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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 11, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you were amazing, every night 6 p.m. watch us. i am going to host varney in the morning, but right now lou dobbs is going to carry the ball for fox business. >> mixed react on capitol hill today to the president's address to the nation. but house speaker john boehner wasted no time in making it clear, he once again is responsibleing to give president obama what he wants, to time to give commander in chief congressional approval to destroy the islamic state terrorists in iraq and syria. but speaker boehner today also suggested that airstrikes alone will not get the job done. and while the president omitted any mention of iran and its sponsorship of terrorism in his address his press secretary confirmed this u.s. officials are in continuing talk with iran
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on nuclear weapons even a role in the administrationo coalition. >> in a have and i will again, rule out military coordination between the united states and iran. there are however been? conversations that have taken place between iranian officials and u.s. officials on the sidelines, of ongoing p5 plus 1 talks, we would hope that iran would be supportive of the kind of inclusive government in iraq, that is necessary to unite that diverse country. lou: iran today, criticized obama administration for not inviting iran into the military coalition, and officials accused unnamed u.s. allies' supporting terrorism. we'll take this up with political columnnist, juan williams, and katie pavlich. also homeland security secretary jay johnson admits that real
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reasonss behind postponement of president's executive action on amnesty. johnson's words and contradict with those of the president. revealing another white house move based on partisan politics. howard university professor, ran , ron hira will join us, and rodger goodell the focus of the ray rice scandal. players from past and present calling on commissioner to resign or be suspended after associated press revealed that nfl executive officers did -- offices did receive the video and at least one person acknowledged viewing that video. calling into question gaddelle's version of his story and his integrity, the rice scandal is becoming nfl scandal. that is all coming up here tonight. lou: we begin with new details from the president's plan pentagon officials telling fox
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news that president obama has authorized the targeting of individual leaders of the islamic state in iraq and syria including its leader, so-called caleavca--al baghdady. ed hepry with our report. >> an if 16 is not a strategy, and airstrikes alone will not acompanylish when we trying to accomplish. the president has made clear that he does not' u.s. boots on the ground. somebody's boots have to be on the ground. >> reporter: speaker john boehner indicated he is willing to pass president obama's immediate request to arm syrian rebels with 500 million for early stages of battling isis, there is skepticism, among both partys that syrian free army can serve as ground troops supporting airstrikes over u.s. syria. former cia director, joined
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boehner that airstrikes alone may not be enough. it seems to offer gratification but with very light il illinois commitment -- little commitment. >> i i don't think i would describe the president's words that way. >> dentists, pharmacists. >> honorable professions. >> but not warriors. >> correct. they are not. >> reporter: spokesman said that president min it would have been unwise earlier to begin arming the rebeling but now there are ways to vet them, some vulnerable democrats would not seem to agree. senator saying he worried those arms could wind up in the hands of terrorist, and mark udal deteared that president -- udoll declaring that ha president this havnot have a blank check. call this the isis effect on the
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midterm election, a equal number shows that terrorism is a big factor on the vote as big as the economy, saying they are both important in their decision. 4 years ago, 57% said economy would be important and 41% terrorism. the president also has to deal with struggles lining up allies abroad, and secretary of state jojohn kerry in saudi arabia taughting progress. >> when we're doing now could become a model for cooperation. >> foreign minister from great britain suggests that america's staufrpbest allie was nostaufrpn onboard. >> the prime minister of britain has not made a final stkeugs, we talk to white house officials they say, they will take the word of prime minister over
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foreign minister. any confusion on this, comes at a bad time for the white house. lou: thank you very much. >> we're 53 days from the midterm elections and president obama's homeland security secretary jay johnson. today confirming what we have suspected perhaps known all along. president obama delayed executive act on amnesty for possibly millions of illegal immigrants until after the midterm elections pause he and leading democrats feared it would lead to a resounding republican victory at the polls. this as white house chief of staff today, had to assure outraged congressional, latino amnesty advocates that president obama will act by the end of this year. no matter what happens in the midterm elections. lou: fox news chief congressional conservative mike emmanuelle with our report. >> in 1994, gun control helped -- healthcare law, in a run-up
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to elect. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jay johnson made reference to overreach by college that led to a midterm election flood bac blood fact br democrats. >> we should wait until after midterm elections to announce what we believe we can and should do to fix the system. this kind of thing should not be introduced in a politically difficult climate like you have in the run-up to an election. >> reporter: last week president said it was not about midterm elect politics. >> what do you till the person that is getting deported before the elect this stkeuz o decisioe in hope of saving a democratic senate. >> that is not the reasons. >> it look like politics. >> not only do i want to make
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sure tha that -- the t's are crd and i's are doubted. >> reporter: this is another example of it being pushed by politics. >> it is terrifying really to think this that individual must secretary johnson, the person responsible in america for operating all of our immigration and enforcement laws actages acknowledges they are driven by elect politics rather than law. >> reporter: sessions gives johnson credit for being honest. and a house member does not agree with 1994 comparison. >> that is where th flawed political thinking it, people are going to make a decision on who they select add a senator. -- select as a senator. based on what the president because on immigration.
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charles: express frustration with delay, white house chief of staff dennis mcdown asources were told that president will act by the end of the year. lou: all right. senator mitch mcconnell, put it best, he said this right after the announcement that white house would delay act on the immigration. until after the midterms. he said -- -- he is saying he will go around the law, once it's too late for americans to hole his party accountable in the november elections. >> some heads scratching criticism from the mexican government today, which is blasting the governor of texas,
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rick perry because high sent national guard -- he sent national guard troops to the border, not only is government of mexico claim that governor perry thundershowered troops for littlauthorizeed troops forlittt reads in part quote -- 5holistic ic solution? governor perry's spokesperson, the governor is focused on ensureing that drug cartels and criminals do not get a free pass into the state of texas. lou: nation commemorateing 13
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anniversary of september 11 attacks. we will always remember. please join us tonight at 10 p.m. eastern, for a special presentation of fox news reporting, 9/11. timeline of terror. 10:00 eastern tonight, right here on the fox business network. >> we're coming right back, stay with us. >> president obama announces he is ready now fight the radical islamist terrorists of the islamic state. juan williams and katie pavlich on the president's new strategy. next.
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lou: the obama administration announcing it is imposing a new round of sanctions against
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russia over what it says are russia's illegal actions in ukraine. broaden sanctions, are pared with similar sanctions by e.u. rush are you arussia president s flecking his military muscle, swipeing military exercises in russia's east to test his troops' readiness for war, and a reminder of russia's capabilities a rur rur a russiaz space craft today brought back cosmkaz -- casino cosmonauts fre international spacetation. >> joining us now, 5 co-host. juan williams, great t to have u
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here. what do you make of the reaction by vladimir putin? iran? saying that what president obama conemlittlcontemplates is a viof international law. skpeuliningand illegal. >> well, i don't give them much respect, we'll start with that premise, these people are engaged in their own criminal activities. they have interests that are contrary to our interest as a sovereign state, the united states of america. they act without any sense of the best interest of world peace, let me say all that up front. i really think that they are a scurge on -- earth, when they condemn obama or the united states in this instance, they are saying, on the part of putin, he fears for himself, not
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only additional sanctions but potential of a military action, specific at the moment, arming ukraine rebels in case of iran they are afraid again that the united states will use this as an opening to exert further influence in middle east and crush them. lou: possibly crush them. are you surprised that president did not mention either of these two nations, russia or iran? and their sponsorship and support of syria, and in particular, iran support of terrorism throughout the middle east, and its aggression against aurally iourour allie israel. >> united states needs iran's assistance in dealing with iraq. you have sunni shia divide, and
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iran coming in potentially could be a help with the sunnis, in terms of saying to the new leadership in iraq, that they have to offer some you know, confidence building measures that would allow a coalition to form, in order for their to be an army in iraq that stands particular and is capable of defeating isis. lou: okay, juan. lee let me ask you this. i find it amazing that this president could not do business with mubarak but he can do business with iran, because of the political interest of united states, he prefers iran which is avoided enemy of the united states, he could not do business with dictator in egypt phaoub munrack mubarak who was supportive of our
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interest, how do you square that up? >> there there is no square, you put your finger on pi hypocrisy. we as americans want to be pro democratic and advance the cause of democracy worldwide, but there is no getting away from the truth. we had someone in power who was acting in our interest, remember that what came after him morsi and muslim brotherhood we tried with them, they were not in our interest. now we back to a dictator in egypt. if you talk about what is going on with the iranians, why do we we want to make a deal with them? we are post arab spring, saying we need them because we're engaged in a fight gain terrorism as our number one priority. lou: i think best allies are found when they share values, ideals, and perhaps traditions. and destinys, let's turn,
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joining us now. katie pas pavic. your enthusiasm as a result of president's speech last night? for united states committing troops to take and destroy the islamic state? >> i don't like the idea that president obama thinks he can have his own plays saying he is noputting troops on the group without boots on the ground, i don't think he is saying, it would be great if congress had input, but i am not asking for for authorizationing a that requires he has a condition a concrete plan that he is accountable to someone, his record of him going in without approveal of congress, doing all of these things in the world, causing major problems, i wish he would
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ask congress but in return that would have to mean accountability for him to what the result is, in terms of all over picture, i didn't think he did a good job of making americans feel safe. about what we're doing to address this threat her here. the southern border there was nothing in his speech about the security of the border we have documentation from confirmation from homeland security that is sis looking foisisis is lookingr the united states. lou: juan. on the issue of immigration, jay johnson secretary of the deputy of homeland security, acknowledgeing that the president's decision not to issue an executive order, granting amnesty, was based on
7:22 pm
devastation they would would en ensue admit term elections, your react to first secretary johnson's candor? >> well, i mean, what do you want me to say? it's raining outside? it is raining, it politics, no question. jay johnson spoke the truth, i think that president obama tried to somehow dance around it make the case that gosh, we want to still work with congress, and make sure our t's are crossed and i's are tkho*ted doted, i tt president made the case yesterday for taking action and i think right now. you know, congress is one that never had ever had dowage to strand up say -- courage to sand up say we'll vote to declare war, they give you a other for use of military force, politics on capitol hill, i can tell you are both republicans and
7:23 pm
democrats don't want that vote even vote to allow military training advisors. >> no. lou: to quote one of my favorite political analysts, you want us to say it's raining outside? juan? >> right. lou: katie, you get last word here. your thoughts on the admission? whether the american people are so stupid, in the opinion of the white house they would forget that president was going to do this amnesty order, no water the outcome of the elections. >> to address juan's points, president obama is not going to ask congress, he does not' to put democrats in a difficult situation with a vote for action in syria and iraq. ahead of the midterms. and amnesty and putting off that executive act, jay johnson was honest, president obama has not put executive act aside he is just waiting until after the midterm elections, when voters
7:24 pm
conditioscan't punish democratss changed in the summer with the problem of the unaccompanied minors crossing the border, which is the result of his opening the border ins first place. lou: that the last word, if i may, throw out one aden -- we do not know where those children are located, where their sponsored are. a lacking policy. when it comes to transimportant see antranspartnersee and openn. >> thank you. >> time for a look at our on-line poll results, whether you believe the president will be more success sul against the islamic state than he has been with iraq, afghanistan, iran,
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russia, syria. response, 97% said no. vote on our poll, who has most to gain from president's new strategy. to destroy islamic state terrorists? the united states, europe, syria, or iran? cast your vote at, my commentary on a well quite noticeable emission from the president's speech, and why i believe it was very much deliberate, that is next stay with us. [ hoof beats ]
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lou: coming up tonight. examineing political fallout of the president's speech and the midterms. steve forbes will join us, and 13 anniversary of september 11 attack, and second anniversary of benghazi terrorist attacks. cia an nec annex team member chs peralto will join us also. first a few comments on what
7:29 pm
president did not say last night. there was not a mention of iran and its relationship to the u.s. effort to degrade and destroy the i islamic state, middle east is in turmoil, rise of the civil war in syria, persecution of creatiochristianity in the regin remains os the most dangerous threat to america than it has been for decades. without directly defineing how the destruction of the islamic state would nots for you the interest of ba bashar al-asad syria. he did not refer to russia today is criticizeing president obama
7:30 pm
for his intention to violate international law, as russia put it. in attacks against islamic state targets in syria and protesting mr. obama's aggression, mr. putin ordered russian troops in the east put on alert. mr. putin is is -- adroit withs sense of irony. today when iranian stated clearly that some members of the obama military coalition are sponsors of terrorism. iran and russia. not a me mention of either, buto most important nations to consider in calculus of mr. obama's middle east policy, they are something to consider. we're coming right back. >> on this day, two years ago.
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7:35 pm
the commander in chief if there is a crisis, he is being responsible in that sense but he said given what president has outlined, and proposeing to do is insufficient. and playing politics. he talks about 475 more, we have about 1500 troops on the ground now. and you will need 10 times that if you are serious about defeating isis. lou: why does congress have an obligation to give a blank check on a president, when it comes to as you put it dealing with a crisis? does the islamic state rise to a crisis? >> it is setting up a cal callat in heart of least, like afghanistan in 2001, a terrorist breeding ground, in an already terb land area thaturk lent -- l
7:36 pm
spread out to europe and elsewhere. we're willing to give you authority or debate authority then i think what president fears more than the elections, sending troops to war, crazy. is what is your real strategy? you have outlined you top destroy this. are -- you want to destroy this, for the forces you talked about in your speech sufficient? he does not want them to examine it, he has not, he does not want them to sit around a table and say what is the straeupblg strat needs to do they are clueless. >> as are so many others. i am of strongly held view that
7:37 pm
this president has to acknowledge that threat of iran. it is to me impossible not to look at power structure at work in the middle east, and leave out russia and iran. can you conceive of anyway, which either republicans or democrats would do such a thing. >> no, one thing he has always criticizes his predecessor, previous on is why done they step up to iran. >> why didn't they step up to iran, they have been al threet for years but in terms of russia this president still believes he can do business with putin, which is why he is not doing anything for the ukraine, sending them happy meals instead of armaments. the ukrainians are willing to fight if they have the means. lou: the question not asked often, why president will not
7:38 pm
support and arm in provision the ukrainian ale mary. military, turn to decision on part of president to not issue his amnesty fiat and will wait until after the elect for fear there will be repercussion, does he fear that american people are so stupid, they will not understand he is going to do it anyway? and therefore should be held accountable at polls? >> it will be one thing, why republicans will do well in spite of themselves is image that kids comes across border, fact we're not willing to do anything. to stop, that and idea that when election is out of the way, high will do what he would have done before the election if he thought he could get away with it people will remember that, that will be another thing to why they vote democrats out. lou: all right steve forbes. >> good to be here. lou: thank you. >> steve forks, we're coming
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lou: on wall street stocks finishings day mixed. volume on big board 2.9 billion shares, president obama planning to go quote, as far as he can under the law, with executive action. joining us now, howard university professor, ron hirea. author of book outsourcing america. president delaying action? he thinks he will not be held accountable for pr-pl is he will promispromise he willissue that. >> there is the politic side and
7:43 pm
also policy side. on immigration side, everything that has been discussed or leaked it really pretty much bad for the american worker. lou: and in terms of stem. this is foreign worker that are brought in here, most of them legally, over stays are a problem within that. but reality is, you believe there are plenty of science, technology, engineering, workers, workers, that are american citizens who are being pushed into other fields because they are crowded out by lower priced foreign workers? absolutely. yiest way to look
7:44 pm
lou: what is driving this? is it a way to reduce cost of labor and expand profit margins on the part of corporate america and businesses in it country at the expense of american workers? >> absolutely. the bottom line is the bottom
7:45 pm
line, after cheaper wages, increasing supply to their advantage. if anybody had any doubts look at wage fixing scandal going on lawsuit in silicone valley, the whose's who, late steve jobs writing incredible e-mails to google ceo, and agreeing to squeeze out american workers, and not allow them to move jobs, and have their wages go up. it is about the bottom line. lou: you are saying class warfare is practiceed in this country. just not by the president and democrats, the first brought in that war is corporate america, technology companies, silicon valley, against middle class american workers, is that right? >> against the middle class and those who are aspireing upward mobily, traditionaly engineering and information technology have
7:46 pm
been professions have you working class who work their way up. and study go into those fields, you cut off that important piece of solving the income ineqaulity problem. lou: upward mobility, the american dream. >> right. >> thank you, professor. >> thank you. lou: we want to update you on former marine sergeant andrew tahmorressi, he has been imprisoned in mexico for 165 days without a mention from president obama, he remains in prison. >> up next, congressional republicans trying to breakthrough obama administration's stonewall, our next guest said, show us what happened on ground in benghazi in book 13 hours. he is here next. [ breathing deeply ]
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. lou: quotation of the evening from the fourth president of the united states. if tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. james madison. a ground breaking new book, details how 4 americans who died in benghazi terrorist attacks could be alive. had a stan down order never been given, book, 13 hours. inside account to what happened in benghazi. my next guest was on the ground in benghazi that night, coauthor
7:51 pm
chris pa ra paranto. >> great to be here. lou: we have talked with your comrade. >> the jc squad. lou: we'll give you uqualtime, start with this anniversary, everyone marks it 13th in this town. of september 11. >> yes, sir. lou: 2001. also important anniversary to nation, second attacks in benghazi. your thoughts on the stan down orer, 13 hours of that fight. your thoughts as you were told that you can't go to the compound to save those folks. >> i think any operator or any military person, anybody in special operations would have the feeling i did, a bit of
7:52 pm
anger, it is you know, also is a bit of disappointment. because, you are not being able to help your friends, keep in mind, i have said this, we're getting calls, frantic calls from our buddies, alex and scott, state department under attack. it is sense of urgency is spinning up, your adrenaline is going up, you have to maintain your composure on the outside to make sure emotions don't get out of hatch getting lit, and all of a sudden it is a big fire. so, it -- with me it was more anger. frustration, more than anything and disappointment that i can't help my friends, what is going on? i can't help the guys i promised i would help, i gave them my word i would help them. lou: that expectation was realizeed when you realized
7:53 pm
stand down order or not you were going. >> we were going. lou: how long did to take you to get there under a mile. >> it took -- and you know, people read the book, they can see that we could not drive all the way there. we waited so long, to get there, you know, our nightmare had just come true because they were able to get a defensive position fortify it as best they could, and -- >> you had to avoid the terrorists from were fires. >> we disembarked in a cover situation, split in two teams and went on foot. lou: how many terrorists were surrounding the compound? >> we never -- we could not see all the way into the compound. because we were on foot, several 8 foot high walls we have to go over to get to the compound.
7:54 pm
with the intensity of fire it is hard to say, we did not have the feed at that time, nothing was being ned into us. give us a situation of what we were facing but aim of fire coming down it was enough we knew we could not go down without trying to eliminate position they had at the front of the gate, john tigue an did well. with three 40 millimeter grenades that allowed a big enough lull to ge get there to foot. we did no not get there until 10:30, that is about an hour after we were originally called. lou: this that hour, people are dying? >> oh, yeah. lou: you got into the come paupbd. >> yes. lou: and what was your first reaction when you broke a through, and saw what you confrontd. >> people, i have been told this by my friends, why do you say
7:55 pm
that? i always think this is incredible, the fire, it is gorgeous, it is something that a guy like myself, and this is why i'm here, this is why do i this, the adrenaline goes up, fire building and shots fireed, it is like, i'm alive, guess what, this is awesome, let's time to go. do our job, and find those guys that are trapped, and rescue, and fight out of bad guys to get our guys home. lou: most of us would be hor horrified, this is what you and your comrades train for, it is who you are. >> yes, sir. lou: we're lucky to have. >> you we're lucky to have people like you that are actually putting the story out for us and kept it a live we appreciate it. lou: the book, "tkpraep "13 houu heard very few words this is an amazing story, we recommend it to you highly, buy it at your
7:56 pm
bookstore on-line it is amazeing. >> thank you, sir. lou: just like the folk its all about. >> thank you, sir, an honor, thank you, sir. >> time for a few of your comments, james tweeted, who could want president obama and democrats to overhaul the immigration system? sounds like obamacare. >> ken, tweeted say amnesty should hurt the dems but republicans have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and trev or, i am basically a democrat you are forgiven, i find that president's golfing, minutes after the beheading of a another u.s. citizen, shows a conduct depraveeed uh-uh paralleled by any white house predecessor. we love hearing from you, e-mail me or follow us on better g to
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facebook. it links to everything. thank you. stay tuned for cavuto coming up next. tomorrow former national intelligence director john negroponte. good night. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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. neil: remarkable, 13 years into, this it is still tough to take in all the raw emotion of this, of this day, the reciting of names of victims many of us still don't know, some read by children their dads never got to know. more than a decade later so fresh this day, even after all these days and years, but there is something oddly relieving about this ritual, something comforting about never forgetting and at least once a year, briefly, briefly uniting. a day after this president outlined our latest terror threat, it was almost as if we


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