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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that's a good question. thank you for great show. thank you for joining us. we love you and we will be here every night weekday nights at good evening, everybody. a record performance today for present obama. the president's job approval has now dropped to theowest point of his presidency. andis dipproval rating now at its highest level. gallup poll finding just 38% of those surveyed appro of mr. obama's performance,4% disapove. esident obama comforting some of his critics by penning on op-ed to the terrorist group, the islamic state, inwhi he vowed to notbe, quote, cowed by barbarics.
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>> our objective is clear. that is to degrade and destroy isil so it's no longer a threat not just to iraq but also the region and to the united states. we know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, its effectiveness, nancing, its military capabilities, to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> joining us to talk about the president's fail foreign policy and fighting al qaeda as well as the islamic state and, of coue, how to of course stall vladimir putin's ambitions, we're joined by congressman ted poe, member of the foreign affrs committee. >> great to be here.
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>> this has been a terrible week for this presidentn the rld wha can the president do n to make clear what his strategy is, he's now in possession of one, and aiculate a direction fo u.s. foreign policy? >> the president needs to ld. being the leader of the free world has some responsibility. and one of those, to lead. and this ise with isis, we should have a plan. the president should have a pl. america should know what it is and isiseeds to know what it is. we're not sure we have plan. the president says, well, we want to try to manage this group. what does that mean? es he want to put them on probation and make them do community service e -- isis ed to be defeated. most americans, i think, agree with that. so, mr. president, we need a plan. congress goes back into ssision nd think congress will help him with that plan next week. >> a helpful congress would be
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hpful for this president, i'm sure. deputy national security adviser toyny boinkin talks about a coalition that woul involve saudi arabia, the uae and others standing up. can this coalition be effective without porful arab states in it? >> we need the arab states. unfortunately the united states over t last few years has destroyed our relationships wth many countries -- egypt, saudi arabia, north african countries as well. now we wanto go ba to them and say, we need your help. they don't have a lot ofof confidence a trust us. but the united stes has to take the lead and go after isis, strategic air strikes,arming the kurds, a few other thgs. >> history often repeats itself. >> often. >> we have gone through from e persian gulf war a true coalition, 500,000 u.s. troops,
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to the iraq war. the united states has natural alliance wth nato, a natural and if you will effective alliance or it hasbeen historically why is the united states now suddenly so dependent on coalitions, and does that in and of itself allow the united states to act outside of its natural sphere of influencend its own national interests? other words, are these coalitions tooilling and is the united states t eager to form them? >> the united states doesn't -- it appears now isis is a threat to the united states. but the united states says, not so fast, we need to get others involved in this process. that is true. we should get others involve but meanwhile, we need to protect our own national interests. >> if we believe, republicans, democts, independents, all of us believe that the islamic
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state is a thre t to the united state w in hell should we wait on anybody? >> we shouldn't. we shouldn't wait on nato, the united kingdo we suld protect our national interest. >> and withhat clarity, why do we not derstand that the beheading of two american citizens, gruesome, repulve and angry to every sing american, doesn' even come close to tipping the scales with the offenses o the state of iran against the united states responsible for a third of our casualties in iraq and a hedge monicic power throughout much o the middle east and we don't even respond, we don't speak their name. what in the world are our leaders doing? >> wire not leading. we're not doing anything. people arond the world, americans, even, what is our policy? what is our foreign policy? what is our policytoward people like -- groups like isis?
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the worst group that has ever existed in our lifetime, aut killing peoe. and they enjoy i andof,#átk do in just terrible ways. we're just waiting, we're waiting --hat are we waiting on? take the lead. protect the national inrest andsay, we're going after you. yore not going to hide. >> the national interest as nato apparently is tryi to, if you will, raighten itself out, tighten up andet ady to meet vladimir putin. but all the while, despite the words of protestation to the otherwise, crimea's in the hands, it's part of the russian federation now. and it does not seem that europe is eager to join a coalition that would engage vlimir putin and the forces of ruia. >> no. russia is doing what they want to do. they took georgia. t world outraged, did nothing. one-third of georgia belongs to russia now.
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crimea, same thing, outraged. we did nothing as the world. the west d nothing. now it's part of russ. d eastern ukraine, the same thing is happening and we're going protest and we're not going to do anythi. putin, he is aggressive. he gets away with it he ughs at the west. and we just do nothing. no sanctions work. nothing works. >> ihe midst of all of this, as there is so much criticism being hurled against the president for his contradictions, his incoherence and the absence of a strategy, the republican hou speaker finds it necessary to talk in the midst of this about immigration reform, which is, i guess, at hand. your thoughts? >> we need to deal with isis ight now. that should be the talk that's taking place and the action that takes place when congress goes back into session. immigration does have be dealt with. it's had to be dealt wi for years. but i thk isis is thissue righnow. >> hardly the oximate issue
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that isis has apparentltly beco. congressman ted poe, always good to see you. thank you for being here. predent obama has lost his pen and his phone whe it comes to executive action on immigration. butid house speaker john boehner find them? the man who may kno the answer to that question isli noorani, the executive directo of e national immigration forum. he's here next. (vo) watching. waiting. right place meets right and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your pason f trading. that's why we ve you edge, with innovative charting and tradg features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are.
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61 days until the midterm elections. house speaker john boehner my not be helpi his party out. the speaker said in a radio interview that immigration refo, as he called it, could still happen in the relatively near future.
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>> it wwsn't kely to ppen this year because of the flood on the border and the president's own pounding his chst about using his phone and his pe but i did outline that there's a possibility that congress could take this issue up next year. >> and not even the white hoe knows what presidt obama will do on the issue, whether he will issue another fiat. omebody whoight know is ali noorani. grea to have you with us. what will the presint do? >> i thinkhe president is trying to figure out what his options are and what the timing will be. first of all, the legislative solution is ideal. congress still has -- i in session till the beginning of next year. the senat has passed perfectly reasonable piece of legislation. speaker boehner still h an opportunity ther leading up to the election or after the election. bu if the house fails to ac
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it does look like the administration is going to take their owaction. >> well, it's hard to te. we have josh earnest, his spokesman saying, it's hard for me at th point to draw any conclusions about what the president's timingill be. and you mentioned the senate bill which was not taken up by the house. the house has put forward an incremental immigration rerm. surely you would emace that if the president would simply lower the rhetoric, move toward a resolution, representing comomise?e? >> remember, lou, the president to his credit, let's admit, he lowered the rhetoric althe way up through the summer until speaker boehner as he did in the radio interview, it's not going to happen th year. the president went as far as to say we can do this piece by piece,et's just get it done. the fact is that our economy and our families are suffering because of a broken immigration system. so at some point, our elected officials have to act.
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>> they real d't have to act because what you just said was trurue from 2006 to thisery moment, throughout thatntire period they've had to act. there haseen a rush of urgency. d u have worked, i would say honorably and tirelessly to achieve amnesty and your goals ofomprehensi immigration reform. i respectthat, butthe reality is those illegal immigrants in this cntry still have not been served by the absolute insistence on a whole. >> i couldn't agree more. i think there is a thirst for compromise when you look acss the majority, theopinion of the majority of americans. and i also have believe that there's a thirst for compromise ang democrats and republicans in congress. but at this moment in thi political climate, reacng a compromise is going to be incredibly difficult. sot some pot, either boehner
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has to say, guys, we have to take our medicine, get this over with,or the president is going to have to s, we have to do whatever we can, although it will be tempory and inadequate and fall short of his own ideals, at some point, we have to grant our eno and our communities some sort of relief. we've been talking about this for years. at some point, we haveo get it to a solution. >> maybe the soluon is staring everyone in the face and tat is the four bils reported out of he juciary committee led by chairman bob goodlot. if great energycould be -- and i'm talking about sincere energy put behind that legislation, ot something that wou move to conference where the senate and the white house would like to work their will, but to actually move fward in an incremental fashion achieving border security,eal border security in the nonsense rhetoric that you can't secure the bder because we know you can -- there are examples all
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over the wod of successfully doing so. is that possible still in your view, ali? >> i think so. this will be in the hands of speaker boehner. fo bills have passed out of the house judiciary committee. they can be voted off the house floor. but republicans are gog to needo reach a compromise with democrats to get those out of the house. just like you said, that question, is there a spit of compromise? l the way up through the summer, we saw that spirit of compromise was there. i think as speaker boehner was saying let's get is done, he can. >> he can't really get it done because rightnow in his conference, he has -- as we will see over thehe coming weeks, there's absolute ouage at the insistence that this be shoved down the throats of the americ people and the cgress. his conference would rebel instantly. >> absolutely. we saw th going into the gust recess. they couldn't get anything close to a rational solution.
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>> well, plenty of irrationality n be spotted in all quarters in whington, d.c. ali noorani, you are an exceion to that. we appreciate you being with us. >thank you very much, lou. appreciate it. >> good to see you. up net, my commentary on why letter writing and pretty spes sometimes don't hold a candle to truleership. that's next. we'vnever sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to kn.
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now the qotation of the evening, our quote tonight from general john pershing who said, a competent leader can get efficient service frompoor troops, an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops. a few comments now on our president's reluctance act and his obvio preference for words, spoken and wrien. president obamaho'seen roundly criticed for his lethaic and clumsy response to the terrorist group the islamic state and itish prime minister david cameron who's won praise in europe and aerica for his response have come together to right an op-ed in "the times of
7:21 pm
london" in which they said, ote,if terrorists think we wi weaken in the face of their threats, they could not be more wr countriesike britain and america will not be cowed by barbaric killers. mr. obama chose well his etorial partner but should have given cameron the lead its writing. barbaric killers who decapite citizens ofhe world's only superpower and in half a ye have taken greater dominion in iraq than the united states could in the fal years of our presence the aren't likely to be dissuaded or even for a moment doubtful when reading the assurans of two powerful leaders. they don't be cowed by terrorists, terrorists who were dismissed as j.v. at the beginning of the year? m obama having a difficult time of it with these j.v.ers who can't cower us. and the pale, limp language of the president's words, spoken and written, while in europe are
7:22 pm
not exactly those of a great leader in a profound response to national challenge. espially after being upsged by his vice president's newfound bellicosity andnd bvado just the day bere he spoke. our vice president yesterday -- >> when people harm americans, we don't retreat. weon't forge we take care of those who are grieving and when that's finished, they should know, we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. ecause hell is where they will reside. hell iwhere they will reside. [ applause ] >> and now our president -- >> we know that if we are joined by the inttrnational community we can continue to shrink isil's sere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing,
7:23 pm
its military capabilities, to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> an unsettlin toneto many, the difference betwe the two men, so stark democratic senator ge shaheen in an election battle with former goveor scott brown blasted obama on twitter. she wrote, quote, do not believe isil is manageable, agree thes terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell. end quote. some of our national leaders blood thirst demands war because those terroris beheaded two of our fellow citizens and they are appropriately angry and outraged and demandingaction. but those same leads haven't demanded that iran be vaporized because it was responsible for a third of o casualties in iraqq and is now a sponsoringorce behind global terrorism.
7:24 pm
among those leaders are some who waed t actually arm and supply the islamic state just months ago because it opposed bashar al assad in syria. and one of our national laders seems to believe he can simply ert his eyes from the reality of pressing challenges and moal threats to our tion. and all of this leads to a series o existential questions. among them, many failures are required for a failed presidency? and when do the failures of a president amount to the failure an entire nation? and when should the people demand beer of all teir leaders, not merely a president? we' coming right back. you can't accuse this president of being all talk. he has a letter writing campaign now. the inspiration for the book and movie "blacawk down" colonel danny mcknight joins us to talk about the president's penchant
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joining us now is retired army colonel danny mcknight. he was convoy coander whose heroic leadership during the battle of mogadishu in 1993 was recreated in theoscar-winng film "blkhawk down." colonel, good to have you with us. let's turn first to t president speaking in contradictions, actually, on the world stage, speaking first of a manageable probem and then secondly degring and destroying e enemy. what do you me of such contradictions, such confounding language? >> well, what really gets me is when we use the words manageable problem that we're going to manage sothing when we are talking about people who have beheade americans a who are
7:29 pm
willing to do anything to destroy us, i think. makes no sense. and promise you, the soldier on the ound wou be just scratching his head right now wondering what that really means. >> how do you with your distinguished service to the nation for which we're all grateful and the droo you commanded and wrked wih, how do you feel when you hear a u.s. senator or perhaps two.s. senators who are only seven nths ago were trying out for american arms and heavy weapons to be delivered to e islamic state bcause thewere opposing bashar al assad and now those very same senators want to chase them, as the vice president pu it, to the gates of hell? >> well, the first thing that comes to my mind is someing that you've already mentioned tonight. it's leadership. itel me that theydon't have a clue about ldership. they were just trying to look for a quick and easy answer
7:30 pm
seven, eight months ago. and th didn look at the big picture and they didn't look at how that could impact on down t road. and i think we see the results of what happens when you sehow support peopleho ar not willing to be oour side. they're willing to kill us, thgh. >> and the president obviously authorized a drone strike against oneof the warlords who is believed to be leading al shabaab in somalia. you were fighting there 20 years ago. and now we're sending drones. ere's some confusion certainly ithe rion about al shabaab's effectiveness and whether indeed it is the party responsible for some of t damages tat are being carried out by terrorists. what is your recommendation? i think people want to know from you, colol, what youu would have this country do to eradicate the threats to the united states? >> well, the fir thing is we need to have leadership in our
7:31 pm
country stand up, don't worry about being politically correct, but make the decision that we need a strategy and we're going to go out there and we're going to eradicat the bad guys, the enemy that so dearly wants to harm us. we need to clearly state what that strategy is and go forth with it. until we do that, and it's not jut the esident -- yes, he is the commander inchf. ut we need our general officers to stand up to himnd say, this is what needs to be done. and if they don't get him to agree to it, they need st down, then, because all tey're going to do is pacify him and that's unacceptable. we need to understand thatl shabaab, that isis, those people aren't fendly to us and want to harm us. what it's going toake is not just drones. it is goingo take an american soier, opefully supported by other countries. but you know what? if the coalition doesn't come to be and the other countries don't support us, we've got toworry
7:32 pm
about the uned states of america first andoremost and tht's wt we're notdog engh of, in opinion, rit now. >> my colleague, bret baier, e recounted story he heard from a soldier reacting to vice president biden's comment about chasing the islamic state to the gates of hell. quote how the, expletive deleted, can we do that when we can'tven leave ourront base? >> that is interesng. the soldie that are thinking that, they want to know what the next move for them? are they really going to be allowed to go out there and defeat this eny? and that's what isis is, the enemy. ar we going to be able to defeat themor wait for them to come us and harm us first to do it? i promise the soldiers are scratchingheir heads right n wondering what the psident means when he talks about
7:33 pm
managing a problem, then he's going to destroy them. and we use a drone in somalia. we can put soldiers on the ground and defeat ashabaab if we need to. but let's have a strategy and lay it out. the soldiers deserve that kind of leadership and we do not have it today. >> colonel danny mcknight, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lou. the dely epidemic in west africa is spiraling out of control. could a new vaccinebe the answer to stop the contagion? dr. a there are two reasons why i
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ssachuses. he was treating pregnant women in liberia. he is now in an issolation unit in a monrovia hospital. and the world healt organization today declared ebola now to be a global threat, more than 3,500 people have been infected. more than 1,900 have died in west africa. scientists wking for our next guest have begun testing a new vaccine this ek. and thse are the first pictures of volunteers being vaccinated. joining usonight, the man at the head of this research and this trial, the director of the national institute of allergy and infecous diseases, dr. anthony fauci. doctor, congratulations on getting this work under way. and obviously we al hope that it is successful. your thoughts about where you are right now? >> the paramount thing first is safety because you're going to be giving it to people w are normal, healthy people to protect them against ebola. so the first thing you do is what we're doing right now th
7:38 pm
you correctly said. we're doing what'salled a phase one trialn normal, healthy volunteers here in bethesda, maryland. total of 20 people will be in that trial. will take about the or four monthsy the end o this calendar year to determi if there are no adverse reactions to it and wheer it induces the response. the trouble is -- not trooble, it's just the reality-s that developing a vaccine is lo, multistep process. this is the first important step. see if it's safe. then if it is, then go to the next stage of vaccinating many more ople to determine th crect dose, whether it's still safe and does protect people. so it's not something that you get overnight. it takes a whil >> right. and zmap already bin administed to some victims, by our count, seven, two of whom have died. what is the relationship bween
7:39 pm
e two vaccines, which doyou believe at this pnt is most promising, if you can make that judgment? >> well, lou, one is a vaccine, which iwhat we're worng on, what you give to a person who's uninfected to prevent them from getting incted. zmap is a cocktail of antibodies that have been artificially produced that you infuse in someone who's already infected to try and block the virus from replating. it's very difficult to pdict what is going to be the most promising. ey both looked really goodn animal studies. one to prevent, one to treat. right n you can't say whether zmap really worked not in the peop because thereere just too few people who actually got it. and two of those whoot it died. >> as you know, there is obvious great urgency, the centers for dea control, tom frieden, the director, returned from west africa.
7:40 pm
he says th thisandemic is now out of control and h tnks that thereis a very narow window, indeterminate, but a very narrow window in which the world can op ebola. your thoughts? >> i completly agree wi dr. frieden. i was with him today foseveral hours. i totally agree with his assessment. what he' referring to about the window is that it's the increase in cases that you just rerted right bfore you started talking to me. and that is, what we're seeing is t slope of that curve is frghteningly steep in an upwrd way. it isn't going up like this. it's gng ulike that. we call that an exponential increase. that means that every day at goes by, it gets further and further out oyour grasp. >> the urgency of this matter, when you talk about tt hockey
7:41 pm
stick slope for the spread of this disease, this deadly disease, what is t time frame you believe that you have to bring a vaccine, to bring this cocktail, zmap,whether 's zmap or some other, to the people of west africao get this epidemic spped? >> this is a very important question. but you may be a little bit disappointed with my answer. the rason i say that is that right now a vcine or drugs are not going tstop this terrible tbreak. it's going to be a major, major intensification of th medical apprch towardidentifying, isolating, contact tracing, getting goo personal protective equipnt for the people who are taking care of these individuals, getting information about the help that is available for peopleinstead of having them running away from the hospital.
7:42 pm
vaccies are important but they're not goin to be ready in time to do what we need to do tomorrow and e next day and the next day. so although we're working intensively on developing vaccines and intensively on developing drugs, what west africa needs now is a mar ampfication of the effort of infection control, isolation, contact tracing and giving people the care that they need, which is fundamentally good medical care, intravenous fluid to replenish the from wen they vomit, from when they have massiveiarrhea. that's the thing that kills them. they go into shock -- >> i'm soy to interrupt you. when will we see the massive effort that's required to save t world health organization says will be 20,000 people infected with this disease? >> well, what we do neeneed is
7:43 pm
global effort. no one orgization is going to stop this. it's not going to be the united states alone. it'sot going to be w.h.o. alone. it's not going to be the world bank alone. you ne a obffort of many countries and many organizations. >> dr. anthony fauci, thank you so much for being with us and bringing up to date. >> good to be with you, lu. security breached and so was the privacy of a-list celebrities who find their very personal pictures exposed to the world. cyber security eert d top security exper on the nude photo hack and the qtions that it raises about the privacy of us all and wh in the world is social media, a publisher, a carrier, a hybrid? and what arits responsibilities? [ breathing deeply ]
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oscar-winning actress jennifer lawrence calling the releasef nude photos a flagrant violation of ivacy. a statent reading, quote, authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of nnifer lawrence. the fbi says it's beginning inquiries intollegation that dozens of celebrities incding lawrence were hacked. joining us is joh luch, ce of the cybersecurity firm twork security group. good to have you here. how could it happen? one would assume th secury would at least protec individual phones. this looks like, what, a bad attacon celebrities? >> we're in the early stages of the investation right now. but it doesn't look like the phones themselves were hacked. it looks like the accounts
7:48 pm
onli were h hacked that these phones sync to. apeaid they did an investigati and said tey haven'found any weaknesses or compromises into e stem. but that doesn't mean the accounts were compromised. when you set up an account, you're asked for a user name and password. if you use wak password -- tre are reports who say there's a vulnerability in the system that the hackers were allowed to try again and again, despite the fact that typically in the industry, every three tries locks the account. they ted over a piod of time and gained access. >> apple says none were the breach of any apple system and they also fixed a bug in its find my iphone seice that allowed a hacker to keep trying passwords until it finds the correct one. >> if you have a system that allows somne to go on timeand time again trying password, that to me is a vulnerability. it wasn't a breach into the apple system. but if that's the case, it
7:49 pm
sounds like a vulnerability. >> the fbi, what is the likelihood they'll be able to trck down this person or persons? >> connection is a connection. ere argoingo be logs. the problem is as we trace these logs back, it comes to a free wi-fi system. a hacker will sit outside and break into mebody so when the cops track him back, he comes to that. but cops look at cameras to identify o might have been in that area doing something. it's tough when we come to mobilcommunications. and a lot of people are talking about the cloud, icloud perhaps in which instance, as if there is some vulnerability there that would not exist were this in a different server in a different maer, connected to those mobile devices. >> well, iclouprovides a great serve. no doubt about it. many cloud providers . what it mes down to, i think
7:50 pm
the pblem is always humans. we have a totalisunderstanding of technology. many people don't rlize that by deflt, your phone may send these ptos, videos and everything else up to the icloud. why are they doing that? to protect you so if you lose your phone or it gets destyed, you can get thosehotos back. >> so it's about maintaining that first lev of security? >> right. >> strong passwords? >> right. >> i'm oneofthose guys that are never going to understand it. >> i met with two people today that had their iphones and we checked their setting they didn't realize their photos were being st up to the icloud. they turned itff and deted all thehotos. they have to be aware of what their phone does. and it's a simple settingon the iphone to turn that off. >> whatetting is that? >> it's under settings, under icloud, under photos. it says "on by fault. turn it off and it will delete all the photos up there and turn it off so it no longer syncs. >> on behalf of everyone watching oristening to you or just now switchng that off,
7:51 pm
thank you, john. good to have you. >> thank you. up next, we'll have more o the leak of those explicit photos of more than 100 celebrities. top attneys lis wiehl and arthur aidala on what does this mean and the recourse for those mean and the recourse for those who have been offended, next. sical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when yourravel rewards card makes it so hard to get a at using yo miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number ofil. hohonestly, it's time to swith the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double mis. from now on, no one's taking your seat away. what's in your wlet? from now on, no one's taking your seat away. an unprecedented program arting sinethat partners sinesses with universities across the state. for tter access to talent, cutting edge research,
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whenwork with equity experts
7:54 pm
who work with regional exper who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise has. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. now totalk about the legal ramifications,he privacy rights, cenrship issues andr bi associated with the nude celebrity photos, arthur aidala and lis wiehl. if you will permit me - >> i apologize. we have a long history. >> you've got -- i could have said diva attorney.
7:55 pm
i would never do that. >> not me >> lis, always so terrific and wondful. let's test that. >>okay. >> this is a situaon in which you've got an attorney for one of the stars threateng legal action. >> right. >> is it possible? >> yes, right to privacy, absolutely. they can make that claim. celebrities by and large have a lesser se of privacy inhe sense they put themselves out in the public eye. they nothe caera is going to be watching them. but when they're taking -- they' hacking into clouds and computers and i have to admit i don't understand all the technology of this -- >> it's all computers. >>ll computers. hacking into all of that an publicizing and making public something that would herwise be private that these celebrities didn't want out there, that's an invaon of pricy and they're going to be abe to make that case. other people have gone t jail f it. >> the quote that the dobbs team just put up from gates was fantastic. it's really -- itits the nail
7:56 pm
on the head. you look at recent supreme court arguments, even though the most recentnes have gone in favor us of having some privacy -- i've been lucky enough to watch the actual arguments. what the supreme court justices are saying is, people, wrap your brains around the fact that we're getting less and less privacy the way we're ling our lives. >> but then you're blaming the victim and saying, because you took the selfie -- >> it is e eality. i aree with you, philosophically, ethically, morally, even legally, but the reality is what arthur is saying. we have basically suspend our rights to privacy. >> if you go outside, you're going to be on camera. >> twitter is suspenng all accounts ofennife lawrence and presumably others. is twitter is publisher or ist a carrier or is it some sort of intermediary? what are its reponsibilities in law, because it looks to me like a blatant interference with the right t free speech --
7:57 pm
>> i wouldsk s, the former prosecutor, could you be considered an accomplice to a crime? this is known to be stol material -- >> let'sirst decide what they are. >> genally not because servers, sites, anything like at -- >> generally not what? >> generallyhey're not culpable, not liable -- >> how can they exerse a prerogative of control of an individual's right to speech and free expression, arthur? >> i believe they did the same thing with isis with the beheadin i believe twitter shortly ereter took the video down suspended the accounts or something. they did take some action regarding that. so at least -- >> there's prcedent. >> but to your point, now they're playinghe supreme court. this, you can . this, you can't do. we're going to allow you to see the beheading. we're not going to allow you to see jennifer lawrence. >> they're taking a more
7:58 pm
aggressive big brother role than the nsa ever did and the public outcry is ainst nsa, not against microsoft, google, facebook, twter, because they'r the ones who are uly intruding on the invidual rights. >> but don't you thinkt also comes down to, when we're talking about celebritis, somehow all the public is so interested in -- oh, my gosh -- >> that's what makes them a celebrity. >> exactly. >>hat's what makes them a celebrity. >> the point is that's what people are going to be looking at and talking about an twitter says, we don't want at comingown on us. >> the cases that have just com down prosecuting these people, there ve been severe penalties, ten years in jail. you have to do that. these are stupid pictures but it could be goldman sachsfinances that affects our entire economy. it could be medical records of tons of human beigs -- all kinds of things. >> and a lot of celebrities aren't stupid. >> there is no explicit law on
7:59 pm
the lines of responsibility, the lines of immunity, the lines prerogative. >> that'sorrect. >> and accountability. when it comes to the digital universe. and we've go to have that, do we no in law? a federal judge sittin there interpreting the ambiguous and the vague is not going to work. >> it's another example of where the law so far has not kept up with the technology. thathappens oftentimes between law and technology. thalaw is printed on the page. it takes a long time f the legislature to pass it -- it has to happen. >> a judge interpreting becomes what we call precedent. so after that first judge interprets it -- >> but the natioal media is utterly bend the times because they're focused on a government issue, an inusion on individualrights, including privacy, rather than the dividual's rights under any circumstance, it's just technology -- >> and it took some selfies to
8:00 pm
have this come up. >> thanks for showing them i the packets -- >> arthur! >> the dobbs team is thorough. today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a sees of deliberate and deadly terrorist ac. thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil despicable acts of terror. well, it was a gorgeous day. the president arrived, just as


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