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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 25, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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they want is lender reminding them they are poor. maybe they should bring down tuition rather than tweeting. that's for sure. that's it for tonight's "the willis report." have a great evening. charles payne is next. . charles: tonight on "making money" forget government solutions, the private sector is superman and ready to save the day. business has a much better pulse on main street than washington. congress is ready to grow not just with words but big spending. the oldest members of congress use the oldest dirtiest tricks to stay there. last night's win are losses in my book right now. the usual suspects headed to loop taxpayer money. picture this, a fake city to test driverless cars, i know it sounds cool. but as a national policy to move the economy is always a disaster. meet the creator of this facade%
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tonight. we've got a great show for you. so let's go make some money. . charles: hi, i'm charles payne and welcome to "making money," right here right now, we're going to help you make money by investing in the stock market. here to help investment pros hitha prabhakar. what are you watching? >> i'm watching the progress in the private sector. charles: tracy, what's on your mind? >> term limits, get the guys the heck out of office already. charles: we say it but never do it. a lot of headlines, which is hitting the most. >> market, politics, the economy, we have to stop look back and looking ahead. charles: that's what she always told me. kate rodgers with social media. >> some policies out of d.c. especially obamacare make it
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difficult. charles: i've said it before, i'm going to say it again, this is not about day trading, not countdown to the crash, the idea of successfully investing and building portfolio takes time and patience. we call it the real, real deal. i tell but this every night. beyond the headlines, we drill deep, look under the hoot and find the nuggets that can help you make money. let's do that right now. the first real, real deal. the dow closing up today passing a huge test after worst snegz some time, took away the rally swagger, a lot of the investors were worried about today being a disaster. tracy, what is the message in the markets? >> in case anyone was wondering no correlation between the s&p and the gdp. if anyone is losing sleep over that number there. i think what we're seeing is everyone is looking at the back half of the year, let's be done with the first half, the numbers are just noise now, charles. but down we just budge.
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charles: the bulls, and i've been a bull promising the second half is going to be great for a long time, and it's never great. >> that's true. you have been saying you're seeing inklings of hope. i think we're seeing more and more and they threw this one out and moved on. >> mixed reports, gdp is god awful, everybody saying it's the end of the world. yesterday housing numbers were really good. we've got to stay the course. charles: if they are bad, they should be really bad. >> really bad is not that bad. if the market numbers are just kind of flat, that's more concerning than uncertainty that's out there. the gdp can you blame it on weather, whatever you like, as kate mentioned, the numbers have been really good and expectations are going from negative 2.9 to positive 2%. charles: mrs. lincoln, how was the play? >> i agree with matt. looking at a number from the first quarter. positive earnings coming out.
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the last earnings for the companies, fundamentals in a minute, and i see positives, all positive for the next quarter. charles: big robust industrial name up huge today. a couple other names. the rusty, strong companies, bigtime moves to the upside today. >> i had someone say earlier, we're had a policy bubble that the market is run by policy, not run by really anything, arguably not even fundamentals, it is run by policylicy? >> and pulled down by geopolitical. >> the opposite, if it is run by policy, policy if you're talking about government it's not good. the fed i can see that. the policy of the government, high regulation, high taxes. >> money flow. >> people chiming in online saying it's time for a correction. 18 ipos and dow ready to crest 17 k. something has to give. charles: we'll go over the ipo stuff tomorrow, go-pro comes
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out, we'll do an assessment of all of it. earlier when all the ipos came out, particularly the shaky once, the market went off the rails, maybe that could be the thing that does it. >> sdn the market go for a correction after 60 months of a bull run, we're pretty much approaching that. if you think about we had the upswing from 2009, i feel we're coming to the eighth or ninth inning. >> the bears have been saying that for the last 60 months. charles: eighth or ninth inning. somewhere saying the 38th and 39th inning. we're breaking records which makes people antsy or angry. >> you can't go back and look at historical anything anymore. charles: it's a perfect time. blow the playbook. i'm going to open a page from payne's investment playbook. matt, i need your help. we're going to assess how to really understand or just for downside risk in the market, what we're using, this is the dow jones industrial average
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chart, and we're going to talk about how we got here. a couple of key chart formations. a, the double bottom. i got to tell you, it's the simplest chart formation, double bottom, double top and works 8 on 0, 90% of the time. the series of higher highs, we got that as well, that's higher highs, every time it pulled back, a higher high, pulls back, a higher high, those were great. then you have the test of resistance, resistance is where it can't get through. lot of resistance here, pulled back. lot of resistance here, pulled back. fought through, finally a major breakout. how do we assess the downside risk. we take the same chart and almost flip it around. the key is the number, what happens with resistance once you break out, it is support. now this 16,570 number give or take a couple of numbers for
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the dow jones industrial average is resistance. >> if we break through that, charles, we fall down to the level, which is around 16,000. but that's only a 5.5% pullback from the high. people say give me a 5% pullback there. it is. if we break this level, look at weakness down at 16,000. charles: selling begats selling and forget about 16,000, we crack 16,000. does the chart tell where you you think you might go. >> further down the road. that double bottom right there. that's very strong support. we're looking down where. below 15,000. i don't think we get that low. charles: everyone saying i'm look for a place to buy on the downside, that's the worst-case scenario. i bet you this much, if we tumble down that much. no one watching the show is going to stop in. there are no firemen. charles: thanks a lot.
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let's talk about this, that was the technical point of view, for me the technicals are very, very important, but ultimately the real, real deal is the fundamentals tell you how to really handle the market, they play the biggest role in ultimately telling you where a market or stock is going to go. when investors know the fact, riding out the gyrations, corrections become a lot easier. hitha give us the fundamental rationale for building on the market. >> this is the best way to forecast, where a company and market is going in the future two. parts in the fundamental analysis. not just the balance sheet, the income statements, the cash flow. lot of small businesses out there. you want to see where the cash flow is coming from. the industry analysis, you want to see where market share, is the industry growth and where the company is in relation to all thamp as an example, i cover a lot of retailers. macy's is a great example. i've been covering it prerecession.
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the stock dipped down, they've been spending money on capital expenditure on online sales. >> was that a buy signal. >> that was a buy signal. they were trying to beef up sales because the market was going online. we saw a lot of other retailers follow suit. >> keep it plain and simple, look at earnings. what's called the p/e ratio, price-to-earnings ratio, attractive on the s&p 500, if you ask yourself do you want to be in the market you? still want in be in the market. charles: p/e ratio, the price-to-earnings, divide the earnings into the price, you say it's attractive where. is it now for the market, and where do we get a red flag. >> up 16 and change, historically about the average. many times when you see a bubble burst it gets above 20. if we think we're in a bubble, we have to go much higher. >> yahoo! finance, google finance, they do such a great job of charting this stuff out. no one is going to take time to
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figure out what the p/e ratio is. charles: sure. >> you go to the sites and chart it against their peers. you can find best of breed if you do that, see where they stand among their peers. charles: go to the website, click on investors and give you a lot of extra information, help you sleep at night. today's stock suggestion comes in time for the summer travel season. you know this company catchy mildly annoying jingle and i bet you used their services before. for me it's a perfect example of investing in what you know. stay with us if you want to make some money. [ laughter ]
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. charles: all right, time for another real, real deal for you. it's not a bird, nor is it a plane. it's the private sector saving the day. now while investors were grappling with the gdp disaster, there were bits of
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information that led point to a business led recovery, they cost a lot of money, exude confidence, they were robe enough the april, u.s. servicing purchasing managers had a rating on themselves, 61 was the rating. the most important thing to know, the highest think to know since june of 2009. i think they have a much better pulse on on main street than politically skewed from the government. i got to tell you, kate, despite skepticism about the economy, maybe business knows we're doing better than we're willing to admit. >> you mentioned the pmity and ism, they were up nicely and current than gdp. thank god we got good news out of them. the virtuous cycle, manufacturing is looking good, when is it going to cycle back to main street? we're on our way but have quite a ways to go. >> i see retail sales going up
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as i have my hand on the pulse of that. housing, albeit slow is happening slowly, that's improving as well. i agree with you, business spending, yes, of course, when you see business spending happening, that's a better indication of the economy. i feel like with the business spending, pent-up demand. they weren't spending in the last couple of years. now they are. >> when does it relate to jobs? charles: if they have to now. >> if there's an increased demand for more consumers, that's obviously more demand for goods and services which will flow back to the corporations and manufactures and need more jobs. charles: the manufacturers are going out and saying we're going to take over other companies, tracy, we're going to make investments, build factories in anticipation of things getting better. >> i know, i have to tell you, in all the years i have been reporting on this, i can't tell you what's going to happen. i think it's the most confusion time ever, and anybody that
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tries to predict it is crazy, because luxury is doing great, luxury is doing great, high end, retail, all that crap, it has been. to kate's point, main street, i don't know what it's going to take to feel confident again. >> another good sign, talking about manufacturing, bigger companies, but small businesses are starting to feel better. i think that throw in the epa ruling and then they're all -- charles: national federation of independent businesses, the largest group of small businesses was a larger than expected number. is that enough to most needle? >> i don't think so, not yet. i think it's coming and i know we're going to talk about this in a second. obamacare. this health care issue is really having an impact. charles: that is the wild card. let's blow the whistle right now and open another page from payne's investment playbook and call it politics as usual or unusual in this particular
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case. anyway, it always equals bad news, take a listen to this. >> this was your victory. this is your congressman, and you can rest assured all i will be doing is thinking about and you bringing these resources home. charles: that was santa claus! last night saw two entrenched politicians defy the national mood and win re-election and mississippi incumbent thad cochran beat chris mcdaniel, while charlie rangel squeaked by challenger, polls had mcdaniel winning and demographics should have give rangel's opponent the edge here. it was another chance for us to prove we hate and want to throw out the bums. polls say we're fed up with the incumbents, but voting results always say we like our own bums or bring home the bacon, or as
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rangel put it, those resources. 15% approval rating, nevertheless chris mcdaniel beat thad cochran and polls had him in a double-digit lead yesterday. they had a card painted the tea party as the next coming of the ku klux klan and using hot button phrases like don't be intimidated and return to a by gone era. the plan worked but you have to ask yourself at what cost. hatred and fear as political weapons are extraordinarily dangerous and always wrong. thad cochran came to washington, d.c. in 1973. first as a congressman and then a senator in 1978. look at all the jobs he has. charlie rangel came in 1971. during the 40+ years they've been there entrenched in congress, washington, d.c. squandered trust, wealth and influence. the nation's debt, we're marching toward 18 trillion
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dollars and it feels like we've been stuck in the mud forever. from my vantage point, america lost bigtime last night. i guess the locals, we all won and can rest assured that our guys are going to go on the job and going to loot the joint. all right, guys, go to the last real, real deal. last night we talked about the fact that there's this malaise in the country and a lot of reasons, income has gone down, it's about the political divide. even though we talk about small government and that message was lost last night, i suspect that d.c. is going to be nudged more, maybe more towards fiscal discipline. how realistic they give up the federal bacon. >> welcome to utopia if you believe that unicorns come across the set any second now. they give it up when we institute term limits. no one should be in office as long as i have been on the planet. charlie rangel and i have a
6:20 pm
similar birthday. he was elected two months after i was born. that's crazy talk. that's crazy. the same brain making policy decisions. we don't need, this unless you throw the bums out after four years. charles: we love our bums. >> i think the phrase by gone era should be a phrase no one should say. that should be a dirty phrase. charles: dirty was all about that. charlie rangel invoked the tea party. and it's like no tea party, it's harlem, go ahead. >> i think that's the problem, these people, these politicians are campaigning on something the voters want to see from the past. they can't do that and have to push it forward. voters aren't coming out. they don't care. >> gallup releases a poll, 26% don't care about midterm elections. there was record enthusiasm in 2010, and 50% of people care less this year than then. so charles, 15% approval rating
6:21 pm
well nobody is getting out there and changing it. charles: my sister-in-law worked at one of the polls in the bronx. by 4:00, 5:00, 4 people had showed up. i didn't get the final tally. that's intrembarrassing. >> you can't change it sitting on your butt. you have to vote. we could talk about it, i don't see america changing. >> people in the bronx are the ones who are most disheartened. those are the people president obama promised the sun and moon and stars and all they got was rain. >> the bottom line, when you preach fear and create the climate, you hurt the economy bigtime. my next pick is coming up. it's a giant in the travel industry. number one in the united states. management says they're going to conquer the world. tweet me if you think you know what it is.
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. charles: time now for my investment idea of the show. you know, the name, and by all may want to own this company, because if you book travel or hotel in america, you've used their services,, hot wire and expedia has been gaining traction, they stumbled about a year ago, the stock is ready to liftoff here. maybe they should have hired in spock as spokesperson, believe it or not, expedia hung in there well. they are number one in america, and now have sights set on the rest of the world. there is the period when execution is inconsistent. they cleaned up the hot wire thing, they are good.
6:26 pm
management seems really, really confident. they've beaten the street the last three quarter, wall street keeps hike earnings estimates, wall street believes it, they are underestimating the company. they're look for a real aggressive push into mobile but china and also corporate travel. they've got a one site that's the fifth largest in the world. international growth moving faster than domestic in the last quarter, that's going to drive out size growth. the stock could see fair resistance at 80. remember the chart. break out and covering, goes to 90 fairly quickly. longer term target, 110. matt what do you think of this one? liking it. traveling, main street is traveling, people are expecting july 4th airtravel to be up 10%. the chart looks great. we did the lesson on resistance, if it breaks above the 80 level it takes off. i'm patient letting it break
6:27 pm
out first. charles: hitha, this breaks out fundamentally. the numbers look like they're going to gel? >> the market cap of 10 million dollars. the open table-priceline deal and seeing the stocks in the travel industry see the uptick. it's a wave effect for all the stocks. >> i'll take effect if i'm in the stock. up next, a twist on the truman show, fake city being built to test rivalous cars, it looks like the government packaged governments around the world love the so-called shovel ready spending plans but only work temporarily before they make things worse. another policy of misfortune. we'll be right back. she's still the one for you.
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♪ charles: all right. we are back with the paint -- updates from "payne's playbook". building a fake city. driverless cars. immobile transformation facility stoplights, roundabouts car roadsides, a road crossing, they building facades, construction barrels, and mechanical pedestrian. really, really cool. and the project and although i think the automaker should be paying for this. another we will bid towns like a about a government sponsored building as a way to spark the economy class, but this has been tried over and over again, not just here but all over the world . they did it have lost economy in the world. two dozen airports, right now, they have built 24.
6:32 pm
the dozen of them are never being used. here is the thing. you can blame one guy for this. serving as governor he erected a facade of a fake town with building fronts and people dressed as peasants because he was getting a visit. no, they would disassemble it overnight and move it to a new location because the queen was in the river convoy. by the time she got to the next town they erected again and have the same people running around. here is the thing, it worked because the attempted to leave the russian army. that is why they still think that these things can fool the public image. with this one the notion that the government should leave recoveries through taxpayer, spending, rather than allowing taxpayers to keep more of what they earn and spend it themselves. a major reason why is sluggish.
6:33 pm
>> wasteful spending. i should be spending the money that i am giving to the government. this reminds me of the parable of the broken window. parable worry said, the window was broken, they employ all these different people to fix the windows. the window never needed to be broken in the first place. charles: they took mind kicking and screaming. >> i am glad that the crash course will not be on the street . people are weary of stimulus and are not going beyond this. >> getting worse and worse, the notion that we need to protect you from yourself because you are that dumb, you, the american people who cannot handle a gun around. we, the government, have to take care of you more and more. charles: with your money. >> oh, i'm too dumb to take care of myself. >> directed the government has in spending. investment, pet projects,
6:34 pm
bridges and know where, why are they now the investment adviser? charles: just a couple of months ago as the weather changed to my hit a pothole. was a friday. was going home, a chilling. i was telling the story, we should spend more taxes on infrastructure. i want to know what they're doing with the cash i already give them. >> we are not in an economy that needs temp jobs. charles: one day i will tell you guys a story. right now want to get to another policy, gdp revision coinciding with full implementation of obamacare. a lot of economists are concerned that this brochure along the economy more than anyone had previously thought. they're is a report in today's "wall street journal", 27 percent of enrollees have grave physical conditions, diabetes, heart disease, cancer.
6:35 pm
obviously it will cost a lot more money to treat them. and the means for my own company in the we just got notification of a potential 25-28 percent hike in premiums. i know firsthand that this will hurt a lot of people. kate, you know, early signs point to this being a bigger disaster than anyone thought that would be. >> i am our resident obamacare nerd. president obama did his administrative fix. a lot of the people who wound up keeping those plans were healthier people because they're like the coverage that they add. those who flocked to the stage are older, sicker, and more expensive to cover. it is called an adverse risk death cycle. it points a double digit hex in premiums across the board. another thing to consider is subsidy inflation, tax credits you get from the government, that is not going to keep up with the rising cost of health care. even if you're getting discounted health care it will be more expensive. charles: not enough younger people are in the program.
6:36 pm
>> the captain, stayed on their parents plans. >> they have no idea what is in this. shoot now ask questions later. kate has been doing all some research on this whole thing. it is all messed up. every time a policy comes into play they realize that it is wrong and try to fix it. and the prices are going up because and people are not getting in. who is going to pay for that? >> and small businesses. >> you are less cynical than i am. you think it did not care? as long as it ultimately push us toward single payer. >> absolutely. this is better. a quick story, my answer as got canceled. 45 percent. 45 percent increase.
6:37 pm
one under% health insurance has probably cut back on some of my funding and savings. >> that is exactly what happened . you cannot go out and spend money if you have to pay all obamacare. >> no longer contributing. >> this will halt the economy. charles: i have a pop quiz. there will be in today's review. a lot of fun with this one. the name of the game is making money.
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charles: well, you know things are always as they seem. sometimes you have to go back and take a look. today the nfl agreeing to remove its caps of the settlement agreement which really was barely enough to cover the thousands of players involved in a lawsuit. i say the nfl almost pulled a fast one taking advantage of these crippled, aging players. upon further review maybe justice is going to prevail. i know your kids have sports. >> is summoned from the fall. this is a near and dear topic to any parent who has a kid.
6:42 pm
i get that they want more money to know what that does not solve the problem. we need to fix this. these kids did paint around all day long. better equipment and education. we need the fathers to stop saying, maneb and get back on the field. on the flip side of the corn and of a concussion issue, 78 percent of these athletes go broke three years after they leave. in no, combined with these major injuries something has to give. charles: a lot of time -- or we have to say when i was despicable, they did not want to chip in money to help these guys. i think that is nuts. making all this money. someone a bang up big time. throw them a bone. >> making no more -- >> some of you are not old enough, but may be the audience might remember, the plea with america to give money to deport
6:43 pm
chinese. well, 200 residents of the new york shelter at a fancy new york city restaurant in addition to the upscale menus, $300. upon further review considering how much, inevitable that a chinese actors will appear on their television asking for donations? >> i don't think it will happen, but if i have children they will learn mandarin from day number one. you have to know that going forward. >> they're is a great school near us. and not pregnant, but they're is school that does bilingual education, and i agree that is the wave of the future. charles: well, you guys know jim rogers. his daughter had a mentor intruder from day one. last one, the san francisco museum of art, 94 percent toward their goal of raising 610 million. what they want to do is double
6:44 pm
the size to fit in masterpieces. of course this is some highbrow stuff, to be sure, this is a city that set aside almost 165 million from the services. upon further review, a sanctuary city, the pinnacle of liberalism may be tone deaf, mean-spirited, the greediest city in america, san francisco seems like a tale of two cities. >> i am not a fan of services go , but these donations for the art museum or private donations. that being said, they should pull back of almost a nation's. i feel like they're running and inefficient system. thomas is she to remain stagnant . >> he would rather. >> it is a private donations. >> it is a program. make sure that it is safe. i would not say scale back the money. but with nonprofits it is. you never know.
6:45 pm
charles: all kind of people protesting. if that was a wall street meeting that would have been topic number one. >> it is a humongous dichotomy getting worse and worse by the second. charles: it really is. listen, there is sanctuary city. they pride themselves that pointing the finger at other people for being greedy. they are like everyone else. all right. it is time to address your questions about the market and making money, individual stocks, the overall market fell you can ask me anything. kate picks your question. give us the first. >> we had one that came in earlier. how important is buying or selling by insiders in your evaluation of the stock? charles: this is a great question, i have to tell you. because, you know, it is hard to grapple with. we will tell you right now, i think that insider selling is not as important as insider
6:46 pm
buying. a lot of these guys bill these companies will work there for years and have all of their worth tied into one particular company, one particular stock. some of them sellout of and need to adjust balance their portfolio. now, the name sickened sell, as soon as secrets he sold almost all of his stock in a lot of people thought that it would crash. i am more concerned with insider buying as a buy signal rather than an insider selling is a sales signal. >> i completely ignore. so many shares, they diversify. a lot of buyers, not just one, but maybe three, putting their own money, know that company inside and out. >> 100 million. >> buying definitely. >> we have seen insider selling. >> we saw this year.
6:47 pm
companies that were only public six months. there were selling huge blocks. when you sell huge blocks to my you should worry. >> we saw selling correlate. charles: every day. you have to be careful doing a lot of other things. my only reason. if you have any questions, listen, we love them, send the men. i love the tweet. tweet me. on the stock stuff to not forget that at has tagged as campaign. he got it all from granma. work ethics and recipes. is transformation from bankrupt to banking success can only happen in america. delicious salute to american success, and he is making a lot of money. ♪ i ys say be thman with the plan
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♪ charles: today's salute to american success, new york new jersey. broke but never bankrupt. he was abused and beaten as a child. what was his escape? welcome may love to cook and grew up "his mom and grandmother one day he brought in homemade in but not the spirit even though some of his colleagues were not sure what they were, they all love them. one friend in person to go into business which was the moment that changed his life. he agreed. five years 100 restaurants are buying the been not as.
6:52 pm
... and another is to people. many of his food trucks. how did he do it. he prides himself on making a quality product and loves to make people pass. he got the strong work ethic. his last bit of advice, always choose your dreams. i salute you. you are a true american success. yours story is one about family and following ones passion and doing it with a smile. speaking of a smile, the man himself, if you know anyone who is an american success, we love to hear this story.
6:53 pm
posted on facebook. we will salute that person right here. it was a pretty good day today. tomorrow will move the market in the morning? you are in the hot seat. i will bring an end but not as to what to. ♪
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speak ill. charles: time now for the "hot seat." in 15 seconds, we are going to tell you what is going to move the market. >> tomorrow, personal consumption based on gdp number.
6:57 pm
lou: charles: what about the in place in part? >> welcome i believe it's going to be the go-go ipo. lou: and i think that it's okay. charles: okay, you are in the "hot seat." >> movies came out saying that all of these premium hikes, they are credit positive. we forget insurance rates have also had a rough year under obamacare. >> i know you loved these
6:58 pm
sectors. we have some really good existing home sales. >> it's time for our marching orders. i say stay the course. make sure that you hang in there. we are so prepared an overdue for them. >> is their low pressure, anything? >> 10% after hours, when a company comes down, they are cautiously optimistic, i don't like that. >> so desert gardens than in
6:59 pm
this situation. didn't we do that already? oh, okay, it went to state coffers to employ union workers. charles: some people not loving it. so what about the bed bath and beyond he wanted to chime in about? >> inventory levels are so up there. i cover the stock and they don't know that i cover it. charles: you say it's an indictment on the company or does the consumer a brick-and-mortar? >> i think it's both and the company overbought in the consumer isn't in there. >> they are not doing much buying on the internet as well. >> the coupons never expire.
7:00 pm
charles: thank you guys for watching. catch us every night at xpm. handing off the show to the guy that is keeping you abreast of all the fax, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everyone. senior u.s. officials confirming to fox news that syria and iran have joined the ride in a rack. their governments are providing military assistance to would be a rack and shiite dominated government as obama since 300 u.s. military advisers into a rack and presumably, ultimately this fight. the iraqi prime minister rejecting the president's call for a new inclusive government. and he ignored the outside forces that look to determine iraq's future


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