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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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with up to 27% more brush movements get healthier gums in two weeks guaranteed. philips sonicare discover the brush that's perfect for you. neil: president obama addresses isis, is he on top of the crisis, florida senator marco rubio telling me why we're not doing enough to stop isis. >> and whether we could all be on the have earning of getting hit with a banking crisis by former home depot ceo bob more nardelli. listen up, that and an immigration fix that may never come because both party extremists don't want it to
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come? our top story, president lays out his case for taking on isis at thein u.n., is he into it? is the president saying the right things but doing none of the things, big on shock and a. not that big on follow-up for which he president obama is not known for. as one retired general put it, i guess the impression he is doing what he has to do because he has been pushed into this, if not for the beheadings, would we be doing any of this? fearsome facts, something that worries marco rubeo, said we need to do more to stop isis. >> as this keeping escalateing. does it mean we do need boots on the ground. >> can we defeat them with airstrikes?
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no, we can degrade them, but we cannot defeat them, they are now an army u. they have to be defeated by someone on the ground. neil: what senator rubio is not calling for is out right war, but calling for a way to avoid war. that is real "shock and awe" to the senator, and harlem, who the senator is asking for is a permanent american troop present in middle east so the bad guys are not tempted to reek havoc there, would have that dealt with isis? >> nice to be with you, answer is absolutely not, we have a permanent present in middle east, huge airbase in doha and qatar. neil: so, our actually having boots on the ground, on the land in the middle east, throughout the middle east, would not make
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make a difference? >> not really, the question is we. we have to realize first. this is a really important inflection points in our history, what obama is doing now could be almost equal to what happened at end of cold war or september 11, this is a defining moment, it is not us against isis. we have to be iraban arab and mm states in the region, so far the president has been cautious in announceing the strategy, it depends on getting arab allies in the region to do heavy lifting. neil: they are doing some of the lefting minus turkey. but by and large they are following suit. how long do you think it lasts? devil is in the details. >> when you look this is a situation of such unbelievable
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contradictions, we have to get the iraq guest to right itself -- iraqi government to right itself, and saudis cannot continue to i supportous one ha, and jihadists on the other, this is a time people have to understand what their pry priorities are, if isis is the threat i think it is, then the arabs and muslims have to take appropriation action, we cannot win this war for them, if they don't do it for themselves over the long-term this will create a massive problem for the west and the u.s. >> thank you. >> maybe bankers are the guys to fix this a new group, counter extremism project is stepping in to stop cash flow to isis, to sort out who gets money, to economist director of the group
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-- executive trim or of the group, david, you're discerning who gets cash and how. >> correct, our group the counter extreme. extremism project we want to confront them in a wholeist iristic approach. to help stem the flow of funding, to extremist groups and col bacombat their rhetoric and recruitment strategys, extremeism has been a long time, but as of late, extremists have done a better job of harnessing communication networks. neil: is that what makes isis, isil, different, they have found out a way to do -- the report you hear they have a lot of money, and make a lot of money, how do you trace that? >> that is important to recognize in modern extremeism, organization is not just about violence in skp-f itself skp-fr.
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>> what are they doing? do they look 99 through -- innocent through back-channels. >> we know they are getting support from private businesses, we know from previous models used to isolate, there are investigative tools and hard work, if you apply these things you can find that support network of extremists. you can approach them with the information and pressure and expose them. neil: another story, that they are aware that guys like you are on to them, they have cashed out a lot of money. one report, they carried bags of cash, in the middle east, to pay off recruits, mercenaries, they already have it ubecause they know you are on to them?
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>> there will be ways in modern financial system broad o -- because of bredth and positions. they will have to use modern thinfinancial techniques to trar the funds. looking at this news with khorasan and its leaders, they are not valuable because of weapons but because they are fundraisers and organizers. neil: do we know the big guns that are supporting them, you know, they are not just gets it from you know, oil chic here and there. >> -- oil sheik here and there. >> that is why this is so broad. neil: is there a region? >> from the middle east, we know bad actors across the world, that is why this was formed. neil: including saudi arabia? >> from all different groups, all different kinds of funders
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and supporters in the world. neil: financial bets on this group, why? >> they have an ide idealogical component, they are either believers in the mission, but more is they believe there is a different proxy conflicts that are occurring in the region, they have strong sectorian feelings and ark liness with allies alliances and allies and strong opponents. they are funds different groupies to combat each other across the region. neil: you know, you don't look like captain american, but you are doing something heroic tracing it. >> i wish you the best, thank you david. >> thank you. neil: and surprise that how easily iceo isis recruits american young men to join in ranks you should see how it does with our kids, a video game that
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fashions itself after grand theft auto 5, but listen up kids this is for real, fox business all-stars. all right, scott, the parent companies of grand theft auto would not come on this story it be fair, they had nothing to do with this, isis salehing out is ark temp -- laying out, attempting platforms to kids, saying this could be you, doing what yo you are playing, what do you do? >> not much to do, this is frightening hard to stop and today, this is 21st century terrorism, isis attacked social media sphere, come out with a message produced trailer-like videos, of stuff they want to cordo, now they go on a industra multibillion dollar industry in u.s., saying hey kids, hey disen
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franchiseed teenager, how someone with a bad idea in your head, would you like to do this for real. come out and join us. neil: they have to let them know these are the bad guys. >> right, you know, there is research that shows type of games that violence, children become desensitized to violence, normal react we might have of fear or, you know we don't want to see it, we don't have the normal reactions when we play the video games, so, and they are kids, they want to be part of a movement. i was a young person we didn't want anything to do with big manore big government, we were hippies. neil: i was just in to galloping gourmet. >> galloping gourmet. >> you wonder, whether you there is something to this, isis has
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succeeded in doing what past terror groups have not. on this large a scale, getting a good number of the men, a couple of scanne scandinavian women ons cause. who is to say they can't do the same with kids. >> they can, is sis made up of predators, they seek young and srurlevulnerable for their prey. the video is not the concern, multiplayer mode where kids can play anybody on face of earth is allowing isis to enter our family's basement. >> the more violence you become, the more stuff you win, they are omaare roman ta sizeing the whole thing, they are desensitized to
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conflicts. >> what we have to do instead of just airstrikes, u.s. intelligence community will have to create an,l elite team of gamers. neil: no one knows these games better than my son. here is where i worry as parents we should. my concern is, some of these games have you that ability, to communicate on-line and then with the headphones, without a phone line. i never know how that goes, but they are all talking to their friends who to say a bad guy can't get into the middle of that conversation. >> there is a console in my house, my son is not playing yet because he is 10 months old, but he might be. >> what is it do there? >> collecting dust.
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for later use, like late at night when my wife goes to bed. this is like a direct marketing push, they are playing the fame because they like violence, i play gta 5 that is fun, but they are playing this they might be interested in violence, they are getting totten product without much -- getting to the end product for without much presearch. neil: to crisis of border, why it will continue to be a crisis at the border. president obama may have no choice but to act ark lone. -- alone. you know what my business philosophy is, reynolds?
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natural that president is forced to act alone, to our all-stars. >> we need to put term limits on our congressmen, they are playing to polls, they are worried about being politically correct, offending a minority, if we had term limits maybe someone would have put pa to step -- hutzpah to step up be a leader, get it done to protect our economy and national security it must be done. neil: then suzanne woke up and realized the world we live in, the extreme right does not top see look like republicans are so much as bending, and extreme left does not' the president to do anything that looks like he icedesing to their demand, whato do? >> i hope that man or woman
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comes along, but it is sometime identify, everyone is disenfranchizeed, not so much liking the job or liking somebody else's job they are doing, nobody cares, nobody is interested any more, until that fervor gets back about electing the right person or even voting for trying out loud there will be no change, you get the government you vote for, that is what we have right now. neil: we have right now is, president is going to act unilateralry, he might grants amnesty to millions of illegals, me might come back, say they give him no choice. is that going to happen? >> yes, president oh -- owes ami
8:19 pm
amnesty activists, and stick his chin out say, here is what i am going to do, republicans might own control of congress at that time. but look at this issue, same research poll firm did a poll this year, that showed immigration of number 16 on list of priority issues, after doing something about lobbyists, they were more important than immigration to people who were polled. neil: but in the border states? >> does not matter, not a hugely important issue it most people. neil: when people are poll owed this subject -- polled on this subject, both sides say, we have to deal with this 20 million, however many it is after tens of thousands of kids that came in. we have to address this so, they are in agreement that something has to be done but nothing gets done. >> nobody can make the decision, it takes, some body to sit down,
8:20 pm
take this like a business case. neil: a new inspiration. early days of a new administration. >> someone abou that is worriedt getting reelected, hispanics will soon be majority, right now, with isis, and everything that border control should be critical number one important. >> that is why republicans have been successful they blocked amnesty bailout of senate, tkpwo*ep in housetkpwo*ep in hon the house they blocked it identify. neil: but does it successful if they look antilatino. >> as we saw crisis on border it raised priority on border second that now hopefully we'll address in next congress. neil: crazy. so, you say, i don't shop of at
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: still think it is just home depot that condition pack it. -- can't pack it. you better look at your credit card bill, look, you notice anything weird? any weird charges, former home depot boss bob nardelli said it's about to get worse. >> really, unfortunate that home depot was attacked. there is dozens of other companies, that have also been hacked, they are not of size and magnitude. having been there, this is a grade company, they will do right thing, get this fixed. many of the financial instutions are already sending new credit cards out to the individuals
8:25 pm
that got hacked to avoid fraudulent charges which they are responsible for. to your points, i have opinion hacked. -- i have been hacked. neil: have you been hack stph-d. >> i have been hacked, not by some of my best friends. >> how did you know? >> looking at my statement,s some like $29. then $50, and 23u are not conscious of, that and really pay attention, you could ignore it this could go on for months it did for me until i looked and said what are these charges coming in i called bank, they took care of it but -- >> what did you say? you disputeed them, some of them pileed up over months. but what did you notice? the charges not made by yo you. what got your attention. >> frequency of them, you know little nuisance charges, asked family has anyone done this, called bank they are responsive,
8:26 pm
took it aside, you know remadeiated the bill. neil: they did not make a big purchase. >> no. neil: you noticed this, you are a numbers guy, you noticeed this, out of whack. but, a lot of people would notice something so small, they worried about like multithousand dollar purchases or huge purchases or the card itself, shut down because it has been hacked. little stuff. >> yeah, then, we're hearing the terrible stories where they are going to the atm, draining the accounts, so we have to be diligent. neil: who is doing it. >> we don't know, it has to belay organized highly -- well organized highly intelligence group, corporation should think about spending money on cyber protection, and technology, you book att as an expense it an investment, looking at loss of customers that target went
8:27 pm
through, and i think that reaction to home depot, is amazing, it was a tremendous negativity for customers, i don't think we're seeing same customer reecust react at home . neil: i know people, that just, were not affected by target, but saying i'm not shopping at target not the same with home depot, we have to be careful not to be cam nonwha nonchalant. neil: i wonder, if this i is a warm-up act or something ugroups that are practicing on retailers, stphal, large scale small projects alike. >> could be, if you have a cone spir rasy -- conspiracy theories, the individuals that enter white house economy precursors to isis thinking we could do that but, the thing, i
8:28 pm
would encourage ci os circumstance you go in every morning you -- you go never morning you have a check list, change your codes every day, and do not leave your backdoor open, look for variances, almost like when you ghetto a plane -- get on a plane, and pilot, has a check list regardless of how many hours he has flown, this will happen, and have in place remedial actions,. neil: how do they -- the companies, discover so much after the fact. do they not piece together say something weird is going on? >> i mean, you have to be very diligent every day, i don't know if it is correct or not it happened in home depot in april for example, investigation will determine that. as to what they got hacked, and
8:29 pm
how it happened. i just would say, dell gence, heightened awareness, looking at transactions or similarities in charges then a bunch of same amount. >> interesting, i learned something from you, it could be a little thing, a small charge on the bill. >> yes, it could be. neil: all right bob that deli thank you very -- nardelli thank you very much. remember sense tone tore senator john mccain caught playing poker during a hearing, wait until we tell you when secretary of state john kerry of caught doing. while his boss was talking.
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the new ceo from his first television that's all tomorrow. opening bell right here. >> well, are you tired of hearing the same old climate lecture from president obama. so apparently is his secretary of state and the whole foreign policy team. take a look at their reaction during the president's address yesterday. >> on the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. the alarm bells keep ringing. our citizens keep marching. >> what were they doing? are they asleep? candy crusher? now we're at war with syria. is there any chance of dealing with that if they're not listening to the boss and what he's saying. back with the all stars. scott, what is going on here. >> well, john kerry is a serial
8:34 pm
yawner. there have been very important speeches. he yawns a lot. maybe he's not getting enough oxygen that israel is anar par they'd state. if you look at his body at work just the secretary of state alone, the issue issues of syria. take a look at his record and maybe that's why this administration is putting everybody back in bed. >> well i think it's very rude. but on one hand -- >> what's rude? >> no. not scott. well, i didn't want to tell him and hurt his feeling. but, no, no, i think they probably hear the same message over and over again. that's no excuse. my friend is on an off broadway show just to support him. i don't sit there and sleep. i stay engaged.
8:35 pm
>> off broadway, really? >> it's really on cute. i think we've gotten so rude with our phones. it's common courtesy. i don't care if it's the president of the united states. your cliefnt barbecue, whatever put the darn phone away and pay attention. >> absolutely. mark, anyway, you have any -- >> i have my phone over here. >> let's all do a selfie. >> is that just the way the world -- because mccain -- if you go a step further, but he also might have been been mistaken about the hearing been a charade. >> the truth is john kerry doesn't care about climate change or global warming, it doesn't interest him at all. >> you don't know that for sure. he's always talking about it. >> talk talk. he's probably mimicking the chinese.
8:36 pm
how much do they care. >> they were really listening to the president. >> john kerry can't be as polite as the chinese. >> it wasn't a translation it was itunes they were listening to. >> the only thing they are listening to is our corporate information. they can steal our secrets. we know that. >> i always thought we should have thought bubbles that would come up. oh, my gosh how long will it last. >> it's like that movie what women think. >> i don't care what women think. we already know. they don't like us. >> when we come back get a load of this, men and women polled on this, they're more scared today than they were right after 9/11. scared? i have a dinner with a lot of the people i survive with and work with that day. we get together every year on the 11th, and many of us felt
8:37 pm
the same way. >> felt what? >> felt a certain amount of concern that the country is back to being somewhat more dangerous again. >> all right. if rudy giuliani is worried. should you be too. next the guy who said your insurance may not be protecting you from another terrorist attack one he says is coming.
8:38 pm
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8:40 pm
>> isis insurance lawmakers are scrambling to extend something called the terrorism risk insurance act. it's a program that was enacted soon after 9/11 that provides financial back stuff in the he was not of a terrorist attack. he acts as a broker up for that kind of insurance. robert, i was chatting briefly during the break. what are you noticing what are you seeing? >> that capacity is shrinking in the are marketplace which is the availability of terrorism. >> what does that tell you.
8:41 pm
>> they better get this law approved and better approve it quickly because prices are going to increase rapidly. >> a lot of businesses want this. >> they have to have this. financial won't loan if you don't have terrorism insurance policy. major metropolitan cities the bank is going to require that you have deasm insurance if the backstop is not there, if it's not extended you're not going to be able to to purchase that insurance. >> the terrorism insurance is just that to cover you in the event of a terrorism attack. up to what amount? >> they go up to $100 billion the government will provide coverage for. >> so let's say god forbid the empire state building would be destroyed by a terrorist attack are they covered. >> they are covered. e thatan get the terrorist backed. so they know how much they are on risk for. as long as the government is on
8:42 pm
place to place that terrorism and pick that up coverage, insurance companies will continue to offer that coverage. >> the insurance companies would not do it without that federal -- >> no they would not. they can't afford to. >> what's to stop companies or individuals even buying apartment buildings to say, all right, i'm just going to do this without terrorist insurance. >> the banks won't give you the money. for example, after 9/11 the insurance companies weren't offering terrorism insurance immediately. it took until this law got passed. 300,000 jobs were lost because there were no transactions going on and the financial institutions couldn't lend money because they didn't have the guarantee that they would get paid. >> if this happens, and a lot of businesses, small, medium, and large, can't get this coverage, what happens? >> the economy has a major,
8:43 pm
major problem. it has got to happen. we all have to put pressure on our local lawmakers and politicians to get this done. >> but if you have coverage right now -- >> you're good until your policy is up. >> unless they renew or extend this, you're not. >> no, you're not. >> so what are you your clients telling you. >> the clients aren't aware of what exactly is going on. >> but as a broker, do you remind them, i wish i could get you this coverage, but this big company is holding back until they know. >> that's correct. they're saying the prices are earth going through the roof or they'll not be able to offer the the. >> god forbid we have another terrorist attack. it would make insurance of any sort expensive. >> yes, without a doubt. but you won't be able to purchase this insurance if they don't sign this bill. >> what if the government says
8:44 pm
we'll never do this. >> they're not saying that. they want to make some changes within the law. they want the insurance companies to pick up more of the risk. >> and the insurance companies are saying? >> they want to pick up as little as possible. >> so they're just as evil as banks. >> no. but on the other hand their surplus is up so they can maybe take some more risk. >> but we can negotiate this we don't shut it down. >> we have to negotiate it now. >> apple is getting a lot of backlash for the iphone six not because it bends in your pocket something even more weird than that. after this.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> in tonight's apple hatching some heat.
8:48 pm
tech sights are slamming the company. that's the larger phone even though the phone costs $10 more than the iphone six to make, but the 10 million people who came out to buy an iphone really didn't seem to mind the difference. in fact they're still waiting for something cool. i wonder about these people who still wait. it defies logic back with our all stars. >> is the media missing the point here of basic supply and demand. >> well, the demand is there and as we've seen the supply seems to trickle in. my opinion the iphone six, if you're crazy enough to want this big iphone with this gigantic machine apple has found they can make a profit of you of gigantic proportions. i hope they keep making money off of these guys.
8:49 pm
>> the market will bear what the market will bear. we've seen this talked about, some people with iphone sixs put it in their back pocket. and are surprised to see this. you're not the sharpest tool in the shed if you're doing this. some guy said i can bend this. i can do this too, but i'm just saying be careful. >> this whole thing is really a nonstory i don't know why we're talking about this. >> so, anyway, it is basic business 101. you're going to make a health profit margin. they can reinvest in their company. they can return to their shareholders. look at what the mark up is on clothes, jewelry, that's why you see so many sales. >> one thing apple does not have
8:50 pm
to do at this point. >> but people will pay the price. when i teach small businesses, i say, you know what, you have to make a profit. you're not in this for charity. you're not a nonprofit and people will pay for what they value. if they perceive something is of value they're going to pay the price for it. >> obviously these big iphone purchases are seeing the value, but the worry is when you see the phone is bending. could that slow this down and is that a short way of saying we're going to zing apple. >> the iphone six is a freight train. tim cook is going to look at the tech media as barking at his heels. nipping at his heels. when you got this many people camping out overnight and you sell 10 million of them in the first week, he doesn't care. he's going to make a ton of money. and good for him.
8:51 pm
>> just a point of advice, don't put a phone in your back pocket and don't sit on it. >> you call people accidentally when you do that. >> butt dialing. >> incredible. soda companies aiding aiming to lower calories by 10 percent in the next ten years. if you you think about it, it's a way to get the food police off them. >> it's that and maybe luring back those folks that left you for the vitamin waters, the energy drinks all the people that have taken the market share from soda that frankly are more perceptive. if you come out with a ploy lower calories, lower sugar, certainly they're going to go to other choices because they're perceived to be healthier. >> i think this is an individual
8:52 pm
choice so you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. no pun intended. >> i wonder if you being lead a horse to diet pepsi. >> look at this, mcdonald's, the health police got on mcdonald's with their super sizes it happen. they don't have it anymore. so what do people go, they buy 2-quart pounders. >> what do you think? >> if the food police get their way, this beverage will be 6 ounces. >> that's typical in japan. >> they also want to take most sugar out of your typical sugary beverage. that's what they want to do. they want to impose that on everyone. the soda companies are very shrewd here. they are doing this way ahead of time.
8:53 pm
>> meanwhile, romney 2016, did ann romney just suggest maybe? you have the reagan example the third time was the charm for him. that has been done before and that would be appealing? >> well. . "hello. you can go ahead and "have a nice flight."re." ♪ music plays ♪ music plays
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traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company who knows that the fewest cancellations and the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there, too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline.
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so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ neil: what is the deal with ann romney not closing the door on her husband going for a hat trick, making another run for president. >> i do think that people recognize mitt of right, he would have been a good president. neil: things have a way of making plans for you, a scenario is that jeb bush did you not run after all. and your husband sidestepped landscape, have you name recognition, have you reaction reaction example of -- reagan example of third time a charm for him, it has been done
8:57 pm
before, that would be appealing. >> well, we will see, won't we neil. neil: we will see. in north carolina thank you for that wonderful interview with that beautiful laid, ann romney, what a different country this would be if he was president. >> tom, sorry, but romney had the appearance of being weak and timid, he needs to give a reassuring message, no guts, i love seeing mrs. rome n romney r show. i would like mitt romney to be the next president. i will not vote for another bush. >> if ann is telling you what mitt is waiting to see what bush does, that is telling you, he does not deserve doing running again, zach writes, if mitts
8:58 pm
comes back, and messes his hair up, and stops acting like he has a steub u stick up his butt, i t might give him another look. you are wireed to be dull, so is mitt. no offense. but i built a career on dull, without me, the exciting people would have nothing to compare themselves to. >> i know that ann romney likes you, but it ain't happening, they might be nice people and all but so are you, no way i would let you near the white house, unless you were trying to break in, then they could shoot you, peter, you don't sound like a nice or classy person, you are not nice, really, you would like to see he shot charging into the white house. okay dave in colorado seems that
8:59 pm
the spouses are contradicting other, she is a tad more open to a presidential run than her husband. it would not be first time that spouses have not been on the same page, penguin, she is beautiful, he is beautiful, even you are beautiful, but that does not make one presidential. you have to be cool, obama has it going for him. this guy, his wife and you don't, look at how far cool has gotten us, penguin that snoot a cool name -- that is note a cool name. and you are quite the big newsman, ann romney, marco rubio, richard branson, i suspect you paid for these interviews or you had photographs of these folks in compromising possessions, and
9:00 pm
you threatened to download them down the road, that is the work of someone who is not thank you for watching, never watch again. see you tomorrow. kennedy: if president thought his silver tongue spring would ring of hope in u.n. he was wrong, he should have been laser focused on making a case for a syrian airstrike, high got off message, talking about ferguson and how our kids will be better thanks to miracle of lirr libya theism, we learn -- liberalism, the president is all over the map. he needs to figure out how to stop isis, and he may be violateing international and domestic laws, tonight, black


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