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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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your 401(k) had a good day. that's my two cents more. that's our show. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. ♪ ♪ . neil: tonight on "cavuto," why democrats are using this rally to rally voters? not now, two years from now. are tea parties about to crash this stock market party? right now, what they are screaming and why you should be listening, whether you are republican or democrat. and ralph's in a rage, not over republicans, over hillary. why the guy who wrote the book on car safety says this clinton in the white house will drive us off the cliff. is facebook about to predict the next election and you're helping them. attention facebook users, you won't "like" this one. but you will like this show.
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starting now. welcome, glad to have you, i'm neil cavuto and don't know whether the republicans will take the senate but know they shouldn't be taking victory laps if they do. while democrats might be down for the count now. count on steadily improving economic numbers to put them in the hunt two years from now. let me explain, maybe not in time to help them next week. who knows? i'm telling you try two years from next week, stocks hitting new highs today. only the latest sign that the stock market could tell a good story for democrats. predicting markets is always perilous but republicans dismissing the market's performance and how the other side will seize on that performance is dangerous, too. the gop can rightly point out the free money federal reserve sparked a lot of this and cost cutting krinted to a lot of this, i am telling you, democrats will seize on this,
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and the fact that all the market averages have more than doubled under this democratic president. trust me they will, just like they will point to housing coming back, retail sales coming back, jobs coming back. i'm the first to point out none of them are storming back, for the economy, clearly it is off its back. let me be clear, i don't think the president or democrats should take credit for all of this. if you think about it, why not? we blame the party in the white house for stuff that goes wrong so shouldn't be surprising that party will have to be with what's right. i suspect republicans might want to calm down whooping it up. remember, four years ago the grand ol' party romped as well. two years later, they weren't ro romping. i'm not saying republicans will repeat history, they might want to repeat history. adrianna cohen and rob basso
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and kayleigh mcenany. >> i have a good point. neil: you always have a good point. >> 64% of americans feel they are still in a recession. labor force participation, 92 million americans out of work. a third of the country. the reality is people are still hurting. neil: it goes with the market and the rally and everything else that you use as metric in a campaign whether republican or democrat, that's the metric they're going to seize on. >> i call it obama fatigue, okay? the nsa problem, the irs problem, the lack of reaction on ebola. the isis issue, any other acronym you can think of. you're right. people are feeling more stressed now because they feel like wages in 2007. wages have not kept up with inflationment the economy might be healthier. if they don't feel it in pockets, what's the point? neil: what do you make of all this? >> i agree with both of my co
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panelists. >> this is like a pile-on in journalism. continue the beating. >> i agree, the latest reports coming out that are positive about the economy is nice, but it's americans aren't feeling it, and also bad news on obamacare is yet to hit the fan. the cbo reports two million americans are going to lose millions of jobs by 2016, and so we're yet to feel that and then obamacare is causing our labor workforce to shift from a full-time workforce to a part-time one. neil: kayleigh, play the round. you are all right to say there are big nuances and caveats to the numbers in the data. you and i know how it goes when each party gathers with respect to attention, democrats will seize on where they were when they came in versus where they
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are presuming. lackluster though it is, but it continues, will that mean that republicans who are seizing on big gains this year see them evaporate in two years? >> i still think that it's the reality. it's the pocketbook, it's exactly what you said, and i think that people are hurting it, feeling it, i don't think any number of economic indicators can change. that i think this president can throw it out. hillary can throw it out all she wants, the recovery is not there like it should be. >> neil, why isn't he stumping for his party. neil: they don't want him to, you are right. >> why don't they want him to? if the economy is doing great why, not have the president stand behind, look what we've done. it's not happening. neil: adrianna, the president and hillary clinton if she were the nominee, we've seen the surge and how well stocks have done when they are busy on wall street, that puts them in a box, they can't brag about
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something that they routinely bash, what do you think? >> i agree, and hillary clinton's recent statements that corporations and businesses don't create jobs is absolutely absurd. and it's major -- neil: i think she knows. that i think she knows that is a stupid remark, but i think she's just trying to address and protect her flank on the left so no one gets bright ideas to vote for someone else. that happened eight years ago, six years ago, she doesn't want to risk that again. >> right, but the majority of americans are voting against president obama's policy, so why would you want to stay left of your party when the majority of americans -- neil: i don't think she has worry about being left of her party. that would be like being in russia. i don't think she has to worry about that. neil: what do you think? >> i think republicans are wise to tout the economy, it's to their advantage, democrats are tempting republicans, taunting them to get off the economy and get on social issues. that would be a huge mistake.
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neil: that's helped in the closer contests. >> those that want to compare the clinton era to bill would be ill-advised and hillary is not bill. neil: that's a good point, every time bill clinton goes out and campaigns as he will in iowa and colorado and other states where there are cliff-hangers, he reminds voters all over again, we like that guys, don't like the other democratic guy. go ahead, finish that point. >> and also, in this midterm, foreign policy is on americans' minds. voters realize how important our national security is. that's been in jeopardy under president obama's failed leadership with isis and iran and russia and more, and so, i think voters are going to put that in the forefront of consciousness. neil: we'll see, i'm just telling you, remember what happened four years ago, the republicans thought they were off to the races and the president was going to be a one-termer. doesn't always pan out the way republicans think. if they have a history of
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grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory, if not immediately, down the road. what if i told you next tuesday won't even settle it? when it comes to finding out who controls the senate, try at least a couple of months before we do settle it, especially two key states to. peter barnes, all over it. hey, peter. >> reporter: that's right. we may not know the makeup of the senate until january. two senate races appear headed for runoffs. republicans currently hold 45 senate seats, they need six more to take control, but polls show races very tight in louisiana and georgia. if a major candidate in those races does not get more than 50% of the votes, they'll be runoffs, and third-party candidates in both states could force runoffs in december 6th in louisiana and january 6th in georgia three days after the new congress gavels in. there's an open seat in georgia, davidpered sue in a
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dead heat with michelle nun. amanda swafford has peeled off 11%. and tea party republican rob manis neither landrieu nor cassidy comes close in the three way, but polls show in a runoff, cassidy wins. averaging all the polls together and if the elections were held today, republicans would pick up eight seats, but lose kansas where incumbent republican pat roberts has been closing in, in the final days on independent greg orman in the latest polls. that would give republicans a net pickup of 7 seats. one more than needed to take control. neil? neil: all right, peter, thank you, look forward to dealing with you throughout all of this on election night itself. peter barnes. if the races go into
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overtime, guess what else goes into overtime? fund-raising. enter fund-raiser extraordinaire, republican fund-raiser noel, and bob cusack. noelle, we go into overtime and go into races, one, i think it's not until january 6th they have the runoff, georgia, right? what do they do to raise money to get out the vote? >> it is going to be nuts. i think what's going to happen is you're going to see a lot of the big bundlers come in. the super pacs fire up commercials. i wouldn't be surprised as we speak because these are looking like predictable runoffs that you see a couple. states, louisiana and georgia shooting commercials. neil: why do they do it so late? shouldn't there be a rule that in the case of january 6th, that's around the time that the lame-duck session convenes. you're complicating things. why can't they make it, i don't know, two weeks after the
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election? >> i agree with you, neil. this is going to be chaos and without a doubt, if you have georgia and you have the new congress sworn in and we don't know whether the senate is going to be republican or democratic held, it's going to be two months of complete chaos. i see most people when they go to bed election night, they're not going to know whether republicans or democrats win, it could be a month or two months as you mentioned. republicans want to protect themselves against 2016. if republicans have a big night and win new hampshire and they win north carolina, and it looks like without a doubt if they win the states they have the senate, they have to protect against 2016 when the map goes violently against them. neil: far more republicans up, and it will be -- >> yes, that's why the money is going to go down to georgia and/or louisiana because even if it's not contingent upon winning the senate, republicans are going to invest heavily in
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the states if they're runoffs. neil: this has a feeling of 2000 to it, noelle? >> it does. to be this close to obtaining a grasp on the u.s. senate, this was one of the many, many things that a lot of people were very sad about the romney loss, every consultant, including myself, if you want to make a difference, look at u.s. senate, everybody is trying to put money behind. neil: let's say republicans don't manage that. run-ups or what have you, democrats have done just enough to at a minimum, protect the 50 seats they need, joe biden to be the tiebreaker and keep control of that. that will be a disappointment to republicans, it was their year to do it. >> if that happens, if they manage to hang onto it, you can guarantee whoever the republican nominee is for 2016, we will take 2016. a lot of people fear if the republicans control the senate, that's actually going to be bad, and it's going to make it great, if we have gridlock
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going on. neil: i don't know. boy, you talk about a moral wacker, right? >> whether it's republicans or democrats, massive soul-searching. if republicans don't get it this time, they get the establishment candidates who won in the primary, the washington republicans did, and they fall short, there is going to be an explosion in the g.o.p. >> we'll watch closely. in the meantime, i can't believe you're saying this drags on until january. my god. would i be on the air that long every night? maybe not. meanwhile, there's this -- well, it looks like they fell flat on faces rushing to the altar, but rushing to get a sneak peek of fox business election coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. i'm going to be talk to the biggest and best names in the business with the biggest and best names in business journalism from fox business. get the answers you need from
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the folks who have the answers. fred and megan are perfectly okay with you dvr'ing them and watching us. it's fine, it's all the same team, but i will say i'm ten times better. but i don't trash my colleagues, because i love them dearly and i want to guest on their show. in the meantime, if hillary clinton didn't like what hecklers were saying about her, wait until she hears what ralph nader is saying about her! wreck it ralph. how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy.
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. >> this is not just an issue for him. this is intensely personal. neil: it's not been a great week for hillary clinton. the former secretary of state heckled over immigration at a
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campaign event. you can see the dustup in the crowd. this stuff happens but happening a lot more. ralph nader wasn't one of the hecklers, but what he's saying is actually worse. ralph, you made headlines when you said that hillary clinton would be a menace to the country. what did you mean by that? >> i mean she's demonstrated again and again that she represents giant corporate power out in new york, and a militaristic brute force foreign policy. neil: and corporations don't create great jobs is not exactly corporate talk. >> she's in a conundrum now, trying to lean more liberal but record pulls her to the corporate side and she's halfway between walmart on whom she served as a board of directors and wall street. i think she's going to split the party more and more and there's going to be more attentiveness to holding her to progressive agendas, and took dozens of groups riding her
5:19 am
over the months to get her to come out for restored minimum wage that was sponsored by her own party in the congress, and these were groups, she would rely on to get elected. women's groups, social service groups, children's groups. she's got a real problem with being a corporatist and militarist. those forces are not working in this country and they're spreading hate and violence around the world and invasions and -- >> someone listening to you and left to right, most would say you're consistent in views and nothing phony about it. you've long preached this and long rallied against this sort of thing, but they're going to say if she were to march in ralph's direction, she would go down to ignominious defeat. what do you say to that? if she started espousing it.
5:20 am
>> boomeranging everywhere against us. neil: i know you have been very critical of rand paul who will say anything to get elected, but this idea that we intervened in conflicts all the time, maybe what we're doing now is counterproductive. hurts us, you would not espouse that? >> it is hurting in our country. she led the way in toppling gadhafi in libya, dragged secretary gates against that. chaos, militias, revenge killings and spilling over into central africa. neil: americans are scared ralph, and you know the argument that the democrats don't want to look like they're soft on terroror soft on bad guys, and she's trying to show she can be tough on terror and lean left when it comes to
5:21 am
anti-corporate views. >> well, the former won't work, you don't fight terror with state terror. you don't fight terrorism in ways that creates martyrdom. al qaeda has offshoots of isis. neil: how would you counterit? >> security comes from justice, you don't back dictators in foreign countries that repress people and produce revolts and slaughter. that's where they stand. neil: isis is running around the world beheading people and doing this other stuff, how would you deal with that or advise the next president to deal with that? >> i wouldn't have spent billions of taxpayer dollars training iraqi armey and allowing it to be taken over by cronyism. neil: fair enough, fair enough. that's the bed we're laying in now, what do you do? >> support groups in their country that can get peace, order and justice, only these groups can -- >> isn't that what we're
5:22 am
supposedly doing? >> no, no, using brute force. you can have a humanitarian -- >> we're siding up -- believe me, i'm not taking sides, siding up with the guys we think are the good guys. >> we don't know who they are anymore. isis has taken a huge amount of u.s. weapons fighting us with our own weapons. it's time to re-evaluate it, you don't do it with the militaristic person like hillary clinton. neil: you are not keen on hillary regardless? >> of course not. we need better are in country, and i think we're going to have more liberal candidates coming up from maryland and maybe the u.s. senate. neil: are you considering running? >> no. neil: as a third party? >> no. what we've got to do now is make sure that the people have more voices and choices in the primaries, and it's up to the people to do their homework and stop relying on propaganda and big money, twisting what is
5:23 am
really in their best interest? neil: all right, ralph nader, thank you, good to hear you again. >> see you on election night, neil. neil: thank you very much. use hashtag cavuto and tell me what you think, ralph does speak his mind, both parties with the statements there. let me know what you think. this week we told you that mark zuckerberg is planning on a multibillion dollar buying bid to do things many of you aren't keen on. what are you doing with what are you doing with facebookokok synchrony financial partners with over two hundred thousand businesses, from fashion retailers to healthcare providers, from jewelers to sporting good stores, to help their customers get what they want and need. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial.
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. neil: facebook getting a little political now. the mega social network will be digging into facebook profiles to report on what issues and candidates and users are hot on. that would be you, if you're a facebook customer. mark zuckerberg's immigration reform push is one of the things he likes, but that mean he's going to be tapping in on what you're sending friends to see what you like. should you share that with anyone? you have your doubts, right? >> i have strong doubts. we know mark zuckerberg is a liberal, pushing for amnesty. if he finds out that the
5:27 am
majority of facebook users are against amnesty, is he truthfully going to tell the american people that or results skewered because he doesn't want to affect policy he's against. i have a problem with one of his partners, abc news, they're a left leaning broadcast outlet. are they truly going to tell the american people nonpartisan news? mark zuckerberg needs to put a conservative watchdog group to give the appearance he's giving balanced truthful news to the american people. neil: i have a problem left or right with him taking that information at all. >> he's only mimicking what the obama campaign did which is remarkable use of facebook. so specific, so detailed. neil: and social networking sites in general. >> they would data mine, this is what he's doing now, the obama campaign would data mine, find and you target you specifically and say talk to your friend in west virginia
5:28 am
about coalmining. neil: let me talk to my friend about that. >> everybody is giving this information freely. putting it on the web for the world to see. neil: i'm giving it to you. i'm not giving it to collate the data. >> they are aggregating this information. 48% of voters get political information from facebook. that is startling. of course the other 50% get it from mr. cavuto. the simple fact is the world is a changing face. neil: you don't have a problem with him tapping into the audience and relaying what they're saying? >> slippery slope, i don't have an issue with it because people are giving the information freely. neil: we don't know what political motives might be or hook up with the left leaning news organization, but he has a huge base of users and he's leveraging off that base? >> i know he's leveraging it.
5:29 am
i can understand the temptation, it's a lot of information and content there, but we, i'm not trusting in it. our own government lies, they scrubbed talking points after benghazi. how do we know findings won't be scrubbed and manipulated to achieve intended outcome with the issue of amnesty. i have the issue of spying. the american people, the people on facebook are losing control where their personal information is being shared. we know that this government targeted conservatives via the irs. so let's say -- neil: well, but -- go ahead. >> isn't the whole point of an election to get what people are really thinking? if this is what people are really thinking -- >> you think it has value there. >> i disagree, i don't think zuckerberg has an interest in manipulating the mainstream media. there are stacks to prove it. neil: isn't that audience going to be more left leaning anyway?
5:30 am
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>> "what's the deal, neil?." neil: what is the deal with jon stewart blessing the koch brothers advertising on his show. the "the daily show" made a lot of you not too happy. >> so to welcome them to "the daily show" advertising family. we did make minor adjustments. [ laughter ] >> we are koch industries, not just an energy company, we're in your food, in your pants and in your home. if there's a way to monetize your thoughts, we'll find it. all while backing 17 shadow organizations to buy elections
5:34 am
from pennsylvania avenue to main street. neil: nothing bad about that, right? on twitter and facebook, let's say a lot of you aren't finding it too humorous. mike tweets -- meanwhile, what is wrong with chris christie telling a heckler to shut up? >> so listen, you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy. until that time, sit down and shut up! >> i said there's nothing wrong
5:35 am
with it except that christie does it all the time. so it kind of loses the impact. bobby agrees -- . neil: by the way, i don't know what you're saying about lizy, none of us are twisting his words, james, i played the words, word for word, his lines, esplettives and all. cantor writes --
5:36 am
apparently that shtick is getting old. sandy at aol, you played the clip of him ripping a general a new one, but you left out that clip only came to light, years after kennedy died. jfk saved his temper for when it mattered, focused on who it matter, not for show, in this case to make the point with the guy who mattered. the guy in charge of that hapless underling who let the photo out in the first place, and as kennedy thought risked taking the air force budget. that clip came to light-years after his death. this via jim via yahoo! don't ever show the picture of your head on a body builder's body when the topic is victoria's secret. uh, am i missing something from this photo? eleanor e-mailed --
5:37 am
eleanor, your husband is wrong, that is me, no brushing needed. why would you debate this. anyway, kip, i was eating dinner when that shot popped up and i started hurling immediately. what did you think? it was o'reilly. me thinks you're jealous. in 2010, the tea party gave republicans the house. why do they say republicans are why do they say republicans are now giving them the finger???
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the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 e350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. . neil: remember this used to frighten us, our dead. it's a dead issue, not only are republicans not hammering the
5:41 am
message that led to 2010 house takeover, moody's is saying, u.s. finances are just fine? kayleigh is there a danger we're ignoring, the debt and agencies are more than happy to put a stamp on it? >> this is a huge threat. this is a place millennials are wise, when asked what is the number one security issue? the national security. chairman of the joint chief of staff, mike mullen, obama's own former joint chief of staff said it is a security threat. it absolutely is. if you want more on this, liz mcdonald has an excellent article about how treasury holdings can be used as leverage by countries like china. neil: we have seen them do it already. >> kicking this down the road. it's disturbing. i think the rate right now is 75% the size of our total economy is held by foreign debtors.
5:42 am
by 2030 it's going to be 88%. how comfortable does that make us feel? neil: i think what moodies and others were saying, we have it under control, deficits are coming down, never mind the fact there is still half a trillion dollars and every dollar more we spend than we take in is added to that debt at that 18 trillion. that is like a ticking time bomb? >> certainly is, we cannot keep kicking the can down the road. it's unconscionable to pass along the enormous debt to children and grandchildren. neil: republicans are not talking about it, maybe they feel it's a galvanizing issue, but they're not? >> i agree, republicans are part of the problem, they're against the sky high debt, they agree to raise the debt ceiling. first thing we need to do is stop raising the debt ceiling. no point in implementing a debt ceiling if you keep raising it, it's laughable at that point. i'm in favor of balanced budget amendment. that may be a pie in the sky
5:43 am
thing, and we may never see that. it is sound policy so we can balance our books so that no matter who comes into the oval office we are not going to be -- neil: i agree with you why this is an issue that matters, kayleigh, i worry more when people say it's not an issue that matters politically, so we're not going to make it an issue. >> you hit the nail on the head. the republicans contributed to the problem. this is an issue where either party week need someone to come in and say this is my issue. neil: any time you fix it someone is going to take heat for it. >> we've got ways to fix it. have more immigration to have our tax rolls go up. you can raise the social security wage limit to collect more taxes. neil: both are going to be popular, right? >> that's what i'm saying, we have ways to fix this within our capability. we choose not to make the large decisions. neil: i agree, nobody wants to be the heavyweight and cut spending. that's the number one thing that needs to be done.
5:44 am
no matter how much liberals want to raise taxes, they love to take and spend our money. that's not enough to bring down this debt. neil: someone has to do something, neither party does it. now when they shrug shoulders and say we've got moody's covering our you know what, that's not helping anyone. take a quick break, remember i told you how good democrats were at getting out the vote? listen up, proof, they are doing a lot better than you think. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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. neil: only four days out, but already getting results trickling in. democrats tell us they like what they see, because early
5:48 am
voting results in georgia, north carolina, colorado among others are showing stronger than expected turnouts among young and non-white voters. key for democrats. to historian doug weed on what this may be telling us. >> i'm intrigued by the numbers out of georgia. 28% of the voters were african-american in georgia. then when barack obama won re-election, 30% of the voters in georgia were african-american. these early returns show right now 32% of the voters in georgia are african-american, and they're not known as early voters, so it may mean a lee corso, not so fast, my friend, this may be closer than you think. neil: also the numbers are significantly higher for midterm to midterm if you compare apples to apples than they were the last midterm four years ago, if those states can hang on with the democrat at the helm. it could prevent the republicans from take control.
5:49 am
that's a big leap on early returns in two states, but that's how close this is for a switch in the senate, huh? >> that's right. i think if the general polling holds, this is going to be a pretty dramatic loss for barack obama. you have to go all the way back to dwight eisenhower to find anybody who lost so badly as a president in midterm elections. eisenhower lost 66 congressmen in the house of representatives in two midterm elections, and obama's probably going to lose more than that. and in the u.s. senate, eisenhower lost 13 u.s. senators in his two midterm elections, and obama could possibly lose up to 16 jo you know, i'll tell you, doug, it -- democrats can hang on in the two crucial states, talking more about the point of georgia and colorado, then it would say something about how important it is to get out that vote it. helped the president and his
5:50 am
party certainly in the last election. i'm talking presidential election, and it just might do it again. just enough to stave off the senate falling into the republicans' hands, huh? >> absolutely. shows the power of voter identification and voter turnout, and that barack obama's party has mastered it. so we may be in for a long night. neil: it is a game of inches, crucial inches for democrats. doug, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil joobl it or not, these are not halloween costumes. one-year-olds are dressing up like kim kardashian. that is pretty scary. that alone is scary. this is what how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of r mutual funds beat
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neil: all right. hold the phone on private enterprise. taking over space. nasa, a virgin galactic flight gone wrong. rocket exploding in flight after i go nation of a rocket this after an unmanned capsule that
5:54 am
was going to send supplies to the international space station exploded this week. this was supposed to be our alternative to nasa and to our great glories that have been priced out. >> i think this reminds the american people how dangerous space flight really is. you take guys like branson and elon musk without the variations like these guys our space program would be completely dead. the fact that nasa and the american government have abandon it is a travesty president fact we have to pay the russians to get us to space -- neil: now, we're back in the same pickle. >> you're exactly right. this is the space where i i want the federal government to be operating. it seems like washington has their priorities entirely background. they're funding studies for the mating of
5:55 am
rabbits, but not space travel. this shouldn't be in private hands. neil: if you're in russia and you're looking at this, these twin disappointments rebuke are you thinking they're feeling that they're back in the driver's seat and any threat from america is put off for a while? (?) >> exactly. it's not a confidence builder. we've had two failures in a week. they're tragedies my heart goes out to the two pilots families who are now unaccounted for. this is a country that can't even manage the roll out of a health care website. now, we've had these two golan heights. russia must be shaking their heads just wondering -- neil: well, they have nothing to fear that we won't continue hitching rides with them. you mentioned what kind of appetite exists. when i had richard branson he was counting on the public. >> it won't stop people wanting to go to space. richard branson was
5:56 am
specifically for space travel for the average everyday wealthy american. >> the average wealthy american is going to think twice. get it right before i hop -- >> there still will be an appetite for it. neil: i think this will chill it. >> i think it will raise insurance premiums. neil: certainly. and after a week like this. we'll see. in the meantime, what is going on with all this deals? walmart is writing massive discounts and wants to start its own black friday tomorrow. the online retailer doing pretty much the same thing. it's one thing to go from halloween and then go to thanksgiving and then to christmas. they're going right from halloween to christmas. >> it makes sense. last year was a tough holiday season. walmart lost compared to the years previously. there's a huge competition to soak up a little demand. i completely agree with walmart and amazon. they're trying to lure the customer.
5:57 am
>> can we at least have our turkey first. >> walmart is taking a spanking. they always seem to be a little bit late to the game. now, they're finally starting to price match and have delivery deals. they're feeling their margins edge away from these bigger online competitors. neil: i guess for us it will be great. as walmart wants to police what amazon is offering and match the price immediately so for customers you'll get good deals, but these guys will be killing themselves for it. >> i feel bad for the retail workers on thanksgiving that now these stores are open when these retail workers we should have at least thanksgiving as a sacred holiday to spend time with your families. these workers now have to work on that day because we have corporate america just pushing the final last dollar. so i like the old days when we shopped on black friday or before, now we're seeing it there's nothing sacred anymore. >> i don't know that
5:58 am
it's just corporate america. if you're looking at the screen you're seeing people pile in to shop. >> the third person was my wife. mothers are on a ram package. campaigning to remove kardashian's clothing from baby are us. they say it sexualizes kids. she's getting online threats. after toys r us dropped breaking bad toys, you have to wonder if there's a double standard. >> i applaud this woman who started this. i disagree with the kardashian baby clothing line. i don't think any baby should be wearing leather of any kind. no learned and sexy clothing at the whopping age of six months. they even have a leather diaper cover. this is insanity. can we wait until girls become teens or adults until they dress sexy. all women should use the power of their boycott
5:59 am
any retailer that doesn't stick to the value. >> the person behind it, kim kardashian is the worst role model for a young woman. she absolutely is. to garb your child in something she created is a terrible precedent for the rest of their lives. so no. >> if it was someone else would you be okay with it. >> i feel exactly how you you feel. if there wasn't demand for it, it wouldn't be out in the stores. i mean, this starts with the parenting. this is about parenting. this isn't about what's available in the marketplace. the market decides what they want to buy. unfortunately they decide that they up hold the cards. which i think is insane. this is the country we live in. neil: it's weird. it's weird. there might be a clothing line on me, that would be mine. kardashian, really? (?) that will do it here. we do want to remind throughout this weekend with our special coverage tomorrow and, of course, all the
6:00 am
earlier part of next week and tuesday the biggest name in business, politics, instant global market reaction as results are coming in. you can only get that kind of coverage here. if you'r welcome to the best of the imus in the morning program on the fox business network. just down the street prosecute from times square is where the new york city headquarters are located. nice to have you here. we have lined up some of the i-man's best interviews. when we started, this is an impressive man. wes moore in the 82nd airborne and a best-selling author. he came on the show to talk about a series for pbs called "coming back with wes moore." a series of documentaries that looks at the struggles and challenges that some veterans


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