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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  August 17, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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roaring back. intel is a $35 stock that will be a $50 stock. >> i do like it. buy it on the dip. it is making such great e a gre. number one business market continues. >> protests swarming. border agents trying to arrest a suspected illegal immigrant. the administration set free many immigrants with long wrap sheets. >> plus a postal worker caught trashing mail. billions of your tax dollars are about to get dumped into this. funny man robin williams said to have serious financial troubles when he ended his life and he's not the first. why do so many successful stars end up dead and broke? cashing in starts right now.
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>> hi, welcome to cashing in. welcome, everybody. we warned you about this weeks ago. a new report confirming our government illegally released thousands of detained illegal immigrants and more than 600 of them have criminal records. it's scary. >> they are putting the american people at risk. these are not criminals who went and stole candy. these are level one offenders and criminals meaning they murdered, raped, or have serious drug offenses. it seems as this this administration does not care about the the american people. the only way for democrats to care about americans is if they went to mexico, denounced their citizenship and came over here illegally. >> we need to point out also that some of them have some pretty serious wrap sheets.
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they were literally released on the streets of america. >> not because they are immigrants but because they are criminals. of course releasing anybody with a criminal record, anyone who is a criminal is totally unacceptable. i believe we should screen all immigrants for jihadists, people with infect shs diseases and more. >> katie wrote a piece that said 68,000 people were criminal aliens released in 2013 alone. >> what's the name of this show? >> the reality is that when you take away the money to keep the
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detainees in there, they have to release some because their budget has been cut. se quest trags has kicked in. >> republicans cut budgets whether it's for the irs or what. >> stop. stop. please. stop. wait. let's talk about this. i have another option. i don't know that you can see on this headline. the disinsent vising them to do something they shouldn't be doing. the only way to do that is to fine them.
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dock their pay. take it away for whatever it is or fine them or just fire them. it doesn't matter. >> you have got to do something. >> what happens when you don't de. >> he crashed into a family of four, killing himself and one other person. six people dead because we decided not to deport the illegal. would you say that we need to step up our deportation. not just our detainees. >> eric, any type of car crash is horrible no matter who commits it and we should return to a rational immigration policy not like what we had in the late 1800s to deport criminals. illegals are not criminals.
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if people come with criminal records. if they are jihadists or have infectious diseases they should be deported immediately. >> go ahead. >> you can't use illegal and say that's not -- that's wrong. that's against the law. as soon as you start with the word illegal you're out of gas pal. >> i think what wayne is trying to point out is once you cross the border you are breaking a law. >> here is an agent, border agent who is fishing with his family when he was gunned down by two mexican nationals who came back -- one was deported six separate times. maybe it's time to stop worry about releasing or deporting them and build a fence that so many people are asking for. >> absolutely. that's what i have been trying
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to say. that would be a legitimate excuse. they didn't say that until the sequestration happened. that's not a legitimate excuse. what we have is a national security issue. if we don't have enough money, obama needs to cut entitlement and give it to ice so they can secure the border. they are putting the american people at risk. explain to me why that's funny? i don't find that funny. >> it brings money into -- >> we're not talking about that. >> the reality is with ice, their apprehensions went up as their budgets were being cut. you cannot have it both ways. you cannot cut budgets, support sequestration and then whine and complain when things don't go right and then blame everyone
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else except for who is responsible. >> they released relations on the street. they needed to go to the newspapers and say we are going to release murderers and rapists on the street. i'm sure there would be pressure to bring more money to ice. but they didn't. they kept their mouths shut. >> that's absolutely right. criminals should not be released on to the streets regardless if they are immigrants or americans. that is the executive branchs jobs. >> if they are criminals, deport them. if they are simply immigrants. >> before you catch on, wayne, i'm not sure where you are. your thoughts on the comment? >> well, i am in la. as i said to jonathan before, you can't start a sentence with the word illegal. if somebody is in violation of the law they should be punished.
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come back to the part about all of that. >> in the meantime. >> excuse me. the problem can be cured very easily. every one of them is not necessarily the budget problem. every federal agent needs -- has no. you have got to find these people. you have got to disinsent vise them. there is no incentive for them to save money at any time. so the next year they get a bigger one. you have to stop the fundamental problem. >> it is a fundamental problem. they will spend everything they have got, ask for more. we will have to leave it right there. you can keep this debate going on twitter. trending 29 weeks in a row. this show is a beast on social media. 30 minutes of air time shs this
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show was mentioned over 9,000 times. put that in perspective. 4427 mentions. morning joe? three full hours on tv. 3,336 mentions. i just tweeted this mug shot of the illegals accused of killing border agent. retweet it if you're outraged like me. >> he was one of the most celebrated and successful comedic actors of all times. so how could robin
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>> new reports of a benefit to honor robin williams. all together his movies gross more than $3 billion worldwide. he set up his kids with trust funds but we are also hearing that he was hurting financially before he did the unthinkable. why does this keep happening? people make a lot of money out there. can't they keep it? >> i think it's a syndrome which is an addiction of the young. these are people who are essentially financially ignorant. they are very young when they make an enormous amount of money. they see the values around them. people with big cars, big houses, all of that. they get an entourage.
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that's a very short life. we all know that. celebrity. and they run out of gas. it's all gone. >> most people pass away and have cash problems. they have assets but they have cash problems. >> it has a lot to do with incomes varying from year to year. they have everything paid for them. they don't have good financial advice and women are expensive. when you want to divorce us we're even more expensive. a lot of men in hollywood find themselves getting taken to the cleaners because of divorces. that is what happened to williams. he lost a lot of money in two divorces. they are getting divorced in california which often times their money is taken away from them by the courts. that has a lot to do with it. >> i don't know about the
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divorce part but women, moving right along. >> way to throw your gender under the bus. >> i'm not throwing the gender under the bus. >> specific women are expensive. i'm still numb from his passing. i think he did incredible work raising tens of millions of dollars for comic relief to help homeless people and clearly a lot of these stars have some really crumby greedy people who are managing their money and we hear all of the tales of like their taxes haven't been paid for years. yes, they absolutely should be a little more personally responsible with who they are bringing on to their teams. >> out of respect for robin williams and the tens of millions he raised for charity and the fact that he might have been -- had early stage parkinsons, there are a lot of reasons.
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>> broke or near broke five years after they leave the league? 60% for nba players. it's stars and non-stars, in my opinion, go broke for the same reason. they don't think long term. for any man to succeed he has to think long range and long term. few people suffer from what is called the wealth effect. they spend everything they make and more. they find the feeling of having money is a lot better than anything that money could buy. >> a lot of them have a ton of assets. michael jackson's estate was worth almost half a billion. how can he be broke with half a billion? >> well, i think to the point that i think sometimes they fall -- my firm, for example, handles some movie stars and we
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manage that. they fall in with bad people, with their friends. they say my friend recommended so and so and he should manage your money and this guy is ill equipped to do it. he has no financial sensibilities. he doesn't know. they don't investigate it. they find out five years later they're all broke. i have seen it constantly. i have people come to me. i'm not going to mention names, who said my guy lost all my money. >> we want names. let's hear it. give us names, wayne. >> we will leave it there. >> i don't want to get sued here, guys. >> good enough. fair enough. it's called cashing in. i don't know. remember this postal worker flipping me off? you may flip out when you see what the post office is about to do to you and no it's not dumping your mail like this. it's much worse.
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political ploy. more on this and rest of your headlines at the top of the hour. have you seen this, a postal office worker caught on tape throwing out mail. the post office says it will lose $2 billion in the spring and default on a $5.7 billion payment to the treasury department. jonathan, guess who's going t pick up that tab. >> the postal service has gone down, the price has gone up over years. what other industry can make that claim? the service is terribly run. the average total compensation for a postal employee is about
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$80,000. that's 20 grand more than the private sector and it's not surprising why they keep this money-losing operation open, it's the jobs. 91% of postal union employees donate to democrats. we should follow europe in this case and privatize it just like postal industries in england, in denmark and in germany, all privately run. >> i love that idea. michelle, one of the most outrageous things about the post office is u.p.s. and fedex use the post office for the final leg of some of their mail deliveries. we're picking up the tab and they're earning profit on it. >> we need to privatize it, absolutely agree with jonathan. this is not surprising. all you have to do is walk into a post office to understand why they're going broke. it's horrible customer service. why are they wasting $2 billion a quarter just to send us a bunch of coupons and bills from visa. just privatize the whole thing. >> what about it, we're losing money. isn't this a business that we should be as a government shutting down? >> the post office actually gets
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no tax dollars from us so we're not paying for it. they have to supply the treasury with $6 billion a year to take care of the retirees and health benefits. >> but if they default on it -- >> they knit our country together just like the pony express. >> stop, stop, stop. when they don't have the money to pay back the loan, they default and who picks up the tab then? the taxpayer. >> they're operating revenue is actually going up. private companies rely on the post service. and if it goes away, all the prices go up and the fact that amazon just contracted with them. yes, u.p.s. and fedex use them because they're not going to provide services to rural communities. we can't leave them out, this is america. >> we're capitalists here, we're free market capitalists here. the pricing mechanism is broken with the post office. >> there's no doubt about it, eric. i'll tell you something else. the proof of the fact is that you have fedex and that you have these other postal services that are -- that came out of the
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private sector to compete with the post office. i mean 75 years ago they weren't there. they're there today and they are competing and the post office should go out of business. they should privatize it, as you said, or let them go out of business or they have to compete with the fedex and those people. >> it's not even fedex and u.p.s., it's google, amazon, aol. they have made communication free amongst anyone. >> okay. we have to leave it right there. we'll say thank you to our cast and crew for joining us this week. don't forget to check out jonathan wayne's new stock picks, but first why you and more importantly our president need to pay attention to this. >> look how much money america spends to fight islam instead of just being out front. chloe is 9 months old.
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wake up, america, i want to share with you something i found that is horrifying and shook me to the core. check out this recruitment video prepared by the pr wing of isis. a heart-felt young man walking through a hospital. now listen to converts casually calling for other westerners for join. >> ask yourself is this how you want to die? know that you will be resurrected the way you lived your life. do you wish tor resurrected -- >> here an isis fighter calling out america, mocking us. >> look how much america spends to fight islam. look at this big car.
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american ford. >> these recruitment videos are extremely well made, slick media presentations but they don't show the death and destruction that follows isis radicals wherever they go. there are pictures so graphic we can't show you, but twitter littered with beheaded corpses, young men hanging on crosses and children being slaughtered. these guys are for real. they're blood thirsty radical islamic jihadists and pure evil. and they certainly aren't the jv team of al qaeda. remember who called isis the jv team? sorry, mr. president, you were absolutely wrong about isis, they're not the jv team, they're the green bay packers. here's an idea. how about you stay off the golf course, stay in d.c. and deal with this. don't worry, take a few extra vacation days on your annual hawaiian extravaganza, we have work to do now. see you on "the five,"
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