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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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regulators constantly trying to control more of our lives. the epa should stand for enough protection already. that is our show and we will see you next week and talking about president obama and wall street fat cats. lou: good evening, everybody. breaking news tonight. president obama at this moment is meeting with his national security counsel ill in the white house situation room. they're looking for a strategy which to counter the islamic state terrorists in syria and iraq. today admitting admitting that s white house has no strategy with which to fight the islamic state. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. i think, what i've seen in some of the news reports, suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we currently are. lou: no strategy, at all.
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president obama and his national security team are also taking up a blockbuster revelation today, that russian troops are actively fighting, openly, the ukrainian military within ukraine itself. president obama just moments ago excoriating russian president vladmir putin after russian separatists confirmed on russian state television, what has been suspected for months. that up to 4,000 russian soldiers have crossed the border to fight the ukrainian military. with that report from russian television. ukrainian separatists among us fighting serving soldiers would rather take their vacation not on a beef but with us, among brothers who are fighting for their freedom. the admission comes after nato released these images that you see on your screen. these are satellite photographs, russian military assets amassed
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on the ukrainian side of the border. what you're looking at are armored vehicle convoys and russian tanks in ukraine. president obama today accused russia of training arming rebels while violating ukraine sovereignty. mr. obama made it clear today, that he will not authorize u.s. military action to contain putin's aggression. >> we are not taking military action to solve the ukrainian problem. what we're doing is to mobilize the international community to apply pressure on russia. but, i think, it is very importance to recognize that a military solution to this problem is not going to be forthcoming. lou: president obama, with those words. >> went on to indicate that the owes canlation would lead to -- escalation would lead to more
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european, american sanctions against russia. mr. obama avoided answering the question whether he considered mr. putin's latest move as an invasion. >> lou, u.s. officials have been reluctant to go as far as ukrainian officials and call russian actions an invasion. >> the violence is encouraged by russia. the separatist its are trained by russia. they are armed by russia. they are funded by russia. russia has deliberately and and repeatedly violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. >> satellite photos released by nato show in stark terms the dramatic increase of russian troops and heavy arm along ukraine's border, dramatic buildup from june 19th to august 20th. one image provided by digital globe showing six russian artillery batteries facing ukraine. another shows russian artillery establishing firing positions
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inside ukraine. >> russia has to stop lying and has to stop fueling this conflict. >> as flighting flared, the u.n. security council met in new york. ambassador from all 28 nato country will hold emergency meeting friday with ukrainian officials to discuss the developing situation. president obama has invited ukraine's president to the white house next month. >> translator: due to russian troops actually entering ukrainian territory i decided to cancel a visit to turkey. the place of ukraine's president is in kiev today. >> ukraine's president met with russian president vladmir putin two hours on minutes being tuesday, what was described as heated, tense exchange. two days later that u.s. fishes revealed latest intelligence shows up 2,000 russian troops actively fighting inside of ukraine's borders this russian separatist suggests there could be more. >> translator: we have never hidden from anybody the fact there are many russians among us. without their help it would be very difficult for to us fight.
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there were 3 to 4,000 of them. >> new images show russian tanks inside of ukraine. the u.s. ambassador to kiev sent the following tweet. quote, russia has also sent it's newest air defense systems including the sa-22 into eastern ukraine and is now directly involved in the fighting. ukraine's military announced on tuesday its forces had captured 10 russian paratroopers who had crossed the border. their mothers back home in moscow appealed for their return. >> translator: i beg you in christ's name to give my child back to me. bring him back alive. >> experts say russia is trying to open a third front farther south to divert ukrainian forces from areas around donetsk where they have been successful taking territory lost to the separatists. they want the port to event all goal creating a land bridge from russia to crimea.
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they owe rapid reaction military force, a move down to antagonize russia's vladmir putin. as german chancellor angela merkel said the e.u. would meet soon to discuss further sanctions against russia as the fbi are investigate as widespread suspected cyberattack of russian hackers against seven of the top 15 u.s. banks. lou. lou: thank you, jennifer. jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. as she just reported the fbi is trying to determine the scope of that massive cyberattack against u.s. banks. the extent of the damage and exactly who is responsible is till unknown although the chairman of the house intelligence committee says the level of sophistication indicates it was likely conducted by a state sponsor or, russian organized crime. which often targets large financial institutions. much is unknown and among the unknowns is who was targeted besides jpmorgan chase, although a group of banks including
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bank of america, wells fargo, bank of new york mellon and suntrust all came forward to say they haven't seen any indications of cyber attacks. jpmorgan says customers should contact the bank of any suspicious activity and if in their accounts is detected. turning now to syria, president obama admitted he has no strategy yet on syria but he might want to get one soon. as you can see, there on your screen, islamic state terror its parading 250 captured syrian soldiers through the desert in only their underwear. they were ultimately executed. all of them. islamic state fighters claim the men were from the government's airbase which was seized by the terrorists earlier this week. there are also reports tonight that a second american citizen was killed while fighting on behalf of the islamic state terrorists in syria. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge
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has our report. >> a somali-american identified as source as abdirahmaan muhumed is believed to be the second american killed fighting isis this month. state department spokesman revealed new details about isis and its recruitment. >> it increased last six months. we've seen the use an increase of western passports. douglas mccain was killed in minneapolis and fighting for isis. this was images were sent of his passport and dead victim's. 10 young men from the somali community have been recruited. >> douglas mccain wasn't the first one and unfortunately he won't be the last. >> mccane went to school with troy castigar showcased in a propaganda affiliate in. he was killed two years ago.
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>> this is real disneyland. >> homeland security committee investigated radicalization in series of congressional hearings and says there is a pattern. >> if there was clear an convincing evidence then there was pipeline from minneapolis to islamic jihad overseas and people in the community knew about it and people in the community were covering it up. >> social media is the lifeblood of the new digital jihad. earlier this year a florida man became a suicide bomber in syria and destroyed his american passport as part of a farewell video. while the administration labeled the fort hood massacre workplace violence, in a letter obtained by fox news the convicted shooter major nadal hassan, tells the isis leader al-baghdadi he wants to join the caliphate. i formally and humbly request to be made citizen of islamic state. the attorney underscores hatch hasan's action, and thought process are driven by religious extremism. in the last year the justice department brought five
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prosecutions against americans. in florida, california, virginia and north carolina, for trying to help terrorists in iraq and syria. lou? lou: catherine, thank you. catherine herridge. much more on the u.s. response to the islamic state and putin's worsening aggression in ukraine. we'll be talking, among others, with best-selling author brad thor here later in the broadcast. the president dodge ad question about executive action on immigration in today's news conference. he stated plainly that if congress won't address the issue that he will. that likely wayne enough for some pro-immigration reform advocates and activists who were protesting outside of the white house today. u.s. park police arrested 145 people at rally, calling for the president to stop all together deportations of illegal immigrants. president obama is widely expected to take executive action on immigration after returns from next week's trip overseas.
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more on the president's immigration plans and the likely impact of such a order on the 2014 midterms in tonight's commentary and later i will be taking that up with news political analyst ed rollins. stay with us. we're coming right back. russia invading eastern ukraine as the islamic state takes more territory and carries out mass executions of syrian soldiers. retired major general bob scales on what in the world cident oba. next. ♪
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lou: the world's worst outbreak of ebola, showing know signs of slowing. according to the world health organization, ebola killed more
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than is a hundred of the 3100 people infected in west africa. officials say the virus could affect more than 20,000 people before it is brought under control. there is good news however. the first human trial of an experimental ebola vaccine begins next week. the drug is being codeveloped by a british pharmaceutical giant, glaxosmithkline, something that federal health officials say will make it easier to produce the vaccine if it proves effective. z map, the other -- z mapp was developed by another company. -- gripped the pharmaceutical industry over the past 5 years. for example, since buying wyeth in 2009, pfizer cut 4.$6 billion of research spending, announced plans to close at least seven laboratories and ended work on diseases such as asthma, and
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allergies. president obama downplayed the prospect of immediate strikes in syria, while ruling out military action all together over the russian invasion of ukraine. for more on the administration's foreign policy challenges, and threats to this country, i'm joined by retired major general robert scales, fox news military analyst. of the general, good to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: breathtaking admission some would say we do not have a strategy which to contend with islamic state. even, as, we're reporting here, that, the shooter in the fort hood terrorist attack. >> right, was a an acolyte of baghdadi and the islamic state almost five years ago. >> right. you know, a little war college 101, lou. anytime you take on an enemy, the first thing you do you develop a strategy. from that you develop a campaign
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plan. and from there you come up with lines of operations. you come up with courses of action and eventually you come up with an action plan. which is endorsed obviously by, and executed by the military of the fact that there is no strategy is a painful admission but only amplifies what i've been saying on fox for the last three weeks. there is no strategy and what many of my friends in the military, particularly in the pentagon telling me, there is this frustration of incremental system and, making it up as we go along, approach to an enemy, frankly, isis and vladmir putin, that have a strategy and frankly it seems to be working. lou: not to discomfort your friend in the pentagon, but it seems reasonable, i think, to most americans that our pentagon would assume responsibility for having contingency plans for threats against this country, irrespective of a direct order from the president of the united
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states? >> no, it is not the way it works. lou: that was a shame, and that is concerning in and of itself. >> right. the bottom line we have an enemy who is avowed, who has vowed to destroy the united states and western europe and it is a real threat. these guys are for real, lou. they're not, this is not some sort of a, you know, action movie, heroes. these guys are, are, brutal and they have, and only way to take them on is the military will tell you, not diplomacy. not economic pressure but it is through violence. they have to be destroyed. they have to be assailed. if you're going to assail isis -- go ahead. lou: i'm sorry. not to interrupt you. so let me ask you the question, then, if they must be destroyed, what are we to do with the assad government that this president has, has decided and announced must end, that assad must go? this would ally the united
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states with the assad government? what are we to do with iran that is responsible for as many as a third of our cash all thes in the iraq war -- casualties in the iraq war and sponsoring terrorism, hamas, hezbollah, and you name it and supporting the regime in iraq, suddenly we find ourselves allied with iran? as we prosecute the islamic state? are we talking, this is madness that we're discussing now! >> let's take this, let's try this. this isn't about red lines or revenge bombings. this is not about assad, whether he, whether he stays or he goes. this is about the vital national interests of the united states. this is about the american people, knot the syrians, irransians or anyone else for that matter. if you have an entity that is living in a sanctuary, who is planning to assail the united states eventually, then our responsibility as military people is to take them on with
10:20 pm
violence. we simply can't allow them to infect the rest of the middle east and operate from a sanctuary. we don't care about assad. lou: frankly, nor do i, but i am telling you what the commander-in-chief has said. i'm telling you what the president of the united states has said. >> right. lou: i'll telling you that your pentagon and commander-in-chief don't have a plan to deal what you see as a determined, violent, enemy in the islamic state. and president who is just announced that there will be no military action in ukraine! what are we to take of this? >> the word is called leadership. nothing is going to happen in the ukraine or going to happen in the isis heartland in syria. unless the leadership comes from the united states. the rest of the world is going to stand by and watch to see what we do. and the answer is, so far, at least, all, best i can tell from today, all military options, whether they are in the ukraine or in syria or iran, anywhere
10:21 pm
else in the world seem to be simply taken off the table, lou. lou: the result is, angela merkel, the chancellor of germany saying, and apparently saying accurately, that this superpower, the united states, can no longer solve these issues? >> i don't think there is any question. i think angela merkel is a very wise woman, lou. lou: general robert scales, you're a very wise general. we appreciate you being here with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you. time for a look at our online poll results. we asked whether you believe the united states and russia are progressing toward outright military conflict, some division but 60% of you said yes. 40% said no. we'll pull for the minority view. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe by saying there won't be a military solution to russianing a goings in ukraine that president obama just given vladmir putin a green light? cast your vote at
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a sister of the boston marathon bombing suspects is facing aggravated harrassment charges. authorities say she threatened to put a bomb on her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. alaina tsarnaev, allegedly told the woman, quote, i have people that can go up there and put a bomb on you. she was already on probation when she refused to cooperate with a separate counter fitting investigation four years ago. she has not been convicted, which is likely why she has not been deported we are told. up next, my commentary why the obama white house appears some say, rudderless on a wide range of issues. that's next
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lou: coming up in moments the irs cover-up unraveling because of series of revealing series of information requests. man leading that effort, watchdog judicial watch, president tom fitton, our guest. of the structure of terrorist group, islamic state. uncan my resemblance to saddam hussein's armeys of the past.
10:26 pm
we'll talk about that and other issues with best-selling author brad thor tonight. a few comments now on a white house that is paralyzed by mounting global challenges and threats, or so it seems. and a president who i am afraid simply lost his way. this administration has become, i believe, dangerously, perilously ambivalent about the choices that now face our nation. to be fair, many of the choices confronting president obama are daunting, and all the more so because our president, it is now clear, lacks both destination and a compass. he admitted as much at his news conference today. he told the assembled press that his administration lack as strategy, to fight and roll back the advancing islamic state terrorists in both iraq and syria. there is no military solution to russian aggression, despite nato evidence that russian troops have invaded ukraine and are
10:27 pm
fighting alongside pro-russian separatists, in ukraine. but still, many, including most of the media and leaders of both political parties still expect mr. obama to issue a sweeping executive order that would give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. listen to his rhetoric on the prospect. >> my preference would be come presensehens sieve immigration law. we have bipartisan law that would solve a whole bunch of these problems. until then i have to make choices. without additional resources and help from congress we're just not going to have the resources we need to fully solve the problem. that means wheel they're out on vacation i will have to make some tough choices to meet the challenge. with or without congress. i've got a pen and i've got a phone. and, i can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions.
10:28 pm
lou: but after looking at his plummeting poll numbers and listening to him today, i for one do not believe the president will issue a broad immigration fiat because he is now a very unpopular president. mr. obama has only a 40% job approval rating in the latest gallup tracking poll. 54% disapprove. and this highly unpopular president is, well, he is shoving an unpopular immigration policy down the throats of the american people. if he continues and if he issues a fiat, it would destroy the very small chance that democrats have of even a modestly respectable showing in the midterm elections. it would be, in my opinion, such an electoral disaster, that democrats would require years to recover. why do i say that? well there is no national consensus on amnesty. it is the job of both parties to create that on important issues. neither party has really tried
10:29 pm
to build consensus over the past decade. nearly three decades ago both parties in both houses of congress did create consensus. they did pass amnesty legislation, that president ronald reagan signed into law. but mr. reagan at the time was wildly popular. his approval rating when he signed that bill into law, 63%. 20% higher than mr. obama's is right now. and you can be sure that the obama white house is aware that ronald reagan's approval rating didn't recover until the end of his presidency. not convinced? take a look at this picture of today. this is a man who is normally dressed in dark suits and bright ties. think about this picture. when was the last time you saw president obama suaved in beige and earthtones for crying out
10:30 pm
loud? do you think some stylist, some political savant, someone, is trying to warm up this ultracool president of ours, at least visually? and the president's demeanor, a subtle change today as well, including a little banter with the press, and overall, a little more warmth, newfound. a real change, certainly in wardrobe and tone, suggesting newfound constraint perhaps and concern for those worsening poll numbers. maybe just my imagination or frustrated open for change. we'll see what fox news political analyst ed rollins thinks about it all. he joins me here next. now our quotation of the evening. shakespeare said it best. lawless are they that make their wills their law. we're coming right back. radical islamist terrorists attacking israel, threatening to
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where are they taking him? i don't know. this seems excessive! decontamination in progress. i don't want to tell you guys your job, but... policies without the price tags. now, that's progressive. ♪ lou: midterm elections now 67 days away. we welcome fox news political analyst and former director of the reagan white house, political director ed rollins. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: you heard what i said about amnesty. see you think answers conjuring, hoping, imagining that we are going to see him back of? >> enterprises that is getting a lot of cross pressure from is on party. we are on the verge of not just losing the senate but another two or three senate races and now are in trouble. they could have a real wipeout.
10:35 pm
this could end up like 1980. my sense is it if he gives amnesty of amnesty by his executive order he will have so much chaos in his own party in the american public will be in an hour or. lou: it is strange today to see this president, as i say, suave and raised for crying out loud, man who is normally stylish in the extreme, dark suits, crisp, white shirts and red ties. it looks like he reminded me of dan rather suddenly being in a sweater because somebody decided to warm them up for the audience >> for jimmy carter. my concern is, have been around the gamelan time and work for several presidents. i have never seen a president of a press conference on friday to say we don't have any plan. why bother? obviously there's a lot of chaos in the world. he stands up there and says, we don't have a strategy.
10:36 pm
we don't have a decision maker. the pentagon all assess strategies. there are always options put on the table. we just have anybody to make those decisions peabody said up there today and said, we have no strategy. we are not going to do anything. to a certain extent the messes of the american public a labor day weekend is give a guy who doesn't like this job anymore. he was to be president again. this guy wants to go off and play golf all the time. and i think we are in a very bad place. lou: it is deeply troubling. as we sit here laughing as we must about some of this because it is absurd. once you cross the only thing to do is laugh. though we are talking about critically important issues for this country. this is a president, no matter what he decides on the islamic state will ally himself with iran, if he goes into syria distract the islamic state you
10:37 pm
will ally himself with a sob who he said moscow. if he doesn't, you know, the consequences could be iran's it to govern this. >> the consequences are far more serious if to say we no longer have strength and wealth and no longer willing to take action or lead allies. and i think that is the position we are in today. it is a terrible place to be. lou: we have to at least reserve for the president some possibility that there is another employee is at work here. the european allies who are also not willing to step forward. and that he lacks that degree and capacity for persuasion or reliable. >> does not have the allies like other presidents. if he wants to be the president of france again at just like the president of france, which is what he is doing. my sense is we have always had
10:38 pm
great allies in britain. he doesn't have any great friends around the world. he is not viewed as a serious burden. the end of the date he just doesn't care perry's he will do whatever he wants to do. his volunteers to my as full-time military. i chuckled. those are not volunteer tanks, volunteered jet airplanes. my sense is he is on the move and we will do anything to stop. lou: and would you agree that he basically gave a green light today. >> he will suddenly interpret that. nato will say, listen, the u.s. will be here. why put ourselves at risk. >> the president will be in estonia to reassure the baltic states. all right. good to have you here. there is justice in america tonight. a jury has acquitted a southeast texas man of murder in the fatal shooting of a drunk driver who had just cause the accident that
10:39 pm
killed the defendants to sons. the prosecution without question had a weak case. the gun used to kill the drunk driver was never found. little physical evidence tying the father to that murder. the father faced up to life in prison had he been convicted. he was not. we are coming right back. that missing e-mails. who is lying to a home? we would know of lot less about the irs scandal were it not for the work of the watchdog group judicial watch. judicial watch president's joins us next to talk about the ira us next to talk about the ira scandal and the cover-up.
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♪ lou: the latest development in the obama white house irs scandal. a loss e-mails still exists
10:43 pm
despite testimony of the department of justice and the internal revenue service are the result of a lawsuit brought by my next guest, his efforts to secure the truth in this case. we have a great debt owed to judicial watch president and his entire organization. great to have you here. thank you for doing the great work the you were doing so that the american people have the truth. i want to start with department of justice attorneys telling you that there was a backup, even as official after official of the internal revenue service lie to congress and the american people saying that they were not backed up. >> you know, and i can't take credit for all this great work. we have a great staff, as you know. our key attorney was told by the irs lawyers at the department of justice -- the department of justice represents the irs.
10:44 pm
they got this backup system, a catastrophic failure. we had never heard of that. the judge had asked specifically for details about where those in mills might be. they said it is too onerous to go look for them. forget about the back up. they don't want to even look to see if it's there. lou: and that is not what they testified. the head of the irs. bald face of the united states congress. by the lake also in violation of court orders by failing to disclose that backup system. >> you can look at the two court orders issued by the court once we discovered the melson been supposedly lost. he specifically directed the irs to submit testimony under oath about efforts to get those in melson where there were. two times they file information, two separate requests. the judge was quite specific. of what all the info. it declined to provide the information about the back of
10:45 pm
systems. we ask them sense, will you amend their declarations of the report to the court that was given? they said no. this is extraordinary stonewalling, even for this of ministration. lou: and the judge in this case, of this judge insist that the truth be told? that the court be honored by at least a chip of the hat from an organization this administration that refuses to obey law. >> you know, i think we have a good argument that the judge needs to allow us to give more information, put some of these officials under oath ourselves. we are going to bring it to the judge's attention as soon as we are able. judge sullivan is an appointee of president clinton. if you are on the wrong side of a federal judge and he gives the fda you're playing games with
10:46 pm
an, this is not a member of congress. he is not going to forget. he will demand accountability. that is what we hope and expect from the court. lou: accountability. were it not for your organization we would know none of this. what is next? >> we have to go to the court, get the information. people have to know the irs has been lying about the mills. frankly, our information from the department of justice was that this was a government-wide backup system. all those of the stories from other agencies about lost the mills, don't buy it. by the way, there are other e-mails the irs has told us that they lost. they don't want to give us the names of those individuals for which these animals have been lost. there are still covering material up. it's unbelievable. lou: secure very much. thank you for being here.
10:47 pm
>> thank you. lou: on wall street today stocks head lower. the dow, as an peak on nasdaq. volume on the big board still light trading. we wrap of the last vacation week of the summer. speaking of slow days, every day appears to be slow for malaysia airlines. flights running nearly empty. the airline reporting a 75% drop in quarterly earnings. no signs of slowing for our economy. the revision higher for second quarter gdp. bank lending also moving higher in the second quarter. the largest increase since 2007. be sure to listen to my financial report three times a day coast-to-coast on the sale of radio network. brad pitt and angeles eventually are married. they tied the knot saturday in france after nine years and six children together. marriage rates in this country are at a 50-year low.
10:48 pm
hopefully the couple will make marriage a little more popular. if you didn't know, many economists consider marriage the greatest weapon against poverty. tempers of american apples the children are in poverty compared to 38% of singer apostles' with children. sales hitting a new low. fewer than 4 million last week. the lowest says tracking in '91. a label executives claim revenue from streaming is offsetting the decline in sales revenue. comedienne joan rivers is reportedly in stable condition in the new york city hospital. she stopped breathing during surgery on her vocal cords. a co-host of fashion police on a network and has been out promoting a new book. up next, the islamic state running rampant across syria and northern iraq. ramping of aggression against ukraine. best-selling author next on the
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♪ lou: joining us tonight, new york times best selling author, his latest thriller on sale now in bookstores near you and everywhere in digital, including amazon. great to have you with us. >> thanks. lou: the president today announcing no strategy on the islamic state in no military to deal with russian aggression. not much left to do. >> no degrees of and the big problem is not that we lack a strategy. what more does russia have to do the blessed a commercial airliner out of the sky.
10:53 pm
this is upsetting. i have mine differences ideologically to all but there are certain duties and responsibilities that he has. i am reminded of that land face. wish for peace and prepare for war. this guy is not prepared for anything but a golf game. lou: and one has to a knowledge the complexity here. in striking against the islamic state you are destroying the enemy of the main use that has to leave the dictatorship of syria. you end up supporting iran which is without question a regional competitor and enemy. >> i cannot see a thing vote -- single thing obama has done particularly on the foreign policy stage. he know, obama is on the wrong side of every single conflict. the green revolution where we could have supported all of those young people who are trying to get a movement going
10:54 pm
in the streets. and yet obama did not come out with a supporter statement for them for almost two weeks. but when the dictator in waiting in honduras was tossed out of that country within 24 hours a ball was supporting him. this whole thing, this was militancy. we get rid of guys like khaddafi and mubarak. that might not have been the best and what they were keeping the country's relatively and control. we can go back and forth. but now obama is saying, we are going to do defensive military actions, protect our consulate. did you learn something? our hope so. the fact is to my defense of things don't scare the enemy. was cares that are offensive military action switches exec below we should be doing. lou: and ukraine going against russia. already has a presence. crimea is gone. it is without question a done deal.
10:55 pm
>> to concerns. this is classic obama not believing in american exceptional as an. obama is a rendering our superpower status. the of blood and treasure that has gone into making this the greatest nation, the greatest force for good. and i said this before, but mr. president, i would like your show me one person from your formative years from when you're growing up and developing as a young man that ever told you america was a great and noble nation. i bet you he can't. this is the brainy of america down several notches. we are seeing his flexibility that he promised, dmitry said it will transmit that. we are seeing what that is. you can see down commercial jetliners, invade other countries. the u.s. it will nothing. lou: and in fairness neither will the european union. >> they always followed. lou: responsibility to do so.
10:56 pm
>> but were cut us in the balkans. in the backyard of the europeans they don't do stuff of leslie lead. obama, this is a dereliction of duty. he does not lead cover and he does not lead because it does not believe in the greatness of this country, the wonderful force for good that america can be. we can only be a force for good if we are strong, and we are strong through -- it is peace through strength, that great reagan line. we are seeing how america is being torn down. lou: always good to have you here. thank you. the book is an act of war. time for a few of your comments. russia has us at our weakest a longtime. he will try to take advantage. obama is waiting for the next president to handle the foreign policy decisions, and in his mind he is in the last minutes
10:57 pm
of the fourth quarter of his presidency. james e-mail me to say, president obama's ideologies has imprisoned him. he is frozen and immobilize to the point of being unable to make a proper
10:58 pm
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