs. they are basically saying this is akin to a cable system. the dissent made clear there are lot of reasons it is not. melissa: let's move on. the obama administration is planning to allow exports of unrefined american oil for the first time in nearly 40 years. check out shares of u.s. refiners. guys, stay with me, i want to bring in analyst phil flynn from the cme on this one. phil, what has reaction been like? we saw a little bit after rally in oil prices.
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i think we have the chart. they went up now because there is more demand? or they're down now. >> it was about the spread between brent and wti. melissa: oh, yeah. >> the oil we're talking about exporting right now is very high quality oil. it is very volatile. and that's what we're talking about. it is called condensate. it is what we're getting outeagleford shale and all these sail deposits. the thing is, what is happening, we're really blurring the line of what crude oil actually is. the stuff that is coming out of the shale is so pure and so volatile that you really can't classify it as traditional crude oil. melissa: yeah. >> that is what the bugaboo is in the story. melissa: the devil is always in the details. james? >> this is a bibby step but hallelujah. this is great news. considering the democratic left that the president has to deal with that he can't go further, but to open markets this way given the north american energy revolution, hugely bullish.
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melissa: charlie. >> this is an election year. where democrats are most vulnerable, rate-leaning purple states. >> yes. >> that is what this is about. this is playing to those states. you could lose, they can lose the senate because they lose all those purple states which, they want more drilling. that is where drill, baby drill came from. melissa: that is argument for the pipeline, right? >> that is argument for the pipeline. you could argue this decision is way late. the ban was in the '73. we're in entirely different situation in terms of our ability to generate oil and export than we were then. i think congress put the ban in because they were worried about price variability and fluctuations. it didn't solve that anyway. melissa: phil, do traders on the floor feel like this is opening of the door, maybe not a huge step but it will bring forth a lot more. >> oh, it is, absolutely. >> because it makes economic sense and believe it or not makes political sense.
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right now the u.s. is exporting more products than they have ever. we're producing more product than we ever have before. this is change the refining industry as we know it, this shale oil right now. and the way that, believe it or not, we've been exporting this oil for some time. the refiners have been tweaking it. they're sending out, quote, unquote product. but i think we're just acknowledging the fact that this oil is better for export than it is sitting in a tanker at home. melissa: that's a good point. thanks to you. ugly gdp report today. u.s. economy shrinking nearly 3% in the first quarter according to commerce department. 2.9 contraction. you never see economy shrink in a recovery. this is the second time it happened in so-called recovery. >> you wonder how much you blame on the weather. melissa: right. minus 2.9? >> they had an excuse they could go with. now we get to minus three, not seeing, we're looking at second quarter differently.
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if this is bouncing back from a minus three, it is not all that great. it looked good when we thought the first quarter was better. >> the fed may have no other option but to raise interest rates sooner rather than later given some commodity inflation and bubbles. melissa: inflation of food. >> think of the box we're in. the fed will have to raise rates when gdp may be going negative. think about that. how scary of an economic system. and in the absence of decent fiscal policy, that is the box you find yourself into. melissa: we've gotten to this point in spite of all stimulus and everything everybody has done in washington. this is proof essentially it doesn't work. >> no, no. there is point. it does work but at some point, printing money, monetary stimulus is like pushing on a string. then it creates externality. melissa: what about fiscal policy? >> we don't have fiscal policy. melissa: we had a lost spending. we have a lloyd the spending. shovel-ready jobs. >> that was one shot at it. >> there is nothing left in the
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tool box for the fed. i think charlie is right on the point, whether you're facing inflation or stagflation or some sort of combination of that, it also then puts back into relief, what i think is a stark disconnect between stock prices and -- melissa: that is great point. >> underlying economy. >> i want to talk about that more. dow is up 38 points. ipo market is on base for busiest year since 2000. go pro is on deck. the video camera maker is set to price tonight. this goes to the point where stocks are only one benefiting. company like goh pro. products are popular but come on, it is mounted camera. >> alibaba will come pretty soon. melissa: right. >> i think this is the sort of, street is just pushing these things out because they know the end is near. this is bubble. it will burst at some point. may not be like 2,000 where everything fell apart for next three years. there is bubble mentality with tech stocks. they're pushing out the last ones.
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i don't even know what, what do these guys do? melissa: their profit is up 88%, to 61 million last year. >> $61 million. >> different from 2000. these are real products making real money. >> $61 million? >> look at some of the concepts we got funded in late '99? >> $61 million? >> this is real business. >> i think james is right, to be fair, on a company specific basis, this ceo is a very sharp person. if i look stocks where i wan to invest or not invest i have to look at ceo. melissa: okay. >> he is a very sharp operator. they have a very unique product. they will get competition, no question. melissa: what do they do next? no barrier to entry. >> you could be disintermediated in a week. >> people are going to be excited about the size of potential market. basically the whole world is producing media now. this fits in. melissa: okay. sorry, amazon, no drones for you. the faa says it will not allow use of drones for delivery of packages. i mean this is devastating.
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>> why is it devastating? >> i wanted my pizza by drone. i was planning on, we have great footage out of russia -- >> every time i go up in a plane i worry about a bird flying into the engine. with drones running around, give me a break. melissa: what a killjoy you are, charlie. he is a killjoy. >> exactly what we talked about when we were on last. you remember? charlie and i raised who will regulate all this activity in the airspace? i think james is proponent of no regulation. >> how do you keep pizza warm in the air? melissa: what a killjoy you are. >> technology could prevent the strikes with airplanes and airplanes striking into each other and bird would get out of the way. >> not birds. >> birds are hitting engine because no one is willing to get rid of birds near airports. melissa: damn environmentalists. >> it is. melissa: one more,ties the season for obligations. those are the trips you have to go on, you really don't want to go. trips to celebrate best friend's second cousin birthday and like
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will cost you 800 bucks a year. i think that is low end. they say americans spend 185 billion on leisure trips they fee obligated to take? >> zero. he refuse to do it. melissa: you never feel obligated to do what poem tell to you do? i believe that. >> it has to be someone i really, really like. melissa: really? and they're dying or what? >> i might go out to long island. that's about as far as. melissa: okay. what about you guys? any bride dal showers in your future there? >> i have never taken the kids to disney world either. i don't know how i have dodged that. melissa: i'm going on disney crews. >> disney cruise. melissa: obli-cation. we're not pay forge that one. so i can't really complain about it. >> i have one piece of advice you duck these. turn off the social media off. as opposed to 20 years ago. you can not fib your way out. can't say i'm out of town.
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instagram, i'm at beach where you're not. melissa: final word. charlie says just say no. google kicks off tech conference with one particular rival in its sights. spin on political theater. forget neil patrick harris. bill clinton is poised to be the hottest leading man on broadway. i'm not kidding. this one will give you a run for your money. ♪. ♪ [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades --
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melissa: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something ew. forget garters and veils. google glass is the newest must-have accessory for head together all the a. a recent survey find that 29% of brides would love to wear google glass on their wedding day. nothing goes better with a vera wang dress than a computer on your face. keep this in mind when you send rsvp. 43% of the brides want their guests to wear google glass. i might send my regrets on that one. wall street look liking likt it hears out of google tech
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conference. after $99 lars smartphone of the biggest news is major push into tv that could ruffle feathers at apple and amazon. we have capitalist's jonathan hoenig and is a fox news contributor. rob enderle, let me start with you. what did you think of this move to tv. >> this is what google tv should have always been. a much better integrated. it ties back to their other devices very nicely. you can use a watch to control your tv a tablet to control your tv as much as you want. it organizes programs for a 10-foot interface. it collects the programs and, connects them back into search so you can find the stuff much more easily. this is far more compelling that on the earlier failed offering. melissa: wow, christina, does it outdo apple. >> i'm not sure whether it outdoes apple but better than, what, three times of this?
2:16 pm
maybe fourth time is the charm. it is best offering to date. i don't know that is better than what amazon put out if i'm being honest. melissa: jonathan, what is your take what you've seen so far from google today? >> more of the same from google, melissa. miracles literally developed daily. google glass you mentioned. that was lampooned and made fun of when it initially launched. we're seeing real legitimate uses for it. whether at one's wedding or anywhere else. essentially this intermediated entire broadcast networks. like max headroom, you can run your own broadcast network. what we've seen from google since inception is hierachical knowledge. take previous achievements in search or mapping and build on top of that if google tv is able to eat apple's lunch i think they put a great run for it and you will see the stock higher and explain google's success. melissa: you talk about google doing miracles, did you hear this one? going nell 9:00 to 5:00, they
2:17 pm
are working on micro bottoms that swim through your blood to detect cancer. is there any truth to that? christina, what do you think? >> that is sounds great but that at the same time creeps me out. i don't know know that i want google into my eyewear yet alone in the blood dream. but if it could detect cancer that would be great. melissa: thanks, guys. of after yesterday's triple-digit decline, let's go to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. big day for zulily. what is going on with that one? >> indeed. a lot of people go on for their moms and order for their kids and do exactly that online. a huge pop. new high. goldman sachs says buy. they have been looking at zulily very closely. they have done some more hiring, expanded its merchandise line and men's antique furniture. goldman sachs says buy the stock. a new high, up 11%. back to you. melissa: all right. iraq heading toward civil war as
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insurgents continue to gain ground in the region. most americans believe getting involved again is not the right move. pass the smelling salts, please. interning at white house is not for faint of heart. it's a summer intern's worst fear come true. that is money to make you swoon next. ♪.
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melissa: the export-import bank which provides loans to american companies that are selling their products abroad under fire for alleged cronyism. in a hearing on capitol hill today lawmakers are debating whether to shut down the agency entirely but the white house is showing support. >> the numbers speak for
2:22 pm
themselves. the tangible impact that the ex-im bank has on our economy and job creation is reason enough for congress to act in bipartisan fashion as they have many times to authorize the bank. melissa: here to break it down, james freeman, "wall street journal" and steve moore. this story is confusing. the export-import bank almost something nobody heard of. now it is making front page news every day. there is talk about corruption inside. we to shut things down. they take taxpayer money and provide companies to advance abroad. companies pay it back with interest does it net-- >> whether you cash flow accounting or use real accruel accounting. on cash flow basis they bring in money. but the congressional budget office says it costs taxpayers over time. melissa: it is a loser? >> yes.
2:23 pm
if it doesn't cost taxpayer money they wouldn't need government subsidy. they could go to the private insurance market to get insurance. i think that is what will happen. i do think export-import bank will get defunded this year. melissa: james. >> this has been around since the new deal, finally, finally looks like it might end. there is just, people are fed up with the corporate welfare this is kind of a classic case. and it is not, besides just showering particular businesses, it also hurts our companies that compete against foreign buyers to get the cheap financing. melissa: i don't understand. one hand we say it is corporate welfare. on the other hand they say that 85% of the people they help are small business. is that not true. >> hold on, that is not even close. a huge percentage of money -- melissa: that was a press release from -- >> if you look actually where the money goes, huge portion of it goes to boeing, general electric, the major, those are the companies that are lobbying big-time in washington right now. melissa: is now possibly a bad time to close it? i'm being devil's advocate here? >> we should have done it 20 years ago. melissa: with the economy
2:24 pm
suffering. >> what we could use out of washington is turn toward more open markets t would help some companies. right now what happens, we fund the emirates airways to buy boeing. >> right. >> and what happens is, delta, then gets underpriced and has a tough time because they don't get this cheap financing that the foreign carrier gets. melissa: they tell you that helps boeing. that keeps american jobs at home. that helps boeing continue to operate and that is their argument. not true? >> every company that gets government support says this is good for jobs. somebody has to pay for it t does cost taxpayer money. you know what killed ex-im bank was election in virginia where cantor lost. a big issue was corporate cronyism. this is become a kind of symbol, a billboard for corporate cronyism. republicans believe politically they have to kill this program. melissa: is that what it is? why is it at the fore right now? i seen on front page of papers for days now? something 99% of the people never heard of. >> now they have.
2:25 pm
>> trying to kill it for years but because of this opportunity and this moment and cantor's successor, kevin mccarthy saying on your network the other day he is not going for reauthorization, it now is on the table. it is going to expire in september. and now it looks like it will actually expire. >> i want to correct you on one thing, when you said 99% of people don't know what this is. melissa: yes. >> these tea party activists in the republican party know what the program is. they're demanding of republican leadership, this kind of program and other programs like this, opec and world bank and all these programs, they have always been programs -- >> fannie, freddie. >> fannie and freddie are per folk example. it pays for itself until it doesn't pay for itself involving huge losses. melissa: latest developments in iraq, primealiki calling on nats political blocs to unite in the face of sunni militants militants attacked one of iraq's largest airbases and seized control of several oil field as
2:26 pm
u.s. special forces troop arrived to support iraqi forces. president's foreign policy numbers, look at this, tumbling to a new low. in the latest "fox news poll," only 32% approve. what is this telling you? do you think this is telling you americans don't want to go back to iraq? >> he will which think it tells you among other things that he, he made a real mistake when he left pretending that everything was cool and it was fine for us to leave. i think maybe a more honest answer would have been, eight 1/2 years is long enough. melissa: we've done what we can. >> it is somebody else's problem now. but he, i think he left the impression that we could, there was a sort of a cost-free exit option for us. now we're seeing that there isn't. >> this doesn't just reflect iraq though. there is turmoil all over the world. look what is happening in russia, ukraine, and china. american, look, there is old line when america's weak at home, we're weak abroad. i think there is a real connection here. this president has, he keeps drawing lines in the sand and
2:27 pm
putin keeps walking over the line. melissa: goes beyond that. look at syria. absolutely. gentlemen, thanks to both of you. looking for a excuse not no-go to the gym tonight? new yoga tax means working out can hit you right where it hurts. sound like the perfect reason to stay in and watch netflix all night long. the race is on, to the poor house? why politicians are pawning themselves off as poor despite sitting very pretty. do you ever have too much money? i guess politicians can. ♪. when folks think about what they get from alaska,
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>> politicians are just like us. as the field for the 2016 presidential race heats up it seems what we really have is a
2:31 pm
big race to the up for house. bill clinton coming to his wife's defense saying she is not out of touch and it is factually true that a couple were $7 million in debt when leaving the white house. we have fox news digital politics editor, this is incredible. they are out there and want to talk about how porche they are from hillary clinton saying she was dead broke, now bill clinton saying we go to our local grocery store, we talked to people in our town, we know what is going on. what is behind this? >> it is not anyaccount usa, the fifth richest zip code in the united states. to the clintons who brought in $155 million in the years since they left the white house for giving speeches and writing books, are they in touch with the people, but trip to the big lie wiggly do that? is doubtful and don't forget
2:32 pm
their daughter chelsea who got paid rather lavishly to work for nbc news said she tried to care about money, she tried to care about money but couldn't make herself, she cared about people. melissa: charlie gasparino on the phone as breaking news. >> this is live tv, new york attorney general eric schneiderman which sources say is sniderman will be announcing a case in its crackdown on dark pools going at the barkley's bank, that is what we hear about at 4:00 p.m. we should see a headline right now. snyderman to file a case against barkleys bank, dark pools happening today. we should point out market fragmentation or cracking down on 40 markets or high-frequency trading, this won't be high-frequency trading, that is a key thing they are going
2:33 pm
after, new york attorney general is going after. this is a big thing, we should have a headline. and the second one should say over dark pools. this is all about dark pools and high frequency trading. another headline says dark pools. melissa: as soon as we finish this discussion you will get more on this. and all kinds of things. why do politicians feel like this is what they have to do? and when it doesn't ring true? when you have somebody like chelsea clinton saying i was curious and i just couldn't, you have joe biden saying i am and mildly expensive suits, no savings account and doesn't own a single stock. is that true? >> the last few years, so demonized the rich. anyone with money is a suspect
2:34 pm
class but this is completely backfired on the clintons. save they only have a few hundred thousand dollars of income. is probably ten times that. most americans of living on $50,000 of income and saying you are struggling to get by with the $500,000 income? it makes them incredibly out of touch. melissa: call it has and is immediately as soon as some -- bill clinton was out this morning, immediately, most of the media comes back with the facts that they're worth $150 million. $250 for speech, bill clinton gets more than that. he has made $100 million on speeches, she is counting this book she got $14 million for. isn't it backfiring? >> it is backfiring but we have to remember the motive. it is hillary clinton, she has
2:35 pm
refused to do the right thing which is to say you are right. what she does is i stepped in a little bit but it is true, we had to work incredibly hard and that is insulting to people who do work hard at things like giving speeches but the other thing is it is not just a democratic issue. when we look at eric cantor's loss in virginia or other politicians, not who are rich but become rich as a consequence of their public service, that is something that sits very poorly with the electorate. melissa: that is a very good point. clinton next month and the two different actors will be playing bill clinton:portraying the steadfast presidential w.j. clinton. the other, billy clinton. this is a cross between jekyll and hyde and saturday night fever. i you going to come to town to see it? >> i might have to miss that one. i may pass on that.
2:36 pm
melissa: it doesn't need to be theater. already is. >> i like vote billy clinton. melissa: are you going to see it? >> i am breaking news here. we should point out this is interesting because this is the first case in the crackdown on high frequency trading following the michael lewis -- we're talking dark pools, high-frequency traders trading and out so what is the allegation? what is the allegation? >> they are going to say barkleys gave high-frequency traders preferential -- >> you got to go first and a lower price. >> we don't know. you pay us and we give you -- >> almost like an insider trading, that is what he is going to argue. we will see how this works but this is coming out today at 4:00 p.m. and dark pools and it
2:37 pm
all sounds complicated but every price you pay for a stock has something to do with the way our markets are formed and it is not just markets, it is many markets, the stock exchange, nasdaq, dark pools and what sniderman is saying is trading among these less transparent things, dark pools, private markets, there's something fishy. the michael lewis thing is about whether these markets are rigged. he is saying what i like about snyder's of the man to make his final point, if he is going after the dark pools as the problem i don't think it is the problem. of the fact we have 40 different markets which is of problem, the editorial page has written a lot about. melissa: thanks to all of you. would you ever turn down free money? in new york one chinese millionaire had a hard time handing out free money. you have to hear about this. is a problem emily post never saw coming, smart phones making man is a thing of the past and forcing us to take a trip to technology charm school.
2:38 pm
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2:40 pm
says he was unaware of the sheer size of the scam. general mills has launched a review of its manufacturing network in north america with hopes to reduce costs. the cheeriosmaker revealed it has been disappointed with its sales results and of its cost-cutting plan will save them $4 million next year and john boehner is looking to sue the president for taking all those executive orders. declaims president obama has been reaching his constitutional power by sidestepping congress in decisionmaking. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your trading. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 where others see fads... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see opportunities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're here to help tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 turn inspiration into action. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 we have intuitive platforms
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2:43 pm
released at 4:00 p.m. but the interesting thing again, the tail wagging the dog, the sec is involved in high-frequency trading of the new york state attorney general is leading the charge on this and what i like about this case, don't know enough about it and not giving it credence until i read it but what i find interesting and good about it so far is schneiders of the man is addressing the dark pool rather from the high-frequency trading. the problem with michael lewis's book is the source of the problem. you had 50 different markets and these are private markets that cut private deals with people, he has gone after barkleys on this and will be interesting but my guess is it is all about preferential treatment, two high-frequency traders. melissa: first thing you do in a restaurant after checking the menus check your phone like charlie does. you are in some serious need of cellphone netiquette. not charlie. as it slowly creeps into every crevice of our lives, technology at the table is becoming a serious problem for diners
2:44 pm
everywhere. here to save you the shame and embarrassment of being a digital the lincoln, international etiquette expert jacqueline with more. thank you for joining us. we are going to try to set everybody street. now, this is one of those things, if somebody brings a phone to dinner with u.s. are sitting there looking at it, that is accused no no. what are you supposed to do? >> it is 8 huge no no. you should put people first and put the phone away. just get it out of sight, put it on silent or vibrate so your dining companions don't hear it. melissa: can i leave on the table? when you put it face down and leave that on the table, is that ok? >> you really shouldn't leave the on the table unless you are doctor on call. what you should do is keep it in your whack for your handbag or briefcase but keep it out of sight because if you put it on the table, it sends a signal that your call is more important
2:45 pm
than the people you are with. melissa: glad to hear i can keep it in my lap. one of your other rules, if you have to take a call excuse yourself from the table and find a place away from diners. charlie justice the phone call at the desk but it was breaking news. it was -- it is breaking news. you can't take a call at the table, got to leave the table? >> i think it is courteous to leave the table and keep the call brief. if you are expecting an important call let your companions know ahead of time. when you do take that call you find a secluded location and a public restroom is not a private secluded location. melissa: i see people in the restroom talking on the phone all the time. you also say the only time it is permissible to bring out your phone is showing pictures and checking trivia. i love that one. thank you. >> also, when you want to it take a picture of the group then you can take out. melissa: what do you think?
2:46 pm
they vie ladies rules of the time? u.n. critic of miley these rules? >> fox business broke a story about eric schneiderman going after dark pools and high frequency trading because i have no etiquette. that is why -- i rip their throats out. melissa: i have been to dinner with you. you actually don't leave it on the table. i hate to out you on television. you don't, you hang your pocket or something. >> i was so engrossed in conversation. melissa: let's see what is coming up. liz claman is standing by. last hour of trading is upon us. liz: we are watching the markets and about to see what the twenty-third record for the s&p 500 so we are on stock, on your portfolio, on money. one of the big winners is a group of broadcasters, the aereo decision, the biggest cheer the ingraham for aereo is the consumer electronics association.
2:47 pm
fox business exclusive with gary shapiro who runs it and we will be fair and balanced and have john payne, a law partner who was for the broadcasters and content providers talk about that and in a late add, fox business exclusive with the man who more than 30 years ago focused on the same type of battle, he was president and chief operating officer of universal fought against sony and sony's betamax, lost to the supreme court level, he will be joining us from los angeles to give his reaction to this. very interesting context, plus 3d printers, those stocks were skyrocketing over the past couple years, by 2,000%. the pullback lately, but today 3d systems, one of the leaders unveiling a brand new ability, scan to print 3d objects. we will talk about it. stay tuned. melissa: thanks. coming up apparently the world cup is still a thing and it is
2:48 pm
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melissa: team usa working to make america proud. fans at home are hardly working, 16 million fans are expected to tune into tomorrow's game against germany which starts at noon eastern, did in the middle of the work day which should have bosses running scared. the author of what motivates me, put your passions to work,
2:52 pm
should bosses just embrace it and save from 12:00 to 2:00 eastern time is going to be a total wipeout? >> absolutely. just roll with it. if the u.s.a. wins and they will, productivity after the game will skyrocket. melissa: you think people are cheering and racing to get a drink they will be working hard? >> american express does this. in the break rooms they have the big tv, people wear their jerseys and bring their laptops, here it is focusing. listen to me on this. if you give people that time coming and you save the two hours -- by the way soccer games are not four hours, if you give them that time and encourage them, they will make a deal. i and telling you. melissa: you have a lot of faith, $390 million in lost wages. if you the the average wage and the amount of time people spend watching it you could say it
2:53 pm
would boost the economy after words or daring as people go to pubs, they are not network, the lost productivity from wages would be made up as people in bars and that sort of thing, you think we will win tomorrow? i want to believe you. >> clean sheet, it will be great, the crazy hair shutdown germany, bradley and the midland brian dempsey of front, he will score a race. my prediction is he will mail usa and he will win. melissa: the most important thing is it is two hours and will end at 2:00 and people should come right back and watch money the second is over. come back to fox business. chester, thank you. apparently luis juarez crating italian, tasted victory in an upturn--an opponent's shoulder. social media is buying back. tons of brands taking advantage of the controversy on twitter with trident tweeting chew gum,
2:54 pm
not soccer players. not to be outdone tci friday's tweeted is safe to say uruguay was hungry for the wind and cold food offering an alternative tweeting this could be your dinner, an italian stake pinwheels. very clever on twitter, every one. unlucky number 7. most stocks on the dow have been hitting new highs this year but listen to how nike and walmart are among the seven dwarfs' missing the party. at the end of the day it is all about money. means keeping seven billion ctransactions flowing.g,
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the judgment and innovation killer has aereo fans suggest. the winners, losers and the debate. after rocketing higher, 3d printing companies come back to earth in the fight to keep the revolution alive. 3d systems announcing a brand new 3d scanner. a fox business exclusive with the company's ceo and president who says it could change


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